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macrolit · 2 days ago
The man whose first question, after what he considers to be a right course of action has presented itself, is “What will people say?” is not the man to do anything at all.
Sir W. Arbuthnot Lane (1856-1938) Scottish orthopedic surgeon and writer
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RE: Crackpot Twilight theories. Um, Bella *was* just three house elves in a trench coat. Think about it: her childhood was spent learning how to run a household for Renee, and then as soon as she moved to Forks she took over cooking and cleaning. She also hates it when Alice tries to give her clothes. House elves have their own magic, so that's why a lot of the gifts don't work on her. I don't know why you're dismissing that theory so quickly.
You are a beautiful person.
Well done, @allaboutthedrama
See, readers, this is how it's done.
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world-of-kep1er · a day ago
Tumblr media
[Submitted] Planet Guardian Opinion #14
Disclaimer: This is an opinion is a submission from a Planet Guardian and it MAY NOT reflect completely the opinions of this Tumblr. Please have in mind every Planet Guardian has the opportunity to share their opinions. If you do, or do not, agree with their statement, please be respectful.
The group looks stable and versatile concept-wise. I just hope they won't go for a girl crush/fierce concept. Also, I feel sad about the fact that there are only 3 members that are not from K Group. Most of the girls I liked didn't make it, but I already expected it. I'm actually relieved Bahiyyih isn't first, not only because I think that she still needs to work a bit on her stage presence (I think that's her only problem because her voice is always stable and she's a decent dancer), but also because she would be getting even more hate. She never was in my top, but I'm really worried about her mental health after all of this.
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bighermie · 22 hours ago
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shakespearenews · a day ago
According to him, the talentless playwright is only famous because of a group of malicious German intellectuals that coveted his work.
Though not without its flaws and biases, the 1906 essay that resulted from this endeavor is an emphatic attack on Shakespeare’s legacy and the institutions that helped build it
“Ultimately,” Orwell wrote in his essay, “Lear, Tolstoy and the Fool“ (1947), “there is no test of literary merit except survival, which is itself an index to majority opinion.”
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rollflasher · a day ago
So, I’m making this post to adress something quickly that I’ve seen been discussed lately in the Sonic fandom, particularly the topic of fans working on the series in the writing department.
So, to give context, because of Ian Flynn’s antics regarding characterization, the topic of who should write for the series has been brought up and it seems that the general consensus is that fans should take that job, and as expected my circle of friends, myself included, disagree with this, but here’s the thing. Why do we disagree so much with the idea that fans can do better than SEGA or the current staff? After all it makes sense that they would have better results, they have a passion for the series and logically should be very acquainted with it because of that, so getting fans as writers for any part of the franchise should be a no brainer, right?
Well, our point is not that fans shouldn’t work or write for the series, hell last time I ranted that I hate that fans usually boast about how they do better than SEGA while making no effort whatsoever to have an actual impact on the series, but rather that being a fan does not automatically make someone qualified to write for Sonic, or let alone ANY series and it’s for one simple reason.
Fans, are just as, if not even more flawed than someone who doesn’t know anything about a franchise.
Let me explain myself, I know this might sound either alien or obvious, like of course fans are not perfect but they’re still better than an outsider, after all they should know how to handle their favorite franchise. Right? Well...
See, while it is true that a fan of a series is going to be more familiar with it than someone who has never heard of it before, and therefore have a higher chance of knowing what they’re doing, that doesn’t exactly replace actual competence when it comes to writing.
Let’s put it this way, imagine that you’re a big car aficionado, you know everything about your favorite brand of cars, you memorized every single detail of every interview and you know exactly what went down during their development process...but you never in your life learned how to actually build a car. Imagine that you’re then handed the task of building a car from scratch, despite never professionally preparing yourself for that. Would you be qualified to do so just because you’re a big fan? No, in fact you’re probably going to be completely at loss because you have no idea how to build a friggin’ car.
Well, that exact same thing applies to writing, game development, or anything really. Just because you’re a big fan of something doesn’t mean you’re going to automatically know what you’re doing.
But it goes beyond that obvious fact, there’s another problem that’s not oftenly spoken about. While an outsider of a series might be either oblivious or apathetic to the point that they will simply do their own thing, a fan has the opposite problem in the sense that they might care too much, and more often than not fans are biased on their tastes with their favorite series.
Look at it this way, you could get a writer who knows the series and its characters like the palm of their hand and write them accordingly...or, say, you could get a writer who thinks 3D Sonic is trash, that the character should be mute and embraces the idea of ‘’Sonic’s shitty friends’’, and eventually decides to retcon the series so that it’s only Classic Sonic and Eggman, pretending that Modern Sonic and the rest of the cast never existed.
You might say that ‘’PFF, but those aren’t REAL fans’’...except they are, sure, they have a very warped view of the franchise and might not understand it at all, but that doesn’t mean they love Sonic any less than you and I, and thus shouldn’t be considered any less ‘’fans’’. And it’s not just that extreme example, you also have fans who have a particular bias towards a specific era, or a specific character, or a specific facet of the series and might not care in the slightest about what’s actually good for the franchise just to pander to their tastes, and I’m pretty sure that’s not something that can lead to good results.
Plus, we already have plenty of examples of that, such as the Amy and Sally fans from the ship wars back in the day who bashed one character to elevate the other, regardless of how meaningless it was.
Hell, even I am not immune to this. I may be a Sonic fan ever since I was around 4 years old and I complain a lot about how Pontaff or Ian Flynn screw up with their writing, but I’m not going to come out and say that I’m more qualified than them just because I’m a fan. I may know a lot about the characters, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I know or understand how to properly write them, let alone make a good story with them, I’ve even worked on a Sonic AU a while ago and some of my ideas don’t really sit well with some friends and that’s to be expected.
There’s a difference between knowing a lot about something and being able to write about said something from scratch.
Otherwise you wouldn’t have Shadow fans of all things who still insist on flanderizing his ties to Maria, when they should understand that the character has moved on from that.
And if the Sonic fandom is infamous for something, it’s definitely because it has the reputation of fans never agreeing on anything, so this bias problem is amplified further.
The point I want to get across with this post is that being a fan shouldn’t be the ONLY factor to determine if someone is qualified to write for the series (or any franchise really) or not, as a friend of mine said, that’s mostly a bonus more than anything. What should matter first and foremost is that the writer is competent to begin with and that those hiring them care about consistency to fill them in with the series’ details in the first place.
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leportraitducadavre · 2 days ago
Hi, I wanted to ask, is it just me who thinks Naruto's ending was extremely realistic? the closest to reality in its outcome?Sometimes I just think, that despite having a cruel and bad outcome, it was realistic, very realistic, sometimes the impression I have is that the end of Naruto only served to answer a question, "The world would be a better place if magical powers and aliens exist?" and the answer was: "No, it would be the same thing, only with magical powers and aliens."
Yes. I discussed it a little bit before -the ending is a realistic outcome, an unfair one, but realistic regardless; the problem isn’t how it ended -but how the narrative tried to turn the perspective and, instead of allowing the readers to think “alright, this is bittersweet, because nothing was resolved,” as would have happened naturally (since Konoha’s dogma has been questioned from the beginning and was presented during the first arc as a system to modify) they tried to make them believe the resolution was the best positive outcome.
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dingdongyouarewrong · 9 months ago
we should definitely all be more critical of things in general but sometimes when certain people say ‘be critical of the media you consume’ they seem to be specifically referring to wanting people to make a public performance of self flagellating and loudly denouncing every minorly bad aspect of their interests, which seems to be less about thinking critically and more just about this weird sense of wanting people to Confess Their Sins
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davidmann95 · 4 months ago
Instead of eating Catwoman's pussy, why doesn't Batman use his money to fix the root causes of why she needed her pussy eaten in the first place?
I've received a number of asks circling this basic subject but I wanted you to know this is the best ask I've ever received and single-handedly justifies the continued existence of Tumblr as a platform. No-joking honored you let me be the recipient of this.
EDIT: Probably too late to do much about it given how far this has spread, but this ask was actually a repost from this tweet.
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lackadaisycal-art · 3 months ago
Some of you really watched/read smth called PRIDE and Prejudice and still think the best depiction of Mr Darcy is "awkward nerd who gets interpreted as rude when really he's just shy". Sure he's awkward too but he's knowingly rude and a massive snob at the start of the story, that's the entire point! The whole point of the story is they both have to change and grow! It is NOT that Lizzie has been wrong about him all along
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diviney2kmagicalgal · 6 months ago
please don’t normalize little black girls protesting
As a black woman, I don’t find it a great or even empowering to see little black girls having to fight, having to protest etc. It’s traumatizing. I’m tired of people, specifically white people treating those young black girls at protest as “inspirational porn” to consume. its...weird.
Most importantly, we should not be normalizing these images. Tell me how it’s inspirational to some of yall to see a young black girl already angry at the world and in pain at such a young age....?
The bigger issue is that it creates a idea of young black girls fighting back against oppression is painting the “strong black woman” narrative so young. It’s  creating an image of us being able to handle pain and being okay 
And I understand that there’s young black girls that don’t have the choice, but there are plenty of them that do and didn’t need to go out and protest at all.
I would rather see little black girls...being children, rather than glorified child soldiers. I would rather see little black girls doing kid things rather investing themselves in adult matters. You can teach your child about the realities in the world without turning them into child soldiers, its very possible to do so. Not sending them to protests isn’t “blocking out reality”. Please stop trying to strip the innocence of young black girls with your excuses.
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biherbalwitch · 3 months ago
One thing I'm liking A LOT in young royals is that the teenagers look like.. teenagers? You know what I mean??? Like yeah they're pretty but they're not Plastic Perfect pretty
They don't have perfect skin and aren't all thin and perfectly proportionate because that's how most teenagers/young adults look
It might be a niche thing but I appreciate it
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How does wizarding attire work? Is it basically like a nightgown or judge’s robe? How do you ride a broom wearing a robe?
I mean, I really don't know, we're just told they wear robes, given a few illustrations, and I just know the films completely gave up on the whole robe idea by film number 3 (where we start seeing Ron in jeans/completely muggle attire).
I always imagined their clothing a bit more layered than that though, probably an outer robe, several inner robes, and undergarments. This all gets shortened down to "robes". They might have breeches specifically for broom riding/quidditch.
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humanismo-nostalgico · 7 months ago
Realmente no puedo idealizar a una persona enamorada de mí. No puedo imaginar a alguien pensando en mí antes de acostarse, o hablándole a sus amigos acerca de mí con una tierna sonrisa en su rostro, no puedo imaginar a alguien por las nubes sólo porque le dije "Hola" o algo similar, no me puedo imaginar a alguien sonriéndole a la pantalla sólo por una notificación mía en su ordenador. No sé, simplemente no puedo si quiera imaginarlo.
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pawsitivevibe · 10 months ago
Important to remember no matter what breed of dog you get ... You might want a particular breed for particular traits. But if you're getting a puppy you gotta just write off those first two years. You will not have the dog you want to end up with. You will have a baby dog. And all the terror that entails.
You'd think this would be common sense, but man have I seen so many people recently get puppies of particular breeds for specific reasons and get frustrated when the puppy isn't "low energy" or "super smart" or the "ugggh I want to do all these activities but I can't because it's too young." Like, listen you bought a Border Collie or a Shih Tzu or a Golden Retriever, and you're gonna get certain predictable breed traits ... Eventually. But right now you have Baby Dog. People expect too much of their puppies too quickly, whether it's simply good predictable behaviour, or certain activities like sports or even jogging and hiking. Write off those first 2 years and focus on your baby dog's development.
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Tumblr media
“The opinion of 10,000 men is of no value if none of them know anything about the subject.”
-- Marcus Aurelius
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profetens-apenbaring · 5 months ago
Idk which libfem needs to hear this but
Have you ever seen a woman with straight nose wanting to get a big, humped nose?
Have you ever heard of east asian ladies forming queues to get monolids?
Ever overheard a woman complaining about her lips not being small enough? Her lashes being too long? Her waist too thin? Her leg hair too short? If changing your appearance is a choice, why is that almost always a "choice" to be more attractive in the eyes of others?
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askgarden · 3 months ago
Send 🙊💬 + a name, and my muse will share their true, unfiltered opinion of that person! No sugarcoating!
Multimuse blogs, please specify muse!
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lovetheaddamsfamily · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
When someone has the audacity to give their unwanted opinion about your clothing and style.
Like Idgaf hun 😂
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fairyspov · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
So let me get this straight,
The American justice system freed BILL MOTHER FUCKING COSBY, but keep Britney Spears in the chains of her VERY MUCH PROVEN ABUSER?
What kind of backwards assfuckery-
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