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#op spoilers
fer-artsy · 15 hours ago
(kinda) One Piece ch. 1016 spoilers
Tumblr media
I believe in Nami supremacy
I couldn't decide whether to draw her or Yamato but I always draw him so here she is ksndlaksbl
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andstuffsketches · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
[image description: Panel redraw of Yamato from One Piece, drawn here as a trans man (who doesn’t bind) with brown skin and long, wavy hair that transitions from white to green to blue, and curved red horns. He is wearing a white sleeveless kimono with a purple nio-dasuki around his waist (the symbols on the chest of his kimono have been changed to broken chains). He is in a fighting stance, holding his kanabo club over his head, and he is speaking angrily to the camera. The background id bright yellow-green. end id]
“I’ve come here to cut those chains!”
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human-enthusiast · 18 hours ago
“Debt Repaid” Theme - One Piece
So, I know I should be working on E3S story preview and another analysis/theory post-- something that I have been planning for a long while...
I just couldn’t get this thought out of my head. And I thought it could be interesting to incorporate my thoughts about how the Wano Arc is going. This is more ramblings and hopeful content, but it’s worth writing down at least
Spoilers: From Chapter 1008 - Recent Chapter release (1016)
With the way Wano has been playing it for the last few months, it’s produced a whole bunch of twisted responses. Scenes can switch back and forth from hopeful to disheartening. Considering the enemy the Straw Hats and the Samurai are facing, it makes sense that their victory would not be achieved very easily. And a very common disheartening prospect that is constantly brought up since even before Chapter 1000, is the defeat and possible death of the Akazaya Nine.
Case in point: Ashura Doji, Kiku, and Kin’emon
There’s a few things that should be made clear:
(1) I love ALL the Scabbards (Denjiro, Kawamatsu, and Kiku being my favorites)
(2) A part in writing this is based around my hope for ALL of them to live to see the results of the war.
(3) This ramble isn’t meant to be a complete analysis into why I think it is likely they will survive (I still have doubts), only looking at a certain angle from a story telling perspective. I have my own theory that it is Hiyori who is the mysterious figure that healed the Scabbards the first time in chapter 1004. How she did it so effectively is beyond me (though she may have more medical knowledge and skills than what was led on). And she is following the nine, healing the ones who need it most as a way for her to help in the raid, leading to the success and survival to the scabbards. This is probably a stretch but I’m sticking with it until something is confirmed. And after the last chapter showing her not with Hitetsu or Toko, I’m more confident about it being the case.
There is just as much evidence and speculations for them NOT to survive as much as ones that say they will. I could list out many angles the end of the battle and the survival of the nine could be taken, but most would end up being repeats from others posts that I genuinely agree with. And that’s not what this is intended to be. 
What this is meant to be is looking at a theme in One Piece that I couldn’t help but make a slight connection towards in response towards the speculation of the Scabbards dying. And it’s this theme ….
Tumblr media
Granted, I don’t know if this could be considered a theme, but I’m calling it a theme. Because, I didn’t realize this for a while, but the message Luffy gives to Sanji in this instance actually comes up more throughout One Piece. Especially with very prominent characters: the Straw Hats, Law, Ace, etc.
A rather important moment that could go hand-in-hand with the “Little-to-no-deaths” in One Piece. Not perfectly, and I don’t think it was intentional, as that goes more with the dreams aspect/theme of the series. However, it has been prominent towards the protagonists in every sense of their stories. There have been many moments that people have given their lives for the various Straw Hats so that they could live. In both current story line and in flashback land.
Shanks giving up his arm (almost his life) to save Luffy so he can achieve his dream in becoming King of the Pirates.
Bellemere sacrificing her life so her daughters could live and know they were loved.
Saul protecting Robin to give her a chance to live and make worthy friends.
Pedro, who saw something worthy in the Straw Hat crew, and giving them a chance to escape Whole Cake Island by sacrificing his life.
Those are just some examples, with plenty more spread out in various arcs. 
And it also extends out in the Wano Arc during the Oden Flashback.
When Oden issued that challenge to hold his retainers while being boiled in oil, he would have already been put under plenty of strain on his physical health. And by the end of the challenge, he put in so much faith in the Scabbards that is very much like any other flashback death which is meant to inspire and give the survivors something to live for.
It’s a common theme that I think is a benefactor in what could potentially keep the Samurai alive. In which them living up towards seeing Wano being free is fulfilling their Lord’s dream. His sacrifice and ambition is met through his retainers living because he put so much faith and love for them to live in his place.
Is the thematic threading going to be enough in the end for their survival though? I say no.
I’m not ever going to bet on life or death of a character in this series. That is something I learned and will stick to for the long run. Because you could either be really upset or end up overthinking about it like what I’m doing right now.
And, yeah, a majority of the fake deaths do annoy me on so many levels. Mostly because it gave me unneeded amounts of anxiety and is rather poor use of foreshadowing and/or tension. It would be better if they were not used anymore, absolutely, or they actually stick with the build-up and give the characters a genuine death like it was “meant” to be.
Like I said, I don’t want to bet on life or deaths. This is my hope being laid out in words using a theme that has been used more often in the story than most seem to realize. And it’s a known scene but not mentioned beyond Sanji or Luffy’s character. There are other contenders or outside forces that give that same level of hope that the Azakaya Nine may live, but this is the one that is able to encapsulate something that was set up from the early arcs and continues to be relevant.
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bmblboop · 21 hours ago
The big thing that people tend to miss about the Ace Ops is that they are, in practice, just as Cinder said; puppets. They’re James’s status symbols, a team of charming badasses to inspire potential recruits and living weapons to strike out at dissidents. The tragedy of Clover’s death was that he didn’t even die his own man. His personal pride and morals never mattered to him, only his orders.
I may have to rewatch, but I don't recall Cinder referring to the Ace Ops as puppets - only Penny.
But I strongly agree that they are touted as the best of the best - the special operatives that work directly under the General must be one of the most coveted positions in the army. Given how much they take RWBYJNR under their wing in Volume 7, I wouldn't be surprised if they inspired other Atlas students into joining the military with their charm and skills. As for living weapons, basically confirmed within the first two episodes. "Ironwood's Personal Attack Dogs" according to Mantle-Resident and Robyn-sympathizer Forest, and by Pietro's line "What are the ACE-OPs even doing down here in Mantle? ", implying they don't usually frequent the lower city. (Ace Ops appearance in v7c1 even more sus bc they didn't even aid the grimm attack, just waiting until their targets - the kids defending the citizens bc Ironwood won't fix their wall - let their guard down.)
Clover's death is controversial for many things, and sometimes I feel as though walking-on-eggshells with this topic, but here goes:
Clover chose to follow Ironwoods orders to the letter. In doing so, he neglected to recapture Tyrian once he got loose and began causing trouble for him and Qrow. Because the Orders From The General come before everything else - morals, personal feelings, some would argue loGic - Clover chose to continue pursuing Qrow and was overpowered.
"I trust James with my life. I wanted to trust you." He says, shortly before being backstabbed by the prisoner he ignored in favor of capturing a new one.
Clover died because he was blindly following orders, but I would argue he died his own man - he didn't defend Ironwood or his orders with his final breath. Instead he wished Qrow luck in making sure James took the fall. (Or just wished him luck in general, since Qrow didn't end up playing a huge role fighting Ironwood directly, regardless it's a sweet sentiment). He still had morals and beliefs, but they would never overpower his loyalty - much to his tragic end. Winter was in a very similar spot in Volume 7 - "We must acknowledge our personal feelings" but not follow them if they contradict the General’s orders. Instead, rationalize that James knows best and believe he is right.
Fortunately for Winter and the rest of Clover's team, they came to see that Ironwood was no longer clear-headed enough to be trusted, and so, started to defy him.
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thecatatonic · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media
you're done for
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heavensarcher · a day ago
so I’ve been playing Code Vein. And it’s good. It was marketed to me as Vampire Dark Souls and they were correct. The abilities are fun, the co-op is well handled (thank god, bandai pass this smooth system to fromsoft please), the levels have been mostly fun (the cathedral can go fuck itself), and the characters/story are awesome. Enemy design is interesting. The bosses are...not my favourite just because it feels like there’s zero error margin? Like I’ll walk into a room and be one shot never seeing the cue for why which isn’t my favourite way to learn a fight. I’ll nearly beat it then die in 2secs the next time and never work out what I did right/wrong xD Most wins have felt kinda like luck but overall they’ve been interesting thematically and challenging. 
Some concerns:
- every female character is in the progress of losing all their clothes. All of them. I’m not exaggerating. Your main female companion has what remains of her clothing ripping off her boobs and thighs at all times. Another gets off the battlefield and her spaghetti straps lose their tenuous hold on her shoulders. Another’s boobs are ready to commit mutiny against her boob band at any moment. 
- connected to the above, when the boss name “invading executioner” came across my screen, I was in no way expecting a woman made of water doing stripper moves using her scythe pierced into the ground as her pole. Didn’t love that. The male boss designs have been so cool and interesting and then like between her and female furry-head with big butt I have been kinda let down otherwise. 
- I am 100% not ok with the tiny child being taken away to be a successor while his sister was still waking up. Don’t like it. Not ok. Do not care how justified as “end of the world means sacrifices for the greater good” or how many cutscenes tell me he wanted to save the world and was brave and constantly fighting. Don’t care how much the game is now trying to justify Jack’s actions to me. Very filled with rage and ready to let that man die in the cavern I need to save him from. 
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issatheartist · a day ago
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danwhobrowses · a day ago
One Piece Chapter 1016 - Initial Thoughts
Tumblr media
It was Pfizer yesterday, but now today we are hooking a new chapter of One Piece into my veins
At least this one won't make my arm ache all day XD but small price for protection from a deadly virus
A lot of shit kicked off yesterday as attempts of crushing morale were undone, so let's see where it leads now
Spoilers for the Chapter, Support the Official Release as well
Zoro cover chapter, a little reminiscent of Nami and Shinobu's cover being blown earlier in the arc
The mainland of Wano are still partying, including Robin's Geisha teacher shredding it on the shamisen
So this is where Hitetsu and Toko are, it's cute and someone did have to look after Toko but Hitetsu you let Tama run off? Also kills the 'Hitetsu is King' theory, he doesn't have wings in this one
Oda nudging us hard with the 'THE FIRE FESTIVAL HONORS THE DEAD, KIDS'
A clear sky huh? You mean a sky where the full moon won't be obscured by clouds? Interesting...
CP0 again back to reviewing the battle like a board game
20 to 7 isn't as gross a disadvantage now, Agincourt was 30 to 3, you know what also was 30 to 3? Okehazama - where Oda Nobunaga's forces attacked the enemy camp during their celebrations
And you also have to add that they don't know about Tama turning the Smiles, we could see it as much different
Scouring Squirrel Girl Bao Huang's frog Mary views the wreckage of Momo's escape, but assumes that he died in the fall, she's quite happy to break the enemy's spirits with this though, strangely she didn't mention the status of the samurai
Over to Nami, Usopp and Tama we get confirmation of what we expected happened: Zeus latched onto the Tact rather than be eaten by Hera and has now been reborn
Nami has mixed views on a talking weapon, I mean talking weapons require maintenance, attention and reassurance, and whatever Zoro does with his swords. Plus she and Zeus haven't really buried the hatchet
The group have reached the stage right behind Unassuming Squirrel Smile Bao Huang, about to make an announcement
Ulti comes back though! Ringing Usopp's bell good and proper
Say what you will about Ulti but she is damn resilient, I can't forgive her for attacking Tama but she has proven intelligent and strategic, definitely an asset to Kaido, and while her thoughts regarding BM's turn is wrong she is allowed to be upset about her Pay-Pay being hurt
Nami goes for a swing and Zeus turns into a mace!? Looks like Nami has upgraded to bludgeon weapons too
The bludgeon doesn't work because of Ulti's durability, so Zeus recommends lightning - but doing so would hit Tama
So out comes Usopp with the clutch green star: Sargasso to split her from Tama
Zeus offers to be given a new name by Nami, and then immediately turns back on it when the option is 'Cotton' XD
Ulti dodges the Lightning, but Zeus while in control curves it so it hits Ulti: Auto-aim is a lil' OP there
Ulti looks officially KO'd now, though we thought that with BM considering that she did a combo laser, but it's right in front of Surprised Squirrel Girl Bao Huang, who is still broadcasting
She just announced that 2 of the Flying Six have been defeated, the morale has been inverted and only a worried Sasaki, Maria and Who's Who remain
Then Sneaky Sniper King Usopp entraps the Frightened Squirrel Girl Bao Huang, noticing that she can act like a projector for Tama
Small Sanji, Speed and Bepo cameos in preparation for Tama's announcement
But up to Onigashima's dome for the Father/Son rumble, and Kaido's already talking down at him and acting like Luffy and Momo are dead
I wonder if Yamato does mean to join Luffy's crew, the wording is 'sail the seas with Luffy', will have to see how it's translated. I'm still not sold on Yamato for Nakama either, he's cool yes but what does he add to the crew? Oda hasn't really shown us any qualities he could have outside of fighting and we kinda already have the sole fighter in Zoro
Kaido's back in hybrid form to remind Yamato that Wano is important for him - likely because of all the resources and the fact Poneglyphs were made her, and there must be teaching tools on how to read them
But yeah Yamato is just here to bide time, a conqueror's coating clash ends the chapter (though it's not certain if Yamato has Conqueror's)
Noooooo break...Oda why? We were just getting some pace going
This chapter did fly by, I felt like there should've been at least 3 or 4 more pages left. But maybe that was because it was all very good.
Beast Pirates still lying to themselves thinking Luffy and Momo are dead, but their numbers are dwindling resoundingly for CP0's entertainment. I wonder if they will get involved though since there is a disproportion between number of named heroes and number of named villains, they can't all turn out as 2 on 1 battles either.
Ulti is defeated, we think at least. I guess Nami will take the W even though it was 80% Big Mom with a minor assist from Usopp, but we got to showcase the new potential of Cotton, I mean Zeus. If Ulti can get up from all that though Page One may be able to get back up too. The other three do look pretty battered so either they're losing or it's fairly even.
Tama's announcement will turn the tides for any SMILE users, and with Ulti the only one who clued into it that bodes well for the alliance, and finally Yamato's off to bide some time for Luffy. That giant sword is in view again though, Oda what are your plans for this Chekov's Giant Fuck Off Sword?
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rickypozzi · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“I didn’t sign up for an annoying sentient weapon! “
One Piece 1016 - Wano
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one-piecee · a day ago
❗❗ one piece spoilers ch.1016 ❗❗
being on vacation clearly would not stop me from reading one piece, and I'm so glad i did oh my god I guessed yamato would potentially want to join but oh my gooooooood
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
we haven't seen how yet but it really does seem like we'll defeat kaido here,,,
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lightningbastard · a day ago
Tumblr media
I enjoyed How Oda is showing the parallel between the Beast Pirates & The Straw Hats with these moments.
Even before Momo's announcements the StrawHats weren't immediately defeated upon hearing about Luffy's defeat, but just hearing that the weakest of the flying six have been taken out looks to have shaken the remaining fighters.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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