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#optimus prime
nao-tf2 days ago
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d-mondy18 hours ago
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he鈥檚 a kitty聽
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zyxthstuffa day ago
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mistythecatt2 days ago
Optimus: You are irrationally angry 365 days a year.
Ratchet: Well, that鈥檚 just your personal opinion, I don鈥檛 have anger issues. Do you guys think I have anger issues?
Wheeljack: Well, I wouldn鈥檛 really call it an issue. An issue is something you can fix.
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kagepluggeda day ago
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Bit of a mix of IDW and G1 Shockop but like. Falls down. I鈥檓 so tired. LMFAO.
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fangirlingpuggle11 hours ago
So thinking about my old AU idea with how Orion could fit into TFA (...the first one) Link here
But just thinking about the reverse, where Optimus after he wakes up or due to all spark healing gets all his memories he remembers being Orion, remembers his past, and Optimus/Orion is just lying there like
Because 1) he can鈥檛 let anyone know he knows (other than his team and Sari) because he had NO IDEA WHO HE CAN TRUST! he doesn鈥檛 know/can鈥檛 remember who did this to him not sure what other autobots he can trust 2)...well he doesn鈥檛 think he can go to Megatron and the others without proof...saying things from their pat may not be enough after all he KNOWS Megatron and how paranoid/angry he can get and yep he knows this won鈥檛 end well not if he thinks an who鈥檚 kind of killed him once already is 鈥榩retending鈥 to be his spark mate...
He feels like he should apologise for the whole almost murder thing but...well he looks at the flaming dumpster fire of the war and thinks maybe this makes them even.
He didn鈥檛 realise that if he died, he would take not just take the only braincell BUT THE ENTIRE DECEPTICON ARMIES IMPLUSE CONTROL!
So he鈥檚 trying to figure out what to do, who to trust as well as solve his own murder.
He鈥檚 trying very hard to find Soundwave and Shockwave because those 2 are also his oldest friends and could help him get through to Megatron...he鈥檚 also trying very hard not to use his disappointed mentor voice on Starscream...because his student could NEVER keep a secret and he would figure it out and then EVERYONE would know and they may have the entire Autobot army trying to kill them.
Also if Starscream finds out he鈥檚 pretty sure that he鈥檒l have created another fraction and actual try and put effort into killing Megatorn. His student always thought Orion was too good for Megatron.
Bouns:Longarm meeting Optimus and both trying not ot blow their covers while tryting to figure out 鈥榃hy are you so familiar?鈥
Bonus Bonus: Team Prime watching Megatron do villain speech
Ratchet:...and your married to this
Optimus:..*sigh* Yeah
Optimus: That鈥檚 my idiot
Edit Grammer:Sorry.
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hornets-posts2 days ago
If the Prime team turned into real humans in the "Human Errors" chapter, I'm pretty sure the Prime team would become the Cons's pets (Lockdown would totally take Prowl as their pet).
Megatron would take Optimus.
Lockdown, obviously, to Prowl.
Blitzwings and Shockwave would fight over Bumblebee.
Soundwave to Bulkhead.
And Ratchet would only be watched by Lugnut.
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yogurtdogsbloga day ago
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Our great leader
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storminorminsa day ago
Every time I see Optimus Prime trending on twitter my heart almost stops but every single time it鈥檚 been either because people just really like Optimus and bring him up in casual debates about how to fight omicron variants or because of viral photoshoots and honestly? Good for him
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hyuga39a day ago
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askvectorprimea day ago
what are your thoughts on the movieverse megatron, and the animated universe megatron?
The Megatron you have come to know through cinema is laid low by pathetic sentimentality and weak-mindedness. At every turn, he is manipulated and exploited by false gods and even pathetic humans. Such is the fate of all would-be warlords motivated not by pure power and desire, but by petty grievance or false sense of justice.
His two-dimensional counterpart, meanwhile, showed great ambition and drive despite limited resources and a hostile environment. He established command, accrued power and renown, and made a name for himself in pitched battle.
Wait, I'm sorry鈥攖hat was Optimus Prime. Unlike this "animated" Megatron, I can remember the names of my enemies and learn from my battles. When the Megatron you speak of lost a battle, he lost the war.
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crowe-spirits2 days ago
Say, I hate to be that guy and sound insensitive. But there was someone who was writing a fic I was following. They vanished. All social media and profiles just. Gone. Exileandtrust was their name I believe. I can鈥檛 find ANYTHING on them, not even works that mention being inspired by their own. Does anyone know what happened to them? If they鈥檙e okay? If anyone knows anything please let me know. Thank you.
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fangirlingpugglea day ago
Hey, in your fusion AU, fused bots share memories, right? Does Megatron see Optimus memories of how he was treated by the Autobots, and since he has so much time to think when he's just a head, does he think "I merely need to show him my Decepticons won't treat him that way, and this won't be a problem." Except it's Optimus, so it is a problem, of course.
Hey there,
Yeah they can see each other鈥檚 memories/share knowledge.
Yep Megatron sees all of that, he definitely thinks about it...but he's also spending a lot of time trying NOT to think about the fact he fused with an Autobot in a perfect fusion and what that means....he is trying very VERY hard to not think about it.
(But if he has come up with multiple scenarios of how that would go well no other bot needs to know...except Optimus...when they fuse again which makes the other very embarrassed.)
After he's back and the two fuse again Megatron is trying very hard to convince Optimus to join the Decpticons after he's back though...not that he admits it.
But yeah Megatron knows all about the Magnus and Sentinel thing and when they see certain bots and the others haven't seen them he may suggest fusing...because Optimus couldn't get away with punching either of them in the face but the mysterious Autobot Decepticon fusion Nemesis who know one knows which bots fuse could definitely get away with it.
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greenspyart6 months ago
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Tumblr media
Obligatory Ratchet with kids VS Ratchet with these motherfuckers.
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