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whatiwillsay · a year ago
this is kinda random but after reading some of your thoughts on dwoht it completely changed how i saw the song and now i can see how it could be connected to dianna! we may be clowning, but at least there's some logic to our clownery lol
yeaahhh been holding this back for a minute cause i wanna do it justice but given that i put dwoht on the official playlist feels like it’s time to do a proper analysis
part 1 - “but dwoht is about kissgate!”
listen maybe but i don’t think so.  kissgate didn’t change much for kaylor.  as @swiftiesleuth​ outlined in her realistic kay timeline kaylor kept hanging out w one another and being very publicly bffs.  taylor did take to liking tumblr posts calling kaylor shippers freaks and i do think it affected her but i don’t think she’s writing songs about it.
she put the dwoht lyrics on this poloroid:
Tumblr media
and she was spotted wearing that on September 3, 2014, 2 months before kissgate:
Tumblr media
that’s also a day before the Fairfax anniversary if we want to tie it to anything.
part 2 - “ok but it could still be about karlie”
yeah it could be.  ever since i read realistic kay i am of the opinion that kaylor still definitely happened but i don’t know that they went much farther than fwb.  karlie was with josh the whole time and guys idk what to tell you, joshlie is real like look at this nonsense:
that was in 2014 like during the HEIGHT of kaylor.  karlie started studying to convert to Judaism in 2015, married him, threw another wedding party, and is now having a baby with him.  i don’t know what to tell you.  joshlie is real and karlie chose him. i mean if the kushners were trash they’d be cute look at them!
Tumblr media
taylor’s music (cruel summer, august, illicit affairs) backs this up.  kaylor was hot, messy, and chaotic but it was not a monogamous love story.
given the uncommitted nature of kaylor i have trouble believing that lines like:
I could've spent forever with your hands in my pockets
You said there was nothing in the world that could stop it and
I, I loved you in spite of Deep fears that the world would divide us
are about a fwb situation.
part 3 - “ok maybe it’s not about karlie but why isn’t it about joe/TLL?”
because the entire song is in past tense.  i know taylor (supposedly) tells some story about being harassed by the paps and trying to break up with joe and then he said “no ❤️” and then...she wrote a break-up song for him?  
if the song went out on a hopeful note or flipped to present tense in the bridge like “we were dancing with our hands tied but now we’re dancing freely because we chose one another and we’re happy” i would believe her but this song is sung past tense to someone who she’s no longer dancing with
i mean just look at the past tenseness of this song!
I, I loved you in secret Oh, how were you to know, and My, my love had been frozen Deep blue, but you painted me golden Oh, and you held me close
I could've spent forever with your hands in my pockets You said there was nothing in the world that could stop it I had a bad feeling And darling, you had turned my bed into a sacred oasis People started talking, putting us through our paces I knew there was no one in the world who could take it I had a bad feeling
But we were dancing I, I loved you in spite of I'm a mess, but I'm the mess that you wanted
I could've spent forever with your hands in my pockets
and while i’m pointing out the past tense nature of the song let’s examine the bridge:
I'd kiss you as the lights went out Swaying as the room burned down I'd hold you as the water rushes in If I could dance with you again
taylor’s talking about what she would do differently if she had another chance with this person, if they could dance together again and she claims she’d hold them as the water rushes in.  the water rushing in is the flood and pouring rain described in clean.  clean describes her breakup w dianna.  she’s saying if she could go back she’d have stayed with her if she could do it differently.
part 4 - more lyric clues that point to dianna:
after the ootw music video came out taylor reblogged this post on tumblr describing her being frozen in the snow as having her “hands tied behind her back”
Tumblr media
the avalanche described in dwoht also seems to take place in the ootw music video.
the lyric “People started talking, putting us through our paces” is exactly what she describes in Wonderland 
“First sight yeah we love without reason” sounds like the same scenario Taylor is warned about in Wonderland “didn’t they tell us don’t rush into things”
“My, my love had been frozen Deep blue, but you painted me golden“ taylor’s love is paralyzed in All Too well and then her walls are tall and painted blue but she takes them down for dianna in EHC. “Oh, 'cause it's gravity Oh, keeping you with me“ gravity pulls taylor to dianna in treacherous 
and finallay
“oh 25 years old oh how were you to know”  Dianna was 25 when she met Taylor, the you in the song is 25, not Taylor.  That doesn’t match for Karlie only joe or dianna, and since it’s a song about someone she can’t dance with anymore then i don’t think it’s joe.
lastly taylor ofc likes to dance with everyone but she certainly did with dianna too:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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n7punk · 7 months ago
You have 60 She-ra fics as well as a running list of fics you intend to write but haven’t yet. Every single one of these has been amazing. But do you ever have any bad ideas? Like any ideas that are so bizarre or so cursed that you’d never write? Is every idea that pops into your mind just amazing or is there also a trash pile where you’ve gone “haha nope, there’s no way I would ever write that”?
Aw, thank you! I do have an "abandoned" folder, though my reasons for abandoning those fics vary. No one bats a hundred, and especially the first story version of some fics tend to be rough and need refinement, but I tend to put those in the fic notes when I discuss the original outlines. These are the fics I have in my abandoned folder (all but the first don't have anything written for them, just outlines) that I'm positive I'm not coming back to (I have a few more I might return to and so I want to hang onto them).
'in waterfalls' was supposed to be an Outside of the War fic (back when the series was titled After the War) exploring a single worldbuilding detail of the Horde's showers, Bright Moon's showers, and Catra adjusting to small luxuries once she joined the rebellion. I abandoned it because a) it was like the 3rd Catradora fic I tried to write and it was shit and b) I managed to cover everything I wanted to cover in it in a number of other OotW fics, particularly 'sense-memory' and 'return from civility'
'Just Add Water' used to be on my AUs list. I've had like... 3 variations of a mermaid AU at this point, but this was the first. It is, specifically, an AU of the Australian TV show "H2O: Just Add Water". In that show (to the best of my memories), three high school best friends find a magic cove on an off-shore island that transforms them into mermaids any time they touch water. In this AU, Adora got pulled out to the island by a riptide while swimming in the ocean at night alone at night (getting in extra training for the swim team she was on at school) and became a mermaid. Bow and Glimmer, who were already mermaids, found her and explained some of how it works to her. Adora swore to keep the existence of mermaids a secret and then became friends with them, which caused friction between her and Catra, who she was in foster care with at Shadow's home (she was fostering them just for the state money). Catra was feeling abandoned, left out of the loop, and hurt as Adora began to spend a ton of time with her mysterious new friends. Catra fell in with Scorpia and Entrapta to fill the void Adora left in her life when she started hanging out with her fellow mermaids. Following a plotline in the original show (again, as I remember it), Catra would then set about trying to entrap Adora into revealing her secret to her. It followed an existing property too closely (I don't like crossovers, I was just a baby dyke and loved the first two seasons of this show), I had no resolution for it, and I've just never had any desire to write the teen drama that it primarily was. Have the summary, but I'm never writing it, and the idea is completely abandoned. The only reason I haven't deleted the summary doc was because I kept meaning to make a post about it.
'knife in her pocket. and a grenade' was a joke title for a Delinquent AU idea I had. I never got far with this idea, I just liked the thought of Adora being a bit of a teen delinquent in the foster system. This was an AU where they knew each other growing up, but they were in the system separately (I had this idea around the time of TOHT, when I made that joke about Adora having a record). I don't like AUs where they don't grow up together, though, and I never really got deeper than this shallow idea before I abandoned it. It was too touchy of a topic, too difficult to write in-character, kinda depressing, etc. Summary: "Adora was the school golden girl, then one day she fell off the face of the Earth. Catra ends up running into her again during her final year of college. Adora has just transferred in from a community college, but is two years behind because she went to juvie. Catra finds out the golden girl she had a massive crush on wasn’t so perfect after all – maybe still isn’t – and didn’t just drop all contact after being her first kiss by her own choice."
"I Like Your New Girlfriend More Than You" is a joke title for an AU that is never getting written, I never intended to actually write, and would get me so much hate from certain shippers that I don't even want to give the true summary, but it's such a messy idea that I find it very entertaining. These letters don't match up with people's initials, I'm just assigning them in order of when their name first appears in the summary, but basically, Person A hooks up with Person B regularly until B decides they're too hung up on Person C and breaks it off with A. B is friends with Person D and finds D hot but has no actual feelings for anyone but C. B reintroduces A and D to each other at a party, where B flirts with D in front of A and C trying to make C jealous to determine if their feelings are mutual. They are and B and C start dating. A and D start hooking up after the party as well. D has feelings for A and vice versa, but D thinks A is just with them as some kind of revenge thing trying to get back at B for moving on even though there were never any feelings between them and it was purely a sex thing. Eventually they talk about this and A and D begin actually dating. That's it, that's the fic, it's from the Gia Woods song "New Girlfriend". The title isn't actually accurate since no one is really dating in this until A & D and B & C get together at the end, but I never came up with a real title after having the idea since I was never writing it anyway. I'd have to completely turn my inbox off, possibly for forever.
And finally, the truly bad/cursed fic. 'blood on my name' is a fic I have referred to as 'the grimdark au'. I'm never writing it and it's a super dark canon divergent AU. It spins off from that moment in season 4 where Glimmer says that it's Adora's fault her mother is gone. I can't say what happens next without needing massive trigger warnings, but lets leave it at this: healing her own injuries took so much energy that She-ra couldn't do it while shackled by the sword. It's a rough ride all the way through. It's a bad idea (parts of it are good, but overall.... nah) and it's never going to be real.
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joshlerplz-blog · 4 years ago
Tumblr media
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soundvsvision · 4 years ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
For this outfit of the week I decided to celebrate Dream Daddy coming out by trying to recreate my Dadsona. This is Neil:
Tumblr media
(I will fight the bartender, THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE, ROBERT), and I relate in that he’s awkward and can’t stop crying every time Amanda does anything amazing
Originally Neil was gonna have a light beard as per the first photo because I deemed it more dadly, but the current customization options didn’t have what I wanted so I settled for five o’clock shadow. Those glasses maaay or may not be sunglasses with the lenses popped out because lord knows I lost my actual glasses months ago. And plain purple is the closest I could come to the GODDAMN CAT SHIRT WHAT A FASHION STATEMENT someone let me know where I can find such a shirt ASAP
Anyway, the idea for this week was that even though I prefer myself as a clean shaven man, I wanted to try practicing some facial hair and get it to a point where I don’t hate it. I already don’t hate it, so that’s a good step, even if it does only look good at certain angles. Can’t wait to see @badprophit try out his dadsona too!
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bisluthq · 9 months ago
i agree future nostalgia is a great album but stop the 1989 slander. 1989 is fucking amazing. also saying that Taylor didn't get that successful upto 1989 is so wrong. She was a COUNTRY singer. at that time fearless did so great and it was not a streaming era.
1989 is trash bestie. It contains Bad Blood and Shake It Off and WTNY. Red and Speak Now are SO MUCH BETTER than 1989 which is quite genuinely BAD. Sonically cohesive and catchy af but like lyrically - and that’s what I like about Taylor - it’s her weakest. Blank Space is amazing it’s a perfect song. Style and OOTW are catchy. But my goodness when it flops 1989 flops haaaaard.
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mystolenlullabies · a year ago
I am OOTW, Getaway Car, and Cruel Summer trash. I’m also Taylor Swift and Jack Antonoff trash. I’m also just trash.
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wheel-of-fish · 2 years ago
1, 8, 44 ❤️
1. Favorite place to write. I wish I had an amazing spot or even a decent desk, but I basically live in a trash heap and write wherever’s most comfortable at the time: kitchen table, couch, bed. One of these days I’ll finish cleaning out my little office and find a desk I don’t hate.
8. Favorite trope to write. I’m a sucker for enemies-to-lovers, or at least decidedly-not-friends-to-lovers, where they antagonize each other the entire way through the story but it’s with affection by the end.
44. Best piece of feedback you’ve ever gotten. I don’t know that I have any one favorite, but the most recent one is probably a therapist telling me I handled PTSD well in OotW. I’d been so so nervous about that, and it was a huge relief to hear.
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thewhiterabbit42 · 3 years ago
OoTW: Birthdays Part 1
Part of the Out of This World Series
Pairing: Gabriel x AU!Reader
Word Count: 500ish
Tags/Warnings: fluff
A/N: This is written for the lovely @nobodys-baby-now as part of a little birthday drabble series.  Happy birthday, bb!  I hope you enjoy!
***Please do not repost or copy my work to any other site without my written permission.  Giving credit does NOT count.  Reblogging is ok.***
<< Prev Chapter       Current       Next Chapter >>
“What are you doing?”  
Gabriel’s voice sounded just over your shoulder, causing you to shriek and drop the large cake pan you were carrying.  It went clattering to the floor, and you squeaked in dismay as most of the batter inside it erupted on impact.  Chocolate flew everywhere, spattering across your clothes, along your face and arcing wide along the front of the oven and low-lying cabinets.  
You didn’t know what you wanted to do first.  Murder your friend for his inability to announce his presence like a normal person or collapse on the floor and cry, because you had spent all morning running from store to store to pick up what you needed before making the entire thing from scratch.  
“Well,” you started, glaring at him with one eye while wiping batter off the other.  “I was making a birthday cake for Krys.”  You grabbed the edge of your apron, finding a clean spot before using it to thoroughly wipe down your face.  “And you know better than to sneak up on any of us.”
“Sorry.”  He smiled sheepishly, dimples showing.  “You, uh,” his eyes flicked down for a moment.  “You got a little…”  You froze as he leaned forward, finger trailing along your collarbone as he scooped up a line of batter.  He popped it in his mouth, his brows hitting his hairline.  “Hey, this is good.”
You snapped out of it as he gave you a sly smirk, and you began to debate whether it was a waste to pour what was left in the pan over his head.
You let out a long breath, eyes roaming over the mess.  “Do you have any idea how long it took me to make that?”
This wasn’t just any cake.  This one involved melted chocolate and raspberry bursts and so much patience.  You weren’t sure you had it in you to do it all again.  
His smile faded as you grabbed the pan off the floor and tossed it in the sink.  Before you could start on the rest, he snapped his fingers, leaving the room cleaner than it had been before he appeared.  All the dishes that you had used were now washed, dried, and lined up neatly on the counter.  The empty bags of ingredients in the trash had been replaced and all the partially used ones refilled and resealed as if they had just arrived from the store.  
“I bet with two of us on it, it’ll go much quicker,” he said walking up to the counter and glancing around.  “You have a recipe around here?”
“You know how to bake a cake?”  You asked skeptically.  You don’t know why the idea was absurd to you.  Probably because if you could snap one in from any culinary genius in the world, you’d never do anything different.
“Do I know how to bake a cake?”  He scoffed, unbuttoning the cuff of his shirt as he began to roll it up to his elbow.  “Watch and learn, Pica Fresa.  Watch and learn.”
<< Prev Chapter     Current      Next Chapter >>
All tags are open to anyone 18+.  Send me an ask / message with your age if you'd like to be added!
ALL the tags:
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columbusswift · 2 years ago
it’s me! back to remind u that out of the woods is a fantastic song that deserves more appreciation!! thank u!!!
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causeiknewyou · 2 years ago
Remember when we couldn't take the heat :(
I walked out and said I'm setting you free :(
But the monsers turned out to be just trees :)
And when the sun came up you were looking at me :)
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whyamistill-writingpages · 3 years ago
Four years of 1989??? Like, wow, four years ago we got Blank Space and AYHTDWS and Welcome to New York and Style and OOTW and Shake It Off. (Does anyone else remember when Shake It Off and Blank Space were just playing on the radio like constantly, all day long?? I do!!! It was great!!!) and I Wish You Would and Bad Blood and Wildest Dreams and How You Get the Girl and I Know Places and This Love and Clean and Wonderland and You Are In Love and New Romantics and like oh my gosh is anyone else realizing how blessed we were four years ago today???
Wonderland was our surprise song on the rep tour and just like SFRFUGKSJFJDNGSGSBSISBDJSJAKLAJGSBSHHSJSOKAGGRHDOSHEG
Ugh I am all the emotions. I’m total 1989 trash and proud.
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that-curly-haired-lesbian · 3 years ago
Can you do an analysis on Haunted and You’re not sorry?
Hello and welcome tothis week on Theo The Taymily Trash!Yes friends, that time has come again, apologies for it now being almost Tuesdaywhen Sunday was promised; thesis times sure are crazy, huh? #plzkillme
Anyway today’s songthat anon asked for and will of course receive is Haunted (promptlyfollowed by You’re Not Sorry whichwill go up later today.)
As you may haveguessed from my little alliteration game above I’m under the impression that Haunted is yet another song for Taylor’steenage love Emily Poe (here’s a refresher on that relationship for those whoneed it although I’ve talked about Taymily so much on here and linked this veryhelpful post to such a degree that I doubt there’s anyone in my audience stillconfused)
I also however believeit can be seen as a metaphor for Taylor’s wishful compulsory heterosexualityclashing with her homosexual reality. This is something that the wonderful @all-my-possessionspoints out here and if you’reinterested in that perspective please go read that post as I won’t touch toomuch on that here.
What’s written inthis analysis is built on my own theories and speculations and thus what isstated here is in no way meant to be taken as factual. I’m just trying to putan interesting queer spin on a TS song, after all that’s what I do over here.
Credit for the lyricsdisplayed here goes to AZLyrics as always.
You and I walk a fragile line
I have known it all this time
But I never thought I’d live to see it break
In the opening lines Taylor introduces us to “You” whois traditionally the conveniently gender-neutral love interest in her songs. Forthe sake of this analysis we’re going to assume that “You” in this case isEmily while “I” of course is Taylor herself.
What she’s establishing here in these first few linesis that on some level she always knew her relationship with Emily was fragile andthat it wouldn’t last forever. Working together and being in love in such aheteronormative environment (country music industry) both ladies likely knewthat outside forces (aka Team Taylor and the homophobic industry in general) werelikely to tear them apart sooner or later. As we all know by now though Taylor isn’texactly a realist when it comes to love, she’s a dreamer and a romantic and assuch she likely didn’t exactly enjoy thinking about the day her blissful relationshipwould eventually come to an end. She pretended that day was somewhere far offin a distant future and that her and her girlfriend would be able to push itforward even further with the sheer power of their love. Taylor wanted them tobe together forever so she made herself believe that they could be. (“The line”that symbolized their relationship wouldn’t break within Taylor’s lifetime becausethey’d be together forever and keep their balance on that fragile line throughany storm.)
It’s getting dark and it’s all too quiet
And I can’t trust anything now
And it’s coming over you like it’s all a big mistake
This may very well just be Taylor trying to give ussome eerie imagery for a song called Haunted,I mean it does fit with the aesthetic wouldn’t you say. Girl alone in acold and dark, quiet graveyard can’t trust what she’s seeing or hearing, she’shaunted. What this truly makes me think of though is “the rest of the world was black and white but we were in screamingcolor” in my opinion Out Of The Woodsdoes have a lot of parallels to Haunted.In OOTW the screaming-color-line as Isee it is clearly a metaphor for Pride and rainbow colors typically associatedwith the gay community. She’s saying “the rest of the world was straight andboring, but we deviated from the norm and our pride colors shone bright incontrast.” In Haunted when she says “it’sgetting dark” I almost picture all of the colors draining from a rainbow prideflag (or you know, from the world in general) leaving it grey and boring, blackand white if you will. Of course this is a bit of a reach and the line likelyjust symbolizes how the color and happiness seem to drain from the world whenyour heart is broken as you’re too sad to see any joy such as pretty colors. Whenyou’re in love the whole world shines bright and when it’s over it’s grey andmeaningless and boring. Just thought the pride/”screaming colors” thing was aninteresting reading given the community’s strong association with colorfulrainbows. 🌈🌈🌈
She then says it’s “all too quiet” maybe this refersto the “zero contact rule” Taymily was put under after Emily was fired? It’sassumed they weren’t to interact anymore on orders from Team Taylor due toEmily’s “damaging influence on Taylor’s image” 
So basically Emily had disappearedfrom Taylor’s life (at least “officially”) they were no longer working togetherand Team Taylor had made sure of it, I wouldn’t blame Taylor if she felt likeshe couldn’t trust anything being told to her. After all the people who’d “gottenrid of” (god, that sounds sinister, sorry) Emily were the once who was supposedto look out for Taylor and now they’d done this, also keep in mind that Taylorwas underage at the time so she likely didn’t have much of a say either.Horrible situation, really! 😞
Then she says “it’s coming over you like it’s all abig mistake” in previous analyses I’ve done around the Taymily narrative I’vesort of tended to assume Emily was the one that insisted they could still betogether post-firing while Taylor opted to walk away in favor of her careerlike the people in charge were “advising her” but this song almost seems toimply it was the other way around.
I think the line can either refer to “it” coming for(or “over”) Emily in the sense that she got in trouble due to her relationshipwith Tay and got fired for her “mistake” (defined that way by Team Taylor.)
OR that Emily herself actually personally thought the wholething had been a mistake after being fired. Maybe losing her job made her realizebeing in a relationship with Taylor was unwise for several reasons (age gap, professionalism,the fact that no longer working together would prevent them from seeing eachother as often and thus from working out in the long-run, maybe?) and she endedit and hurt Taylor  in the process causingher to question if Emily was hit with doubt of some sort (or a good old “I’mnot gay, this was a fluke”-panic) and viewed their entire relationship as “justsome big mistake.”
Oh, I’m holding my breath
Won’t lose you again
Something’s made your eyes go cold
What’s causing me to relate this song to Emily is the continuousreferences to breathing and breathe (y’all may be familiar with Taylor’s song Breathe largely assumed to be aboutEmily?) In Breathe Taylor says shecan’t breathe without Emily but she has to, here she seems to go back on thatstatement. She’s only holding her breath temporarily, suggesting she hasn’t yetfully lost Emily and doesn’t have to breathe without her just yet. In my BackTo December analysis (x) I speculate that Breathewas written pretty much directly after Emily was fired, I further theorize thatmaybe they hadn’t even broken up yet at the time that song was written, or atleast Taylor was holding onto hope that the breakup was temporary.
“Won’t lose you again” indicates that she’s alreadylost the girl once and I don’t think that’s referring to a breakup actually, I thinkthat’s referring to the firing. When Emily was fired her and Taylor lost animportant aspect of their relationship (after all they did spend most of theirtime together on the road) so them not working together anymore must’ve feltlike they were losing each other in a sense. Even though they weren’t professionallyseen together in any sense they could’ve still been dating post-firing thoughand Taylor didn’t want to lose Emily “again” in the sense that she didn’t wantthe romantic relationship to end. She’d already lost Emily professionally and didn’twanna do it again by going through a loss of their personal relationship aswell. However the next line seems to indicate that despite their best effortthe love (at least on Emily’s side) seems to have faltered pretty soon, perhapsdue to having more limited time together or just not being able to get over thefiring or feeling like Taylor picked her career over her girl? (I won’t pretendI know why they broke up) somehow though Emily’s eyes “went cold” she wasn’t inlove anymore and Taylor noticed in the way she was suddenly looked at by thoseeyes who used to adore her, but no longer did. This is so upsetting and I wannahug baby Tay!! 😭
 Come on, come on, don’t leave me like this
I thought I had you figured out
Something’s gone terribly wrong
You’re all I wanted
Come on, come on, don’t leave me like this
I thought I had you figured out
Can’t breathe whenever you’re gone
Can’t turn back now, I’m haunted
We’re into the chorus and Taylor’s begging for hergirl to stay, to give them another shot, to no avail though it seems. She’ssaying she thought she knew Emily and that she could trust any promises offorever she might’ve been given, but now something’s gone wrong in the relationshipand Taylor’s desperately clinging to hope that it won’t end like this, it can’t.There’s another Breathe referencehere, even more obvious than the first. The last line of the chorus seems topoint to the interpretation that Taylor is the one to walk away in the enddespite all her begging she does pick the career in the end and that decision, thatlittle voice whispering “what if you’d pickeddifferently or done more to fight for her?” will always haunt the singer. Maybeespecially at the point when she wrote this song, she was a little older andhad presumably had time to reflect on how things turned out, she’d had time tounderstand the industry more and been given more of a say in PR decisionsperhaps. What if she was faced with the choice today, knowing and understandingall that she knows now, would she’d picked differently? The possibility thatshe might have will always haunt her.
 Stood there and watched you walk away
From everything we had
But I still mean every word I said to you
Now it seems Emily is the one to have made that finalchoice to walk away after all and that Taylor tried to persuade her not to. Sheclaims she still meant every word she said in her attempt to get Emily to stay,but what exactly did she say?
He will try to take away my pain
And he just might make me smile
But the whole time I’m wishing he was you instead
I think this may show us what it was that Taylor said(that she meant every word of) you see I don’t think “he” is a person (or evenTaylor’s compulsory heterosexuality) at least not if we’re to stick with ourTaymily-centric narrative. I think “he” is the music, maybe the art itself ormaybe the industry. Taylor’s saying that getting to practice her art will takeaway some of the pain of picking her career over the girl she (at least at thetime) thinks the love of her life. The music will make her smile and make thepain of staying closeted worth it, but deep down she will still always wonderwhat it’d be like if she was able to be openly gay, what would it be like ifshe’d been married to the girl and not to her work? As much as Taylor lovesmusic and preforming I can’t imagine that thought not crossing her mind fromtime to time, especially in her pre-glass closeting days.
Oh, I’m holding my breath
Won’t see you again
Something keeps me holding on to nothing
Taylor’s starting to realize she won’t get to seeEmily as often if they’re not working together, but she’s still hoping they canstay together so she doesn’t have to try and breathe without Emily. Despite therelationship seemingly heading towards the end Taylor holds onto their love andhopes that is enough to keep them together even through trying times.
I know, I know, I just know
You’re not gone. You can’t be gone. No.
This is pure agonizing denial and the way she singsthis part always makes me want to cry and breaks my heart, she doesn’t want tobelieve that Emily has broken up with her and simply won’t be in her lifeanymore. How can that be when the thought of what Taylor could’ve donedifferent will always haunt her? Emily will always haunt her so how could shebe gone? 💔💔💔💔
Hope you all enjoyedreading that, You’re Not Sorry willbe up  later today (it’s 1AM here now)for now I need to get some sleep 🌙 Thanks for reading and don’t hesitate to sendme requests for future analyses 😊
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speaknowtaylor · 3 years ago
"I don’t care about a story in a music video, I only care about the aestethic like style, safe and sound, ootw, begin again." sure and that is your right to look for what you like and care about. The reality is that art is subjective and it seems that now that ppl have turned on JK, all of a sudden they TRASH all of his work with Taylor and therefore trashing Taylor. It's such an ugly way to behave. No wonder Taylor hardly comes on here any more. So many fans are meaner to her than the haters.
I don’t understand what this has to do with my quote about the aestethic but I agree with what you said 100%
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brandnewdress · 4 years ago
ok i agree about the 1989 tour outfits the only good ones were wanegbt, blank space, wildest dreams, ootw and style imo. hopefully this tour she goes back to having good outfits for every song!!!
👀👀👀👀 I’m glad you agree 1989 outfits were mostly TRASH I hate that white one I can’t even think about it
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fortheloveof-swift · 4 years ago
I was always OOTW trash but right now, it’s even more appropriate than ever
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bejusttrees · 4 years ago
hey friends is marksthespot good enough to change my url from My Brand cause i am unsure and am both ootw and getaway car trash
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ssparksfly · 4 years ago
dwoht or ootw
omg someone actually did this bless u!!!!!
i’m gonna say dwoht for now just because i’m currently rep trash
make me choose between two taylor swift songs
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soulfulspontaneity · 2 years ago
first post on tumblr in a while!!! my first impression of Lover (hopefully a thread type thing) bc ik y’all wont judge me❤️❤️
I FORGOT YOU EXISTED: THE PERFECT RESOLUTION TO THE KIMYE FEUD. leave trash where it belongs. out of sight and out of mind. oops. I love the upbeat music and the background vocals. However I can’t see this as a tour opener though but still an amazing song
CRUEL SUMMER: someone once said that OOTW stans will love this song. they were right. I’m obsessed
LOVER: well already heard this but it’s probably my favorite out of the first four songs released before Lover came out. the perfect wedding song. very wholesome and soothing.
THE MAN: SHE SNAPPED. I’m here for this. So badass, so catchy AND DAMN that’s the first time I’ve heard her say bitch. YOU GO GIRL
THE ARCHER: same deal with Lover. another one of my favorites so far. the lyrics hit so close to home. picking a favorite track 5 became even harder
I THINK HE KNOWS: I’m intrigued by the title. the way her voice gets higher is my favorite part and it gives me vibes from music from past decades.
MISS AMERICANA & THE HEARTBREAK PRINCE: damn. Some of these lyrics give me red vibes. I’m not sure why but the fighting/winning part reminds me of tell me why?? maybe I love fearless too much
PAPER RINGS: BRUH giving me 80s vibes. I’m loving the guitar riffs and how her voice sounds sorta distant (a little masked but sounds good and gives a whole new vibe) in the verse? THE CHORUS SLAPS. I love this and this makes me believe in love even more. and the fact that she’s talking about marriage makes me so baby🥺🥺 and the way she says baby boy🥺🥺 easily one of my faves so far.
CORNELIA STREET: I’m not even done listening to this song and I love it so much already. I absolutely love the concept of presenting the dualities of love. I love everything about it and I’m obsessed with the production and instrumentals. ALSO THIS SONG IS TAKING ME TO BRIDGE CITY. that vibrato>>>>
DEATH BY A THOUSAND CUTS: Wowwww. I have no words. this was one of the songs I was most excited to hear and it exceeded my expectations.
LONDON BOY: I love how she’s using British slang like fancy and mate. also giving me KOMH vibes but it’s so different at the same time. a 100% BOP
SOON YOU’LL GET BETTER (ft. Dixie Chicks): I think we all really felt just a fraction of the pain Taylor was in during these moments. The Dixie chicks sounded very beautiful and soothing and the whole song sounded almost like a lullaby. extremely beautiful lyrics and vocals and I love how raw it is with very few instruments and all the feels. my heart really goes out to you here Taylor. I’m so glad you’ve gotten stronger in the midst of all of your hardships.
FALSE GOD: I love how this song incorporates the idea of knowing, not even in hindsight, that a potential relationship may fail, but you jump in anyway and try to do your best to maintain it. it really shows that we do lose our minds when we’re in love
YNTCD: simple but effective. already heard it so no first impressions here. great MV and love the glaad reference
AFTERGLOW: wow!!!! I love this one. the bridge is phenomenal and probably one of my favorite bridges so far. now I gotta memorize the lyrics
ME! (ft. Brendon Urie): an excellent lead single. it really shows the transition in sound, motifs and color scheme between rep and lover also Brendon’s dancing in the MV is so pure.
IT’S NICE TO HAVE A FRIEND: this song is so precious🥺 really highlights the beauty and wholesomeness of friendship
DAYLIGHT: the red reference did it for me and I’m a huge fan of red. An excellent last track. I’m so happy she used more golden imagery which was used in rep a bit. also the fact she said burning red makes me SO excited for the re-recordings if her old albums
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toddcowrd · 4 years ago
I think it'd be cool to see an ootd or ootw, despite "trash" fashion style 😂 If you want to do it, got for it ^~^
i think i'll try! follow me on insta cause i'll probably do it there :))
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drunkonnjealousy · 5 years ago
warning: my blog is going to be ootw trash for the rest of the night
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