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some of you are awfully demanding for people who don’t give any feedback about the requests/thirsts/discussions YOU ASKED FOR.
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Tumblr media
❛   tell   me   what   to   do   —   i’ll   do   anything   you   say.   ❜   co   -   starring   @gunbash​   as   sebastian   moran.
Tumblr media
IT'S   BEEN   AN   OVERWHELMING   WEEKEND   TO   SAY   THE   LEAST   ,   his   mind   still   spinning   as   he   tries   to   take   it   all   in.   what   was   meant   to   be   a   happy   friday   opening   turned   to   agony   only   halfway   into   his   opening   night   performance   ,   his   boyfriend   ,   the   love   of   his   life   ,   suddenly   gone   from   his   front   row   seat   ,   never   to   return   ,   not   even   for   the   meet   &   greet   with   the   cast   backstage   after   the   show   ended.   mason   tried   to   give   him   the   benefit   of   the   doubt   ,   tried   to   find   a   light   in   this   situation   ,   but   nothing   ever   came   to   mind.   he   couldn't   find   an   excuse   as   pain   was   the   only   thing   that   overshadowed   his   heart   ,   going   home   alone   with   much   praise   from   friends   &   critics   ,   but   not   from   the   one   that   mattered   most.   trust   was   something   he   didn't   give   so   willingly   ,   especially   now   that   his   viewpoint   on   romance   has   been   so   shaken   by   his   ex   ,   so   to   give   sebastian   his   entire   heart   ,   his   entire   soul   ,   only   to   break   it   with   his   disappearance   mid   his   first   serious   acting   role   ?   perhaps   he's   being   dramatic   &   something   serious   did   come   up   ,   but   he   can't   help   the   hurt   he   feels   once   he   makes   it   home   ,   hanging   on   to   the   dog   tags   sebastian   gifted   to   him   only   a   week   before   ,   contemplating   everything   in   that   moment.   when   sebastian   does   finally   arrive   at   his   apartment   ,   he's   all   but   pleading   ,   begging   for   mason   not   to   close   the   door   on   him.   he   admits   to   more   things   that   he   hasn't   yet   revealed   to   him   ,   admitting   that   the   reason   why   they   couldn't   be   together   as   fast   as   he   wanted   was   due   to   his   work.   not   his   professor   job   ,   but   his   work   as   a   hitman.   as   a   killer   ,   it   being   the   reason   why   he   had   to   leave   mid   his   show   ━━   for   an   assignment.   the   truth   was   a   lot   to   take   in   on   top   of   the   hurt   he   already   felt   ,   the   trust   that   was   built   between   them   shattering   just   bit   by   bit   the   more   sebastian   revealed.   he   promises   that   he's   trying   to   leave   that   life   ,   that   meeting   mason   was   the   reason   for   him   taking   a   leap   &   making   a   change   ,   &   while   mason   believes   him   ,   its   all   so   much   to   take   in.
Tumblr media
it's   a   quiet   few   days   in   his   apartment   after   that   ,   refusing   to   kick   sebastian   out   ,   but   not   feeling   too   talkative.   the   hitman   is   more   than   remorseful   ,   practically   begging   the   actor   for   forgiveness   often   ,   constantly   reassuring   him   that   things   will   change   &   admittedly   ,   this   is   a   first   for   mason.   no   man   has   ever   been   this   sorry   for   something   they   did   to   him   before.   he's   never   even   received   an   apology   from   past   flings   or   at   least   ,   not   one   that   was   actually heartfelt.   sebastian   looks   at   mason   like   he's   the   sun   &   the   stars   combined   &   even   now   when   there's   clear   hurt   in   both   their   eyes   ,   their   road   uncertain   ,   he   sees   that   love   in   there   tenfold   &   he   believes   all   his   promises   &   poetic   words.   their   foundation   of   trust   was   shaken   ,   but   it   hasn't   been   broken.   sebastian   has   proven   many   times   how   deeply   he   loves   mason   &   as   they   begin   to   get   more   talkative   that   weekend   ,   he   understands   why   he   couldn't   tell   him   right   away   &   how   he   didn't   want   to   risk   his   or   mason's   life   by   refusing   the   sudden   assignment   given   to   him   during   his   performance.   it   was   a   tough   weekend   ,   but   he   feels   as   though   it's   made   them   a   bit   stronger   &      while   sebastian   has   to   return   back   to   london   to   finish   out   the   spring   semester   ,   mason   makes   it   known   to   him   that   he   still   loves   him.   that   he   still   wants   him.   when   he   told   him   that   he   was   the   one   for   him   ,   he   really   meant   it   &   if   not   for   their   romance   &   shared   moments   in   the   past   few   weeks   ,   he   might   never   have   loved   in   this   life   at   all.   even   after   sebastian   leaves   ,   he   still   reaches   out   to   him   ,   texting   what   he   can   do   &   that   he'll   do   whatever   is   required   to   earn   his   trust   again.   mason   wants   to   tell   him   these   words   in   person   &   he   intends   to   once   he   returns   back   to   new   york   ,   but   for   now   ,   these   texts   will   do.
[   sms   →   apple   tart   🍏🥧💚   ]   :   i   need   you   to   stop   being   so   hard   on   yourself   ,   bash.   i   already   told   you   that   i   forgive   you. [   sms   →   apple   tart   🍏🥧💚   ]   :   despite   what   you've   done   in   your   past   ,   i   know   the   real   you.   the   only   thing   i   want   is   your   happiness   ,   which   i   know   means   leaving   that   place   &   moving   to   new   york   to   start   out   fresh. [   sms   →   apple   tart   🍏🥧💚   ]   :   i   want   to   reassure   you   that   we're   okay.   i   know   i   was   pretty   quiet   this   weekend   ,   but   i   just   needed   time   to   process.   it   was   a   lot   to   take   in.   but   i   promise   you.   nothing's   changed.   i   still   love   you   with   ever   fiber   of   my   being. [   sms   →   apple   tart   🍏🥧💚   ]   :   you   just   better   make   it   up   to   me   &   come   to   my   show   next   weekend   :)   otherwise   ,   i   will   find   you   &   take   you   out   myself.   &   i   don't   meant   the   dating   kind. [   sms   →   apple   tart   🍏🥧💚   ]   :   listen   to   this   on   the   plane. [   sms   →   apple   tart   🍏🥧💚   ]   :   i   love   you   ,   my   stranger   in   the   night.  get   to   london   safe   &   come   home   soon.   💚
he   knows   it'll   be   a   while   until   sebastian   sees   the   messages   ,   so   he   lays   in   his   bed   &   prepares   himself   for   a   long   ,   much   needed   sleep.   clearly   things   in   his   love   life   have   taken   a   turn   for   rather   difficult   &   while   many   might   see   this   &   run   from   the   possible   obstacle   ,   mason   will   take   it   head   on   without   fear.   hard   or   not   ,   sebastian   moran   was   more   than   worth   all   the   trouble.   he   loves   this   man.   he   plans   to   marry   this   man   one   day   &   no   one   ,   not   even   fucking   treadstone   is   going   to   stop   them.
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i finally watched the last two episodes of hometown cha cha cha today and even though i'd already spoilered myself for all the big scenes i cried anyway
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Tumblr media
@decayedguilt​​ / @musehcme​​ said :  “Five of those Gum Squad + designated older bro Tenko HC’s” {Because I had to~}           『 Meme || Accepting 』
Shinsou and Toga really do look up to Tenko a lot. Both in how they all have Quirks most would look down on for not being as ‘hero-like’ as the others and how he carries himself with that. The three have an–initially unspoken–pact to look after each other if the others are facing trouble because of their Quirks. Everyone in the squad does, but those three are a special case altogether. Tenko is their greatest confidant and solace when it comes to their Quirks, an inspiration of theirs that really helps them through a rough patch. If they have any questions or doubts, Tenko is the first person outside each other that they’ll talk to. It gives Tenko a certain feeling of pride, knowing they can trust and rely on him that much. And a comfort in knowing that he for sure has people who can understand him, especially when certain incidents arise.
Tamaki and Tenko took to leaning on each other when their respective anxieties act up. With their similar personalities, they mesh quite well together and tend to gravitate to each other when they’re especially uneasy because the other tends to be a rock for them. Sure, they have their respective extroverts that can do that as well, but Tenko and Tamaki tend to be more subtle reassurances to each other, which really helps especially when they feel rather low-energy and frustrated. They soundboard off each other lots in their downtime, especially when Tamaki had first joined the agency and when he began to take on a mentor role like Tenko had for him, in addition to Fat Gum. A strategy made by the two working in tandem is a force to be reckoned with. They are cooking buddies too, with Tenko helping Tamaki when it comes to baking and Tamaki giving him tips on how to make a killer meal.
Kiri is the one who will most consistently refer to Tenko as an older brother, honorifics and all. He’s desperately wanted one all his life, and now he’s finally got one. As such, he’s quite impressionable when it comes to Tenko, more than even Tamaki in some aspects. Ei’s like a little duckling when it comes to Tenko, Fat Gum once joked. Especially since they both have tactile, close-range Quirks than can really do damage if they’re not careful ( granted for different reasons ). He goes to Tenko lots for advice on handling his Quirk for that reason, and learned some of his techniques to keep his Quirk at bay. In turn, Tenko gets lots of attentiveness on Ei’s behalf, varying from Kiri keeping spare gloves for him handy, keeping his favorite snacks and memorizing Tenko’s tells, to just keeping vigilant over the guy to be ready to help for whatever in general. He really takes the little brother role quite seriously. Most notably, he ended up unconsciously developing the more subtle habit of grabbing onto things with his pinkie raised the way Tenko does from how much he watches him. He hadn’t even realized he did it until someone else pointed it out. 
Mirio once made it his mission to make Tenko really laugh back when he’d visited the Gum Agency shortly after Tamaki got his work study. No reason in particular, save how he realized he’d never heard Tenko laugh before. Just for fun. He told jokes, sang him silly songs, everything he could to manage it. Tenko hadn’t quite understood why nor really reacted at first as a result of his confusion. He DID manage to laugh at last when Mirio had gotten distracted, hearing Tamaki’s voice and stood up so fast to rush to him, he’d collided with Fat Gum and gotten ABSORBED. The agency had gone completely SILENT the moment Tenko had burst into laughter ( it was so RARE to hear such a thing, more so SEE the man actually do that! ). It took Tenko a solid few minutes to finally calm down, but from that day onwards, seeing both Mirio and Fat Gum in close proximity is enough to make Tenko crack a smile. 
Lots of Tenko’s gaming interests wound up being something the others ended up sharing after he’d talked about them, to his delight. They even keep up on gaming news so he can talk to them about it all ( though it’s always the best hearing information straight from or learning it with him ). Another influence he’s had is that sometimes they’ll even talk in gaming lingo or metaphors like he does without realizing it. It’s something that makes him really happy ( and them in turn too, when they became conscious of it )–that a little part of him became theirs. His nervousness in each first meeting with the others has long since been quelled for the most part because of how much they trust and see him as their equal and friend. They’re there for him no matter what happens, and have proven it ( and are more than willing to reassure him time and again ) over and over that it would never change. Yes, there are times he can’t help but get a little frustrated with the others, whether from bickering or the shenanigans that can ensue. But that’s what family is, right? His family. He wouldn’t trade it for the world. 
#musehcme#decayedguilt#hc#long post for ts#//Honorable mentions: 1) Hanging around Toga one-on-one is somberly nostalgic to Tenko sometimes bc she reminds him of Hana#He has accidentally referred to her as such a couple times; she never pressed him for the why; but MAN did it hit hard when he did explain#2) Shinsou and Tenko ended up really close after their respective Quirk incidents. Both spent the most time around each other after them#Tenko in particular saw a lot of himself in Shinsou when supporting the boy after the Trigger incident.#3) Mirio and Tenko share more inside jokes than all the others; save Tenko and Taishiro. It is quite the surprise to the others#4) Tenko unconsciously picked up a gesture of Kiri's; bumping his fists together to hype himself up#//He doesn't do it too often; mostly before an especially dicey mission; especially if he's by himself; or even facing a tricky game level#On that note; 5) Shinsou and Tenko wound up sharing the shit-eating cocky grin and surprised kitty faces; esp after getting closer#6) Everyone has had a respective jaw drop moment when they first heard Tenko refer to Fat Gum as an older brother. The two find them amusing#7) Toga's almost exclusively addressed Tenko by nickname from the moment she found out it was okay to. 'Kocchan' and 'Tenny' are a couple#8) Tamaki and Tenko will sometimes bicker over ho gets to deal with the others when they both catch them in shenanigans#Tenko consistently tries to pull the seniority card while Tamaki will try to shift it on him by saying he's the older one#They both end up doing it anyways; to the amusement of the others#9) Mirio and Tenko spent a lot of time together at the hospital after the Eri rescue. Both ended up crying the first night after talking#Tenko bc he regretted not doing enough to stop Mirio's Quirk from being erased; Mirio bc the emotions got to him and Tenko opening up a bit#10) The squad likes to sit in and atch Tenko game when he lets them. Bc there's never a dull moment; he likes to show off his finest skills#Guaranteed; the squad's always in awe and hyping him up. It makes him very happy; especially if he'd put a lot of effort into perfecting it#11) Tenko never has to worry about lacking a gaming buddy. Chances are if he asks; the person WILL say yes#He even offers to pick out the games according to everyone's respective tastes; but if they get the chance; they'll play his faves and their#12) Tenko visiting UA would typically end up with him; Mirio; Tamaki; and Nejire in shenanigans like they used to#He was prepared to;especially since he likes the familiarity. What he did NOT anticipate was Kiri; Shin; and Toga also being up to clownery#Which of course kicks the Big Bro Instinct into overdrive; and they end up taking it as a training challenge to escape him#Spoiler alert: They still have yet to beat him. Though Shinsou's gotten pretty darn close#Spoiler alert 2: Even Tenko finds it rather fun
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i love when ppl interact w my rlly old posts like where did u find that
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imagineshuitsukieveryday · 8 months ago
Imagine Shu Itsuki owning a bakery shop.
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was feeling particularly self conscious this morning but then i remembered i gotta wear a mask so it’s ok actually
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following me is like ‘hmmm,.. i wonder who her bias is today <3′
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aziraphalesangel · 2 years ago
*gets murdered because I only made dinner for myself*
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Me: *Doesn't have even half of my shit together, is a chaotic mess, always hurrying up against deadlines, can't balance work, study and social life*
Also me: oh let's have 3 blogs, I'm sure I can manage :)
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aradiiaa · 3 years ago
Nyall I have a question for anyone who has played plenty of both Sims 3 and 4.. which series do you prefer? I already have a bunch of Sims 3 expansion packs but I’m trying to decide on whether the Seasons and Pets packs for Sims 4 are worth buying, regardless of whether or not I wait for the prices to drop
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plaguedocboi · a year ago
Here it is folks:
My definitive ranking of my least favorite bodies of water! These are ranked from least to most scary (1/10 is okay, 10/10 gives me nightmares). I’m sorry this post is long, I have a lot of thoughts and feelings about this.
The Great Blue Hole, Belize
Tumblr media
I’ve been here! I have snorkeled over this thing! It is terrifying! The water around the hole is so shallow you can’t even swim over the coral without bumping it, and then there’s a little slope down, and then it just fucking drops off into the abyss! When you’re over the hole the water temperature drops like 10 degrees and it’s midnight blue even when you’re right by the surface. Anyway. The Great Blue Hole is a massive underwater cave, and its roughly 410 feet deep. Overall, it’s a relatively safe area to swim. It’s a popular tourist attraction and recreational divers can even go down and explore some of the caves. People do die at the Blue Hole, but it is generally from a lack of diving experience rather than anything sinister going on down in the depths. My rating for this one is 1/10 because I’ve been here and although it’s kinda freaky it’s really not that bad.
Lake Baikal, Russia
Tumblr media
When I want to give myself a scare I look at the depth diagram of this lake. It’s so deep because it’s not a regular lake, it’s a Rift Valley, A massive crack in the earth’s crust where the continental plates are pulling apart. It’s over 5,000 feet deep and contains one-fifth of all freshwater on Earth. Luckily, its not any more deadly than a normal lake. It just happens to be very, very, freakishly deep. My rating for this lake is a 2/10 because I really hate looking at the depth charts but just looking at the lake itself isn’t that scary.
Jacob’s Well, Texas
Tumblr media
This “well” is actually the opening to an underwater cave system. It’s roughly 120 feet deep, surrounded by very shallow water. This area is safe to swim in, but diving into the well can be deadly. The cave system below has false exits and narrow passages, resulting in multiple divers getting trapped and dying. My rating is a 3/10, because although I hate seeing that drop into the abyss it’s a pretty safe place to swim as long as you don’t go down into the cave (which I sure as shit won’t).
The Devil’s Kettle, Minnesota
Tumblr media
This is an area in the Brule River where half the river just disappears. It literally falls into a hole and is never seen again. Scientists have dropped in dye, ping pong balls, and other things to try and figure out where it goes, and the things they drop in never resurface. Rating is 4/10 because Sometimes I worry I’m going to fall into it.
Flathead Lake, Montana
Tumblr media
Everyone has probably seen this picture accompanied by a description about how this lake is actually hundreds of feet deep but just looks shallow because the water is so clear. If that were the case, this would definitely rank higher, but that claim is mostly bull. Look at the shadow of the raft. If it were hundreds of feet deep, the shadow would look like a tiny speck. Flathead lake does get very deep, but the spot the picture was taken in is fairly shallow. You can’t see the bottom in the deep parts. However, having freakishly clear water means you can see exactly where the sandy bottom drops off into blackness, so this still ranks a 5/10.
The Lower Congo River, multiple countries
Tumblr media
Most of the Congo is a pretty normal, if large, River. In the lower section of it, however, lurks a disturbing surprise: massive underwater canyons that plunge down to 720 feet. The fish that live down there resemble cave fish, having no color, no eyes, and special sensory organs to find their way in the dark. These canyons are so sheer that they create massive rapids, wild currents and vortexes that can very easily kill you if you fall in. A solid 6/10, would not go there.
Little Crater Lake, Oregon
Tumblr media
On first glance this lake doesn’t look too scary. It ranks this high because I really don’t like the sheer drop off and how clear it is (because it shows you exactly how deep it goes). This lake is about 100 feet across and 45 feet deep, and I strongly feel that this is too deep for such a small lake. Also, the water is freezing, and if you fall into the lake your muscles will seize up and you’ll sink and drown. I don’t like that either. 7/10.
Grand Turk 7,000 ft drop off
Tumblr media
No. 8/10. I hate it.
Gulf of Corryvreckan, Scotland
Tumblr media
Due to a quirk in the sea floor, there is a permanent whirlpool here. This isn’t one of those things that looks scary but actually won’t hurt you, either. It absolutely will suck you down if you get too close. Scientists threw a mannequin with a depth gauge into it and when it was recovered the gauge showed it went down to over 600 feet. If you fall into this whirlpool you will die. 9/10 because this seems like something that should only be in movies.
The Bolton Strid, England
Tumblr media
This looks like an adorable little creek in the English countryside but it’s not. Its really not. Statistically speaking, this is the most deadly body of water in the world. It has a 100% mortality rate. There is no recorded case of anyone falling into this river and coming out alive. This is because, a little ways upstream, this isn’t a cute little creek. It’s the River Wharfe, a river approximately 30 feet wide. This river is forced through a tiny crack in the earth, essentially turning it on its side. Now, instead of being 30 feet wide and 6 feet deep, it’s 6 feet wide and 30 feet deep (estimated, because no one actually knows how deep the Strid is). The currents are deadly fast. The banks are extremely undercut and the river has created caves, tunnels and holes for things (like bodies) to get trapped in. The innocent appearance of the Strid makes this place a death trap, because people assume it’s only knee-deep and step in to never be seen again. I hate this river. I have nightmares about it. I will never go to England just because I don’t want to be in the same country as this people-swallowing stream. 10/10, I live in constant fear of this place.
Honorable mention: The Quarry, Pennsylvania
I don’t know if that’s it’s actual name. This lake gets an honorable mention not because it’s particularly deep or dangerous, but it’s where I almost drowned during a scuba diving accident.
Edit: I’ve looked up the name of the quarry, it’s called Crusty’s Quarry and is privately owned and only used for training purposes, not recreational diving.
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y'all : * follow *
me : * clutching my chest * ,,, i don't deserve
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how many | jjk | 0
Tumblr media
Pairing: Jungkook x TattooArtist!Reader
Genre: Fluff, Smut, BadBoy!AU
Summary: To Jeon Jungkook, you're just the cutie who sits across from him in art class. He doesn’t have a clue that you're also the hidden face of his favorite tattoo artist on social media. When the bad boy notices you've taken a surprising interest in his ink, he dares you to explore every inch of his body until all of his tattoos are accounted for. Tempted by his irresistible smile and delicate touch, you might even let him in on your little secret.
Word Count: 3.2k
Parts: 0 ◆ 1 ◆ 2 ◆ 3 ◆ 4
A/N: hello! this is going to feel more like a series of drabbles with an overarching plot rather than a traditional series. also please note that only certain chapters will contain smut (ill mark the ones that do). this particular chapter has no smut
Tumblr media
Art class isn’t supposed to be scary, but that doesn’t stop you from taking the furthest possible seat from where all the chatty people are getting acquainted before the new semester officially begins. Maybe you fucked up. Maybe you should’ve picked a seat closer to all those extroverts, and maybe you would’ve naturally fallen into their circle. Or not. You wouldn’t blame them.
You decide you’re fine right where you are. It gives you the space you need to ensure no one else sees the internal chaos reflected in the whites of your eyes whenever it comes to social interactions. You’re the opposite of a social butterfly, and it’s at times like this when you wonder how the fuck some like you has such a huge social media following—503,448 followers to be exact. It’s not your personality (you’re too much of an introvert for anyone to really get to know you). It’s not your face (you haven’t posted a single photo of yourself on your account). So it has to be your art.
And although you’re a lover of all different art forms, your true love lies with ink on skin. It’s a bit unexpected for someone like you, a soft girl with not a single drop of ink on her own arms. But regardless of your unassuming appearance and quiet nature, you’ve won over countless people who proudly wear your art on their skin. That’s the business you built for yourself from nothing more than a passion you’d always kept close to your heart.
So maybe you should stop worrying so much about making good first impressions. Your art will break the ice for you.
“Is this seat open?” A finger with a fine crown etched into it points at the spot across from you. Your eyes follow a long sleeve of eyeballs, text, and rock ’n’ roll up to a handsome face with too many piercings to count. He fits the description of someone you’d only heard rumors about but never saw in the flesh. Tatts and piercings? Check. Man bun? Check. Hot as fuck?
You take a quick glance at the boy as a whole. Some of his features are surprisingly soft. His eyes are enormous, his nose is adorable, and his lips are the prettiest pink you’ve ever seen—1775 C in Pantone if you had to guess. He even smells nice. Fuck. Definitely hot as fuck but also lowkey cute.
“Yeah, go ahead,” you say while trying to get your heart rate under control. He nods and pulls his earbuds out as he takes a seat. He uses his phone screen to check his reflection, making more of an effort to rub a speck of who-knows-what off his lip than to make small talk with you. This person is someone who clearly doesn’t give a fuck where he sits, and it’s sad that you’re envious of that.
“Hey, nice tatts, bro,” another guy calls out as he passes by your new neighbor.
“Thanks,” he calls back. It isn’t long before he’s back to his phone. You wonder if he’s too absorbed in his own reflection to hear the girls talking about him at the other table.
“I told you we should’ve sat over there.”
“Does he have a girlfriend?”
“That’s Jeon Jungkook, isn’t it?”
Aha. Jeon Jungkook. That name rings a bell. You whip out your phone and search him up. It only takes a few seconds to find that his Instagram @ArtOfKooking has quite a following too. You scroll through his most recent posts but find none of this “art” that he speaks of in his handle aside from what’s visible on his arm. Imagine having 100k followers just for being an attractive human.
Your mindless scrolling comes to an abrupt stop at a black and white photo from a few months back. He weaves his fingers through his long locks with a killer gaze. You take back what you said about the lack of art on his page. It turns out the boy himself is a work of art and he knows it.
You suddenly remember why you’d avoided searching Jungkook up when your friend Seokjin first mentioned him to you a while back. The last thing you wanted was to fall victim to a pretty face with excellent taste in body art—a deadly combination and one of your biggest weaknesses. But it’s already too late. Your thumb double-taps the photo to trigger the little heart animation.
You study his profile again and identify a bigger problem than your tiny crush on a boy who’s probably going to get you into a lot of trouble. Jungkook follows your tattoo account, which means he’s going to get a big fat notification that you liked his photo from months ago, which means you must’ve been scrolling through his posts for some time, which means you’re clearly intrigued by him, which means you’re actually fucked.
Thank god your professor finally starts the class. You need some sort of distraction from the first-world problem you currently find yourself in with the fine specimen sitting across from you.
“Let’s start with an exercise with the person sitting across from you.” You already hate this professor. “To get better acquainted with your classmates, I want you to draw whatever your partner requests in your own style. The request can be as specific or vague as you want. Oh, and no dick pics or boobs, please. I was told to keep the first day as clean as possible.”
With the assignment underway, you and Jungkook both pull out your sketchbooks. Yours looks practically new despite being halfway filled. His looks like a dinosaur stepped on it with more than a few pages falling out. Without saying a word, he slides his sketchbook over to you, inviting you to snoop around inside his world and waiting for an invitation of his own. Your sketchbook is too heavy to slide across the table, so he watches patiently as you push your sketchbook to him inch by inch until he picks it up with a silent chuckle. Great, he already thinks your weird.
The physical state of his sketchbook is deceptively sloppy. There are probably more torn-out pages than actual drawings, but you have to admit you like what you find. His style is a tad chaotic yet somehow in good taste. You can easily picture these designs somewhere on his body, and perhaps they already are.
Your favorite detail is that everything is in ink.
“You’re incredible,” he says, flipping through your pages. “You’re like those YouTubers who draw soda bottles and shit as if it's sitting on the page in real life. You know what I mean?”
“Thanks,” you nod. The compliment is oddly specific and not exactly your niche or platform, but you do get what he means. You have a knack for replicating what you see. If you were to copy a barcode line by line, it’d probably fool the scanner. That’s the level of precision in your work.
“Ah, I got it.” He twirls his pen around. “Can you draw my arm drawing whatever you want me to draw?”
“Sure.” Of course Jeon Jungkook wants you to draw him. Sounds on-brand for someone who is quite possibly in love with himself. But maybe you can use that trait of his to your advantage. “I want you to draw your next tattoo.”
You see his eyes shift from your art to your face. He studies you for a moment. If you had to guess, he probably doesn’t believe someone like you is actually interested in his tattoos. After all, most tattoo enthusiasts are identified by the ink they proudly wear on their sleeves. Meanwhile, your version of a sleeve is cozy, knitted, oversized, and void of any ink.
“What if I drew one for you instead?” He places the pen down on the blank page in front of him and stretches his arms up toward the ceiling. The upper section of his sleeve peeks out from his black tee. It's even more intense than his forearm. “I’m kind of over the thrill of injecting ink into my veins.”
“Oh…” That’s most definitely not the response you were expecting. Maybe you shouldn’t have assumed that someone with a lot of tattoos wouldn’t mind one more. How dare you make such a bold assumption. You'll never open your mouth again.
“I’d much rather taint someone else,” he hums. His tone is light but his eyes are dark as they pierce the air between you and him. You’d really like to see him try.
“Art can be tainted by people, but people can’t be tainted by art,” you respond. As introverted as you are, you gain a sense of comfort to speak your mind when it comes to an art form that has defined your life thus far. “Unless they have a tattoo of their ex. Then I guess they’re kind of fucked.”
“Truer words have never been spoken. I knew I liked you.” Oh. His nose crinkles and his laugh is much softer than expected. He picks up his pen and starts drawing heavy smooth lines. “I was just fucking with you, by the way. You can never have too many tattoos, right?”
You nod as if you also have a full sleeve of eyeballs and rock ’n’ roll. That’s when you notice he’s drawing in your sketchbook as if what’s yours is his. Whether intentional or not on his end, you don’t really want to swap back.
“I don’t think the professor intended for us to draw in each other’s sketchbook,” you point out as you follow his lead and start marking up the next blank page in the Jurassic artifact. You outline the positions of Jungkook’s arm, your sketchbook, and the top of his sketchbook from your perspective.
“I like it better this way,” he says. His lines are starting to come together, but you still have no idea what it’s supposed to be. You just have to trust the process. “It’ll give me something to remember you by.”
“You make it sound like I’m going to be dead by sunrise.” You try not to look at the smile that forms on his face when you say that. Instead, you focus on the details in his tattoos and transfer them onto your page. Some of the tattoos match the style found in his sketchbook, and it’s not a coincidence. “How many of your tattoos are your own design?”
Jungkook puts a pause on his drawing to examine his arm and run some calculations in his head. His answer isn’t a number. “I lost track, but maybe you can count them for me.”
He gives you a better look at all the art on his arm. He’s practically asking for your attention, and a part of you hates that you’re so quick to give it. Your innocent soul diligently counts all of the ones you assume to be in Jungkook’s style. You count around five. But then it hits you. You don’t know how many other tattoos are beneath his clothes and where they might be hiding.
“How many others are hidden?” you ask.
He shrugs. “Let me know when you’ve found them all.”
It takes you a minute to wrap your innocent head around what he’s implying. You imagine he might have one on his ribs—that’s the most attractive spot you’ve come across as a tattoo artist. But in what scenario are you going to find a shirtless Jeon Jungkook in front of you? Clients strip down for you all the time in the name of art, but it’s not like Jungkook is aware of your inking business. So the only way you’d ever thoroughly explore his bare body is if—
Your mouth forms a tiny O, but no words come out. In fact, you find it pretty hard to do anything at the moment, so you just watch as the boy continues on with his mysterious design. He definitely knows what he’s drawing, and yet you can’t seem to crack the code.
“You’re fun to tease, Y/N,” Jungkook says, nonchalantly flipping your sketchbook back to the inside cover to make sure he got your name right. Of course you’re That Girl with your name written in fancy font on your fucking sketchbook. And of course he’s going to tease you about every quirky thing you do. “I really hope you aren’t dead by sunrise.”
“Unlikely.” You realize you’ve regained your ability to function properly and point to his work in progress. “But if I am, promise me you’ll get that tattooed on your forehead where everyone can see it.”
“It’s a promise.” He plays along with your dry humor before getting back to work with a cute smile. Wholesome smiles always seem to hit different when they’re coming from the people you least expect.
At some point, Jungkook waits for you to finish drawing his arm so that the two of you can complete his design at the same time. He claims his design is only a few strokes away from the big reveal, but you’re still not seeing it.
As class comes to a close, your page is filled with a beautiful arm, two sketchbooks, and a design that’s apparently “only a few strokes away.” Jungkook takes you line by line until you see it. Very clearly, in fact. It’s a bunny with a tiny carrot tattoo, and it’s been staring you in the face the entire time. The boy drew it upside-down from his perspective so that it’d be right-side up for you. You’re thoroughly impressed.
“Is this tattoo for you or for me?” you ask. While the bunny might definitely be on-brand with Jungkook’s art style, it’s not quite as edgy as his other tattoos.
“Does it get your stamp of approval?” He closes your sketchbook and hands it back to you.
“Of course it does.” You try not to smile too much at the fact that Jungkook’s adorable design is forever inked into your sketchbook. “I love it,” you say as quietly as possible.
“Then it's all yours.” He whips out a black marker and gestures for your hand. You give it to him without question. The hand that holds yours is rough (in that he should probably invest in some higher quality lotion) and gentle (in that you never want him to let go). The subtle caresses engulfing your hand distract you from the marker gliding across your skin. Twenty seconds later, you have a simplified version of the bunny on the back of your hand.
You flail your hand about and blow on it in hopes that the ink will dry before it can smug. “If you ever get your license, this is the one I want,” you say.
“Sounds like a plan.” He takes one last look at your completed drawing and tucks it away safely into his bag. For someone with such a beaten-up sketchbook, you expected him to be a bit more careless with his belongings. But maybe he’s a little different from what you thought you knew about him.
In fact, it’s thanks to this boy that your first day in art class went as well as it did. You made him laugh, and he made you smile. Like everything just felt right between you and him.
You feel like you’re forgetting something though.
“Hey, by the way, do you have an IG for your art that I can follow?” Jungkook pulls out his phone because why wouldn’t you have an account to showcase all of your art? You blink at him because here’s your next mistake: Your only Instagram account @snowsleeve is the one for your tattoo business, the one where your identity is more or less kept out of the spotlight. And you never thought to make a separate account with all of your non-tattoo art under your real name.
“I actually don’t… but it’d probably be beneficial for me to make one.” You’re embarrassed that this is your reality. You’ve utilized social media to build a strong reputation for your business, and yet you totally failed to get your real name out there in the art community. Because perhaps someday, you won’t want to be known solely for your tattoos.
“Well, make one and add me,” he says. “I’ll be your first follower.”
“What’s your account?” Of course you’ve already tracked him down at @ArtOfKooking with your subpar sleuthing skills, but he doesn’t need to know that.
“It’s @jjkINK.” He pulls the account up for you to view. All of the art missing from his other account can be found here, and his face is nowhere in sight. Maybe having multiple accounts is more common than you thought.
“Wow, 30,000 followers? I didn’t know I was in the presence of an influencer,” you gasp and make it extra dramatic. After all, 30,000 is a big following for someone who isn’t a celebrity or well-known figure.
“I’m not an influencer.” He laughs and waves off your dramatic performance. “I’m just someone who shares his art with others. It’s really not that impressive, you know.”
“Well I’m impressed,” you say. And you mean it. You find it interesting how he doesn’t just dump all of his art into his @ArtOfKooking account with over three times as many followers. You imagine it’d be pretty tempting to do that for the sake of more exposure.
Once you’ve set up an alternate account under your real name with @Y/NsArtCorner, you hit the follow button on Jungkook’s art page and leave it at that. A few seconds later, you get a follow back from @ArtOfKooking.
“Oh, that’s my main account,” he explains. “I don’t post any art on that one, so you don’t really have to follow—”
You hit the follow button on that account too. “104,343 followers... Are you sure you aren’t an influencer?”
“I haven’t influenced anyone to do anything, for your information.” You feel like there should’ve been a hmph at the end of his sentence. He points to the bunny on your hand and says, “Well, except for you getting that rad tattoo.”
“Hey, don’t go thinking your bad boy self is a bad influence on me,” you say, holding your wrist close to your heart. “I’m totally not against the encouragement of getting something permanent branded into your skin.” You play it off as sarcasm, but that’s how you make bank.
“Would you really get one?” His eyes lock onto your body, identifying it as the perfect blank canvas for whatever he’s imagining.
“How do you know I don’t already have one?” You raise an eyebrow and cross your arms, still careful not to smudge the precious ink on your hand.
Jungkook tilts his head and squints as if he’s trying to see through the knitted holes of your slouchy sweater. As far as he can see, you don’t have any. But maybe that’s the point. Any tattoo you may or may not have would have to be hidden somewhere on your bare skin beneath your sweater, your lingerie, and most importantly, your soft smile. And the thought of that puts a curious little gleam in the boy’s eyes.
“Wait, how many do you have…?” He needs answers.
You throw your bag over your shoulder and shrug on the way out of the classroom. “Let me know when you’ve found them all.”
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vagabondings · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Study Date
kirishima x bakugou x f!reader
summary - you and your boyfriends attempt to study. attempt.
a/n - smut, threesome, bakugou and kirishima are both bi and so is reader, college au, quirkless au, praise, degradation, shy reader, sorry for slandering shinsou, unprotected sex, exhibitionism, face fucking, impact play, cumplay ig im, i forgot that this was mostly filth when i went to re edit it. repost from my old blog, katsupeach. kirishima and bakugou's heights are described but they're bigger than you, daddy kink. poly au <3
this is within the kiribaku au that this fic is in
MINORS DNI - You must have an age visible on your page somewhere to interact with this post.
Tumblr media
“So if you look over here,” You guide Kirishima’s gaze to the painting on the glossy page of your $300 art history textbook, “This is a scene from the tempest, by William Hamilton,” you turn to look at the redhead, who is chewing on the end of his pen. “Are you listening to me?” He blushes. 
“No.” He admits, reaching over and smoothing your hair. “You look so pretty today.” You swat at his hand and across the study room table, Bakugou scowls. 
“Shitty hair. You cannot fail this class if you want to graduate on time.” He gets up and sits down on the other side of you, scooting his chair over. “What are you trying to get through his thick skull?” He growls. You turn to the blonde. 
“It’s just that he has to remember that this is from the Tempest, which wouldn’t be as much of an issue,” you cock your head a little, “If he’d bothered to read it.” Kirishima groans. 
“It’s so long, and I read a bunch of the other plays, maybe I read the Tempest!” 
“Kirishima!” You say indignantly. “This is not a class that you can pass without doing the reading!” Bakugou puts a calloused hand on your thigh. 
“S’not your fault the idiot doesn’t care about school.” An evil grin spreads across his face, “Baby just needs some incentive to pay attention, is that right?” Kirishima blushes at the pet name and looks away. 
“I don’t need anything,” He mumbles, “I’ll, I’ll try harder, promise.” Bakugou shakes his head. 
“You’ve got an exam tomorrow.” He raps his boyfriend’s head with a plastic pen. “The time for tryin’ harder was about two weeks ago.” He pushes you to your feet and moves one chair over, taking your seat. 
“Katsuki,” You say quickly, “What are you…” You trail off when you see him unzip his black skinny jeans, and free his hard cock from his green boxers. “We. are in. the library.” You hiss. 
“You say that like it’s church.” Bakugou snorts. 
“It is to me!” You snap, and he shakes his head. 
“We’re in a study room. It’s 2AM. We’re probably the only one’s in the fuckin’ building.” He argues. 
“Probably isn’t good enough for me.” You respond haughtily and he grins. 
“Princess.” Blood pools in your cheeks. “Princess,” he growls again. “Take those panties off and be a good girl, bend over for daddy.” You look over to Kirishima, his mouth is open, eyes wide. You bite your lip and bend over a little, slipping your hands under your skirt and pulling your pale blue lacy underwear down to your ankles, and stepping out of them. You go to hand them to him and he shakes his head. “Shitty hair will hold onto those.” A low whine escapes Kirishima’s lips as he takes the soft fabric in his hands, watching as Bakugou reaches a hand under your plaid skirt, 
“This is what you wanted, right?” Bakugou rasps, squeezing your bare ass, now positioned in front of him. “Fuckin’ slut, wearin’ that skirt, knowing what it would do to us.” You feel the cool air between your legs and let out a low hum. Kirishima reaches for you but Bakugou glares at him. 
“Shouldn’tcha be studying dumbass? I’m fucking busy. If you want to get your dick wet you better finish that fucking chapter.” Bakugou squeezes your soft thighs then runs a finger up your slit. “Oooh,” he almost coos, “Baby’s wet, huh?” He grabs your ass so hard you gasp. “Keep tutoring.” He orders, and you look back at him, surprised. “Did that sound like a suggestion to you?” You shake your head. “Then get to it.” You clear your throat and attempt to focus. 
“So in, um,” You turn to Kirishima, whose eyes are lust drunk, but you can see he’s trying as hard as you are to focus, “In the Tempest, when Prospero,” you take in a gulp of air, as Bakugou parts your folds with a finger, “When Prospero is seeking, uh, ah,” Your eyes widen, and your pupils dilate as you feel him slip a single calloused finger inside of you. 
“Focus.” Bakugou taunts. 
“When Prospero is seeking justice,” You get out, “He really does um, after losing his throne,” You take a deep breath as Bakugou scrapes your velvet walls roughly, “He does believe he’s in the right.” Kirishima nods. 
“Uh, uh-huh.” 
“And you have to remember,” You say, closing your eyes for a moment, squealing softly as Bakugou adds a second finger, “That, that, um,” 
“Help her out, Kirishima.” Bakugou says, “What’s she gettin’ at?” Kirishima wracks his brain, lost in your already debauched expression. 
“Uh, if he believes he’s okay to uh, do whatever he wants to get his throne back?” You swallow. 
“And uh, but he does do some bad things, to try to get it back.” Kirishima continues. And you nod emphatically, eyes unfocusing when Bakugou scissors his fingers inside of you. 
“Right, so justice,” you pause, hands curling into fists when Bakugou presses up against that spongey spot inside you, “Um, in this world, justice is, justice is subjective.” 
“Prospero could be like, an unreliable narrator!” Kirishima exclaims, forgetting for a moment, that Bakugou was knuckle deep in your core, so proud of himself for getting it right. 
“He-he could be!” You choke out. “G-good job.” Bakugou withdraws his hand and you let out a shaky sigh. He holds the two fingers out to Kirishima, who sucks on them hungrily, groaning. 
“Can we uh, take a break?” Kirishima asks desperately and Bakugou looks livid. 
“You got exactly one question right and you wanna take a break?” He pulls you onto his lap and spreads your legs across his. “No fuckin’ way.” He taps the textbook in front of him. “Keep going.” You turn around a little to protest and Bakugou snatches your wrists. “And you,” You melt under his stern gaze, “Stop fuckin’ squirming.” He lets go of one of your wrists and you shiver with anticipation as he rubs the head of his cock against you. “Yeah, baby,” he says, “You want this, tell me what you want?” Your face burns. It’s late but anyone could open the to the study room, and it makes your heart race. 
“W-want daddy’s cock.” You mutter and he shakes his head. 
“Louder.” You look at him desperately and he chuckles. “Think you heard me just fine.” 
“I want daddy’s cock.” You say, a little louder, but it’s enough for him to, thank god, start easing himself inside you. “Ah, fuck, Katsuki.” You groan as he settles you on his lap, and scoots the chair in, under the table. 
“Get back to work.” He snaps and you turn around, he can’t be serious, you’re so full you’re dripping down his cock, you squirm a little and he presses your thighs down against his. “Stay. Still.” He growls, his tone leaving no room for argument. 
“O-okay,” You say softly, “Kiri, um, Eij,” Your eyes are glossy and unfocused as you turn back to your boyfriend. 
“Katsuki,” Kirishima says turning to Bakugou, “That’s not fair, to punish her because I haven’t studied enough.” Bakugou moves, and even a small thrust of his thick cock against your walls is enough to elicit a tiny whimper from the back of your throat. 
“If you don’t want her to suffer,” Bakugou emphasizes the last word, “I suggest you buckle the fuck down.” Kirishima nods, blushing a bright red as your face contorts in frustration. You try and move a little but Bakugou holds you fast to him, not allowing any friction or pressure to change, you feel so full, you can feel his cock stretching you but you can’t get any relief for your aching core, for the coil tightening in your stomach. “Focus.” He growls in your ear, and you whimper again.
“R-right.” You chirp. “S-so, back to the painting.” Kirishima nods, you have his full attention now, “William H-hamilton was an architect,” you swallow, Bakugou leans back on the chair, enjoying the feeling of your soft walls, tight around his cock. “This isn’t one of his well-known works, but if, uh, if we think about it in terms of the themes of justice, or uh, subjective justice.” Bakugou snickers. “Katsuki,” you whine, “Please move, please please please.” You turn around and beg him, eyes wide, pleading. 
“You’re barkin’ up the wrong tree.” He rasps, shrugging. “Beg him.” He gestures to Kirishima.  
“Tell me about the painting,” you whine, tears pricking in your eyes with frustration as you struggle against Bakugou’s iron grip on your soft thighs. 
“What’s your color, first?” Kirishima says, eyes flicking to Bakugou. 
“Green,” you choke out, “Green, green, green, just tell me about the fucking painting.” Kirishima’s ears go as red as his face when he stairs down at it. 
“Uh, uh, the angel, the angel is choosing, right?” You bite down on the bottom of your lip, “She’s like lighting up the guy in the right,” you nod emphatically, “Prospero,” you nod again, a single tear rolling down your face, you need some kind of relief, you need something, the agony of the gentle press on your g-spot was enough to make you choke out a sob. “But he isn’t necessarily the good guy. Because he did bad things, so um, if I look at the painting, again, uh,” he runs his fingers down the page and Bakugou thrusts up cruelly, pressing his palms down on top of your thighs so that he’s buried in you to the hilt. 
“Fuck,” you warble, a sad little song as you bury your face in your hands. “Please, please daddy, need you.” 
“When he gets it right we’re gonna make you feel so fucking good.” Bakugou snarls, pressing a burning kiss to your neck. “So hurry up, shithead.” 
“Oh oh, could he be, could he, uh, the villain, is he protecting the girl, from the other guy?” 
“Possible.” You whine. “With oil paintings, watch the light,” You close your eyes quickly.
Then open them again, squinting in the harsh industrial flourescents. 
“Oh shit, he’s uh, he’s standing in the shadow.” 
“Yes!” You say, too loudly because Bakugou lifts a  hand and covers your mouth with it. 
“That’s good enough for me.” He groans, lifting you and bouncing you up and down on 
His cock. Even once, your vision goes white for a full second at the feeling of his withdraw and then the return of the pressure against that bundle of nerves he always found so easily. Your mouth drops open, a harsh cry escapes your lips, only slightly muscled by Bakugou’s huge hand, at finally receiving the relief you’ve been seeking. Bakugou keeps your legs spread and thrusts up into you, groaning. “C’mon dumbass,” he snaps at Kirishima, “Say thank you to your tutor.” Kirishima wrenches the chair out from under the table, diving onto his knees and flipping your skirt up over his head. He licks up from Bakugou’s balls all the way to your clit, and you cry out sharply when he starts to ravish it with his full attention, rough tongue flicking over your sensitive nub as tears stream down your face from overstimulation. Bakugou feels you clench and flutter. 
“Does she want to cum?” He growls. “Does my little bitch wanna cum?” You nod vigorously, words fail you, your mind is completely and utterly blank as Bakugou fucks you brutally, with your legs wrapped around his, he frees his arms up to touch your chest, pinching your nipples hard through your shirt. “Cum for me, slut.” He rumbles, and you go to scream, or you would, if Bakugou didn’t shove three of his fingers in your mouth as you come undone between the huge men, gushing all over Kiri’s face, as he slurps it up hungrily, making loud smacking sounds in the quiet of the library. You gurgle around his hand, eyes rolling in the back of your head, drooling a little as Bakugou keeps fucking you through your orgasm, getting impossibly hard and groaning loudly as he finishes inside. 
“Gonna paint that pretty fuckin’ pussy with my cum,” he rasps, and when he hears your choked sobs he swears, “Fuck yeah, you like that baby, wanna be fuckin’ mine?” It’s so much, you can feel everything, Kirishima’s huge hands on your shaking thighs, Bakugou’s cock filling you up all the way and then some, and of course, Kirishima sucking on your clit to the point of painful pleasure. You’re twitching and crying as you come down from your high.
“Jesus Christ,” Bakugou says, “You bit the shit out of my fingers.” You mumble some kind of apology, but he just slaps your thigh. “Shitty hair.” He says. “Fuck her brains out. We’ll carry her home.” Kirishima grins, standing, 
“Come here,” He coos, positioning your limp form over the table. “Open up,” he says, just as sweetly, as he tucks your panties into your mouth, “Gotta be quiet for me, okay princess?” You mewl softly into the fabric, tasting yourself as you bite down on the cotton. He puts one huge hands between your shoulder blades, forcing your back into a slightly harsher arch. “Wrists please,” he says, and you extend them behind you. He takes both of them in one hand, you’re still trembling from cumming a few seconds ago, as he eases gently inside of you. “Good girl,” He says kindly, “Takin’ me so well.” Even after a month of dating you’re still not really used to how big Kirishima is, and you know he’s marveling at how you stretch to accommodate his huge mushroom head, pink with need, pushing Bakugou’s cum further into your pussy with a lewd squelch. 
“Kiri,” you whine through the panties, “S’so big,” he chuckles, brushing his fingers through your hair with his free hand. 
“I know baby, I know.” He lightly runs his nails down  your back and you shiver. “Bakugou’s so rough with you, so rough with baby, hm?” You nod. “Aww,” He says, and then cruelly shoves his whole cock inside of you in one thrust, and you let a harsh whine out that even the panties can’t muffle. 
“Fuck,” Bakugou says, getting up and stabilizing the table as Kirishima rocks into it and knocks it back and forth with his brutal thrusts. “Careful, idiot, don’t break her.” Kirishima nods, keeping a firm but careful grip on your wrists for leverage, 
“She’s so good for me though,” he coos, “So perfect,” you hum with pleasure as he fucks you slowly you’re so wet that you’re creaming around his cock, your plush lips open, eyes teary and glossy. You can feel every inch of Kirishima, and you’re becoming accustomed at least, to the painful pleasure when he fucks you. He groans loudly every time he bottoms out in you, every time the tip of his cock kisses your cervix you see stars. 
“Mmmh,” you whimper, your toes curl in your sneakers, he presses you down harder on your back, flattening you against the table. 
“What do you want, sweetheart,” He says, “You can have it, whatever you want?” 
“M-morrrruhhh,” You choke out from around the panties and he chuckles. 
“You want more,” he asks, looking up at Bakugou, “Our little slut wants more, huh?” Bakugou shrugs, smiling evilly, 
“Better give baby what she wants.” Kirishima pounds into you, hard, and the tears start to fall again, and you bite down, you’re so distracted by Kirishima fucking you into oblivion that you don’t even notice Bakugou sitting down in the chair next to you. “I want her mouth.” He orders, and Kirishima spins you around so that you have to stare directly at Bakugou while Kirishima rails you. The blonde is lazily stroking his cock, which is mostly hard again, you lean down to suck him off but he catches your chin. 
“Uh, uh,” He growls, He removes the panties from your mouth, shoving them in his pocket before he pushes your head down to his balls, and you try to focus on what you’re doing, try to lick and suck softly at them while he jerks off above you, while Kirishima fills you up completely, you feel your stomach tightening, listening to Bakugou groan with pleasure as you drool on the base of his cock, 
“Fuck,” Kirishima snaps, “Gettin’ tight again, huh babe, gonna cum?” 
“Yeah,” you pant, lifting your head, looking up at Bakugou, “Can, can I daddy, please, can I cum?” He takes your head and shoves it all the way down his cock, so that your nose is buried in the tuft of blonde hair at his base. 
“Yeah baby,” He snarls, “Go ahead and cum.” You’re so full, you can’t breathe, with Bakugou’s length all the way down your throat, but you let go of the coil in your stomach and he moans when he feels the vibrations of the sounds you can’t hold back from him. Tears leak down your face as your orgasm rips through your body like a knife, you feel Kirishima finish inside you at the fluttering of your walls, he always cums so fucking much you feel it leaking down your leg. Bakugou lifts your head off of his cock and you fall to the ground of the study room, sputtering and gasping for air, curling up in the fetal position as the last aftershocks of your orgasm run through your body like an electric current. Bakugou finishes himself as Kirishima wipes his brow, gathering you from the floor and peppering you with kisses. 
“Baby,” He sings softly, “You alright baby, come back to me.” You moan in his arms, snuggling into his chest. “Such a good girl, the best girl.” You smile a little and open one eye. “Anything hurt?” 
“Uh,” your hoarse voice says it all, “My throat a little.” Kirishima nods. 
“Katsuki will make you tea, okay it’s late, we should get back to our place if we’re going to crash there.” Bakugou cums again with a loud groan and a viscious stream of swears. 
“Didn’t mean to get hard again.” He admits. “Somethin’ about watchin’ you fuck her just drives me fuckin’ feral.” He leans over and kisses Kirishima’s forehead as he stands. “Good boy.” Kirishima’s face burns at the praise. 
“Just uh, takin’ care of her.” Bakugou nods, gathering the backpacks and textbooks while you yawn in Kirishima’s arms. 
“Eij,” You say, sighing, “M gonna be sore tomorrow.” He nods. 
“Yeah, baby.” 
“Will you give me a massage,” you whine needily and he chuckles. 
“Of course.” 
“What the fuck’s wrong with my massages?” Bakugou roars, leading you out of the little study room and into the empty top floor of the library. 
“We always end up fucking again.” You mumble and Kirishima laughs. 
“Ohhhh, baby needs a break, is that it?” 
“24 Hours without getting my brains fucked out, yes,” you pause, “I think I do need that.” You think about it. “The question is, do I want that?” Bakugou barks out a harsh laugh as he stabs the button for the elevator, running his hand absentmindedly up and down Kirishima’s arm. 
“Think I know the answer, princess.” You yawn again. 
“Yeah I think you do.” 
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babydaddyleorio · 6 months ago
15 ways Gojo annoys you
Tumblr media Tumblr media
introducing the best worst boyfriend ever 
Tumblr media
1. Will roll on your side of the bed and throw his whole body on top of yours. And when you literally try to pinch him to get off of you, he snores even louder in response, sneakily peeking one eye open and quickly closing it before you could catch him.
2. Is the type to harass you when you’re in the bathroom. Will burst in and go into a full on conversation while leaning against the counter, ignoring the way you’re glaring daggers at him as you sit on the toilet, or he’d slide notes underneath the door that say things like “Do you like me 🥰? Circle yes or no.” Also will pour flour/excessive amounts of shampoo on your head if you’re in the shower just to prank you.
3. Never on time to pick you up. And when he actually is there on time, he makes sure that his music is on full blast and it’s something really embarrassing or vulgar. You look mortified as he slowly pulls up in front of you, rolling the passenger window down with a smirk on his face.
4. Takes pictures of you while you’re asleep with your mouth hung open and slob dribbling down your chin. He poses next to you with the peace sign and a huge smile across his face, posting all the pictures he took on his story and tagging you so you’d have a surprise for when you woke up in the morning.
5. Eats your snacks and pretends to not know what you’re talking about when you confront him, even if the evidence is still all across his face.
6. If you’re mad at him for something he did, he'll come to your house at 10:00 o'clock at night and stand underneath your bedroom window, a boombox raised above his head as he sings for you to take him back at the top of his lungs.
7. Gojo has one of those fake voicemails where he pretends like he’s there but in actuality he’s not. “Yellooo, Satoru here!...uh huh... uh huh... yeah just kidding, leave a message after the beep loser! 😜” You’re rolling your eyes whenever you hear his patronizing voice, and the sad part is It gets you every time since he’s always making new variations of it.
8. He is nosey as hell. Always in your phone whenever you’re texting someone, craning his neck with the corners of his mouth dramatically downturned as he reads the entire message thread, his eyebrows slowly raising at all the tea. 
9. Also is very full of himself. He once printed out pictures of his face and taped them all around your house, and ‘til this day you still find the atrocities placed somewhere in your home even though you’re positive you got rid of them all.
10. He starts unnecessary fights with you simply because he’s bored, and when you ignore him that just encourages him even more, following close on your heels as he repeatedly pokes your back to get your attention.
11. Gojo tries to randomly scare you. Will squeeze his tall ass inside of your closet and when you open it, he’d jump out while loudly shouting “boo”, and he even popped out of your trunk one time, scaring the absolute shit out of you as you were about to put groceries in. Gojo learned his lesson though when you instinctively popped him across his face one day, and he sat next to you with cold peas pressed against his swollen cheek later that night, glaring at you silently.
12. Kills the moment. You’d be about to kiss him when you open your eyes curiously, just to see him with his mouth poked out dramatically and eyebrows furrowed making awkward smooching noises, looking like a whole handsome squidward as he waited for your lips to touch.
13. Does not know the definition of personal space. He does things like blowing air into your ear, wiggling his toes while inching them closer to your face, and using the pressure from his infinity on you, whistling that he’s “not touching you” even though you could clearly feel the force from his powers.
14. Has no problem causing a huge scene in public. Has literally waited until you got in the driver’s seat of your car before deciding to roll his body across the hood and pretend as if you ran into him. Now he’s screaming at the top of his lungs in the parking lot about his broken leg, and he slyly lifts his blindfold to wink at you before going back to wailing in pain on the ground again.
15. Calls you in the middle of the night while he’s away on a mission. It irritates you to no end since he insists on disturbing your beauty rest, but Gojo simply smiles when he hears your sharp tone greet him on the other end. Gojo ended the call soon after you finished chewing him out though, and sighed to himself out loud, eyes staring at your contact photo as he thought about how much he missed you right now.
Tumblr media
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willwoodwick · 4 years ago
I'm a dumbass to cope and that's valid
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depresseddepot · a year ago
not me feeling like a failure bc the crackheads from my hs have a 4.0 gpa AND go to a more difficult college
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