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#ooo scary
aka-indulgence · 11 hours ago
My thought process with most dangerous Sanses:
"wow... Smexy.... He's so powerful and terrifying-"
"And so lonely, he's all alone with all that power with no one to accompany him-"
"and he really wants you and would manipulate and use force to get you"
"he's never been in a real relationship before, he doesn't know that's not how it works, all he's known is that he has to take what he wants"
"he's possessive and jealous and he'll smother you and chain you to him *fans myself*"
"because he's afraid you'd leave him, he's never loved anyone like this before, he's scared of losing someone he loves so much, please he jUST WANTS LOVE *CRIES*"
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caspersayshi · 15 days ago
Tumblr media
“ my nightmares, right, they aren’t like me running away from like ooo scary is literally just stuff that I just really don’t want to happen like the worst possible scenario happening...” - ranboo
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thelesbiadhder · 25 days ago
I can't be in sunlight.
I could be killed by a stake to the heart.
Lgbt actually stands for Lets Go Bite Throats.
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goldpilot22 · a month ago
sometimes i don't want to do my homework I just want to watch osha hazard awareness videos and csb incident analysis videos on youtube
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weirdbees · a month ago
I think it'd be nice for jon to have heterochromia but not even bcus of the eye stuff or anything. Like he just happened to look like that already
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smkfan99 · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Some Oleander from screen caps at the very end of Spongebob Season 12 Episode Kooky Cooks. After having an operation and eating a big mac style burger, Oleander is still hungry. OOOOOOOO NOOOOOOO!!!! As mentioned before, based on Spongebob Season 12 Episode Kooky Cooks. 
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siirkaian · 2 months ago
Ive been debating how to get the gods into the story for ages, because like........ Its no secret although it would be if this was an actual comic. that Barren and Kindle are Stardust’s grandkids and...... Theyre both figuring out their independent skills, barren’s learning to mindwalk and kindle to fight (but like. not like martial arts fight like Survive fight) and............. it COMPLETELY takes away the stakes to have three of the most fucking powerful beings in the universe be incredibly invested in these two kids bc like. 
Ok. so Stardust travels with them, but has reasons not to fight, because hes seen a lot of shit and is traumatised from fighting, but Moonshine and Midnight??? Midnight is more “watch all simultaneously be one with the world”, but Moonshine could come down whenever the fuck he wants because if Stardust can, so can Moonshine??
BUT..................... I think ive fucking got it?? POSSESSION. but like FULL possession, where Barren’s body is morphed into a new form. The gods cant enter this world without a Demos body. So like. A) This scales the power of the gods with barren and kindle, because Barren can only get so much of them for so long dependent on their skill level at the time b) balances kindle and barrens powers because kindle learns to weave fire bc he awakens his ancestry where barren doesnt, so now both of them can fight to a point, and c) allows them to step in when its a life or death situation which is what i wanted WITHOUT the question of “well why dont they just always step in”, or “well why did it become life or death if they could step in whenever”
And like. Ugh, that means i get to work with possession. I mean its a little less known that barren has a lot of me in them, specifically the very terrified and new to spiritual things and submissive part of me, and yeah. 
Ive just been thinking about how like............. Reality bending this could be, where i realised it was thinking of when Moonshine would step in to save barren... it takes a LOT to get MS pissed off at all let alone to the point of action, but hes the god of the mind, and since Siirkaia is a creation of siirka’s body and mind........ Well basically, a) MS doesnt obey euclidian rules, b) reality bends around him when he lets it, so if hes pissed...... reality is going to devolve around him into blinding colours, faces dancing in the walls, his people the Higher Demos leaking in through reality trying to reach his energy. and also. Hes no fucking stranger to the terrifying bc as i said, god of the mind, hes every twisted face and strange noise and hallucination and all that shit, so he’d absolutely turn barrens body inside out and morph it in strange ways to take over it and reshape it into his own - uh. and hes like siirka and uren in that. he shapeshifts and in general just shifts
so its like. Its a lot of fucked up shit that is absolutely devastating for the matrix of reality itself let alone those trying to kill barren, and........... Oh man, like. It actually makes Moonshine’s enraged appearance actually scary because like...... hes tearing reality apart......... AND THATS BARREN AT THE CENTRE OF IT..... LIKE HES JUST REMOULDED BARREN INTO HIS SHAPESHIFTING, WEIRDLY REALISTIC, REALITY-BENDING FORM......... THATS Barrens fucking body in the grasp of this god who is literally so beyond the Demos hes breaking all the rules weve had so far of fights and mercy (not the god), like. theres actually fucking stakes there bc boy......... how could barren be ready for this, but if theyre not, then like. everythings fucked
ah. you mayve noticed. stardust. So the gods cant enter reality without a body, but stardust is one of the three main protagonists? YEAH SEE. Stardust is almost like a reincarnation of his old self anyway........ And fucking. his daughter - technically asexually created - Inferno entered reality before he did. So  like.......... it already fits. Stardust has already tried to incarnate his energy into a body in the Demos’ world and succeeded??? And hes already basically reincarnated?? Because the god of death Mercy did something to him, I guess sort of killed him? But Mercy, unline his father who is the ACTUAL god of Death, is more a gateway?? ZervaiKa- his dad is death, the void, nothingness, ends, but RahjKa- is more like the reaper-esque death (though he doesnt go around killing people) in that hes Before death. So......... Arguably...... as a gateway............... RahjKa-... involved in the separation of souls and bodies? Is able to i dont know, condense some of Stardust’s energy into a dense Demos-realm-suitable form and incarnate his soul into it?????????
Its interesting bc honestly, I was playing around with the idea of Inferno possessing SD before, never went anywhere with it, but like. OH. YEAH. bc she was supposed to come out to protect the kids, fucking enraged and beyond discussion, tearing SD from his body and taking it over, moulding it into her...... Man, so if the concept is introduced with Barren doing it, to suddenly have stardust be possessed by the ex-queen of fuckin fire (shes known bc shes the only one w power over fire in the world, and she “burned down her whole huge city in a fit of rage”, and shes NOT known as barrens mother, only kindles, bc barren was stolen like a few months after birth) and kindles mother........... fascinating. bc like. kindles relationship w inferno is something i really want to explore, he was taken at idk like age 7 or whatever and remembers the night she burned down the city and is so conflicted between “thats my mother and only family i ever had” and “she literally (seemingly) turned against like several tens of thousands of people and killed them all in fire in a night” and idk. before barrens revealed as the younger sibling........ itd be really interesting. maube. to have inferno take over stardust........... which is now a possibility since i AM bringing possession into it
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smkfan99 · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Loboto, Raz, and Lili try to stop Oleander from eating that pastry. Knife and fork in hand there is almost no stopping him now. Oleander and Loboto's dinner is now ruined. Based on an upcoming Spongebob Season 12 episode. Oh no!!!
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babytama · 3 months ago
Oh? Does getting your mouth fucked turn you on that much kitten? Go on, go ahead babygirl, touch your little clit whilst Daddy fucks your face.
*he watches you with eager eyes, drinking in the sight of you on your knees playing with your clit as his hips continue to buck into the heat of your mouth*
One time though, princess, no cumming. Understood?
— Your Tama
*a little slick already dripping down my thighs, i start to play with my clit as he fucks my mouth. i nod timidly at his words, and my eyes water at the stimulation and my mouth being used, the pleasure building in my stomach. i squeeze my eyes shut to try and hold back.*
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letters-from-eros · 4 months ago
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thegirlwholovedstarkid · 4 months ago
for being so nice n cute, u may have a turtle!! 🐢 copy this and send it to 10 other blogs who u think are nice and cute and deserve a turtle!! let’s make people feel awesome!! 💕💕💕 (no pressure to pass it on<3)
Eee thanks!<333
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pixeltalia · 5 months ago
Have you done a Pixel Cyprus?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
APH/HWS Cyprus request for anon!
i thought i posted him yesterday lmao im kinda dumb
heres ur sprite!!:
Tumblr media
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freakova · 5 months ago
Me, going up against the Oni in Wrath mode and hearing his giant, dirty footsteps at full speed before his terror radius: 
Tumblr media
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askthescienceteamsblog · 6 months ago
Yo Tommy, you mentioned something about Freeman having a nightmare?
Tumblr media
"He's been getting more recently he said,and now im worried :("
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