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The thing w Vincent and Lacie is either A. a way of pointing out that Lacie’s abuse would not have happened if she were not a woman (at least not that specific kind of abuse) which seems kind of unnecessary given that if you think about how exactly she was abused it should be pretty obvious it wouldn’t have happened if she were not a woman or B. a way of implying Vincent hates women due to being insecure about his own masculinity which is the funniest shit ever I think

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tagged by @weethreequarter I love these! :D thanks!

slowburn or love at first sight // fake dating or secret dating // enemies to lovers or best friends to lovers // oh no there’s only one bed or long-distance correspondence // hurt/comfort or amnesia // fantasy au or modern au // mutual pining or domestic bliss // smut or fluff // canon-compliant or fix-it  // reincarnation or character death // one-shot or multi-chapter // kid fic or road trip fic // arranged marriage or accidental marriage // high school romance or middle-aged romance // time travel or isolated together // neighbours or roommates  // sci-fi or magic au // body swap or genderbend  // angst or crack // apocalyptic or mundane 

I think this has gone around a bit already, but just in case!
@hddnone a tag if you’re interested :D

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Send a letter and my muse will say the first word that comes to mind, starting with that letter!

“Co-.. Cu.. naw..” Pallas shook his head trying to get all of the genital synonyms and everything related to it out of his head. Is he really that preoccupied with all of that? He rubbed the back of his neck. “Uh.. caramel. I’d love some sweets right now.”

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Should I get a nostril piercing or a helix piercing

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