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Technoblade wasn’t entirely right.

Anarchy pog, governments are the real problem - good! Perfectly fine.

Governments being controlled by the whims of someone far more powerful, someone on a power trip that gets set off by any minor inconvenience and who overreacts like they are a fuckin CHILD - even better.

Government is not the problem this season. It’s the fact that the government is forced to bow to an almighty deity that holds infinite power in one person.

Technoblade wasn’t entirely right. And because of that he may have helped someone not even he can predict.

Which is why L'manburg living after season 2 is very very very very VERY unlikely.

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Originally posted by mizgnomer


Originally posted by cainstims

pairing: Alec Hardy x Black!Fem!Artist!reader

summary: just a morning off with Alec Hardy

warnings: cursing, mentions of sexual activities, not proofread lol


“Good morning, Alec!” 

Alec blinked in the soft glow of dawn, hand shielding his eyes. “Mornin’.” Alec watched as [name] shot up from the bed, saying, “Hold that pose, Alec!”

“Oh not this again–”


He followed her with his eyes, scoffing as she sat in the chair across from the bed. “It’ll take me 10 minutes, at least.” And with that she went to work, the only sound in  the room the graphite scratching against paper. 

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‘wow, you’re hot.’ ( ELEANOR TO OBERYN )

OBERYN was grinning as he slipped off his breeches. “oh, you flatter me, dear lady.” this must have been the third time that the man had EL over, and each time, he grew increasingly fond of her. he was comfortable in his own skin, and he did not make a fuss about nudity. “i prefer to be in my natural skin, as it is. it gives things room to… BREATHE.” now, oberyn was fully bare, as the wide smile stretched across his face. his muscular chest was exposed, as was the rest of him, as he started to draw the bath water that he’d promised her. “i call this glorious thing a compromise between a jacuzzi and a full bath. i thought that you might like to… UNWIND with me, inside of it.” they could draw bubbles and put the lights down, and… simply enjoy one another, in whichever ways that they wanted. “so… are you going to tell me about your DAY?” he offered, having heard a little bit already about the common stressors of her job. “having your clothes is not REQUIRED for that, although… i do hope that i have already made myself plain, with how i feel about your natural canvas.” 


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Another page from the same Self Worth booklet, this one is about Sleep, and getting good quality, consistent rapid eye movement at night time. This is what I imagine it looks like as you exit the conscious state?

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ikr also the fact that the other anon asked “what currency?” dhdhdjfjf like cmon lets be realistic none of us even care about other currencies from the real world. but according to them u can’t have a good show unless u specify that. and if ur fictional world doesn’t have a constitution, a full rundown on its colonial history and specific justice systems, they don’t want it 😤😤😤😤

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jaebeom saying that if he wasn’t an idol he’d be helping out on his parents’ farm and help sell the fruits and vegetables they harvested

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