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#open rp
hoshi-neko-hikari · a day ago
Violent EM and EK (open rp)
Hikari was happily playing at the park by herself when EM and EK showed up. EK was a 6 year old brat who would always use violence like hair pulling, shoving, scratching, or biting to get his way.
He went over to Hikari at the sandbox and rudely grabbed her bucket.
"Hey! That's mine!" She tried to grab it off of him, but he pushed her down hard. "Ow! Hey!"
"You started it! Mommy!"
EM came over, looking pissed. EK said through crocodile tears that Hikari was bullying him. She was having none of that and pulled Hikari by her arm hard.
"Ow! Wet go! That huwts!"
EM then slapped Hikari hard across the face and berated her.
Hikari held her cheek, visibly shaking. She then immediately started crying as EM continued to berate her and shake her by the arms.
Tagging: @musesonfilm @weirdgayenby @gorefieldsworld @thelaughingdeity @ravensroleplays @jakal-the-dark @baldimorethenightfury @ anyone else who wants to join
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virtuousfuta · a day ago
Open RP
Tumblr media
Your muse wakes up next to a young woman whose attire leaves very little to the imagination. Her gaze fixed on your muse as a small smile formed on her face. “It seems the Mana spring worked. When I first found you, you were unconscious on a trail further in the forest. Whatever the cause, I’m just glad that I was able to help.” She said before she placed a hand on her chest. “Oh, I should introduce myself. I am Nati.” She added.
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daringsunflowers · 2 days ago
plot based off THIS. open to f.
Tumblr media
vegas had just stepped outside to finish smoking the last cigarette in his pack once their daughter had been put to sleep. sure a lot had changed since the two met and fell madly in love in high school. hell a lot had changed since the two had married in college. he constantly thought about how different the two of them were. he was tired from working all day and came home to her nagging a lot about how he didnt take her out or spend time with her much anymore. life was harder than he had imagined. he loved her with every bone in his body, but he was just tired. when the front door opened he didnt have to peek to see who was coming out onto the porch with him. he knew it was his wife. “hey..” 
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saphirafoxgirlspost1 · 2 months ago
(Open Rp) Summer, Romance, Drama, And Dbz Au in "Diamond in the Rough"
It's Been almost 2 years Since Saphira Kicked her Ex-boyfriend Name Raymond Barren Out of her home after Being caught cheating with another woman...But thats not the only reason though..he treated her like a servant..make her cook and clean and also take advantage of her trust..Saphira knew she had it..and Now, Saphira came home from her date but turns out it was a Disaster as she sighs..and then She got called by her Best Friend Name Monique..and then She answers,
Saphira:" Mushi Mushi?"
Monique:" Hey Saph!, How's the Date been going?"
Saphira: "Really Disaster...not Like other 123 dates i've been on..and this is the Worst..Ugh"
Monique: "That Bad huh?"
Saphira: "Yea..You don't know the half of it..I'm telling you Monique..I can't Find a right guy..I mean..Look at me..I'm a Half Kitsune..who.."People" thought I was Going to Eat them like my Kind does..but I don't! ew..You don't know where its been! *Sighs*..I'm telling you...No man would ever want me...I'm doomed..."
Monique: "Saph..I have a Suprise for ya! Do you remember the Online Dating Site Where you Match up for a date 3 months ago?"
Saphira:" Yea? what about it??""
Monique:"Well there is another Dating Site that You Can Create your Own Dream guy Of your Life! And it'll be your favorite Characters from your favorite Shows!"
Saphira: "Wait What? They can Do that?!"
Monique: "Yea girl and I got you Hooked Up just Last 2 months ago, and It's your favorite character from the Dbz that you always talk about and he's a Legendary Super saiyan and I Bought it for you as a gift of our friendship"
Saphira: *gasp* "Monique, are you telling me that you Bought Broly?! Which one? orginal or new?"
Monique: " Orginal one Silly, I knew you were Obsessed with that.. So the Gift Should be here with in an hour ok? and the Date Will Be coming in Tomorrow Ok? So Be ready for this ok?"
Saphira; "Of course,, thank you are my Bestest friend that I ever had in my life..How could I ever thank you for?"
Monique: "It's No problem Saph, besides...I can't Stand Seeing my Own best friend Being hurt all the time..So have a wonderful day and call me if the date went great!"
Saphira hangs up And she is Very Excited, an hour later She hears the Knock of the Door...She opens it and alot of delivery men Brought her favorite
Tumblr media
Colored Flowers into a lovely Living room..She was so shocked..and saw a cute Giant Fox plushie as well.holding a romantic Love letter in it's mouth..She began to Open the Letter and it says
"To My Lovely Beauitful Blue Fox, Your an innocent Like an angel Sent from Heavens. I Long to wait to see you in person, When I was Created and heard your name made my heart skip the beat. I know I maybe Legendary Saiyan But you are the Goddess of beauty. I kept thinking of you every day Not Knowing what do you look like, But Doesn't matter to me and you will always be my lovely Goddess to me, I'll See you Alone at the Garden of Eden where I Will Meet you at last..My Lovely Blue Fox. Tomorrow Night I Will Finally See what my beautiful Goddess Looks like, Yours Truly~ Broly"
Saphira Sighs in she began to head to go Shopping For a Special date, She got into spa and nail salon to get everything good and ready for tomorrow night..She was alot nervous at the time..and when that day came in..
Tumblr media
Saphira began to wear a nice dress and she didn't know that the garden of eden was so quiet..She sees the Nice beautiful Dinner table..full of roses that glows at night..and had a huge screen being Hooked up..for Her favorite romantic movie Which is "Ever after the cinderella Story" When She sits down..She then heard the huge footsteps..and saw Broly and he said...
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blockydungeon · a month ago
The Empress' New Apprentice (Open RP)
Tumblr media
Kinsa sat upon her throne within her palace on Kessel. Today a force-sensitive individual was being brought to her, someone who would be her appearance. She heard the doors to the chamber open, and looked to see who arrived...
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brilliant-moons · a month ago
The House of Ancients (open rp with Astra)
Astra hummed as he walked throughout his large house in the countryside. It had just begun to thunderstorm, so he decided to take a walk. He whistled an old lullaby as he walked around his property, making sure there weren’t any intruders in the traps he had hidden in the tall grass.
(Open to anyone. Tagging a few @murukuruandfriends @mallisia-ring @argothesnekqueen @badschnee )
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thecrazyone1990 · a month ago
Open Slave RP (to male & female/futa muses)
Tumblr media
Diana aka Wonder Woman had heard of a criminal who was attacking a group of civilians. She went over and saved the people, but it was soon revealed to be a trap. The people were nothing but illusions and your muse had used a powerful drug to weaken Diana. Preventing her from using her powers, which made it easy to use her very own lasso to tie her up.
Spread her legs and keep her from escaping. “Y-You will release me right this instance! You will never get away with this!” said Diana as she struggled to get freed, but was unable to regain her powers.
((forced RP, not drugged, so break her down and go nuts with her))
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hoshi-neko-hikari · a month ago
Fairground Karen (open rp)
Hikari was enjoying the last day of summer at the fairgrounds. She played games, enjoyed the rides, and ate yummy food. She was in line to get her face painted, but when she was next, a mean lady pushed her rudely and demanded for her child to be painted next.
Hikari politely tugged on the lady’s pant leg to get her attention. “Sumimasen. B-but it was hikari’s tuwn.”
“Don’t be such a selfish brat! My baby’s been waiting for a long time!”
“Hikari didn’t see him in wine and hikari waited wong too. Pwease, miss?”
“Ok. You want your face painted? I’ll do it for you.” She grabbed a tube of paint and sprayed it all over Hikari’s face.
She shrieked and her bratty son pushed her into a mud puddle.
“There! Now you’re a walking mess! Just like how you should be!” Karen and her kid laughed.
Hikari whimpered and ran away crying.
Tumblr media
Tagging: @musesonfilm @spacebobarp @spxcemuses @weirdgayenby @baldimorethenightfury @muses-of-the-memory (anyone from one piece) @gorefieldsworld and anyone else who wants to join
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sleepy--anon · 3 months ago
(Open RP :D)
Dove sat on a blanket in the middle of a field with a book in her lap and an old looking camera in her hand. She was taking a break from building her house. The book had old pictures that Bad took of her and Sapnap growing up. The old looking camera was a camcorder, as she placed in random tapes and watched fondly at the old videos they used to make with Dream. Deciding to ignore that most of them ended in one of them inevitably getting wrecked, instead she focused on the fond memories of her childhood.
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“Been about three years since I started workin’ here. Maybe it’s time for a change of pace. I mean, I like the hours and all, but I’m gettin’ a little bored. Nothing ever happens in the warehouse, and Halloween only comes once a year.”
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lands-of-hyperborea · 2 months ago
Into the Ice (Open RP)
Tumblr media
Your muse awakens in a strange land. You are surrounded by snow-covered trees and the aurora burns through the sky. The icy wind blows against you, and then you suddenly hear rustling nearby.
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saphirafoxgirlspost1 · 2 months ago
(Open Rp) Summer, Romance, Drama, DBZ AU, Marvel and Royal Romance Au Crossover in "Beauty And The Saiyans"
Long time ago,, Saphira Kicked Her ex Boyfriend out of her home after She caught him with her bestfriend. She gave him a Loyalty test but he Failed Miserably..Saphira Sighs and rubbing her head, Knowing that her parents and grand parents will be livid when her Ex-boyfriend name"Micheal James Barren" Was Cheated on her and Only loved her For money..So Saphira Holds her necklace and head back to Asgard. In the Throne room, Her Father was Furious because He founded out that Micheal betrays his own daughter and also His Families name was well..Saphira's mother was Comfort him..But Her father was too Furious for that..and He said,
Emperor Mordue: "I knew it! I KNEW IT! That Micheal Boy is a real troubleMaker Ever since he Dated my Beloved Daughter. And Now Look at Him, My Daughte gave him that test and FAILED! He Dishonored my Daughter and The Names of My Family generations! And whats worse..He Told my Daughter that she wasn't good enough and made a Cuckhold out of my daughter!! Thats the Most Disgraceful thing that any man who would do such a thing to my daughter! He better be lucky that I Would wage war against man-kind..I'm not like my Cruel Brother...*crosses his arms*"
Thor: "Calm Yourself Brother..We all aware of That Boy's betrayal..But Other 9 realms already know it and we all know that This Arrange marriage is a big deal..but if we Don't get Saphira To marry someone soon..the leaders of the 9 realms is going to be very Furious at us, So Midgardians is Off limits..."
Loki:" So What are we going to Do Then? We Got Couple of Groom short..and Saphira Doesn't Like Other 9 Realm suitors...*turns to Odin* Father What Shall we do? Who are we going to have saphira to married off to?"
Odin just sit there And Listens to the Sons and Son in law Arguing..He knew this is a bad sign..but..He knows one thing that He must Do to make arrange marriage..
Odin:"My Sons, and my daughter..and Son in law, There is one thing that Can make arrangement better...There is a Rare Race that We knew long time ago..the Race was called the Saiyan from the planet vegeta...I Know King vegeta before when we Battled against the Laufey and the frost giants..So..I decided to Send them a message..and we have a Special Challenge to being out 7 Champions..and one of the Worst and cruel saiyans who would kidnapped my Grand daughter..So *He tapped His staff as the Celestial white fox came..and he handed it the letter and He said* Send this to king vegeta...and Return once he will reply and weather or not is to be accepted, Now go my friend"
And Just like that, the Celestial White fox vanished into the 4 days later, The Fox has returned and Odin saw the letter, They accepted to bring 7 champions..and One of them is the Oldest son of the king..Saphira was in her Chambers getting her hair brushed and ready to presenting the 7 champions and the Worst and cruel of all saiyans..Saphira was wearing a lovely White for a lovely goddess of love..She sits on her beautiful throne..and She sees the Pods fell into the sky..they knew the saiyans is here..and The King vegeta is greeted to her grand father he represent his oldest son name Prince vegeta..and then He said...
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variantnation · 3 months ago
Ready to Settle Down
Derek was finally happy with where he was in life.  He had reached a heightened form of shifting, able to take on a full wolf shift like his mother.  His mother who had been so proud of him.
Laura had a mate and had made him an uncle.
The McCall pack was settling into themselves after the ordeal with his uncle and he was ranked well with them.  He was Scott’s second in command.  Things were great.
Except....he had no mate.
He needed a man by his side.  Someone he could love and cherish.
“Will you go on a date with me?”
He never did this.  He had never really cared to ask anyone before, and his innocence showed in a bright blush on his cheeks.
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brilliant-moons · a month ago
Interrogation (open rp with Jade)
Jade huffed softly as he was chained down to the metal table. The chains were made of iron, which limited his energy and powers. “Someone will be in to talk with you soon.” A guard said, leaving him in there. A few minutes later the door swung open again as someone walked in.
(Intended to go nsfw. Tagging a few people but open to all @murukuruandfriends @mallisia-ring @argothesnekqueen @badschnee )
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brokenandlonelysouls · 28 days ago
|||Open Starter- You mean nothing|||
Tumblr media
Muse; Archangel Michael Characters Wanted; Any Fandom; Supernatural Verse; Post Cage/Non Canon
Tumblr media
“You mean nothing to me!” Michael snarled, his six light blue wings were flared, the archangel was dropping feathers and his wings bleeding. He had a dangerous look in his eyes as he drew his archangel blade. Low grace or not the archangel was violent and unstable. His eyes were glowing as he slowly got closer.
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