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#oops I did it again
imaslave4u · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Britney on the set of the “Lucky” music video (June, 2000) 
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helenasurvives · 5 months ago
queer is literally a slur. like you’ve never been called that in a derogatory context like most lgbt people? you think your experiences escaping homophobia make it okay to justify the use of a homophobic slur?
queer is an identity.
it has also been used as a slur. there is no denying that. but using a word as a slur does not make it a slur. because before queer is a slur it is an identity. before it is derogatory it is a label. the use of queer as an identity is infinitely more important than the use of queer as a slur because the people who identify as queer are infinitely more important than the people who use queer as a slur.
say a lot of people decided they hated me. despised me. were disgusted by me to the point where my own name became a slur. would you tell me not to say it? would you tell me i could no longer be helena, and instead must come up with a euphemism for the name that belonged to me decades before it belonged in the mouths of bigots?
because that would make you an enabler.
you would tell me i can’t say my name anymore because some lowlife decided he could use it to insult me?
you would tell a gay man that he can’t be gay anymore because some teens in the early 2000’s started calling everything they didn’t like “gay”, and now he has to say “same sex oriented male identifying individual”?
does that enrage you? because it should. that’s exactly how you sound.
you are telling me i cannot use my label. you are telling me that when my great-uncle shouted until his face was red and he spat tobacco and the word queer at my feet, he was right. he was right to insult me, and i was wrong to say my name.
you are shitting on every single one of our predecessors. you are slandering every person who fought for their rights to exist and and be tolerated and be celebrated in their countries, every person who was lost to the aids epidemic, every person whose country criminalizes love and gender expression, every child whose parents abandoned them for straying from the norm, every person who was born and will die in the closet longing to be themselves. the queer umbrella is a safety net, a security blanket, the comfort of being known without being pressured to tell. it is near and dear and important as fuck to every member of the lgbt+ community and you are a blight upon the earth you walk.
how dare you speak upon my experiences with homophobia. how dare you disguise your own homophobia as activism. and how fucking dare you have the audacity to come to my blog and hide behind an anonymous ask and preach to me about how i’m oppressing myself. go look at the fucking wikipedia page for queer and read about how 1980s lgbt+ activists, especially lgbt+ people of color, fought to call themselves queer in a world that still hates peculiar things. and here you are forty years later spitting queer back at their feet.
i don’t give a fuck if people start using my name as a slur. my name is still helena. i will not change it. i chose it, i like it, and it belongs to me. it does not belong to bigots no matter how badly they want it. your discomfort with my identity is not my fucking problem.
i am helena. i am queer. die mad & go fuck yourself
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pinktrepidation · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Oops. I can't believe I did that. I'm so random.
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onebadnoodle · a year ago
Tumblr media
pov: you catch cat girl garfield eating all your lasagna
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geminihurt · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Looks like you finally figure it out. You can't go to that side. No matter where you go, there is no place for you! 
You've finally realized that the one thing you really want... something greater than money... it can never be yours. Even so, Yukine! No matter what... you can't cross that line! - Yato
Whumptober 2021 Day 10 - Flare up
Noragami 1x06 & 1x07 & 1x08 & 1x09
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syntheticavenger · 7 months ago
Moment’s Silence - Part Two
Andy Barber x Female Reader & Frank Adler x Female Reader
So I had an idea to base a fic around Indecent Proposal andddd thus this was born! Thank you all for your comments and re-blogs, I love hearing from you all.
Previous: Part One
Warnings: 18+ ONLY. Language and angst. After the event that occurs at the end of this part, expect things to move a lot faster.
gif by @sharonscarter​​
Summary | The tumultuous relationship between twin brothers Frank and Andy takes a turn for the worse when Andy offers to wipe out Frank’s debt by asking for the one thing Andy wants that Frank has.
Tumblr media
“Are you out of your mind?” Frank demands, his eyes narrowed in disgust. “Do you hear yourself?”
“Lower your voice,” Andy counters harshly. “You want to wake them up?”
“Maybe I should. I should beat the everloving shit out of you for even forming that question in your brain. The answer is no. Flat out, one hundred percent no.”
Andy leans against the island, crossing his arms as he bends his head down at his brother.
“Wouldn’t be up to you. You’d have the benefits of the money, sure. But the decision is in her hands,” Andy reminds him calmly.
Frank pushes the last bottle of beer away from him, pushing back his chair as Andy holds up his hands for peace.
“Hey. We aren’t finished. I get it, the proposition isn’t what you expected. But look around you, Frank. I’m always working. I never stop. The only semblance of normal is when you all visit.”
Frank shakes his head, his anger palatable as they stare at each other for a moment. Andy knows he hurt his brother, he can tell that by how Frank continues to try to process every word he said, his fists clenching and unclenching at the table.
“That sounds like a personal problem. I made sacrifices to make sure I’m there for Mary. You could do the same to have a life outside of work,” Frank snaps, getting up and tossing the empty bottles into the recycling bin. “Maybe use the fact that I have a family as motivation for you to go out and find your own as opposed to trying to steal mine.”
“I’m not stealing anything. I’m asking. You’re putting too much emotion in it.”
The lid slams closed as Frank glares at his brother.
“Emotion? We’ve been together for three years, Andy! How do you expect me to act? I love her with every ounce of my being. She and Mary are my world. So don’t tell me I’m putting emotion into it. What else am I supposed to do?”
“Think about the future? The debt that just keeps on coming without any end in sight? Okay fine, I’m being a little selfish. I’ll admit it. But it’s a one time thing.”
“Why her?” Frank asks pointedly. “And if you’re going to be generous, as you believe yourself to be, why does it come with the condition that you have to sleep with her?”
“I didn’t say she had to sleep with me. It can be a dinner, just the two of us. Some conversation that doesn’t involve my job or the fact that you’re my brother.”
“I said no. I’m not even going to entertain this anymore. I’m going to bed and if I wake up and I feel the same way about how I do about you as I feel right now? We’re going back to Florida.”
Frank storms past his brother and up the stairs, leaving Andy behind.
Frank checks on Mary, hovering at the door long enough to make sure she’s still fast asleep before he heads to the guest room, where he sees your sleeping form under the blankets. He’s careful when he climbs into bed, pulling you against him gently as you murmur in your sleep.
“I love you,” Frank says atop the crown of your head. “I love you so much.”
Tumblr media
It’s too early to be pushing a cart through the grocery aisle but you want to surprise Mary with funfetti pancakes. Down the aisle, Andy picks up a box and inspects the ingredients. He offered to drive you when he saw you were pulling on your coat and you didn’t want to wake Frank or Mary so you took him up on your offer.
“It’s probably better if you don’t read the ingredients,” you murmur as you push the cart past him. “That’s why it’s a treat. It means we don’t have to read the label.”
“She’s gonna be bouncing off the walls,” Andy replies with a shake of his head. “The sugar content is over double what she should be consuming.”
You pluck the box out of his hand and place it in the cart.
“That’s why we’re all going to eat the same thing. Sharing is caring.”
You hear his defeated sigh as he follows behind you. You aren’t sure why he’s following you. By his own admission, the fridge had been stocked and yet, he was searching the aisles for snacks that he asked you if Mary liked.
“Not that kind,” you deny gently, watching Andy put back a pack of pudding. “She’s into vanilla again. Last time we bought those, she scooped out the vanilla and left the chocolate.”
“Kids,” Andy muses as he plucks out the vanilla flavored pack. “You know, you’re really good with her.”
“I try to be. It took a little while for her to warm up to me. Which makes sense, considering she’s so protective of Frank. I wouldn’t want someone trying to scheme their way into my life either.”
“And now?”
You sigh at the thought of Mary, a smile spreading across your lips.
“I love her. Both of them.”
You don’t realize you’re halfway down the aisle without him until you look back and he’s still staring at the snacks in the aisle. It must be hard for him to not see Mary as much as he would like to. You’ve seen the pictures of her around the house, the picture she drew him last Christmas still on the side of the fridge. You know you dig your heels in when Frank drags his feet at visiting his brother but that’s because you know family - especially their dynamic - can’t be healed with them so far away.
You don’t feel sorry for Andy as much as you do Frank and even then, it’s a feeling that isn’t so much sympathy as it is respect for him putting Mary first. There’s no use in even entertaining the thought of why Andy couldn’t take her because you can’t imagine Mary being with anyone else. People have their own timelines, you remind yourself, trying to reach for a pack of paper towels that are just out of reach. Despite the stretch of your fingers as you rock upward on your tiptoes, straining to reach it until an employee picks it up and hands it to you.
“Everything okay?” Andy asks you and the employee as you toss it into the cart.
“Just helping your wife,” the employee says cheerfully.
“Oh, I’m not -” you begin to correct them.
“I appreciate the help,” Andy interrupts you as your mouth drops open.
“Gotta talk to my supervisor about why we keep putting the paper towels up so darn high,” the employee continues on as you stare at Andy. “Well, you folks have a good morning.”
When they round the corner, Andy inspects the cart.
“Wife? You didn’t even correct him.”
“Didn’t see the harm in making it awkward. No, she’s not my wife, she’s my twin brother’s girlfriend?” Andy shrugs. “You know that you aren’t. So why does it matter?”
He has a point but it still makes you want to say something. Instead you keep your mouth shut, rolling your eyes as you take another look inside the cart.
“I think I have everything I need,” you say finally. “Unless you need anything else.”
Before he can answer, your phone vibrates loudly in your purse as you search for it, swiping to answer it when you see it’s Frank.
“Please tell me you aren’t at the store buying funfetti mix for Mary,” Frank begs sleepily.
“I’m also buying orange juice if that helps,” you answer, letting Andy take hold of the cart as he pushes it toward the front of the store.
“Not really. Is Andy there?”
“He’s up ahead. We’re about to pay. Is something the matter?”
There’s a long pause as you prod him gently.
“Frank? Did something happen?”
“Just being his usual, charming and self-absorbed self like always. Got into last night over money. I woke this morning thinking about it. Maybe we should cut this trip short and head back. Mary’s been getting antsy with wanting to study. Might be good to have her go back a little early.”
You watch as Andy loads the items on the belt, motioning for you to continue your phone call.
“Cut the trip short? Was it that bad?”
“Bad enough for me to think about leaving.”
You sigh at his comment, wondering what transpired between them. Whatever it was, you know that it isn’t good, judging by Frank’s somber tone and Andy’s unwillingness to talk about anything other than Mary.
Money would continue to divide them unless Frank magically won the lottery or moved to Boston. Neither of which either you or Frank believed would happen.
“You know I’ll support you in whatever you want to do. But we should probably let Mary have her breakfast before we make any decisions.”
“I know,” Frank agrees. “I’ll see you back at the house. Love you.”
“Love you too,” you answer, ending the call as Andy fishes the car keys out of his pocket.
“Frank overslept,” he muses, walking to the car with you in tow. “Guess that memory foam mattress works wonders after all.”
You know you shouldn’t pry. It was a disagreement between brothers and nothing to do with you. There’s nothing you want more than for them to get along, for their own sake and Mary’s. She’s told you repeatedly that she wishes Andy would visit. The long car rides bore her and even with the ample stops, you know the trip back home will be a test of everyone’s patience.
“Penny for your thoughts,” Andy offers as the car slows at a red light.
“A lot to do in the next few weeks, is all. Mary’s got a school recital that we’ve got to prepare her for. Looking for a new truck for Frank and hopefully some good news with my job. It’s just a temporary assignment but I’m hoping for something a little more permanent.”
“Do you all need help with Mary’s expenses? Say the word and I’ll give her whatever she needs. As for the truck,” Andy pauses, the car rolling forward before he picks up speed. “I did try to offer to buy him one. We were raised to never take handouts so I get it, he feels like I’ll hold it over his head.”
“Would you?”
It’s a bold question and you regret it immediately, your eyes focusing on the scenery out of your window to avoid looking at him.
“Of course not. He’s my brother. But no matter what I do, he’ll think I’ll treat him like some charity case. Can’t do much when I’m here and he lives down there, you know? It’s like he wants to suffer. I know that isn’t true but sometimes… it sure feels like it.”
You’re quiet the rest of the way, still looking at the houses that seem to get more palatial as he turns onto his street.
One he parks, your phone goes off once more as he pauses at the look on your face. It’s your job and you feel a sinking feeling as you watch it for a moment.
“You can go on inside, I just need to take this really quick,” you answer, watching him get out of the car, leaving you inside.
When you answer, you try to remain cheerful.
Your voice isn’t as chipper as you want it to be but you’re also nervous. You’d received two text messages from a co-worker who didn’t have good news and you know that these types of calls don’t wait until you’re back into the office.
“It’s Miranda,” the voice on the other end greets you sadly. “I know this is probably a bad time but I wanted to call you personally.”
You squeeze your eyes shut, swallowing down the lump that is quickly forming in your throat.
“Hi Miranda.”
“I know this call isn’t one you were expecting. As of today, we’re downsizing the office and as a result, we have to let go over half of the office. You were identified as someone who is a part of the downsizing efforts. I’m so sorry. I know you were looking forward to better news and I wish that I had that for you.”
You try to breathe, your breath shaky as your emotions go haywire at the thought of what you are going to do now.
“I understand,” you answer, your voice wavering. “It’s disappointing but understandable.”
“We’ll be sending you out your final paycheck by end of day today. I know you’re out of town but it’ll be waiting for you. I just wish I had better news, again, I’m so sorry.”
“It’s okay, Miranda. It happens,” you respond, wiping away a tear that slips down your cheek. “Thank you for the call.”
“Of course. Please take care.”
“You too.”
When the call disconnects, you slump back into your seat, staring ahead in shock. You know you should do something. Cry or scream but nothing comes out as you continue to wipe the tears. Anxiety takes root and begins asking questions you’re not ready to face. You have to be strong for Mary, you know she doesn’t do well with tears and for a moment, you have to center yourself, taking a deep breath. Eventually you’ll have to tell Frank but you don’t want him to worry just yet.
When you pull yourself out of the passenger’s seat, you close the door, Mary looking at you from the large window as she beckons you to come inside. You force a smile as you turn away from the window slightly, trying to take in big gulps of air.
You’ll be fine, you tell yourself. It’s only a setback, nothing more.
Once you’re inside the house, a pair of small arms cling to your thigh.
“Can you make my pancakes? Frank wants to make them but he always burns the bottom and then flips it upside down so I don’t notice. But I always notice,” Mary says with a roll of her eyes. “You make them perfect.”
“Do you want to supervise?” you ask, shrugging off your coat as she looks at you carefully. “Where are your uncles?”
“Upstairs. I think Frank was shouting.”
You look up at the ceiling for a moment and Mary follows suit before you feel her eyes on you.
“Are you okay?” Mary asks, tilting her head to the side curiously.
“Yeah, why do you ask?”
“Your eyes are swollen. Were you crying?”
You usher Mary into the kitchen, plopping her down at a barstool.
“Allergies,” you answer quickly, nodding toward the box in her hands. “You’re my assistant so come on. What’s the first step we have to do?”
Tumblr media
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franciskiszka · 2 months ago
Touch The Sky | j. kiszka
Tumblr media
synopsis: smut. that’s it. that’s the plot. jake kiszka x fem!reader NSFW 18+ ( exploring jake’s breeding kink)
note: you can thank @stardustschords​ !! this one is for you homie !! i have accepted my position in hell with this. call me beep me if you wanna reach me, satan lets me have long distance calls - pic creds to owner xx
“It’ll feel so good baby, I promise.”
His tongue placed a lick to your right nipple as he spoke, the bud tingling from the sensation. How could you ever say no to him? Your heart raced, faster than the lightning in the stormy outside sky. His mouth switched to your left, leaving an equally sparking lick.
Your hands found his hair, gently tugging. This earned a hum, a wet kiss placed to the crook of your neck. God, he was such a tease. He wouldn’t do anything until you were begging.
“You gonna let me feel you? All of you?” his deep eyes flicked up to yours, lips hovered over yours. All you could muster was a nod, needing him to stop talking so damn much.
His hands slid down your body, across the curve of your hips, over your round breasts, taking a few squeezes. He took himself in his hands, the tip brushing through your clit once, twice, three times. The sensation made him gasp, eager to finally feel all of you naturally on him.
“Christ, Jake,” you whined, hands pressed to his chiseled chest. He dipped his head down to you once more, enrapturing your lips in a wet kiss. The anticipation was thick. Jake had been pleading with you for days to stop using condoms. His obsession with feeling you wholly was overwhelming for him. He had to feel you, all of you. He couldn’t sleep until he did.
He entered you inch by inch, eyes staring as he disappeared within you. Your hips bucked again, the feeling making you dizzy. His body entrapped on top of yours, face in your neck. 
“Fuck-” Jake whined, he was absolutely seeing stars, “you’re so fucking wet.” This new sensation was almost too good to be true. The two of you were the closest you could ever be. 
Your hands moved to his ass, encouraging him to move. “Please, Jakey, please fuck me I need it.”
He set a soft pace, relinquishing a guttural moan. “You feel so good, baby. So fucking good I’m not gonna last.” He propped himself up, allowing the position to take him further within you. One hand pressed against the wall, the other firmly cupping your breast. 
His eyes were squeezed shut, eyebrows furrowed together. It was taking everything in him not to bust right then and there. He leaned down to lightly suck on your neck, the vibration of his moans going down your spine. The sound of the room had gone completely feral.
Parts clashing together with a sickly sound. The noise alone was worth melting over. His thrusts were harder now, gaining the courage to keep going. Each pounding created a fire within you, one that burned so intensely you swore you could see the smoke.
“Let me see you play with yourself,” he demanded. He knew he was ready to cum at any minute, but God he had to feel you first. “Play with that little pussy of yours.”
You obliged, two fingers sliding into his mouth to provide the lubrication. The look in his eyes was of a mad man. A man so far gone he may never come back. Your hand slid down to your clit, stroking gentle circles. Soft mewls left your mouth, your soul practically leaving your body.
“Oh, god damn,” he awed, “god that’s so fucking hot. I can feel you, Y/N -” his breathing became erratic. His hips thrust forward with a frustrating purpose. Pounding into you, pump after pump earning several high pitched moans out of you.
A hand moved from your breast to your neck, encouraging your faces to meet. “Jake I’m-” you breathed, the cord beginning to snap. Jake nodded his head feverously,  
“Be a good girl,” he pleaded, “be a good little girl and let go on my dick. Let me feel that pussy cum on my cock.”
You needed nothing more. The cord snapped, pussy clenching like a vice, a snake devouring its prey. The sweet liquid coated his groin, the slick glistening against his sweat. “Jake, jake, jake,” his name came out of your lips like a prayer.
His pupils were blown completely wide with lust. The moment he had been dying to feel was building. He could feel his balls tightening, signaling their release. “I’m gonna cum ,baby, I’m gonna-” a groan, “I’m gonna fill up that sweet pussy. Gonna fill you up with all of me- God”
His hips faltered, coming to a shuddering stop. He let out a slew of curses, head thrown back in ecstasy, eyes rolled in the back of his head. The sight was surely something to behold. Jake on top of you, spilling his entirety into you, sweat dripping down his torso.
He collapsed on top of you, dick still twitching within you. Your walls were full coated, his seed dispersed as far in you as it could go. You brushed the sweaty hair from his forehead, trying to catch your breath, “holy fuck, Jake.”
“That was fucking amazing,” he mumbled into your hair. He was completely spent, already feeling as though he could pass out any second. He mustered enough energy to roll to his side, chest heaving.
His hand cupped your check as he placed a kiss to your forehead, nose, then lips. “we’re never using condoms again- fuck that. I’m cumming in you for the rest of time.”
taglist: @sparrowofthedawn​​ @opalrose0​​ @tearsof-rain​​ @hewlettjamie​​ @dannythedog​​​ @stardustanthem​​ @weightofdreams-gvf​​ @stardustschords​​ @edgeofjake​
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farcry5 · 6 months ago
14. kisses heisenberg
oh boy you really went for it... probably isn’t exactly the prompt but i just let this write itself tbh... (also idk if it needs to be said but a little suggestive so... yeah)
14. kissing each other breathless
If it was possible to stop breathing while kissing someone, you were about to die here and now. Your brain was screaming at you to break away for air, but your body wanted more.
Heisenberg sits down, pulling you along into his lap and its then that you finally break away. You’re panting heavily now, hands sliding over his throat, thumbs against his jawline as you tilt his head back.
He’s got that shit-eating grin as he looks at you, eyes watching you carefully and his chest heaving. You take a moment to catch your breath before diving back in, which is what you knew he wanted. Yet, you had the feeling he was enjoying teasing you the most. He pulls at your waist, moving you against him, back and forth slowly, leaving you feeling breathless once again.
You kiss him again and he’s as willing as ever, moaning as the kiss deepens and your tongue slides over his. The chair creaks underneath as you put all your weight against him, grabbing the top of the chair and rolling your hips. 
By now, Heisenberg is the one breathing heavily, hungry in the way he pulls your lips between his. When you eventually part again, both of you are taking deep breaths and you’re leaning your forehead against his, moaning softly as his hands slip under your shirt and over your skin.
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maestro-niko · 23 days ago
Jason : Why do you have to be taller than me?
Salim : Would you prefer me on my knees?
Jason : What?
Salim : What?
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holding-hands-and-hearts · 2 months ago
Maybe It Isn't
“I don’t know if it’s a blessing or a curse, some days.”
Cody’s silence was heavy with thought, the kind that hangs in the air like fog and that the wind isn’t strong enough to blow away. What is there to say?
Rex sighed and continued. “I feel bad for not being there. I know it’s not my fault - and it’s not like I wanted - ”
“No one would have if we knew what they were going to do.” Cody’s face twists, a moment of darkness.
They sit in the quiet, alone.
Neither of them were on Geonosis. But there are too many memories there, too many heartbreaks, a pain that the oldest of the clones all share. Lost brothers, lost time, as if the sand had simply swallowed them whole.
“I mean. I would have been there, if I wasn’t - ”
“All of us would have been if we weren’t.”
Rex closes his mouth and leans his head back against the wall. His muscles ache. When he blinks, the lights hold to the insides of his eyelids like ghosts, unwilling to give up the attention.
He would have been on Geonosis. If he hadn’t been unable to step away from the ARC program.
Cody would have been there too. If he hadn’t been forced to stay behind after the Jedi came to visit, when Lama Su began to mobilize the whole thing, and needed hands to make it happen.
But they weren’t.
There aren’t many Generation Ones left. Most of them died there, or since, haunted by the losses in the sands. Rex and Cody don’t share that.
The GAR is built from a patchwork of collective traumas, long memories, and shared pain. When a vod has a nightmare, there is always someone who’s had a version of the same dream. When they find shinies crying in the maintenance closets, they are never let alone. When someone loses a batchmate or riduur or best friend, there is always a brother dealing with the same thing. They build identities as mosaics, using the broken pieces of the ones they can’t save.
Every vod imagines, pragmatically, that they’ll die on the battlefield someday. It’s what they’re bred for. Sniped by a commando, shot out of the sky, fallen out of reach of the jetiise, faced with an enemy that is simply too powerful. Death is not pretty, but it’s less a reality than it is an inevitability. The only questions are when and where; the only thing that hurts is when you begin to figure out who you’ll die alongside and who you’ll leave behind.
Sometimes it’s hard to know which fate is kinder.
They lost so many on Geonosis. For Rex, his absence is a disservice. He has no right to a free pass. It’s his duty to fight, sure, but it’s his responsibility to be there for his brothers. Through the best of times, and the worst, and Manda knows there are more worsts than there are bests. But that only makes it more important.
It’s easy to tell who is still lost in the sands.
Maybe it’s better that Rex not wish things had been different.
Maybe it’s better that Rex wasn’t there. To think whether he really could have changed any of it.
Maybe it’s better that this trauma is one he sees only secondhand. To think that maybe it saved some of his pieces before they broke. That maybe it gives him a little more energy left over, enough to find the brother who’s still hyperventilating from a new fever dream or the shiny hiding his pain where he thinks it’s out of sight.
Maybe it’s better not to think.
(Happy?) Clonetober Day 3! Today's prompt is OG ARCs, Batches, Nulls/Chip Removal. As always, the full list and any info you may need is on the lovely host blog @clonetober.
Can someone please give Rex and Cody some hugs? Our boys are emotionally drained - as dear Rex always is. I think he needs someone to look after him as well as he does for everyone else. And as for Cody - General Kenobi, come get your commander, please.
Someone just needs to love them.
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