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prof-peach · 3 months ago
So professor what are your thoughts on renters bias against certain 'mons? I know plenty of people who have to pay extra or who have a hard time renting becuase landlords don't like their buddy's species. I even have a friend who's facing eviction becuase their poochyena evolved and Mightyena's have such a bad reputation (thanks teams aqua and magma!)
Eh, some make a degree of sense. Older buildings don't usually have breakers to combat electric types frying their wiring, can be EXPENSIVE to replace the lot. Obviously insurance goes up if the building is inhabited by any fire types, I mean no brainer, chances of fires go up statistically. I know some renters like to keep water types on the ground floor so they don't flood multiple floors if they lose control. Some bug types will chew on beams and walls, again, kind of a pain for the owner who has to keep fixing it. A bird keeper with more than 10 birds will produce a lot of poop, and that can strip paint over time, can annoy some people I suppose. Modern builds tend to be a bit more poke-proof, trip switches for electrics, sprinklers built in for fires, some apartment blocks provide pools or ponds for waters. Idk man, depends on everything? I cant imagine having a 2 tonne dragon in your apartment is great for the support walls and beams inside it all, especially if they jump around a lot. some pokemon are super well behaved despite their typing or nature, so it's really down to the individual. I was charged through the nose for having 2 fire types as a young student, so i've been there bud, not great, but I kind of get it. It's not like my partners haven't set fire to buildings before.
To each their own, but a Mightyena?? Dumb thing to be bias over, they're pretty harmless comparatively to other mons. theres no controlling what renters do annoyingly, but also a lot of them are stuck dealing with lousy tenants too. It's a double edged sword sometimes. I prefer to stay out of that one, everyones got their own opinions and issues with types, human or pokemon.
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orange-thief · a month ago
I think the reason why so many people (me included at first) think the kiss was a little awkward, is because there's barely a sound.
Throughout the whole show everything, literally every little thing and motion makes a distinct sound. Ed lifting the escargot fork to give to Ivan, Jim pulling a knife out of their leather sheath, blood seeping into fabric and onto the floor, everything makes a sound that is somewhat realistic, but probably a bit, if not a lot exaggerated.
And then there's the kiss, a motion we as the audience are expecting to make like the typical smooch sound, a little bit at least. But then it doesn't. Theoretically we probably know that pressing your lips together doesn't make that much noise, but we expect it to, and then it doesn't. Which makes it kinda unsettling to watch, because it doesn't behave like other kisses we've watched, even on the show.
(also my friends pointed out that that could've been a concious choice, by it not making a sound it stands out against and holds more weight than everything else making a sound)
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crepuscular-gloom · 2 years ago
Poptropica Island Ratings
okay I saw a post on here a while ago and someone rated the Poptropica islands. I remember agreeing with a lot of them, but they only went so far so a lot of the newer islands were missed out. I came across it again recently and got hit by a wave of nostalgia so I’m gonna do my own now. Unoriginal content very good. i’ll put a keep reading link to stop it from taking up too much space
Early Poptropica - mega nostalgia but kinda boring. I like the original Poptropicans being pixely and there is a goth gf in the sewers however the giant green spider scared the shit out of me as a kid and the idea of an aircraft graveyard made me sad so 6/10
Shark Tooth Island - also nostalgic but I didn’t complete it for a long time for some reason.. very short. it has a story but its there is nasty shark and people stuck on an island so make a calming potion. the medicine man looks like he is from viva pinata so 6/10
Time Tangled Island - VERY GOOD AND FUN AND HISTORICAL FUCK THAT AZTEC THO DICKHEAD. quite lengthy for an island but this is good because that means more time periods to explore. it’s also educational but i just care about restoring time. very legendary the iconic just jumped out - 10/10
24 Carrot Island - stupid pun point taken off. introduces Dr Hare and people are THIRSTY. you can dye your hair with milkshakes. i thought it was creepy as a kid honestly. i think its mind control or something. but i like it, it still has nostalgia value 8/10
Super Power Island - very legend like. i loooove the antagonists, especially copy cat but i think i had to look up a guide to beat her because i was dumb af. you need a licence to be a superhero but you are a superhero!!! very fun i like this one a lot 10/10
Spy Island - i remember sucking at this one as well as a kid.  i think it fucks with peoples hair and i only remember because my character looks fresh 100% of the time and this island fucked it up i think. i don't really remember it tho. 5/10
Nabooti Island - it’s based on a Choose Your Own Adventure book so good premise. go around the world is also good. you have to get jewels i think. ngl i didn’t finish this one because i sucked at it so i’m just going off the wiki and how far i got into it. fuck the animal puzzle 7/10
Big Nate Island - who the fuck is Big Nate. i only remember the school climbing frame and a stink bomb. fuck you big nate we don’t have your comics in England 1/10
Astro-Knights Island - medieval knights.... IN SPACE?!?! COUNT ME IN. crazy jester bard guy antagonist. people are thirsty for him too. i’m pretty sure you end up in another dimension or something. cyborgs and shit 9/10
Counterfeit Island - bruh i loved this island. pretty sure antagonist is also making people thirsty. you have to go back to Early Poptropica Island to complete it, very cool. investigating crime is cool idea it’s l.a. noire in poptropica. the wiki says there is a glitch called anti-social clown and i have to say relatable 9/10
Reality TV Island - i think i completed this like twice and i remember jackshit. you get to see past characters tho so very good. it’s just doing challenges. 4/10
Mythology Island - VERY GOOD. LEARN ABOUT MYTHOLOGY. you can fight hydra and other creatures, you meet Zeus you meet Hades, Aphrodite is a bitch. 9/10
Skullduggery Island - pirates are always good no matter what. apparently it is one of the hardest islands which explains why i never completed it but you fight other pirates and sea monsters for doubloons or some shit sounds cool to me 8/10
Steamworks Island - steampunk is good. i remember completing this and thinking it was interesting and weird to look at. i think the atmosphere is was lonely tho. there’s a boss battle against a plant i think. otherwise i don’t fuckin remember 7/10
Great Pumpkin Island - it’s Peanuts so it’s nice. very nice and simple. it’s just about the great pumpkin except you’re there. 6/10
Cryptids Island - GOD TIER. CRYPTIDS IS SUCH A GOOD IDEA. some of it is scary tho. the jersey devil just fucking staring at you from the window was a shit the bed moment for a kids game. also before the islands got rebooted, it was one of the only islands to have sound effects, i.e. when the chupacabra bursts out the box. honestly because of the balls on this kids game to scare children and also being good island 10/10
Wild West Island - the only thing better than pirates is cowboys. i don’t really remember it but you do go against an outlaw gang. i like cowboys 10/10
Wimpy Wonderland Island - Jeff I know you made doawk and poptropica but did you have to show it. ngl i liked it because i like doawk. but it’s kinda... creatively bankrupt i guess. 3/10 2 points because Rodrick is there
Red Dragon Island - i think more time travel but just to old Japan. you have to save a girl. that’s all i remember. also i think there is a nasty samurai guy. but also evil dragon. i can’t remember because for the longest time this was a premium account only island so i never got to finish it for the longest time. that was a dick move 7/10 for that alone.
Shrink Ray Island - cool premise but this island expects me to learn morse code 3/10
Mystery Train Island - detectives? on a train? very nice. basically murder on the orient express except no murder and thomas edison is there and also various other 1700/1800 nerds
Game Show Island - basically Reality TV except it’s to save the world from robots. 5/10
Ghost Story Island - wow iconic. this is the only island with voice acting and it’s to fucking jumpscare you i shat myself.  ghost hunting, very cool 10/10
S.O.S Island - it’s basically Titanic mixed with Moby Dick. it’s ok 6/10
Vampire’s Curse Island - i reaaaally like this one. i like vampires. it has a vampire daddy in it so. he kidnaps a teenage girl tho because he thinks its the love of his life who is dead. kinda weird. he does stop being insane at the end tho and says sorry and dies. the girls bf is a dickhead tho. 9/10
Twisted Thicket Island - i think you’re saving a forest from becoming housing. i really like it because it introduces various folkloric creatures like the nokken. i only remember the nokken because i went on akinator to see if he knew what it was and i don’t think he did so i added it and it’s photo to his database. or maybe it was just his photo but i remember uploading something to akinator. 8/10
Poptropolis Games Island - i don’t think i liked this one 3/10
Wimpy Boardwalk Island - Jeff. 2/10 1 point added because Rodrick is also there
Lunar Colony Island - space is good. do i remember this island tho? no. i think theres aliens tho. 5/10 because i like space and aliens.
Super Villain Island - it brings back the most memorable villains like binary bard and black widow. you find out why they are evil. pretty chill 8/10
Charlie and The Chocolate Factory Island - what do you expect 5/10
Zomberry Island - the last of us except i think people are just eating nasty berries really. i like it it’s spooky 7/10
Night Watch Island - Paul Blart Mall Cop 6/10
Back Lot Island - you make a film. i can’t remeber it like at all. 6/10 because it sounds ok
Poptropolis Games Island Part 2 - fuck off 2/10
Virus Hunter Island - i don’t think i completed this one either. however it is one of those inside the human body things which is always cool if cliche. 8/10
Mocktropica Island - very satirical what if about if poptropica was run by assholes. ironic since a bunch of islands were made premium only for a while. pretty sure the bonus missions still are too which is why i’m not mentioning them. funny tho 7/10
Monster Carnival Island - spooky yes. people thirst over the ringmaster raven guy too. theres a spooky clown on the ferris wheel. i don’t remember much other than i liked it because it was about monsters in a theme park. 9/10 i remember it was surprisingly short tho
Survival Island - castaway except it’s you. i don’t remember it either lmao. i got out of touch with old poptropica real bad by this time so my next ratings might be unfair sorry. pretty sure it also becomes the most dangerous game tho and some guy wants to actually fucking kill you. ballsy. 7/10 because it sounds ok i should maybe play it.
Mission Atlantis Island - i like atlantis but i didn’t play this one either. you see deepsea creatures which are spooky so extra points 8/10
PoptropiCon Island - poptropica’s answer to comicon. now i did play this one for some reason but i don’t remember it too well either. i was 14 when it came out so. sounds like yu-gi-oh so good. 7/10
Arabian Nights Island - didn’t play it i think it’s just telling the story. it’s a cool story so 7/10
Galactic Hotdogs Island - what the fuck 1/10
Mystery of The Map Island - vikings are cool. island seems very short tho. 5/10
Timmy Failure Island - who the fuck. this would be more impactful if i read these fucking things but i don’t. who the fuck are you timmy. i guess it’s called failure for a reason. (that was mean sorry) 1/10
Escape from Pelican Rock Island - prison break, nice idea. you have like a twin in this one. seems a bit repetitive sometimes tho. theres like 7 days of doing similar things. 6/10
Monkey Wrench Island - it was created to be the new tutorial, i.e. an actual tutorial rather than Early Poptropica. very fast and boring, especially if you already know everything. 2/10
Crisis Caverns Island - i know nothing about this. even the wiki is incomplete. maybe that means its shit then. 1/10 the wiki doesn’t even care too much about this one.
Greek Sea Odyssey - more ancient greece is always good. you get to beat the shit out of zeus this time 8/10
Snagglemast Island - all you do is collect coins. another tutorial one. 1/10.
bonus: home island. legit just a hub. points added because you can do a lot of customisation here and pick up a pet that doesn’t cost credits. 4/10
DOUBLE BONUS: the little haunted house mini thing. very good because spooky costumes, spooky house fun little monster party. 10/10
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weathcrwax · 3 years ago
Council Tax is the scourge of the Earth, reblog if you agree
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uselessbillionaires · 24 days ago
Calling for a general strike on Wednesday, June 1st, 2022, lasting until our rights are secure. If you're human, don't go to work. Refuse to work until the right to abortion is the law of this country.
Useless billionaires in this country make money off your work, they use that money to buy off the supreme court, they use that money to payroll anti-abortion laws across this country.
Stop up the money they use to do it.
Wednesday. Wednesday June 1st, 2022. Strike. Strike until your rights are safe.
Grind this country to a halt and keep it stopped until everyone is permanently equal before the law at a federal level, at a state level, at a local level.
Strike in your home life too. If your partner has come out of the woodwork supporting abortion bans, stop sleeping with them. Stop doing their dishes. Stop making food for them. Stop helping pay their bills. They don't give a damn about one of your fundamental rights and until they do you should not give a damn about them.
Tell people in your life why you are striking. Ask them to come with you in solidarity. Take this to facebook, take it to twitter, take it to tiktok, take it to IG, tell Jamila Jamil, everyone around you. Explain why it matters that women must be treated equally before the law at every level in the United States.
Strike on June 1, 2022. It's a Wednesday, it's called "hump day" with wagging eyebrows and leering smiles by creeps at work. Strike.
I'll be posting some links for supporting local abortion rights funds tomorrow when there are more spoons in the drawer.
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jessescoldbrew · 3 months ago
Anakin’s force ghost watching Luke impose “no attachment” rules for Jedi again:
Tumblr media
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wilkymaymisky · a month ago
Tumblr media
ahsoka tano, jedi knight ✦
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elytrians · 7 months ago
mitski's new song 'working for the knife' is an incredible commentary on consumerism and the culture it creates where you have to cut parts of yourself away to be more marketable and easy to digest for the audience, and how this stifles creativity and individual expression and leaves you feeling burned out and directionless. my jaw is on the floor she's done it again.
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spacesweepers · 3 months ago
White cis women are so susceptible to t*rf radicalization because the idea that they're always the victim and can do no wrong is a comforting balm for them against accusations of racism. Commentary on the racism of white women suddenly becomes white men being misogynistic against their mothers by calling them “Karen.” Advocates for missing Black and Indigenous women are all of a sudden all male misogynists who think white women getting murdered is a privilege. They're disguising the wh*te s*premacist rhetoric of white female victimhood as feminism, and cis women of other races are being radicalized by it too because they'll say all women when they mean white women.
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i am an unapologetically Pro Abortion On Demand At Any Time No Questions Asked and i think i am open enough about this that so is anyone following me so this is preaching to the choir. and i feel weird about it in some ways anyway because, again: the question of abortion is you trust women & others who are pregnant to make choices about their bodies or their lives, or you don't. period. end of story. don't care why, don't care about context, don't care about anything except: do you want to be pregnant anymore? no? okay, you deserve an abortion. but. even so. even with all that. i do still keep seeing takes on the internet (my first mistake) that make me want to print out copies of this interview with a woman who had an abortion at 32 weeks on every wall in the fucking country. i want everyone who feels the need ever but especially at this moment in time to proclaim that they're pro-choice but only up to X amount of time to read it and understand exactly what fucking cruelty they're supporting.
and i also want to point out that this woman was a woman carrying a wanted child, living in blue state new york, who found herself, against all her expectations, flying on a plane to fucking colorado and traveling back a day and a half later, because the alternative was spending another month pregnant and having a C-section to watch her child either be stillborn or choke to death in front of her right after being born. that's what people are endorsing when they endorse late-term abortion bans, and it is your first day on planet earth if you think that there is any degree of codifying medical exemptions that is going to prevent situations like this from occurring. and if your first response to that is to think about how lucky she was to be able to actually do that instead of how horrific it is that she had to deal with that in an already traumatic moment of her life, something important inside you has been badly broken and you need to reflect on how to fix it.
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dailymewtwos · 23 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Who’s lost baby is this??
request // ✨patreon // reblog?    
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tubbopride · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
c!tubbo's inauguration in a nutshell
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talesfromthecrypts · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
The Devil is a liar, and the father of lies. If the Devil's evidence is to be accepted, the most virtuous people are in the greatest of danger, for it against these that Satan rages most violently.
The Devils (1971) dir. Ken Russell
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justpastryvideos · 5 months ago
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I think about the phrase 'God is watching' a lot. I mean, sure God is watching to keep u safe and sound, but in the events of murders, rapes and kidnappings...
What kind of God would just watch? How is nothing being done to stop it if God is watching?
So I think, this phrase is not for the victims. It's for the criminals. The perpetrators. The rapists, the murderers, and the kidnappers.
God is watching them. In the dark of alleys or in the light of day where they approach their victims, God is watching their every move. God knows what they've done. God is not keeping them safe.
Instead, God is making them vulnerable at every step. God weakens them. God turns His back on them, like they did on Him.
Like society turn their backs to the victims.
For the victims?
'Let God bear witness'.
At times when no one is on your side, when no one protects the victims, when no one believes them, Let God bear witness.
In court hearings to put the criminals behind bars, let God bear witness.
He will do anything and everything to get them the justice they deserved.
Let it be in His own hands, or in theirs (the victims).
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shotorozu · a month ago
bakugou is the type to get mad at you if you forgot to say ‘i’ first, when you tell him that you love him.
“love you, kats.”
“hello?? where the fuck is the ‘i’ huh?”
[gives you that 👹 look]
“ahhh, right! right, sorry. i love you, katsuki.”
“tch. ‘s much better.”
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moodorbs · a month ago
"people use AO3 because of the lack of censorship which makes them feel free to write" no you idiot it's because it has a half-decent organization system that isn't present in any alternative i actually think it would be good if AO3 had some decent moderation and in fact I'd be inclined to use it more if i knew i could browse innocuous tags without having the worst things in the world shoved down my throat
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zestyleaf · a year ago
Link Gets an Item but Something Goes Wrong: a compilation
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sleepypuffpastry · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
plsss why is this so funnyyyy
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nsft-frogs · 4 months ago
As a Latine and someone diagnosed with OCD, I want to talk about Bruno and how he is presented in the film.
A lot of Latinos, specifically Colombians, have argued that Bruno can’t have OCD because he performs standard superstitious rituals like knocking on wood, crossing his fingers, etc.
It is important to note that superstition is incredibly common in Latino communities. I have family and friends who partake in superstitious rituals in overt ways without being diagnosed with OCD. I believe the heightened spirituality and expression in Latino communities compared to gringo communities in the US is why so many Latinos are defending his rituals and are pushing back against Bruno being seen as OCD since he is performing standard rituals within the community. This post is not to argue that these rituals aren’t common superstitions, nor that it’s wrong to interpret him as not having OCD. This is more to discuss why people interpret him as having OCD and to clarify some misconceptions about the relationship of OCD and superstitious rituals.
Let’s discuss how OCD works and then why it might apply to Bruno Madrigal.
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is a subset of other anxiety disorders. People with said disorder frequently have intrusive thoughts or urges that force them to perform a certain action to ease this anxiety (compulsions). These compulsions can literally be anything. It can be repeating a certain phrase, walking a certain way, or even self destructive. These actions are designed as a preventative measure to ease anxiety, but ironically they have the opposite effect by producing more anxiety if the action is performed and only produce temporary relief.
These actions might be things that lots of neurotypical people do (ex. sorting books by color). What matters for the diagnosis is that the person in question feels like they have to perform the action and feel immense distress when they don’t.
So, how does that compare to superstitions? Superstitions are rituals that people perform also to prevent bad things from happening. The difference here is context. When people perform superstitious rituals, they do not experience immense distress at not performing the action correctly or at all. For example: “I’m hoping it doesn’t rain on my wedding day. Knock on wood.” The person in question is specifically performing this action to prevent rain from occurring on their wedding day. They do not feel like they have to perform the ritual and do not experience extreme distress as a consequence for not performing the action.
For someone with OCD, the ritual is far more specific, repetitive, and includes a deep sense of dread when not performed. For example: “I just thought that I might have rain on my wedding day, so I must knock exactly three times and if I don’t do the pattern exactly right, I will have to re-perform this action until it is. I will also have to do this ritual every single time I think of rain on my wedding day because then I jinxed it by thinking about it.” The repetition, sense of dread, and how long the ritual is present all indicate that this is a compulsion rather than just warding off bad luck.
OCD and superstitious rituals are often extremely difficult to distinguish from one another which is why it is difficult to divorce them when interpreting text. In fact, the two are often tied together because they follow the same, “If I don’t do X, then Y will happen, so I must do X,” logic.
Let’s look at Bruno now. He has a few ritualized activities. He knocks on wood while saying, “Knock, knock, knock on wood,” ending with knocking on his head.
Tumblr media
[GIf Description: Bruno Madrigal is walking down a hallway. He begins by holding his breath and crossing his fingers. He releases his breath and begins knocking on wooden planks as he passes them ending with him knocking himself on the head.There is text at the bottom of the gif that says, “knock knock knock knock knock! knock on wood!” /end ID]
He avoids stepping on cracks while singing, “Sana, sana, colita de rana. Si no sana hoy sanara mañana.”
Tumblr media
[Image Description: A screenshot of page 62 of the official Encanto script. The script says, “Tio Bruno: ‘Sugar.’ (he tosses sugar on her)/ And keeps walking past rows of Hanging Aloe Plants, then does a hop skip and a jump over a series of cracks on the ground. / Tio Bruno (continued): ‘Sana sana, colita de rana.’ “/end ID]
He throws salt and sugar over his shoulders.
Tumblr media
[Gif Description: Bruno Madrigal is sitting in a rainforest clearing. He is closing his eyes and holding a pile of salt in his right hand. He flings the salt over his left shoulder and lights a match. There is text that says, “swoosh,” as he performs the ritual. /end ID]
He holds his breath and crosses his fingers when walking through entrances/exits or sometimes down hallways.
Tumblr media
[Gif Description: Bruno Madrigal is crossing his fingers and holding his breath as he walks down a hallway. /end ID]
All of these are pretty standard rituals for superstition and bringing on good luck. I’ve certainly known people who openly knock on wood and throw sugar over their left shoulder, particularly in Latino communities. However, what matters is how it is presented and whether it is compulsory. So, let’s look at how it is presented in the film. 
He performs these rituals at very specific times in the story. His knocking on wood and holding his breath are the most common so we’ll look at those first. He knocks on wood in three separate instances. The first and second instance is when he first meets Mirabel just before and after he enters the area of the house with the cracks he has patched. The third time is when he is entering the secret entrance into the walls of the house. As for holding his breath and crossing his fingers, he first performs it when entering the hallway with all of the cracks. The second time is when he is entering the portrait into the walls.
In the first instance of both rituals, he stops the conversation he is having with Mirabel to perform these rituals and then resumes acting as if nothing happened. The final instance is at the end of a conversation with Mirabel. Superstitious behaviors don’t tend to be disruptive or distracting. Usually people knock on wood after ending a sentence whereas Bruno performs this ritual while Mirabel is speaking to him, disrupting the flow of conversation. It is also important to note that Bruno is unique for performing them, further othering his character.
OCD, is usually single-minded. Individuals can avoid performing the ritual, but doing so causes immense distress. The obtrusiveness of the action indicates that it is more likely OCD than superstition.
Looking at how it is presented in the text, it appears that these rituals are supposed to be strange and unique to Bruno. Nobody else performs them and Mirabel is confused by them.
Let’s look at what this might mean thematically.
In the film, Bruno is clearly presented as awkward and socially anxious. We can easily interpret this as a consequence of him living in the walls for a decade with Mirabel asking, “How long have you been down here?”  when Bruno introduces her to Hernando and Jorge. While she doesn’t necessarily react the same way to his various rituals, these superstitious actions can be seen as a consequence of his isolation. He is clearly supposed to be considered the weird uncle, so incorporating heightened superstition plays into that role and adds to his stigmatization as being “Bad Luck Bruno.” Having OCD would make sense as an interpretation merely to add to his othering in the film and clear instability after being isolated for so long. What’s more, Bruno can be interpreted as the “Identified Patient” in the family with how he was treated like there was something wrong with him. This constant blame and othering from his family would likely push him to want to prevent further isolation because of his bad luck. Furthermore, it feeds into a common experience in Latino households to diminish the neurodivergence/ other disabilities of members in the household. It is not that uncommon for Latino households to ignore neurodivergence because “everyone is like that.”
Personally as someone with OCD and a Latine, I read Bruno as having OCD because he performs rituals to, what appears to be, a compulsory level. He may have reasons for these compulsions and common superstition might be part of it, but this is true for my own compulsions as well. I also have to avoid stepping on cracks. I learned about the superstition of stepping on a crack and thus had to perform precise rituals in order to avoid stepping on them. I experienced and continue to experience major distress because of this superstitious ritual. Yes, it is a common superstition, but it became a compulsion for me because the bad luck became an anxiety trigger.
Looking at how Bruno is presented, it’s entirely possible that this is what happened to him based on what we know. He is related to Bad Luck and ostracized for it. He performs common rituals to ward off bad luck. He is further ostracized for said strange behavior.
Now, there is evidence online for him being OCD outside of the text by the writers.
Tumblr media
[Image Description: A screenshot of page 61 of the Encanto script. The script says, “Tio Bruno: (tapping a wall, OCD) Knock, knock, knock. Knock on wood.” /end ID]
Clearly, he was intended to have OCD by the writers. Now, most people are not going to pull up the script to see that he is intended to have OCD explicitly by the text, but there is still evidence in the film to support it as I laid out above.
A lot of Latinos don’t want to acknowledge the possibility of him having OCD because it feels like normal aspects of our culture are being erased. The fact Bruno has OCD does not negate his latin culture, nor does it negate how superstition is tied to Latinos. Just because I relate to Bruno and his OCD doesn’t mean he’s no longer Latino and it doesn’t suddenly mean you and/or  your family have OCD. We’re all part of the same community and we’re all going to relate to certain characters in different ways. This is more just to state that superstitious rituals can be OCD rituals as well.
TL;DR: Bruno Madrigal was intended to be OCD by the text, but many Latinos are hesitant to agree because they feel it erases common Latino superstition. It is not uncommon for superstitions to become OCD compulsions and it is often difficult to distinguish the two in general which is why people interpret Bruno in different ways.
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