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#oof 馃サ

oohhh spicy 👀👀 I like this


  • it had all started out very innocent
  • you were sat on changmin’s lap watching a movie together
  • you wanted more popcorn but the bag had been sat on the coffee table a little ways away from you
  • you leaned forward so you could get the bag, unintentionally you push your ass back against changmin’s crotch
  • the movement caught him off guard, hands attaching onto your hips
  • moving back so you’re once again leaning against changmin’s chest just made it worse
  • “sweetheart…” he drawled
  • “what? I didn’t finish the popcorn??” you were completely unaware of what you had done to him
  • without an explanation changmin had moved you so that he could crawl on top of you
  • kisses were pressed onto your neck and jaw while changmin whispered into your,
  • “I was referring to you grinding your ass on me, actually”
  • “oh!” the realization hit you, although that was not your intention you did not mind the outcome
  • “okay good because I lied, the popcorn’s gone”
  • changmin pulled away from your neck stopping his assault
  • he shook his head at you, laughing lightly
  • “hmmmm maybe I should punish you then, since you lied”


  • dongil had invited you out with him and the boys
  • the day would be filled with shopping and some lunch
  • everyone was currently shopping and trying on clothes
  • you and dongil were helping changmin pick out some new clothes, he had went into the dressing room leaving you to wait
  • dongil was resting with his back against the wall, his hands were on your hips as you stood in front of him
  • dongil kept tickling you and you were starting to get sick of it
  • a light bulb went off in your head, you were gonna tease him as your form of payback
  • you tried to escape dongil’s arms one last time after he tickled you, but this time he tightened his grip and pulled you back against him
  • this was your chance, you intentionally pushed your ass back against his crotch
  • the surprised gasp that came from the man behind you had you smirking
  • you pulled away only the smallest amount so that you could repeat the movement
  • dongil now had a death grip on your hips, you definitely would have finger shaped bruises
  • “princess, knock it off. right. now.”
  • “why?? I didn’t do anything?”
  • dongil was about to go off on you but luckily changmin re-emerged from the dressing room just in time
  • “I’m not done with you.” dongil whispered in your ear


  • you and teo were about to go to bed, but you had other plans in mind
  • you curled up under the covers teo joined you only a couple seconds later
  • wrapping his arms around your stomach so that your bodies were perfectly fitted together
  • you smiled to yourself, this was the time to put your plan into action
  • acting like you needed to adjust your position you wiggled around in teo’s arm a little before pushing your ass back against him
  • the moan that came from teo vibrated throughout his chest
  • “babygirl..”
  • “yes?”
  • “what are you up to?”
  • “nothing!” your tone dripped with sweetness, you decided to test teo’s limits so you pushed against him again
  • “fuck..” teo’s tone was hushed but deep
  • his hands trailed from your stomach to push into your panties
  • “so needy for me, I love it”


  • gk had promised to teach you the dance for the groups newest comeback
  • so that’s what he was currently doing, you had made it about half way through the routine without much struggle
  • but you hit a roadblock, for some reason your body was struggling with executing this particular move
  • after what felt like the millionth try your anger was starting to show
  • “fuck!”
  • “baby, it’s okay you’ll get it, I’ll help this time come here”
  • gk pulled your body against his so that he could guide your body with his own body and also his hands
  • he was trying desperately to be somewhat professional but your clothes were starting to stick to you displaying your beautiful body
  • also the current position meant that every time you moved your ass would lightly brush past gk’s dick
  • after the 5th pass at the dance move gk could not hold it in anymore
  • in a quick movement he had pulled you completely flush against then moving you forward so that you were pressed against the practice room mirror
  • “god babygirl, I really tried to resist but I need you so bad”
  • gk had one hand placed on the back of your neck so that your face was pushed against the mirror
  • his other hand was placed on your hip so that he could he drag his hard dick against your ass
  • “I’ve always wanted to fuck you in the practice room” he whispered in your ear before shoving your pants down your legs
  • “can’t wait to make you watch yourself while I fuck you so hard that you become a drooling mess”


  • you had been needy all day long so the moment that heechan had arrived to your apartment you were all over him
  • your eagerness had heechan feeling so smug
  • you shoved heechan to sit on the couch, moving your legs so that you could straddle him
  • the kiss was all teeth and tongue pure need for each other very evident
  • pushing your fingers into heechan’s hair you tugged at the roots earning a delicious moan from him
  • the moan only fueled you more, you needed more of everything
  • your clit was in desperate need of friction so you started grinding your hips giving you exactly what you wanted
  • heechan pulled away from the kiss so that you could both breath
  • “shit, babydoll I really love seeing you so needy and desperate for me”
  • you couldn’t answer him instead you just tried to pull him back to you so that the makeout session could continue
  • heechan blocked you, grabbing your wrists and holding them behind your back
  • “I don’t think so, my baby is going to have to beg for it”
  • “nooo heechan~” you tried to wiggle out of his grasp but he was too strong
  • “come on babydoll, just beg me and I’ll fuck you dumb just the way I know you like”


  • you and lune both had the dorms to yourselves which was extremely rare
  • so you both were enjoying the time by watching a movie out in the living room
  • you got up to go grab a water for you and a soda for lune, re-entering the room you noticed lune’s gaze fixed on you
  • more specifically your exposed thighs
  • you set the drinks down in front of him intending on getting cozy again
  • “baby why don’t you sit on my lap?”
  • lune’s words stopped you for a second but you didn’t think it was that odd so you compiled
  • “no kitten, I meant this way” lune maneuvered your body so that you were now straddling him
  • “oh, but the movie..”
  • “I don’t care about the movie, I want to watch my kitten grind on me”
  • “huh?”
  • “like this…” lune put his hands on your hips so that he could help you drag them across his dick
  • despite the layer of clothes between you the sensation still had you moaning outloud
  • “yes, just like that, now make yourself cum like this”

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Hmmmmmm, anon! My dirtiest fantasy is Timmy doing interviews or going to events with Armie’s smell and ‘memory’ still between his legs, with his skin that carries the mark of his kisses everywhere, as to say “you belong to me and everyone should know”, and now you are making things difficult for me!

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Arterian headcanons pt. 2

  • One day, while the three would have their fun, Aro and Lucian decided to surprise Peter by *clears throat* “putting on a show”
  • And this doesn’t just including kissing each other
  • Caressing, taking each other’s clothes off, the whole deal 🤤
  • Peter almost passes out
  • Jaw dropping, eyes darkening, standing in attention of you know what I mean 😏😏😏
  • Peter would either join in or stroke himself off
  • Sometimes if he did try to stroke himself, Aro and Lucian would stop him, teasing him even more
  • He would moan with need while the two take their sweet time in pleasuring him 🥵
  • Nevertheless, it goes without saying he loves his sexy immortal boyfriends ☺️
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i really wanna make some icons but everytime i decide to do it i get lazy and not do it either bc its 3am or not the right time smh

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