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My personal favorite(and least favorite) ships! Honestly, I was torn for my favorite wlw ship!

{feel free to ask me about a certain ship in the replies!}

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madison is 16 and charlie is 22. she has stated that she doesn’t want to kiss him for the foreseeable future on screen and he, practically her big brother, agrees extremely. 

also, if you’re an adult writing explicit content about the characters or making disgusting comments about them, they are MINORS. I don’t CARE if they actors aren’t. the characters are TEENS. STOP.

thank you for coming to my tedtalk.

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The sad thing about Supernatural

The sad thing is Supernatural started out as a campy, but generally entertaining show. The plots were simple but fun horror/supernatural mysteries following some good characters.

Then they introduced some more plots and it got a bit more complicated and interesting. The characters were tested emotionally and it was fantastic for character development.

Immediately following this was a bit of a golden age for supernatural, where even if some people weren’t a fan of the big plots, the episodical ones were GREAT. We get some of the best quotes and gifs and funny moments from this era. In no particular order: The fairies episode, the jokes about destiel, Becky, the PROPHET chuck, supernatural convention, the French Mistake, …etc.

But the bigger plots got even bigger and even more contrived and quite frankly, stupid. And the filler episodes? The ones we loved? Still there but fewer and farther between. At this point, fans that still watch are just the dedicated ones that are attached to the characters. (There’s still hordes of these that either joke about it being bad or will defend it to the death despite them knowing it’s bad.)

But then. The finale.

People will no longer remember Supernatural for the good parts. There was GOOD in this show. There were great things about it. But now it will forever be treated as just a cringey throwback to 2012 Tumblr with the worst ending any show could write ever. Like, just laughably terrible. So bad that the sort of “secret episode” conspiracy theories that existed for Sherlock legitimately don’t sound insane even though we’re pretty sure that yes, that was the actual ending. And honestly? All the memes about the ending and Supernatural are justified and good. I’m not sure what else we can do with this.

But fans of Supernatural who DON’T want to throw the whole thing away because of the ending,,,let’s just,,,pretend the ending didn’t happen??? Like still make memes about it and stuff, but just fanfic it away. And whatever the fandom collectively decides is a better ending is the New Canon.

Harry Potter and Minecraft were both made by Hatsune Miku? Sure. This also isn’t how Supernatural ended.

The fandom doesn’t have to die because canon obliterated itself last minute.

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hot take: the r slur isn’t fucking funny or cute or a “cool” or “quirky” thing to say and should never be said under any circumstances, i don’t give a fuck if you’re autistic or dyslexic or have depression or OCD or what, nobody should be fucking saying it, i am so tired of hearing it in real life and reading it online, you are fucking disgusting and should be ashamed of yourself if you say the r slur and see no fucking problem with it

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My First Anime


Ah yes, my first anime in which started me down this obsession of mine… Death Note.

Now, I did used to watch anime a lot when I was younger through television (Pokemon, Digimon, Naruto, etc…), however I will class Death Note as my first introduction into the scene. Without having discovered this, I doubt I would be as happy as I am with my interests.

If I was going to be totally honest with everyone, I would recommend this anime as a starter for all people who want to try anime but also enjoy more psychological shows. I had enjoyed how it made me question my morals with whether Light was right in his ideology but faltered when it came to the execution.

Favourite Characters

Ahhh, my favourite characters of this anime. Well, for one, it definitely isn’t Light or Misa. Nothing against them as characters, I just find other characters more up my alley.

Of course I would have to include everyone’s favourite detective in my list. When it comes down to it, I think I just felt like I could somewhat relate to how he was socially around others. Or maybe it was his intense sweet tooth. Either way, I just find his character to be quite interesting and after looking at his traits in a more analytical way, it just seemed sad that he wanted a friend and said friend eventually had a hand in his downfall.


Another one of my favourites is the blonde chocolate-loving mafia member, Mello.


I feel like Mello was such an integral factor in capturing Kira in the end, and yet he ends up falling to a similar fate as L. If it wasn’t for his plays within the game of cat and mouse, I doubt Near would have been able to figure out Light as quickly as he did. Anyway, as a fellow chocolate lover, I feel a slight connection with the blond man.

Overall rating


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Trent in TDA is miles better than TDI. Action went very in depth with the nuances of Trent’s personality and I really began to feel for him in a way that I couldn’t in Island.

For one, Action revealed a great value of his, which is relationships. Not just romantic ones but also familial ones, like how he remembered that the train his grandpa gave him had nine wheels and went on favor the number nine to the extent of obsession after his grandpa passed away. This showcases how much he cares about his family. As for his romantic relationship with Gwen, it’s clear that he cared more about maintaining his relationship with her than about winning the million dollars (Gwen’s the opposite, which isn’t a bad thing but rather a reason why I feel like they don’t work as a couple). Action showed how much he was willing to sacrifice for a relationship, which is probably to the point that it’s a flaw, but it makes him a lot more interesting.

Secondly, he did develop a lot of sympathy from me during his time in Action (especially the Aftermath segments). He was shrugged off as “crazy” and even romanticized for it by others, which is extremely dehumanizing. He isn’t crazy. Everything he did that made people call him “crazy” did stem from a source of logic. He’s very misunderstood by the rest of the cast in that sense. Even though this was negative character development, which isn’t exactly a bad thing, it did make him stand out on his own a lot more than he did on Island.

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Could have. But I’d just sooner believe they got up to stuff as teenagers on tour 🤷‍♀️

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VisualPolitik analiza como en los últimos años, Arabia Saudita no deja de anunciar inversiones tan ambiciosas como disparatadas. De todas ellas, la más rocambolesca es la ciudad de NEOM: un proyecto de crear una ciudad-estado 33 veces más grande que Nueva York. Esta ciudad estaría ubicada en mitad del desierto, en una zona que ahora mismo sólo está poblada por una tribu nómada. Todos estos proyectos son la visión de Mohammed Bin Salman, el líder absoluto de Arabia Saudita, para diversificar la economía de su país. La idea es que estas megaciudades atraigan miles de millones de dólares de inversión extranjera y se convierten en auténticas capitales económicas al estilo Singapur. Sin embargo, para poder llevar a cabo todos estos proyectos, Bin Salman necesita inversión extranjera (22/11/2020)

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Welcome to another episode of me getting overly emotionally invested and building a whole-ass court case over a literal cartoon character. 


So I often see Cinderella typed as the “weak Disney princess” the “antifeminist one who just sits around cleaning and waits to be rescued” etc, etc. And on the surface, I can see why people might think this. Most of us have heard the story of Cinderella so many times that we think we know everything about it, but I usually find that most people who diss Cinderella haven’t actually seen the original 1950s movie. Look, it’s the 21st century and people can have their own opinions, but maybe familiarize yourself with the source material before making a full judgement? 

First off, I just wanna say that I’m in the process of watching the 1950s film on Disney+. I’m a solid halfway through and so far, the only sexist line I’ve witnessed is “leave the sewing to the women!” And that wasn’t even quoted by Cinderella. THAT WAS FROM ONE OF THE CARTOON MICE. Halfway through a movie, only one sexist quote… for the 1950s, that’s actually a little impressive. 

But someone could counter this by saying “but the movie still has sexist undertones, like Cinderella waiting around to be rescued!”   

: sigh : I’ve heard this one before. So, what bothers me about this argument is that it kind of indicates that Cinderella had a choice in the matter. Like, she just actively chose to hang out in an attic her entire upbringing just… because. Guys, her mom and dad died, her stepfamily was the only family she had left. What else was she supposed to do? I’m pretty sure Cinderella is set in some kind of medieval kingdom, I don’t think Child Protection Services was just hanging around waiting for some abused orphans to stumble their way.  

And emphasize the ‘abuse’ part. I firmly believe Cinderella was physically, mentally, and emotionally abused in both movies. Watch 5 minutes of either movie and you’ll see what I’m talking about. 

Look, I understand that Cinderella’s a fictional character and I don’t want to police what people can and can’t say about fictional characters. If you don’t like her, you don’t like her. But when you repeatedly bash her for not being able to escape her situation, for not being able to rescue herself, it does kind of border on victim shaming. 

And actually, she does kind of rescue herself, in her own way. Throughout both movies, Cinderella is shown being optimistic and compassionate to others despite the horrible abuse she endures. This exhibits mental strength, a different type of strength that we see in the media these days. When we think of “strength” and “strong female characters” we usually associate that with physically strong, badass, sharp-tongued characters (and usually Mary Sues, not gonna lie.) People forget that strength comes in many different forms, and mental strength is one of them. Cinderella is mentally strong, which displays strength in a character on its own. There also are a few moments in the 1950s film when she sticks up for herself. For example, when her stepmom’s like “you can’t go to the ball!” or whatever, her instant response is; “Well, why not?” And I quoted the movie there. I get that it doesn’t make it into the top 10 best movie fights or whatever, but it counts for something. 

There’s a really great YouTube video called “Cinderella, stop blaming the victim” that I based this post on. It helps highlight my points a lot and I would recommend watching it for further understanding. I’ll leave the link at the bottom of the page. 

Lastly, this is not to say that everyone has to love Cinderella. Again, she is a fictional character. And I understand that she may not be as empowering as some Disney princesses or fictional characters, and I definitely prefer the 2015 film to the 1950s one. My argument here isn’t “Cindy is the best Disney princess and everyone has to love her!” All I’m saying is that if someone can remain kind, compassionate, and positive despite an awful and abusive situation… if that’s not some form of strength, then I don’t know what is. 

(the link to the Cinderella video)

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I have always had a belief about people/business that you don’t need to tell me what you are going to do, you need to show me what you are able to do. I don’t think that is to hard, I give a fair punchers chance but I am more interested in the outcome than the hype or build up. Don’t get me wrong I love the process and the grind, but when it comes to the talking or the outcome I prefer to see what comes of those promises before judging a whole scenario. This is not the only way to go about life but its what I find most logical.

I define this because we need to look at WOTC and the secret lair product. We are going on just about a year of this special direct order set, and remember when we first heard of this we were told fun new art on for old cards(reprints) that would offer new art to the public. We were given no long forecast of release dates or set names, just that we would get these randomly. They were looking for a new creative outlet.

If you want to believe that is all there is to it that is on you, I look back at WOTC’s history of announcement and follow through and while I was and still am excited by this product, history tells us they are going to do something sideways along the way. Its almost like they cant help themselves. My take still to this day is they saw all the players putting their own unique artistic flare to the cards and wanted to make some money off it. They also saw the way so many people were making money on their product in the singles market and wanted to profit in that forum as well. They don’t have to acknowledge the market in the open to have a plan on exploiting it behind closed doors.

Something curious about the announcements out there is that looking back now you can actually see where they left the wording a little more open in case they wanted to do something like the Walking Dead drop recently.

But here we are now 1 year since the announcement and it’s a fair time to look back a little and consider how this project has worked so far.

In terms of discussion/content/media trending I think Secret Lair has been a massive success. Don’t confuse this with sales, im referring to how much conversation on the product and game does it generate. Depending on the conversation and amount of it that can sometimes be as good as sales. So again, this product has been a success in that view.

For sales, I have no clue what the break even or make a profit line is but I have to imagine with this being direct order and not a print run like normal standard sets it’s a little lower and easier to hit. Not having the middle man selling these would be a huge profit gain in my non-economic expertise.

In terms of value to the game, there was some cards that were really cool like goblin sharpshooter, birds of paradise, and I love all of the extra life art. The Godzilla lands should have been in the regular set, but they were still neat. Bitter Blossom, a card that if printed more and a little cheaper to obtain, that art and the tokens were great. So I guess what I am saying is, the new art these cards brought to the game was pretty cool. I also love the entire slime set.

A good thing to point out here is that there is a bonus card randomly inserted in each product. This offers the player a little bit of surprise, the product a little more value, and protects the company from the direct sales/addressing the secondary market issue. Lots of cool stained glass alt art planeswalkers floating around because of this. To be fair, this is one of the smartest things WOTC has done. They were able to make some money off the singles/direct market but that random card helps them cover their ars.

To this point I think we would say this has been a huge success. But that ignores a few things. First is The Walking Dead release and any future release that has IP like this are a bad idea as they do create a new seudo reserved list and those 2 words(reserved list) cause all sorts of emotions in the community. Investors will flock to purchasing and raising the prices because of the scarcity. Im not against cross over ideas, but either they need to be silver bordered or released differently.

It is also worth noting that the fetchland drop was awful. Sorry, but price and company attitude on this was poor towards the consumer. Go watch the professors video interviewing one of the WOTC employees. Like so many other things with this company we were told one thing, like a meaningful reprint of fetchlands was coming, and then get this half ass attempt.

Another major issue to point out is the shipping delays. You can place some of this on the pandemic but im not sure how much. Listen if I expect a small business to be able to pivot to survive in this covid life then it is not unreasonable to ask a major company like Hasbro to do the same. Players have shown plenty of examples that the printing and shipping has been a struggle. I have a real fear that the que of secret lairs that are waiting to be made and shipped is only going to get worse as more and more products are announced.

I may have missed the complaints, but I am not seeing card stock quality issues, that has to be a plus.

I also want to give them credit for womens day and the extra life charity collaboration they did. Smart business move when you talk about the way the money breaks down and taxes are paid. But it also creates some goodwill and draws eyes to the company from new people who may not have heard of it before.

So a year into this what do we have? Did WOTC live up to the announcement? Does this product count as a success?

A year into this, WOTC has given us pretty much what the original announcements warned us they wanted to do. They have given some new art, on a wide variety of both desired and not cards, and found a place to release(as they put it) some odd cards they have wanted to do for a while. I don’t think you could have really predicted TWD release, but they warned us they had some different stuff they wanted to try. From the announcement to the follow up, I don’t think they failed or let us down. This game, and as they announced this product, is not for everyone. There is some releases that I loved and some I hated. But all of them were interesting and isn’t that one of the most important measures here….is the product interesting to the public.

I also think that it was just a matter of time before WOTC figured out how to profit off of alternative art and the direct singles market. I expect in 2021 they will push even harder into both of those forums. And I am fine that, I want them to experiment and try to grow so long as they do something similar to what I just did. Step back and review what you have. If things are going good lets keep it up, but if not lets be honest and boom on to the next one.


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19/11/2020 - Monólogo Carlos Alsina - El PNV avisa, Iglesias le tiene harto. Reflexion sobre la situación política en el secesionismo vasco y sus consecuencias en la política nacional española (22/11/2020)

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