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In the Plaguelands on earth

Risen the Titan: LIIIRRRAAAA!!!!

*runs through several Siva to reach Lira holding an ax*


*Lira holding a scorch cannon*



*Dek-3 standing upon a hill composed of Siva limbs and machine oarts*


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We don’t have dollar tree in Aus but thanks for caring, I’ll be able to get a cheap one from the pharmacy I think :)

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How important is it to get a splint especially made for you? Can I just buy a soft one online? (A splint for bruxism I mean)

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In the Plaguelands on earth

Lira the Hunter: Hey Risen.

Risen the Titan: *cutting a siva dreg in half with a sword* Yes.

Lira: Does it seem that Dek has become a little unstable since we’ve come across the Siva?

*Dek-3 carrying a bag, destroying Siva Fallen and filling the bag with machine limbs*

Dek-3 the Warlock:MUHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Finally I will have enough Siva for my experiments!!! MUHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Risen: …..

Lira: …..

Risen: Unstable?

Lira: Well…more so.

Risen: Seems normal to me

Lira: Huh….Maybe it’s just me.

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So I haven’t consumed (ha) any vore content in AGES but I’m in the Hollow Knight fandom now and I’ve seen a couple of fics on AO3 tagged with vore and they’re all tagged explicit and have digestion and I, out of spite, want to write one that’s all gen, perfect platonic, no kink, no relationship, no explicit, no digestion, it’s almost perfectly what you would find on like a kid’s show and I only want to do it just because they’re making us look bad

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I actually thot 1000 forms of fear was a good album :/

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Dunamancy/graviturgy is very sexy battle magic, but I also want to know the absolute pettiest thing Essek’s done with his spells.  Immovable Object on someone’s important papers, or maybe their shoes (while they’re wearing them)?  Telekinesis to trip someone?  Adjust Density on something a person is carrying, but to make it heavier?  

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In the tower

Dek-3 the Warlock: …..

Risen the Titan: …….

Lira the Hunter: …….

Eris Morn: ……..

Dek-3: Are you serious?

Eris: Yes.

Dek-3: You want us to kill a god?

Eris: Crota to be precise.

Dek-3: Are you insane? No one in their right mind would ever-

Lira: Where’s Risen?

*Looks around to see Risen walking up the stairs*

Dek-3: Where are you going?!

Risen: Off to go punch a god.

Dek-3: Damn it! Well Lira, at least you have some common sen-

*Lira running to Risen*

Lira: 200 glimmer says I can kill him before you

Risen: 400 and you have a deal.

*Both walk out of earshot*

Dek-3: …….

Eris: …….

Dek-3: *runs after them muttering under their breath* This is your fireteam Dek. You chose this. These are your idiots. *muttered swearing*

Eris: *smiles*

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not broken but reborn

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On Mars

Dek-3 the warlock: All I’m saying is Rasputin really isnt that formidable.

Lira the Hunter: I’m not sure that’s a good idea to say aloud

Dek-3: *spreads arms in a taunting manner* Oh! What is he going to do? Get thrashed by a giant shank.

*sound of something falling in the distance*

Lira: Uuuum *starts backing away*

Dek-3: Seriously I am almost assuredly positive S.A.B.E.R.-2 was made from literal refuse. Hell I bet I could hack Rasputin in an hour tops. And he wouldn’t be able to do a thing to sto-

*warsat slams to the ground on top of Dek-3 with a massive explosion*

Lira: *behind a boulder* …….

Lira: Told ya.

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losing it over the existence of bumblebee bats

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Smile Like Sunshine is at 50k!!!!!

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dee calls them an old married couple

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Ooo, I just saw those /r/anime 2020 awards results and that jury is so valid. The public votes let me down but I’m glad to see that my votes still mostly got represented in the jury selections. Bless the Chihayafuru rep there 💛

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How The OP Boys Wish You A Happy Birthday » SFW


Originally posted by script-nef

A/N : Yep! It’s my birthday, that’s why this is here. And I apologize in advance for not writing anything for Sanji’s birthday 😭 and yes I had to clarify that this is a sfw version … small af HCs.

This wasn’t as great as I hoped, obviously but I’m happy about it and I like it. :>

Note : Luffy, Sanji, Zoro, Ace, Sabo, Law + Kid, Mihawk, Shanks, Katakuri,

Summary : How these boys would wish you a happy birthday in their own ways.

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