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#open for discussion

Been thinking about this ‘Bloodsistor’ WIP and part of the reason I’m having trouble/taking my time with it is that I’ve been shuffling around some of the character casting, and I want to be sure everyone is in the right place before I commit to writing chapters, that way I can avoid rewrites later on when I inevitably change my mind.

(Big rambly post under the cut, I’ll tag this as “#sables brain junk” so you can filter out further musing posts like this in the future)

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the worst influencers are instagram model influencers and the best influencers are those girls who post videos of them studying on youtube to chill copyright-free music

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I’m looking at job openings and one of them was as a copywriter. Part of the description was that the applicant had to be humble. Like - have you ever met a writer before?? They are not humble. What kind of humble person would just publish all of their thoughts and opinions willy-nilly and obviously imply that their opinions are the best ones? 

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I had a revelation the other day when a thread on r/Metroid reminded me that Metroid: Other M existed. And then I got to thinking…

If you know me well, you’ll know that I have a LOT of opinions about Other M. It’s a deeply flawed game, and in all honesty there is a lot about it I would change. But I decided that if there was only ONE thing I could change about the story in specific (the writing, direction, characterization, game-play, music, etc. all must fall by the wayside temporarily for this blog), it would be the true identity of the assassin that Samus calls “The Deleter.”

In depth discussion (and Other M spoilers, if spoilers for a 10-year-old game bother you) under the cut!

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They earn so much money from giving us new horses all the time, that of course they’re not actually gonna focus on the game play itself, why would they? They earn more focusing on the new players and giving them weekly deals, almost every game now does that and I’m sad to see Star Stable doing it as well

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People who say stuff like “I hope you unlearn hate” and “I hope your heart will soften” at the end of a disagreement are not people you should have discussions with. They are people who feel like they have to be morally superior and are looking to you to validate that superiority. Some may hope you prove them right by saying something “hateful”. Some may hope you prove them right by joining their side and apologizing for the “hate”. They will feel justified in your humility or their persecution and continue on their way.

The problem isn’t that you aren’t allowed to want people to change or understand truth, it’s that people who are secure in the morality of their opinions don’t say it. I know it’s not helpful because I will either cause more harm or encourage an insincere apology. Personally, I’ve found the best way to deal with this is to say “Look, I don’t agree with you because I have facts, and I can’t make you change your mind. We clearly need to adjust our relationship, but if you ever need my help, you can count on me.” Because yeah, we can’t be friends the way we used to be after you said that, but I don’t want to see you get hurt and I can help.

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I was watching a show on Netflix set in the Middle Ages, but I’ve seen this in a lot of movies on about this time frame.

How can we explain the collective fascination and desire to watch someone else be burned at the stake? I truly do not understand this and can only chalk it up to a lack of education/information/evolution, a strong us vs them mentality, and Christian colonialism. Am I correct? Am I wrong? If so, please provide more insight.

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Evan: Gabriella (wants to stay low-profile, impulsively makes decisions, can’t have people staring at them right now)

Jared: Ryan (goes with the flow, still kinda snarky but is also a big doofus)

Alana: Sharpay (knows what’s up, hecka confidence, lowkey control freak)

Connor: Kelsey (game maker, independent thinker but won’t let you know it, also hc that he writes poetry and thats pretty similar to songwriting yeah?)

Zoe: Troy (head’s in the game but heart’s in the song, pretty hair)

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I came to realize while getting deep in the shower that being near water helps me think more.

Conversely, being near fire makes me go full stupid. Like, it just makes me wanna go hog wild or dissociate while staring at it.

So I have 2 questions;

  1. Does anyone experience this too?
  2. If so, I wonder what air and earth do for our brains, respectively…?
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