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#or if they would
kalofi · 20 days ago
Tumblr media
forever thinking of the time i just wanted to know how long i could go without sleeping and google autofilled it to “in minecraft” without me realizing. you can imagine my shock and horror until i read the website title
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ariminiria · a month ago
I can't believe staff deleted all of their initial @/postplus blog posts and just pretended that the survey and the encouragement-of-illegal-fanfic-monetization backlash never happened. As if they don't know how their own site works?? As if those now-deleted posts aren't still floating around in 100,000 different reblog chains and even more mocking screenshots?? As if we, the gremlin userbase of this hellsite would ever forget how they initially approached the whole mess???
And yeah, the posts are back now, but the damage is done. We all saw that.
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marisatomay · 2 months ago
“maybe the curtains are blue because the author just liked the color blue” set human critical thinking skills decades back
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iamalivenow · 2 months ago
i love people who are continuously surprised that there aren’t men kissing in marvel
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fairycosmos · 25 days ago
if camila cabello and james corden stopped traffic doing some dumb attention seeking celebrity shit while i was on my way to my 9 to 5 where i make less in 3 years than they make in a week i would think it was the universe giving me divine permission to run them over
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pregnantseinfeld · 3 months ago
my mom once told me i was a ski jumper in a past life because she dreamed about a ski jumper dying in a terrible accident when she was pregnant with me, and said it was definitely true cause the ski jumper in her dream was also blonde. i never had the heart to tell her this is absolutely not something catholics can believe.
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that-spider-witch · 3 months ago
Disney 1994: Tries to copyright the phrase Hakuna Matata. The people to whom Swahili is their native language rightfully calls them out.
Disney 2017: Tries to copyright Dia de los Muertos, a Mexican religious holiday. They get called out on their bullshit pretty damn fast and cease on their attempt.
Disney 2021: They now want to copyright an ancient Norse pagan deity. (READ BELOW)
Tumblr media
EDIT: Apparently the Norse deity thing was misinformation: Thankfully it seems they are only trademarking the fictional Marvel versions of them. The other shit they did is still real, though. Don’t ever forget they tried to do that.
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malscare · a month ago
Coraline (2009)
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mandalors · a month ago
me remembering that luke and rey didn’t even have a good relationship and we didn’t get to see them as a parental relationship or even as friends
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bloodstained-ballgowns · a month ago
No matter how you feel about Scarlett Johansson as a person, the fact is that with this claim, you should be supporting her in this case against Disney. It doesn’t matter that “she’s rich and she doesn’t need more money”, or whatever you think about the casting controversies. This is a legal breach of contract, that apparently meant she lost out on 50 MILLION DOLLARS. She is completely justified. And if she lost that much, how much did Florence possibly lose out on? Rachel and David? Anyone who’s acted in a Disney+ release, how much did they lose out on because the Mouse House are greedy fuckers who want 100% of the profits?
At the end of the day, it’s about Disney not thinking that because they’re a multi-billion dollar conglomerate they’re allowed to bully their actors into taking less than they were promised. It’s about protecting actors who are not white A-List Hollywood stars with the means to endlessly fund expensive lawyers from the same exploitation in the future. 
Until more information is released, I’m standing with Scarlett. You can’t really claim that you support professional women to demand what they’re worth and promised and then be like, “except her, she’s doing fine as is”. Even if her motivations were entirely selfish, or she doesn’t win, this case is so important. It’ll set a precedent for the industry going forward.
(maybe I’m mad that she’s destroying her own mcu legacy but i understand this was a bigger worry. also i’m a little confused because she just signed on to produce that Tower of Terror movie for Disney so is that now off? idk I just want everyone to be friends this fandom is never peaceful)
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bauliya · 3 months ago
I love the x-men so much because that's just what leftist infighting is like! that's literally all it is! xavier is a sellout and they all hate him but he's the only one with any money. everyone complains about "they keep switching sides and dating each other it's so fucking confusing" like my dudes have you never been a part of any socialist organisation, ever. then people will go "magneto is so strong how has he not killed a bunch of teenagers" HE DOESN'T WANT TO KILL THEM! this started in a goddam basement over coffee he does not want to hurt them he just wants them to shut up and listen and will fling cars to do so
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holo-tape · a month ago
Tumblr media
finally illustrated the dream i had months ago wherein some random fucking greek guy set up shop in my bathroom and started charging me to use my own fucking shower
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