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When I was using I didn’t take any other medication except the self medicating with crack and heroin.

Since going to rehab and living in a sober living they have diagnosed me with bipolar, anxiety disorder and ADHD. I don’t understand how they can tell all this just from observing me and me telling them about my past.

I’m 25 years old and now take more pills than my grandma does. The four pills I took tonight made me wonder is this really right? Will I ever live a life where I don’t have to take these?

Also I just started on Naltrexone so that I don’t have an urge to use opiates again and it’s is giving me such nasty side effects that I wish I didn’t have to take take it. I honestly don’t know the person I would be without pills or drugs anymore and that’s scary.

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When I was on opioids after my 2 most recent surgeries, they made me really constipated. Luckily, I only needed them for the post-op pain and not daily. How do you know what’s a result of your IBS-C and what’s a result of the Tramadol? I know when you look at the Tramadol Wikipedia page, the second paragraph starts by saying it makes you constipated.

I was diagnosed with IBS-C before using tramadol. It has definitely made it worse, though, and it can get out of hand if I’m not on top of it. My docs have helped me figure out how best to manage it with senokot and miralax.

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When you go shopping with your partner because he believes the corona virus is over exaggerated and not to panic buy I agree somewhat problem is the world is full of crazy and they buying everything and anything and if you don’t buy when you can you end up with nothing ! Then there’s people like me who usually never go shopping are forced out to buy incase we go into lockdown. Impaitent me waiting for my hubby as he went to get a bigger trolley got stuff out of the fridges and bang 💥 💥 💥 the temperature change started the chain reaction I couldn’t go to coles as the cold started a flare looks like my procedure is wearing off on the bright side I bought myself some flowers I can’t even remember the last ime I did that Now I’m in bed with that ice burn to your bones ➖burning 🔥➖ with my hot packs nothing helping I hate the ice fire 🧊 🔥 I can live without toilet paper but there’s no way I can live without my meds and DMSO I hope there won’t be a shortage of meds 🙏 🙏 🙏

Chronic pain problems •

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Today has been such a difficult day for me to feel as though I’ve given my time hard work and nothing I do seems “good enough” brings back so many feelings I’ve tried to escape and today me just wanting one good nod to make it feel ok and not going back to those ways today has been a struggle but I know I NEED to FEEL this even though it hurts and just simply fucking sucks….

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So I’m at a new place getting suboxone and the dr actually gives a ahit about addicts. Anyways ummm I picked up some blow like 2 days before so I knew I would fail the urinalysis. For two weeks I stressed about it. At my appointment he said “try and get me a clean Pisa test”. No judgment, no lectures, just support. I’m so thankful for this dr and am so glad I feel like myself again

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Update: detox is getting so bad. The physical part is absolute hell. But the hardest part is the mental part. The extreme triggers and anxiety and depression. I am so fucked in the head I’ve been dreaming and cant stop having intrusive thoughts of needles. I just wanna get a rig just to stare at it I’m losing it so bad. But I refuse to give up, fuck blue cross I will ‘relapse’ if that’s what they want at this point. I need to get through this with more support and THE PROPER MEDS!!!!! Not giving up on it this time. I was so close til blue cross fucked me over.

Update: BC will only cover 80%. $1000 a week. This bitch needs cash fasttt.

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I’m absolutely DONE with the Boi. Slow. Heroin. Whatever you want to call The Devil disguised within your real true first love.

I just got narcan’d 3 times. This is my 7th fucking OD. 6 of those times were all last Summer…. All within 3 days.

Every single time, I’ve been lucky enough to have had someone around, who also just so happened to have Narcan. (Which is weird…. I haven’t had Narcan for months… And something pushed me to go get some TODAY…..)

All it takes is for it to happen just 1 time with nobody around…. Shooting Heroin alone is extremely dangerous…. I need to get my fucking act together, or I’m going to wind up dead.

I’m better than this. Fuck Heroin. Fuck opiates. Fuck drugs period. (Although I’ll probably still be bangin Ice lol….)

Please be safe out there guys. Get some Narcan and keep it around if you don’t have any already… And PLEASE DON’T shoot alone!!! It’s so fucking dangerous. Please be smart out there fellas.

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today sucked I was sick all fucking day and I was lucky af I had a good vein ready when I finally did get to do a shot bc I could barely move wo puking like I almost started puking in the middle of doing the shot lmao I just had to push it in super fast like I wouldn’t have been able to sit there forever and try different veins ahhh. Wish I could say I’m gonna make this shit last until I get more money so I can get more before running out but… we all know it’s finna be gone tomo. NOW ima get very high and go the fuck to sleep.

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There’s a medication I’ve used multiple times which always:

  • makes it easy to sleep
  • drastically improves mood
  • eases pain better than anything else I’ve tried

This wonder drug?


Which is completely legal where I am.

However, the doctors would rather prescribe opioids, which don’t work as well, while also basically berating me for taking opioids, while also refusing to prescribe a reasonable amount.

If they’re going to refuse to recommend what actually works, they could at least not be ableist assholes about it!

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The opioid thing happened to my uncle too, he had them prescribed for a neck/back problem bc he needed them to work and now he can’t get them so he smokes weed to help which isn’t ideal in a place where it’s not legal

That sucks, your poor uncle. Neck problems are the worst. It is really unfair that he is forced to break the law (stupid law) and put himself at risk just to exist without pain.

Weed is illegal where I am from too. I have easy (illegal) access to it and it was helping me but then I got an extra dose of bullshit from my brain and now every time I smoke I get deeply paranoid so that cut off that avenue for me.

I hope that your uncle’s pain miraculously disappears or that the society we live in realises that the reaction to opioid addiction isn’t “get rid of all the opioids and make people deal with pain/addiction on their own”.

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