hypotheticallyaaron · 8 months ago
Since all the water on earth gets recycled there's a decent chance you've drank some of the iceberg that sank the titanic
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charlottesharlottes · 2 months ago
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Paul McCartney, Bangor 1967
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kpfun · a year ago
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My whole life, I trained to become a guardian of the dragon gem, but this world has changed, and its people are divided. Now, to restore peace, I must find the last dragon. My name is Raya. RAYA AND THE LAST DRAGON (2021) dir. Don Hall, Carlos López Estrada
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dreamings-free · 16 days ago
NME August 2nd 2022
In a new interview, Louis Tomlinson shared his opinion on One Direction’s first studio album, 2011’s ‘Up All Night’, revealing that he’s not particularly fond of it after 11 years.
will add full text here later - but please read it at the source, give it some clicks ;)
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numenskog · a month ago
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I can see through you We are the same It's perfectly strange You run in my veins How can I keep you Inside my lungs I breathe what is yours You breathe what is mine
And I run from wolves, ooh Breathing heavily At my feet And I run from wolves, ooh Tearing into me Without teeth
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gravityfallsrockz · 6 months ago
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So apparently there's an upcoming Amphibia episode called Sprivy which is Sprig and Ivy's ship name!!
We're getting a Sprig and Ivy episode!!!
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viejospellejos · 2 months ago
Creo que se me ha metido algo en el ojo 🥺
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9haharharley1 · 5 months ago
Psst. *opens trenchcoat suspiciously* you want some fic recs? (ignore the M and E ones if that's not your thing)
GFFA (Canon/canon divergence)
The Storm and The Suns by Shirozora. Both T. These are on every damn rec list because they're so fucking good. They're stranded on a planet, trapped by torrential rain. There's an awkward third wheel who I love.
Crash and Burn by Aureutr. E. Sweeping epic where there was no seeing stone on Tython and Din and Grogu meet Luke by chance. Mandalore is reclaimed.
The Father, the Son and the Exile by SushiBurrito. M. Luke is in a self-imposed exile after having severed ties with his family years earlier. Weary and paranoid, he stumbles upon Din and Grogu on Gideon's cruiser, and their destinies end up entwined.
Who Carried the Hill by Spqr. M. Set during the Galactic Civil War. Din and Luke are linked soulmates, Din ends up in the Rebellion.
The Way of the Mand'alor by SubtleHysteria. T. TBOBF fix-it. Dual guardianship and the Darksaber.
Icarus, Point to the Sun by LuminousSkywhiner. T. Luke is a self-sacrificing idiot who ran away from what he felt. Years later he encounters a young girl on Jakku, and then there's a return of an old, family man in beskar.
The Drink Will Flow (and Blood Will Spill) by You_Idjits. Unrated. Han, Chewie and Din get drunk. That's it, that's the fic.
Separate Ways by PepperPrints. E. Written before season 2 came out so the vibe is slightly off, but it is the seminal DinLuke fic. Predicted a lot of stuff though.
Brothers-in-Crimes by Aureutr. T. WIP. Han longs for the glory days and some good, old-fashioned Shenanigans. Din, the brother-in-law he doesn't think much of, is the only one available.
Dear Fellow Traveller by TheSexierEvilerCora. E. Luke infiltrates an Imperial remnant ship. Another dangerous sexy person has also done so. Aka Luke and Din are terrifyingly competent.
Like Vines by ObjectLesson. E. Simple temple maintenance turns into introspection via smut.
Surrounded by Stories Surreal and Sublime by SunshineAndALittleFlour. E. Din and Luke find erotica written by a Jedi long ago in the Coruscant Library. They do something that should not be done in a sacred temple of knowledge.
Two Clouds in Outer Space, We Raised a Storm by StupidFatPenguin. E. Din and Luke one-night stand during the Rebellion.
I Have Fallen Foul of My Desire by Chromat1cs. M. Set in post-WWII rural Scotland, Luke is a shepherd and Din is a ceramicist. Deals with loss, longing, PTSD and rediscovery of onself. Does contain past BobaDin. The prose is phenomenal.
All the Grey Spaces by Chromat1cs. E. Religious/Folk Horror. Priest!Luke and Constable!Din. Something dark is taking the town children and Luke is suffering from immense bouts of Catholic Guilt because of Din.
Ever Decreasing Circles. M. WIP. Grogu refuses to learn without his father there. Luke goes looking for his father. Meanwhile Din has to figure out who is now, but perhaps he doesn't have to do it alone.
And Stars Like Grains of Sand. G. Luke takes Din and Grogu back to the Lars homestead to meet two very important people.
Come and Be Welcome. T. After a hyperdrive malfunction, Din, Luke and Grogu end up stranded on Sorgan. While waiting for help from Han, there are awkward moments in Omera's village.
I'll take all of them
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rekharose · 4 months ago
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escapekit · 7 months ago
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Affirmation Tweets Twitter's new OOH campaign launched yesterday with tweets from celebrities and athletes who tweeted their success into existence.
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machetelanding · 28 days ago
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thetypefreak · 3 days ago
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hellothere3306 · 8 months ago
Headcanon that Dolores likes Bruno's telenovelas because she can relate to the relationship drama between the characters - Mariano and Isabela would relate too.
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pourwatter · a year ago
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THIS is what happens if gori didn't join haida and tadano night out in S3E7 😳👬
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movielosophy · a year ago
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You Are My Glory - Can’t you see the rabbit I drew?
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toysoldiers-rwby · 11 months ago
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this has been on my mind for MONTHS. finally decided to do it as a warm up
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harritudur · 9 months ago
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arthur / lyanna + fleeing and hiding in essos AU
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