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#opportunity quotes
ssaalexblake · 3 years ago
The thing about Jason Mendoza in the good place is that he’s the only character on the show with any emotional intelligence, like, period.
The others might all be smart in their own ways and him really, really uneducated (i’d call him stupid, but after the vague jokes about his schooling i think this is meant to be commentary on how him not being fortunate enough to be given a good education contributed to him ending up in the  bad place) but, he’s actually really, really emotionally intelligent! 
He helps the others sort through their own emotional baggage without seeming to even realise he’s doing it, and he picks up on it and confronts Tahani on her bad behaviour against him. He didn’t have the book smarts at the time to label exactly what it was that she was doing that was unfair to him, but he Did know she was being out of line. He’s also, in general, a kind human being, he’s not cruel or mean like any of the others, he may be self-centered at times, but never mean (which Eleanor and Tahani can definitely be).  
The other three humans, plus Janet and Michael, have no clue about emotions! The blanket statement that Jason is stupid in all areas is flawed, because if we stopped measuring that standard by book smarts or street smarts, Jason would leave them in the dust because he’s actually in touch with his own and others’ emotions, and they genuinely need his emotional compass to move forward imo. 
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lance-alt · 4 months ago
[tumblr]: Okay, truth or dare?
bloggers: Truth
[tumblr]: How many hours have you slept this week?
bloggers: ...Dare
[tumblr]: Go to bed
bloggers: I’ve decided that I don’t like this game
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I highly recommend inviting your friends to do randomly romantic & weird fun stuff. Invite them to a picnic at the park and show up with a kite. Throw tea parties with tiny finger sandwiches. Have a Crafts Day where everyone gets to decorate their own hats/accessories/teacups for future tea parties. Encourage shenanigans & surprises! Host a Costume Movie Night but put a different theme on each invitation (formal wear, pajamas, last year's halloween costume)! Drink sparkling juice out of champagne glasses during a Board Game Night where the winners have to speak in a character accent for the rest of the evening. Infinite possibilities, but it's your job to manifest them!
If you want a fun weird friend group, first you must encourage fun weirdness!!! Cultivate the garden you want to live in.
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faronmckenzie · 7 months ago
Imagine yourself as a magnetic person who always attracts great experiences, unlimited opportunities and good news. Believe that your naturally blessed all the time.
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vespaaurinkos · a year ago
geralt, with a long-suffering sigh: You’re not gay, I’m gay. You’re five
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transdangernoodle · 2 years ago
Peter: Mr. Stark what's wrong?
Tony: The Mars rover Oppy died today. Sweet little thing just wanted to come home. She was up there for 15 years.
Peter: *grabs Tony's sleeve and starts dragging him to the lab* Come on.
Tony: What are you doing?
Peter: *holding back tears* We have to go get her Mr. Stark
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trekahouse · 3 years ago
When someone is willing to struggle with you, just so that they can build with you, that’s love.
Treka L. House
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incorrectmp100 · 2 years ago
Mob: Why are you sad?
Tome, sniffling: It’s kinda stupid but the mars rover oppy got dust on its solar panels and it might be damaged and nasa declared it dead :(
Mob, mentally calculating how he can get to mars: I’ll be back
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williamsherondales · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
@theinfernaldevicesnetwork event 6: favourite quotes (2/3) ⟶ Will's love letter to Tessa
You are not the last dream of my soul. You are the first dream, the only dream I ever was unable to stop myself from dreaming. Y o u  a r e  t h e f i r s t  d r e a m  o f  m y  s o u l, and from that dream I hope will come all other dreams, a lifetime's worth
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ddlc-incorrect-quotes · 3 years ago
Monika: Go on, say something brilliant, Yuri.
Yuri: Oh, I don't...
Sayori: Capital of Azerbaijan?
Yuri: Baku.
Natsuki: Year Beethoven died?
Yuri: 1827.
Monika: Twentieth decimal of Euler's number?
Yuri: ...
Yuri: Six.
MC: Oh my god! She's like the internet with breasts!
MC: Oh wait. The internet already has breasts.
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thoughtkick · 7 months ago
It’s okay to feel tired. Take yourself to bed at 9pm, and tuck yourself in like the cute burrito you are. Tomorrow is new and full of opportunities.
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