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emptyheartfoolbrain · a year ago
Led Through The Mist
By The Milk Light Of Moon
All That Was Lost Is Revealed
Our Long Bygone Burdens
Mere Echoes Of The Spring
But Where Have We Come
And Where Shall We End?
If Dreams Can't Come True
Then Why Not Pretend?
How The Gentle Wind
Beckons Through The Trees
As Autumn Colors Fall
Dancing In A Swirl
Of Golden Memories
The Loveliest Lies of All...
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wxrbler · 2 years ago
The Phone Call
A/N: I have never written smut before so... sorry? I’m not good at titles...
Summary: Blaine gets a phone call in the middle of their alone time, but Kurt doesn’t let that ruin the fun. Season Five Canon Compliant. Light exhibitionism kink. ~2K words.
Kurt’s hands are trailing up and down Blaine’s chest, his lips pressed firm to the hollow of Blaine’s neck and sucking hard enough to leave a mark. Blaine can’t help but buck his hips up when teeth nip at the grease bruise, cock already throbbing, trapped in his jeans and aching for some sort of friction.
It’s the sort of make-out session that Blaine knows will lead to sex. Sweet, slow, sensual fucking that, if he’s lucky, will leave him and his fiancé sore for days.
Kurt releases Blaine from his grip and moves to mouth at his nipple, swirling his tongue around in smooth circles until Blaine lets out a moan he is too fucking turned on to be embarrassed about.
It’s all going so, so well, and Blaine is about to make some sort of comment about it being too early to ask for Kurt to just fuck him already when his treacherous phone starts ringing. Kurt pops off his nipple and his eyes dart to the nightstand. “You should answer that,” he says, voice already low with desire even though they’ve only been going at it for about five minutes.
Blaine lets out a petulant groan but slips his phone out of his pocket anyways. It’s Nathan—some idiot from Blaine’s theory class always calling (never texting, because that would be too convenient) with dumb questions about homework.
“It’s just Nathan,” Blaine explains, reaching up to press a needy kiss to Kurt’s neck. “He can wait an hour.”
But Kurt just pulls back, something wicked and unreadable in his eyes. “You should really, really answer that.” His voice is gruff in a way Blaine knows means he’s turned on, so he doesn’t quite get why Kurt is so eager for Blaine to get to this damn cockblock of a phone call.
With a roll of his eyes, he answers the button and presses the phone to his ear. “Hello?” he greets dismally. Nathan immediately starts rattling off about something or the other about secondary dominants - a concept they learned about last semester, mind you.
A warmth in the crook of his neck lets him know that Kurt is by his side, nuzzling his face into Blaine. Slowly, he starts pressing gentle kisses there that Blaine hopes means they can pick up where they left off as soon as he hangs up.
But then Kurt’s kisses start to lose some of their sweetness and pick up a sense of desperation, closer to what they were not a minute ago.
“So how would I notate that?” Nathan asks. “As a five seven of one?”
“No, we’re in the key of Bb-major, and if D major is the dominant of G, then—“
He cuts himself off when combination of firm pressure on his still clothed cock and the wet heat of Kurt’s lips firmly planted on his neck make Blaine’s stomach coil tight with arousal.
“Ooooohhh, it’s a five seven of six!”
“Is this okay?” Kurt asks, hot breath sending goosebumps down Blaine’s entire body. He palms at Blaine’s crotch and Blaine throws his head back with a breathy confirmation that yes this is okay because oh god how could it not?
As Nathan makes more analysis related queries, Kurt continues scattering kisses down Blaine’s chest. Down, down, down until he lands one, open mouthed, on Blaine’s covered dick.
Blaine’s breath hitches, but he covers it up with a laugh. “Y-yeah. You got it.”
“Okay, now I know we went over this in class the other day, but I didn’t quite understand where applied German chords fit into this?”
As Blaine explains to Nathan, Kurt momentarily stands up, peeling off his clothes in record time and moving to unbutton Blaine’s jeans next, only stopping to give Blaine a questioning look. Another silent, Okay?
Blaine gives another enthusiastic nod and Kurt tugs off his jeans and boxers. The sudden motion makes Blaine slip further down the bed a little, drawing in a gasp.
He continues his explanation to Nathan, careful to keep his voice steady to ensure they’re not going to be caught. Somehow, though, that only makes it hotter. Blaine spreads his knees apart, letting them fall open for Kurt to do anything he pleases. No matter what Kurt does, though—how he chooses to use Blaine’s body—Blaine has to keep quiet. No matter how achingly hard he gets, or how desperate the need to have Kurt pulsing inside of him is, he mustn’t react, at least not audibly.
Blaine cock, finally free from the confines of his clothes, twitches with interest at the thought.
Kurt drags his hands along Blaine’s thighs, lightly digging his fingertips into his skin. Carefully, he spreads Blaine’s legs open for him. Still gripping at the outsides of Blaine’s thighs with four fingers, he uses his thumb to massage slow circles in the sensitive area between Blaine’s legs and groin area.
He looks down at himself spread open for Kurt—Kurt kissing the head of his cock, teasing it, but not taking it all in quite yet—and has to squeeze his eyes shut to keep himself coming right then and there. Blaine’s been silent on the phone for some time now, while his classmate explains why he’s been so confused over these concepts. All the while, Kurt has been pressing gentle kisses around Blaine’s crotch, lightly sucking the head and giving teasing licks on the underside of Blaine’s dick, but refusing to grant him the release he needs of taking his cock in his mouth.
He’s not sure why Kurt is taking so long until he starts explaining, “So they’re applied because they resolve to that particular chord—“ and Kurt finally stretches his lips down over Blaine’s full cock, the slick heat of his mouth surrounding him shooting sparks of pleasure down his spine. “Fuck!” he cries out helplessly, feeling the tip of his head hit the back of Kurt’s throat as he involuntarily bucks up into his mouth.
Christ, it’s like Kurt wants them to be caught.
And that’s when it hits Blaine.
Kurt doesn’t want them to be caught, but he wants to take Blaine right to the edge of it—wants to make him feel so good that he can’t help being loud about it. The realization makes Blaine go dizzy with arousal, makes him want to beg Kurt to fuck him right then and there.
From below, Kurt glares up at him, a silent Keep quiet.
“Yeah, tell me about it,” Nathan laughs. “This shit’s hard.”
Oh, you have no idea.
Blaine doesn’t respond right away, and in turn, Kurt stays frozen where he is. It’s then that Blaine knows what he has to do in order to keep things going. He swallows around his dry throat.
“Yeah, I dunno why Dr. Warhoth makes it so hard to understand.” As he speaks, Kurt hums, pleased, and starts to steadily bob his head up and down. The vibrations from make even more heat pool in Blaine’s stomach, and he reached down with his free hand to clutch at Kurt’s hair, but he fights off the urge to come. He wants to see how far they can take this.
“Because he’s a dick.” Oh god, don’t say dick when my fiancé has his mouth around mine. “Clarissa asked a simple question the other day and instead of answering it, he just lectured her about taking better notes. Ridiculous.”
“Y-y-yeah, he’s a total asshole.”
Kurt pops off of Blaine with a wet noise that Blaine can’t be bothered to be embarrassed about—and something wicked flashes in his eyes. In a flash, he whips out the lube from the nightstand and coats his fingers until they’re slick with it.
Leaning over Blaine’s chest, Kurt whispers with his breath hot against Blaine’s ear, “Speaking of assholes,” and reaches down between Blaine’s legs to run his fingers around his hole, slicking it over with the lube in his fingers.
Blaine lets out a soft but strangled moan, hole starting to clench around nothing, and Kurt gently shushes him. “Don’t let him know. This is our secret.”
Blaine’s entire body flashes white hot at that, and Kurt begins working one finger in, stretching him open as Blaine responds, using any remaining thought power he has left to focus on keeping his voice steady.
“I think—I think theory just comes too easily to him.”
Two fingers fucking down into him now.
“A-and it, it uh, he doesn’t get when students don’t g-grasp the concept.”
“Oh for fuck’s sake,” he finally mutters. Pressing the phone into his chest and missing Nathan’s response, he takes Kurt’s face in his hands and hungrily kisses him, bucking his hips up then rolling his ass down to fuck himself harder on Kurt’s fingers. Kurt moans brokenly into the kiss, pushing his tongue against against Blaine’s seeking one. “I need you to fuck me already.”
Kurt’s eyes bare into Blaine’s, pupils blown dark and wide with desire. He wets his lips. “Get back on the phone, and your wish is my command.”
Blaine lifts the phone back up to his ear in time to hear Nathan mumble something about Neapolitan chords, but he’s too preoccupied staring down at his gorgeous fiancé—toned muscles rippling under alabaster skin as he holds his thick cock in one hand, guiding it into Blaine’s woefully empty hole—to catch the whole thing.
Kurt presses into him, the pressure filling Blaine perfectly everywhere all at once. When Kurt’s bottomed out, he stays still for a few seconds to let Blaine adjust and Blaine can feel Kurt throbbing inside him. “Fuck,” he says. ���You’re so tight around me. So fucking good.”
“T-t—Just uh, will you explain to me one more time?” Blaine asks Nathan, even though Kurt’s words send electricity down his spine. “What uh, what are you exactly having trouble with?”
Kurt grips Blaine’s hips tightly, pulling his own back, and snaps them forward, faster and harder than they usually go, but that just makes it better. Kurt is testing Blaine’s limits, seeing just how hard he can fuck him until he comes too undone to keep up the facade.
Blaine cries out, but thankfully it’s lost against Nathan’s long winded explanation about... whatever the fuck he’s talking about now. Blaine’s mind (and body) is elsewhere.
He shuts his eyes tight, focusing on the drag of Kurt’s cock inside of him, the sharp sound of their skin slapping together, biting his lip so hard he thinks he might draw blood just to stop himself from begging Kurt for more. It’s already so, so much but he wants more. He’s hungry for it, desperate. Needs it.
Blaine sets his feet on the bed so that his knees are pointed up, still spread, and arches his back to lift his hips, allowing Kurt to push even further into him. He can’t help the wonton noise that escapes him when Kurt brushes against his prostate.
“Dude, you okay? What the hell was that?”
It’s a miracle that Blaine manages to get a response out, even if he is only present enough to form a coherent thought between thrusts.
“I’m... fine, I just... saw a... spider.”
It’s getting harder and harder to hide the arousal in his voice, especially since he’s so close now.
“It’s uh... it was pretty... close...” he gets out, giving Kurt a pointed look on the last word. “Keep... going...”
He seems to get the hint and surges down to kiss Blaine again, all teeth and tongue and want. “Me too,” he pants into Blaine’s open mouth.
Blaine mutes the call, mostly because he doesn’t entirely trust himself to not scream out Kurt’s name as he comes, but also so he can place a hand behind Kurt’s neck and whisper, “I love you.”
“Love you, too,” Kurt says back. “So, so much.”
He reaches for Blaine’s straining cock between them and starts pumping in time with his thrusts. That’s all it takes before his muscles go tight and he’s spilling around Kurt’s fist, hole clenching as Kurt fucks him through his orgasm. Muting the call was a good idea because he can’t keep from making all sorts of ungodly noises as he comes—noises that certainly would have given them away.
Kurt follows not long after, just as loud and hips stuttering to a halt as Blaine feels him coming inside him.
They stay like that for a moment before Blaine unmutes the call and breathlessly tells his classmate, “I’m gonna have to call you back,” before finally hanging up.
Kurt slowly pulls out of Blaine, rolling to the side of him, and Blaine winces at the sudden emptiness.
“Holy shit,” he murmurs after a few seconds. He turns his head to Kurt, face flushed and lips still swollen from either kissing Blaine stupid or sucking on his cock. The memory makes Blaine’s spent dick jerk, even though he just came. “I uh, I had no idea you were so adventurous.”
Kurt just gives a happy little hum like the secret minx he is. On the outside, he seems innocent enough, but by their third sexual encounter, it was clear who was in charge when it came to the bedroom.
He leans over and presses his lips firmly to Blaine, cupping his face and pulling them closer and closer until he sees stars. “Good thing you’ve got the rest of your life to see just how adventurous I can be.”
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nei-ning · 5 years ago
Another oneshot (tcest) about Leo and Raph :) No name to this fic since I’m so bad at thinking names to these! T__T Also sorry for writing mistakes!
Another difficult day ahead. There had been a lot of them lately… or actually ever since Leonardo had realized his feelings toward his hot-headed brother. Of course Leonardo had keep his mouth shut and feelings hidden. He wasn’t going to go show or tell about them to Raphael since, well, knowing Raphael and the way how he would react to those news wouldn’t be all too good and calm.
But still, as hard as he might, ignoring and pushing his feelings back didn’t erase the ache in his heart what longed for love, his body longed to be touched, lips to be kissed… Deep inside he wanted to feel and experience all of that but no, he had to keep his cool and step back. Taking a deep breath before opening dojo’s door Leonardo prepared himself to face his brothers who were already waiting him.
His firm and steady, deadly silent, steps took him in front of his brothers who were all bowing to him with respect and he returned it to them with his own bow, his eyes automatically meeting with Raphael’s who raised his brow, making Leo turn his gaze away towards his two other brothers. Deciding to make pairs Leo would get something else to think about so he made Mikey and Raph to practice their moves as he choose Don as his partner.
After 1.5 hours of intense training sweat drops shined and rolled down on all of their skins, Mikey and Don gasping for air, begging to be let out of dojo. Chucking slightly Leonardo nodded with permission of them all to dismiss and it didn’t take time before those two had hurry out of there. Raphael stood still a bit further away keeping his eyes on Leo, but when Leo gave him his back and started to do his own little training about katas, Raphael placed sais back on his belt and left. Hearing his brother’s fading steps Leonardo stopped and looked over his shoulder, sighing deeply.
Sitting on the couch next to Master Splinter Leonardo’s eyes scanned this huge TV screen, watching one of Splinter’s favorite soup operas and of course it had to be an episode where young couple was making love. It wasn’t anything new to Leo to see but still his cheeks started to heat up and he excused himself, also asking if his father needed anything from kitchen. Splinter smiled and raised his hand saying he needed nothing so Leo nodded once and walked toward the kitchen when he heard slight sounds coming from the back area of kitchen.
Stopping at the doorway his eyes scanned that emerald green skin and red bandanna which fitted so very well with that green skin. Sudden flashes from that TV show… about that couple making love filled his mind, bringing instant sadness in his heart. Sighing silently and deep Leonardo lowered his head and turned around, walking away to the stares what took him to second level and in his room. Raphael, however, had seen Leonardo from the corner of his eye and couldn’t stop wondering what had gotten into his brother. Deciding to find out what it was, Raphael put big pan of lasagna in the oven, leaving it there for 30 minute. That would be enough time for him to have a little chat with Leo.
As he assumed, Raphael found Leonardo sitting on small round carpet, candles burning all around his room and incenses burning on his nightstand. Meditating, how original. Standing in front of him Raphael waited and waited and finally he heard a sigh, seeing Leo opening his eyes and looking up at him.
“Did you want something?”
“Yeah, ta talk with ya. Ya been acting weird and I’m sure it have something ta do with me so spit it out.”
Swallowing hard Leo turned his head away. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
Snorting with amusement Raphael crossed his arms over his chest. “Ya are bad liar, did ya know that?” Turning more serious he continued; “Ya better slam the facts on the table or I beat them out of ya.”
“I always have adore the way how you are intimidating others.”
“Sarcasm also doesn’t suit ya, Leo.”
Sighing Leonardo decided to ignore Raphael this time and go back to his meditation. Raphael waited a while, perhaps 30 second at the most, before his anger overtook him. Reaching down at his brother, his strong fingers took extremely tight hold on Leonardo’s bicep, pulling him up and slamming him hard against the wall. Placing his arms on both sides of Leo against the wall he kept surprised and shocked brother of his in place.
Leaning closer Raphael’s voice lowered in quiet but raspy level.
“I came here for answers and I ain’t leaving before I have ‘em. So be a good boy and spit it all out.”
Much for his surprise Leonardo realized he couldn’t say a thing. His voice had suddenly left him, his legs were starting to feel weak as he kept staring in those demanding gold eyes and his heart… it was speeding up with its beating. Heat had also start to spread on his cheeks so very slowly, hiding that pink blush from Raphael still. Rising his brow Raphael leaned a bit closer, keeping his eyes locked with those fresh blue eyes.
“What’s wrong with ya? Cat got your tongue?”
Seeing Leo licking his lips fast with the tip of his tongue, his eyes jumping between Raphael’s eyes and lips finally hit the message and truth in Raph’s mind. In slight surprise he stared with wide eyes into Leo’s, smirk slowly starting to appear on his face, revealing his sharp fangs. And his eyes were getting a bit more closed, having playful spark in them.
“Ooooohhh, now I see what’s the thing in here, Fearless.” Leaning more closer, so close that their noses almost touched, Raphael’s voice turned more seductive and low, causing Leo’s heart beat so fast. “Ya want me ta come closer, talk with gentle whispers, seduce ya and… ~”
Leaning so close that their lips just very gently and briefly touched each other, Leo’s hot and fast breathing hitting his lips with burning sensation, Raph whispered again; “...Kiss ya like they do in movies and TV shows.”
Still being at the lost of words Leo kept his begging eyes locked with Raph’s, nodding few times with so faint movement, panting louder than before. Damn, he was feeling so damn hot. Seeing little spark flashing past Raphael’s eyes, Leonardo closed his eyes waiting his first kiss but when shadow moved over him, his eyes slowly opened. Raphael was still keeping him between his arms, but he had pull away with small smirk on his lips.
“But I ain’t doing it.” W-what?! Why?! Those two questions must been showing in those blue eyes since Raphael soon continued. “I ain’t all that romantic. I don’t want my kiss ta be like in a movies or TV shows. It’s way too lame and over appreciated. Beside I want ta surprise ya with the kiss. Not give it ta ya when ya want it.”
Smirking and winking once to his brother Raphael stepped away, finding his way out of his brother’s room. The smell what met him in the lair was a sign their dinner was almost done. However Raphael couldn’t stop chuckling in his mind as he imagined how stunned Leo must be looking right now in his room…
Rainy night, slippery rooftop and way too many Foot ninjas. Their regular night patrol had got nasty turn when they were ambushed by Foot. Hard wind howled hiding the sounds of fight with the sounds of city from the night people who still were walking down on the streets.
Weapons clashed together, rain drops splashing down in puddles while part of the blood colored some of the puddles red. Leonardo was panting hard as he focused on those 3 ninjas in front of him. He had a chance to look over his shoulder to see how his brothers were doing and much for his relief Raphael and Don were taking care of themselves but Mikey seemed to be in troubles and it seemed neither Raph or Don hadn’t a chance to go help him.
Bending down and summoning all the strength what he had, Leo gave himself a good kick which sent him flying backward through the air, landing right next to his little bro with orange bandanna.
“Get down!”
Mikey dropped on his knees and hands as Leo’s katanas flashed in the air, dropping 2 heads from shoulders. Standing up slowly Mike kept his eyes on those dead bodies, whistling.
“Wow, dude. You really went into it.”
Placing his bloody blades in their scabbards on his back, Leonardo offered a small smile to his young brother who was now looking at him in the eyes.
“Yeah, I kind of hated to do it but it was something what needed to be done and I --- Out of the way!”
Leo’s warning confused Mikey so he didn’t move out of the way when a Foot ninja was coming at the from the air, blade ready to strike, so Leonardo pushed his little brother out of the way, tilting his head back just enough when that deadly blade swung past in front of him, making small cut on Leo’s neck. Holding his bleeding wound Leonardo stepped back pulling one of his katanas in his hand, following this ninja’s movements as he jumped and turned around to face this small clan’s leader.
Raising his sword to hit, this ninja approached Leonardo who lifted his own sword to his protection but suddenly his instincts told him to dodge. He took Mikey with him and jumped with short roll away from his opponent and when he turned to look around, they both saw Raphael standing at the spot where that ninja had stood just few seconds ago. Looking over at the roof’s edge Raphael made sure his target was eliminated and rest of the Foot had run away, he turned his flaming gaze to Leo’s way, locking into those surprised blue eyes.
“Leonardo...” Was low growl what came between Raphael’s teeth as he growled while approaching his two brothers, Donatello following events at the background. He had seen what Raphael was capable of doing when angry and he didn’t want to go in his way.
Mikey stepped away from Leo as he sheathed his sword, getting prepared to anything what Raph would say or do. Probably he would yell and try to punch him so Leo’s body started to turn a bit tense and getting ready into defense mode but when Raphael was right in front of him, his strong emerald green arms made their way around Leo’s smaller forest green body, bending him down backward to the side as their lips were slammed together by Raph.
Staring at Raph’s closed eyes in surprise, Leo let out a deep sigh closing his eyes, relaxing in Raphael’s arms. His legs were giving in and Leo was sure Raph felt it, but at the same time his brother was so strong that he could easily carry Leonardo’s weight in his arms. Kiss was deep and gentle, yet full of love and care and neither of them didn’t seem to have any rush to end it. At the background Mikey had made his way next to Donnie and was now staring his two older brothers with wide eyes and mouth open. Donatello, however, stood there as calm as he always was, lifting Mikey’s jaw up with the end of his bo staff, closing Mikey’s mouth.
“Yo, bro, I didn’t see that coming. … Does that mean we have to kiss too?”
“No, Mikey, it doesn’t.”
Hearing Mikey’s long whine at the background Raphael finally opened his eyes to half, staring down in that relaxed and calming face of his leader. Gosh, how much he loved that turtle in his arms and he hoped his kiss would deliver all his warm emotions into his brother’s heart and soul. Like if sensing Raphael looking at him, Leonardo revealed his blue eyes to those golden ones, smiling to his brother via his eyes. Their lips parted only for a moment, sharing few more small faster kisses with each other. Keeping his voice low, Raphael whispered;
“Ya got careless there, fearless. Ya almost got yourself killed.”
Lifting his hand lazily up, letting his fingertips travel over his fresh wound, Leonardo whispered back; “I know. I’m sorry.”
“Hm-mh. I forgive ya this time.”
“Was that kiss your forgiveness?” A hint of playful smile spread on Leonardo’s lips and it soon spread on Raphael’s face too.
“Njah, it wasn’t. It was our first kiss. Wanted it ta be special… Memorable.”
“That… it indeed was. Give me another one and sweep me off my feet once more.” Reaching his left hand on the backside of Raphael’s head, Leo pulled his smiling brother in another deep and gentle kiss, ignoring Mikey’s kiss sounds and luckily Don knew how to shut his little brother up – by slamming his hand on his mouth and dragging him down from the roof into sewers, taking him home.
Surrendering totally to Raphael and their kiss, Leo’s body went even more limp which made Raphael pull away with chuckle.
“Ya really are enjoying this, aren’t ya?”
“I told you to sweep me off on my feet, didn’t I?”
“Yeah and it seems I’m doing a damn good job with it.”
“I’m afraid you have to carry me. My legs are all weak.”
Raphael squat down with chuckle and smirk, pushing his arm under Leonardo’s knees, lifting him up in his arms in bridal style. This made Leo blush and hide his face against Raphael’s neck, taking deep calming inhale, sucking all that lovely scent of Raphael’s in his lungs. He never hadn’t realized how lovely and calming Raph’s scent was… But he had a nice tingling in his guts that for now on he would get to enjoy it a lot more and often.
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