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Thoughts on Satan

Omfg for the last time, that’s not what Lucifer means. Everyone and their mother seems to understand that Lucifer means morning star but no one seems to understand that morning star doesn’t have some poetic meaning about the fall from heaven or whatever, it’s literally just an anglicized word for the PLANET VENUS. That’s it. That’s all. Ain’t that complicated.

Satan is also weird because it comes from a word pronounced ha’shahtan that just means “force of destruction,” and has to do with the ideas of yetzer hara but nooo christians were just like “ye slap some horns on that bad boy and make it into a person.”

The closest thing to the modern conception that we have of Satan is probably best embodied in the Angel Samael who may or may not have fallen from heaven or whatever. Samael literally just means “the venom of god” which is way cooler then “the destruction.” He’s also got a duality think going on with Michael. The funniest thing about Michael is that christians will be like “yeah he’s the best” when in actuality Michael symbolizes the triumph of Israel (the people, b’nai yisrael or “the hebrews” if you really want) over foreign aggressors so christians be like “oh Michael is totally our super awesome cool boi” when it’s like… not remotely? Bitch you’re the foreign aggressor to the Hebrew people, you’re Samael! Omfg it’s hilarious.

Most of The fallen angel stuff comes from the Book of Enoch which is basically Genesis on crack but it’s not considered canon in most Christian faiths so like… ?????

I’m salty if you can’t tell sorry.

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“Their minds were open and their emotions were strong. In the Force, they reminded Yoda of children. That made him smile- he liked to say that over his centuries as a Jedi, he had learned more about the Force from younglings than he had from Jedi Masters.

The clones craved his approval and wanted to please him. But they were worried they would be unable to complete their mission and would wind up ashamed. To fail would be to prove unworthy- to their general and also to each other.

-Star Wars: The Clone Wars Stories of Light and Dark

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many peeps in the (quite small) disney pinocchio fandom rly like the Pinocchio/lampwick ship

and while I personally do not, a sort of love rival au would be pretty interesting

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maybe i should say this-

i can’t take drawing requests anymore

i was taking them for my 600 (?i think) followers celebration thing

that was… months ago… and i was relatively free but now- my schedule is a mess

i want to take drawing requests again but before i do that i want to finish the illust i have on my “making” list (you can check the list on “illust info” from my bio)

i’ll have to delete the newer requests and i’ll do one more that’s from…. september jnjknjmjkbj

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