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thefirstknife · 4 months ago
Haven't seen anyone posting this yet, but basically there was a physical cassette tape as a part of a Splicer kit box and it features a message from Crow. I highly recommend listening to it because it's very soft and good but here's a transcript also:
Hey, Guardian. There was one night early in my stay with Spider; I don’t… remember why he was angry. Either I did something stupid or… said something smart. But he kicked me out. I’m sitting in this alley on the Tangled Shore next to piles of scrap and garbage feeling like I belong there, and… These three Eliksni approach me. Now I'm not in the best place emotionally so… I pull myself together and stand up, ready to spend the rest of the night dead. But… They just say… “Velask.” That means… “hello” and… They bring me inside a little market, push a warm cup of something in my hands and… start talking to me. I say “talking” but they only spoke Eliksni… They’d point to something and say what it was and I’d repeat it and [chuckles] they’d laugh. That sort of thing. And then… we hear music from somewhere a few doors down. [Hope for the Future playing in the background] So they got up and started… well I wouldn’t call it dancing, exactly, but they were definitely moving. I was just sitting there, watching them while this ethereal music is bleeding out of some club… And you know… it was honestly one of the best nights I’ve ever had.
transcript by @homosiris
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Ours is Not to Reason Why
Part 3!!
Billy Russo x female reader (no descriptions)
Summary: Billy is tasked with keeping you safe, which might be easier if he hadn't already seen you naked.
Warnings: Canon typical violence, swearing, teasing, no smut in this part (hehe sorry)
Tumblr media
You’re reaching out for something, searching your bed. Your eyebrows draw together and your frustration mounts when you can’t find what you’re looking for.
What are you looking for?
Safety, your sleepy mind replies. You sigh and continue reaching out.
You pause, why are you looking for safety on your bed?
Your eyes open in shock. Your bed is empty. Your mind is hazy with sleep but you’re pretty sure when you fell asleep last night, you had what you were just searching for.
Ugh. Last night.
Your hand goes to your head to examine the bump. You hiss in pain when you press down to see how much it hurts. Overall, you consider yourself lucky that you didn’t have a concussion. When you hear movement coming from your kitchen, you sit up straight. You grab the first thing you can on your nightstand- a hairbrush and stumble out of bed. The sudden movement has you a bit dizzy and you clumsily maneuver your way to the kitchen. You swing the corner, arm raised and poised to throw the brush.
Billy looks up calmly from the eggs he’s whisking. His eyes glide slowly over to the brush in your hand. His lips twitch, fighting the urge to smile. He glances down at the bowl in his hand.
“Trying to tell me my hair is a mess?” he jokingly asks.
“You stayed.” You mumble, placing the hairbrush on the kitchen counter.
He turns, pouring the eggs into the heated pan and watching as they simmer.
“Course I did. Had to make sure you were okay-“ He freezes when he feels your hands wrap around him from behind.
Billy blinks, he doesn’t know how to react to your warm embrace. He has this urge to turn around and return the affection. He thinks about taking you into his arms and kissing the top of your head.
Ridiculous, he thinks, as if he’d ever open himself up to those feelings.
Instead he pats your arm gently, allowing the embrace, but not reciprocating.
“It’s my job to keep you safe.” He reminds you.
You squeeze your eyes shut. Of course. He gets paid to keep you safe, you shouldn’t be getting attached to him.
You pull away and watch as he scoops the omlette into a plate. He turns around and offers the plate to you.
You smile, “Didn’t know your job description included breakfast.” You say playfully, grabbing a fork and sitting at your counter.
“Yeah, whatever.” He plays it off, feeling exposed.
The eggs are delicious, and you don’t hesitate to praise his culinary skills.
Billy sits with you in silence, you can tell he’s trying to work up the nerve to say something to you, his face is so stoic that you can’t tell whether it’s good or bad.
“I’ve introduced two decoy cars into your routine. Three cars will leave here, and take three separate routes to any place you have to go to. I also want you to wear this-“ he says, pulling out a small velvet box from his pocket and sliding it over to you.
“Damn Russo, buy me a drink first.” You joke as you pick up the box and open it.
It’s a silver ring, with a white daisy set in the middle, around an inch wide. At the centre of the daisy is a yellow gem. You’re blown away at how simple, yet beautiful the ring is.
“It’s gorgeous.” You compliment.
“The rock in the centre is a button, press it three times and an alert comes directly to me. Use it if you’re in danger and can’t speak or can’t get to your phone, and I’ll find you as soon as I can.” He reaches for the ring, pulling it out of the box and slipping it on your finger. You heart gives a small leap at his proximity, and you try to refocus on his explanation of how much pressure is needed to activate the little button.
“Any questions?” he asks.
“Where did you grow up?” you ask softly.
He takes a deep breath, “I meant about the ring.”
“I know what you meant.”
It takes a while before he answers you. He looks tense, avoiding your gaze and gives a little roll to his shoulders before speaking.
“I grew up in New York, bounced around the system and aged out.” His eyes focus on you then, trying to gauge your reaction.
Well what did you say to that? You didn’t want to express apologies and then have him think that you pitied him. You were also worried about pushing too much and watching him shut down on you.
So you try to shift the conversation slightly.
“And then you joined the military? Is that where you met Frank?”
He smiles at the mention of his closest friend. “Yeah, I met Frankie in training and worked my way up to Lieutenant before getting out.”
You give him a teasing smile, “I like that. Lieutenant Russo. Has a nice ring to it.”
His old position slipping out of your mouth so easily definitely shouldn’t have turned him on as much as it did. Except that all he could imagine now was hearing you moan his rank as he spread you out.
“You like that don’t you?” You say, noting the way his breathing changed and his hands closed into fists.
“Like what?”
“You like it when I call you Lieutenant.” Not a question.
“Okay, sure.” Is what he says as he gets up and walks away from you. He pretends to check his phone and respond to messages. He tries his best to ignore the throbbing in his pants and your teasing smile.
Oh, but you start to feel the stirrings of another one of your Very Dangerous Plans. You start to wonder if Billy likes being tied up as much as he likes doing the tying up.
Billy offers to spend the day with you, and you gratefully accept. Truth is, you were starting to dread the moments that he wasn’t around, and you knew that was an unhealthy thing to do. You kept repeating to yourself that it was better with him here anyways, in case something happened. You’d worry about not having him around later, when all of this was over- go see a therapist or something.
You hang around with him easily, talking about anything and everything. He gives you some of his war stories- nothing too brutal you notice. Telling you about the first time he was shot, and the second time he was shot, and the third time he was shot. You laugh at the way he tells them, as if they were small moments and not hard, life threatening times.
When your phone rings around midday, you’re confused to see a number you don’t recognize.
“Hello.” You say into the device, taking a seat on your sofa near Billy, he’s busy on his computer, doing work even though it’s a Saturday.
“Y/N? Hey, it’s Richard.”
“Oh hey Richard, how are you?”  Billy’s fingers pause for a quick moment, and then continue whatever they were doing.
“How am I? I heard you got attacked! Are you okay?”
“Yeah,” you say with a quick laugh, “I’ve had worse trust me.”
“Where are you right now? How badly were you attacked?”
“Oh, I’m at home, enjoying not dying.” You take a breath, “Just a small bump on the head, nothing a painkiller couldn’t fix.” You say lightly.
“Are you alone? Would you like some company? I know we just met, but I just want to make sure you’re okay…and also I wanted to ask you something else.”
“Well,” you start with a short laugh, “I’m never alone these days, but I’m not feeling up to company right now. Thanks for offering though, I may take you up on that another time.”
“Of course, Y/N” he replies.
“You had something to ask?” you follow up.
“Yes! My father, tells me that you’ll be attending his gala next week. I was wondering if you’d like to accompany me?”
You stiffen. You’d completely forgotten about that stupid gala. Also, he wanted you to go with him? You literally just met him!
“I’m sorry, I’m already going with someone else.” Which was obviously news to you.
Billy gives up on trying to look like he’s not eavesdropping, and instead looks up at you while you ruin things.
He’s laughing at your discomfort and you make a face at him.
“Actually, I’m going with Billy Russo.” You elaborate. Billy’s eyebrows shoot up.
“Your bodyguard?” Richard asks, rightfully confused.
“Yeah!” you say, turning away from Billy and his smug face, “I asked him, since he was going to be chained to me the entire night anyway. Better make it part of the plan.” You laugh awkwardly.
“Oh, right. Well then I guess I’ll see you then.” He responds.
“Sure! You too. Byee.” He’s saying something when you disconnect. You feel bad for cutting him off like that, staring at the phone in your hands wondering if not accepting his invitation would come back to bite you.
…and then Billy’s soft laughter reaches your ears. You squeeze your eyes shut.
“I don’t know why you’re laughing.” You say solemnly, “You have to take me to get a dress.”
“I already knew that princess.” He says leaning back.
“Don’t call me that.”
“Are you this mean to all your dates?”
“Shut up. You’re not my date.”
“No? well should I give Richard a call and tell him you’re available?”
You look directly into his eyes. You want to grab him by his sweater and kiss that stupid smug smile off his face. You use all your energy fighting the urge that you don’t respond to him. You head simply filled with images of riding him on your brown sofa until he apologizes for teasing you so much.
“You’re so annoying.” You say finally, getting up and walking away from him.
It takes some planning, but Billy finally comes up with a good security plan for your shopping trip. You ask Karen to accompany you to find a dress after she calls to get details on the incident that happened the other night. You give him a list of all the stores you want to go to, and he shows you schematics and exit strategies. You’re not sure how he expects you to remember all of this, but he also reassures you that he’ll be with you at all times anyway.  
It’s not easy when he finally leaves, you find difficulty in relaxing, and even more struggle to get sleep. Your dreams are even worse, plagued with gunfire and masked men. You jolt awake after one particularly vivid scenario to find your phone in your hands, your thumb hovering on Billy’s name. You drop the phone in surprise, running a sweaty palm over your face. You tremble slightly in fear, and lie back, eyes wide and awake for the rest of the night.
In the morning, Billy takes one look at you and knows you haven’t slept. You try to mask your fatigue as best as possible, not wanting Billy, and eventually Karen to see the toll that the last few days has really taken.
“We don’t have to do this today.” Billy suggests, in reference to your dress shopping.
“I’d rather get this overwith.” you say with mock enthusiasm.
He shifts in his seat and you glance at him, He’s not wearing a suit today, dressed casually- or as casual as a military man like Billy can dress. Green shirt tucked into dark jeans, a black jacket completing the ensemble. You catch a glimpse of a gun tucked into the waistband of his pants.
“Can I see your gun?” you ask, trying to mask your excitement and intrigue.
He spares you a glance. “Can you even handle a gun?” he mocks.
“I dunno,” you say, feeling your mood lighten as you banter with Billy, “I’ve handled some pretty dangerous equipment lately without any complaints.” You say with a wink.
The corner of his mouth twitches before breaking out into a full on grin. You watch as he pulls the gun from its place and rests it into your waiting hands.
You examine the weapon carefully, admiring the weight in your hands. You note with surprise that you’re not afraid of the weapon, even though it makes the sounds you hear most in your dreams. The difference is quite obviously that this is Billy’s weapon, the one he uses to keep you safe. Without it, you may not even be here right now.
You extend it back to him after admiring it.
“If we didn’t have that stupid agreement in place, I’d let you take me right here, right now.” Your eyes meet his, “Anyway you wanted.”
He swallows, eyes devouring yours as he takes the gun from you.
He leans in, breathing steady against your ear, you catch a hint of his cologne.
“I’d lie you down on this seat and eat that pussy till you were cryin’.” He whispers, sending a shiver down your spine. When he sees that you’re almost to your destination, he straightens, going right back into his bodyguard mindset.
“I don’t need to remind you how dangerous things can get do I? especially if you don’t do as I say.” Billy’s voice is solemn.
You sigh harshly, feeling the atmosphere shift from playful to serious in one breath.
“I know Billy, have a little faith in me will you?”
“Well, you don’t have a good rep with doing as I say. So I just want to make it as clear as possible that if you don’t listen to me-“
“-Yeah, yeah,” you say interrupting him, “You’ll spank my bratty pussy, I get it Billy, I really do.” You say, leaning back in your seat and closing your eyes.
You know he’s staring at you and you’re fighting tooth and nail not to smile. You know you hit nerves with that last comment and you can imagine what he’s thinking about right now.
Fuck, the corner of your mouth lifts slightly.
He clears his throat.
You crack one eye open and take a peek at him. He isn’t looking at you, his jaw is clenched hard.
There’s more where that came from, you think, looking at him.
The car comes to a stop and he gets out, holding the door open for you.
Karen greets you happily at the first store you enter, she helps you try on dress after dress as you search for the right one. You overhear some of her banter with Billy, as they talk about Frank. You’ve never personally met him, but from some of the stories you overhear- you’re not really sure you want to.
“Okay,” you announce, swinging the door open and walking out. The dress you’re currently wearing is black with gold embellishments.
“What do you think?” you say to Karen.
“It’s… really pretty.” She compliments, “but not exactly the one.”
“What about you, Billy?”
Billy, whose back is to you, facing the entrance, turns when he hears his name. He drinks you in with his eyes and you can’t help but wishing you were a fine wine.
“It’s nice,” he says, turning back around.
“Hmm, so that’s a no then.” You laugh.
You try two more places before you come across what you think is the perfect dress.
Karen gasps as she sees you.
“Oh, this is beautiful.” She says, confirming your suspicions.
You smile. “It is right?”
“Definitely, it’s not just the dress, it’s the confidence.” She appraises.
“Billy?” you call out.
His front, once again facing the door and he turns.
You look down at the dress and then back at him.
It’s a gold, off shoulder, A- line dress. There’s a slit in the dress coming all the way up to your upper thigh. You watch Billy as he looks at you, his face remains a stony mask of indifference. The only indication you get from him that lets you know he truly likes it is a slight clenching of his hands.
“I am not wearing a gold tie.” Is all he says as he turns back around.
You shiver with barely contained delight.
“What?” Karen asks, “Why would he wear a gold tie?”
“He’s my date.” You start to say, followed by a brief explanation of the Richard fiasco.
“Why didn’t you just go with Richard?” she asks curiously.
“I just um,” you feel your face heating up, “I just feel safer if Billy was nearby is all.” You chance a look in his direction. His back is to you and he acts as though he hasn’t heard the exchange even though you know he has. Karen gives you an accusatory look. You shrug helplessly, pretending to not know what the look means.
You buy the dress. Thanking Karen profusely for bearing with your indecisive nature.
On your way to the lingerie store, she gets a call. She has to leave to chase a lead in one of her stories and she leaves you behind with a small apology. You understand her need to put her work first, so you let her go with a small affirmation of not to worry about you.
Except now you’re left with Billy, at a lingerie store.
He’s quite the professional though… when he wants to be at least. He positions himself so he’s facing the door, but near a mirror so that he can keep an eye on you as well.
You’re having fun, browsing through the pieces that would best fit to your dress style. You hover your hand over some pieces, picking them up and gauging Billy’s reactions to them. You use the mirrors placed around the store to watch him. He’s got his eyes on you, so why can’t you have your eyes on him as well? You read his body language easily, the small roll of his shoulders, the way he tenses or sighs, lets you know which pieces he likes and which he doesn’t.
You wonder briefly, if he’s doing okay.
You leave the store clerk and wander up to him. You pretend to peruse some lace pieces close to him.
“See anything you like?” you ask.
“Maybe one thing.” He teases back.
“Come on, humor me, recommend a piece.”
“You’re not being very professional, Miss Y/L/N.”
“You’re right,” you sigh, ”I’m teasing, it’s apparently what I’m good at.” You say, with a wink.
He barely contains a laugh.
“Please Lieutenant?” you bite your bottom lip, “enlighten me.”
He grunts, his eyes turn to slowly scan the room, and then he spares a glance at you before turning back to the door.
“There’s a black piece, in the back. Lace, straps, it’s got those little rhinestones on them. You’d stop traffic with that one.”
Your mouth curves up, “Thank you Lieutenant.” You turn to walk away.
“Stop-” his voice sounds strained and you freeze.
“Stop calling me that.” He says, getting a handle on his voice.
“Not a chance.” You say as you leave his side. As you examine the set he picked, and asks the clerk for it in your size, you make the decision that you’re going to have Billy again. Agreement be fucked.
When your father is back from the safe house, you go out to visit him. You need answers that you know he won’t give over the phone.
Billy isn’t with you today, which made you confused and anxious. You worry about your growing dependency on him. Maybe it’s best that he takes some time from you, maybe you’ll actually get a chance to screw your head on straight.
You leave your guard at the door when you enter your father’s office. He’s standing at the window, looking out.
“Dad,” you greet. He doesn’t turn, “I’m glad you’re okay. Now tell me what you had on you that made you a target the other night.”
“I don’t want you involved.” He answers.
You try to put a cap on your irritation before you say something that he makes you regret.
“That man, hurt me, to get to you… and I don’t get to know what was so important?”
A pause, weighing his options.
He turns then, pulling something from his pocket and placing it on the table before you.
It’s a USB drive.
You take a seat at his desk and wait for him to elaborate.
“I have evidence that shows corrupt operatives working within the CIA.”
Holy shit.
“I can’t hand this over to just any government body. The corruption runs so deep that if I let go of this information, I’m dead and it gets destroyed.” He turns away from you again.
“My new potential business partner, Wilson Fisk. Is very knowledgeable on the inner workings of the government. If I can get him to help me take down this man, the threat goes away.”
“Okay,” you weigh in, understanding filling your head, “what can I do to help?”
He sighs, “Stay safe? Do whatever Russo says. I know you’ve had your disagreements, but I just want you safe.” He pauses for a long time and you almost think he’s finished, when he adds, “Befriend Richard Fisk.”
Okay, you can do that. You may not want to, but you can.
Which is how you find yourself inviting Richard over to your art studio to see some of the pieces you’re working on. You tell him you can use the feedback and he happily accepts the proposal.
You’re looking at him as he studies your current work in progress, it’s almost done, and only has a couple of small tweaks to do before being ready for display. You watch as he tilts his head, examining the predominantly dark piece, interwoven with veins of gold and amber.
You approach him with a glass of water in either hand, extending one glass to him when you reach his side. He accepts the glass with a murmured thanks. You allow him the time he needs to process the piece.
“It’s beautiful.” He finally says.
You smile bashfully.
“What was your inspiration for the piece?”
Oh. Rough question.
“Uh,” your mind works in overdrive trying to find a way to skirt around the actual answer. “I wanted observers to feel relief when they looked at it, you know, calm.”
“Safe?” he asks.
You clear your throat uncomfortably, “Yeah! Yeah, all of those feelings. A warm blanket on a cold night.” Change the subject, change the subject. “You know, after getting attacked here, and the first time-“
“Wait.” Richard halts your speech, “Here? You got attacked here?!”
Oh thank god.
“Yeahhhh.” You draw out, “Honestly, it wasn’t that bad, and they had the vent-“ you point up at it, “-sealed. So I feel a bit safer now.” Your thumb brushes over the daisy ring absentmindedly. It hasn’t left your finger since Billy slipped it on.
“There probably should be someone in here with you while you work.” He tries to suggest, but doesn’t finish his sentence before you’re shaking your head.
“Russo tried that the first month into working with me, but I hated having someone watch me while I worked.” You laugh at the memory, “Kicked up a really good fuss. Even splashed paint on the guard, poor guy.”
Richard laughs, “You sound like a handful.
You open your mouth to agree when there’s a knock at your door before it opens. Billy doesn’t look surprised to see Richard here.
“Miss Y/L/N, Mr. Fisk, hope I’m not interrupting.”
“Ah! The infamous Billy Russo,” Richard moves to shake Billy’s hand, “Y/N has told me a lot about you.”
You really hadn’t.
“Likewise.” Billy says with a nod.
You try not to let your confusion mar your expression. You barely spoke about one man with the other, what was happening?
“We were just appreciating her latest works, would you like to give an opinion?”
Say no.
You tingle with anxiety as you watch both men step up to your piece with appraising look. Billy once again wears a mask of perfect indifference. With the self doubt swimming around in your head, you can hardly get a read on what he’s thinking.
“It’s… intense.” He finally says.
You didn’t know what to do with that.
“A brilliant piece about the aching for safety,” Richard says, “Quite moving after knowing what Y/N has been through for the past three months. Oh, the art community will adore this piece when it’s displayed.”
Billy glances at you, catching the last moments of your shy smile. You look up at him.
“Did you come in to tell me something?” your question is directed at Billy.
He nods, “The package you ordered was delivered to your house this afternoon. Also, I have the cars outside waiting for you, whenever you’re ready to go.” He pauses, glancing at his watch, “I’ll be outside whenever you’re ready.”
He turns to Richard with a polite smile, “Nice to meet you Mister Fisk.”
Richard runs his hand through his amber locks before clasping Billy’s hand in what you can assume is a firm handshake.
“Nice to meet you too, Mr. Russo. I’ll see you at the gala on Saturday yeah? Y/N told me you were her date.”
“An unfortunate by-product of my line of work.” Billy confirms.
He turns and heads for the door.
“Whenever you’re ready, Y/N.” he reminds you as he leaves.
The silence is loud.
“He seems…nice.”
You laugh, “It’s ‘cause you don’t know him. He’s a pain in my ass.” You explain.
His eyes glow with mirth, “Whatever keeps you safe. Come on, I’ll walk you out. Best not to keep them waiting.”
With a smile and a nod, he accompanies you to the exit.
You ride in silence for a while before Billy speaks up.
“It’s beautiful by the way.”
You look at him in question.
“Your art,” he explains, “Reminds me of Frank.”
You smile at his admission.
“Yeah I was hoping, it would remind people of where they feel safest.”
“Where is that for you?”
“Home.” You lie.
“A place? Not a person? Not even your father?”
“My father is where I feel the least safe.” You sigh.
“Which reminds me-“ You watch him pull a manilla envelope out of his suit jacket and pass it over to you, “It’s the information you asked for… on Richard Fisk.”
“Is it… bad?” you ask tentatively.
He huffs, “It’s definitely not good.”
You wait until later that night to tear open the envelope Billy gave you, filled with both apprehension and guilt. You feel bad for having to dig through Richard’s life, but you had to know what you were facing, in case things went south.
His report is surprisingly clean, studied in Switzerland, a ski accident and an ex-girlfriend. He pays regular visits to clubs of all kinds, frequents the company of both men and women and doesn’t use any drugs harder than alcohol. His official title in his father’s company is Consultant.
You’re almost confused to Billy’s warnings until you turn the page… and see his father’s affiliations. Drugs, human trafficking, murder and all other sorts of illegal business. None of these accusations come with any substantial evidence but the claim is enough to paint a clear picture in your head.
Wilson Fisk is the Kingpin of Hell’s Kitchen.
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yotedbean · a month ago
Tumblr media
I'd like to show you my favorite cookie
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sunshines-and-sannie · 4 months ago
Sunghoon: Sunoo annoyed me today so I told him that I can’t wait to see what he has planned for our special day tomorrow.
Jungwon: There is nothing special about tomorrow.
Sunghoon: But there is something special about watching the color leave his face as panic takes over.
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acourtofsnakes · 3 months ago
Nau'ur kad - Rogue Chapter 30 || The Mandalorian x Force Sensitive! Reader(f)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
gif: @cinebration​
Summary: Haran lurks behind like one his shadows, slipping through the darkness and making his way through a noble ex-Jedi Padawan, before giving you one final little push off the deep end. 
Warnings: Swearing, mentions of blood/injury, one mention of suicide, fighting, implications to sex/group sex (not explicit just mentioned)
Word Count: 3.6k
Rogue Masterlist || Masterlist
Permanent Taglist: @greeneyedblondie44 @mamacitapascal @mypedrom @undiscovered-misunderstood @kaylee-krystal @queenofthefaceless @gallowsjoker @kirsteng42 @rosiefridayrogersunday​
Rogue | The Mandalorian x Force Sensitive! Reader (f) Taglist:
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Mando’a Translation: nau'ur kad - to forge
His plan was finally coming into its own. 
Decades of waiting for the right two to be born, the pair who would help him achieve what he had always wanted to do. 
Not just revenge and chaos… but to finally claim back what was his. 
What belonged to all of them.
And he got far more than he could even have hoped for. 
The Force-sensitive girl he was promised, a Mandalorian who would change the fabric of his religion – and if his predictions were true, would become the next King of Mandalore.
And now a former Padawan who had renounced the path of the Jedi and taken her own choices. 
She was different. 
In all honesty, he had never met one who refused to re-join the Jedi, who chose a new path of her own that didn’t involve the Dark Side – even though that Side was an embarrassment to his past and the ideals he still upheld. People rising up and claiming his teachings allowed them to do horrific things. 
It still pissed him off this many years later. 
Not that he could say much. He had done enough horrific things to fill the end of time, but this was different. They were pretenders. Fanatics. 
Haran had meticulously learned Tano’s past, retracing her footsteps and following the course of her life. He found people that knew her, listened to stories of what she was like as a young Padawan, how close she was with Anakin Skywalker and the way she was heartbroken when learning who he had become. 
He followed the journey she made across the galaxies and absorbed every single detail, revelling in the way her trust of the Jedi had been broken when they accused her of bombing the Temple. 
Typical Jedi. Always turning away their own at the first sign of a broken code. 
That was his way in, his opening to slip through and encourage her to join her own Padawan on the right side. Then it would only be the Mandalorian left, and he would have his whole set complete. 
After the events on Gideon’s Cruiser, Haran had kept tabs on Ahsoka, using his contacts to listen out for news of where she went next, what she was doing. Any little thing, even if it was simple as buying an apple at a market. 
He wanted to know what she ate for breakfast, what time she went to bed, how many steps it took her to walk somewhere.
Whatever he knew could be used, and he wasted nothing. 
Complete silence, for once. 
Nothing but the soft rumble of the engines and a distant tinkling noise of the cooling systems. 
No-one accusing him of mind-control or sabotage, no one sending him hot and heavy dreams by accident. Not that he would complain about those. It had been a long time since he had been with a Mandalorian. And Boba Fett was much older now than he had been the last time Haran had been with him. 
But for now, it was pure silence. 
Not for long. 
A sharp beeping pierced the quiet air of the cockpit, startling Haran from the light doze he has slipped into. 
Not that he ever really slept more than an hour or two at a time. 
He blinked, amber eyes finding the source of the noise – the comms unit. 
The hologram was displaying the codename of a contact and he sighed a long suffering sigh but rolled his shoulders and answered the call, “Yes?” 
“Sir, my men have just intercepted a call from the Mandalorian’s ship. He was talking to the Jedi, something about the asset behaving weirdly.” 
Something stirred in Haran’s chest, snarling softly, “How many times have I told you not to call her the ‘asset’? She will be your Queen one day soon, and her patience will be a hell of a lot thinner than mine.” 
And that was thin already. 
“She might find your head a lovely decoration. Or choose to hang your innards from the rafters.” Despite the anger, his voice was unruffled, so disinterested one might think he was bored… But there was no denying the wickedly sharp edge that promised death. 
“S-sorry, sir. I didn’t mean to call her that, I- It slipped out. Some of the other men still use that name and since you haven’t told us what her real name is, which is understandable of course, we don’t know what to-” 
“Enough. Tell me what else you heard before I decide to use you as a wall hanging myself.” 
Maker, he needed new people working for him. These fools were useless. 
“According to the call, the Jedi is going to meet the Mandalorian at the closest planet, they’re going to pretend it’s a hunt.” He read out the co-ordinates, which turned out to be the exact same planet Haran was on right now. 
But they did have their perks. 
Perhaps Haran needed to slip a puck into the hands of a soon to be arriving Mandalorian. 
A prisoner evading capture, a thief harbouring a sack of jewels… A murder escaping from a brutal crime – the possibilities were as endless as the faces on this planet. All it would take was one slip into an open mind, a few whispered caresses and a humble farmer would turn into a convict on the run with the blood of his victims still drying on his boots. 
His brain began to whir, a plan unfolding before his very eyes, a way to speed the game up just a little more. 
And to have some fun whilst he was at it. 
It was almost too easy to get the bounty puck to the Mandalorian. 
Haran had already clocked the woman at the bar giving pucks to hunters, so he merely donned his cloak – plain black this time, unfortunately – and slipped the woman the puck. 
She took it with no hesitation, used to these kinds of transactions. 
A weighty handful of credits ensured she would give that one to a Mandalorian that would be passing through shortly and a day later, there it was. 
The Mandalorian was on his new hunt. Perfect cover for what was really going to happen, all the more to keep their Princess from finding out the truth. He and the ex-Jedi really believed they could save her.   
It was laughable, the way they thought a bit of Jedi mind trickery would solve their problems. He’d heard the recording of the intercepted call, heard how worried the Mandalorian was. 
Yet again, the Hunter proved how intuitive he was, knowing that what was happening to his fiancée was something dark and poisonous. 
It wouldn’t take long to convince him to come along too. He would do anything for his cyar'ika… including going dark?
Haran just needed to give him the chance. 
Bot for the first time in his long life, Haran was thankful that the twisted version of his power allowed him to move through the shadows like a whispering breath. 
He knew that if he couldn’t disappear into the darkness, he would already be cut up into tiny, still smoking pieces. 
And that just wouldn’t do. 
He tracked her slowly, slipping from corner to corner, following the path she led him on with her hood up high and her sabers hidden underneath her cloak. 
He could taste the heady thrill of battle, smell the aroma of death just around the corner. 
Things would be set into motion on this planet, and he could hardly wait. 
The ex-Jedi had turned into an enclosed alley and Haran nearly laughed in delight. Was she serious?
He dropped to the floor like ink, rising to his full height and he dropped his hood.
“Hello, Snips.” His voice was a silken purr in the darkness, a whisper of shadow and a call to the other side. 
Ahsoka went rigid, her back straightening and the ease melting away. It was replaced with alertness, tension and… Maybe a little pain? 
Haran’s lips just curled into a smile, revealing a slither of white teeth – and then she moved, whirling around with a sudden hum of twin lightsabers and a face of fury, “Don’t you dare call me that.”
She was on him instantly, like a whirlwind and he lifted his sword, matching her parry for parry. 
Finally, someone who knew how to fight. 
He laughed again, his sword humming and zinging against the lightsabers, making sparks fly, “Why not? That was your little nickname, wasn’t it? Back when you were young and full of hope?” He ducked under the sweep of the plasma blade, feeling it sing above his hair and he kicked low at her ankles, “I think it’s cute. You should use it more often.”
Tano snarled, sending a wave of Force out to him that made him stumble back a step. “At least I had hope. Didn’t you crawl out of the pits of Hell?”
Haran spared a split-second glance down at his feet, the way she had the power to move him. Interesting. 
Then he chuckled, cocking his head at her with a predatory grin, “Hell is a like a holiday home for me, sweetheart.” Then he threw his sword to his left hand, unsheathing his saber with his right and he slammed them together, stunning her with the sudden flare of golden light. 
He melted back into the shadow, dancing through it, “How much did it hurt when you realised Anakin was Vader? That your precious Master had become the very thing you wre training against?”
She spun in a circle, keen eyes probing the darkness for him, “How much did it hurt when you realised that not even mind-tricks could compel you a friend?”
Haran laughed softly, the sound of his applause bouncing around the alleyway, “You have some teeth on you, Snips. I’m impressed.” He glided behind her, blowing a gentle breath over her neck and then he was gone again, “What was it like, to be dead? It’s been so long for me now; I’ve forgotten what the taste of oblivion feels like.” He hummed thoughtfully, watching her shudder lightly, “I suppose it’s ironic, the embodiment of the Light sacrificing herself to save you…. Considering you don’t trust the Jedi.” 
Ahsoka froze, then jerked sharply to the right, her lightsaber missing Haran by mere centimetres, “How about I jam this through your heart, and you can tell me yourself?” 
He drifted until he was right behind her behind her, “As much as I would love to see you try, I’m only here to tell you something.” He lifted his weapons high and brought them down toward her shoulder. 
Ashoka spun sharply on her heel, meeting the cross of his sword and lightsaber with her own. Her eyes shone wildly in the reflection of the three plasma blades, and she pushed up against them in defence, “There will never be a time where I am willing to listen to you. I couldn’t care less about what you have to say.” 
Haran gritted his teeth, surprised to find his arms giving way under the pressure of her defensive move, “Oh come now, there’s no need to be like that. You don’t even know me.” He tried to distract her with cockiness, something prickling at the back of his neck when he realised that she was indeed matching him in strength and ability. 
Ahsoka laughed, “Don’t I?” She looked at his scarred hands grasping the hilts of his sword and saber, “I know you can’t stand to look at fire and the smell of engine oil sends you into a frenzy. How do you fill up your ship if you can’t be near it?” 
What the fuck did she just say?
His eyes widened a fraction, his body loosening just a tiny bit… But it was enough. 
She saw the opening and took it before he even realised, throwing her full weight against him, along with a pulse of the Force and she knocked them both to the ground. 
His weapons slipped from his grip, skittering away from him just out of reach. 
How could she know about that? 
The only people to know where his sister, who was long gone and Her… But she wouldn’t have passed that on, surely?
“Well, this is a lovely place to be, isn’t it?” He grinned up at her, disguising the shock at being overpowered again, and her unnerving knowledge of him. 
Taken down first by his Princess, and then again just now by Tano. Disarmed twice by two beautiful, fierce women. 
He was kind of starting to like it. 
She made a noise of disgust, flipping her saber round backwards in a reverse grip and she moved it to his neck, “Tell me why you came here then. What do you want?” 
Haran smirked, waving his fingers and a tendril of black shadow appeared around his fingers, simply because he needed to gain control of the situation, “I would savour the time with your precious Padawan when she gets here. I’m almost sorry to say she might not have any for you soon.” He cocked his head, running his eyes over her form, “Though, I must admit, I just might.” 
Ahsoka bared her teeth at him, fury glinting in her eyes like the edge of a blade, and she held her saber closer to the column of his throat, the static buzzing like a furious insect, the white glow nearly blinding, “Leave her alone. She wants nothing to do with you, and no part of all this. She has had an awful life, thanks to you.” 
Now that was just a lie. 
Haran snarled at her, mimicking the bared teeth – only his canines were almost longer, sharper, “Bullshit. You think I made her suffer the way she has?” He shifted under her, trying to reach for his sword but she had him pinned. 
Ahsoka rolled her eyes, scoffing humourlessly, “Was it not you whispering in her head every day? Telling her she was worthless; she was to blame for her parents’ death? That she should kill herself?”  
Her power was pushing against him hard, and he started to feel the burn of the saber on his throat, searing his skin. 
He shrugged lightly, as carelessly as one could manage whilst being trapped against the dusty ground in a back alley, “Oh, I won’t deny that. But it was integral to my plan.”
A noise of disgust permeated the humid air and suddenly she was swinging for him again, landing a sharp punch to the jaw before he could stop her, “You are a coward. Not even human. There’s a darkness in you that I’ve never seen before.” 
Something speared through his chest, and he turned his head, spitting a mouthful of blood. “You’re right. I’m not human.” He lifted his hips from the ground suddenly, finally dislodging her and he sprung up into a crouch. “I’m the monster that creeps along your bed and gives you nightmares, makes you afraid to sleep with the lights off and terrified of walking alone.” He ignored the twinge of venom in his voice, pushed away the wave of unusual guilt and pain that rose every time someone mentioned his monstrous nature. 
Ahsoka groaned as she scrambled back up from the ground, “Maker, you do love hearing yourself talk, don’t you? Do you practice these speeches in the mirror?” She adjusted the grip on her lightsabers, trying to draw his focus before kicking out at him.
Haran moved, grabbing her ankle, “Careful, sweetheart. You’re getting mean.” He yanked her leg, sweeping his foot under the other so she went down hard into the ground. “And I like mean.” He dropped her a wink, and then turned away as if leaving her there. 
True to form, there was the scuff of boots and dust and the scent of orange blossoms and fig pushing toward him on the almost non-existent breeze, “I should have killed you when I had the chance-”
The hum of her saber had barely dropped through the air before he spun round, pushing her hard against the wall with the Force and his own hands, “Oh, but then you wouldn’t know what I had planned for your young Padawan.” 
Ahsoka hissed at the impact of her head against the sun-baked clay wall, but she didn’t give in, squirming against his tight hold, “You’re a fool if you think you could mind control her into the Dark Side. It won’t work. She’s too strong, she’ll resist you.” She glared up at him, fighting against him. 
Haran crowded into her space, towering over her lithe form and he smirked slowly, his nose almost brushing hers, “You’re wrong. I haven’t been in her head at all.” He tilted his head into her, blocking out the feeble light coming down from above. 
She was just too fun to mess with. So loyal and noble. It would be delicious to turn her.  
He breathed in slowly, filling his head with that orange blossom scent again and he grinned, “I can smell it you know. The darkness in you. You can pretend that you’re fighting for the good of yourself and those you protect but… I know what lurks in the back of your mind. You’ve never forgiven the Order for what they did to you.” He leaned back, tilting his head and gazing into her blue eyes with those seductive amber pools, “I would never treat you like that.” 
Ahsoka’s power butted up against his with the snarling ferociousness of a great beast, clawing and fighting against the barricade he had formed around her. 
Her brow furrowed with disgust and effort… and he winced a little, feeling the stinging scrape of phantom claws in his skin. 
Time to wrap this up. She was far stronger than he anticipated – and that was already a lot.  
He lifted a hand, gently tugging the end of her lekku, “Everything that’s been happening to her is of her own mind. I haven’t been in her head since after the fight on the Cruiser. Sure, I’ve popped in to say hi… But the dreams and trances are hers.” He laughed low, a lovers laugh, “You’re losing her, Snips.” He dropped his force barricade around her. 
Ahsoka snarled, whipping up with her lightsabers to sever his head from his neck – but he was gone, dissolving into the shadows and leaving behind that silky laugh. 
The moons were high in the sky, milky light filtering in through the open windows. 
The bed barely creaked as Haran rose from it, setting his feet down on the cool tile floor and slipping out from under the messy tangle of limbs that were caging him in. 
He padded across the room like one of his shadows, donning his leather trousers and boots before strapping on his weapons. 
He left his undershirt and tunic off, merely opting for the cloak to cover his form as he left the room. 
The air was sticky and hot – though that may just have been from the activities of the past few hours. 
Haran had needed to kill the time, find some way to while away the hours leading up to the next stage of his plan and what better to do so than to lose the wait to pleasure – and a little pain, which was a speciality of his. 
In no time, he made it back to his ship and the refresher. 
The hot water washed away the remnants of his tangle and he watches as a few traces of blood slipped down the drainage hole along with the suds. 
Who knew a planet like this would hold people who enjoyed a little bit of knife play?
He smirked to himself and moments later, he was cross legged in the cockpit floor, easing his breathing and focusing his mind. 
It was time. 
Slipping into her mind was all too easy. 
Haran doubted she realised that since that castle dream, she’d left a little door wide open for him to come in and out whenever he pleased. 
It was almost as if she was standing there welcoming inside, showing him the deepest thoughts of her mind. 
His breathing was deep and even, everything becoming secondary as he slipped through the gently glowing temple of her mind. It was sweet, warm with the glittering edge of the warrior she was and the heady aroma of darkness that lingered. 
As he moved through, he felt that warmth seep through his body, like he was sitting under the sun. 
He felt anticipation, excitement, a tinge of something predatory in her… A craving for bloodshed. 
They were on the hunt then. 
Haran smiled slowly into the darkness, purring and curling through the expanse of her mind, “Are you close to your bounty yet, darling?’
There were a few moments and then her voice came back, “Yes… We’re about to make the drop on him at any moment. Apparently, he’s a murderer, killed his family and children and then danced in their blood.” 
Fury flooded the expanse, tasting like smoke  
He could use that disgust and fury she had, use it to fuel her. All she needed was a little nudge, one little encouragement to push her off the edge and make her tumble toward her destiny. 
“When you have him in your grasp, I want you to do something for me.” He had to ask her. He couldn’t make her do this. It had to be her conscious choice to agree. 
“What do you need me to do?”
“Kill him.”
A pause. But not one of hesitation. 
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shrikeicee · 6 months ago
(dbh storyline spoilers, just in case)
hang on wait, d'you know the bit in zlatko's house w all the screwed-up androids? bc i had the thought of ranboo somehow ending up there for the angst potential and it is very ouch
- theo (if you don't know what im talking about i can explain it to you if you want)
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hansols-yoda-boxers · a month ago
Camp North Star - August 31st
AFAB!Reader x Yanan
Word Count: 3904
Contents: oral (male receiving), fingering, eating ass, protected sex, a mistake, Yanan being a very good sport
You walked into Cabin Hydrus with a sigh. Most of your work was done now and you felt a bit listless. You and Wonwoo were getting along, you were chatting, joking, all of those things, but it just didn’t quite feel like before. There was some kind of strange tension between the two of you that you just couldn’t place. You wanted to ask him about it but you didn’t even know what to ask. Something was slightly off kilter and it didn’t feel how you wanted it to feel.
You also hadn’t thought too hard about that either.
Yanan gasped. “We’re being graced by their presence, the whore.”
You snorted and grabbed a pillow off Changgu’s bed, whipping it at Yanan. He laughed, batting it away from him while the others chuckled. You walked across the small cabin to where Yanan’s bed was, sitting down on the foot of it. The others went back to chatting.
“What did you want?” Yanan asked.
“I’m bored,” you mumbled. “I’m looking for something to waste time on.”
“You sure?” He asked quietly.
You eyed him. “You aren’t the first person to ask that and yes I’m sure.”
“If more than one person is asking you that-”
“Listen, I came in here to find something to take my mind off of things. I have only a few days left and I probably won’t keep this up once school starts. I’m a grown person, I can make my own decisions.”
“Fair enough, and you can deal with the consequences.”
“Are you trying to tell me you have an infection,” you snorted.
Yanan kicked you, albeit gently. “Firstly, STIs happen. Secondly, I”ll have you know I’m as clean as a whistle.”
“Good,” you said. “Should I ask about the other consequences?”
“Your own emotional consequences,” he said.
“I’m not suffering emotionally,” you groaned, rolling your eyes.
“You say that like I don’t know what repressed emotions look like,” he chuckled.
“What would I even be repressing?” You asked.
“You know what, I’m gonna let you figure it out on your own. I think even if I told you you wouldn’t believe me.”
You groaned and got up, exasperated. Yanan grabbed your waist and you let out a yelp that drew the attention of Yoohyeon, Changgu, and Jihyo as you fell back into his lap.
“I didn’t say I want you to leave,” He was already murmuring in your ear. It would have been hotter if you weren’t annoyed at him. “I’m fine with being a vehicle for bad decisions.”
“I am not making a bad decision,” you muttered as Yanan looked over your shoulder.
“Can we steal the cabin for a bit?” He asked, a little too sweetly.
“What are we gonna do?” Changgu pouted.
“I’m sure we’ll find something entertaining,” Jihyo grinned, taking his and Yoohyeon’s hands and starting to pull them towards the door. “I’ll make sure it takes some time.”
“Love you, babe,” Yanan grinned.
“Right back at you, babe,” Jihyo smirked before pushing the others out the door.
“I swear this cabin is some kind of swingers club,” you muttered.
“Wouldn’t it have been fun if you and Wonwoo were in here?”
You bristled a little. “Not at first,” you said. “He would have been too awkward for that.”
“True,” Yanan said. “You loosened him up.”
You shifted around, straddling Yanan’s lap. “We don’t have to talk about Wonwoo. We don’t have to talk about anyone else.”
Yanan rested his hands on your waist. “You waste no time.”
“Why bother? I know what I’m here for.” You murmured, leaning a little closer to him.
“What if I didn’t want to?” He teased with a grin.
“Unlikely,” you said, fingers tangling into his hair. “But it’s not like you’re the only other slut at camp.”
Yanan chuckled against your lips. “In that case, anything particular that you want?”
“I just need something to fully consume my mind.”
His hands slipped down to your ass as he pulled you flush against him. “I can do that.”
Yanan finally met your lips in a kiss, urging you to start grinding down on his lap. You did your best to focus on what you could feel, the way he was gripping your ass, the way his lips moved with yours in a series of kisses, the slight friction you were getting as you started to grind down on his lap.
You might as well take advantage of fun while you could, and wanted to. This was both easier and more fun at camp, but it was also only for the summer, a brief foray into whore-dom before coming back to your usual life. There were precious few days left and you were bored with free time. And Yanan was hot.
And he was there.
You sighed against his lips, pressing into him as his tongue pressed past your lips. He deepened the kisses, a hand moving to the small of your back to keep you there as your fingers tangled in his hair held him closer to you. You tried to only focus on these things, trying to get your mind into the moment and pushing away the intrusions of any other thoughts.
As you made out, he urged you to move your hips a little faster. You could feel him getting harder underneath you. Your brain toyed around with ideas of what to do next before you made up your mind, pulling away from him. Yanan gave you a disgruntled pout but you merely grinned at him as you slipped back and moved off the bed and onto your knees on the floor.
“You pout like I’m going to disappoint you.” You chuckled, fingers undoing the waist of his jeans.
“The night is still young,” he grinned, lifting his hips as you pulled off his pants and boxers off. “You just might yet.”
“I’m not going to disappoint you,” you laughed, wrapping a hand around the base of his cock. “I assure you, you’ll be satisfied.”
“Are you trying to sell me on it?” He chuckled.
“Shut up and let me pleasure you,” you chided, though your tone was humorous. Yanan couldn’t help his chuckling but he rested back a little, bracing himself with his hands on the bed as you started to kiss along his cock. 
He let out a quiet sigh at the feeling and you grinned to yourself. As if you didn’t know what you were doing at this point. If you hadn’t managed to improve in bed at all this summer that would just be a massive personal failure.
You teased his tip, sucking it between your lips as you started to pump the base of his cock, not holding him too firmly and listening to the quiet sighs he let out. Your gaze looked up at him sweetly and he bit his lip at the sight of you as your tongue ran along the underside of his cock before you sucked the tip back in again.
“Are you only going to tease?” He questioned.
“So impatient,” you murmured with a grin.
You still obliged him though, taking him into your mouth slowly. You took him as far down as you were comfy, squeezing your hand a little more around the base of his cock. You pumped him a little faster as you set a steady pace, each time you pulled your mouth back hollowing your cheeks around his cock.
Yanan let out a groan, hand finding your hair, though he let you keep the pace you had. You flickered your gaze up to him again to find his eyes were closed and his head was hanging to the side as he let himself enjoy it, fingers gripping a little at the sheets as he spread his legs a little wider for you.
You hummed around his cock, trying to lose yourself in the sounds. His sighs had grown into low groans as you sucked him off. You took in each one, letting it sink into you and trickle through your mind and body. You felt the small shivers of arousal that were starting to run down your spine and your stomach.
“That is good,” Yanan hummed.
You let out a groan around his cock and he chuckled.
“I didn’t actually doubt you, but damn this is really good.”
You moved a little faster just because you could, drawing another groan from his lips and causing his hand in your hair to tighten. You added a twist to the movement of your hand, enjoying the way he started to press his hips towards you for more.
Slowly, your body was asking for more. As you managed to at least somewhat relax your mind and your body was growing needier. More of the groans he let out had heat pooling in the pit of your stomach and in your core. You shifted a little, becoming more aware of it with each passing moment.
“Fuck, just like that,” Yanan let his head fall back, eyes closed as you started taking him a little deeper. You kept your throat as relaxed as you could and took him into your mouth more deeply. It might not have been the best deep throating but the way Yanan moaned told you that it was pleasurable nonetheless.
“Do that again,” he said breathlessly.
A grin would have tugged your lips apart if your mouth wasn’t stuffed full. Instead, you moaned around his cock, enjoying the way it made him curse as your actions affected him more and more.
You took him deeply into your mouth again, this time holding it while pumping the base of his cock. His groan was much louder as a tremor ran through his legs from how the sensation hit him. You stayed until you needed more air, pulling back to breath before doing it again.
“F-Fuck-” Yanan pressed your head down a little more, as much as you would let him. His increasingly aroused sounds only had you wanting more, thinking about how warm you were, how you were feeling the need between your legs growing by the second. It had you squeezing his cock a little more in your hand, pumping what little bit wasn’t in your mouth a little more roughly.
“Okay,” Yanan breathed, pulling you back suddenly. “Your turn.”
“I could hav-”
Yanan pulled you up to his lap again. “Let’s not be too hasty. Postponing the finale is a lot more fun.”
He kissed you again, a little more feverish now as his fingers pulled at your shirt. You let him pull it up over your head, then kissed him again. Your hands ran down his chest as he undid your bra, letting it fall down your arms until you shrugged it off and threw it aside. The need between your legs was somehow more evident now as you tugged his shirt off, sitting back for a moment to admire his toned chest, his own gaze travelling down your body.
Yanan smirked. “Enjoying the view?”
“As if you’re not doing the exact same thing,” you snorted.
Yanan brought a hand to your chin, pulling you in again.
“Guilty,” he purred, before kissing you. You let yourself enjoy the kisses for a little while but you were getting impatient and feeling Yanan’s hard cock under you as you sat on his lap was only making it worse. You found yourself grinding down against him for some kind of friction as he kissed you, finally hearing him chuckle.
You didn't have a chance to ask what was funny though. Instead he quickly pushed you from his lap and onto all fours on the bed. You let out a yelp in the process,  just managing to steady yourself before he started pulling off your shorts and panties.
“I take it you need some attention?” He murmured.
“Please,” you whined.
Yanan kept you on your knees, spreading your legs wide as he settled behind you.
“Look at you, all wet and needy.”
“You don’t know how wet I was before I got here,” you pointed out.
“Are you telling me you were so bored on your own that you needed my assistance?” He chuckled, kissing and nipping at your thighs, making you gasp.
“N-No- That’s not- uh-” You blamed you inability to come up with a comeback to the lust that was clouding your brain currently and not the having backed yourself into a corner.
“Sounds like I’ve just made your whole night better,” you felt one of his hands slip up your inner thigh as he nipped at your ass. “You’re welcome.”
“You don’t need to be s-so-” The words didn’t make it off your tongue, instead a moan fell from your lips as Yanan dragged his fingers through your folds and over your clit. He chuckled at your reaction.
“And I was so nice, I told you that I was feeling good. And you can’t even admit I’m affecting you.” He let out a “tut tut” before pressing in towards you.
You opened your mouth to speak but all of your words were lost in an instant. Yanan brought two fingers up to your cunt, pushing them in slowly and starting to curl them in a heavenly way. At the same time he brought his tongue to your ass, running around the edge of it in a way that had you gripping the sheets below you.
Yanan hummed against you, clearly proud of himself for rendering you speechless. As much as you wanted to say something witty there was no wit left in your brain. His fingers found a more quick, steady pace while his tongue moved in slow circles and his other hand kept your legs apart.
You were very worked up, very needy, you knew that, but it seemed even more than you realized. The way Yanan’s fingers filled you were divine and you pushed down exactly what they were reminding you of in favour of pressing your hips back towards him for more.
You felt the way he twisted his fingers into you, curling them, scissoring them, rubbing inside of you and moving a little faster here or there just to draw some more moans from your lips. Each movement of his fingers sent a rush of pleasure through your body. Some were better than others but those just made you jolt or jerk your hips back. You felt your arms trembling, trying to hold you up.
“P-Please, m-more,” you managed. As much as you liked being composed with Yanan it felt too good for you to sound anything other than whiny or needy.
“Of course,” he purred, slowing his fingers.
You let out a moan as he pressed three fingers into your pussy easily. The slight stretch, the sensation was wonderful. You let yourself down to your elbows for more support as your thighs shook a little from his ministration.
His tongue slowly pressed inside of you. Even with your eyelids closed you could feel your eyes roll back at the feeling. The pleasure was building into a tension that was pulling your body tight. You were quickly loving every second of it but some part of you was also itching for more. There were thoughts still lingering in your mind and maybe being fucked senseless was what you needed to knock them loose.
“F-Fuck me,” you mumbled.
Yanan pulled back. “Hmm?”
“P-Please fuck me,” you managed, any pretense of shame or cockiness gone.
“Now how could I say no to that?” He asked.
 Yanan pulled his fingers away from you. You took the time to catch your breath, not moving from your spot as he found a condom. You listened to him tearing open the package and waited for him to roll it on before he had one hand on your hip, kneeling on the bed behind you.
“Do you want it-”
“Hard,” you said, fingers curling into the sheets in anticipation.
Yanan chuckled. “Alright.”
He guided his cock into you smoothly, making sure he had the right angle and bottoming out. You let a moan fall off of your lips at the pleasure as your cunt stretched around his cock, feeling the way he filled you. Yanan brought his other hand to your hip, holding you firmly and rolling his hips slowly a few times, just to tease. 
You started to whine but he quickly pulled back, nearly fully out of you before thrusting back into you cunt, hard.
A tremor ran through your arms and a cry cascaded off your lips at the sudden sensation, the sudden burst of pleasure through your body from his sharp thrusts. They quickly consumed the last of your brain power as he pulled out slowly a few times before giving hard thrusts.
His grip on your hips tightened as he started fucking you fast, but it was still just as deep and just as rough. You let your arms fully give out and you let out a series of moans and gasps. Your face fell against the bed and you turned it to the side for air, arms splayed out over the bed and fingers gripping at the sheets.
Yanan let out a series of low groans and grunts as he fucked into you, his hips thrusting forward only a little more than how he pulled you back roughly to meet his cock each time. He had to be chasing his own high at this speed, this ferocity and it only made your body tremble more as tension started to tie you tight.
“You feel so fucking good,” his voice was breathy and very affected.
“Fuck, Wonwoo.”
Yanan hips stuttered to a stop. The disgruntled whine made it off your lips before your lust addled brain pieced together what you’d done.
Your eyes shot open and you looked back at Yanan with shock and embarrassment as he regarded you with genuine surprise.
“Oh my god. Yanan I am so sorry-”
Yanan’s lips twitch before pulling into a wide smile and then breaking into a laugh. He doubled over you, wrapping his hands around your waist and howling with laughter as you tried to make sense of his reaction in any way, shape, or form.
“Oh my god!” He cried, squeezed your waist before shifting and sliding out of you.
“Wait, no!” You whined as he helped you to settle on the bed before taking off the condom. “Come on. It was an accident.”
Yanan was still laughing, shaking his head. “That was more than an accident.” You watched as he wrapped his hand around his cock and started pumping it quickly.
“Yanan, please. I’m sorry. I won’t do it again-”
He waved to cut you off, shoulders still shaking with quiet chuckles. “I need you to sit with that for a few minutes and ask yourself, honestly, why you did that.”
“I didn’t- fine, whatever,” you grumbled, pulling your knees up to your chest and eyeing him getting off. Clearly he wasn’t going to continue with this tonight.
You didn’t see what the big deal was, why everyone was acting like this. He had asked if you really wanted to be with him, so had Soonyoung. Minji told you to work through your feelings. Why was everyone so obsessed with this? What did they know that you didn’t? Why didn’t Yanan think it was an accident?
Of course it was. Wonwoo kept slipping into your mind but that wasn’t your fault. When you were having sex thoughts of him would pop up, memories of what he did that you liked so much. And sure other little things reminded you of him, you noticed how much things had changed, anyone would. 
It wasn’t a problem that you thought about him. People think about people a lot anyway. You thought about your ex a lot once you broke up. And maybe that wasn’t a good comparison. But the point was that people think about the people they care about. You could admit you cared about Wonwoo. You could admit you missed having sex with him. You could even admit that you felt a little weird about how he felt about Yoohyeon.
Yanan let out a quiet groan as he came over his fingers. You sighed as he cleaned himself up quickly and found his boxers. He gave a pointed look while you pouted at him.
“Well what?” You muttered. “So I think about him a lot, so what?”
“Oh my god,” Yanan groaned. “Okay, then I will take you through this in baby steps. You think about him during sex?”
“Yeah,” you muttered.
“And outside of sex?”
“Of course, he’s my friend.”
“How did you feel when he told you about his crush?”
“How do you-”
“He told me,” Yanan rolled his eyes. “How did you feel?”
“I don’t know, weird?”
“Weird how?”
“Just weird?? Why are you-”
“Because you’ve been fucking this up so clearly you can’t get there on your own. It wasn’t just weird. Break down weird. What did you really feel?”
“I-I don’t know?” You cried. “It makes me feel just, upset? I mean he didn’t even tell me before that and we were sleeping together and he seemed like he really liked it. I didn’t wanna be around him for a while and I kinda took off. It was just…”
“Just what?”
“I don’t- uh- like, painful?” You said, searched through your feelings.
Yanan gave you an expectant look. “Why would it be painful?”
“How should I know?”
“Come on you are not that stupid,” he said, ignoring your look of indignation. “Friend A tells Friend B “I like Friend Y.” Barring Y being a terrible person, what is the only legit reason that Friend B would get upset.”
“Friend B likes Friend A.” You said, it was the only explanation that made sense.
“So? So…” You felt your stomach drop. “N-No I don’t though I-I mean h-how- I would have-”
“Bitch, you have been repressing your feelings so hard you don’t even recognize them,” Yanan sighed. “You’ve been drowning in sex instead of letting yourself feel anything. You got upset when he said he liked someone else, which was a lie by the way. You get awkward if Yoohyeon is within 2 meters of him. You haven’t been able to fix your relationship back to what it was.”
It felt like the realization was hitting you like a truck as you sat in stunted silence for a moment.
“I’m in love with Wonwoo.”
“Duh,” Yanan rolled his eyes. “Glad you finally figured that out.”
You jumped off the bed, hastily throwing on your clothes. “I have to talk to him. And what do you mean he was lying?”
“Yeah, you should go talk to him,” Yanan said. “You didn’t wanna cum, did you?”
“There are more important things in life than an orgasm,” You said, bouncing as you pulled on your shoe.
Yanan snorted. “True. And good luck. Please don’t fuck it up again.”
You stopped before leaving. “Thank you.”
“You’re welcome, now go get your fairytale ending.”
You burst into Cabin Lupus but your face fell when you spotted Wonwoo’s empty bed. Some of you cabin mates were already sleeping but Wonwoo was either out for the night or out until late.
You walked to your cabin and slumped down onto your bed.
It would just have to wait until tomorrow.
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thefirstknife · a month ago
What I would give for a cutscene for Mara to rest her hand on Petra's cheek and express her feelings in her own way.
Tumblr media
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benaddicted-linfanuel · 3 months ago
Part Three
Note: For @psychosociogentleman. Also, @call-me-moo, I hope you don’t mind me tagging you!
(Recap: Y/N has finally met John…with mixed thoughts on the encounter. Unfortunately, they don’t have long to consider it, because for some strange reason, Sherlock has just punched Mycroft…?)
Molly screams. Mrs. Hudson yelps and rushes to the kitchen, her hands raised in terror. Lestrade stands motionless. Harry says nothing.
You hardly dare to breathe.
John’s mouth drops open in surprise as you drop the water bottle while staring at your little brother, who currently has his fist raised in fury. It is rare to see Sherlock so worked up over anything, much less something to do with Mycroft. They always settled their squabbles with angry words and cutting insults, but never stooped so low as to resort to physical violence.
“What the hell?” John whispers, finally breaking the heavy silence that has settled around the room. Even Harry has stopped her drunken escapades to stare in horror. “What the actual, bloody, Godforsaken hell?! Sherlock, what- why?!” The last words are shouted as you watch John sprint over to Sherlock and pull him off Mycroft, whose nose is bleeding vehemently.
Sherlock is fighting against him with all his might, trying to lunge at Mycroft. In his ferocity, he resembles a wild animal interrupted from his next meal. It’s almost frightening to see the instant change that has come over him- flashing eyes, his hair mussed, his arms reaching for your elder brother as he shouts. “MYCROFT, YOU BASTARD!” he yells, still pushing against John. “TAKE IT BACK!”
You step forward, unsure of whether or not you should help. The room is still dead silent. You expected Lestrade to help, but he hasn’t moved an inch. Everyone present seems to be frozen in fear and uncertainty- everyone except John.
Mycroft looks to be expressing a combination of smugness and irritability as he daubs at his face with a delicately embroidered handkerchief.
You walk over to the thrashing Sherlock, a calm look in your eyes. This isn’t the first time Sherlock has done this, although it’s uncommon for you to be the one to stop his rage. One glance tells John to let him go.
Uneasily, John obliges.
Sherlock moves at first, but doesn’t push you out of the way. He seems hesitant, his aggression already fading.
“Sherlock,” you say sternly, looking directly into those multicoloured eyes of his. “Step outside, and let’s discuss this properly.”
Your brother still breathes heavily, glaring at Mycroft behind you, but you force his attention back on you. He slowly nods, all the while his gaze shoots to a worried and disapproving John for a moment. Sherlock doesn’t say another word as you lead him into the stairwell.
“Sherlock,” you repeat, “what happened?” You are curious, and even though you could probably deduce the answer for yourself, you decide to ask him instead. Whatever Mycroft must have said, it must have been triggering to the extreme. You needed to remember to hit your eldest brother once you returned home.
Sherlock exhales, regaining his composure and creating an impression of stoicism and confidence. You, of course, see right through his feeble façade. He clears his throat. “Mycroft…He…said something about you.”
You’re temporarily taken aback. “About me? Sherlock, I don’t recall a single moment in our lives that would call for such grievous acts of sentiment, much less an off-handed comment of little value.” You don’t mean any ill-will by what you say. It is simply a statement of fact, at least to you.
“Y/N, that…conniving, despicable, worthless excuse for a familial relation,” Sherlock snarls, a fracture appearing in his carefully crafted mask of indifference, “claimed that you should have died in Sherrinford to save us all the trouble of being in your presence.” His chest is heaving as he struggles to stay cool and collected.
You don’t say anything. Sherrinford? Mycroft would bring that up now? Such a dirty, shameful, hidden part of your past, and he chooses to use it against your youngest brother? For a moment, neither of you wish to look each other in the eye. A pained quiet has smothered you both like a heavy blanket, pulling all the oxygen out of the room and leaving you only with shattered glimpses of long-faded memories.
“I’m sorry,” you murmur weakly, unsure of what else to do or say.
Sherlock’s line of sight slides over to the front door of Baker Street. “He doesn’t believe you, but I do. It wasn’t you. It was never you.”
You nod, and bite back a torrent of thank yous. “Mummy won’t be pleased with us.”
For a brief, beautiful moment, the two of you are eight and six again, wondering how to tell your mum that Sherlock got in a fight with a bully again, revelling in the glory of a shared triumph.
And then it passes. Gone, like every single one of the fragile memories you should have shared with your brother. Lost, once again, robbed by Mycroft.
“John didn’t look happy,” Sherlock says dejectedly. “I suppose I ought to apologise to him, but I really don’t see a point.”
You chuckle. “I’ll talk to him. It’d be a shame to spend your birthday dinner with your best friend angry at you.”
“You’re staying?”
“Of course. I’d be willing to wager that no-one except John and Mycroft knows it’s your birthday, so as long as the venue is small…”
“Angelo’s. At seven.” Sherlock is already making his way back inside. He pauses, a hand on the doorframe, curious expression residing on his face. “You’d lose the wager, by the way.”
Your eyes widen in surprise. “How so?”
“A dominatrix seems to have gotten wind of the information,” Sherlock says with a wink, before heading inside and leaving you with more questions than you had when you arrived.
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bloodgoddarlin · 2 months ago
If the Blood God is that fucking hot…..I’d be willing to slaughter a whole village just to hear a bit of praise from him 👀🤤
"Oh my, look at you... you want a bit of praise, hmm, mortal?" he says, "How about we play a little game then? If you win, I'll give you all the praise you could ever want, little mortal." he smiles. "It's called "Follow in Instructions." Sound simple enough, right? All you have to do is what I tell you to."
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fire-bay · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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loose-cannon · a month ago
so much is happening this week i’m going to explode
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eschercaine · 10 months ago
Future State: Teen Titans
Tumblr media
Meet the new Nightwing and his partner... Red X.
*the front cover shows the new Nightwing with Slade's mask and Red X almost removing his mask*
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
OHH MY GODDDDDD!!! show us his face please!! 🙏
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just-a-rooster · a month ago
Oh, how convenient. There is a wall right behind Jose. Panchito will take a few steps closer. Too close that jose will eventually had to back up. And soon enough he pins him to the wall. Their eyes meet, Panchito has a sly smirk on his face.
Tumblr media
"Just tell me when you want it. Then i'll give it to you~"
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appri-dot · 2 months ago
*watches one YouTube vid*
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milk-carton-whump · 6 months ago
In good news @unicornscotty and I have a fun surprise in store 👀👀👀
Be on the lookout for it 😈😇💕💕💕
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