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It is frustrating that this administrative knows what they are doin. They know that they are misleading the people, they know that their inaction will lead to more daths, they know that getting a loan will put the next generations to bigger debt and hyperinflation. They are doing this to kill us. THE ADMINISTRATION IS TRYING TO KILL US and with the news of Anti-terror bill, they are slowing depriving us OUR RIGHTS. THE RIGHT OF FREEDOM OF SPEECH. THE RIGHT TO EXPRESS OUR OPINION. This is against DEMOCRACY.


“Donating or helping relief drives that aren’t government/state-recognized.”

-Kasi wala silang makukuhang porsyento kung nasa NGO ibibigay ang donation.




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People on Wattpad are plain rude. On Wattpad, if you publish a story and it does really well, they’re only interested in that particular thing. I know this happens on other platforms, but it is so noticable on wattpad. For example, i write a lot of Boys Love, LGBTQ and Harry Potter on there. So when i publish a story that is not Character x Character AND Boy x Boy AND Harry Potter, it doesn’t do well at all. The funny thing is, my stories have to meet ALL of that criteria. If i want my followers to like the book it HAS to be gay, harry potter and character x character. No exceptions.

I almost have 200k on one of my stories, which i’m so thankful for. But on another story, a story about a girl from Beauxbatons falling inlove with Fred Weasley, it doesn’t get nearly as many views. Admittedly, it was only recently published, but other times when i publish a story, it’ll get a couple hundred on the first chapter so quickly.

But thats not even what I’m most mad about!!

the comments are plain rude! Insulting my covers! Questioning my writing!

I get creative criticism, but when you’re beong arrogant and insincere, fuck off!

It is so disheartening

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I wrote this back in January and never posted because i was too self conscious and afraid of the criticism i know i will receive. The fact that I’m about to disagree with Taylor as a swiftie goes against the “swiftie moral code” i apparently never received. I’ve now updated and decided to post based on twitter comments that made me cry because of the widespread shaming of my personal beliefs that differ from the pack. Take the time to read if you want to learn about the perspective of apparently, well, “the enemy”:

Ok, I’m probably going to get hate for saying this but the fact that I feel like that is the whole point I’m writing this.

I’m personally slightly offended by two lines that shaped the impact that “Only the Young” had on me. Those lines are “the wrong ones think they’re right” and “his big bad clan”. I feel that this is targeting the Republican Party, and I personally identify as a republican but i do NOT have all the same beliefs if that makes any sense. I think everyone has a right to an opinion so saying that an entire group of people’s values are invalid is very insensitive. I can whole heartedly admit that things i believe in i don’t know if they’re right (obviously some things are undeniably inhumane), so i should not and will not devalue the opinion of others. The right to the freedom of speech is in our consitution and without conflict of opinion how could we ever be individuals or a successful society? What I’m basically saying is that it’s ok to have different opinions and to fight for what you believe in but to say that someone’s just wrong without consideration of so many different aspects and layers of them, especially because both parties just want what’s good for the country, is wrong; everyone just has different opinions on how to do that and what that is. I can’t even say I’m right about this because nothing is ever certain. And who knows? My opinions can still change; I’m still young. I just need to stay informed because my generation is the future. And that’s something we can agree on: “only the young can run”.

If i get hate for this and people say “you’re not a true swiftie” then there’s something wrong in the world for people to blindly accept everything people say even though they go against their values or opinions. If Taylor can say her opinion then i can say mine: that’s how a democracy and free country works. I still love Taylor to death; it doesn’t change anything, but we can just agree to disagree and that’s ok.



I’m sorry i need to comment on this

It’s exactly what i predicted

This is highly offensive. WTF is wrong with the world? Why must we focus on further dividing??? Literally the entire country was together on this issue not a single republican that i saw went against the TRUTH that George Floyd was murdered. He deserves justice. And I’m a republican can you believe it? I’ve cried TWICE over George Floyd’s death. It’s so unjust. What happened to the supportive swiftie community i thought i could rely on to be myself? To suggest that I’m so heartless, that i can’t see the evil and wrongdoing here because of my political affiliation breaks my heart.

I obviously CANNOT agree with everything that comes out of trumps mouth; he is a loose cannon. I would have rather had any other republican presidential candidate in 2016. Some of his recent tweets are definitely insensitive and poorly worded and well racist. But you cannot sit there and criticize trump while completely ignoring Biden’s racist words “If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or trump, then you ain’t black” I’m sorry are white people confined to a single political identity based on their skin color? NO! They can be republican, Democrat, independent, libertarian WHATEVER, but a black person has to be a democrat? That is a new form of slavery, chaining them to ideals with no choice and no chance for independent thought. Their blackness based solely on their ability to follow along and determined by joe Biden: a white person!! Let me remind you too that BOTH Trump and Biden have been accused of sexual assault and harassment. Our choices for president right now are terrible for Democrat and Republican. Why are we settling for the person who will become the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES???

And just so y’all know:

I support the lgbtq+ community

I support minority rights

I support justice

I support equal opportunities for women

I support gun control

I support our military and veterans

I support businesses

I support helping those who need it

I support our constitution

I support protecting human rights for ALL

This is why George Washington said “let me…warn you in the most solemn manner against the baneful effects of the spirit of party.” Political parties divide us and we need to refocus on reuniting together as a country, as one nation, as one people.

Again, i love Taylor, i love her music, and i wouldn’t change a thing about her. I’m glad that she took her time to discover herself and her beliefs and I’m so proud that she’s finally using her right to the freedom of speech 💕

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I’ll be forever bitter at Taylor for not endorsing Bernie at the dem primary. She has a fucking HUGE platform and could have been so impactful at the time..

Bernie could’ve been the dem nominee and a great leader right now, that man fought for civil rights his whole life and knows a thing or two about how this capitalist system exploits and kills black people and people of color since its creation.

Maybe she supports Biden which is worse because he abused and groped several women including children, has a history of being racist and used to be a republican lmao. Or she actually wanted Biden over Bernie because she doesn’t want to lose any privilege, like the rest of wealthy liberals lol

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate she spoke out yesterday, it’s just sad she probably doesn’t want any fundamental change of the status quo (I mean, what else to expect from millionaires..)

I will always love Taylor tho and she’s a great ally for POC but at that time I felt disappointed by her lol

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Di masa pandemi ini kita dituntut buat ngelakuin banyak hal via online. Dari mulai belajar, seminar, kerja, dan bahkan sekedar hahahihi ngelepas rindu. Istilah “produktif selama wfh” pun jadi sangat populer. Postingan-postingan yang nyeruin buat tetap produktif meski #dirumahaja selalu ada di timeline media sosial.

Lebih banyak ngehabisin waktu dengan gawai tentu jadi tantangan tersendiri, apalagi klo lihat temen yang “kok lagi masa pandemi gini dia keliatan sibuk banget”, ikut webinar sana sini, bikin project ini itu, kajian dan diskusi ga berhenti-berhenti, syuro lagi syuro lagi, belajar make up, belajar masak, belajar musik, belajar banyak hal, dll.

Tapi kamu tau gak?

Kamu boleh buat gak ngelakuin hal sebanyak itu. Kamu boleh buat ga ngikutin produktif versi mereka. Kamu gak harus ngelakuin hal-hal yang mereka lakuin, karena setiap dari kita punya prioritas dan kondisinya masing-masing.

Mungkin, kamu yang jarang ikut webinar-webinar adalah kamu yang setiap hari harus bertanggung jawab atas kebersihan dan kerapihan rumah. Mungkin, kamu yang gak bisa ikut challenge-challenge adalah kamu yang harus selalu bantu ibu masak di dapur. Mungkin, kamu yang jarang hadir syuro’ online adalah kamu yang harus bimbing adik untuk belajar.

Gak ada yang salah dari manfaatin waktu luang buat nyari ilmu dan ngasah kemampuan. Gak ada yang salah juga dari ngehasilin sebuah karya di masa pandemi ini. Justru itu bagus, poin plus buat kamu. Tapi gak ada yang salah juga ketika kamu mau istirahat sejenak. Kamu boleh ngelakuin hal apapun, kamu boleh ngelakuin hal-hal yang kamu mau.

Kamu juga boleh kok ngehabisin akhir pekan dengan sekedar nyapa kawan-kawan lama via wa, kamu juga boleh seharian nonaktifin hp karena pengen baca buku atau sekedar manjain diri dengan tidur. Kamu boleh buat olahraga hanya seperlunya dan lanjut makan sebanyak-banyaknya makanan yang kamu mau. Kamu boleh buat sesekali ga ikut kelas online karena disuruh bantu ortu atau main sama adik, kamu juga boleh ngurung diri buat nangis sendiri karena ngerasa stress dan gak ada temen cerita.

Karena yang terpenting dari segala aktivitas keseharian itu ya diri kamu, kesehatan kamu, keselamatan kamu dan kebahagiaan kamu. Tetaplah menjalani aktivitas dengan produktivitas versi kamu sendiri, jangan merasa tertekan dengan produktivitas versi orang lain, bukan hanya selama WFH tapi juga nanti, ketika semua sudah berangsur normal seperti sedia kala.

Kamu yang paling tau tentang diri kamu. Bukan cuma fisik yang harus kamu jaga, tapi juga kesehatan mental kamu.

Kalau kamu sudah mampu bertahan pada masa sulit ini, kamu sudah patut berbangga atas dirimu sendiri.

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Much Ado and...Nothing
The Players: Please sir can we please have a button to open all chests at once
Purrket Gems:
Purrket Gems:
Purrket Gems: *sweeps more sane suggestions off the table with paws*
Purrket Gems: Hey guys we added the open all chests button
Purrket Gems: Btw we're also making changes that will break most of the bots some of y'all have been working on for years on years...
Purrket Gems: You have two weeks to adapt.
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[Carewyn considers this.]

Carewyn: “Hmm…I really like going to Hogwarts, so choosing another school would be hard for me. Maybe Beauxbatons? From what Aurelie and Madame Maxime said, it sounds like a nice place – though I admit, the traditional ‘Beauxbatons walk’ is a little…’sparkly’ for my taste. (giggles)”

[Jacob, in contrast to his sister, is absolutely thrilled by this question – he don’t need no stinkin’ Veritaserum, he’s going to geek out x 10, okay?]


Jacob:DUDE! You win the award for best question, mate! Right on!”

[He leans forward slightly in his seat, his hands gesturing animatedly in front of him as he gabs on.]

Jacob: “So, like – it’s one of my biggest goals in life to visit every single magical school on Earth – taking a class there, teaching a class there, just stopping by for research or breaking a curse or afternoon tea – don’t care. I want in. Beauxbatons’s definitely one I’ve been itching to visit for its history with Nicholas Flamel and its reputation of producing talented alchemists…but there are a good hundred magic schools in Africa alone, and not one of them is sub-par. The library at Hekanwit College in Egypt is supposed to contain some of the oldest magical texts ever discovered, and Uagadou School in Uganda has more registered Animagi among its alumni than any other school in the world. There’s also Durmstrang Institute in eastern Europe – I’m telling you, if it’s the last thing I do, I am getting my butt in that place. Did you know it’s so heavily guarded that even its own students have their memories modified upon graduation so they can’t reveal its exact location? I mean – dude! That is a school I absolutely must see for myself! Then of course there’s the smaller academies like the Salem Witches’ Institute and L’Ecole Laveau – North American schools are particularly interesting since they often have a lot of different cultural influences in their architecture, and thanks to how underground the MACUSA is in the United States especially, a lot of schools often have to be mobile in some capacity, so they can location-hop before any Muggles catch wise. That’s actually part of the reason why quite a few communities in America prefer to have magical tutors or teach magic at home rather than send their kids to full private schools, so that those magical children can still go to Muggle school and live more ‘normal’ lives. Then of course there are cultural reasons for those decisions too.”

[Jacob grins broadly.]

Jacob: “So to answer your question – I pick every single one!”

((OOC: Okay – commentary time.

Hekanwit College and L’Ecole Laveau are not officially part of the Potterverse – they’re names I invented. I’ve tried to be sensitive with the cultures represented, but if I have been tactless, please let me know: I have never lived in Egypt or in New Orleans, and I tried my best to research both areas before writing anything like this, but I am not above acknowledging my own ignorance and potential for blind spots. “Hekanwit” is a combination of two Ancient Egyptian words, “heka” meaning “magic” and “nwit” meaning “city” – my thought is that it’s also one of the oldest magical schools still open today, though it is much smaller than the “more well-known” (a.k.a. J.K. Rowling-official) Uagadou School. L’Ecole Laveau literally translates to “The Laveau School,” and is named for the “Voodoo Queen of New Orleans” Marie Laveau.

The ideas of Africa and America having so many schools and Americans often teaching their kids magic at home rather than sending them to private schools are also completely mine. J.K. Rowling herself has only discussed one school on the entire continent of Africa (the aforementioned Uagadou School) and only two – the Salem Witches’ Institute and the heavily criticized Ilvermorny – in North America. As an American myself, I can’t help but feel as though having only two schools for everyone in my country is kind of farfetched, let alone for my entire continent (I mean, seriously, do Canadians not have any schools of their own?!). And we Americans can be so individualistic when it comes to state identity and have so much real-world historical baggage attached to our native population being carted off to European-style boarding schools that the “Hogwarts” model really doesn’t fit here as well as it does in the U.K. (And honestly, even in the U.K., it seems weird at points. Scottish kids really have to yank their butts all the way to London just to take a train that’ll take them back to Scotland?? XD;;;)

But yeah, so a lot of Jacob’s response comes from my own headcanons, but I’ve tried very hard to make sure those headcanons come from an informed place, and hopefully they’re not too intrusive. 💚))

Honesty Ask!

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halo-the-brave replied to your post “Do you know why the link to the petition for George Floyd that Harry…”

i know data mining isn’t always malicious…i’m studying it currently…but it will be used in the future for marketing purposes and to me it feels very iffy that they would use this right now…there might be better ways to judge fan engagement on harry’s social issues at a better time..

@halo-the-brave let me know if your understanding is different than mine.

To, the best of my knowledge, this is what can be collected off of a link like the one Harry’s team is using: basic demographic data, potentially pixel information. But it’s not connected with so the Name and Email part isn’t going to transfer.

The data will be used by for marketing. So, I’ll likely be getting those emails from now until eternity.

But HSHQ isn’t getting email data from folks clicking on the link (I don’t think). But they probably know where I am and some demographic data about me.

I don’t actually think it will translate to specific HSHQ marketing. I do think it could tell them that a large amount of the fanbase cares and I don’t think that’s a bad thing.

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That is super standard. The $$ helps them promote the petition. But, personally, I would not be spending $$ there. I’d look for your local BLM chapter and give there.

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I tend to avoid stating my opinions on Tumblr or anywhere for that matter but ive been really frustrated so if you want to read about my opinion have at it. I will not engage in hateful replies I will only engage in genuinely curious and peaceful comments. opinions to follow:

i get it, yall hate cops and white people and cis/het people and anyone who doesnt fit your skewed view of what people “should be like”

what I dont get is why you have to condemn literally everyone who disagrees with you just because they dont have the same opinion as you

People arent perfect, we never could be. that doesnt mean we shouldn’t strive to be better and kinder and whatever but you have to realize not everyone is going to think exactly like you.

May I remind everyone that we are not supposed to be a hive mind species. We have the brain capacity to have differing views (opinions) from one another. Isnt that wonderful? Isnt that whats so fantastic about being human?

Unfortunately there are a lot of people that dont like that. In many communities you’re expected to have specific views like everyone else in that community on every single political thing and if you dont you’re shunned from the community and told you’re not really a part of that community, that you couldn’t be because you dont think exactly like the community.

everyone in the community prides themselves on being open-minded about every issue when really they try to shut down anyone with a different opinion. Its so aggravating because I’d love to have deep conversations with people my age about politics and economics but if I were to even say one of my opinions theyd completely derail the conversation telling me im not really an ally or im not really trans because I dont have the same opinion as the rest of the community.

all I want is to live in a country where people can have different opinions without hating each other for it. but to much to ask for right?

Anyway if you have questions or whatever just send an ask or dm me.

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I’m not invalidating anyone. I 100% agree that folks can learn from people of all ages. I am a former high school educator and still work with high school kids on the regular. I am making no statement on the validity of ideas or the people presenting them. I am not out there blocking folks who are under 18. I’m just not interacting via chat.

On this blog (in my personal space) I discuss explicit fanfiction along with a whole host of other things. And back in 2017, I beta’d a fic with someone who’d lied about her age for years. I still get anons calling me a “pedo apologist” for it. So, I made the choice to not interact with folks under 18 or those that don’t have their ages in their profile.

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Are we all just going to ignore that previous to Mira gaining her powers back, Cana was relentless in protecting her?

During the Phantom Lord Arc, you can see Mira was in a state of turmoil, and it was Cana who offered her consoling support. Cana even went so far as to take the leadership role and direct the battle.


Cana never lost faith in Mira. She was just shielding her whilst she healed from the trauma of Lisanna’s ‘death’. Cana didn’t want to expose Mira to even more death and destruction.


Even Macao sees how Cana is wearing herself out to protect the guild but more importantly, Mirajane.


Then after the 7-year absence, Cana chose to train with the Strauss siblings. There was also a panel that offered a parallel between the Thunder God Tribe and the Strauss siblings.


This concludes my analysis on this suspiciously gay behaviour, take it as you will but Canajane has the canon foundation for a romantic relationship and it’s a travesty that people can’t see it.

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Opinion: S3 E02 - Management Sucks

After last episode, it was obvious the fact that Eve is using wine to help her cope with things, no judgement honey! I feel that they should’ve said he died because of an accident, not suicide even if it’s true or not. I felt a bit of empathy with Carolyn. It must be hard that because it’s her son, she can’t investigate or at least assign it to someone she confines with. That’s probably why the Twelve bugged her house too, because they knew she was going to do her own investigation or ask someone outside of work.

Something very important that happened in this episode which comes up later on is the fact that Konstantin has been in Carolyn’s life even when she had her kids. Geraldine pointed out how he used to go to the house and help her not to be afraid of the monster, and teach her how to curse in Russian. Carolyn must’ve known something back then, about what he does for a living. For the last two season’s, Konstantin has been running away, putting his family’s life in danger. Why hasn’t he given up on helping MI6 or the 12? What is he gaining from it?

With Villanelle, we already know she can’t work with other people so giving her the responsibility to look after a kid, it’s a lot to handle. But did y’all see her reaction when she found out Eve is alive? I think that’s she was a bit relieved with Eve not being dead, but also annoyed that she didn’t die. She obviously did it out of anger. She did so much to get her to be with her so at the end she ends up being rejected, it’s not easy.

It’s interesting that Jaime’s company was aware that Kenny worked with MI6 and him allowing his employees to work on what they thought it was good to publish. He must’ve known that he was working on the crime files or something. Giving employees thumb drives to keep their work there, it’s like an open door to do anything. Also, how can a workplace like that have no CCTV?

I was also thinking, in the previous episode Kenny said he was meeting someone the night of the pop quiz event. For a fact I know it wasn’t Eve since it didn’t come up and the day he went to see her, he was dressed differently. It could’ve been Audrey which was the girl he was sort of dating, or maybe his killer.

My theories of this season are building up so I want to here some of you folks theories.

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