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beezlz · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
ive only known her 4 a few pagrs but she deseveres the fkn WORLD!!!!!?!?!??!???!!
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lickthatbattery · 9 months ago
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track art i did for the newly-released oasisquest song of the same name!
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vocaloid-tunes · 8 months ago
Majinai | oQ feat. Kagamine Rin
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hannahhook7744 · 9 days ago
Ouat couple playlist;
Tumblr media
Madhook (Jefferson and Killian Jones/ Hook). One of fav ships.
Tumblr media
Frankenwolf (Ruby and Whale). I preferred it over ruby slippers because, well, that one felt a bit rushed. Still a cute ship.
Tumblr media
Curious Archer (Alice and Robyn). I love the ship, one of the few things I liked from season 7 (wasn't too bad). They're cute together.
Tumblr media
Captain Swan (Emma and Killian). My favorite ship.
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sleazyizzy · 5 months ago
I banish you to hell.
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cavern-of-shenanigans · 9 months ago
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Tumblr media
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I have a fanart addiction...
(I'll reblog this with credits later)
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eloisegardener · a year ago
I thought I was over outlaw queen but it’s been 4 years since the season 5 finale aired and I’m still salty so...
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vocaloid-tunes · 9 months ago
Wirlwind | oQ feat. Hatsune Miku
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dontblamekacper · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Regina: My sister was right about something. She said I don't always realize what I have right in front of me.
Robin and Regina relationship was so magical. He was one of the few people to see her heart, and even when he saw how dark it is, he still didn’t gave up on her. They deserved better...
If you like my gifs - please like/reblog and leave a follow! Thank you very much. 
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lilacmoon83 · 6 months ago
Finding You Always
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Also on and A03
Chapter 232: Wicked Game, Pt 2
"Li?" Aphrodite asked curiously.
"Yes Goddess...I am of that Li bloodline and I present to you the sacred jar of my people. The Mu…" he said, as the spectators marveled at the glowing jar.
"Don't let him fool you...he's not the good man his ancestor may have been," Patricia warned.
"I am simply a man that wants the secrets to his heritage unlocked and I believe it is within this jar. Now...the children of the sun will open it for me," he said.
"Truest loves," Snow corrected.
"And what if we don't?" David asked. He smirked.
"Then the blood of every person in this room will be on your hands…" he threatened.
"What do you plan to do if we don't?" Snow asked in alarm. He smirked.
"I believe it is better if you do not know, my dear. It is not for the squeamish and I'm afraid the carnage will be quite severe if you do not open the jar," he urged.
"Do you have any idea what is in the jar?" David asked the Goddess. But she shook her head.
"Tao would never tell me...he never fully trusted me, because my father was Zeus. And he forbade Esteban and Zia from telling me as well," she admitted.
"They did have true love, but it was secrets and mistrust like this that led to all the corruption around them and eventually their untimely deaths," Aphrodite said.
"Evil was never meant to fester like it did, but there was six hundred years without a pair of truest loves to stand for good and justice. I think you both know how dark things can be without love," she added. Snow squeezed his hand and leaned her head against his arm. She knew all too well. She had once taken a potion to forget him and became the worst version of herself.
"Yes...their abysmal failure has fallen on you, their successors. Unfortunately, you shall fail too," Li said.
"Clearly you don't know us…" David said.
"There are no secrets between mistrust," he added, as he looked at her and gently cupped her cheek in his palm, making her smile.
"And we're surrounded by friends and family that have our backs," Snow added.
"That is why I knew you two would be my greatest champions, so you will most certainly fail, Mr. Li. Not even the likes of Seth, a God killer, could stand against this true love," Aphrodite added. He smirked.
"Oh, I don't intend to stand against them. I intend for them to release whatever is inside this jar and take hold of its power. Your refusal will bring this entire building down upon our heads," he warned.
"With what? What have you done?" Regina asked.
"The lower levels of this museum have been wired with explosives. This entire thing can collapse in on itself, killing everyone here and destroying all this history...unless I get what I want," he threatened.
"You're bluffing," David challenged. He smirked.
"I do not bluff, Your Highness. I care nothing for these people. Their lives are insignificant," Li responded.
"No one is insignificant," Snow argued.
"Then do something!" Goldie snapped, as she now became concerned that he would make good on his threat.
"Just leave if you're so worried," Snow snapped at her.
"I don't think we have a choice. It's too risky to take a chance that the Chalice might be able to stop the blasts without knowing where he put the explosives," David whispered to her. She nodded and swallowed thickly, as they approached the pedestal where the jar rested. It glowed incessantly the closer they got to it and they could only wonder what was inside and if it would unleash horror. Snow and David touched the jar and were immediately thrust into a vision. It was hazy, but they were in what looked like a Throne room of a palace and they recognized the people in the room.
"You must never open the jar...for anyone, no matter what," Tao warned.
"My friend...we have seen what is in the jar. I hardly see why it's important," Esteban replied.
"You should know by now that things are rarely what they seem," Tao warned.
"What does it do?" Zia asked.
"It's sacred to my people. That's all you or your Goddess friend need to know," Tao replied shortly.
"When are you ever going to trust me," Zia questioned.
"It's not's her. She is the daughter of Zeus," he argued.
"The Goddess is an ally…" Esteban assured him.
"Don't be naïve and even if she is, everyone around her isn't," he replied and they were quiet at that.
"And if something happens and we cannot guard the must have a backup plan," Esteban said.
"If the children of the sun cannot guard the key to my people's legacy...then it will be up to the sire of my bloodline to do so. Even need more than the jar to unlock its secrets," Tao replied.
"And where are those secrets?" Zia asked. He smirked.
"Where else?" he asked in amusement.
"A book," she realized.
The vision ended and they exchanged a glance. They had no idea what was in that jar, but whatever object was concealed inside must have looked unexceptional to the eye. It was more riddles too, which was par for the course at this point. But whatever came out of that jar, they only hoped that Ichiro Suun Li had no idea what to do with it, for if he did have the knowledge, there was telling what that might mean.
"Fine...we'll open the jar for you and then you'll let everyone go," David said. He gave a curt nod and the jar glowed brightly, as they touched it. Snow touched the top of the jar and the seal closure dissolved. A poof of mist was released from the jar and they cautiously looked inside.
"Give me what's inside now!" Li demanded. David dumped the contents into his hands and he looked at the object in awe.
Once Killian docked the ship, Leroy was there with a van and took them all back to the station. Rose waited anxiously and ran to him the moment she saw him, throwing her arms around him. He smiled and ensconced her in his firm embrace, as she kissed him passionately.
"I was so worried…" she fretted, as their lips parted.
"I know, my angel...but I'm fine and the mission was a success," he replied, as he held her in his arms.
"I'm so glad you rescued them and no one was hurt," she said.
"No one except the doctor," Hyde mentioned, which drew their attention.
"What?" Emma asked.
"He's alive...but I lopped off his hands. He wasn't able to use his demon magic to regrow his limbs. While I'm sure he'll find a way to regain what he has now lost, it was still a victory since it seems that Hyde invented something that was definitely a match for him," Fandral replied.
"And that combination of science with the magic of the chalice could be the key. It might give my parents exactly what they need to end him for good," Emma realized.
"Yes...we were thinking that exactly," Fandral said.
"Which is good...considering the horror he has planned," Zorro replied, as Killian joined Emma and put his arm around her.
"He wants your star gem," he said wearily.
"Mine?" she asked.
"And your parents...siblings too and he has a way to do it," he revealed.
"I'm so sorry...I developed what he asked for. I didn't want to...but I couldn't let him hurt my daughter," Hiram apologized. She nodded.
"It's not your fault. Any of us would do anything for our kids," Emma said.
"So...what is this device?" Rose asked.
"A pair of gloves, not unlike the magic ones he has made for Rodmilla Tremaine. Except instead of giving the user synthetic magic, these gloves will allow him to rip hearts and extract the star gems, without damage to the heart," Fandral explained.
"He also built a staff of sorts to harness the gems and channel their power," Zorro said.
"Oh my God...he'd have control over us, wouldn't he?" Emma asked.
"I'm afraid so...we destroyed these abominations, but I'm afraid it's only a matter of time before he rebuilds them," Fandral replied.
"Yes...he has my blueprints, which means he can recreate my work now," Hiram said regrettably.
" least we know what he's up to now. But even with magic, Cora couldn't rip my heart when she tried. Though somehow I doubt Jekyll will have the same problem. He always seems to bypass our magic with science," Emma replied.
"But like you said, we know what he plans now and we can prepare," Fandral said. They nodded.
"Yeah...getting him away from that damned island is key I think and that won't be easy," Killian said.
"Yeah...but I know my parents. Between them, Gold, and Regina, they'll come up with something," Emma assured him, as she turned to Hiram and his daughter.
"Your place is still a mess, but we can drop you off at Granny's until your place can be cleaned up and repaired," Emma said.
"Thank you, but I have plenty of room at my place. They can stay with me," Hyde replied. She nodded.
"Thanks again for all the help. I'll tell my parents about everything and your new invention," she said. He nodded and turned to Fandral, before putting his hand out. Fandral accepted the gesture and shook his hand.
"Thank you for helping to save them," Hyde said.
"Anything for family," Fandral replied, as Rose put her arms around him and they watched them go. He looked down at her and rested his hand on the small swell there.
"Let's return home to our family," he suggested, as he kissed her gently.
"Us too," Emma agreed, as Leroy took over for the night shift and they went home for the evening.
King Runeard took a late night stroll that evening in Arendelle. He wore a thick cloak and a hood so as to not be recognized. But there were very few out and about in the twilight hours. It seemed his Kingdom knew peace, but peace had always made him a restless soul. He had great ambitions for Arendelle. Eliminating the threat of magic would have ensured that he could have grown Arendelle's armed forces and eventually invaded certain Kingdoms with no magical protection. At least, that had been the plan. The Northuldra posed a great threat if they decided to help other Kingdoms and that was why he had targeted them first. He planned to take them out and then move on the Kingdom furthest north in Misthaven.
At that time, few Kingdoms had magical protection and he knew enough about fairies to know that they wouldn't intervene in mortal wars. Zeus had rarely ever involved himself in mortal quarrels, unless his wayward family members found themselves entangled with mortals. Arendelle was to become a conquering nation and assimilate Misthaven accordingly. Peace meant nothing if you had no power to keep the peace. Or at least his version of peace, which meant control of anything and everything he could see.
Magic could spoil it all. Magic, to him, was the pathway to everything unnatural. He believed in working for everything you had and yet someone with magic could have it all with no effort at all. To him, the easy path was the path to destruction. Magic always came with a price, after all. But instead of his adversaries paying the price for their magic, he had paid that price. He had only been trying to rid the world of power no one should have and as a result, he was banished when that power sought to destroy him. He took pride in that. He had disrupted the balance and was punished for it.
His first years, wandering the desolate netherworld, had been uneventful. But one day, a vision came to him and he saw Arendelle under the onslaught of magic. Magic unleashed by his own bloodline, proving to him how devastating such power could be. The spirit of the Northuldra apparently had lived on, not only in his own bloodline, but another as well. The Northuldra had chosen a new bloodline to bestow its gifts upon. The children of parents, championed by a Goddess. In his absence, the magic had grown and spread like a disease, ensuring that no order could ever be restored. Unless he restored it. A reset could fix the problem.
"Disgusting, isn't it?" a female voice said, as he watched magic rule this world.
"Who are you?" he asked.
"I am Gothel...and I wanted the same as you. To unmake the world and return it to a former glory. But I failed, thanks to that little family," she said.
"You have magic too…" he said in disgust. She smirked.
"No longer...I don't even exist anymore. They erased me and now I am this," she said, as she touched a small sprout that had managed to grow from the desolate ground. He watched it wither and turn to ash.
"Everything I now touch dies...I now kill my lovely creations," she said sadly.
"A terrible existence, indeed. For you anyway," he said, as he approached.
"For me though...I would use such to unmake the world too. Magic must die. Only then can order be restored," he replied.
"Touch me and it will be you that turns to ash," she warned. But he surprised her and gripped her throat. His skin began to slowly turn gray, but he persisted to choke her, until the gray receded and began to turn on her. She looked at him with wide eyes, alarmed that he had easily overpowered her.
"I'm afraid not. I have been here much longer and know the tricks of this place," he boasted.
"And you are no longer a are nothing more than a weed that needs yanked out. You will wither...but this ability you have will pass to me," he added.
"And then...when I get free, the realms will get a do-over with me at the helm," he said. She barely screamed, as she turned to dust and her ability to drain life transferred to him.
In this new land, magic meant life and most importantly love. Light magic dueled with dark magic, but as far as he was concerned, it all needed wiped out. Only then would the elements go back to being balanced. Only when people were not wielding them could things be right. He looked at his hands in amazement. He had the power to shred everything down to nothing and start anew. And if he was ever freed, he would do so.
Now that he was free, he had spent his first few days observing this world and as he stared at his grand castle before him, his anger only grew. His own bloodline had been infected by the last of the Northuldra. But worse than that, an outsider sat on his former Throne; one from the very family chosen by the elements. It was an abomination, but he would soon rectify that.
The earlier scuffle with Dr. Jekyll had proven that he would only stand in the way of what Runeard wanted. He didn't like that the demon was impervious to his ability, but he was a patient man. He would let the doctor war with the Charmings and eventually lose. The other peons were of little concern. If they crossed him, then one touch would rid him of their nuisance. He turned back toward the Fjord and smirked, as he saw the waters beginning to churn violently. He would enjoy leaving these types of parting gifts in his wake though. As he made his way back to the sanctuary of Pleasure Island, a storm began to rage in Arendelle once again.
"What is this?" Li asked, as his face twisted in disgust.
"A rock? This is what you've been going on about for years?" Charles asked.
"All we've heard is the story of this stupid jar and how it's got some all magical power inside," Ginger agreed.
"Shut up!" Li snapped at his cohorts, as he looked curiously at the green stone that looked to be shaped like a heavily stylized fish hook.
"There must be more to this! Get it to work!" he demanded, as he placed it in Snow's hand.
"And what exactly do you expect us to do with this?" Snow asked. They remembered their vision, but if there was something significant about this rock, they weren't about to tell him.
"Make it work!" he shouted.
"'s a rock," Bobby said, as he looked at it and picked it up to examine it.
"It's a pretty cool rock though," he mentioned.
"No...there has to be more! This cannot be all there is to the secrets of my ancestors!" Li ranted.
"We did as you asked. Now you'll disarm the explosives and let everyone go," David said sternly.
"'ll figure out what this is! Or everyone dies...starting with her!" Li threatened, as he grabbed Snow's arm and pulled her toward him. He pulled a curved blade from his belt and put it to her throat.
"Well, that was stupid," Bobby commented.
"Very," David agreed, as Snow knocked her head back into his face and he held his nose in pain. The three perpetrators were suddenly stricken and unable to move, thanks to Rumple and David and Xander cuffed all three.
"There were five of you supposed to be in attendance tonight," Patricia said, as she moved to interrogate them.
"Now, I know General Mendoza is likely in the shadows somewhere and using his own, innocent soldiers to protect him. But that still leaves one of you out there," she added and they heard a slow, mocking clap. They could hear the tapping of high heels on the floor, as a woman emerged from the shadows.
"Bravissimo, truest loves. A magnificent show, indeed," a stunning blonde said, as she came forward.
"Who the hell are you?" David asked bluntly. She smirked and blew out a breath.
" abrasive. No tact...and sinfully handsome too. How exciting," she commented.
"I recognize're…" Snow said, with scrutiny and blocked her path to Charming.
"Callista Stavros...and you must be the famed and fairest Snow White," she said, with an edge in her voice.
"Clayton was quite obsessed with you...and her," she added, as she looked at Aphrodite. Her distaste for the Goddess was evident in the daggers she was shooting at the other blonde. Snow rolled her eyes.
"Well, whatever grievances you have with us are misplaced. Clayton was a creep and it's on you for getting involved with him," the raven haired beauty said.
"Oh, you don't need to lecture me, princess. I know exactly what he was...but he still gave me my son, who you have locked away. You're going to release him or a lot of innocent people are going to die," Callista threatened," as her eyes scanned the room and landed on Natalie. She smirked.
"Looks like I'm going to be a grandmother soon," she said. Robert and Thalia blocked her path to Natalie, as did Snow and Charming.
"Not happening...Clayton's line is one that needs to die with him and your son," David responded. She smirked.
"I warned you...and now you're all going to pay," she hissed, as they heard a boom of thunder from outside. They saw her eyes begin to glow yellow.
"'s been so long since I have felt magic coursing through my veins," she said.
"How do you have magic?" Snow questioned.
"She's a I know why you're familiar…" Aphrodite said, as the roof above them was suddenly ripped off by her magic. The sea from the ocean churned off the coastline and threatened to breach the land.
"Who is she?" Regina asked.
"Calypso…" Aphrodite answered, as they watched her arms become tentacles. She immediately went for James and wrapped a tentacle around him, snapping him away from his wife.
"Looks like Clayton had a child with a Goddess, after all...just not the one he wanted," Rumple commented.
"James!" she cried, as she ran after him, but the other Goddess batted her away.
"Hey Succubus...I can do that too!" Bobby called, as vines erupted from the floor and wrapped around her. She screamed in agony, as the thorny vines pierced her skin. David swung his blade and sliced through her tentacle, releasing his twin, who he helped pull back.
"Thanks...Aphrodite!" he called, as he found his wife getting up, after being hurled into a wall.
"I'm fine," she assured him, as they watched Calypso grow in size.
"Let's see if you can stop a flood...boy," she roared and they hurried outside, only to see that she had created a waterspout; a twister over the water that was threatening serious damage to the whole city, endangering thousands.
" would be the time for backup," David said into his phone. Within minutes, a sparkling orange portal opened up, depositing Emma there.
"Holy crap on a cracker," she uttered, as she joined her family.
"Who the hell is that?" Leo asked, as he and Elsa came through another portal.
"Calypso...also Johnny's mother," Snow told them.
"Well...she seems a lot different than the myths I read," Eva said, as a portal deposited her as well.
"She is...she is not a recluse waiting on an island for wayward sailors at all," Aphrodite replied.
"Wow…I guess one of the heads of these families being immortal makes sense," Summer said, as she was the final one to join them. Her tentacles whipped around and damaged the buildings around her, sending chunks of them flying and turning them into dangerous falling objects. Summer gasped and started putting as many of the falling pieces into bubbles as she could. But one large piece fell directly on the three heads of the families they had arrested, including Mr. Li, crushing them all. It was a gruesome end, but these three had probably ruined many lives and were all heartless and none would shed a tear.
"We need to shut this down quickly or there are going to be some innocent people that get hurt!" Emma called.
"Storm we did with Seth!" Leo suggested.
"That's perfect!" Bobby said, as they prepared to isolate her and themselves inside a combination of their powers.
"She's flailing around too much for me to get a bubble around her!" Summer cried, as the Goddess continued her ballistic assault on the city.
"Leave that to me," Elsa said, as she created an icy path for herself and then used it like she was ice skating to get close enough to Calypso. She unleashed her powers and slid all the way around her, freezing her legs to the ground.
"You insolent brat!" Calypso cried, as she found herself immobile from the waist down. She slapped Elsa away with one of her tentacles and she went flying through the air.
"Elsa!" Leo cried, but Summer released a bubble and captured her safely inside, allowing her to float to safety.
"Thanks," Leo said in relief. Summer smiled at him.
" big bubble coming up," she said, as she released one and encased her and all of them inside.
"What is this!?" Calypso growled, as she tried to burst through the bubble.
"Eye of the Storm," Bobby said.
"Eye of the Storm," his siblings agreed.
"I'll crush you all!" she threatened, as her tentacles snapped at them, trying to capture one of them in her coils. Snow aimed and fired an arrow, hitting her in the chest. She screeched in pain and plucked the arrow out of her chest, glaring down at her.
"You'll have to do better than that, fairest one," she hissed, but the arrow in her hand exploded and burned one tentacle very badly.
"Those exploding arrows were a really good idea," David said, as he put his arm around her.
"They were...Henry's love of comic books usually serves us well," she agreed, as Calypso looked at the damage done to her.
"You little bitch! If I wasn't hearing about the Goddess, Clayton was going on about you!" she raged, as she flailed her tentacles in their direction.
"You weren't even a Goddess...and he wanted you over me! I was just the convenient choice in case he couldn't use you or that blonde bimbo to have his spawn!" she hissed.
"I've cursed your name many times and now I'm going to squeeze the life out of you and make your beloved watch!" she growled, but Leo stepped in front of his parents.
"Nope…" he said, as he unleashed his powers, adding an electric layer to the barrier around them. There was a sharp gust of wind, as Eva added her pink colored magic to her twin's. Emma joined them, adding her white fire to the bubble around them.
"What do you brats think you're doing?!" she screamed.
"Oh, you're about to find out, Octopus breath," Bobby quipped, as he harnessed the power of the bubble and used his own power to shrink it down around them.
"You think this little bubble is going to destroy me?" she asked.
"No...but I am," Bobby replied, as his siblings and parents all put their hands on his shoulders, channeling their elements through him. His eyes glowed rainbow and he drew the power into a bright, multi colored ball. She barely had time to scream, as it hit her and they exited the bubble, before she was destroyed. When the explosion ceased and they lifted the shield, they saw that there was nothing left of her but ash. The damage to the city around them was done though, but four heads of these families had been taken out.
"Any idea where your General friend is?" David asked.
"Probably watching all this right now from a well insulated place. Getting to him will be the hardest, but four out of five tonight was quite a blow. The rest of them will be on high alert after this," Patricia replied.
"Then let's repair the damage and go home," Regina said, as she and Rumple assisted Emma and Bobby in repairing all the damage to the city that they could. Summer used her powers to help the water recede back into the ocean and David sheathed his sword.
"As usual...we make a pretty good team," Snow said. He smiled down at her and then kissed her tenderly.
"Only you two would make out after you drop four bodies," Goldie commented, as their lips parted.
"First of all, we didn't kill those three and Calypso would have killed us all, including you, unless we destroyed her first," David argued.
"Perhaps...but before you two and your magical brats came along, this land didn't have to deal with monsters like that. Something tells me that many would be happy to see you go and never come back," Goldie said, as they saw the army trucks arriving.
"We're helping free them from some very bad people. Maybe you could report the truth for once," Snow snapped.
"People they don't even know exist. You may think you're doing good, but that's not how a lot of people will see it. They didn't ask for a Savior. Maybe you two should stop forcing your kids to be those saviors," Goldie argued.
"Oh shut up, you two bit hack. Our parents don't force us to do anything," Bobby said, with irritation.
"Excuse me?" she questioned.
"You heard me. Find your own way back to Storybrooke," he said. Snow and David smirked, as they made their way through the portal, leaving her and Grimm behind.
"Oh I loathe them," Goldie growled.
"Come on, let's get back. I could only smuggle one bean out of the field without getting caught. We'll need to rent a car and drive back," he said.
"That's fine...we can podcast in the car," she replied.
"So all that crap and all that's in the jar is a rock?" Emma asked, as she shoveled onion rings in her face. It was late, but they were starving and Joe and Frankie insisted on cooking for them before they closed up, for which they were grateful.
"Yeah...but it's a cool rock. I think I'm gonna put it on a lanyard and wear it," Bobby said. Regina helped him out and attached it one for him with magic.
"Thanks Nana," he said, as he put it on, just as his parents exchanged a glance again.
"Okay you two...what do you know about this? I can tell there's something," Regina said.
"Well...we sort of had a vision when we got close to the jar and it glowed," Snow said.
"This thing doesn't even look like a jar," Leo commented, as he looked it over and inside.
"What did you see?" Summer asked.
"Our predecessors and their advisor," David revealed.
"Tao was his name," Aphrodite recalled. They nodded.
"Whatever this rock is...I think there is more to it," Snow said.
"And whatever secrets this thing has...apparently, it's in a book," David replied.
"Of's always a book, isn't it?" Regina questioned.
"Do you think the people of Mu might know what it is?" Eva asked.
"It's worth a shot going and talking to Queen Nubia and then if they can tell us about this book, it will give Rose a bit more to go on," Natalie replied, as she examined the artifact. Bobby knew his Aunt loved artifacts like this.
"I think...this is a Pounama stone," she said.
"A what?" Bobby asked. She smiled.
"It's a durable stone, usually found in New Zealand and sometimes on other Pacific Islands. It wouldn't surprise me if they were common on Mu," Natalie replied.
"Cool...can I come with you when you go tomorrow?" Bobby asked.
"To see Zia?" Leo asked, as he nudged his baby brother.
"No…" Bobby protested, as all eyes looked at him.
"Maybe," he muttered and Snow smiled.
"Of course sweetie...but for now, I think we should all go home and get some sleep," Snow said.
"Uh there's more that went on while you were gone, but it can wait till morning. I'll tell you then," Emma said. They nodded and parted ways for the night.
The small private plane landed on the equally as private airstrip. Mendoza, in his full military uniform, complete with all his decorations as the three star General he was, stepped off and made his way inside the building where a car awaited him. He got in and nodded curtly to the woman there, drinking expensive wine. The car drove them to the undisclosed location where they would meet with the rest of the heads of their secret organization.
"Seven," she finally said.
"Ms. Blaine…" Mendoza started to say.
"Save it," she snapped.
"They have killed seven of us, including Ms. Stavros!" she hissed.
"Operations all over the world are on the verge of collapsing with this news! She took over for Clayton when he was killed. Without's a serious blow!" she shouted.
"Relax…I have a plan," Mendoza insisted.
"Your last plan to lure them to Washington DC for ambush worked out splendidly," she pointed out.
"How was I supposed to know that Callista has really been the Goddess Calypso this whole time and allowed the lure of magic to play her hand too soon?" he snapped back and she was silent. That had been a surprise to all of them.
"The others are refusing to agree to anymore appearances. These two...and their children can kill Gods and Goddesses. They want a solution and I seriously hope you have one or you might join the others," she threatened.
"I do have a new plan. It will take time, but it's in the works," he said.
"It better be good," she said, as the car continued on. Once at the undisclosed location, he would reveal his plan…
Snow mewled, as he kissed her passionately, moving his lips over hers in a sensual rhythm. She felt boneless and sated after her husband made love to her. She sighed, as his lips trailed down her jawline and to her neck, giving her goosebumps all over.
"Charming…" she murmured, as he moved back up and kissed her lips again. Eventually, they settled down and she rested half atop him, as their legs remained entangled beneath the bedclothes. She rested against his chest and he gently stroked her naked back.
"It's good to be home," she said. He dropped a kiss to her hair.
"Definitely…I'll be glad when we don't have to leave. This is where we belong," he said.
"Mmm…I agree. We just keep running into monsters. Here and out there," she replied.
"I know...but I also know our love is always going to win out. I have faith," he assured her. She smiled and kissed him tenderly, while stroking his handsome face.
"Me too, my love," she agreed, as they settled down and sleep finally took them. Tomorrow was likely another busy day in their fight against the forces of darkness around them. But they would never hesitate to face it head on and knew love would always light the way...
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