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Just says fuck it and take friction out every floor in the hotel making every surface as slippery as ice. Cause he wanted the chaos just a little bit. 

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open: @mapleviewstarters
location: farmer’s find market

More than a decade into his career, Julien still didn’t tire of students recognizing him outside of the school. A need for air, a leisurely walk, and a chance to see something new had brought him out to the farmers’ market, whereupon a young student had spotted him and excitedly told their guardian. Seeing a teacher outside of school was always weird, but seeing a new one was even more thrilling, apparently. It was cute, nonetheless, and Julien took the opportunity to say hello and introduce himself to the guardian.

The sight of the small child’s face kept replaying in Jules’ head as he perused the goods up for sale, and he couldn’t help but laugh to himself–moments like that made him feel like a celebrity! It seems like they do want me around, he mused, head tilted down as turquoise eyes skimmed the fresh products, mentally taking stock for later. His plans, however, did not include the full-body near-slam he committed on another poor guest, evident that Jules clearly was not really aware of where he’d been going. He was small, and short-statured, but the force with which he collided with this pitiful stranger was almost impressive. “Oh– Oh, no, I’m so sorry!” he immediately cried out, hands flying up to potentially catch the other person or any belongings that might have fallen. “Please! Excuse me! I wasn’t– Oh, dear–”

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“Hey… Hey guys… Is Adam/Michael still in the Cage?”

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Open To: any position, dominant.

Plot: your muse has been using Connor as a plaything, and he’s too inexperienced to understand it’s abuse. He says he wans to end it, but always comes as soon as your muse gives the order. Emotional abuse and manipulation. Dark plot.


“You lied. You said I was special, that I was the only one. But I saw you, I saw you go into his room last night. I have super hearing, you were with someone else. Why? Aren’t I enough?“

This whole affair had become a vicious cycle. Connor was an obedient boy, just like he was taught by his lover. But his love hurt him, went behind his back with someone else. It was always something Connor did, evidently. He didn’t understand how he could keep driving his love away, and why he felt so twisted up and wrong. Was he just a mistake?

“I’ve done everything you wanted. Everything. What more can I do?“

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How would I look wit’ pink hair? I want t’ feel everyone’s eyes on me as soon as I enter a room~

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