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featherfur · 2 months ago
Thinking about Jiang Cheng slipping into the soft Zongshu role around the juniors that normally only Jin Ling and the youngest Jiang’s get to see.
Just like walking past Lan Sizhui and gently patting his head with a quiet ‘Nice work, get some dinner’ and walks on without noticing. Every time he sees Sizhui, he always tells him that they have some food that is blander to make sure they’re not overwhelmed. He has helped him redo his hair after falling in the lake and Lan Sizhui has never had someone be so gentle when tying his hair up.
Jiang Cheng sees Lan Jingyi failing at making a flower crown (it’s for a prank he swears, not because he thinks it makes him look pretty) and he bends over without an ounce of judgement and shows him three times until he gets it, and Lan Jingyi sees a ghost of a smile when Lan Jingyi tells him, very matter of factly that this is not for himself.
Ouyang Zizhen shows up a few days early, intending to meet up with the other juniors and Jiang Cheng greets him at the gate and brings him into his office for tea. They go over a few things about sect business (and god Zizhen always gets whiplash about how genuinely Jiang Cheng listens to his opinions and his ideas unlike Sect Leader Yao who insists he’s too young) and then talk about Drama, because Zizhen knows everything going on and Jiang Cheng thinks the romantic idiocy that happens in other sects is absolutely the funniest thing and he wants to hear about it.
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howdydowdy · a year ago
top 10 ways of making yunmeng bros reconcile. plz my crops are dying.
mmkay well as i’ve said before obviously all the ideas here and here are gold and i couldn’t possibly choose only 10 of them, so have 10 others that i have curated just for you, anon. 
first of all, through soup all things are possible, so jot that down. 
fraternal hanahaki! (i haven't seen this done, but here, have a different coughing-up-flowers reconciliation concept that i also very much love, kind of a cross between hanahaki and an honesty curse?) 
jc may not be capable of admitting that he wants wwx back in his life, but he is capable of recognizing that angering lwj brings him great satisfaction, and one way to do this is to start laying claim to wwx as a yunmeng disciple just to reduce the time he can spend in gusu with lwj. if it has the side effect of making wwx feel loved and bringing them closer together, that's definitely unintended and NOT why jc is doing it, as he'll tell anyone. but who’s to say? perhaps he might forget to correct wwx’s assumptions. he’s a busy man, he can’t remember to do everything.
their spiritual tools conspire to go on strike until jc and wwx meet a list of demands. chief among them are "use your words" and "hug it out." whenever either of them tries to fly his sword anywhere, it redirects him to wherever the other one is and then won't unsheathe itself again until they have a conversation. also i think zidian would start conditioning jc to hate himself less by giving him a little electric shock every time he thinks something disparaging. chenqing would act as a compass that only ever points in the direction of lotus pier. eventually they would have to agree to make up just because they really can’t work like this. not for any other reason, obviously! (but once they’ve made up it doesn’t really matter what the reason was.)
wwx has some kind of condition that requires regular spiritual energy transfusions, and jc is the only match because he has wwx's old core. this one is very easy to pair with "high fever" or "Empathy" or "deathbed confessions (but then they don't die)!"
nhs commissions a play about their brotherhood that becomes popular all across the land. jc and wwx each go to see it every time it's traveling through wherever they happen to be. one night they run into each other at a performance, and even though they're both in disguise, their eyes meet across the crowded room and they know. ooh or maybe they both yell out at the same time about an inaccuracy and then everyone realizes they're both there in the flesh and they're peer pressured into some sort of jerry-springeresque verbal fisticuffs that turn out to be very cathartic?
jl guilts them into going to couples therapy, which is just them telling their problems to nhs, who sits there going "i don't know! i really don't know anything! why would you ask my worthless opinion??" interspersed with comments that sound stupid but serve to subtly lead them to some emotional breakthroughs.
wwx finds something jc did out of love for him while he was dead. options: memorial tablet; old tear-stained letters; well-funded orphanage in yunmeng called Shmei Shmuxian's Home for Orphans Who Are Afraid of Dogs, etc. tbh wwx would probably need all three, plus jl continuously dropping hints like "gee i wonder why jiujiu held onto chenqing all that time" and "golly it sure is strange that jiujiu never got any more dogs," before he would start to connect the dots. 
they have to go undercover as brothers who love each other to solve a nighthunt case (don't ask me why, i don't know, but it's probably a very flimsy reason that they both agree to anyway because they're secretly desperate to spend time together).
animal transformation. either jc gets transformed into a dog in front of wwx and is very touched by how wwx is taking care of him despite his terror, or wwx gets transformed into a dog without jc's knowledge and jc finds him in lotus pier and probably hugs him a bunch and says stuff like "i'd love to keep you, but i made a promise to someone not to get any dogs, and i'm still hoping he'll want to come back someday"??
pouring one out for your crops, anon. i hope this helps.
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perfectharmonyloveschaos · 5 months ago
Wait so judging by what little info I could find, if you marry a count(ess) then you become a count or countess depending on your gender...
And if Sabine is the eldest child and heir to Ursa...
Then would that mean that if Ezra married Sabine, then he would also hold her title and be Count Wren?
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fataleromeo · 7 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
And as life enters the world, so does life leave it. This popup came the exact second baby Rosalie (named after her late Aunt Rosa, of course) was born. 
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queenaboleyna · 9 months ago
Henry VIII: I got the birthday cake!
Mary I: ...it says “Happy 9th birthday, Edmund”
Henry VIII: Oh shit. He’s gonna turn 10, isn’t he?
Catherine Parr: His name is Edward.
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raedear · 9 days ago
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xcziel · 4 days ago
pondering things i could do in a very small amount of time for hei xiazi week (unlikely i will but i still /think/ about doing something ok) and was struck by the realization that there hasn't been a pitch black au????
there's literally an afab character who prefers to present as male *in the movie* - so like, trans xiao hua rights?????
#hei xiazi #like you'd want to age xiao hua up - instead of a runaway teen a dispossessed heir on the run from assassins or ??? #and maybe leave off any dysphoria-type plot points #or you could have him in the radha mitchell role i think that would work equally well - final 'girl' syndrome even #but otherwise i mean come on running from creepy unknown monsters in the dark? #dangerous and mercenary guy with freaky eyes who actually has a heart of gold? #i mean my mind goes to heihua always but like knowing the fandom you could easily do heixiuhua? #either with aged-up trans xh or let xiuxiu be the claudia black character i was always mad she got killed off #or write it closer to canon and give chuchu a chance to be the action star #the main question would who would you cast as johns? hendry cox would be my vote for the resemblance #but also a wang or jiang zisuan on wang pay or even like chen pi a si #i actually can't think of any real villains that are specific to hei xiazi? i think they don't tend to live long #if you vaguely trace subsequent riddick canon i guess zhangs could be necromongers #just bc i like to have an idea of the emplacement the other important dmbj characters in any au #really there's such a lot of potential and even the vibes match up with dmbj - survival horror and characters with secrets #oh man now that i thought of xiao hua as caroline i have the image of su wan as xiazi's duckling #imitating him and following him around ugh you could totally go tiger trio with li cu and yang hao #as wu xie's 'sons' if you have him in the imam role ...
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twodragonsinatrenchcoat · a month ago
Tumblr media
Me: Oh yea Gharan and Oswald do have like- canon kids i should draw them
Me: *Draws Kira and stops cause I’m out of ideas*
Me: ....hm.
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baroneko · 23 days ago
I had some thoughts about Barok (spoilers mentioned).
I think an interesting character arc for Barok to have post-canon would be that of having an entire life to reinvent for himself.
After his trial, he wanted to leave the prosecutor’s office and the capital altogether because of the possible backlash his family could have suffered after the whole truth about the Professor came out, which was perfectly understandable.
Yet, Kazuma talks him out of it and he's convinced to stay and to train him under his mentorship.
However, everything Barok did in his life was following in other people footsteps and sacrificing himself for what he believed was the greater good: he became a prosecutor because his brother’s example inspired him deeply (perhaps the van Zieks family being involved in the judiciary could also have been a tradition, according to how the other members reacted to the revelation about the Professor case) and he quietly accepted the role of the Reaper if it helped to reduce the crime rate of the city, putting his life on the line in the process.
I think Barok’s selflessness is one of the most central traits of his character, so what if he decided to become selfish for a change? I can’t help thinking that in comparison to the other main prosecutors of the series, despite his professionalism and impeccable skill, working as a prosecutor ultimately gave him nothing, if not utter bitterness, misery, disillusion, and mistrust. He has a strong sense of duty and morals and maybe he wouldn’t let any of these matters interfere with his resolve but he already had retired once.
What if after Kazuma’s tutelage Barok decided to officially step out of the judiciary once and for all and to dedicate himself to other things, maybe pastimes he enjoys, hobbies of which he decides to make a new job? 
For example, given how passionate he is about wine and perhaps enology in general, what if he decides to become a winemaker and make his own wine brand? Or, given the fact he’s good at making dioramas, he engages in some art projects in collaboration with some museums, and the like? Or, again, he could decide to invest in scientific research financially supporting Iris and/or Benjamin/Albert? (I’d prefer the former, at least this way he’d have an excuse to give her “alimony”, I’m sure he’d want to, anyway, plus Benjamin/Albert’s inventions don’t seem reliable...)
If he left the prosecutor’s office it’d also be sort of a “reverse bookend(s)” in comparison with his brother.
If on one side Klint made a career and a name for himself to the point of deserving the role of Chief Prosecutor after which he became (and really was) the Professor, on the other side, Barok became known as the best prosecutor of the Empire who unjustly earned the moniker and fame of the Reaper (and really wasn’t) so to mirror his brother oppositely, him leaving his prosecutor job could fit...
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aj-lenoire · 6 months ago
i actually really like nate when he’s sober?? like he was fine in season one but i didn’t really like him. now?? you go dude!
though, buddy, it’s not your home anymore. it’s their home. face it. they’re collectively roasting you about your crush on sophie like the gremlin children they are and you know you love it
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anthophobicowl · 10 months ago
All my rulers in CK3 right now keep having so many goddamn kids. Even when my ruler is a girl who only ever sleeps with her husband, she's popping out 8-12 kids who then all go on to have 8-12 kids and I have to make a new save cause I get overwhelmed by the sheer number of grandkids the game wants me to name, educate and marry off.
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featherfur · a month ago
tbh I do think the anti-jc rhetoric in regards to the core transfer is somewhat ppl assuming that since wwx plays it off as 'repaying his debt to the jiang' then it surely must also be transactional on jc's part which is....rly inaccurate. jc didn't distract the wens as part of some master plan to say 'well now ww/x *has* to rescue and repay me for saving his life', bc if it was truly like that, jc would not be so very distressed to find out abt the golden core transfer at all like he was
I’m always immensely impressed by how anti’s can claim to love Wei Wuxian and then manage to absolutely miss everything about him. Like Wei Wuxian goes through the second life like “Yknow what would have been great? Me and my brother and sister happy together :’( . I want to go home to Lotus Pier. I never blamed Jiang Cheng for anything because I knew he did what he had to do. I understand why people hate me because I did some fucked up shit. Some that I really really regret. I don’t want Jiang Cheng to know about the golden core because I don’t want him to hurt or hate himself. Now I’m upset because someone told Jiang Cheng and clearly if I wanted to hurt him or didn’t love him then I would have said it myself but I didn’t because I didn’t want him to fucking know.”
Like I know Wei Wuxian is a poor little meow meow but I think ppl are forgetting that he’s like… an asshole??? Like Wei Wuxian knows how to fuck with people and hurt them, he does it, many many times, he actively lashes out at people he dislikes and roasts others. He’s not some innocent harmless rabbit (side note rabbits are actually mean as fuck if they’re not tamed) like ppl say. Like they manage to say he’s the most powerful guy ever while simultaneously acting like if he exists in Jiang Cheng’s general vicinity then JC will beat him into submission. If Wei Wuxian wanted to hurt his brother, he has like 82 different ways just from shit that happened in the post war-pre death timeline. Not even counting the shit he could pull from their childhood.
JGY called JC a little bitch and made him cry. Imagine what WWX could do if he just brought up Jiang Fengmian’s general existence
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princekirijo · 2 months ago
Haru maybe? It was the first idea that popped into my head
ACTUALLY it's funny you say that cause Haru is the only girl in the Phantom Thieves I would consider shipping with Riku! They would be childhood (well young teens but whatever) friends to lovers which is so cute tbh
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heir-of-the-chair · 2 months ago
Okay so I just had the thought “Jewish history is boring” (for reference I am Jewish) and then immediately realized, No. It’s just never talked about so no one actually knows anything about it other than how we keep being persecuted. Not even me. A Jew.
Teach Jewish History
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wired-heartbeats · a year ago
Tumblr media
Whenever Callie has morning activities Rox comes over to chat with Dirk before he goes to train and then poke fun at my night owl tendencies when I get up later, so we get to share some fuzzy mornings in together for a bit and vibe
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blanerekner · 3 months ago
so i downloaded fictif again after a long time (ignoring the time i downloaded it just to play ghosted) and finished tatw <3 i also started playing catch me in miami but......i cringe so hard every time a latine character appears on screen...
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knifeears · 11 months ago
I can see Galladon LOVING Jaime as a brother! And showing him healthy family dynamics! Jaime is all "ooh what is this ☺" while the twins being "are you sure that you want to marry this dude. Are you sure".
Brienne's answer: I'm sorry but you unironically crush on Hyle
honestly brienne can’t say shit when she was considering hyle herself, SO !
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victimhood · 11 months ago
On Nicolò di Genova within the TOG FC universe:
Because I’ve received a few questions on Nichi within The Beautiful Game universe and typed up replies I’m going to put them here for my own reference! 
TL;DR is that I’m not sure most of my readers realize how important Nichi is as a player unless you know about Italian football, but if you know Italian football, I think you would have instantly clocked that Nicky = center back = defender = catenaccio master = 100% Italian darling  = he is everyone’s son in Italy
I think I might have told several readers I had a chapter lined up for the Joe/Nicky backstory, but on second thought I have too much content to compress it into 1 chapter, so I’m going to queue it as a related work after I finish the main fic.
Nicky I would say is a Jordan Henderson type of captain--his main strength is consistency and dependability, working to clean up messes in the background, and consistency goes a very long way in a playing career. The fact that he's national team captain and club captain also speaks to the regard that other players and his managers have for him--he's basically the "heart" of a team and he has that ability to inspire/drive his teammates to do better. He is extremely loved by his country and fans of his club as well. Consistency, dependability, heart--I think these are some of the most wonderful attributes for a football player.
I reflected on my fic and realized I make a lot of broad assumptions that my readers can fill in the gaps which is only possible if you've been steeped in football culture your whole life. The way football works, there are certain types of players get more "glory" than others. The ones who score goals get the most hype. Most often, these are the forwards, wingers. Attacking midfielders get more attention than defensive midfielders. Full backs get more attention than center backs. Nicky is a center back. Some of my personal favorite players are defensive midfielders and while they don't have the kind of insane popularity, the fans who love them truly LOVE them in a terrifyingly undying manner. What is important to note is that Italian football is special because they've always been proud of their defensive play, and they treasure good defenders in particular, more than the rest of the world. As such, Nicky being Italian and a defender (center back) makes him a huge player in Italy. For Nicky to do Italy proud, in the most classically Italian manner, he couldn't have been in any other role than in defense.
In this story, Nicky's just one of those low key players--but he also actively chooses to opt out of the social media circus, which makes his online footprint even smaller. He doesn't have insta, twitter etc, so he doesn't have Booker/Lykon/Yusuf's level of fan engagement. Fan engagement is a huge thing in profit-driven football, since it sells merchandise. However, amongst journalists, managers, players, people who know their stuff--everyone respects Nicky for the traits he embodies.
+ here’s a bonus section on the Joe/Nicky backstory + how Cesare (Nichi’s dog, a rottweiler) came into their lives
Because I love dogs I have thought about how Cesare comes into their lives in this fic. In fact, it was originally supposed to be part of a single chapter on Nichi and Yusuf's backstory, but based on my fic planning, I might turn that backstory into a whole separate work because it's gonna take more words than a single chapter can accommodate. 
The summary of Yusuf and Nichi's backstory is that Joe was transferred to Inter Milan in Jan 2020, and Nichi reaches out to him to make peace (bc they fought in the player's tunnel a year before--enough to earn them both match bans). Because they're both young players they're not that well-off yet, and Nichi invites Joe to crash at his apartment while looking for his own place to save on hotel money. Unfortunately...this is Jan 2020 yeah? Joe, a young, immature footballer, doesn't put that much effort in finding his own place thinking he can take all the time in the world...and then the corona crisis happens. WHOOPS now he is stuck with Nichi 24/7 in a full lockdown--they can't even go out of the house except for essentials. (This is where Nichi starts joking about getting a dog so they have an excuse to go outside for a walk). 
One thing leads to another and...Joe and Nichi start sleeping together....but when lockdown restrictions are lifted, Joe moves out to cope with his complicated feelings and Nichi pretty much gets a dog to cope with his sadness of Joe moving out. Turns out these doofuses still love each other and like...yeah the separate house thing is just for show, for the parents, to pretend they are functioning adult individuals who are NOT very gay for each other oh no no no they're just friends...just bros...chilling 6 feet apart bc corona (and no homo). 
So the other thing about Cesare is that...Nichi got him as a puppy, and due to on/off corona restrictions Cesare just...wasn't very well socialized as a puppy--his main interactions are with Nichi and Yusuf, and puppy!Cesare has seen how happy Nichi gets when Yusuf comes over and catches on very well that Yusuf is Special to his Owner and becomes very very very very very protective of Yusuf as a result. Cesare has been kicked out of various puppy schools bc he is a v misunderstood dog unfortunately.
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funnywings · 10 months ago
do i check out the world of leverage fan fiction yes or no
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