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Redraw of my old Aloy + Chloe Price mashup 😎
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frogchiro · 2 days ago
Pierro x Khaen'rhian Princess is such a delicious concept sheesh! 😮‍💨 Really makes my corruption kink go brrrrr if I’m being honest here.
Pierro having you sit upon his lap and in front of a mirror as he teaches you how to pleasure yourself. His deft fingers are quick to work you up and over the edge. Showers your exposed skin with kisses and praise as you come down from your high, body still trembling from your release. He’s bound and determined to get you addicted to his touches and cock. All you need is him so behave and let him breed you.
Tumblr media
nonnie...nonnie this is what i needed in my life, THIS is my basic needs pyramid
also the potential this has?? the corruption, the power imbalance, pierro's sheer dominance...and his need to serve you, his princess, wait on hand and foot while the fire of the need to have you submit yourself to give burns bright in his chest,,
f!reader, smut, age difference, power imbalance, obsessive behavior, pierro calls reader nicknames like princess, pet; a bit of breeding kink, a/b/o-esque, virgin!reader, khaen'rhian princess!reader au, hints at pierro being yandere, reader and pierro are a feral happy mess
it all started one winter evening, while you just came back from your usual walk around the palace gardens. pierro never understood what exactly you saw in them, after all it's winter almost all year long here in snezhnaya, so it's not like the gardens are bustling with much plant life anyway and all what's left there are snow covered dead trees and whimsical ice sculptures, but he guesses that after hundreds of years of non-stop running with no place to call a real home he can somehow understand this little pleasure of yours.
he observed you from his place on the comfy couch he lounged on, a glass of golden whiskey lazily held in his hand as he watched you with hooded eyes while you chattered about the new ice sculptures that apparently somehow appeared in the gardens and the cute tiny birds you fed while you were there.
after quickly shedding the snow-soaked cloak and clothes and completing your nightly routine, you walked out of the bathroom clothed only in your silky nightgown and a fur-lined see through robe and shamefully pierro had to admit to himself that his cock jumped in his soft trousers as he watched your figure walk closer to him, a bright smile and the ever present twinkle in your eyes, the picture of innocence you painted made the blood in his veins burn.
the man let out a appreciative rumble when you sat in his lap and made yourself comfortable, nuzzling against his neck and beard, your own chirp being answered quickly with a lazy growl as his free hand wrapped itself around your waist, possessively squeezing the soft chubby flesh there, his other hand placing the empty glass back onto the low table so it could grab the skin of your thigh.
the hand squeezing your waist moved higher to the low, lacy neckline of your gown before pushing the strap from your shoulder. pierro hungrily observed the elegant lines of your chest being reveled, the delicious little 'sir pierro' you moaned out when his clawed fingers traced the lines of your cleavage down to your naked breast, tracing your nipple and lightly nipping your neck and collarbone.
as he kept ravaging your with the softest touches, your primal noises of growls, chirrups and purrs intertwining and making the most exquisite symphony pierro ever heard, the white haired man suddenly thought of something.
it never really occurred to him that since the beginning of your relationship-your journey hundreds of years ago, fleeing from the burning cursed debris that was your former country, your kingdom, you two never really got to officially get intimate with each other.
sure, since pierro finally gathered the courage to court you ever since you settled down in snezhnaya and he became a harbinger you had your fair share of warm, intimate encounters with each other like right now, but you never went all the way.
don't get him wrong, pierro loves you with all his heart, he loved you since the first day he saw you back in khaen'rhia when the king, your father, oh so graciously introduced you to him, a day he will never forget and cherish right up till death comes knocking at your door.
the way you smiled like an angel, the soft curve of your full lips like a dream, the way your lashes fluttered and a bright blush appeared on your cheeks was all pierro needed to swear to himself to never ever let anything ruin your innocence; and he did a good fucking job, even after so many years you still remained a perfect pure little virgin, the sharp watchful eyes of 'sir pierro' as you called him followed you everywhere, but could you really blame him?
even after all the trauma, all the bloodshed and losses you still were the same young woman he met all those years ago, always trying to see the best in everyone and every situation, your naiveness and kindness was cute to him but also dangerous in a flawed and full of sinners world like this so he swore to himself that he'll be your provider, your teacher, your protector. he'll protect you like he couldn't protect your kingdom. he loves you so so much it sometimes physically hurts him.
and now you're here, naked but warm as the big fireplace roared and shone brightly, beautiful golden and amber light dancing across your soft skin as one of your hands remained hooked back on pierro's neck, the other tightly grasping his hand which was busy gripping your waist and belly as he held you closely against his clothed chest, warm and soft against your naked back.
the man's other hand was busy between your legs, gently running his fingers along your slit, circling your clit, teasingly dipping his fingers inside your hole just to feel you clench before taking them out and repeating the process.
you never felt pleasure like this, this is after all the first time you and pierro went this far; maybe not all the way like you oh so desperately wanted, no, needed, but on the other hand you were secretly relieved. you were still a virgin after all and judging by the sheer size difference between you and your protector, the size of his...parts wasn't anything close to small either.
as he said it, he was 'only teaching you about your body and how to please yourself' but your thoughts were muddled by pierro's constant attentive touches. that, paired with his quiet rumbles of 'you're doing so good my princess' or 'keep your eyes open lovely little pet, just look at how wet you got when i stroked this spot, feels good doesn't it?' only managed to sent you right up to the heights of pleasure, brain pleasantly clouded with a mist of love, affection and the need to please your man, the same one who spend years protecting you and caring for you, loving you.
while you were getting lost in the pleasure, pierro's own selfish thoughts and instincts were roaring inside him. the need to corrupt you and your innocence, the need to own you, to make you his and his alone made him let out a feral growl and he sunk his sharp teeth in your shoulder, the surprised squeal mixed with a chirp you let out music to his ears and he didn't even care if he left a mark, in fact he hoped he did.
'will show them that this one belongs to me. she's already spoken for, little one needs no man beside me'
if he was a lesser man, he'd have mounted and fucked you the second your presented yourself so deliciously in your tiny see-through night gown, bred you so well that by the end of the night you'd be left a panting spend mess, cuddling him and surely pregnant with his pup, but alas, pierro is not a lesser man.
after all he's pierro, the jester, the man who commands the fatui with an iron fist and wears the mocking mask as a way to laugh in the face of gods, and that pierro has endless plains of patience and he refuses to rush things with you and possibly hurt you in the process, he thinks he'd tear his own heart out if he hurt you in any way, especially this way, when you should associate pleasure and warm intimacy with him in the best ways possible.
well, at least almost endless, since he can't wait for the day you'll be officially wed to him, the ultimate mark of ownership over you, you will be finally his and his alone until the end of days.
but these thoughts can wait, now he has to focus on you and your pleasure in the moment. he feels you clench around his fingers, wrapped around them like a vice as he keeps delicately rubbing over and over your sweetest spot, the little bundle of nerves send sparks of seemingly infinite pleasure through your body.
suddenly he feels you tense, a full body shiver running over you. a gasp of his name leaving your red-bitten lips as your orgasm washes over you, white clouding your vision as you feel almost as if you're floating.
pierro smiles lightly, another rumble leaving his lips, his instincts sated for the moment, pleased with knowing he satisfied his little mate. he slowly thrusted his fingers in and out of your pussy, not wanting to painfully overstimulate you and to slowly bring you down from you orgasm.
when your body finally relaxes enough for him to pull his fingers out and not hurt you, you slump against his strong chest and a multitude of deep, sated purrs makes its way from your chest as you close your eyes and nuzzle your partner, trying to get as close to him as possible, your feral instincts telling you that a strong male is present and will be able to protect you.
pierro picked you up as gently as he could and carried you over to your shared nest, the bed filled with all sorts of warm furs, pillows and fuzzy blankets you both carefully arranged to make your small safe space.
he laid you down before quickly climbing inside, ridding himself of his clothes in the process to allow himself to be as close to you as possible before snuggling against you as he felt your body slowly going lax, a small smile on your lips as you let sleep take you.
he watched you until he knew you were asleep before placing a soft kiss on your cheek and lips, your purrs mingling with each other indicating a happy couple.
yeah, he couldn't wait to finally tie the knot and make his princess officially his
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Before | After
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In your darkest hour of your darkest day, when even the angels don't want you... you're left alone to suffer your fate♡
[Content warning ahead - cartoony blood plus themes of depression, self harm, suicide attempts here. It might not be much too gorey, but please I'd rather be safe than sorry, gang♡]
Tumblr media
Things got... tough for Champion Em after his battle with Ingo went horribly wrong. He lost the two most important people in his life in one moment... & he had no one but himself to blame.
It was all his fault.
Self harm became a means of grounding & punishing himself in his own way for all he had done. He was a murder. He was a horrible human. He was a terrible brother. & he was the worst husband of them all... But cutting only soothed his horrific thoughts & painful memories fir short bits of time. Things kept building & growing worse, until one day he even attempted to take his own life.
In some sick turn of fate, he did not die as Elesa went to check in on him, after he showed some worrisome signs the week or so prior. Em was never mad at Elesa for having saved him, of course, but he still never could find a way to thank her for making sure he pulled through. It put a hard strain on their lifelong friendship & it was never the same between them...
And then... nothing of this event showed up in any papers. No one but the emergemcy medical professionals & Elesa had any knowledge of this happening. Emmet's most foolish mistake yet was his own guilty secret he was forced to carry around, whether for better or worse.
So, shortly after, Emmet took up wearing his now signature scarf, to keep the fresh scar hidden away from public view. Now at this point all these years later, the scar has lightened & is not very noticeable... but he still can't risk anyone finding out.
That is, until Mina returns & he finally has to bear his scars to someone... the only person he could confide in & the very last human he'd ever want to admit this particular & terrible mistake to...
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Bumping into each other 🥺💕
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nah because max becoming lucas and el’s best friends and essentially replacing the hole mike left in both of them LOL
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Doodle dictated by hornay brain 😅
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sarahsedserio · 5 months ago
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“Everyone else and their orientations are able to bond and relate to the love and romance aspects and we’re over here like--- We don’t do that.” - Jaiden Animations
Edit-- link to vid <3 :
[Image ID: cartoon drawing in Jaiden's style of people partying and having a good time in various pride flag shirts while three people wearing aroace shirts stand/sit awkwardly in the corner]
[Image ID: closeup of the aroaces in the corner, looking like they feel out of place and unsure what to do or say]
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One of the greats, even
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bamsara · a month ago
took an accidental nap cause I didn’t realize how exhausted I was, but I fell asleep with my laptop on my legs and I woke up and to an overheating message and burns on my legs smh
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high-queen-of-exy · 21 days ago
Neil Josten is Matt Boyd's best man, meaning he made a best man speech at Matt's wedding, and can we all take moment to appreciate how bad of an idea that was.
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