cqwt · 2 days ago
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wanted to join @clownie-brain 's dtiys the moment i saw it :')
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heythereimashley · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
All of these are just from the first hour, y'all. THE FIRST HOUR.
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painsandconfusion · a day ago
Tequila shot: Salt. Tequila. Lime.
What do these three things have in common?
They all make Whumpees scream when you rub them in open cuts.
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privatelypublicized · 2 days ago
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things to ignore: my split ends and my rear end
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TAT bad situation made worse:
Character has been feeling unwell for a while, but no biggie, or so they think. Just a cold.
But once the team is called out for a mission, they get worse and worse. Their cough gets heavy enough to hurt, and it feels like their throat is ripping right out with it. They are feverish and dizzy, but they hold their position in the snipers nest with no complaint, comms muted so they don't cough and wheeze for air into their team's ears.
Only when all is said and done, and the pickup arrives at the rooftop, the team finds their sniper passed out on their equipment, shaking, sweaty and breathing hard.
Character wakes up in the hospital, surrounded by their team who are worried about their well-being, but also sad and disappointed they never said anything about their state.
Oops, indeed
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betasuppe · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
Sorry for the huge deluge of art today - I'm currently in the upside mania of my depression routine & can't help myself 😬😬😬😬😬😬😬
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magpie-scribbles · 2 days ago
Oops made an Encanto OC 👀
Tumblr media
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morathicain · 20 hours ago
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: เขา...ไม่ใช่ผม | Not Me (TV 2021) Rating: Mature Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Black/Gram (Not Me TV 2021) Characters: Gram (Not Me TV 2021), Black (Not Me TV 2021), White (Not Me TV 2021) Additional Tags: Mond is at fault for being sexy, didn't read the book, Smut, Hook Up, Jerking each other off, Time Jump, Gram's POV, the canon compliant part is very small, for now, ep 5 spoilers, Getting Together kinda, idiots to lovers, Failed communication, no beta we die like Thana Summary:
Gram is confused. Black is in his room, but he doesn't behave the way he usually does. Flashback to what their "usual" was.
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may8elle · 3 months ago
i think tumblr might be the last social media alive right now and that just goes to show how much of a cockroach this website is in the internet ecosystem. just. refusing to die, even when all the others have.
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apricots-on-a-holiday · 6 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Hartman’s Techno looks like he would swear.
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ariesthedancer · 2 months ago
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i took these right before i played animal crossing in bed for 6 hours straight 🤠
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eyeshieldsena · 8 years ago
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Good ole Patrick Chewing lol.
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bruno x reader hcs where they are young and bruno agrees to do a precognition to see who the reader will end up with but sees its him and gets super flustered aaaaaaaa my baby rat man living in the walls is so cute i cant-
Bruno Madrigal x Reader || Future Love HCs
I feel that Nonnie. I feel that.
Tumblr media
• You were nervous at first about going to Bruno for a vision about your future love. Everybody said he was bad luck after all. What if he told you you were destined to be alone or something similar?
• Finally getting up the nerve though you took the long trek up the stone steps of his tower room. Trying not to let your nerves build with every step you took closer.
• Once in his vision cave you were worried you’d turn tail and run, but Bruno was used to those who were unsure of their decision and knew how to handle it.
• He takes your hand and leads you into the ceremony ring. Throwing salt over his shoulder as you sit. The act of good luck and his soft voice instantly sooth you.
• He asks what you want him to look for and when you say your future love he nods. Nervous himself, but not letting it show.
• As the vision takes form you watch a version of yourself take shape. Waiting anxiously for your future love to join you in the sands. The person that appears take you both off guard though. Bruno.
• Bruno’s vision ends quickly after his appearance in it. His chest tight and hands fidgeting nervously.
• He tries to make awkward small talk about how it must be a mistake. Even though he’s still young he knows that his visions always come to pass in some form.
• He’s worried though that even if he saw you both together that see the vision will cause things to end for you both before they even begin.
• If you’re quick and pick up on his unease though, even showing actual excitement in the vision he will probably get near close to tears.
• Nobody has ever been so open, much less happy at recovering one of his visions. The fact it involves him finding happiness is simply icing on the cake.
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de-cleyre · 2 months ago
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out for a drive
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idkhowbutimace · 8 months ago
POV: your favourite eurovision entry was iceland, ukraine, or italy
Tumblr media
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wren-of-the-woods · 2 months ago
Fic Recs: Jaskier and the Kaer Morons
Y’all need to stop asking for fic recs because I have over four hundred AO3 bookmarks and no self-restraint.
Anway, @moongoddesskiana asked for fics with Jaskier and the Kaer Morons! The brilliant @penandinkprincess recced the first three, all of which are amazing. Then I attempted to filter through my bookmarks and found the rest! Some have more Jaskier and some have more Kaer Morons, but all have at least some of both. There’s a lot of variety, so hopefully everyone can find something they like!
If You Give a Bard a Lute by @ghostinthelibrarywrites (Rated T, 10k, Geraskier)
Jaskier’s father disowns him and takes all his posessions, including his lute. When Geralt finds out, he won’t let it stand, and recruits the other witchers to help them steal the lute back.
If I Must Starve (Let it be in Your Arms) by Igneum807 (Rated M, 31k, Geraskier more or less)
Lambert and Eskel learn how nice it is to be cuddled by a bard. The whole series is absolutely wonderful.
Weak and Wanting by @sociallyawkward--fics (Rated T, 36k, Geraskier)
Geralt invites Jaskier to Kaer Morhen for the winter. Lambert and Eskel decide to play matchmaker.
Chance Met on the Road and How Bold by theimperialbogmonster (Rated T, 1k and 7k respectively, Geraskier)
The two works in a wonderful series. Eskel joins Geralt and Jaskier on the path and manages to knock some sense into them.
How Different Wolves Can Be by SGALOVER  (Rated T, 36k, Gen)
Vesemir rescues Jaskier from a brief capture by Nilfgaard and takes him to Kaer Morhen, and Jaskier becomes part of a big witcher family.
Fresh Air by Slayer_of_Destiny  (Rated T, 10k, Geraskier)
After a difficult fight that required all of the wolves’ help, Geralt takes them back to where Jaskier is waiting. The other witchers are shocked at this human’s easy acceptance of them.
In the kitchen of a keep in the mountains by ArtanisNaanie  (Rated T, 12k, Geraskier)
The various inhabitents of Kaer Morhen as seen through their cooking. The food sections are fascinating and the plot is sweet.
Those songs we sung, those words we flung by persephonesprince (Not Rated, 179k, endgame Geraskier)
Lambert and Eskel adopt Jaskier after the mountain.
Well Met by DahliaVanDare (Rated G, 2k, Gen)
Eskel meets Jaskier after the mountain. Hilarious!
Forest Encounters and Two Witchers Walk Into a Tavern by TheSupernova (T and G, 3k and 2k, Geraskier)
A series in which Jaskier meets Lambert and then Eskel.
The Best Laid Plans by @dhwty-writes (Rated T, 5k, Geraskier)
Geralt is in love with Jaskier. In order to finally get him to admit his feelings, he devises a ten step plan with Lambert, Eskel and Vesemir.
Courting The Bard Of Your Dreams In 3 Easy Steps by bulletincookie (Rated T, 10k, Jaskel)
Eskel falls in love with Jaskier at Kaer Morhen. Now he has to court him.
That Unwanted Animal by @softdarlingjaskier (Rated T, 27k WIP, Jaskel)
Jaskier starts traveling with Eskel after the mountain and they go to Kaer Morhen together. I usually avoid incomplete works, but this one is really good!
Slightly Akin to Wonder by StarsInMyDamnEyes (Rated G, 3k, Gen)
Jaskier is a retired witcher who changed his name. The other witchers don’t realize that this bard is the same person. Absolutely hilarious!
The Kaer Morhen Book Club by @jackironsidesfic (Rated T, 10k, Geraskier)
The Kaer Morons have an annual book club in which they read books about witchers. One year, they find a novel in which a witcher is the romantic lead. AKA: Jaskier is a romance novelist and Geralt finds out. I don’t think Jaskier actually meets the other witchers in this one, but it’s so hilarious I couldn’t not rec it!
and the right to call it home by Chancy_Lurking (Rated T, 11k, Geraskier and Lambden)
Lambert doesn’t trust the human that Geralt has brought to the keep. Things escalate. This one is angsty!
Winter Secrets by C4t1l1n4 (Rated G, 0.7k, Geraskier)
Jaskier overhears a conversation he doesn't think he's supposed to. It's not exactly what he's expecting either.
The Courting Ways of Wolves by @pillage-and-lute (Rated T, 12k, Geraskier)
The inhabitents of Kaer Morhen help Geralt develop a plan for courting Jaskier, which he then carries out. This one has more Geraskier than Kaer Morons but it’s so sweet and funny that I had to mention it!
starlight; star-crossed by @julek (Rated T, 10k, Geraskier)
Jaskier adopts the stray dog that’s been hanging around Kaer Morhen. Geralt absolutely isn’t jealous.
I’m also going to take this opportunity to shamelessly self-promote my own ficlet that I wrote because my love for this trope is uncontrollable!
The Wolves and the Bard by ForestWren (Rated T, 0.5k, Gen with vaguely implied Geraskier)
In which Jaskier discovers that he has, quite by accident, acquired a family.
That’s it for now! Please feel free to chime in with your own fic recs -- I’m always looking for more things to read! <3
Edit: I have other reclists I forgot to mention! They can be found here and here.
Further edit: There is now a part two to this list!
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foreigndivinities · 2 months ago
"remember remember the 5th of november" v for vendetta foreshadowed the chaos of the 2020 presidential election, destiel canonization, and putin resignation they were trying to warn us !!!!
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satsukiai · 8 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
They are the same picture 👉👉
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sleeperspeepers · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
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captainprissyprincess · 6 months ago
Man I have just been having so many thoughts about Aang being a reincarnation and how stuff from his past lives could still affect him.
Like when he first met Koh and Koh used the face of a lover from one of his past lives, like obvs Aang couldn't show any emotion at that time and probably had to repress everything, but like what if when he was talking to Sokka and Katara later on Appa, about finding out how to help the moon and ocean spirits, and he mentions Koh and the faces Koh used, and he just gets stuck when explaining the woman's face because all he can feel when he thinks about it is an overwhelming sense of grief, and he just starts crying and Sokka and Katara are so confused and so is Aang because he's never met that woman before so why does it hurt so much to know Koh has her face? And all Sokka and Katara can do is hold Aang as he grieves for an unkown love long since past.
Or like if the Gaang one day on their journey, have a break time in close to the area where the battle was that Wan died in and started the avatar cycle, and they scout around to see whats in the area and Aang just stops suddenly and starts walking into a field where there are still remains of the battle all those years ago, Sokka, Katara and Toph run after him and find him just standing in front of a mound. They go to him and ask him what's wrong and all he says is that it was here, this is where it started, and the Gaang are like what started? And Aang turns to them and his eyes flash white and says, with a voice overlayed with all those that came before him, I did.
Or even if they decide to have a break stop in an old village in the earth kingdom, where the Gaang kinda splits off doing their own thing in the village, and Aang just starts walking around seeing what there is, and he starts getting lost in his mind and doesn't pay much attention to where he's going until he just stops in front of a vacant field and feels an incredible sense of confusion because isn't there supposed to be a house here? Where is the house? Where is his home? And that thought shocks him even more and an old lady goes past and tells him of the village legend that an avatar, many many many years ago, once called this place home, and Aang just nods and looks back at the empty field (that shouldn't be empty) and he can almost hear the echos of a memory of someone saying welcome home.
Idk I just have many thoughts about it. Like since bonds in the world can be so powerful that they have transcended lifetimes, why can't memories?
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