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Okay so Tristran is definitely adopted. I missed Lairelosse’s description and there is no way the faceclaim would match up. I guess that fixes the problems of aligning Landscapes’ epilogue better to hopeless fountain kingdom.

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I am such a dumbass.

So my father wants to go to church tomorrow. My mother has stuff to do so she says that only the two of us shall go. He asks me whether I’ll come with him and the dumbass that I am I say „yeah, why not?“

And not even 5 minutes later I remember that I’m addicted to a game that’s revolving around the avatars of the seven deadly sins, demons, fallen angels and I’m basically simping over 5 and a half of them. 🙂

So if I’m inactive starting tomorrow I have probably gone up in flames the moment I entered the church.

Was nice knowing you.

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I told my friend I’m having trouble falling asleep in the past few days and they asked why and i didn’t have the guts to tell them it was bc my brain kept thinking about new ideas for the fanfic I’m planning

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Bucky Barnes x reader


Summary: It was a simple mission. He was a great distraction. Maybe ghosts coming back to haunt you, wouldn’t be so bad after all? 

Warnings: Smut. Old flames. Unprotected sex. (Be careful out there guys). Angst. 18+ 

Word Count: 1756

A/N: Originally, this was written for a very dear and amazing person who was feeling down and needed a pick me up. With her permission, it’s being used for a challenge! It’s just smut with a plot tucked in there somewhere. Oh well. 

Congrats @megthemewlingquim​ and hope you enjoy it! The prompt was “Please”


Sydney, Australia. 2017.

It happened as your eyes met across the room. Piercing blue narrowed and trimmed around lust blown irises.

Under the silky dress, your skin heated up from just that one look.

Your pulse quicken.

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4. do you like your name? why?

i guess i do, it’s not not really common and i like how it sounds :)

6. describe your personality in 3 words or less

hmm i’m not very good at this

i’ll go with: nerdy (yes this is accurate), shy, insecure (but only internally!)

28. how many friends do you have? 

i have about 5 close friends, and maybe 10-15 not that close friends

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saw myself in the mirror on the door to the linen closet and genuinely was startled by what i thought was a stranger in the house.

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Ok im actually gonna work on spideychelle week stuff today i swear but FIRST i have to procrastinate

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You think? See, I’d say Oli actually has more of a Black/Doom metal type vibe on stage purely because of the makeup and cryptid thing, so arguably he’s the most metal in the modern sense (Schneider is very metal in the old school sense which, yeah, that’s the music he listens to)? Maybe because he doesn’t really do interviews and dresses how he dresses he seems just kind of shy and normal and those are the vibes you sense, but he’s as bad as the rest of them when they’re alone. Is it because of the surfing and stuff? Because Paul does that too. Plus, I mean, he was one of the first members.

I think Oli off stage terms of look and general vibe fits about as much as Richard or Paul do. When they aren’t at an event or he isn’t out with Schneider and Paul, in which case Oli follows Paul and Schneider’s lead, Oli and Richard even occasionally share that kind of… Aspiring hip hop artist look?


None of them besides arguably Till are particularly metal-looking and that’s only because he’s a goth who, quite honestly, actually looks like a less flirty, more anxious Nick Cave more than a metal artist if he, too, doesn’t look like a wannabe hip hop artist in that day. None of them really Act Metal, at least not now, except for Tills occasional stupid drunken moments.


Behold: an NDH-but-for-general-purposes-Metal band.

Flake, yes, for sure. He’s punk as fuck but metal? Not so much. He literally did just kind of fall into it, going off his account. Like with Feeling B, and actually I think like a lot of his life, he walked in and went hm yeah this is alright I guess I live here now.


Flake is honestly just there to have a good time and make music with his friends, he couldn’t care any less about the scene beyond that. Metal puts a lot of emphasis in aesthetic and he just is not interested in following the trend: He’s never fit in with the music scene he’s been a part of, if you think about it, and he’s not about to start now. I think that’s a thing he likes about himself, and so he should.

He’s just himself as much as a man physically can be. Love it. Love him. I give him a large chunk of my heart.


The idea that Richard acts or looks like he’s in a metal band made me laugh a little, by the way. What about Richard screams ‘metal’?

But yeah I love Oli and Flake very much . I don’t expect you were looking for this.

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Days turned to weeks. Weeks turned to months. Months turned to years. The tiny spark of hope that used to light up within Rey every time she saw a shadow in the corner of her eye slowly died out. She was forced to accept the fact that no matter how many time she whispered the words be with me, she would never get a reply. Ben Solo was gone, and he’d taken a part of her soul with him. 

Which was why the sight of a dark-haired man sitting at her kitchen table didn’t fill her with joy but with fury. Violent, uncontrollable fury. 

“Rey.” Ben dropped the spoon he’d been holding into the bowl of cereal he’d clearly stolen from her pantry and stood up. His large frame made her moderate-sized kitchen look like a room in a doll house. 

“How dare you.” Rey let go of her grocery bags and charged forward. A confused frown formed on his face as he watched her approach. She had no idea how he’d thought their reunion would go, but he clearly hadn’t expected being punched in the face. 

Her fist connected with his chin. He staggered backwards. She swung again, but this time he managed to catch her wrist before the punch hit his nose. 

“I thought we were past this,” he said, his voice coated with exasperation and a hint of amusement. 

“And I thought you were dead.” Rey tried to pull away, but his grip was like a manacle. She reached for the lightsaber dangling from her belt. Before she could reach it, her other wrist was just as stuck as the first one. 

“You’re angry.” 

“Of course I’m angry! You let everyone believe you were dead for three years, and then you break into my apartment and… and you ate all my cereal!” Her eyes filled with tears. His hands were warm and strong and solid, and, most importantly, real. He was there. He was back. 

“I came as soon as I could,” he said softly. “I was… stuck. Somewhere. Not dead, not alive, but… somewhere in between. If it hadn’t been for your voice, I would have been trapped there forever.” He pulled her closer. “I heard you, Rey. I followed your voice, and I found my way back.” 

Rey tore her wrists out of his hands and threw herself at him, once again catching him by surprise. Her lips found his. He let out a startled gasp before wrapping his arms around her, deepening the kiss, his desperation matching hers. She buried her fingers in his hair, clinging to him like her life depended on it. He was back. He was really, truly back. 

She pulled back slightly, breathlessly looking up at him. Her eyes were still blurry. “I mourned you,” she whispered, her voice trembling. “I…” 

“I know. I felt it.” His arms tightened around her. “I’m sorry it took me so long. Please, Rey… Tell me it’s not too late. Tell me you still want me to be with you.” 

She looked up at him, meeting his gaze. In his dark eyes, she saw the part of herself she’d been missing for three years staring back at her. The second half of her soul. She wiped her eyes with the back of her hand and smiled. 

“Be with me.” 

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