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Recent conversation between a man and an ertzaina (Basque police officer):
- Ask me for my ID in Basque, please. [in Basque] + I’m not gonna ask you for your ID in Basque [in Spanish] - I have the right to be addressed in Basque [in Basque from now on] + Yes. - So ask me in Basque, please. + You have that right... - And it’s your duty as a public worker. + ... but also the obligation of speaking in Spanish - What? I don’t have that obligation + Why? Because in your ID it says “Spain”.
Just another ordinary day...
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Response for when the far-right pick a fight by spewing ignorant divisive bollocks, then claim that they're being 'bullied', or 'cancelled', or 'oppressed' or 'silenced' when other people argue back or criticise them for said bollocks.
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shalimarrgardens · 10 months ago
Instead of reblogging another french girl style aesthetic post, consider,
"Since 2004, students in France are banned from wearing the hijab to school. Mothers who are hijabi can’t come on field trips as chaperones with their children. French students are only allowed to wear it in university.
In 2011, France became the first country in Europe to ban the niqab. Those who wore it in public ran the risk of being fined. President Nicolas Sarkozy said that veils oppress women, and that they were not welcome in France. Emmanuel Macron, France’s progressive darling and current president, was quoted saying that he would like to make an “Islam of France,” a proposition both insulting and full of insinuations that Islam is something that needs to be fixed.
If seen wearing a niqab, the penalty is 150 euro or in the U.S., 217 dollars. As of 2015, 1546 fines were doled out.
In 2016, France started deliberating banning “burkinis,” hijabi-friendly swimwear, in its beaches and seaside resorts. The law was later overruled by France’s top administrative court.
Last year, French brand Decathlon wanted to start selling a sports hijab in their stores. They already had them on store floors in Morocco, but planned to bring them to France. Politicians and the French part of social media were quick to express their discontent, some even speaking of boycotting the store. Decathlon decided not to sell the sport hijabs in their stores.
Simply put, France does not like the hijab.
We all know this. Before we think of France’s culture, its monuments, its soccer team, we think of the government’s oppression of Muslims and other minorities."
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wobblydev · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
It is the job of the police to oppress the working class on behalf of the bosses. Do not believe the sanitized rhetoric of the powers that be—all positive social change was fought for, tooth and nail. They will never make concessions without mass action.
Take care of each other out there. Never act alone. Don’t talk to cops.
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girlsrule-boysdrool · 5 months ago
so I'm studying criminal justice at uni and my professor made a really good point:
when men commit serious crimes, they only break one social contract
when women commit serious crimes, they commit two. not only the crime, but the 'social contract' of femininity
this is why female criminals, murderers in particular, are hated so much. the stories they write revolve around how their selfish, vain, emotionless; all things that go against societies idea of what a woman should be. they get harsher penalities for the same crimes, because female criminals have committed two crimes against society and men have only done one.
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a-book-dragon · 10 months ago
There are many ways to kill. You can stab someone in the guts, take their bread away, not heal someone from disease, put someone in a bad living space, work someone to death, drive them to suicide, lead soemone to war etc. Only few of these are prohibited in our state.
Bertolt Brecht
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philosophybits · 3 days ago
Intellectual alienation is a creation of bourgeois society. And for me bourgeois society is any society that becomes ossified in a predetermined mold, stifling any development, progress, or discovery. For me bourgeois society is a closed society where it’s not good to be alive, where the air is rotten and ideas and people are putrefying. And I believe that a man who takes a stand against this living death is in a way a revolutionary.
Frantz Fanon, Black Skin, White Masks
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You guys need to understand what is happening with r/wallstreetbets and GME. Below I've copied and pasted a really clear and helpful comment by a Reddit user that explains this situation:
So GameStop, as you can probably imagine, is a company that was widely considered to be on the verge of failing due to being a brick and mortar gaming retailer in the age of covid and downloadable games. Due to this, big Wall Street hedge funds bet on its stock price continuing to drop by doing what is called ‘shorting’ a stock.
In simple terms, shorting a stock is when somebody ‘borrows’ a stock off somebody else and then immediately sells the stock. Eventually in the future they will need to buy the stock back to ‘return’ the one they borrowed. If the stock price drops, they make a profit (as they sold it for more then they bought it back for). However, there is one major catch. If the price rises, they’ll be forced to buy jt back at a higher price, and since stocks can essentially go up to infinity, they can go into ENORMOUS debt.
This is where /r/Wallstreetbets came in. People looked at this, and noticed that A) the stock was being ludicrously shorted (there were more shares ‘borrowed’ then even existed) and B) That due to the companies financials and things like the console cycle the company actually stands a chance at not going under. So a whole bunch of people thought it was a great idea to buy in and try to trigger a ‘short squeeze’.
A short squeeze is when the stock price skyrockets to the extent where the people who shorted the stock are going into massive debt. At some point they’re forced to cut their losses, so they buy back the stock they borrowed. But here’s the catch: since so many people have shorted the stock, there isn’t enough supply for the people to buy their stocks back. This means the people who actually own the stock can charge ABSURD prices for their shares because the shorts have literally no choice but to buy at those prices.
Additionally in these last few months, there’s been a bunch of unrelated good news stories which made people more optimistic about GameStop’s future, which served as the catalyst that began this squeeze in the first place. Eventually the hype hit a fever pitch on WSB, causing more and more people to buy in, forcing the price higher and higher. We’re now at the point where hedge funds are losing BILLIONS of dollars and average everyday people who bought in early are making life changing money from this play. One user (/u/Deepfuckingvalue) is currently at 48 million dollars off of an initial $53000 investment
Edit: also, this has triggered a whole bunch of other attempted squeezes on other heavily shorted stocks such as AMC, Bed Bath and Beyond and Naked cosmetics (among others) as people look to make more money and/or hurt the hedge funds
Edit 2: The people who borrowed the stocks have to pay a large interest fee on the stocks they borrowed, and that fee has gotten to be extremely expensive. So waiting for the stock to drop will continue to hurt them financially as well
Even though it reads as a 4chan cesspool, r/wallstreetbets has followed in the footsteps of OccupyWallstreet and has become a very effective movement in challenging the establishment, capitalism, and corporations. This is the first time in history the people are successfully waging war against the establishment through the stock market, and these efforts have extended globally.
Now trading apps, such as RobinHood, have prevented the people from buying GME stocks. They can only sell. RobinHood is managed by a hedge fund and so of course it's rich fuckers manipulating the market to protect their interests. This is INCREDIBLY illegal and political figures such as AOC have called them out on it (even Ted Cruz agreed with AOC). But that has oy made the movement stronger. Since the U.S. has attempted to suppress retail investors (you and I), people from other countries have en masses stepped in. This has gone beyond just making a buck.
Tumblr media
I encourage you all to download a trading app that allows for fractional trading (so you can put in like $10 and buy 0.003 of a share and don't have to fork over $360 to buy one full share) and buy GME. Put in whatever you can afford. You can't lose more than you put in. Hold, don't sell. You'll thank me later if you end up making $5,000 off of your $10 you forked over. Buy shares when stocks dip. This restriction won't last forever.
Rate and review the Robinhood app one star and leave a comment about what they are doing is market manipulation and exploiting the people to benefit the wealthy.
Leave a complaint with the SEC.
Finally, keep an eye out for the class action suit if you've already invested.
And because you degenerates only respond to memes and Twitter images, here you go:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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nonbinarymlm · 5 months ago
This is incredibly horrifying and we need to fight back. Cis allies, we need you to stand up and fight for us as they try to relegate us to second class humans. We need to talk about this. We need to push back.
"Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee (R) has signed one of the cruelest anti-trans laws in the nation, which will require businesses and public buildings to warn cisgender customers that they serve transgender people like any other customer.
It is the second bill restricting transgender public accommodations signed into law recently by the governor and the fourth specifically targeting transgender people."
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