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lakemichiganbaby · 13 hours ago
tbh i feel like ppl are like "shy" abt giving small amounts but most ppl will probably really appreciate even a 2 or 3 dollar donation on mutual aid posts and if more people had the mindset of oh, let me give this person like 2 bucks cos i can spare it, ppls stuff would get taken care of pretty fast if 40 ppl gave 2 bucks or whatever. esp since like lots of mutual aid is poor ppl passing money back n forth to each other. nobodys gonna judge u
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birds-and-friends · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Why We're Hell-Bent on Saving These Giant Salamanders, Great Big Story
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nightwingthebooty · 10 hours ago
DC deciding what to do with Damian every time they make a future au:
Tumblr media
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carry-on-my-wayward-butt · 50 minutes ago
How is bebe
charlie was very well behaved on the 5 hour drives between here and jax and tampa and back, and made it very easy for me and davyn to be like "oh noooo we r so tired because of a fussy baby ;))) unfortunately we cannot hangout in a tiny living room with 15 members of my extended family awwww ;))) guess we'll just have to stay in the back of the house without socializing how terrible ;)))"
i literally only went to the funeral to support my mom and play magic with my sibling.
but more importantly this:
Tumblr media
wheres the anon that dreamt about charlie having red hair i just wanna talk
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naiamaree · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
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birds-and-friends · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Cockatiel of Australia a documentary, Plumes of Oz
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biexboyfriend · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Okay lets stop deciding that bi women making posts that can be summed up as basically 'I ❤ bi men' are predators who are only doing it bc they see bi men as a sexual fantasy. and please note that this is not a problem specific to the blogger in the screenshot, this is just the most recent incident.
People are so biphobic that they cant understand why we're making positivity posts for those in our own community. instead Ive seen Multiple people decide that either bi women are too stupid to realise that bi men oppress them and we're silly and misguided for showing bi men love. or they assume that our actions have an ulterior, malicious motive and bi women are only doing it bc they want to take advantage of bisexual men. Its so horrible to have this shit thrown in our faces for the apparent crime of speaking positively about bi men. like not only are we being made into some evil bi stereotype again but also, the way anon decided bi women view bi men is literally the exact way bi women are treated by abusive (cishet) men who fetishise our bisexuality. 'wish fullfillment', 'sexually available', seriously? lets not forget that bi women have the highest rate of IPV by sexuality bc that always seems to get overlooked when ppl talk about us like this. this really hurt to see (i was one of the people who argued with op) as someone who has been the victim of sexual abuse by an ex, to be compared to someone like that bc I defended bi women making positive posts about bi men just sucked.
i dont know how else to say it, we're not the stupid malicious bisexual you have in your heads! we're just trying to have fun, why does it bother you this much.
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iwannagrill · 11 hours ago
polnareff and avdol would host the sickest bbqs
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idontlikeiobsesswriting · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
One Piece Bachelorette Round 2: Take Me On A Date
Round 2 Voting Deadline: Friday, August 6th @ 8:00 PM (MT)
(Named accounts only! Anon votes will be deleted and uncounted. One vote per person, per round.
Trafalgar Law
Law's suggestion for an evening walk through the lush garden, admittedly, was the last thing you expected of the man with 'death' tattooed on his fingers. Not that you were complaining of course, it just seemed out of character...for what you knew of him so far, at least.
But you quickly discovered that the quiet and the chilly air fit him just perfectly. He seemed more inclined to speak with you on a personal level while out among the rose bushes and hedges. And getting the chance to simply take a walk was pleasant whenever you could get it. Though your date with him was quiet, save for the pleasant and infrequent conversation you shared, it wasn't boring or awkward at all.
He turned to you suddenly, hands in his pockets and leaning against one of the metal fences that lined the edge of the garden.
"I'm glad you can appreciate a quiet night out, Y/N. So few people do. Hmm, the design of the garden reminds me a lot of home. It's just like my mother used to have...Where am I from? That's a topic for another day, I'm afraid."
Eustass Kid
The moment Kid told you he was taking you axe-throwing, you weren't really sure what to think. Axe-throwing? Where on earth would you go to do that? But as it turned out, there was a small little place downtown offering just that. You'd entered as Kid held the door open for you, an excited grin on his face.
You were a fast sell on the idea. There was a raw appeal to chucking a large, heavy axe at a painted wooden board, marked to be a target for your throwing. Your smile matched Kid's, and it took not time at all for things to get competitive.
Pulling his axe out of the wooden board with a yank and a satisfied grunt, Kid turned to you with that gleaming expression, eyes partially narrowed.
"You're pretty good, Y/N! Didn't expect you to like this sort of thing...maybe we're more alike than I originally thought. Tell you what...we'll make it best out of 5 so you have a chance to beat me. What do ya say?"
Roronoa Zoro
You'd quirked your brow a little when Zoro had told you where he wanted to bring you on a date: an empty field. What for? A nice, long relaxing nap in the sun and gentle breeze. You weren't sure what to make of it at first, but...well, it was the bachelors' choice for the first date, so you went along with it.
Bringing nothing but a large blanket for you to lay on, he lead you (with a bit of assistance) to the meadow in question he knew of not far away. And as you lay there beside him, hearing the quiet blowing of the breeze through the tall grass, and the overall calm of nature surrounding you, it was easy for you to see why Zoro had chosen this spot to take you to. It was...quiet. Calm. And oh so relaxing.
Beside you, Zoro let out a long, contented sigh, before he spoke your name in a mutter.
"The city can get too noisy. But nothing beats a sunny afternoon nap, and a quiet place like this is perfect for that. You can rest on my arm if you want, I won't mind. I'll wake you up before it gets dark. Just get some rest."
Vinsmoke Sanji
For a man who'd just offered an all-expenses-paid shopping trip to the nearest boutique, Sanji was incredibly excited. You'd never met another man who was so quick to lavish you with material things. You hadn't visited the place in quite some time, so with a shrug you agreed.
It didn't matter what you looked at or even tried on. Sanji's encouraging comments and endless stream of compliments made you feel overwhelmingly good about yourself. And with him footing the bill, you were more receptive to actually purchasing things you normally would put back on the rack due to limiting your expenses. He never batted an eye, even as the cost of your purchases racked into the triple digits.
With a smile as vibrant as it had always been when directed at you, he held your bags on either arm.
"Are you done shopping already? There're still more places we haven't visited, over there. They're sure to have lots of lovely things that would look beautiful on you. Don't worry about me! I'm having just as much fun as you are, sweet Y/N-chwan!"
Portgas D. Ace
Ace chose to take you to the nearby beach shoreline. With soft sand to squish between your toes and the prospect of collecting a plethora of seashells, you had been excited to spend the day out in the sun. So, the two of you had packed up your towels and sunscreen, and head there that morning.
The sun was high in the sky, but thanks to the cool water of the ocean you wade in, it's bearable. Even pleasant! A breeze keeps the heat down just enough to not feel like you were baking alive.
You had a great time! Of course...not everything went exactly to plan. Ace stood at the edge of the water, scratching the back of his head with a rueful grin.
"I guess in all my excitement I forgot that I have a devil I can't join you in the water. Well, hopefully you're still having fun! When you're done swimming we can build some sandcastles if you want."
Your ears perked up when you heard the world bowling come from Sabo's mouth. Now that was an activity you hadn't gotten to do for awhile! Though you could tell, lingering behind his carefree smile was a competitive sparkle in his eye. Armed with the knowledge that he wasn't going to go easy on you, the both of you set off.
Your assumption proved correct. Just because you were on a date didn't mean he'd willing let you win, it seemed. But that was alright. You enjoyed a good challenge, and you found him to be a much better opponent when he took you as a serious threat. Banter and witty jabs went flying from both of your mouths in between the clattering of bowling ball pins.
He gazed up at the scoreboard with a thoughtful eye, then chuckled in amusement.
"I admit, I thought I'd beat you by a mile, Y/N. But you're keeping up with me! Two games doesn't seem enough to really find out who's the best bowler. One more game, and loser buys the other some cheesy fries from the snack shack?"
Usopp had eagerly chosen the local amusement park as the location for your first date. Rides, cotton candy, cheap plushies prizes, and funhouses galore! You were in for an exciting day! Paying for your tickets, you entered the park and went wild.
Intent to ride every single ride while you were there, it took convincing on your part to get Usopp to ride some of the bigger, faster, or more intense rollercoasters the park had to offer, but eventually at your request he did cave, and ultimately the both of you enjoyed every single one.
Halfway through the day, while you two were stuffing your faces full of funnel cakes and churros, Usopp looked at you and grinned happily.
"I guess the bigger rollercoasters weren't so bad after all. Maybe we can try that one over there next! But, if you're feeling sick we can do some less intense ones first. Don't push yourself, ok?"
Killer's idea of a trip to the aquarium had you giddy. You hadn't yet gotten to go, and your excitement at the prospect seemed to surprise him a bit. But, he wasn't complaining. In fact, he appeared relieved that he'd chosen a good place to take you. So with your child-like wonder of the sea in tow, you left to go.
As always a quiet man, Killer made very little conversation, instead choosing to watch the fish swim slowly by the glass walls of the large tanks you stood right beside. And what he did say was always patient and concerned, hoping that you were indeed having fun and he wasn't boring you.
After the third time of reassuring him that you were just fine, and having a great time in fact, he'd let out a relieved breath.
"I'm glad you're enjoying yourself. I know I don't talk much, but it feels like I'm able to open up to you more than most. And in the case that I didn't know what to say, we can look at the fish go by...oh, look at that one, there. I've never seen a spotted one before."
Donquixote Doflamingo
You blinked when Doflamingo mentioned the name of the restaurant he planned on taking you for your date. It was the most expensive place in town, and required a great amount of luck to even get a reservation for. How he'd gotten one so last minute, you would never know, but you weren't going to refuse his offer.
You dined on the finest food you had ever tasted, making casual conversation as you enjoyed the posh and elegant atmosphere. He watched you with interest, eyes rarely straying from your form across from him at the table. He never lost that confidence about him. It was as if in this fancy restaurant, he felt right at home.
After your order had been taken, Doflamingo folded his fingers together and leaned in closer to the table, smile affixed on his face.
"Don't be shy, Y/N, you fit right into a place like this. The life of luxury suits you, I think. Now, where were we? Ah, yes, you were telling me all about yourself. Go on, continue where you left off. I wish to hear more."
Charlotte Katakuri
Katakuri chose a cafe that he frequented as the place for your first date. It was a quiet, quaint little place, very unlike the man himself. You almost thought he was joking, but there was an anticipation in his eyes that you couldn't refute, and so you'd entered the place wit him.
The baked goods were delicious, and after a lot of convincing on your part, he finally agreed to order something for himself to eat with you. You were surprised but not repulsed by the marks that scarred his face, nor the sharp fangs that he sported.
Past the physical oddities about him, once he became comfortable sitting with his face in view, you didn't miss that tiny spark of life in his eyes as he spoke to you.
"I'm...surprised you haven't run away in fear yet, Y/N. My pessimism believes it to be your own morbid sense of curiosity, but...somehow I feel that isn't true. should try the chocolate covered donuts here. I've never had a more delicious pastry than the ones they sell at this cafe. You'll like them."
Marco The Phoenix
Ice cream on a hot, sunny day? There was no better match! You had a feeling Marco had deduced your sweet tooth in the little interaction you'd had with him thus far, which was impressive to say the least. So when he suggested a trip to the nearest ice cream parlor for some cold desserts, you immediately agreed.
Happy with your triple scoop cone, piled high with all the toppings your heart desired, you were glad to see no judgement from the Marco's eyes as you ate across from each other at one of the outdoor tables. His small bowl was a boring counterpart to your own ridiculous treat, but it seemed he enjoyed watching you trying to tackle eating it.
His amused grin never left, and he pointed to something on your face.
"You've got a little something there, yoi. Here, I've got it...Half of it will melt by the time you finish it. I'm not judging! Just're pretty cute trying to eat all that is all."
Dracule Mihawk
It came as no surprise to you when Mihawk requested an outing to the local vineyard, inviting you to the private wine-tasting he had scheduled. He seemed a man who knew the difference between good and great wines, and you figured that you may learn a thing or two while out with him. Curious, you accompanied him.
You had surely been right. Though you weren't that knowledgeable about wine before, with Mihawk at your side, you felt like a regular connoisseur. You sampled only the best flavored wines that day. And though you had worried the whole outing would feel much too stuffy or posh for your liking, Mihawk was no boring companion.
His quizzical question about you made for interesting conversation topics in between sips at your wine glasses.
"You are proving to be the most interesting creature I've had the pleasure of knowing, Y/N. I wish to know more with every bit of information I discover when it comes to you. I now wish I had picked somewhere he could spend a longer amount of time. We're nearly out of wine...and I'm not quite ready to depart from your company."
Red-Haired Shanks
Truthfully, you'd never heard of a bar-hopping date before, but Shanks seemed the sort who constantly created and paved the way for new things to emerge. In essence, it sounded like it could be fun, and so you'd agreed to go with him and try it.
It turned out to be one of the most fun nights of your life, though less on account of the alcohol and more in account of your drinking partner. Shanks was the life of any party, prompting terrible, enthusiastic singing from any at the bar you so happened to be at.
In the fourth bar of the night, he'd pulled you close with his arm, holding up his glass and laughing with great mirth.
"Y/N! Do you know this song? Ah, that's alright, I'll teach you! It's a jaunty tune us pirates love to sing, and I've no doubt your singing voice is much better than mine. I'd love to hear it from you!"
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birds-and-friends · 9 hours ago
Full video: Violet The Ringtail Is A Snack Detective, Oregon Zoo
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carry-on-my-wayward-butt · 41 minutes ago
They gave you MORPHINE for your miscarriage?? I got like 15- 5mg oxycodone (thanks ft hood)
yeah my off post obgyn gave me like 20 of the 15mg quick releases and about 10 of the 15/5s of oxy also. or is that percs. or is percs 10/2?? idr. i had the misoprostol so it was a week long hellish ordeal and even still i only used half of each and kept the remainder just in case i got hurt again. they almost gave me valium too but i knew id be too fucked up to trust myself to use it properly so i refused the scrip.
god i miss valium.
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peetbools · 47 minutes ago
the ironic homophobia thing kinda stopped feeling ironic a little while ago tbh
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historicalsnail · 21 hours ago
The BBC Ghosts fic I want to write.
Tumblr media
The BBC Ghosts fic I actually end up writing.
Tumblr media
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H-hewwo Doe 👀 Kick me out, if I'm requesting too much but the manga I'm fighting with at work gives me too many ideas 😭 May I request some headcanons for Law and/or Zoro with fem s/o who likes to indicate The Mood™ through nibbling them or kneading their interesting parts of body 👀 like butts or chests? Thank you for considering :3
Hiya there Bas! You certainly may request some needy fem s/o from me. I always enjoy your asks, and I hope these came out to your liking <3
Having a fem s/o who bites and kneads to indicate she's in The Mood - HCs
WARNINGS: Mildly NSFW content under the cut. Those younger than 18, I suggest getting off this post. Characters: Law, Zoro Fem s/o
Tumblr media
Being a captain and a doctor, Law's lifestyle was high-stress, and sex was one of the many ways that he enjoyed easing that tension. You knew this too, and honestly, it was a win-win for the both of you.
It was easy to get him in the mood if you were ever feeling the desire to get frisky. There was always stress to relieve, after all, and he never knew when he might find himself inundated with work for his own crew or dealing with those pesky Strawhats and the alliance.
Your favorite way to tell him without actually telling him you were in dire need of some physical attention was in a rather obvious and intrusive way: biting.
Nothing too hard, just a little nibble here and there at any exposed skin you could reach. It would immediately take him out of whatever he might be doing in the moment. But, the little shit that he is, won't initially do anything about it. He'd rather make you work for your reward.
When he was in deep concentration, hunched over at his desk to work on something, it was so easy to sneak behind him and snake your arms around his shoulders, leaning in close to gently drag his earlobe through your teeth.
His eyes would become half-lidded, and he'd take a deep breath, letting you do your small nips and bites to your heart's desire. Your teeth would trail down his jaw, then to his neck, and finally trailing down his shoulder, where you felt more comfortable putting more pressure into the bites.
No more than a hushed whisper of your name, a word of warning, or even just intrigued silence escapes him as he waits to see how far you'd take things this time.
One sharp bite would make him grunt in half pain, half pleasure. And when Law couldn't take your innate teasing anymore, his mind thinking of all the ways he could bite you in return, he'd stand from his chair with a sudden impatience. You'll be thrown over his shoulder and carried towards his bed, where he'll be more than happy to return your ministrations in kind.
Tumblr media
Zoro is a simple man. You have to be straight with him, rather than beat around the bush and hope he figures out what it is that you're asking for. But, on the flip side, he can get rather flustered if you straight up tell him you want to have sex. If he's been drinking quite a bit, he might be more receptive to it, but he generally doesn't like being taken off guard like that.
So, you've adapted the way you indicate to him that you're feeling a little frisky. The usual sign that you're wanting a little physical affection of the steamy nature is to knead gentle, insistent circles into the muscles of his chest. It's subtle enough that you're not catching him off guard, but it's noticeable enough that he'll know what you're trying to do.
You like to start slow, working your way from his dense pecs and down his chiseled abs with clear intent of a destination somewhere further south (if ya know what I mean 😉) Most of the time, you don't even get that far, as he's already grabbing your hand and measuring that knowing grin back at you.
He honestly loves that you want to touch him in such a way. Gets his blood singing. Anytime you pay special attention to the muscles he works so hard to build and maintain, he'll want to take you somewhere private.
Sometimes though...poor Zoro doesn't quite get the message that you're trying to instigate something sinful with him. He's tired often, and his mind is preoccupied with many things like swords and sake.
Desperate times call for desperate measures. So, if you've already traversed the expanse of his chest and he's given no sign of taking your hint, your hand will snake it's way around his hip and onto that firm tush of his.
Go on, give it nice big squeeze. Really put the strength of your fingers into it. You'll have his undivided attention instantly. Sure, you might have him blushing depending on where you were, but at least you've gotten the message across. Throw in a wink for good measure and he's yours.
You'll find yourself alone and secluded in no time, if nothing else than to save Zoro's poor ass from being further violated by your sneaky, grabby hands. He'll make sure you put them to better use elsewhere on his person anyway...
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birds-and-friends · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Ruddy Turnstones foraging & preening – Spring migration Florida, Clive Bramham
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rockleeamadeus · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
All Gintama OPs & EDs: “Yuki no Tsubasa” - redballoon
"求めすぎて 散切れる夢 / そんな欠片で 何が叶うの?" "The dreams that have scattered from praying too much / What will come true from those fragments?"
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naiamaree · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
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peetbools · 22 hours ago
i love when kittens are just really fucking angry
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t4tlittleboy · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
grew a tiny bit of tummy and chest hair and now i’m the hottest person alive
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