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Saitama's lament
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Whomst has awakened the ancient one
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And ofc...opm content hehehe
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It's an area he knows well.
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Cosmic Garou uncolored. It's good to be able to draw again!!!
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Apparently it's cat day today so I drew this quick thing for Nyan
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Sometimes the opposite of a great truth is another great truth
I've both got an ask and seen a lot of words slung Genos' way asking why the hell he's calling Saitama flawless and not holding Caped Baldy to account for his manifest failings. Well, we certainly see them and there's something frustrating about seeing Saitama seemingly neither needing to learn nor having his failings pointed out to him by the very person we'd most expect to do so. I'm going to argue, however, that's the wrong frame of mind. This isn't something best understood from an extradiegetic approach, where we sit in our world and look in based on our expectations and experiences of the world. There's plenty to be said for the commonality of human experience, but sometimes it leads us astray. If we want to see if he's mad or going villainous, we have to go intradiegetic and see it from his perspective.
I will use all available means
In his application to the Hero Association, Genos writes that he will use all available means to achieve his goals.
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I see that people don't understand just how far he's prepared to go.
To make it very simple, if you want to understand why Genos is so excited and happy about Saitama in update 214, cross out the word 'hero' and replace it with 'weapon'. I'm going to draw your attention to something else very important: Genos sees himself as a person at war [1]. For him, the problem of Saitama has not been whether he is strong enough, but rather there's only one of him and he can only be in one place at one time... and his timing isn't always very good. A uniquely powerful weapon is limited by the fact that it's unique.
Yes, Genos is very aware of Saitama's failings -- in fact, his embarrassing Saitama by pointing them out too bluntly is a recurring source of comedy. However, he also knows that even if Saitama were perfectly diligent, he would still have the limitation of only being able to be in one place at any given time. Now that Saitama can cross time and space at will, it's like having that unique weapon suddenly able to be wherever and whenever it needs to be, no matter what happens in the interim. Saitama's character flaws don't matter any longer in a world where he can set things right anyway. Hence, he is that flawless hero. True, in a future timeline, Genos was horribly murdered by Garou, but the outcome was that Saitama perfected this wonderful weapon.
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When we see Genos telling Saitama that he's flawless and that he will always be on time, we're not seeing him telling Saitama that he's become a better person. Nope, nothing of the sort. If Saitama, in spite of his personality flaws, can now be relied on to come through and do the right thing, then Genos's most pressing existential problem -- that he might die before he sees justice done -- disappears. Seamlessly, even. Despite everyone warning him about Saitama, he's backed the right horse after all. Oh, and Saitama is so bound to him that he'll do anything to get him back. Yes, he has done well.
Yes, even relationships are weaponized. Genos wasn't joking when he told Saitama that the latter was doing well because he didn't need relationships to survive [2].
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...all available means, including starting advantageous relationships...
But he doesn't seem that bad?!
So why doesn't Genos come across as a scheming, Machiavellian character? For two very important reasons: first, what his goal is, and second, because of his strong sense of reciprocity.
I want to remind people of when we first saw Genos. What was he doing? He had walked down a blood-sucking monster and was looking to kill it. A blood-sucking monster that, by definition, wouldn't trouble him if he didn't trouble it as he has no readily-available blood vessels to be exsanguinated from. In short, he was troubling himself for the sake of random others he didn't know.
From the beginning, we've seen that whatever his aims, they are strongly pro-social.
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Hunting for a mad cyborg has absolutely nothing to do with freeing people from the tyranny of bad guys or the oppression of monsters and yet this is something that Genos has done ever since he set out to hunt for said cyborg. When he calls himself the Cyborg for Justice, he isn't joking: he can't walk past injustice.
Something that a lot of readers seem to miss is that Genos has a much more collectivist attitude than first appears. When he tells Saitama his story and explains that his quest isn't only for himself, he really isn't joking! It's not a bit tossed in to try to convince Saitama that he's not entirely selfish. The more familiar individualist mindset thinks in terms of 'personal development', change that is for you, 'self-actualization', goals that benefit chiefly yourself, regardless of impact.
That's not where Genos is coming from at all. A person alone makes no sense. 'Justice' is meaningless to Genos if it means mere vindication and self-satisfaction. [3] 'Strength' means nothing save in terms of what it can bring to others. He is very serious about his goals and self-interests, but they don't mean a thing if they're solely about him.
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Genos has a very strong sense that if you take, you must give. It goes for society in general, where he is a good citizen in all things, such as going to vote, picking up litter, being annoyingly punctilious about lost property, a good citizen in every way except breaking stuff to get at bad guys and monsters...
In work, he is happy to put in effort that is of value. It's a distinct difference to what we see from someone like Drive Knight, who seems to give as little as possible while extracting as much as possible from others. Genos will sacrifice for others because others would do the same. You can't ask for a better person to have your back, no matter how bitter the fight gets.
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It goes all the way to his personal relationships. If he sees one that is advantageous to him, he doesn't go about it the way you'd expect your typical user to, which is to treat the person as badly as you can while taking what you can. If it's of value, then he treats it as valuable: he is supportive, attentive, and looks for mutual benefit. And he's genuine in this.
However, the essential calculus remains. No amount of real affection for Kuseno can disguise the reality that it's life-or-death necessary that he not fall out with the old man. No matter how much he may love and respect Saitama, the reality that he's following this freakishly strong man to learn from and to achieve his goals remains. The chapter closed with Saitama suggesting that Geno's get a less optimal repair so he could come help him retrieve his stuff ASAP. Unless Dr Kuseno puts his foot down, that's exactly what Geno's will do. Needs must.
It's a hard life, but he chose it and doesn't regret it.
Minimize any of that and you're left not understanding where Genos is coming from.
Wrapping up
Everything about this guy is double-headed. In Genos strong self-interest co-exists with strong pro-sociality and sense of reciprocity. Those two things seem to be in opposition to each other and yet, they balance out in him. Sometimes the opposite of a great truth is another great truth. He doesn't lie about it; if you ask him, he'll tell you exactly what he wants and why it matters. [4] If people choose to not believe that means what he says, that's their problem.
Returning to the present chapter, there is the small problem we've seen that Saitama doesn't actually have this knowledge any longer -- the ultimate weapon is broken nearly as quickly as it was forged. Genos has the information which makes about as much sense to him as me being given a repair manual and asked to fix the main engine on a Jin Class nuclear submarine. Hopefully, Genos finds out the easy way and experiences mere crushing disappointment, rather than the hard way, by taking an unsurvivable risk.
[1] I know that appears dissonant to us readers as we live in peaceful countries (and may they stay that way!), so we don't think of things in terms of strategic advantage. Just to make things even more dissonant for us, to all appearances Genos is living in a peaceful, developed, nominally democratic nation that just happens to have a bit of a monster problem. A peaceful nation that accidentally on purpose commissions nuclear aircraft carriers and accidentally on purpose fails to effectively investigate or stop a series of total massacres committed by an as-yet unapprehended cyborg. That sort of peaceful.
[2] "Saitama and the Mysterious Heroine." Drama CD included with Season 2 of OPM. Link
[3] Now that the webcomic has gotten to the Organization properly, it's become very clear that it really isn't just about revenge: there really is a massive threat that needs to be dealt with and that everyone else is ignoring.
[4] That's something that really surprised Zombieman when he asked Genos why he wanted him to try out the virtual system. I guess he was expecting Genos to dissemble or try to present it as advantageous to Zombieman in some way. Nope! From "Genos, Training" on volume 2 of the 2017 CD drama series. Link to transcript.
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Parallel world?
Hold up a second...
Genos is doing that factual narration thing of his, the objective truth narrating he has going on.
I had a hypothesis and breakdown of the Garou vs Saitama fight where I believe Saitama got caught in time dilation, because during the timeline merge, it does not make sense that Saitama was late at all and it was caused by gravitational time dilation from god's influence, then Godrou mocks him for it.
Suddenly I was struck by what Genos said about parallel universes. Genos objectively tells the truth in narration. He provides hints and clues in narration how things actually are.
Tumblr media
"It's merely a hypothesis based on the so-called parallel world or multiverse theory, but I suspect that this core came from one of the countless parallel worlds that diverged a a result of your actions.
I do not know at what point the divergence occurs, when the observer makes a decision or when the observer takes action, but it has been confirmed that a new you separated from the original you at the start of your time travel, and merged with the you of this timeline when the movement was completed.
The timing of the separation and merging may be a clue to the timing of when the parallel worlds split off."
The merging means the portion where Saitama merged with his self. When he buried himself out of the rubble and got merged with his past self.
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The one I speculate was time dilation portion where Saitama was stuck due to god's influence and could not get to Genos in time, leaving him dead. Since God wants him dead.
So when is the separation point then, if the merging portion of what Genos is saying is true?
Are you telling me Genos...
That we had an actual parallel universe before that portion!?
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Holy shi-
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Mother of God.
I can't believe this.
The redrawn chapter is an actual parallel universe made by God. And we thought the OG was redrawn just because the reception was so shit or something.
But it's actually God in universe observing the fight and time traveling and creating a parallel universe because the outcome did not suit him. And influencing Garou's Ego more to create the outcome, so Saitama would take different action and cause a divergence in the timeline.
What the actual fuck, this is too meta.
What. The. Fuck.
I fucking knew the entire flow of the redrawn chapter 164 felt off till the portion where we get to actual god. It was so disconnected compared to the original 164. And the redraw was the very next week and so swift too.
I can't fucking believe this shit. We got trolled so hard.
And we won't see it till the volume release too omfg. If even then.
Actual god level writing and trolling readers.
But then again, God is ONE's self insert... meta level joke and trolling.
Sure, it could be a nod to the redrawn chapter portion and a joke on itself, but then it would not be presented as in universe fact by a character who always tells objective truth narratively. And the joke would be missed by volume readers entirely if the OG 164 didn't actually happen.
Tumblr media
Edit: They don't give a shit about criticism, so a redrawn based on few days of criticism is about as illogical as it gets.
That and there's no way to quickly start drawing new storyboard just because we didn't like it or there was internal messup. They have to begin work on next chapter immediately.
Highly doubtful.
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Nothing to see here...😤🤗
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quick psa, if you ship Child Emperor with literally anyone I am beating you to a pulp
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So if everyone had to go to Metal Knights lab, we assume Amai also must go. What would happen if he took blood tests or other things? He'd have some explaining to do.
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An interview given by Ataru, Yusuke Murata's head assistant (in French)
Lots of interesting details and illustrations of the way they work, worth your while.
Over on Reddit, u/Ulyminou has translated some of the pages: https://www.reddit.com/r/OnePunchMan/comments/wj6p5j/comment/ijfrz31/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3
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