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So I’m taking a World Politics class, and there’s a lot of talk about how the US is the top dog that helps keep all the rising powers from going to war with one another. 

So my brain got to thinking about the idea, and how people like to draw the countries of the world like people, and how America was literally like,, a /mess/ in those AUs (like I put together mess, but a mess nonethless, y’know?) 

Anyways, I was thinking about it, and so here’s my official two cents on the take: America is the tired wine parent, who keeps all the children from fighting but does it in a moderately tired, problematic way. 

Favorite children ? Definitely. The phrase ‘it’s 5 o’clock somewhere’ mumbled at like, noon? Absolutely. 

I have no clue what any of the other countries would be like, but since I live in America and I’m learning that this mess of a country is apparently ‘on top’ I just had to say that it’s probably like that pfft.

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So…Gremlin might have murdered her for cutting his pay cus he’s 99% sure he didnt look in the datapad but i might have looked in it.

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*has flashbacks to when Henry thought he was swimming in the air*

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I just thought you should all know that I fished my waffle out of the toaster with a fork today. I’m clearly in the right frame of mind

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The moment when you’re looking for JJK edits and pics to torture your wife but then you start questioning if JHS is your bias anymore… Hobi baby I’m sorry but you’re really close to losing your title to Kookie 

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Getting out of bed.

That’s it.

I will eventually,

Otherwise I’ll be in trouble.

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Dr. Grey would prefer not to finish that sentence.

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wait a fucking sec I’m dumb barriss is featured in the queen’s hope isn’t she

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Did I mention that I have a roommate and that I’m constantly low-key worried she’ll see what I’m writing? LOL hence why I always write on the floor and never at my desk.

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Short Twisted Wonderland Theory: The Heartslabyul Face-paints

from Google:


If you don’t know, the card suits each have an element:

  • Heart: water
  • Spade: air
  • Clover: fire
  • Diamond: earth

omg Avatar

The animals in the card have an element too:

  • Man (Aquarius): Air sign
  • Lion (Leo): Fire sign
  • Bull (Taurus): Earth sign
  • Eagle (Scorpio): Water sign

Now look at the placements of the marks.. (also from google)


A/N: Riddle is… the avatar

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