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#op killer

I tried for a blood stained look in the background but it sadly didn’t come through (need to figure out how to do it best). Buuut anyways: Killer, as always, is a great practice for posing and anatomy :3

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Thank you for the request hehehe! Sorry it took a while :3
Kid makes something cute for Killer right away! I think Kid’s perception of “cute” might be a bit different tho…


Cute, right?! ((He’s so proud 😭✨ ))



*go to jail for pulling a terrible pun*

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Very good choices of favorite characters, anon I hope I wrote them well in this! Enjoy!


H   :   HEART.  Is your s/o quick or slow to give their heart away?

Slow, though if he knows you’re the one, you’re the one. However, what takes him so long to completely give himself over to you is his insecurities. He trusts and loves you absolutely without a doubt but he just can’t…he wants to be open and honest with you but he just can’t stop the voice in his head telling him that you’d regret ever being with him if you saw…well him. So it’s until a half sober pep talk from Kid later until Killer finds the courage enough to confess to you and hesitantly takes off his mask to you, only to feel a pang of regret the mere second afterwards before going to put it back on - only to be stopped by you. You look at him for a few longing moments before letting out a gentle laugh asking if this what he was so nervous about, how handsome he is, which leaves the first mate breathless. As your lips flush against his, one thought echoes in his head and one thought only; how he was right. Not you regretting him - but how you’re the one. 

R   :   ROMANCE.  Is your s/o a romantic?

Yes, absolutely! One way Killer expresses this is through his cooking! Both you and cooking are his passions after all so throw those two together and you have a romantic pasta date! 

Z   :   ZZZ.   how is sharing a bed with your s/o?

After a tiring day of dealing with Kid’s antics (which is everyday) the two of you will get ready, take showers, brushing teeth, ect, before flopping exhausted onto your shared bed before morphing together into cuddle mode. Killer is a good person to talk to before bed,  always coming up with interesting philosophical questions or just venting about your captain to you but in the kiss the two of you end up tangled in each other’s arms and lips before conking out to sleep. 


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Oh my god this is so sad Alexia play Smile Like you Mean it by The Killers

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Basically Killer and his s / o or female crewmate when she sacrifices her safety and life for the sake of him or the crew.

Killer: Y / N, I’m very proud of you, but please, let’s agree that you’ll never do that again, okay?

Y / N: Okayn’t !!

Killer: * worried sigh *

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I just realized and appreciate how much of a treat Wano arc truly is because we get to see a much more deserved screen time of Kid and Killer


Eeeyyyyyyyyy :3 huehue

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So in that link is a pic of Kid and Killer’s childhood crush, it also includes the Twitter user’s thought on that so might as well linked his/her tweet

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