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Wings of Fire is generally not that interesting with its ignored plot holes and flat characters at times, and I have an accusation that would make the series generally more intriguing and solve some mysteries.
Darkness of Dragons isn't the best Wings of Fire book. It's probably one of my least favorite books of all time. There are countless reasons why I think that way, but this post isn't about that.
I've never been a big fan of Qibli's character in general, and he seems so popular in this fandom. I've finally taken a deeper dive into this strange hatred and discovered something quite shocking that nobody ever seems to talk about.
Just like his grandfather, Vulture, Qibli is manipulative, and here's why.
First I need to confirm that we all understand the ground rules of Qibli's pessimistic personality. We already know that Qibli is extremely self-loathing due to his past. He constantly uses his past as a way to avoid confrontation of the problems in front of him. He thinks about himself as the only dragon in the room who has suffered and uses this loathing to get others to like him. He has trouble recognizing his own importance and is extremely obsessive over dragons who give him the attention he seeks.
In conclusion, Qibli is an attention-seeker.
We can argue that it is fair for him to seek attention due to this deprivation of attention when he was younger, but the way he gets this attention is quite unhealthy and unholy.
Qibli countlessly floods his thoughts with doubt when he's around Moonwatcher as seen here:
Tumblr media
He shifts attention off of himself onto Winter to make him seem like the ignored one, the victim. There are multiple instances of him doing this throughout the book.
He chooses Moonwatcher as his attention-giver because she is demonstrated to be gullible with her belief in the good in dragons, as seen with her beliefs in Darkstalker's goodness.
So what can we take away from all of this you're asking?
Taking a look at pages 237 and 238 answers that question:
Tumblr media
Moonwatcher notices Qibli's self-loathing thoughts and addresses them. Qibli gets his attention and immediately dismisses ever feeling bad about Moon reading his thoughts, when he realizes this is a way to get more attention from her:
Tumblr media
Afterward, he continues to think about how he's actually worth something, hoping Moon feels worse for him and gives him more attention.
Moon continues to give him attention by telling him that he has the least messy brain she's ever met:
Tumblr media
This is one of the instances where Qibli takes advantage of his partner and tricks her into thinking he's the victim. He makes Moonwatcher feel bad for him so that he can be seen as superior to Winter, looping back to his thoughts a couple pages ago:
Tumblr media
This is the source of his reason to manipulate her, he wants to be seen as the one who needs her more than Winter.
You may feel inclined to disagree because Qibli is the perfect character, but where were his parents to teach him how to properly seek attention again? With Thorn, he's constantly praising her and making her seem like a god so that she acknowledges him. For all we know, he might only be saying those things about Thorn because this was just another one of those ways he learned to get attention from dragons. This is why we tend to see him praise other characters throughout the series, like Moon, because he learned this way of attention-seeking through his experiences as a dragonet.
This manipulation form of attention-seeking is demonstrated by him best at the end of book 10, when he forces Moon into a relationship with him.
First, we see him avoid himself once again and make himself seem like the victim:
Tumblr media
Moonwatcher feels bad again and dismisses Qibli's statement.
Qibli goes onto say that she should be convincing Winter rather than him, once again manipulating her into feeling extreme pity for him:
Tumblr media
She asks him why, and he goes onto force his inner desires onto Winter and stereotypes Winter as being a not "better dragon" compared to him.
The reader might even be manipulated into feeling bad for him now. Not once does Winter demonstrate a need for Moonwatcher. He seems to be doing better without the stress of Moon and has actually become quite successful without her. Personally, it seems like Winter accomplished a lot more with his life than Qibli. Why is Qibli putting down another successful dragon to make himself look better? That doesn't seem like a very nice thing to do.
Kind of strange that he said that he was "prepared" for this.
Tumblr media
Moonwatcher continues to be manipulated and agrees that Winter is less than Qibli but feels bad for Winter when she states that he will do "great things with his life", implying that he hasn't already done great things. Like, Moon, are you blind or something?
This once again demonstrates Moonwatcher's gullibility, making her the perfect attention-giver.
We continue to see Moonwatcher give Qibli attention by making him feel good about himself with words like "kind" and statements like "listens to me".
Tumblr media
Qibli acts shocked, and Moon continues to offer him her love:
Tumblr media
Throughout the entire book, Qibli manipulates Moonwatcher into feeling bad for him. He makes himself seem superior to Winter with this sad past he has, and in the end, makes her feel like she's forced to choose him because he is the suffering one who needs her, apparently. Moon even states it herself, "say yes".
She's convinced that Qibli is the one who needs her and forces him to say yes to her. Qibli tricks her into being the clingy one, and this dialogue often passes by our minds without a thought when we read the book.
Moonwatcher knows that they haven't been together for long enough because she states the couple things they have been through together and even hesitates with the word "try". Afterward, Moon dodges the subject and forces something else onto Qibli. They don't even kiss, not even hug.
Qibli manipulates Moon into feeling bad for him so that she chooses him over Winter. Winter doesn't seem very abusive now, does he? Winter didn't ever make a big deal about his difficult situations and didn't act immature about them as often as Qibli. Winter was very cold towards other dragons instead and showed more severe signs of suffering.
Moonbli is not a good ship. This is why I've never shipped it. It's just as toxic as Winterwatcher. Both of these ships were written poorly.
It's a shame that Qibli's manipulative attention-seeking is never wrapped up at the end of the book.
Feel free to disagree, but there is much more evidence within book 10 that points to this accusation that I can't fit into this single post.
After all, Darkstalker does state how similar he and Qibli are. Maybe if this theory is correct, that statement would make much more sense.
Qibli is not a bad dragon, he just never had parents to teach him the proper way to seek attention. This is an impressive character flaw and ties him to the rest of his family's nature pretty well, them all being manipulative.
My two non-ignorant Wings of Fire opinion people, @ragingrainwing and @robbinflight, what are your thoughts on this matter?
This took hours to craft, so feel free to share!
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theanticool · 4 months ago
Shouts to Alana McLaughlin on her MMA debut. Didn’t even know this was happening. Can’t imagine the reception she’s received from the most vocal parts of the MMA community has been warm.
Also shout to Celine Provost for taking the fight.
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thelifeof-momo · 4 months ago
Okay so if you haven’t heard the news about John Mulaney, him and Olivia Munn are expecting their first child together. A lot us have loved John Mulaney, and his relationship with Annamarie Tendler. Especially the way he spoke about her in his standup, is what helped us fall in love.
I agree that with celebrities, a sense of false intimacy is created, that we know what they’re going through or what kind of person they are based on what we see or hear from them, but we never really know them.
I’ve have been struggling with why John getting divorced and dating Olivia Munn has affected me in some way. I don’t know John personally, he doesn’t owe us anything. He’s struggled with his sobriety, and I can’t imagine how difficult that must be to go through, especially publicly. So once I hear about them expecting their first child together, it isn’t about John. He’s human, he’s allowed to do what he wants, and heal how he needs.
No, my issue isn’t about them, it’s that Anna has to go through all this pain and very publicly. She doesn’t get to go through this privately, anything regarding her divorce and her ex’s new relationship it’s all in her face. My “anger” or “disappointment” isn’t about John or Olivia, it’s the media, and how much they want scraps of this divorce. So Anna, I’m sorry you’re going through this, you deserve to grieve the end of your marriage in peace.
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Tumblr media
“The opinion of 10,000 men is of no value if none of them know anything about the subject.”
-- Marcus Aurelius
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First I’d like to welcome all the new arrivals to the Piltover’s Finest fandom! I’ve been a shipper since 2013 and it’s great that the show is bringing these wonderful characters to a wider audience. Before you ask, yes, I absolutely lost my shit when they announced Arcane originally. The name wasn’t decided yet but we got some promo art and a couple other teasers, plus we knew it’d be based in Piltover/Zaun, so all us caitvi shippers were shivering in our boots. I screamed the first time they showed us child Vi.
The thing about Piltover’s Finest is that it was kind of a fan pairing, if I’m recalling correctly. We have another lesbian, Diana, who was made to specifically be Leona’s love interest, but they weren’t allowed to say that she was gay because CEO bullshit. Someone asked on twitter and one of the writers said yes, she gay. Then, earlier this year, they released a short story that confirmed Leona and Diana as queer and quite gay for each other. It’s canon, baby! But what I’m trying to say is it was kind of in the cards from the beginning even if it wasn’t made official until much later.
Our hextech girls, on the other hand, were kind of platonic at the beginning. But, like, really heavy subtext. Vi was one of the first champions to have unique voice lines for other champions. If you ult Jayce, she says, “Hey, Jayce! Powerslam!” Which is a joke on him because he says powerslam when he uses his Q in melee stance like he’s some kind of magical girl naming his moves. When Vi ults an enemy and then Caitlyn follows up with her own ult, finishing the enemy, Vi says, “Nice shot, cupcake!”
The nickname originally came from a move Caitlyn has called Yordle Trap, her W, which lays a trap on the field and momentarily stuns anyone who walks on it. In the middle of the trap, on the springing mechanism, is a cupcake. But the fact that Vi called her this as a nickname gave big pet name vibes to people. They also had a unique buff called “Piltover’s Finest” (yes, that’s where the pairing name originated). If Caitlyn and Vi were on the same side, they received this buff as indicated by an icon above the action bar that depicted the two of them posing together. If they both participated in a kill together, they would get 1 bonus gold piece. Vi had other unique lines for Cait, including both as an ally and an enemy. She loves teasing Caitlyn.
In Vi’s original backstory, Caitlyn was the one who brought her into the Piltover security (I forget what they were called at the time). The name Enforcers, given to the unit in Arcane, originates from Vi’s subtitle, The Piltover Enforcer. She also had a sick song about how she punches people in the face.
All this combined to make Piltover’s Finest the biggest pairing in League of Legends, maybe rivaled by KataLux, KataRiven, or Twisted Fate/Graves. But Piltover’s Finest was big. Like, big big. Large amounts of fanart, and despite a small fanfiction base, quite a bit of fanfic, too. Vi even got a skin based on a fan skin that was inspired by one of Caitlyn’s skins. In the official art, Caitlyn is featured in the background wearing the matching skin uniform.
The pairing was kinda sorta accidental. So I find it utterly hilarious and heartwarming that the writers of Arcane just went, “You know what? Let’s fucking make it canon.” And they did. Arcane is just a straight up feat. Every moment between them, I’m just like “that’s gay.” Not even subtext, text. Just gay. Gay gay, g-gay gay. And the brothel scene? Slay me now.
So I’m making this post to celebrate this momentous occasion in which Riot has blessed us with eye-fucking, cheek caresses, meeting the parents, definitely-for-sure-straight hugs, a near kiss, and so much sweet gentleness I think my teeth are falling out.
Riot is still pissing me off with the whole “if anyone in Riot talks about Hong Kong we’re firing you” and hiding the problems with harassment in the workplace. But Arcane is good. Wow, after that last statement, kinda feels like we shouldn’t be enjoying it. Maybe the situation's changed since 2019? Feel free to let me know!
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i want to be the mary shelley, why women kill, black eyeliner, "she would've made such a lovely bride what a shame she's fucked in the head", oscar wilde, jekyll and hyde, makeup running, "i love you ain't that the worst thing you ever heard / he looks up grinning like the devil", the picture of dorian gray, edgar allan poe, frankenstein, halloween, the 1800s, "beauty is terror. whatever we call beautiful, we quiver before it.", billie eilish, doc martens, the bell jar, meave wiley, "nothing ever ends poetically. it ends and we turn it into poetry. all that blood was never once beautiful. it was just red.", dark red lipstick, sylvia plath, carrying your late husband's heart around, black cats, type of girl, but i'm little and insecure.
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aardvaark · 9 months ago
idk im just saying those new police dog robots (digidogs?) are created to look like dogs for a reason. someone is gonna to destroy one as a protest to police brutality and not wanting to be spied on by cops and shit and then whoever does it is going to get demonized for “hurting this poor thing thats basically just a dog!! how could anyone do that!!”. imagine the headlines, imagine what your parents and grandparents are going to say, like “this awful person destroyed a cute little dog robot, who would do that?”. 
just... observing a trend. if the cops can advertise their behaviour as cute or sweet, they’re going to get less informed people to side with them, and racist people can use it as a justification for why they oppose blm. its all a strategy...
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saucepandoesthings · 2 months ago
hot take:
you don't need a reason to dislike a character, ship, etc. you can just not like just because it isn't your thing, and that's perfectly fine. the reverse is true, too: you can like something just because you do. and i'm honestly really tired of people demanding justification for liking or not liking certain characters.
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thebratzdollguide · 2 months ago
Although the supermodel, socialite, and video vixen era wasn’t perfect, it needs to make an inclusive and diverse resurgence. I need to see fun, excitement, charm, sensuality, and glamour that this era has been lacking lately due to the many lackluster male and female celebrities that have been relentlessly pushed by the gatekeepers of the entertainment industry.
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lousydrawingsforgoodpeople · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
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aimasup · 5 months ago
So I've downloaded Gacha Club and it's Really Fucking Cool actually
I got into the app and figured out the controls a little, then I decided to make my ocs but in gacha form, just to see what would happen.
So I make a new default and decide to start with skin colour, as you do, and immediately hollered 'Jesus Christ' at my phone because these are the options.
Tumblr media
This crazy amount of variety is kept for the other aspects. If you want an accessory or hat or shirt pattern, it's probably there, you just have to scroll through the hundreds of other options that are also fully adjustable in size, shape, colour, sometimes position, and the poses! I was surprised at the amount of poses.
It's like Picrew but on drugs. It's like getting a Barbie playset for free but surprise! You get the rest of the mall too because there's more than 200 options for hair base, a hundred more for bang options, and much more of props/weapons. You can create literally any character and add your own twists because there's just so much cool stuff! It doesn't even have to be human. Have you see those Weirdcore Gacha videos?
I also realize that it's great to help pick colours and outfits, and maybe adjust your own fashion sense because of how you can pair accessories/props with scenarios and personality. It can also be a medium for people who don't draw or write but still want some creative juices flowing.
I'm still not in the fanbase but I think I get it now. This game is so popular because of. You know. The seemingly unlimited customization that's possible. And it's free to download.
Gacha videos are literally just people playing dress up and house and sharing their playtime with the rest of the world and getting horrendously cyberbullied for it but we don't talk about that
Even the ones that make me go 'oh, yeah, this is terrible' like 'characters doing/meeting random stuff', 'charactets/ocs reacting to stuff', the infinite wacky AUs and crossovers and nonsensical storylines that have obvious references to other media, I completely understand the logic behind all of it, because when I was younger and I had a paper and pencil, I would draw the stupidest shit and blatantly trace from other people's stuff (I know it's bad now I never posted it don't worry) and make them do what I thought was funny/emotional because I didn't care about quality moreso the fact that I made it.
It's so weird seeing the spirit of what I used to create reincarnated into another generation (all the bad and good bits), and making it so public too. I'm just really glad that there's lots of kids out there who are still having fun and somehow dealing with the crushing judgemental force that is the internet.
Edit: I'm not saying you have to be supportive or that you have to like it at all, in fact, you can express your opinion against these types of things, I'm not gonna stop you. I'm just taking a side and expressing my personal stance on this.
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ziofranko · 5 months ago
The most dangerous sign
So here's my two cents about this, I'll use my analytical skills to uncover the truth (I kid, this is only my opinion):
Let's start from the Fire signs.
Aries, from my experience, are not as impulsive as they are portrayed to be. Their rage is loud and explosive, but they forgive quite easily and they're not people that keep a grudge. Their capital vice would be wrath but they're not the most dangerous sign.
Leo are too involved in their lives to be the most dangerous sign. They can be quite narcissistic and tactless when dealing with others, but they are not ones to put all their effort to ruin someone. They prefer to focus on themselves and outshine their enemies.
Most Sagittarius I know are quite unable to even get mad. They usually try to put themselves in other people shoes, maybe even more than Aquarius people. If they can't forgive you, they might be able to forget you. Too easygoing to be dangerous.
Earth Signs
Taurus can be quite stubborn, they surely remember all the wrongs people do to them and they are not quick to forgive. That being said, they seem the ones to believe in something like karma, and that time will heal any wounds anyway. They can be quite dangerous when pushed to their limits, but they are not in the first place.
Now this is a powerful sign, maybe the most powerful. All that ambition combined with determination and stamina can create the perfect villain. Too bad (well, that's lucky for us) Capricorn seems to not consider spending their time for their enemies, which they perceive to be a span below them most of the times.
This is my sun, mercury and venus sign so I hope I don't come off as too biased. Virgo can be quite mean, in a bitchy kind of way. Victims are not spared from sarcastic comments and quite hurtful remarks. That being said, a Virgo will usually cut any tie that connets her/him to her/his enemies. Not that dangerous, but don't underestimate them.
Air signs
Are we even discussing about them? They're devil advocates but would never hurt anyone. Even when they're not that good or evolved, they are just too able to see the reasons why they shouldn't act on their rage guided thoughts.
Even if their moral compass is twisted, they might be too busy dealing with the troubles they caused themselves to be angry and act accordingly. Not dangerous.
Now this one is difficult. From my experience, it's a bit complicated to make them angry, but their rage can surprisingly be quite as explosive as the Aries one. Quick to forget anyway.
Water Signs
Sneaky and deceptive, they can be manipulative but not cold. Most of the time, they're just too self-destructive to be dangerous. It's just like they get angry with themselves in the first place, they're able to hurt you by making you feel guilty.
I know what you're thinking, here we are, talking about the most dangerous sign. Well, not today. Scorpio are surely manipulative, cold blooded, vengeful but they have this very sensitive side which most of the times doesn't get enough recognition. They may reconsider their actions and don't get their revenge even when they accurately planned it.
Now, this is the most dangerous sign. The major problem with them is that you don't even see it comin'. It's not that they keep a low profile, they're usually sincere sweethearts, but it's so easy to hurt them, so easy to make them feel abandoned or taken for granted. And they just can't tolerate that. And the closer you're to them, the more you should be afraid if you've hurt them.
They start by being passive-aggressive as a warning, then become mostly manipulative, and if you do something quite hurtful like cheating on them, there's nothing that stops their rage (after they're done crying 😬). They are passion killers, and passion never forgives.
Afterall, they're the most dangerous sign in the FBI lists for a reason.
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philosophybits · a month ago
The discovery of truth is prevented more effectively, not by the false appearance things present and which mislead into error, not directly by weakness of the reasoning powers, but by preconceived opinion, by prejudice.
Arthur Schopenhauer, Counsels and Maxims
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enduracarrotchips · 7 months ago
hello everyone the concept of breath of the wild 2 is that link is in the sky and Zelda is underground and they need to make their way back to each other bye
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moomingitz · 2 months ago
I really wish this was kept in the final game. Not only because it brings us a resolution to Torn’s character and why he joined the Krimson Guard in the first place, but because it’s a good way to help lead up to Jak’s change of heart and decision to stay in Haven City instead of going back to Sandover Village in the past.
Tumblr media
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of-scars-and-roses · a month ago
Ok no joke but Abed rocked the long hair
Tumblr media
I will not take any criticism
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lcving-young-padfoot · 2 months ago
achilles convinced himself patroclus' death was hector's fault and he kept himself busy by planning his revenge to avoid thinking about how it was his own fault
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celestial-prism999 · 3 months ago
Gonna start posting some unpopular opinions on media here. Here we go;
- Traditional Fairy Tales are good actually and there is nothing wrong with character archetypes like The Damsel in Distress or The Knight in Shining Armor. Victims are not weak or bad for being unable to escape their abusers. Your worth is not dictated by you needing help. Those who rescue others from harm ought to be admired and emulated.
- RWBY was better in the early Volumes because it was a fun show about anime characters fighting each other and cool monsters and it wasn't ashamed of that. The new volumes are a third rate fantasy epic held together by a meandering Macguffin Plot and is afraid of actually being colorful or upbeat. Things that are simple and fun are sometimes better than overwrought dramas.
- HeMan Revelations isn't that good of a show because it was written by someone who doesn't even like the IP. The Master of the Universe cartoon is a much better adaptation because it isn't embarrassed to be about a bunch of colorful sword and sorcery characters beating up a cackling skeleton man. If I wanted to see a bunch of mean lesbians shit-talking their friends I'd just go look in the radfems tag.
- A piece of media doesn't need to be perfect to be worth enjoying. For example, I think that Harry Potter and The Hunger Games are very flawed book series, but I'm still able to appreciate what their authors did right along with the messages they tried to put in them.
- Arguing about "realism" in a story as a form of complaint is counterproductive because fiction by it's nature is meant to be unrealistic. Instead you should evaluate whether characters have consistant identities, if plot points weave together in a satisfying way, and if the attempted themes and moods of the story are cohesive and are supported by the writting.
- Twilight isn't my cup of tea, but it gets a lot more hate than it deserves and after some of the smut I've seen some of y'all make online I don't think a lot of you have any right to complain about it being "unhealthy".
- Certain genres and their conventions are not for you and that doesn't make them objectively bad. Complaining about a children's story having a child protagonist, or a self-indulgent romance story having a fantastical romance, is like going to the beach and complaining about there being too much water. Or going to a rock concert and wondering why they aren't playing easy listening jazz.
- Ideally neither gender should be sexually objectified, but if you're going to have unrealistic depictions of women in your stories you should at least be fair and do the same with the men. If all the women look like porn stars and all the men have flat asses and ugly faces than you're a coward. Either glorify the human form and give everyone impossible physiques or be realisitic. Pick one.
- The Lord of the Rings doesn't need sex scenes or LGBT representation. If you really want a fantasy story with those things you should make your own story or read stories by people like Ursula K. Le Guin that put those things in their stories. Adding things an author wouldn't have approved of after their death is disrespectful to their memory.
- A lot of people are correct about how it's gross that a lot of anime sexualizes teenage girls, but I find it concerning that nobody really speaks up when they do it to underage boys instead. Both are kids and shouldn't be portrayed that way period.
- It's okay to have "cringy" interests. As long as you aren't hurting yourself or others than you should do what makes you happy. Besides, in five years people are going to magically decide your interest is cool again once it's become cool to be invested in it "ironically". This goes for Among Us, Pokemon, Anime, Five Nights at Freddy's, Warrior Cats or any other children's media or niche interest.
- On that note, liking something "ironically" is impossible. You may not enjoy something for the reasons its creator meant, but if you're a fan you're a fan. Don't hide behind a mask of cynicism and false-scorn. Embrace your passions openly and without shame. I promise you'll have more fun that way.
- Most furries are actually okay people and I'm tired of people acting like they're freaks when there are way worse individuals you could encounter online. Thinking that bipedal cartoon animals is cool isn't that bad in the grand scheme of things.
- Some 12 year old's Mary Sue oc is actually harmless and they are just having fun and learning how to create. Don't bully them over being inexperienced or for having a ridiculous character concept. Instead you should encourage them and only give them constructive criticism if they ask for it. Dark Lord Bloodaxe Grimjaw and Magical Neko Angel Demon Princess Miyuki could go on to become something genuinely compelling if given the chance.
- Shipping isn't the end-all be-all of storytelling. Try taking the shipping goggles off every now and then. Try to engage with stories beyond which characters you want to see kiss.
- Also you should give other genres a chance every now and then. It helps broaden your horizons and will teach you more about storytelling and the tropes and tools used when doing so.
- A lot of classics may not hold up well to modern standards or fit your tastes. But they are important because they introduced important concepts to their branch of media. That's why they are taught in schools. It's okay not to like a classic, but you should research what it contributed to literature/cinema/video games and it's impact on media. It's possible to dislike something while also acknowledging it's historical impact. In fact it is sometimes necessary to learn and grow as a storyteller.
- Finally, friendships are more important than fandoms. Fandoms are overrated and are infested with drama and toxicity and cliques. Instead you should make friends with good people who share your interests. You'll have much more fun that way.
Thanks for listening to my ramble. Have a nice day.
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tuulikki · 11 months ago
Before you start coming for Joseph Campbell please look up cultural anthropology and realize that a recognition and the study of commonalities between cultures and stories does not negate the original value of said cultures and ideas.
Also can you explain why you believe the “men’s movement adores him”?
I think it’s healthy to question Joseph Campbell and his work but I think it’s important to recognize him within the context of his time. You sound like you are trying to smear and cancel a dead man.
Since you’re familiar with cultural anthropology, you no doubt agree that pursuing identification of cultural “commonalities” is a thorny academic goal, since it requires privileging an etic perspective to determine criteria for proposed commonality in the first place. Of course we can make comparisons, but to say “x is like y” across cultures will always carry some risk of decontextualisation, erasing what people have to say about the meaning and importance of their own myths. Deciding what other culture’s stories really meant is, ofc, Joseph Campbell’s specialty:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
The men’s movement, specifically the mythopoetic men’s movement, has latched onto Campbell in all kinds of ways. They like it when he says things like this:
What happened in Western society was that a good deal of the organized thinking with respect to sex was based on putting the woman forward. You take your hat off (or you used to, at least) in the elevator. Or when a woman comes in to the room you give your seat to her. Now the woman begins to dress like a man and the man's dress hasn't changed; it's just deteriorated and receded into the background. And where the hell are we? We have unisex barbershops. It's ridiculous because the whole energy of life depends on polarity and when you give that up all you've got left is a blob. [laughter]
It is indeed healthy to question Campbell. He, like Freud, has been very influential. Just like Freud: within the context of his time, he came up with big theories... which no one sensible nowadays should refrain from critiquing. But since his theories persist among his adherents, Campbell’s personal historical context is less important now than the critique of those persistent ideas.
When academics “cancel” a dead man, it’s called “critique.” It’s certainly not “smearing” someone, living or dead, if you say accurate things about them. Joseph Campbell is a byword for bad scholarship and no one comes for Campbell like the experts who’ve had to deal with his legacy:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
The people who do support his theory seem to be, uh... quite a rigorous group:
Tumblr media
Bonus antisemitism below!:
Tumblr media
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anastasiasyah · 10 months ago
In this day and age, everyone seems to have their own opinions and they try so hard to be listened. But none of them realize, they are drowning in their own voices.
“Public Opinions”, anastasiasyah
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