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i didn’t realize you can’t change primary blogs lmao….so I’ll just change my username

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Wanna watch anime and hold hands with someone i care about :(

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Have you tried anal? If yes, did you like it? If not, will you try it?

I’m not sure if you would consider it trying, but he slipped the tip in, and then stopped cause it was too tight, and after that, haven’t tried it lol. But, I do think I would , with the right person and lots of lube 😂

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Hey, you, Jack. How do ya usually style your hair, babes??

First I stick my head in the sink and wet it so the weight of the water straightens out my hair. Then I brush it all to the front


I take a towel, usually the hand towel next to the sink, and dry it, making sure the final swipe is towards my face. It usually ends up looking like this


Then I brush the top part down and the sides back. The way the people at GreatClips cut my hair the parts are uneven so it ends up like this


Here’s where I bring in the pomade! I use Equate MEN medium hold pomade


I rub it between my hands and comb my fingers through my hair back and forth. Now it’s all standing up and sectioned

I’ll gather the hair in the middle to the front and twist it tight


Since it’s small and looks like a unicorn horn I’ll spread it with my hands and puff up the rest of the top as well


And that’s it for the top! For the back and sides I’ll brush them again and put some pomade in them to get them to stick and flatten. I use quite a bit less pomade since there isn’t as much hair. The way I do it is to slide my hands back and wrap around to my neck


You can see where my hair is thinning at my temples here. It’s mostly just that side. I do have problem spots when it comes to styling however. The corners of my neck like to fluff out.

And here’s the final result!


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Happy anniversary ❤️❤️❤️ I would like to pick 18, 30, and Jin pls and thank you 😊

Thank you, Kenna! Love uuu!!

18. “You know this is a dream, right?”

30. Song shuffle!

“Payphone” by Maroon 5

—”If happy ever after did exist/ I would still be holding you like this”


Words: 794

Warnings: Angst, Mention of Death

1st Anniversary Drabble Game

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This was a bad idea and I apologize I will now return to the void from whence I came

Good bye




Hey guys I think I’m back to normal hopefully

Sorry about that and happy April fools I guess? Hopefully I didn’t offend anyone. I was trying to be satirical but honestly I was probably being about as funny as a South Park episode so idk. Anyways stay safe y’all. I’m gonna go back to posting wholesome nice stuff now. And hey it’s autism acceptance month so that’s really cool! Expect some ok stuff on this blog from here on out! Randy-uh I mean- Maloosh out

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