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There's almost an equal split between the sexes on Tumblr - 51% male, 49% female.

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(Image description 1: a gray and white name tag on a pastel watercolor background, the name tag has text that reads “Hello! I am genderflux”, above the name tag is the words “Nonbinary Awareness Week” and below are the words “July 12th -July 18th 2020”.)

(Image description 2: an orange and white name tag on a yellow background, the name tag has text that reads “Hello! I am maverique”, above the name tag is the words “Nonbinary Awareness Week” and below are the words “July 12th -July 18th 2020”.)

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I do take prompts for old memes, but if it’s been a while, you might need to tell me more specifically which meme it’s for. I THINK this is for the three sentence fic meme tho?


She’s pregnant again, and Sonya feels a bit uneasy about it - not that women her age haven’t had children, they have and they do and she had not been nervous with their first, but now she is nearing 35 and the uncertainty is starting to rise up in her. But she figured she and Fedya should try one more time, for a girl, or for a boy to name after his father, since they named the first after hers.

She stands in the doorway to the nursery, a hand laid protectively over her swollen belly, and watches her stepson play with little two-year-old Sasha, picking the boy up and twirling him around, making him laugh and squeal happily – they really are like brothers.

She doesn’t hear Fedya come up behind her, but she recognizes his presence immediately as he puts his arms around her from behind and joins her in watching the children. She relaxes into his embrace and wonders at how only a few years ago it seemed impossible that she would ever have a husband and a full nursery and this kind of all-encompassing happiness.

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I believe this was for the title meme, but then it got stuck in my drafts :(

Well, of course it would be romercutio! Maybe like a 5+1 times thing where Mercutio is trying to tell Romeo how he feels but he’s really nervous about it and starts getting at the whole thing in a roundabout way and ends up talking all sort of nonsense instead, so that Romeo has no idea what’s going on. And then the one time Merc finally manages to cough up a confession :)

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no point in sending me a long ass message about how terfs bad and then blocking me immediately after because i wouldn’t have replied anyway

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the only reason i ever posted that video was bc it was like, an inside joke among a small group of friends, and then at one point i think it was isabel and matt and i were talking about evil diy videos and i brought it up, and i was like shit ok i’ll post it so you can see. like the fact that it got notes at all was so evil bc it was supposed to just be a small thing among my friends so i rly could not be happier that replacing the vid in the op replaced the vid Everywhere. i eagerly await the day everyone forgets the video and it once again becomes a small inside joke with me and a select few other people

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Keep saying I wanna write and yet I am profoundly uninterested in all the potential story ideas I have at hand

I know I should try to make myself write something even if I dont like it to get the ball rolling but like. Uggggh

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watching Carrie ‘76 n the prom scene has me so soft like. why’d they do that to poor Carrie she deserved so much BETTER bitch

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top five female characters

i’ve been tagged in top five male a couple times but never female!! let’s celebrate the ladies we love!! tag some mutuals to spread the game!!

1. belle from beauty and the beast (1991 & 2017!


Originally posted by thegifsshop


Originally posted by hook-and-hope

2. demelza poldark from poldark


Originally posted by rather-impertinent

3. edith crawley from downton abbey


Originally posted by bluetiefling

4. morwenna chynoweth from poldark


Originally posted by mybrownhaiir

5. mulan from MULAN!!


Originally posted by beif0ngs

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pretty cool moment where i came downstairs to get pizza and fill my water bottle and then my brother walked in while i was filling the bottle and took out the pizza i was gonna eat and well

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I think it’s neat! It isn’t something I normally think about, but in a sci-fi setting it could be super cool! Like, a race of aliens who live in a gigantic space monster or something. It’s definitely more of an endo thing but I do rly like it.

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