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#or brains

Do you ever take a photo that just sums your pets up perfectly?


Cause I don’t think I’m gonna find anything better than this one for my boys

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Just gotta say and putting it out there,last few weeks were a bit deluded for me. Going through an emotional slump and actually lost a bit of passion for things i usually liked doing, been smoking and drinking more, but now that i forced myself today to do those costests and the support from you sweet darlings meant so much! Thank you all for really putting up with my shenanigans and trying (i say trying coz I’m actually very poor on my end for getting back to you guys) to communicate and you all mean so much!

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The Lorax but instead of the Lorax it’s Bune.

“I am Bune. I speak for (to) the trees.”

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Exactly. Louis and Zayn were best friends for years, and he showed his support today how is that something for people to analyze. Louis lost his mother, she is gone, forever, and it is unbelievably devastating and sad, and I can't imagine the pain he and his family are in, and Zayn was reaching out to show love to them. Do people forget that he was very close to them? That sometimes, believe it or not, things are bigger than a fight between two people. bless that woman I can't imagine this pain.

some people just don’t have hearts it seems

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good news for shitty league players in ranked you aren’t the absolute worst anymore, there are people in smite who are worse than you, congrats

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Brains or beauty,
Would I like a girl,
Even if she wasn’t a cutie,
Of course I bloody would,
An so we all should,
We fall in love with the sparkles of her eyes,
Comfort her when she cries,
She is beautiful whatever her appearance,
Don’t listen to everyone’s lies,
Would I care if you are not smart,
Why would I,
You’re a work of art,
Stigmas will never tear us apart.

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do I need to know the location and function of over 100 structures in the brain.
I mean , it’ll be a fun party trick but who wants to hear about how their cerebellum and front pole is going to fuck them over later because of that shot.

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laughing because matty deleted his twitter

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Seriously considering disowning my grandma because she said Doctor Who is stupid.

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“Can you increase the p threshold on this one contrast, since there’s so much that’s significant we can’t see any individual areas or patterns, like we can in the other ones?”

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I am very suicidal but I don’t know how I should commit suicide

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I think some cute boys are born without hearts

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you do not love someone from your heart or with your heart

your heart is a completely metaphoric thing we made up because we like to be poetic and romanticize everything

your heart literally only pumps blood, which granted is a lot because it keeps you alive but is not at all related to emotions.

you can thank your limbic system for emotions

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Today a classmate was singing “Moves like Jagger”. I asked him about Mick Jagger… He thought that he was a fictional character.

And after a long time arguing, he told me that Rock n’ Roll was noise made by guitars.

Any ideas to make his death look like an accident?

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is that the writers will just write Brittana kiss scene just to shut us up and make it awful for us, either make it for a joke or just a small peck then it’s all over

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