#or i WILL perish
dizzybunnies · 27 days ago
i was suspended on twt so ig im here for a bit now lol
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spectral-hounds · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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wakeywakeyprotocol · 3 months ago
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cowboyshit · 5 months ago
I just started making hangman gifs from dynamite but now I need to record something from rampage to gif and also watch the countdown and probably record something from that to gif
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alteanroyals · 6 months ago
listen..... i am not gonna say i love the sentimonster adrien thing
HOWEVER i am glad they have apparently been preparing this since at least season 2 and they didn't take the idea from the fandom, because if they had.... i would never forgive y'all. NEVER.
I admit it's interesting soooo as long as THEY DO MY BOY RIGHT i guess i am cool with it
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cale-salad · 8 months ago
the most comforting food is and will always be studio ghibli's buttered bread, have you seen that shit?
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asunnygray · 9 months ago
Konoha come spit in my mouth right this very second babe
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thatbassistbitch · 2 years ago
maybe after i have my ukulele i'll be able to just play Soothing Tunes and calm the fuck down instead of contemplating stupid things
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sendmyresignation · 2 years ago
woke up to 2 paragraphs in my phone notes about the narrative structure of revenge why am i like this, i am pulling up google docs now
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kkoongie · 2 years ago
anyone got a stream link for the SuperM jimmy kimmel performance
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tar-mairons · 2 years ago
got an apple blossom scented candle that came in glass the most delicate shade of pink bc it must be perpetual springtime in my room always
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chwetuan · 2 years ago
have never had the opportunity to hug wonpil but I know for a fact that I, depressed human, am in desperate need of a wonpil hug
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deluxetrashqueen · 3 years ago
Me: *SEVERELY potsy in Walmart, trying desperately to get out of the store*
Mom: “huh I’m going to stop walking completely and stare at the receipt.” 
Me: *trying very hard to not pass out or cry* “mOtHeR”
Mom: “Yeah I’m just going to closely analyze this receipt. Just hang on for a minute.”
Me: *opens mouth and nothing but loud radio static comes out*
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kerfufflewatch · 4 years ago
I only just got home 15 minutes ago and I should already be in bed and apparently this patch takes 40 years to download
I’m not sleeping tonight I guess
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jemmasimmons · 5 years ago
that entire episode can be summed up by 
fitz: new phone, who dis?
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