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angcrmanagcmcnt · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Anonymous said: She lets out a soft laugh, accepting the card between the fingers of her left hand while extending her right, an offering to shake hands. "Lyssa. What an elegant name. Mine is Múireann. It's a pleasure to meet you." And she turns the card with a roll of her wrist. [1/3]
It reveals a long, lean stem of yellow-green leaves, vibrant orange blossoms blooming in bunches of three til they're only buds at the top. And crossed behind the plant are two blue 'sticks'. Wands, to be precise; dragons carved into their ends. "The two of wands," she muses. "Accompanied by a snapdragon. This is the card of boldness, of embarking on new adventures and belief in your own ability. [2/3]
It can also draw attention to companions you may have gained; that two have come together in seek of the same outcome. May I ask if you can think of someone in your life who may share a mutual creative interest?" [3/3]
Tumblr media
An elegant name, the woman   Múireann says, and the Irritable gives a bashful little smile. She couldn’t remember someone complimenting her name, before   then again, her memories weren’t exactly working right as of late. Anger shakes the woman’s hand, half hoping that the slight lack of warmth to her skin wouldn’t unnerve the lady.
The other’s words do make her think, though. Belief in your own ability. Admittedly, the first thing that comes to mind is her own little ‘special talent ’. 
Each of her siblings had something. Greed was the Ultimate Shield, Lust the Ultimate Spear. Gluttony could consume anything. Envy could shift into any form they wished. Sloth, despite his name, had speed that was unmatched when he felt like using it, and Pride’s ability was similar to her own, just far more offensive than defensive, using the shadows to attack others. Wrath was the Ultimate Eye, able to predict every move his opponent could make. 
Of all her siblings, her counterpart’s talent was the most intimidating. Someone being able to see everything she could do   the girl supresses a shudder at the very thought. 
Her own little talent, though. She could hide things in the darkness. People, mostly, and that meant only herself for the longest time. And even then, she couldn’t keep it up for long when she got it right. It tired her out far too quick. The whole time she was with Ed and Al, there was no chance for her to use it without outing herself.
When was the last time she had hidden away in the shadows, like that? It had to be months ago, now. Could she even hide, if she wanted to?
Shit, what was the question again? She’d gotten lost in thought again, brows furrowed and lips pressed together in concentration before the expression breaks into a smile as Anger finally fishes the other inquiry from the depths. 
Tumblr media
“ Well, not exactly that, I guess. But I have met people that want similar things that I do, I think. Like...well. Surviving. ” She glances to the ground for a moment, fiddling with her sleeves. 
“ I’ve definitely gained a lot of companions though, at the least, but a lot of ‘em are more like family. ”
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bugothy · 11 hours ago
any epic lore moments i could draw :eyes_emoji:
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bouquetofkissesxo · 15 hours ago
is anyone here in the marvel fandom? send me your fave blogs pls <3
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queenofhollandvalley · 16 hours ago
This was in my drafts for so long
@get2del-taco I’ll write you more jade and Hudson soon
@oorah22 Taylor has a soft spot for the deputy’s
Taylor heels echoed as she walked through the veterans center keeping the peggies on their toes the meeting with Jacob was still going but she wasn’t needed which gave her time to herself but when she turned the corner she noticed deputy pratt on the floor his head laying on his knees “peaches?” Taylor said as she kneeled down to him she laid a hand gently under his chin and lifted his head up “sorry mrs seed my mind is just all over the place right now” pratt sighed wiping blood off his face “yeah I can tell can you stand up pratt?” Taylor asked pratt nodded and slowly stood up Taylor pulled out a pair of cuffs from her coat “mind if I ask why you have a pair of cuffs in your coat?” Pratt asked “this is my husbands coat I have no clue what in here” Taylor shrugged as she locked Pratt’s wrist behind his back “where are you taking me?” Pratt asked “I have a place I hide at its west of the chalet I can patch you up there” Taylor said as she guided pratt through the building “what about Jacob aren’t you worried what he’ll do?” Pratt asked “pratt I’ll deal with my idiots but let’s get you patched up okay?” Taylor replied Pratt nodded and continued walking next to the hearldess she opened the passenger door and quickly walked over to the driver side luckily the peggies don’t patrol the front to well when she’s there just one of the little perks of being hearldess as she sat in the drivers seat and started down the road “pratt I’m sorry Jacob is putting you through this”Taylor sighed “if you don’t mind me asking why are you concerned aren’t you and John putting Hudson through the same thing?” Pratt asked “I forced John to stop hurting her because the poor girl couldn’t count to 10 she lost so much blood Ive been trying my best not to hurt people” Taylor replied “and in all honesty your such a sweet guy i feel bad your stuck in hell” she added “well I thank you for taking pity on me your the only one that has actually acted nice to me” pratt sighed in relief “your welcome” but then all of a sudden a voice crackled to life over the radio “Taylor where are you?” Taylor sighed and grabbed her microphone with one hand keeping her other hand on the steering wheel “I took my car and I’m just driving around to clear my mind I’ll meet you back at the ranch” Taylor lied quickly she turned off her radio forcing her off Edens grid “now the fuckers won’t be up my ass” Taylor said as she parked her car “follow me” the hearldess said as she climbed out the car she quickly opened the passenger door allowing pratt to get out “here let me take these” Taylor said as she reached into her coat pocket and pulled out a pair of sliver keys then un cuffed pratt “let’s go” she said but when pratt tried to walk his legs buckled from under him luckily Taylor caught him in time “Keep scaring me like that and I’m gunna fall with you” Taylor joked as she wrapped her arm around his waist the two of them walked up the hill to what looked to be an abandoned house Taylor opened the door and sat pratt down on the couch the inside looked actually decent good way to trick the peggies “mrs seed-“ “pratt you don’t have to call me that when John and his brothers aren’t around you can just call me Taylor” she assured “sorry Taylor but thank you for helping me” pratt said “your welcome know you can come to me if you need to get away I can’t help you escape but I can patch you up till I can and plus if Jacob realizes I took pity on you he won’t say nothing” Taylor replied as she walked over to the wounded deputy with rubbing alcohol and a rag “more than likely he would say something though” pratt added “well if he does I’ll deal with it now look at me pretty boy” Taylor said as she dampened the rag in alcohol the “what do you call me?” Pratt asked with a light smile “I called you pretty boy that’s how I complement guys now stop moving so much” Taylor laughed she gently turned Pratt’s head to the left allowing her to clean the wound on the side of his face and the blood on his neck “okay look at me” Taylor order pratt turned his head and looked at the hearldess
His hazel eyes were filled with relief and comfort once she finished cleaning off the wounds Taylor sat the rubbing alcohol and rag on a cheap table next to them “their you go at least I can see your pretty face now you can lay back and rest if you want I know Jacob don’t let you rest” Taylor said as she took off her husbands coat and hung it on a Janky coat holder at the front door of the place  “you seem so nice compared to what people say about you” pratt said “well I have to play hearldess to keep my husband pleased sometimes I feel really bad for what I do to these people” Taylor sighed “I bet it’s hard to even get a connection into falls end right now where your stuck at” pratt replied “if I could I’d let you and Joey out but that would just get me killed instantly” Taylor said “if were being honest you took me here so basically I’m free” pratt explained “no your still considered my prisoner pretty boy but don’t get any ideas just yet” Taylor said “for now get some rest you deserve at least a minute” she told him “thank you Taylor really” pratt said “no problem if you need me I’ll be sitting outside”
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pine-storm-season · 17 hours ago
hnghfnffnn ranboo six
skitter skitter small child sharp teeth Bite ruthless skittish empathetic wild lawless kid skitter-scramble jump leap skitter survive kill
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bisexualize · 19 hours ago
okay this 🍓 also tierlist of kpop bands whichever u so desire and also dm me i wanna hang out soon 😋
HI IM SO SORRY FOR DOING THIS LATE U LEGEND!!! i love you so much your brain is HUGE you are so funny and clever and you make me laugh so much. ur very kind too :) also i aspire to be even 1/34359485th as cool as you & i love your fashion style so SO much you are awesome
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vidovy · 21 hours ago
What if i just designed my s/i's house in mc, that'd be so nice actually,,
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vivify-y · 23 hours ago
✨i mean we’ll see how well i follow through (hi, adhd) but i have some things planned for this blog over the summer when my uni semester is over. so this is your announcement (or warning) i guess? ✨
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protectaang · a day ago
six of crows, number 13??
13. favorite quote from the series?
*slams fist on table* THE WHOLE THING
Tumblr media
actually i have two favorite quotes:
1. Kaz leaned back. "What's the easiest way to steal a man's wallet?"
"Knife to the throat?" asked Inej.
"Gun to the back?" said Jesper.
"Poison in his cup?" suggested Nina.
"You're all horrible," said Matthias.
this one because 1. screams found family 2. this is it. that's the plot. i picked my favorite soc character based on this part and no regrets. it's more accurate than the hogwarts house
2. she'd laughed, and if he could have bottled the sound and gotten drunk on it every night, he would have. It terrified him.
*steps up to mic, straightens tie, clears throat, taps mic* i would die for kaz and inej. they would let me. worth it.
Tumblr media
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whirlybirbs · a day ago
can’t wait for bucky to wake up and show his immense concern for rabbit despite the fact that the back of his head is probably bleeding
spoiler: bucky is pissed
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honeykeigo · a day ago
katsuki come get your birthday smooch
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liishang · a day ago
headcanon + love language. 
Tumblr media
GENERAL. alright so we know Shang sucks when it comes to expressing his feelings but Shang has a few love languages that he uses to express his love for someone (be it romantic or platonic). so buckle up, because if he’s done these things he loves your muse. you’re welcome.
COOKING. Shang isn’t the best cook in the world, but he enjoys it. After his mother died, his father often helped his mother in the kitchen with cooking. Eventually as he got older, Shang took on that role while he was at his home. Cooking together is a sign that Shang wants you around and wants to try and do something nice for you. He wants to make sure you’re taken care of, even if it’s in the most subtle ways. This falls under acts of service, but cooking together or for you is something he does specifically.
ACTS OF SERVICE. Shang is the biggest action guy you’ll meet. He wants to help you out not because he doesn’t think you can’t do it by yourself, but simply because he wants you to know that he’s there to help you when you do truly need it. Shang will do things like, make your bed, make you tea, take you out somewhere, offer to do something for you so you don’t have to. 
TEASING. Shang will tease the people he loves. His father was big on playfulness around the home, and often teased Shang from time to time about various things. Being the defensive child he is, he didn’t always take kindly to this form of affection, but it is something that he now will do. It’s not exactly an obvious tease. It might be taking a specific tone with you, smirking at you and playfully judging you. He may even go so far as to playfully roll his eyes at you while he smiles. All of this is a good judge that he’s not only comfortable with you to do something that he wont do with the common person, but also a good judge that he has a deeper feeling for you than the average person. 
PHYSICAL TOUCH. He’s not the most cuddly of people. But he can be seen throughout the movie touching Ping’s shoulder. I believe this is a very restrained version of this love language. I think he’s the kind of man who, in the privacy of the home, enjoys physical touch a lot and uses it as a way to show his love. Hand holding, picking you up, having his arm at your back, touching your wrist. His acts of physical touch are often smaller than most, but it is still a love language. Shang also views love in a very physical way, so if someone were to hold his hand or kiss his cheek, or anything of that nature, he will feel his heart flutter with the idea that the other person might be fond for him too.
BAD WITH WORDS. One thing is that Shang will ALWAYS struggle with words of affirmation. If you muse is someone who needs to hear words like ‘i love you’ and other things of that nature, they might feel insecure about being involved with Shang. Words when it comes to emotions are difficult for him, so don’t be surprised if it takes him forever to actually tell your muse he loves them or even for him to be awkward when your muse confesses feelings of love to him too. 
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klutzyfox · a day ago
i love my hir too,,,, *pouts*
ooo,At this rate,people will start fighting over you,Hiranya!
Come collect another love letter @whythefuckdoiexist and BLUSH like crazy
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