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ruthsaw79 · 2 hours ago
What Does [oblpct] Training: Behavior Change Counseling - Mean?
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The Body Image Podcast - Corinne Dobbas, MS, RD Nutrition & Body Image Counseling
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Getting My Nutrition counseling for disordered eating near Portland OR To Work
"HEALTH AT EVERY SIZE (likewise called HEALTH AT ANY SIZE) is a health-centered paradigm that focuses on total health and wellness, not weight. It promotes active living, eating well without dieting, and a nurturing environment that includes regard and approval for individuals of all sizes."From: Healthy Weight Network Like numerous, I utilized to believe that being fat was unhealthy.
I believed that the BMI determined my level of self-confidence. I thoughts that my "ideal weight" was something I need to remain in control over and if I couldn't manage it, something was wrong with me. No longer! Katherine M. Flegal, Ph, D, Elder Research Study Scientist at the National Center for Health Stats, CDC, describes, "Although people believe there's all this evidence out there showing a high mortality threat associated with (being) overweight, in fact the literature does not reveal it." Far from it.
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Careers - Food Is Not The Enemy Eating Disorders Counseling (Video-Telehealth) for Portland & Vancouver
She showed rather that being clinically 'obese' is connected with a lower death rate than so-called 'regular' or 'healthy' weight. (JAMA 2005; 293:1861 -1867). It verified much earlier research that had actually been studiously disregarded. -Taken from: Healthy Weight Network. In addition, weight loss attempts do not workfor anyone! Instead, the more you diet, the more you become obsessed with food, your body and your failures.
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More About Eating Disorders Treatment Portland - mary diorio, therapist
The bulk who do this experience an instant flexibility from food they have actually never before experienced as an adult! They inform me they eat less because they enjoyed what they actually desired. Related Source Here state the requirement to binge decreases immediately and many report fewer fascinations with their body size.
According to the Association of Size Variety and Health (ASDAH), the HAES Principles are: Accept and appreciate the inherent diversity of body shapes and sizes and decline the idealizing or pathologizing of particular weights. Support health policies that improve and equalize access to details and services, and personal practices that enhance human well-being, consisting of attention to individual physical, economic, social, spiritual, psychological, and other needs.: Acknowledge our biases, and work to end weight discrimination, weight stigma, and weight predisposition.
Promote flexible, customized eating based on appetite, satiety, nutritional needs, and enjoyment, instead of any externally controlled eating plan concentrated on weight control. Support exercises that allow individuals of all sizes, capabilities, and interests to take part in enjoyable motion, to the degree that they pick. Let's break these down a bit.
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what-even-is-sleep · 3 hours ago
google search how to not be burnt out
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backfliptopancake · 4 hours ago
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gotta always be prepared with a mic
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oc-tober 2021, day 20: tear with @oc-growth-and-development
‘i’m gonna split prompts up equally between my characters :)’ i say, picking the helf trio for a full third of them
He should have taken Sileär’s offer, he thinks, as the Havens fill up with the last remnants of Beleriand. He draws attention here by his speech, especially from the survivors of Doriath, but he his suffered to carry his blade here, and was before they arrived, and so none have raised a hand against him. Yet.
Silmeniel takes his arm, that day, pulling him through the markets beside her and smiling pleasantly at those they pass while hissing que4stions at him under her breath.
“Yes,” Halthel says quietly. “You heard aright. They demanded the gem.”
“And were refused.” Silmeniel’s grip on his arm tightens. “You know what will come next.”
“Better than many here, I suspect.” Silmeniel glances at him.
“You may at that.” She looks around the market. Halthel can feel the unease, the anticipation of ruin repeated. “I wish Sileär were here still,” Silmeniel murmurs. “She left to return to Balar already.” Halthel looks back towards the bay, where only a handful of ships sit moored. A chill runs through him.
“What is it?” Silmeniel asks.
“You should stay near the harbor,” he says softly, and hears the faintest echo in his own words. He sighs, and unbuckles a long dagger from its hidden place between sleeve and forearm. “Take this. I know,” he says, forestalling her protest. “But it is better than nothing.” Silmeniel stares long at the dagger, with the bright star set proudly in the crossguard, but she takes it.
“I hope you are wrong.”
He isn’t.
He knows, when the shouting begins, what has finally come- or rather, who. He leaves off all that remains of his armour, blazoned too brightly with their star. His sword at least he can bear without fear, had in trade from Azaghâl’s folk, no trace of elven heraldry to be found.
He is not the only one who fights, but these are the ones who held the front against Angband; craftsmen and fisherman hold little hope against the last of the sons of Fëanor. But then, if this had ever been about hope for true victory, we would have laid down our swords after Bragollach if not before.
He knows some of those who fight, both against him and beside him. It gives some of them pause, seeing him here, but he has made this his home for years now, and he will do what he can to protect it.
His resolve nearly fails him, on the road to the docks and the Lady’s tower, as his onetime lord strides towards him, towering over him, hair blazing to match the flames around them.
“Omaruin?” he says, lowering his sword only slightly. “We thought you were lost in the Fifth Battle. What are you doing here?”
Halthel raises his sword. “I know why you are here, my lord, but I cannot let you pass.” Something flickers in his face. It almost seems like approval, but it is lost in the fierce light of the fey fire in his eyes, too much like his father’s.
“Then you know what must come next.”
Halthel steps into a guard. He doesn’t hold long.
“Halthel. Halthel!”
He gasps himself awake under smoke-choked skies with Sileär kneeling over him. He coughs, and his right side screams in protest.
“Sileär,” he gasps. “What-”
“Hush,” she says, quiet but firm. “Save your breath.” She fusses at his side, peeling away his bloody tunic with a grimace.
“I have had worse,” he says. Sileär raises a skeptical brow and he smiles weakly. “It is the truth.” She sighs.
“Well, this is not like to kill you, if it hasn’t already,” she says brusquely. “But it will not be pleasant.” She heaves him upright without warning and he barely strangles a scream.
“Wait- wait. Sword,” he pants as Sileär tries to haul him away. She grumbles, but he can see the hilt sticking out beneath a pile of still-smoking timbers. “Why let a good blade… go to waste.” Sileär only grunts and pulls more of his weight onto her shoulders.
“Will they return?” Halthel asks between painful, lurching steps. “What happened?” Sileär is silent. “Sileär?”
“They did not claim their prize,” she says eventually. “I- we returned too late. We saw the smoke and sailed as quickly as we could, but… Eärendil has still not returned from his last voyage, and the little princes were captured.” Her mouth works silently.
“And Lady Elwing?”
“She leapt. We saw her, from her tower, like a falling star.”
His mind spins (though it may be his injuries), trying to fit the pieces together. “She took the Silmaril with her.” Sileär nods. “They cannot have their jewel. They will not come back.” Sileär snorts. “They will not.” He blames his weak and weary body for what comes next, said aloud rather than kept safe in his mind. “The twins will be safe.”
Sileär stops. “What?”
“They were kidnapped, and by the Fëanorions no less!”
“Yes, but-”
“But nothing.” Her grip is painful on his arms. “I have half a mind to leave you here, you know.”
Then why come back at all? “Which ones? Which of the brothers?”
Sileär spits. “The two eldest. The younger two were slain.” Halthel sighs a little.
“With no Silmaril to chase, they will do right by the twins,” he says quietly.
“Like they did by Elwing’s brothers?” He stays silent and Sileär shakes her head. “You have a great deal of faith in them, even after all of this.”
“I know them a far sight better than you,” he says, an edge in his voice. They are good people, he thinks. He had been happy to follow them in Himring. They are. When they can be.
“Where are we going?” he asks after too long a silence.
“Balar, for the time being,” she says shortly, hailing Helegthir on the beach. Halthel drags his feet. “Quit that,” Sileär snaps. “No one will stay here, and you will only find trouble alone.”
“I can manage,” he grinds out.
“Be quiet and get on the ship.” He still eyes the waves of the bay distrustfully. “You crossed swords with Maedhros and lived,” she says dryly. “Get on the ship and go find Silmeniel.” Reluctantly he obeys, and soon Imroval is underway, tearing through the waves like- like a sword through an unarmoured body, he finishes sourly, letting Silmeniel tend to him, his dagger on her hip.
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vifuyu · 6 hours ago
IT TAKES ME LIKE,,, 1-2 MINUTES ???????????? idk depending on how long the navi is
im not scared of ch*f*y*'s wife 😕 ur scared of me laughs
did i not answer this ask i swear i did
anw PFT um
ur lying 😐 nope
didn’t fuyu and k*k*ch* fight during tenjiku or do i have memory loss
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batsung · 10 hours ago
                               stop whatever y'all are doing!!! 
what  if  i  told  you  i  have   a  halloween  event  planned  for  damian  that  involves  all  of  you  as  participants?  such  as  you  getting  to  help  choose  his  costume,  you  can  decide   who  gets  to  take  him  out  trick  or  treating,  ect? 
                                   ...   would  you .. enjoy that?
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If I’m to answer further asks it’s been decided that if it’s a hpsc question or if it’s a Paul(me, who they are paying) question please do state beforehand.
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mikiberenyigf · 17 hours ago
im so fucking bored with everything can something/someone please be interesting enough that i get a new obsession thats more bearable at least
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thesmashingpumpkins · 17 hours ago
I’m thinking of creating a discord server for people who are objectophile/objectoromantic/objectoplatonic… maybe even ficto people too?
I think it’d be really nice to make a safe little community for us!
Of course it would be 100% sfw and safe for all ages meaning no gross shippers or fanfic people or whatever similar things.
Is anyone interested? I’d love to start this as a little project
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werewolfhooligan · 18 hours ago
dropped one of my pills in the sink lads
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almondoufu · 19 hours ago
red isn't your color?
-rose anon
i do love red as a colour!! (how did you know btw) but i do have a different colour of rose hehe do you know which one
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mx-autumn · 23 hours ago
my mums already mad at so i cant be sad bc then she’ll think im lying just so she wont be mad at me
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idol-trickster · a day ago
Wait, if they aren't costumes... DOES THAT MEAN QUENTIN CAN FLY????!!!
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"I don't want to talk about it."
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diatomaceous-worth · a day ago
There’s a perfect opportunity here….The Bridget Alfred Jones Diary.
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yeehawgame4ever · a day ago
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jcjxbfhdndj fuck if my mother called me wasteful i would literally never recover
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