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i’m having so much fun in hades it’s unreal that both the gameplay and the character writing are both so good i love fighting and playing through and i also love dying and being able to talk to everyone and progress the story + releationships before going out again which really helps make it Not Frustrating to die over and over because hey! at least i get to talk to hypnos and achilles and meg again! :> can’t express how much i love this fucking game but i have 40 hours into it despite only having owned it for idk 5 days lol which definitely says enough <3

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@ ppl who’ve sent me messages regarding the doc I’d started working on

I’m not ignoring u, I’m taking ur thoughts on board n like digesting atm. Also just reevaluating how to move forward w/ it / whether I will move forward

Things in my life have started acting up like so it’ll b on hold for a little while anyway

Still open to hearing any more opinions from anyone who has them

Thank u, kind regards, etc

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*scrolls up in the discord to reminisce on old conversations*

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let me into your discord servers let me innnn *shakes the bars of my cage*

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the idea of anti-demon/ghost/monster warding is so funny to me… like, ok, you’re this super powerful entity… but you can’t go past a “KEEP OUT” sign. okay

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quick about me

- you can call me Mars

- my pronouns are they/them

- i’m asexual

- my favorite colors are brown, red, & green :)

- i’ve been struggling with this shit for about a year and a half

- i really like corvidcore & punk academia !

- i like to talk about my girlfriend a lot


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Yknow I wasn’t self conscious before about the weight I’ve gained during quarantine but I am now that multiple doctors have pointed out that I’m overweight and told me to “keep an eye on it”

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*does lovecore but in an aro way*

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