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Prompt: Bad Guy

Steve: You have wanted to kill people before. You’ve had that gun in your hand and your finger on its trigger and you thought about who you wanted to kill.

Bruce: [quietly] I didn’t though.

Steve: What was that?

Bruce: I - I didn’t. I didn’t kill them. I did have that gun and I did know their faces. And I was angry - I was so damn angry but …

Steve: But?

Bruce: I thought about how scared they’d be. How sad. And how sad their families would be. And I just … I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t - I can’t hurt anyone like that.

Tony: See, Steven? Told you - he’s not a bad guy.

Bruce: [startled] What?

Tony: You made a choice not to do the bad guy thing. That makes you not a bad guy. Right, Cap?

Bruce: I don’t … I … aren’t you supposed to be punishing me? Jail, prison? Uh, death?

Tony: I mean, arguably, working with the Star Spangled Man with a Plan is punishment enough for anyone not named Bucky or Natasha.

Bruce: Working with -?

Steve: [sharply grinning] Doctor Banner. Welcome to the team.

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How do I teach my coworker that the radio call for “I’m arachnophobic and a child keeps putting spiders on me” is “Harper please come to X location now” NOT “Harper I have a bug question whenever you’re free”

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Everyone say thank you to @imamwolf because now I am OBSESSED with a Night in the Woods type AU. Not exactly the same, but it’s got the same Aesthetic and Vibe you Know. It’s the October. I’m going WILD

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broke: ink and dream are no longer friends, and the star sanses do not exist. this is canon

woke: ink and dream both canonically visit the omega timeline on a regular basis. blueberror (who in my opinion is more interesting then “blue who DID get kidnapped by error but had no permanent or lasting damage”) lives there and core!frisk is an amazing character who can get dragged along in their shenanigans.

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still thinking abou last week when i had to get something in school and all the teachers in my grade were there so i flexed my eyes to seem like i was smilling and repeated “aw miss u guys” 5 times while staring at a teacher that doesnt have classes with me so when i got out of there i almost trew up and my eyes locked in that position for an hour and everything hurt just cuz i cant fucking communicate

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