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#or like maybe for as long as i can handle it
versadies · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
salutations: fairytale (villain!au, sagau)
addressed to: diluc
content: spoilers to diluc’s story quest, heavy religious themes, violence, burnt injuries, imposter character, angst/no-fluff
post-script: it’s up to you on whether or not this is connected to my previous sagau fics. for now, enjoy !
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when diluc heard the divine imposter creator saying how there’s an imposter who has an intent to kill them, he did not hesitate to start hunting for them.
sure the three archons had a head-start in hunting for the imposter, but that doesn’t mean they had found them already. if the man is lucky enough, maybe the imposter could be somewhere around the nation of freedom if they were that desperate to kill his creator.
and how lucky he was to find the imposter walking around in brightcrown canyon.
how bold of them to walk around acting like they’re not planning to kill his creator.
the man gripped his claymore tightly from the sight of the imposter alone, his thoughts starting to grow darker and darker about what he’s going to do with them.
he’ll make sure his beloved creator will finally be at peace knowing that the threat has been removed by theirs truly.
as he stalked towards you, you immediately heard his footsteps, causing you to turn around to his direction like what a prey does when noticing a predator’s presence.
“…diluc?” you called out, eyes widening in shock from the sight of the familiar figure of the darknight hero. “what are you do— AH!”
the man furrowed his eyebrows when you dodged his phoenix, watching as you look at the man in betrayal, something he mistaken as fear instead.
you won’t be able to miss the second time, he thought to himself as he began to run after you.
diluc has to admit, you’re difficult to chase after - but he’s getting tired of this cat and mouse chase. the sooner he can catch you, he can be able to come back to his dear creator with the head of teyvat’s most wanted person.
how long has it been since he started chasing you? he honestly lost count, distracted by his bloodlust to kill you in the name of the divine creator.
“give me their head,” his divine creator said with the sweetest smile as everyone stood still from their request. “and i’ll make sure the person will be my consort. my only consort.”
he’ll be damned if he won’t become their consort.
“diluc please! why are you chasing me?!” you screamed your lungs out as you continue to run away from the now madman, making sure to dodge every of his flames with the best you can.
you knew it won’t be long before you lose your stamina - and there’s no way in celestia will you be killed in the hands of a delusional character that you once grew fond of.
“you dare act like you have no knowledge on what you’re doing?!” diluc said in anger, feeling intense heat from the handle of his claymore. “everywhere you go, we’ll make sure you won’t be treated lightly — not when you’ve threatened our beloved creator!”
“i’m telling you the truth! i don’t know what you’re talking about!” you yelled, letting out a gasp when you tripped from a branch you failed to see moments before, causing you to fall on the grass.
diluc saw his chance to finally summon another phoenix, cueing him to swing his claymore and send a phoenix to your direction as you try to stand up.
you tried to dodge again, but you were too late as the flames went pass to you and burn your whole back, causing you to scream out in pain and fall back to the ground on your knees.
what have you done to be treated this way? you thought to yourself, breathing heavily from the intense pain on your back. you need to move now! you need to ignore the pain and—
you cried once again when you felt diluc’s boot on your burnt back, clenching your hands into fists from the pain you received. make it stop, make it stop, MAKE IT STOP
“it’s about time you give up.” he spat out, slowly raising his claymore upwards as your vision began to blur from your tears. i’m sorry, i’m sorry, please leave me alone
you slowly exhaled, closing your eyes in defeat. perhaps you weren’t meant to be in this world nor in your home.
just when you thought you were going to die, you felt the weight on your back lifted.
you hesitantly tried to look at the red-haired man, only to see him staring at you as though you have two heads.
why.. why are you bleeding gold? diluc thought to himself in horror, paying no mind to your confused gaze at him. what is the meaning of this?
he drops his claymore, slowly backing away from your weakened body.
it can’t be.
“y..your grace?” he whispered shakily, his hand slowly reaching out to you, only for his heart to ache when you retreated from his hand coming closer to you, watching you slowly backing away in fear.
“i’m… i’m sorry, please let me make it u—” without letting the man finish his words, you didn’t hesitate to stand up and run away, not bothering to look back once.
diluc watched as you ran away until your figure disappeared in his view, his eyes growing dull in realization.
he failed his true creator.
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howdoyousleep3 · 12 hours ago
Why can I see intern Bucky riding Senator Steve while Steve smacks his ass and moans loud and proud 🥴 Bucky wouldn’t be able to handle that man of a daddy moaning for him, spilling praises for him, cumming for him, flipping them over so he could cum deep inside his baby’s pussy like he owns it
I needed something to weasel my way back into writing somehow and this was perfect. Thank you, lovely. ❤️
“That’s it, that’s fuckin’ it right there, boy…”
It’s the direct praise that knocks another nasally whine loose from Bucky’s chest, his eyebrows furrowing together in concentration as he bounces in the Senator’s lap and attempts to achieve the same stroke, the same angle.
It’s the three tight smacks on his ass that have his fingers digging into the meat of Steve’s chest, his whine morphing into a determined growl.
“Atta boy, that’s how you ride your Daddy’s cock,” Steve damn near hollers, voice bouncing off of the walls of his living room and the inside of Bucky’s brain. “That’s how you do it. Long strokes, let that ass have it. It’s what your Daddy deserves, fuck.”
Bucky drops his head back and moans, noise one he feels rattle up and out his chest, teeth clenching together in fear of being knocked loose from the noise itself, let alone the force of his hips. It’s a workout fucking Steve Rogers, always has been, Bucky being used to his high standards by this point, having worked diligently to meet them head-on. Steve craves intensity, force, and passion in his everyday life. Bucky has learned how that translates into his sex life: eye contact, harsh touches, complete submission, overstimulation, stamina.
Senator Rogers isn’t an easy man to please and that’s what makes being the one to please him so fucking good.
“Daddy,” Bucky whimpers, thighs burning from overuse, arms well on their way to feeling tight with exertion as well, fingers moving to scramble for Steve’s shoulders. “Daddy, so big, good.” The squat Bucky is in has him feeling like he’s being blissfully split up the middle by nothing other than Steve’s fat cock. The lewd noise of his boy pussy getting fucked, of the Senator’s slicked-up cock stuffing Bucky full on every downstroke, almost brings a blush to Bucky’s cheeks it’s so filthy.
“Yeah, Daddy’s got a big cock, but this ass knows how to handle it, doesn’t it? Your pussy fuckin’ knows how to eat my cock right up, always so hungry, ain’t that right?”
Bucky nods his head feverishly in agreement, pants with a slack jaw.
“Yes, mhmm! My pussy knows, my pussy’s so good. Knows how to fuck Daddy just right.”
Bucky parrots back with little thought and with an enormous amount of enthusiasm, elbows buckling and falling forward, cheek finding the top of Steve’s head. He doesn’t stop his fervent bouncing, achy dick rubbing against Steve’s belly, forgotten.. He digs his hips into his downstrokes, his rim straining around the girth of Steve’s cock, hands continuing to search for purchase; he’d rather look like a scrambling idiot than to lose the momentum of his hips and disappoint Steve.
Maybe it’s the show of Bucky struggling but continuing to give his Daddy what he needs. Maybe it’s the grind of his hips or the eager and mindless agreement that his pussy is perfect or the way his ass surely tightens up around the Senator’s cock when he gets two more smacks on his right cheek. Whatever it is, it has Steve’s hands reaching for Bucky’s waist with a rumble, fingers denting the heated skin he holds onto. Bucky is more than familiar with that growl.
“Y’pussy knows how to make Daddy come too, doesn’t it? Always fuckin’ know how I want it, how to fuck yourself on my cock just right…”
Bucky feels that edge of hysteria slip into his system from those words, the ones Steve hisses right into his ear, hands like a corset on his waist. The noise Bucky makes resembles a sob, a noise that is forced out of his mouth as he continues to make a valiant effort of giving Daddy those long pussy strokes, the very ones that will give him Daddy’s come. Steve’s curse feels like it melts right into the underside of Bucky’s jaw.
“Pussy’s always so fuckin’ greedy, baby. S’a good fuckin’ pussy right here, gonna wet it right up just like it wants. Gonna come in this pussy and make you walk around my house leakin’ of me, come drippin’ down your thighs. Just gonna let you be messy with me. You want that? Huh?”
Bucky’s breath audibly hitches before he moans, eyelids heavy as the feeling of privilege continues to wash over him. It always does when Steve runs his mouth like this, before he comes. Bucky is the only one that could make Senator Rogers sound this fucked out, say these filthy things. Bucky is the one that’s got him moaning and growling, that’s got the politician’s cock deep in his ass, that’s going to make him come. Bucky. He is doing that.
“Want that, Daddy! Come in this pussy, make me take it, make me dirty with it. Take it so good for you, wanna be—”
Bucky doesn’t get to finish his plea. The grip on his waist goes painfully tight as Steve sits up suddenly and maneuvers Bucky onto his back, flips their positions on the couch all without slipping out of Bucky. He squeals. Steve is frantic, shoves Bucky’s legs back to his chest with a heavy exhale the moment he has his footing, demanding with a gruff noise that Bucky hold himself open for Daddy. The new angle and the positioning has Bucky feeling like he’s bursting at the seams with cock, right there on the edge of too much.
His eyes roll back into his head it feels so goddamn good.
Bucky’s noises sound as if they’re punched out of him, fragile and needy, high-pitched and bitten off with every pound of Steve’s hips. He starts to feel himself slip into that sugary tunnel vision that comes to him easily when he feels thoroughly used, when he can feel Steve chase his pleasure using only Bucky’s body. His fingers dig into the backs of his knees, eyes locked onto where Steve’s dick slips in and out of his ass, position making such a view visually accessible.
He could come like this, from the sensation of being so thoroughly fucked. But his own orgasm isn’t his priority.
He babbles and whines without thought, begs Steve to pump him full of his Daddy come, to use his hole for what it’s meant to be used for. He squeals in between gaps, stupid for it, when Steve curses, smacks a wide palm down over the exposed curve of Bucky’s ass cheek. One more guttural groan on the Senator’s part and a pitiful whine of, “Fuck it, Daddy— fuck it good,” on Bucky’s part, and Steve is coming.
Bucky watches through hazy vision as Daddy grits his teeth, grinds his dick into Bucky deep and doesn’t pull out, voice shaky when he demands—
“Fuckin’ milk me. Work for all that Daddy come, Buck…”
Even in the throes of an orgasm, Steve would be demanding. But Bucky mewls anyway, toes curling as he nods his head and begins to work his pussy muscles rhythmically around Daddy’s cock, rim squeezing and straining around him. Steve’s growl sounds furious it’s so fierce, but it’s beautiful music to Bucky’s ears, the Senator’s orgasm feeling like a release of his own even as his dick leaks helplessly on his belly. Bucky giggles into his determined whimpers, mind beginning to grow fuzzier as pride drips down his spine, Steve’s hands tight on his waist as he rides his orgasm out.
The fuzziness, this sense of privilege, causes him to only have one thing to hiccup out—
“Thank you, Daddy. Thank you, thank you, oh— Thank you, Daddy…”
Steve hasn’t even finished coming, but he’s quick to give Bucky a moan of, “Oh baby, you’re welcome, so welcome, sugar. Keep goin’, keep workin’ that pussy for me.”
Whatever Daddy wants, Daddy gets…
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starail · a day ago
in which a doll learns to love.
[notes: reader got isekaid into genshin but like 400 years ago, also they’re a god now. they remember lore and go oh crap! how’s scara doing! also this is based off of the new lore we got for scara saying that he was abandoned by ei for “being too emotional” . which is a total jerk move. so i wrote this. yeah.]
[pre-fatui scaramouche / gn! god! reader ]
Tumblr media
You opened your eyes. It seemed like just yesterday you were still in your bedroom, playing Genshin Impact and eating instant noodles. Now… your life was much different. You stretched, sighing. It was hard work, being a god.
When you had first awoken in Teyvat, you knew something was wrong. Something was… off. You had looked up into the clear sky of Liyue, and you knew that you had been transported into the past. Teyvat, four hundred years ago.
Too late to save Khaenri’ah. But… maybe not too late to save something else.
It had taken you a long time to come to terms with your new life. You? A god? There was no way you could handle all this power and responsibility.
And yet… you used your powers for good. You weren’t a perfect person, but you tried your best to be kind. You still had a petty, spiteful side. You still had selfish, lazy moments. But… you knew those moments were what made you human, despite now being a god.
As a god who was once human, you understood the struggles of mankind. You quickly became known as the god of human culture. To preserve mankind’s story, to understand humans, to be closer with them than any other god… it was a lot.
But now, you knew you had a job to do. There was someone you had to save. You just hoped you remembered his story correctly.
You stretched your arms, yawning. You were much taller than you were before, and you now had pale blue antler-like horns adorning your head, and fur trailing along your back, giving you the appearance of a part-human, part ethereal-looking deer. It wasn’t too bad, so you kept that appearance most of the time.
Well, that was enough nervous procrastinating. It was time to head to Inazuma. You took a deep breath, transporting yourself to the forests of Narukami Island.
And it was there you saw him, collapsed on the ground in the middle of the wild.
You picked him up, and brought him to your abode in Mondstadt. Well, not near the city, as it was still ruled over by the tyrant Decarabian, but rather near Windrise. It was where you kept your things, and having a normal house kept you feeling human. The doll was still sleeping, shivering and broken.
You placed a hand on his arm, and the cracks along his body began to fade. You stood up, fetching a blanket for him. He’s stopped shivering, you noticed. Given how the young man was completely alone in the middle of nowhere, passed out, you’d reckon that he had just been abandoned by his creator.
You turned around, mentally noting to cook him something warm, maybe some Radish-Veggie soup? Did he even eat? You’d have to ask. You just hoped he’d cooperate.
“Wh…” a weak voice came from behind. You turned around to see his beautiful indigo eyes open. “Where… who…?”
“Hello.” You greeted him. The name you knew him by was Scaramouche, but you knew that he didn’t go by that name at this point in time. “How are you feeling?”
“Who are you?” He scrambled back, eyes wide and scared. Goodness, he really did act differently in the past. You knew him to be rude, dismissive, and downright cruel. But… now, you had a chance to help him be happy. To not have to be insecure about his own emotions. You could help him.
“I… well, Teyvat knows me as the god of human culture, but you can call me [Name].” You chuckled nervously to yourself. “I was exploring Inazuma and I found you. You seemed hurt.”
“Do… do you even know who I am?” He seemed to be putting up a confident act, despite being terrified. Poor thing.
“I have an idea.” You turned around to stir the pot of soup. “You were the Electro Archon’s prototype puppet, right?”
The boy slowly nodded. “My name… is, uh…” he hesitated. “Kunikuzushi.”
You smiled. You knew he had chosen that name for himself. “That’s a beautiful name, Kunikuzushi. I like it.”
Kunikuzushi’s face went pink. “Um… thank you…? I’ve never had… someone compliment my name.”
You nodded. “Well, they should. Would you like some soup?”
He stared at the steaming bowl in your hands. “I… guess.”
He seemed to trust you. That was good. You handed him the bowl and a spoon.
You watched as he devoured the soup. Maybe dolls really did eat? Or, maybe he was just cold. Wait… do dolls feel cold? You felt like these would be rather rude questions. Kunikuzushi handed the empty bowl back to you.
“So…” you began. “What happened? Shouldn’t the Raiden Shogun be taking care of you? She did create you, after all.” You knew what had happened, but you had to pretend not to know. He might become suspicious if you knew too much.
Kunikuzushi’s hands balled into fists as he tensed up. “That… she… “ he gritted his teeth. “She left me for dead. I will no longer recognize her as my creator.”
“She what?” You raised your eyebrows. “But… why? Ah, you don’t have to tell me,” you added, seeing his face darken. “It’s just… you have feelings, too.”
“That was the problem.” He spat. He wasn’t angry at you, but rather at his creator, and himself. “She wanted me to be a cold, unfeeling puppet. She saw me expressing emotions and decided I was too weak, that… that I wasn’t suitable for holding her gnosis.”
You reached over to place your hand on his. He gripped your hand in return, so tight it hurt. His hands were small, soft, and cold. “That was… terrible of her.” You whispered. “How could she abandon you like that? That’s awful.”
Kunikuzushi nodded fervently. “Exactly! Is…” his voice got quieter. “Is it so wrong to feel?”
“It isn’t.” You promised. “Feelings are only natural. She was in the wrong.” You looked him in the eye. “You can stay with me, if you’d like.”
Kunikuzushi slowly nodded. Ah, he was too trusting, in such a vulnerable state. You weren’t going to do anything bad to him, of course, but if it were someone else taking advantage of him like this… like, say, the Fatui… his fate might not be so happy. You were glad you found him first. You would take care of him. And maybe… maybe you’d have a companion who would live just as long as you did. Finally, a friend who wasn’t human, who wouldn’t die after a few years. You squeezed Kunikuzushi’s hand, promising yourself that you would never abandon him like Ei did.
“Thank you.” Said Kunikuzushi. “I…” he looked away. “Um, you’ve been nice to me.”
You smiled fondly at him. “Of course. I’d like to be your friend, if that’s okay?”
The boy’s head perked up. “Friends…?” He stared at you, stunned. After a few moments of tense silence, he answered, blushing. “Y-yeah. I’d like to be friends.”
You were happy he finally had someone to care for him. You just didn’t know how much he would come to care for you back. Who knew an artificial human could love so much?
Tumblr media
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houseofheelshire · 2 days ago
(18+) Say It Louder
Tumblr media
𝐭𝐲𝐩𝐞: Smut; spit as lube
𝐬𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲: There's a surprise waiting for you after what Brahms overheard last night.
𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐝 𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐭: 1.3k
Thank you for 400+ followers!!! And for making Play Hour my most-noted post to date, here's more Brahms filth to celebrate :P You're all absolutely wild and I appreciate you very much 💞💞 Enjoy!
Tumblr media
The curtains were drawn, your eyes closed, lights off and the door locked—not that it would have stopped him from interrupting if he was so inclined, but you hoped it would. With a hand between your legs, rubbing and stroking away, Brahms Heelshire’s glass eyes just wouldn’t leave your mind. They brought your knees together and shied your hand away for a moment before ultimately disappearing again so you could finish up. Heavy panting and a silent conclusion, you were quick to turn over and fall right asleep, burying your hand under the pillow until morning came.
And in the morning, those glass eyes have returned—only they really are in front of you now, knowing and curious about what you were doing. A pitter-patter from the door that travels up above you, and only now do you realize that it’s open just a crack. Maybe he’s angry with you for oversleeping and missing breakfast, or maybe he’s getting a head-start on his daily exercise regimen. It’s almost nine o’clock.
So, you hurry out of bed and turn the doll around so you can dress without feeling watched, then head out into the hallway where—to your surprise and mild concern—the attic ladder is down. “Brahms, you know you’re not supposed to be up there,” you tell him sternly. Shuffling and rustling is heard in response, and you stand your ground: “No dessert tonight if you don’t come down.” Silence. “One… two…”
Clicking your tongue, you curse under your breath and make way up the ladder to bring him down yourself, but in the dark it’s hard to make out where he is. He chuckles from behind you, and you tug on the chain to turn on the light, immediately caught off guard by him. Brahms is sitting in a chair, nude from the waist down with his trousers around his ankles. “Brahms!” you yell, exasperated and embarrassed by the sight. Slowly stroking himself, he refuses to break eye contact, and his real eyes stare from behind the mask.
You shut yours tight and take a deep breath. “Please… put your pants back on, Brahms, it’s time for—it’s exercise time, okay, come on—“ Faltering, shaking your head, you turn around to leave only for your wrist to be grabbed by a long arm. “Brahms, I’m serious.”
“Don’t think I couldn’t hear you last night.”
Everything stops. Your stomach sinks, and the ringing in your ears grows even louder, chest tight like the whole house has buried you alive. Gulp. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
“Yes you do.” His voice is low, the other hand reaching for your waist to turn you back around, each slim finger digging into your back. “Come on… we’re adults here.” The hand moves around to your front and teases your zipper with the backs of his fingers. Breaths hitch when they slip between your legs and rub in slow motions that make you quiver in place, knees pressing into each other like they were last night.
“I don’t know what you thought you heard. We can’t do this—”
“You wouldn’t let me touch you if that were true.” The observation comes with another jolt of arousal through your core as his hand moves further back, and his thumb grabs a tighter hold onto your crotch.
Quietly: “I shouldn’t.”
“But you are.” And he starts to unzip your jeans, slowly pulling them down with your underwear. Shadow from the light over your leg, his hand covers you up a bit as he slides his fingers over your exposed front, jeans bunched around your thighs. Oh, it’s wrong, but you like it that way. It makes his forbidden touch all the more enticing and pleasurable. Delicate, careful, he knows how to handle you so there’s no other option but to want more.
He’s pleased to bear witness to you pushing your jeans to the floor, but less so that you can’t maintain eye contact. Are you more ashamed of him or yourself for indulging in this with hardly any protest? The warmth of his hand makes you forget all that; scruffy hair against your leg when he leans over to help you step out of your clothes, the grip on your rear as he pulls you to sit on his lap. Brahms groans hungrily, his fingers explore your thighs, and you balance on your toes. “Relax,” he tells you, daring to roll his hips up and bring you back down with him.
One hand of his comes up to your face, turning you towards him to look into his eyes while he pokes his fingers between your lips. They’re salty across your tongue, but they taste like him, like the musky scent of the house that never seems to go away. Your stomach rumbles at the taste, suddenly aware of how hungry you are. You’re salivating enough for him to pull his fingers out in a few seconds of swirling them around your tongue and slather his cock with your spit as he teases it against your groin.
“This is what you wanted, right?”
“Say it like you did last night for me, please?” He pulls you close to whisper in your ear. “‘Brahms, oh, Brahms!’ Like that.” he mocks. The sound of him moaning his own name causes you to grind your hips into his and coaxes out a moan of your own for him to enjoy. He chuckles and grips harder, absolutely famished now that you’re here—so close—in front of him. You indulge him just a little bit, whispering his name with your eyes closed tighter, face heating up in embarrassment. “Louder.”
“Brahms!” It’s strained, but it will do when you’re so shy, so afraid to make any noise even though you’re the only ones to hear it. “Brahms, please—“ You swallow hard when he presses a finger inside you, still warm and slick with your drool. It doesn’t take long to relax around him as he toys with you and slowly teases until you say it again: “Oh, Brahms…”
He can be so irritating. “Dammit, just—“ With a deep breath, you move your hand from its place on his knee and take hold of his cock, hurrying to raise yourself just high enough to push it inside. “Fuck,” you curse under your breath, looking into the lightbulb that hangs above, anything to burn away the guilt of wanting him inside you so badly. His thumbs and fingers press roughly into your skin; Brahms isn’t immune to such shameful pleasures either.
Inch by inch, you sink onto him, tensing and relaxing the deeper he gets. Eyes rolling back, breaths heavier, and before you know it, you’re bottomed out. His thrusts are steady for a short while but quickly jerk in hard bursts that take every ounce of your energy. It’s as though you’re a ragdoll sitting limp on his lap, and he’s fucking you absolutely senseless. You’ve fallen over him with your head on his shoulder, bouncing away with his rhythm—but, oh, it feels so good to be his ragdoll, and you know how much he loves to have his way.
You’re long past your limit when he starts to wear out, both of you sweaty and exhausted before it’s time for Brahms’ chores. You’ll have to shower right away and have a snack before lunch, but then your appetite will be ruined, and you’ll be terribly behind schedule. At least the tension in your goodnight kisses will be relieved from now on. You hope so, anyway.
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crownkatt · a day ago
⋆*・゚Late Night Happenings // Park Sunghoon *⋆.*:・゚
Tumblr media
Word count: 5k
Genre: A fun mix of comedy and fluff, and a very sweet kith~ !friends to lovers!
Warnings and notes: slight swearing and some sexual innuendos -Pls do not read if anything I listed makes you uncomfortable- Fem pronouns~ Also, I would like to say that everyone is beautiful and deserves to love and be loved without being judged by their outer appearance. You do you baby boo and feel proud while doing so!!! 
❤️ Masterlist ❤️
⋆*・゚:⋆*・゚:⠀ *⋆.*:・゚ .: ⋆*・゚: .⋆  ⋆*・゚:⋆*・゚:⠀ *⋆.*:・゚ .: ⋆*・゚: .⋆  ⋆*・゚:⋆*・゚
You swiftly sprinted across the wet road, grabbing the jacket covering your head for dear life. Raindrops kept pouring down from the sky, hitting the pavement soundly. The earthy and misty smell around you brought a smile to your face. A bittersweet feeling lingered still. You loved this kind of weather. But today, it was different. You never expected the situation back in the coffee shop to end like that. You let out a long sigh, trying to shake off the memories, before your eyes landed on a tall apartment building complex.
“Ohhh, its coming down a lot!”
“Yeah, thankfully we’re staying home today.”
“I hope Y/n will make it…”
“She’s getting a little late, isn’t she?”
“We didn’t agree on a fixed time. She’ll come! She would’ve called otherwise.”
“Yeah true...Still, I hope she’s fine, the weather is a little harsh.”
“Didn’t she have another thing to attend today? I heard something about meeting up with someone.”
“…” Sunghoon stared at the wall for a second.
“Yeah, I think it was some kind of date meeting or something.” he replied, sipping his soda.
“Guys please don’t bombard her with questions when she walks in, for the love of God.”
“Of course not!” they protested quickly. Jungwon shook his head in defeat. He was sure they were going to do just that.
“You are surprisingly calm dealing with this situation Sunghoon”
“Why wouldn’t I be?”
“Cause you two are basically inseparable!”
“Yeah, it’s a weird combination. I mean you are always together but you are on each other’s throats most of the time” they all agreed with Jay’s statement.
“No we’re not!”
“Yes YOU ARE.”
“That’s a lie! Do you even have proof??” His eyes went wide as soon as he saw all his friends pulling out their phones, shuffling through their folders and basically shove all the video and picture evidence they had collected over these past months.
“You are unbelievable...”Sunghoon scoffed in defeat as the others burst out laughing.
“I wonder how the date went~” Sunoo said. “Aren’t you curious too?” he shoot Sunghoon a teasing look.
“I’m not! She can do whatever she wants!”
“Well, of course she can, that’s a given. I asked if you were curious, are you not listening?” he laughed to the tall black haired boy. Sunghoon glared at the wall to escape Sunoo’s gaze.
“I don’t care about what Y/n is doing…” he whispered under his breath.
“Dude! Look at how heavy the rain is right now!”
“Maybe we should cancel tonight’s plans after all? What if she hasn’t brought an umbrella with her-”
“That must be her!”
“I got it” Sunghoon shoot up from the couch and walked towards the front door. He turned the handle only to reveal a panting, soaked, red cheeked figure standing there. 
“What the-”
“Close it, close it, it’s freaking cold outside!” You pushed past him as quickly as you could and stayed in the small hallway inside the house. He slammed the door close as he turned to you with lightning speed, trying to process the information in front of him.
“DON’T YOU KNOW WHAT AN UMBRELLA IS?” he half scolded, half mocked your drenched, shivering figure.
“Oh.” he looked at you with a complicated expression.
“Yeah, let’s just not talk about it right now, please.” you breathed as you squatted down to remove your shoes.
“Y/n is here! Hey Y/n- OH. WOW.” you heard a bunch of steps coming to a sudden stop a few meters away from the hallway.
“What happened??”
“The weather hates me~” you snarkily replied. Standing up, you noticed that part of your dress was somewhat stained by the rain.
“Great, I have to wash everything now.” you growled. Sunghoon finally took a better look at your figure. The jacket you were holding around your body was drenched and dripping on the floor, just like your dress. There were still some raindrops falling from your hair, softly landing on your eyelashes and slowly traveling down your beautiful facial features, eventually disappearing under your dress collar.
“Soooo, Imma need a huge hoodie or something” you stared back at Sunghoon. He rolled his eyes at your request.
“You can use Jungwon’s he has plenty of over-sized hood-” Jay was caught off by Sunghoon grabbing your hand and dragging you away from the members and heading to his room.
“You are unbelievable” he mocked as he walked past his friends.
“I hope you know I can’t control the weather! Besides, it was sunny during the morning!” you tried to defend yourself before you two disappeared into his room.
⋆*・゚:⋆*・゚:⠀ *⋆.*:・゚ .: ⋆*・゚: .⋆  ⋆*・゚:⋆*・゚:⠀ *⋆.*:・゚ .: ⋆*・゚: .⋆  ⋆*・゚:⋆*・゚
A few minutes after, and Sunghoon re-emerged in the living room alone as he plopped down on the couch.
“Where is Y/n?”
“She’s finishing up with her shower.” he relied nonchalantly. “I gave her one of my hoodies so your guys’ clothes are safe.” he almost boasted. Sunoo let out a small laugh.
“Just the hoodie? No pants?” Jay snickered.
“I GAVE HER A HOODIE A N D PANTS, ALRIGHT?” he quickly defended. “What’s with you guys today?!” he whined in frustration, causing his friends to burst out in laughter.
“Yo, Sunghoon, you never told me that boxers felt this good! They’re so comfortable!” your voice echoed in the living room. His head snapped so fast back at you. His eyes widened at the sight of you trying to adjust yourself inside his huge hoodie. Your hands kept pulling up the pair of sweats you were wearing under the hoodie, your hair strands still somewhat wet from the shower. He felt a sudden wave of embarrassment rushing through him, leaving behind a slight pink color to the tips of his ears and cheeks. He quickly averted his eyes away from you, shutting them close and letting his head fall back.
“Boxers?? You gave her boxers to wear as well???”
“I asked for them. I mean, my underwear was… you know. They’re drying up with the rest of my clothes.” you said, trying to dry your hair with a towel. Their eyes were shot open.
“It’s not like I will use it forever! I’ll return it-”
“No. Please. Just. UGH. Keep it. Omg.” Sunghoon facepalmed. Oh, how he wished the earth would just open up right then and there and swallow him whole.
“Dude, don’t go gifting underwear to people like that, what the hell??”
“CAN WE SKIP THE SUBJECT, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!” he cried out as everyone’s laughter filled the room. You walked towards the couch, and got seated next to the little table in the middle. His eyes were stealing glances of you the entire time your hands were trying to dry off your hair.
“Yo, you suck at this~” Sunghoon teased you.
“Why? I’m just drying it off!”
“Don’t just throw the towel on your head like you’re wiping the floor! It’s gonna dry off funny!” he laughed in your face.
“Maybe I was going for the maniac look all along!” you barked back. He chuckled at your feisty demeanor.
“I could do it for you~” he offered.
“Nah thanks, I’m good” you stuck your tongue out at him.
“So, everyone ready for movie night??”
“Imma go grab the drinks and food from the kitchen.”
“I’ll help!” you offered.
“No need, we got this~”
“Okayyy~” you sang as you ran your fingers through your hair to check for moisture.
“Oof, it’s still wet…” you breathed silently. Sunghoon clicked his tongue as a cocky grin surfaced on his lips. He quickly stood up and jumped on the couch spot right behind your figure, his hands stealing the towel away from you.
“Sunghoon gim-”
“Just stay quiet and let me do this, jeez!” he cut you off. Your hands finally gave up the fight and fell at your sides in defeat. You couldn’t lie, his hands felt nice, he was drying off your hair so airy and gently, it almost felt like massage of sorts.
“Fine. I’m too tired to argue anyway. This day was very long…” your face suddenly dropped. He felt his hands tensing up.
“Y/n! I almost forgot! Sunghoon said you were on a date today! How did it go?” Sunoo chirped happily as he scooted over to you. He surely was overly excited to hear about it that he didn’t feel Sunghoon’s warning eye-stares burning through his skull. When he did caught a glimpse of him however, it was too late to take it back.
“...Well… I thought everything was going great at first…” you stalled for a couple of seconds.
“Turns out I wasn’t feminine enough, his words not mine” you chuckled, your voice almost cracking at the end. Sunghoon’s hands stopped moving the instant the words have left your mouth.
“What the hell??” Sunoo let out a frustrating scream.
“Did he seriously say that?” Sunghoon questioned, definitely trying to sound more levelheaded that he was actually feeling that moment.
“Yeah, like the date came to an end and as we exited the coffee shop we had a chat and he said that right to my face! Like, I love feminine style on others but it’s just not my thing, it doesn’t suit me! Dude, he didn’t even tried to twist it, he said it like I was the problem there!” You were fuming like an angry arthurian dragon. Sunghoon felt a sign of relief when he saw you and Sunoo basically dissing that man to hell and back. At least you weren’t feeling that sad.
“No, you know what, fuck that guy!” you revolted, as you grabbed a soda from the table, soundly opening it with frustration.
“So I’m not good enough if I don’t start purring and acting cutely on a first date?? NUH UH!” you took a sip, slamming the can on the table like it was beer.
“Can you believe that dude’s attitude?? Like who did he think he was?? He wasn’t even that bulky! I could literally just sit on him and he wouldn’t be able to lift a finger, let alone yap his mouth!” There was definitely a raging fire in your eyes. There was also a wave of both amusement and embarrassment in everyone else’s eyes as they just stopped in their tracks, wide eyed and staring at you, trying to compress their laughter. It was only Sunghoon’s voice that echoed through the living room as he burst out laughing at your comment. Your eyes widened as the words replayed in your head and instantly fell on the floor, trying to avoid eye contact with anyone even though you could’ve sworn everyone was laughing too hard to actually make any eye contact to begin with. He leaned closer to you from behind, wiping a tear away from his eyes in the process.
“That slipped out…sorry” you mumbled under your breath while your hands were fidgeting around your soda. He stared at you lovingly for a second before his hand naturally found its way on top of your head, softly ruffling your now dry hair locks. He leaned in closer to your ear and whispered so that only you could hear.
“You know you’re just fine the way you are right?”
“...Thanks Sunghoon” you replied back with all your heart.
“Don’t let it get to your head too much idiot, he isn’t worth it anyway.”
“I’m really starting to doubt if there is someone who is then…” you let out a bitter chuckle. The tone of your voice pierced Sunghoon’s heart like a hot needle as the smile quickly disappeared from his face. Of course. Of course you were still hurt by those words. Your façade did not mean that you were okay. Not yet.
You quickly realized that what you had just mouthed back was just a moment of weakness of your self pity. And you hated that. You hated that you made him worry about you.
“No, no, come on!” you smiled in front of his face, “That was a joke! A JOKE! I’m fine! Seriously!” you tried to play if off. He stared at you intensely, as if he tried to figure out whether you were lying or not. And you knew that you couldn’t hide from him for long.
“Okay! Hit play! Let’s watch some zombies!” someone yelled in excitement. You looked over towards the rest of the boys, a mini popcorn fight already being in progress. You glanced back at Sunghoon.
“Hey, its fine! Just forget about me right now and enjoy the movie!” you chirped happily as you handed him a bowl of popcorn.
“Ooof” He shut his eyes in defeat and accepted your piece offering. You threw him a bright smile before your attention fell on the tv screen.
⋆*・゚:⋆*・゚:⠀ *⋆.*:・゚ .: ⋆*・゚: .⋆  ⋆*・゚:⋆*・゚:⠀ *⋆.*:・゚ .: ⋆*・゚: .⋆  ⋆*・゚:⋆*・゚
Even after the movie had ended, the night sure looked to be lively enough. You stayed up along with everyone, chatting about nothing and everything, cracking jokes, making fun of the ridiculous visual effects the movie had, eventually leading to a small zombie audition showdown taking place in the living room. You were wiping tears of laughter from the corners of your eyes as Sunghoon decided to repeat his ice skating zombie impersonation from a while ago.
A faint smile creeped up on his features as his eyes fell on your shaking figure, unable to contain your laughter from his small gig. A wave of relief coursed through him. He would never admit it but his eyes never left you the whole night. He did not remember details about the movie. His gaze was fixed on you for the most part. And as many times as he tried to shake off that feeling of uneasiness and focus on the movie, his eyes always found their way back to you. Of course he faked that the movie was horrible along with everyone else. Otherwise, he had no way of knowing.
A few beverages later into the night, and most of the people had already gone to sleep. You couldn’t blame them, the night was wild. So naturally, the noise had died down in the living room. Only you, Sunghoon and Jay were still up and functioning. Well, for the most part. You took another sip of your drink, while your eyes darted towards Jay letting out a huge, tired yawn.  You knew both of them had stayed up this late just because of you, even though you knew that they would say the opposite if you pointed it out. While you found it endearing, you felt sorry for them. You knew that you wouldn’t be able to sleep at all that night. Not when the silence amplified your buried thoughts of this morning. You knew that much. But you also knew that the two boys in front of you needed sleep.
“I think you guys should go to bed” you chuckled.
“What? No, I’m goo-aaahh~” Jay yawned. You raised an eyebrow at him.
“Okay fine. Point taken.” he admitted. He chugged his drink down and got up from his seat.
“I’m sorry Y/n, I wish I’d stay longer.” he apologized. You shook your head.
“No it’s okay! You need to sleep. It is a sleepover after all~” you laughed. He gave you a tired smile before he waved you goodnight and disappeared behind a door.
“Won’t you go to rest as well?” you curiously looked over at Sunghoon.
“Nah” he replied casually.
“Sunghoon, I can see the bags under your eyes” you pointed out.
“You can’t see shit cause there are no bags under my eyes” he mocked you.
“I could fit a month’s worth of clothes shopping in there~” you sang teasingly as he scoffed in disbelief. You smiled to yourself and scooted over to him.
“Hey, seriously, go to sleep” Your sweet tone lingered near his ears, making his eyes grow bigger. He surely was used to your voice but silent, heartfelt moments like this was of a somewhat rare occurrence between you. And he sure was thankful for that cause judging from this moment alone, he was pretty sure his heart would not be able to handle anymore.
“...I feel like you can’t sleep and I don’t want to leave you alone with...-” his mouth ate up the last words of his sentence.
“With?” you wondered.
Your thoughts. I don’t wanna leave you alone with your stupid thoughts.
“Forget it” he breathed out.
“Sunghoon, I am fine. Really. I am. What I’m not fine with though is the thought of having to be seen in public with the human equivalent of shopping bag walking beside me.” you scolded him. He chuckled and looked at you defeated.
“Pwease go to bed~” you cutely pouted at him, in hopes that it would made him cringe and leave you alone.
“Ha, you want me to leave that bad?” he chuckled.
“Yeth~” you smiled sheepishly.
You knew you had won. And you expected to see the cringe on his face. You could only imagine your surprise when Sunghoon actually smiled back at you lovingly and softly ruffled your hair before he sat up from the couch. Moments like this in your relationship with him were rare. You knew he always looked out for you even if he wouldn’t admit it. But this moment… There had been similar incidents before. Random touches, fleeting glances… You had forgotten the details of how or why they happened. But you were sure for one thing. You could never forget the warmth rising to your cheeks or your heart skipping a beat every single time.
“Maybe make some tea, it will help you relax a bit, okay?” he advised before leaving the room.
“O-okay!” you nodded in agreement, still somewhat startled from the moment. Your head followed him as his figure slowly disappeared, leaving you alone, surrounded by the muted night city sounds that faintly disturbed the heavy silence in the dark living room.
⋆*・゚:⋆*・゚:⠀ *⋆.*:・゚ .: ⋆*・゚: .⋆ ⋆*・゚:⋆*・゚:⠀ *⋆.*:・゚ .: ⋆*・゚: .⋆ ⋆*・゚:⋆*・゚
It had been thirty minutes since Sunghoon laid down on his bed yet it was the eleventh time he was readjusting his position. He was restless. His eyes wouldn’t close. Not when his mind was wondering in the room next door. He raised his head to check on the others. Everyone was dead asleep. His head fell back to his pillow soundly as he shut his eyes with force…
“..Fuck it” His eyes opened wide, as his whole body practically jumped out of bed. He tiptoed carefully around the sleeping people around him, reaching the bedroom door. Luckily enough, it was already half opened. He slipped out of the room and stealthily made his way towards the living room. His feet halted behind the living room wall. He took a deep breath before he carefully popped his head behind the wall to check the surroundings.
There you were. Still awake, holding a mug and sitting in front of the window, staring at the night lights of the city. The raindrops hitting the glass the glass almost started to sound like a lullaby. His heart clenched into his chest. The view in front of his eyes was sorrowful yet so beautiful at the same time… A small, mischievous smile was planted on his lips on that instant. He carefully made his way towards you, making sure not to cause any disturbance. As soon as he was right behind you, he knelled down at your level as his face moved closer to your ear.
“Boo!” he whispered in your ear.
“EEEEEEP!” you let out a muffled scream. Sunghoon was already rolling on the floor besides you, trying to compress his laughter. Your eyes were still startled but your breathing became more and more stable with each passing second. You pouted back at him angrily.
“Sunghoon, I swear to god!” you slapped his arm in frustration.
“Sorry, sorry~” he waved his hands at you in defense as he cozily settled next to you.
“Whatcha have there?” he nodded at the direction on your mug.
“Hot coco” you said, your hands instinctively hugging the mug tighter.
“No tea?”
“Wasn’t in the mood for tea” you sipped a little.
“Smells really good~” he beamed. You eyed him suspiciously. He looked at you in question.
“Ugh…Wait here” you ordered. Leaving your mug on the coffee table, you stood up and made your way towards the kitchen. Sunghoon was staring at your direction in confusion until he heard the kettle. A tiny smile appeared on his lips.
After a couple of minutes, you re-emerged from the kitchen, holding another piping hot mug of chocolate. Sunghoon observed you all the way until you got right next to him, sat down and carefully passed him the mug.
“It’s still hot, be careful”
“Thanks Y/n~” he curled his fingers around the warm liquid. You pressed your lips together, a tired smile across your face.
“What are you doing up?” you wondered, grabbing your own mug.
“I just couldn’t sleep, thought I’d join you instead~”
“Sure! You’re more than welcomed to stare at absolutely nothing with me!” you mocked as you both laughed.
“I don’t know, I was tossing and turning the whole time”
“Maybe if you haven’t eaten that second bucket of popcorn…”
“Okay, first of all, I didn’t even get the chance to finish it cause Jay was stealing it.” he laughed.
“Sure sure pffft”
As your little giggle died down, silence fell into the room once more. But it wasn’t uncomfortable. You appreciated that about Sunghoon. Just peacefully coexisting with each other. It was a rare occurrence, yes. But you felt that you were as connected in these types of moments as in your more… “chaotic” encounters.
“Say…” he breathed.
“You feeling better now?” he blurted and you chuckled at his words. How typical. Always straight to the point.
“I think so” you said with honesty.
“Good” he smiled sheepishly at you. Like a reflex, you smiled at his words.
“How did he look like anyway? You never told me any of that stuff, hmm?”
“Well, he was a little shorter than you are actually…”
“Of course he was~” he puffed out his chest.
“Sunghoon, most people reach a certain, normal height. Not all of us are destined to become telephone poles.”
“Uh huh~” he nodded nonchalantly, urging you to continue.
“He was a brunet and his eyes were sharp…”
“What did he wear?”
“Uhm, a pair of ripped jeans and a hoodie? Very casual. But like, VERY casual. I don’t know.”
“Hmpf” he scoffed. “You can do better than that y/n~” he scolded you.
“Don’t be superficial!” you elbowed him playfully.
“I’m not, sorry, sorry” he cracked a laugh.
“He was kinda cute in his own way… I liked his smile…” you smiled to yourself. He observed your reaction and stayed silent, taking a sip from his mug.
“But what was the point of his smile if he had a shitty personality in the first place...Jeez”
“So we’re back on the same page then” he chuckled.
“I guess we are” you exhaled.
“Cheers to that!” you clinged your mugs together.
“It’s funny, heh” you mumbled to yourself.
“I never thought I’d have such a conversation with you of all people” you chuckled.
“What, why??” he looked at you offended.
“It’s just that we don’t always agree on stuff and we bicker quite a lot too” you stated the obvious.
“That’s because you can’t take a joke-” he laughed at you as you glared back at him, pouting.
“Oh trust me, if I took your jokes personally I wouldn't be talking to you right now” you sang menacingly and he laughed.
“I think it’s just crazy how well you can understand me...” you chirped and smiled back at him. His eyes widened in surprise. He could've sworn his heart did a flip.
“Not all of you” he whispered out loud.
“...Not all of you” he voiced again, nonchalantly.
“What do you mean?” you asked in all curiousness.
“I can’t understand your type”
“My type?”
“Yes, the kind of guys you like..”
“My type…” you repeated again, your eyes staring at down at your mug, in deep thought. Sunghoon’s eyes fell on you again. Almost as if he was waiting for an answer. A specific answer.
“I don’t think I have any?” you joked. “Like seriously, I don’t think I ask for much.” you contemplated.
“What do you ask for then?”
“Not a douchebag? Haha, no but seriously, I just want someone to love me for me, that’s all, I think. Like, I know I can be a handful some times but…”
You were so immersed in this cathartic conversation, you didn’t notice Sunghoon leaving his mug on the coffee table behind you. You didn’t notice his body moving closer to yours, leaning into your space. There was a glint in his eyes. Anticipation. His throat felt as dry as ever.
“...and I know that, but I-!” your eyes widened in surprise, being startled at the close proximity.
“S-Sunghoon??” He did not flinch at all. His gaze was fixed on you. On your eyes. On your lips.
“W-what are you doing?” you breathed heavily.
“I… don’t know…” he whispered. You really wanted to look away but couldn’t. You couldn’t shake off that feeling of nervousness. You couldn’t stop your heart beating so fast. He was just a breath away from your face. From your lips.
You didn’t expect the sudden rush of emotion racing through you. Your best friend was right in front of you. But that look in his eyes… it wasn’t one of friendship. Not this time. Your mind raced back to all those memories of those lingering yet fleeting moments you felt in the past. All the slight touches. All the tiny smiles. After all this time… finally everything clicked together.  It was too bad that the realization of the situation made your embarrassment even worse.
In a moment of braveness, you shut down your eyes firmly and you crushed your lips on his softly. His eyes suddenly went wide. He was surely prepared for a rejection. Only if you could feel his heart inside his chest the moment your soft lips touched his. He smiled and kissed you back eagerly. You felt like the floor beneath you was about to vanish. Even though you have never kissed before, somehow you matched each other's pace perfectly. It felt so good. It felt...right. You pulled out of the kiss breathless. Your mind was a mess with no chance of thinking straight. You couldn’t lift your eyes to his face. You didn’t dare to.
“...oh my god!” you squealed into your hands, in a fruitless attempt to hide your flushed face. In the meantime, Sunghoon was frozen in place, starring at you with the most unreadable expression. His mind was running a thousand miles. How could you be so cute? Why didn’t he make a move sooner? Do your lips always taste like this?
You stole a glance of his face from between your fingers. Nope. He was still starring. Your cheeks burned warmer when your eyes met.
“S-stop starring at me, it’s embarrassing!” you whined as you lightly hit his bicep. That seemed to wake Sunghoon from his trance because now he was actually looking at you and the situation you two were in slowly sank in him. His eyes widened as he quickly moved away and sat back to the spot next to you. He brought his hands over his mouth, still not believing that the kiss actually happened. But his hands were not fully able to mask the obvious smile on his face. He felt his heart drumming through his ears.
You on the other hand, were fuming from embarrassment. And maybe some teeny tiny bit of anger as well.
“Are you for real?? Everyone else is asleep next door!” you yapped.
“I wasn’t the only one doing stuff though, was I?” he hissed though his hand.
“T-that’s not the point, they point is they could’ve seen us!” you stuttered.
“I don’t really care at this point~” he confessed clearly as his gaze fell on you. Your heart  skipped a beat upon hearing his words.
“Y/n” he said as calmly as he could manage.
“Your boyfriend requirements are a joke~” he stated out of the blue.
“That being said, I think I fill them all down to the tiniest little detail.” he grinned. He was both embarrassed and excited. His eyes were literally sparkling. You continued to observe him and his monologue. And you could not believe the level of confidence this man had. One minute he was beet red, the other he was “schooling” you about how your boyfriend standards sucked?
“That being said,” he cleared his throat, “I am going to bed, I feel tired.” He didn’t even get to finish the now cold cup of chocolate. He just stood up, made an 180 degree turn and started marching away from you, as if nothing had happened. Meanwhile, your embarrassment had left the building a long time ago. Instead, it was replaced with a mixed expression of amazement and wonder (Writer’s note: insert surprised pikachu face). But it took you only a moment before you shook it off. No, no. Now you felt a raging fire burning inside of you.
“HEY! PARK SUNGHOON!!” you hissed loudly, making Sunghoon stop dead in his tracks.
“WHAT THE HELL DO YOU MEAN YOU’RE GOING TO BED, YOU CAN’T POSSIBLY DO THAT AND LEAVE ME HANGING LIKE THIS-” You were talking so fast you could’ve sworn you could easily become a rapper. But he just stood there. This grin on his face was mocking you, you could feel it.
“Sunghoon, get your ass back here, I swear to g-” You didn’t even get to finish your sentence before he disappeared from the living room, leaving you sitting there, with your mouth wide open, fully flustered from both embarrassment and irritation. You wanted to scream. Scream from frustration. Scream cause you never felt your heart beating so loudly before.
Sunghoon entered the bedroom as he closed the door behind him. He carefully made his way thought the unconscious bodies sprawled on the floor and climbed back on his bed. His body laid there, full of adrenaline and excitement. Of course he lied. He wasn’t feeling tired at all. His eyes wouldn’t dare to close as the scene replayed in his head over and over again. So what if he wanted to sound cool and confident after the kiss back then? His red ears and the dumb grin on his face were saying otherwise. He couldn’t help it though. He loved to tease you. He loved your expressions. He closed his eyes, a defeated sigh escaping his lips.
“...I’m done for~” he smiled.
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Every year, Mike stays at Tri-County Auto Repair all of Thanksgiving. It’s not like he has any family to go visit, and he can watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade just as well on the auto shop’s tiny box TV as he can at home.
Yesterday, he’d said goodbye to all his employees, heard about their holiday plans. Chris is going out to meet his newborn nephew, Anita’s having a “Friendsgiving,” which was a new word for Mike, and Dean’s apparently planning on baking enough pies to feed the entire tri-county area. 
But with his microwaved mashed potatoes and turkey from the Baptist church’s turkey sale and a pack of cold beers, Mike’s just as good as the rest of them. 
There’s a knock on the auto shop’s door, which is probably an intrepid traveler who got a flat on their way to eat gravy and cranberry sauce and have awkward conversations. This is exactly what Mike leaves the shop open for, so he sets aside his second beer and goes to open the door. 
Except it’s not a random with a flat, it’s Dean and his entire family, and Dean’s got a pie. 
Mike hasn’t met them all, but he recognizes them from the stories: Cas, Dean’s husband, is the guy with graying hair and wearing an ill-fitting sweater. Jack’s the “kid” (which is, in Mike’s opinion, a misleading way to describe someone who is clearly in his twenties, even if he’s wearing a Frozen sweatshirt). Sam, Dean’s brother, is the super tall guy with long hair, and then the last person is Sam’s girlfriend, Eileen, who waves at Mike.
“The kid decided you needed a pie,” Dean says by way of greeting. “Never shoulda told him you’re here alone.” He looks annoyed, but Mike’s employed Dean long enough to know that there’s some fondness underneath that veneer. 
“Well, the pie is much appreciated,” Mike replies, taking it. “Thought you were some travelers.”
“We could get a flat tire, if that would help,” Cas says, deadpan. Mike’s only met Cas a few times, when he’s come to pick Dean up from work on the days Dean’s Impala doesn’t roar up to Tri-County, but every time, he’s pretty sure his employee’s husband is one of the funniest people he’s ever met.
“I could handle that,” Dean grumbles. 
“I’m sure you could,” Cas placates.
“Y’all got plans for the rest of the day?” Mike says. “The parade was pretty good this morning.”
“Did you see the Rockettes?” Jack asks excitedly.
“Yeah, they were pretty cool, huh?” 
They all talk for a few more minutes, and then Sam says something about how they have to go home and call Mom (which is interesting, because Mike is pretty sure Dean’s mom is deceased), and just as quickly as Mike’s visitors came, they’re gone.
Except now Mike has a warm feeling in his chest, and an entire fresh, homemade pumpkin pie to devour. 
Maybe next year, he thinks, as he settles back into his chair in front of the auto-shop’s TV (the channel guide says that Miracle on 34th Street is next up), he’ll let the travelers handle their own problems. Maybe he’ll ask Anita what, exactly, a Friendsgiving is and host his own. Or eat at the Baptist church instead of just picking up turkey.
(And he’s gonna have to ask Dean for his pie recipe, because this is phenomenal.) 
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hopeintheashes · a day ago
📝I looove the sweet, domestic/home-y sickfics, but I've also always kind of wanted to see your take on a sickBuck-in-the-field fic. Maybe he was feeling a little off, but some disaster happens -it's all hands on deck so, he jumps in (bc "a little cold isn't worth being a man down"). But then, something happens when they're out responding & Buck&Eddie get separated/lost from the group. Buck takes a turn for the worse & Eddie has to use his field medicine training to try to treat him best he can
Thanks for the ask! Things like field medicine are challenging for me because I don't know anything about field medicine... but basic first aid I can do. (I think. Please do not take this or any fic as me actually knowing what I'm talking about, lol.) So, here, have some illness + injury, with Eddie taking care of Buck in the field. :-) This was for the Follower Milestone Celebration. Prompts for that are now closed. Read it here or on AO3. Content note: discussion/description of wounds/wound care.
He could've called out today.
He shivers in spite of his long-sleeved uniform and the November sun and the steepness of the hill he's currently forcing himself to climb.
If he'd called out today, and someone else would've been called in. And it's Thanksgiving.
Well, not technically anymore, but when you work the kind of job they do, Thanksgiving falls on whichever day you've got off work. And for half the people on the other two shifts, that's today.
So no. He wasn't going to call out.
And hell, this isn't so bad. They'd been taking bets on which mall they'd be called to to deal with some Black Friday shopping-related disaster. Instead, they've been sent to look for two roommates who had, in a post-Thanksgiving fit of ambition, decided to hike a trail far above their experience level.
Or. To hike right off the trail, as the case may be.
God, he's tired.
They're out of sight of everyone else at this point; just him and Eddie following an old branch of the trail that's no longer maintained but that the hikers could have followed in their confusion. Dispatch has them on the phone, but their description of where they are sounds like every other square foot of the nature preserve.
His breath is tight in his chest. He's sweating, and shivering, and nauseous from exertion.
Eddie's focused, and steady, and looks like he's just strolling down the block.
Buck's next breath comes as a gasp, and his feet stutter to a stop of their own accord. Elbows on his knees. Trying not to heave. Breathe, breathe, breathe, breathe.
"Buck?" Eddie, doubling back, coming in close. Buck tries to wave him away. "You okay? What's going on?"
He gestures at himself, up and down, like that explains it all.
And maybe it does, because Eddie's sigh doesn't even contain a hint of surprise.
Buck looks up at that. "What?" Breathless. Hoarse.
"I knew it. Yesterday at dinner? You were too quiet." He's got a hand on Buck's back, and then on the backpack handle. Taking some of the weight. Buck almost drops in relief.
"I can be quiet." The words scraping his throat.
"No." The backs of Eddie's fingers brush over his forehead. Gentle and concerned and fond. "You can't."
It's Eddie's touch that does it, he thinks vaguely when he shivers hard, and then again, and again, and then things are a blur of Eddie taking off his backpack for him and setting it on the ground and helping him sit down beside it, and Buck protesting weakly and then not at all as he coughs and coughs.
"Shit," Eddie mutters, and Buck feels his eyes fill with involuntary tears.
"Sorry." Broken, barely heard. "I can—" He trails off. "Sorry."
"Shut up," Eddie says, but it sounds like you're okay, I've got you, and the first of the tears fall.
The radio crackles with the other teams checking in. No luck yet. They'd have to get special permission for a drone or helicopter because of the protected birds. Between the lack of immediate life-threatening injury and the fact that anyone who would usually approve these things is at home with their family, it's just them. On foot.
And the hikers, lost and scared, asking dispatch over and over, Are they coming? Are they almost here?
He stands up abruptly and Eddie makes a noise of protest and surprise. Buck hauls his backpack onto his shoulders. It weighs a million pounds. He's dizzy, off balance. He shouldn't've stood up so fast.
He has a stubborn streak a thousand miles long.
He starts down a dip in the path, Eddie scrambling behind, because he will not be the reason those girls don't get found.
He will not.
He will not.
He will not.
His lungs are spasming in a way that makes him feel sick and his head is spinning and all his muscles burn, but in the end, it's the gravel of the trail, loose like scree on the steepest downhill yet, that takes him out.
He's flat on his ass, blinking in surprise, trying to take it all in.
"Buck." Footsteps closing in, slowing down. Eddie, hands hovering, looking him up and down. "Are you hurt?"
He opens his mouth to answer, and then closes it again. Is he hurt? Everything hurts. But that maybe isn't the answer Eddie wants.
"Buck." Gentle and close. Buck looks up at him, tears in his eyes again. Still. "Take a second, it's okay."
This bitten-off sob, which is fucking ridiculous, he is fine. He slipped on loose pebbles and landed on his butt. Like a five-year-old. He is fine.
His palms are stinging. He holds them up to get a look, and the blood doesn't quite compute. Blood, and gravel dug in deep, and the delicate curl of pale skin where it should be lying flat. Ow? He furrows his brow, and then something clicks. Ow.
"Oh," Eddie breathes, and his fingers are careful under Buck's hands, taking their weight. Then one hand supporting both of Buck's, and the other tracing over the damage, careful not to touch.
Something else clicks, and he starts to shake.
"Okay," Eddie says, steady and calm. "Hands. Got it. Anything else?"
Everything else. He pulls in a breath, which just makes him cough, turned into his shoulder as best he can while Eddie still holds his hands.
The movement is enough to bring one hot point of pain to the forefront, glowing through the fog.
"My…." He stops to swallow. Tries not to start coughing again. "My ankle." He gestures with his chin toward his right foot. "Rolled it on the way down." Or maybe rolling it had sent him down. Doesn't matter now.
"Hands and ankle." Still so calm. Then, when Buck's breath catches again and he has to bury his face in his shoulder again: "And that cough." His fingers are still gentle on Buck's hands. "And your fever." Passing both of Buck's hands back into one of his so that he can trace the backs of his fingers against Buck's temple. "Anything I'm missing?"
Buck shakes his head. Closes his eyes. Then, with the smallest hint of a smile: "I mean, my ass kind of hurts. But I think that's gonna be fine."
Eddie huffs a laugh, but he's already pulling out his phone to shine the flashlight onto Buck's palms to get a better look. "Okay. This part's not going to be fun." He carefully releases Buck's hands. "So let's take a look at that ankle first." Then, thoughtfully, looking around: "There's some shade right there, if you think you can make it before we take off your boot?"
Buck grits his teeth and nods, and then, with another nod, he's being pulled to his feet by the elbows, Eddie making sure not to run into his palms. A wave of nausea, sharp hot-cold, but he breathes through his nose and lets Eddie walk him down the hill. He tries to distance himself from the pain; to pretend that this is happening to someone else.
He feels every step.
Eddie sits him down on a rock in the shade. Unties and loosens his boot. Pulls it off as slowly as he can, but Buck still gasps. "Wiggle your toes?"
It sucks, but he can, and after some more unwelcome poking and prodding Eddie nods. "I'm guessing sprained." Buck nods numbly, because he knows what's coming next. "Let me wrap it, and then we'll start on your hands, okay?"
He nods again, because there is no alternative here. He can feel the need to cough building in his chest, and he hates it and dreads it and can't fight it anymore. Eddie braces him with a hand on his chest and the other on his back, rubbing slow circles as he gets his breath back. Buck slumps against him. The adrenaline of the fall is wearing off, and everything just hurts.
The crackle of the radio, and Buck has the sick realization that they're going to have to tell someone what happened.
Tell everyone what happened.
He groans quietly and Eddie shifts a bit so that he can get to his radio without making Buck sit up again.
"Cap?" Steady, steady. "We've got a bit of a problem here."
Buck closes his eyes and lets the words wash over him: the explanation, the worry, the planning, the "good luck."
The only upside of their current situation is that they have well-stocked medical kits, along with food and water and other supplies. But—
"What if the hikers need this stuff?"
Eddie looks up from where he's wrapping Buck's ankle. "They'll get whatever they need from whichever group finds them. Which, I'm sorry to say—" he secures the wrap— "won't be us."
"Right," Buck whispers. Eyes down.
Eddie pats his good ankle sympathetically, then rocks back on his heels. "You ready for this next part?"
Eddie doesn't fight him, just rubs his knee and then stands up. Stretches out his legs. Pulls the supplies he'll need out of the bag.
Buck swallows thickly and braces himself. "Okay."
"Okay?" Eddie's eyes search for his, and lock in, and he waits until Buck nods to say, "Okay."
Gloves on. Tweezers out. Bottle of saline solution. Packets of gauze for afterward.
"Your choice."
Buck hesitates for a second, then sticks out his right hand, the one that took the brunt of the fall.
There's something about the inside of you being exposed to the outside that is very unsettling indeed, but it's the saline running over those parts that should be inside but suddenly are not that trips his vasovagal response.
Eddie's hand is on his back and his head is between his knees and he's gagging; he's faint; he's shaking hard, whole-body tremors like an earthquake.
What was that earthquake, 7.1?
If there hadn't been the earthquake he wouldn't've met Ali.
That's a weird thought.
He hasn't thought about Ali in a while.
Ali-Taylor-Abby, thrown backward in time like your body against the seatbelt when the brakes get slammed.
Car crashes.
Chim, pinned. Chim, stabbed.
Maddie's blood in the white of the snow, in the white of the collar of his sheepskin coat.
Eddie, in the rain and the mud and the impossible odds. I thought I lost you.
I thought I lost you.
He retches again.
"Okay," Eddie's murmuring; "Okay, okay."
Hold onto that voice like a lifeline. Eddie's here, alive, in the air and the heat of the afternoon sun.
Buck tries to grasp for him, but that's a terrible goddamn idea right now, and Eddie stops him with a warning, shushing sound. "I'm right here."
Some kind of sound, frustration and sickness and fear, and then Eddie's smoothing his hair back again.
"I'm right here."
Eddie kicks dirt over the mess on the ground, and gets him to lie down in the shade a little ways away. Recovery position, just in case. Arm outstretched so Eddie can work on his hand.
It's sick, dizzying work. He can feel the tweezers digging out the rocks. He's panting with exhaustion, and pain, and the way the ground is rolling beneath him. Eddie is talking quietly. Mostly about Christopher.
It helps.
The first hand takes so long that the adrenaline fades, and then it's just sick awfulness, the fever magnifying every sensation and mixing them together until he's heaving again, bile and spit in the dry, dry dirt. Eddie's wrist meets his forehead, wiping away sweat with the cuff of his uniform shirt, blue-gloved hand angled carefully away.
"Sorry," he whispers, eyes closed tight. The headache that started yesterday on his drive over to Eddie's for Thanksgiving dinner is a vice grip now.
"You're okay," Eddie says, gentle, and Buck shivers and tears leak from his closed eyes, and the dig-dig-digging goes on and on.
More saline poured into the wound, the world spinning, and then Eddie's bandaging his hand. Buck lets his eyes flutter open, and Eddie gives him a little half-smile. "One down."
"Oh god." Under his breath.
"The other one's not as bad." Eddie gives his arm a squeeze, then sits back to check in on the radio. "They're gonna send an ATV," Eddie says, correctly guessing that Buck's tuned out the staticky chatter. "Once they find the girls." He tries to keep his tone light and hopeful, but Buck knows that means the timeline is still completely up in the air.
"Okay," he whispers, and holds out his other hand.
It goes faster, this time; less blood and fewer rocks and more of the skin intact, but it's still torturously slow. Eddie's telling him about Christopher as a little kid now, back before Buck met him. When he first discovered the wonder of creatures and planets beyond this time and place: dinosaurs and woolly mammoths and Mars and Jupiter and the asteroid belt.
And then both hands are wrapped and he's coughing weakly, curled in on himself for warmth, and Eddie's stripping off his gloves and repacking the first aid kits and the backpacks and coming around to sit behind him with his back against a rock.
"C'mere," he says, and Buck curls up with his head on Eddie's thigh, still shivering hard and coughing into the dirt. Eddie pulls out the space blanket covers him up. "Just for a little while," he says, and Buck nods, because he knows he has a fever, knows the air temp is perfectly fine; knows that medically, Eddie shouldn't be letting him trap all of his heat.
"Thank you," he says: for the warmth, for the comfort, for patching him up; for his endless patience and gentleness and everything else.
Eddie runs his fingers through Buck's hair, pausing with his palm on his forehead. "Think you could keep down some painkillers? For your hands, and your ankle, and to get that fever down?"
His palms and ankle and head are throbbing. He nods, and Eddie comes up with pills and water and half of a granola bar that Buck grudgingly eats.
"My throat hurts," he murmurs when all of that's done, half-asleep with Eddie's fingers still running through his hair. He shivers, but it's sporadic chills now, the space blanket doing its work. Amends, "Everything hurts."
"I know." Low and familiar and so perfectly Eddie."They're gonna find those girls, and then they'll come for us, and then we'll go get you patched up and then I'll take you home. My place," he clarifies before Buck can even contemplate going back to his empty loft, and then grins. Buck can hear it in his voice. "Christopher will take good care of you."
"Not as good as you." Slurred with sleep.
Eddie hums, and it sounds like agreement. "Sleep for a while. I've got you."
He does.
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patandpran · 2 days ago
Hello! I truly enjoy reading your analysis of BB. You really capture what I felt while watching the episodes. I know since the last one was a Pran centered, there are not a ton of these types of analysis on Pat for episode 4. I know this is asking a lot but do you have it in you to do one of these for the scene of when Ink invites Pran to join her and Pat at the table? Pat’s expressions from the time Pran walks passed the chair to sit next to Ink and then their whole conversation afterwards. I noticed Pat’s many expressions it still with me and I don’t know how to truly capture it in writing. I know at the time most people where drawn to Pran’s feelings but Pat was right showing us some as well.
Sorry it took so long for me to get around to this. Being a new mom takes a bunch of my time up! Haha
Anyway here goes….
First of all, Ohm is the king of micro expressions so there’s a lot to pick a part in this scene and I’ll likely only scratch the surface.
Tumblr media
This whole situation is so complicated. At this point, Pran is jealous of Pat and Ing and Pat is trying to figure out why Pran is being so distant and awkward with him. The epitome of this whole interaction for Pat is confusion and hurt.
One would assume that Pat would chase away a potential rival suitor if he really had feelings for Ing so when Pran appears and Ing invites him over, this reaction is surprising.
Pat doesn’t look pissed off, he looks almost concerned. He can tel that something is off with Pran, especially with the sheen in Pran’s eyes. He likely wants Pran close so he can figure out why he’s upset.
Tumblr media
Pat doesn’t skip a beat and pulls out a chair, inviting Pran to sit next to him. When Pran ignores the offer and sets his bag on the chair, instead, Pat tries to mask his own hurt because of the rejection but doesn’t do a great job of that.
At this point, Pat can only assume that what’s going on is that Pran also has feelings for Ing and her arrival has caused the tension between the two of them. It’s clear that Pat is already mourning the closeness that they’ve developed over the past few weeks.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Ing notices the tension between the two boys and calls it out right away, suggesting they blame their interaction on the bus stop. In reaction fo this, Pat has a rather dejected look on his face which is very out of character for him, especially when he’s usually so goofy and flirty around Pran and Ing separately. It’s like he can’t figure out how to handle them all being in one place, as if he’s confused by the amount of conflicting feelings blurring his judgment. Again, he tries to hide this all but his effort is in vain.
Later in the episode, Pat uses this line against Pran before the game, likely employing it in a petty way to remind Pran of the interaction.
Ing brings up the upcoming game and teases Pat and Pran by asking who she should be cheering for, noting that they are always in competition with one another. This likely brings up the worry for Pat that he and Pran will now have something else to fight over: Ing.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pat puts on a fake smile but it quickly fades as if he’s trying to grasp for his usual demeanor but his heart just isn’t in it. The conflicting feelings he’s experiencing are overwhelming and too much for him to process and be able to keep himself in the moment at the same time.
His struggle is: can he still be friends with Pran if they both have feelings for the same person?
But his jealousy might be coming from somewhere place that he isn’t even aware of yet. Maybe it’s not Ing that he wants to be with…
Pat seems to pull himself together and gets back to his flirty self when Ing notices that he’s wearing the bracelet she gave him back in high school. It seems like he’s overcompensating with his flirtiness as it doesn’t seem as genuine as when he is playful with Pran. Again, this is likely because it is inauthentic and is trying to, in a way, hurt Pran just in case he is competing for Ing’s affections.
Because that’s Pat and Pran’s default: rivalry and competition . That’s where they’re comfortable with each other, at Least to the outside world and in public. With witnesses, they must act as if they can’t stand each other and hide any sort of friendship (or more) that they might share.
After recalling the memory of seeing Pat receive the bracelet from Ing, Pran has a pained look on his face. He gets up to leave and Pat instantly looks like he regrets acting like that in front of Pran, shame and guilt written all over his face.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
As Pat watches Pran leave, his expression looks broken, as if he wants to go after Pran to see what’s wrong but instead fights the urge because he’s “supposed” to be with Ing and not Pran. He’s supposed to stay with the one he likes instead of the person that is his ‘rival’.
The whole scene is so revealing about how much Pats relationship with Pran is both very important but confusing to Pat. He doesn’t know where they stand but he knows that he cares about Pran.
I took this is also what inspires the conversation later in the episode. Pat wants to clarify what’s going on between them but, because he’s so oblivious, he ends up hurting Pran even more.
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chocoenvy · 12 hours ago
BET- (you have no idea how happy it makes me that you're calling it sexy thief villain au-)
Sexy Thief villain au part one
warnings: none
Tumblr media
You were so goddamn tired after all of the electro shocks that your body honestly couldn't handle anymore. You wanted to stay awake, to taunt the archons just as they had to you, but you couldn't.
Nothing fatal had happened to you, but you were moratlly wounded. Nearly all of your limbs had gone numb so you could only close your eyes as the panicked cries of Ei begged for you to stay awake.
When your eyes had fluttered open you were encased in soft, warm silk. You inhaled carefully so as to not upset your body with the sudden movements. Thankfully, it didn't seem to hurt that much. Your entire body was just hella sore.
Unfortunately, at your bedside were three archons with tear-stricken faces.
"Your grace!" They'd cried as they saw your golden-flecked eyes flutter open.
Venti hiccuped in sobs as he bowed his head onto your bed, "Your grace- I'm- we're-"
"We're so deeply sorry." Zhongli said, on his knees. He looked composed outwardly, but just one glance into his eyes showed how shattered he truly was, "Please, your grace, punish us for our wrongdoings." He pleaded.
You sighed as Ei also blubbered out her spiel.
Damn, You winced as you carefully sat yourself up, Wasn't banking on the fact I'd survive long enough for them to figure out I'm not an imposter.
The archons noticed your trembling arms attempting to lift yourself up and they rushed to help you. Gently setting their hands on you, and when you flinched and drew your lips back in the beginnings of a snarl, hurt flashed across their eyes. The memories of what they did to you played behind their eyes as they touched you with even more care.
When you were completely sat up you inhaled deeply and carefully. It was easier to breathe this way but your lungs still shuddered at the memory of lightning. The flashes of purple in the corner of your vision as Ei kneeled beside your bed didn't certaintly didn't help.
"Can I just-" You huffed, your voice hoarse and barely above a whisper, "Can I just get a water and something to eat?"
"Of course your grace!" Zhongli said, the three eagerly perked up like puppies.
"I can get the best chefs in Inazuma-"
You cut Ei off, "I don't care about how good it is right now," You heaved, "I'm just hungry."
"Of course," Ei bowed, "I'll get you-"
"Venti can go get it." Zhongli said.
Venti opened his mouth as though he wanted to argue but he didn't say anything. Instead pouting and sending you a longing look as he left the room.
An awkward silence stifiled the air between you three though you didn't really care. All you wanted to do was eat the meal Venti gave to you and then pass out again. Hopefully by the time you wake up once more you'd be healed enough so you can walk around. You really wanted your hat and cape back...
"Your grace," Ei muttered, her eyes downcast, "I understand that you must be angry with us three, especially me. We all understand that... please, punish us. Use us as an example so that nobody will hurt you again." She whimpered, dew drop tears dusting her eyes.
You sighed, your lungs aching at the motion, "I'm too tired to be angry. Maybe, once I'm healed, I'll have the energy to want to murder you but for now," Your eyes met theirs, the godly glow in your eyes was dull, the stars didn't glow as bright and the millions of constellations you bore were absent. There were bags under your eyes, discoloration in your face from bruises, and marks from where your face had been cut, "I'm just tired."
"I hope those months of me terrorizing you was hell, and I hope this is worse."
It was. It truly was. Ei would give anything for you to wink at her again. If filled her up with so much seething anger back then, but now all she wanted was for your gaze to hold something other than indifference for her and her nation. She'd built it for you after all. She preserved eternity all in your image.
All those teasing words, the teasing hearts, the teasing nicknames. She wanted all of it back.
But it was too late, you were tired, battered, and nearly broken. When you were healed and had more energy, you'd be angry. She'd never see your smile again would she?
Perhaps this was her punishment?
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waka-chan-out · 11 hours ago
Do you think Ushijima or Kita ever gets insecure? I can’t imagine them insecure but I feel like everyone gets insecure. I just... I ponder ..
can you read my mind because i think about this all the time. i apologize for responding to this insanely late but it truly did take me this long to come up with something for kita to be insecure about.
content warnings: ushijima’s is slightly suggestive and discusses body image.
i feel like their form of insecure isn’t debilitating, it’s just annoying. so here are some things i think they’re insecure about and why they shouldn’t be.
love handles, stretch marks, and pecs that are large with more with fat than muscle. this man is incredibly strong and works out all the time, but he has the appetite to match. he’s strong, but he doesn’t have super defined abs. he notices other  v league players around him don’t carry their weight the same way he does, and so when he changes in the locker room part of him is like “huh. weird. is this not normal?” he tries to work out to get more definition and has those thoughts in his mind whenever he’s shirtless around the team but ESPECIALLY around you. i don’t know about you, but these are like….my favorite features someone could possibly have.
he realizes he has nothing to worry about once you get used to each other. you go on dates, spend days in bed together, and in the back of his head he’s thinking about how his body looks for you. not enough to prevent him from doing anything or changing how he acts, but it’s still something that bothers him.
one night you go to bed early because he has practice in the morning. you’re laughing and kissing him, and a small, shy smile won’t leave his face because he just likes you so much. you straddle him and run your hands down his chest and abdomen, past the weight that he doesn’t like thinking about. something in your gaze is so unwavering and fond, and he doesn’t quite know what to do. he feels exposed. you lean down and press a kiss to his lips, then lower to his chest, kissing all over his pecs and pausing to run your tongue over his nipples. he shudders, surprised at the motion, but you don’t stop there. you shift, leaving a trail of kisses down his midsection, burying yourself against his stomach. when you stop and pay attention to the skin just above his waistband he meekly asks you what you’re doing. you hum and ignore him for a moment, moving your attention to his hips. you can’t help nipping gently at the soft skin there. he gasps and his brows furrow, because he has no idea what to do. you press a few more kisses to his sides and move back up to meet his lips, smiling lightly. “you’re just so pretty. i couldn’t help myself.”
he’s startled. that was not what he was expecting. there’s so much sincerity in your words that he can’t help but believe you. insecurity doesn’t fade completely, but you can heal the open wounds that are there.
kita is a hard one because in my head he’s just….perfect. it took me forever to come up with something but i think i’ve finally got it. kita is worried that he’s boring.
he knows you love him and that nothing could change that, but he can’t help but feel a pang of guilt. he takes you to see his friends from high school and you laugh so loud around the miya twins. aran tells a million stories in an excited voice and kita realizes that he just….isn’t like that. he doesn’t get hyper and overly happy. he’s not very outwardly funny, and he’s certainly doesn’t have as exciting of a job as they have. you love him, but maybe you notice those things too. maybe you’re secretly wondering why your partner can’t be as fun as the people he’s closest too. he doesn’t smile as easily or laugh as loud. he doesn’t throw jokes your way very frequently and he certainly doesn’t have the same energy.
it’s easier to make him feel better than he thought it’d be, though. you’re laying in bed with your faces close together. kita is telling some story, one that he really likes telling. there’s a little smile on his face that only grows as he tells it, partly because he loves that story but mostly because you won’t stop laughing. he’s not even really doing anything, or he at least doesn’t think he is. he’s not purposefully telling jokes or being overly passionate. apparently it’s just a good story, because by the end your face is buried into his neck and you can’t kick the grin off your face. you kiss his forehead and press your faces together. all it takes are a few words, a simple “you’re my favorite” or “i’m glad i met you” and he knows he doesn’t care about how you interact with other people. sometimes the thoughts sneak back in, but you’re always there to push them away again, telling or showing him that you’re delighted to know him, to be able to love him. he’s an absolute joy, and what other people say or do doesn’t matter.
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kuleo26 · 2 days ago
tropes/au's knb characters would fit into pt. 1
including: kuroko tetsuya, kagami taiga, aomine daiki, akashi seijuro, midorima shintaro, murasakibara atsushi, kise ryota
part 2
kuroko tetsuya coffee shop au
maybe not coffee shop, more like maji burger
i think he'd be there frequently and you work there as a part time job
he's seen you around before, usually running in the park where he plays basketball
you catch his eye when he spots you staring at him
he wasn't used to that since he's usually not noticeable
you take his order with a blush on your face
when he walks out, drink in hand, he finds your name and number written on the outside of the cup
─── · 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ─── kagami taiga medieval au
of course, he's a knight
you're a princess, next in line for the crown
he's a part of your family's private guards
you guys have private sparring sessions together, since you refuse to be one of the helpless damsels in distress
you catch on quickly to his movements during hand-to-hand combat
he's almost towering over you half the time
but you end up flipping him over your shoulder like it's nothing
pinning him to the ground with that smug smirk on your face makes him wanna punch you in the lips
with his lips lol
─── · 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
aomine daiki enemies to lovers + one bed au
yes, enemies to lovers
that was kind of a no brainer
sure, you thought he was attractive
but his personality was *bleh*
'the only person who can beat me is me'
every time he said that made you wanna kick the back of his knees
eventually, you were put in a situation where you couldn't avoid your feelings
yes, you were stuck sharing a room with him
with one bed
how that happened?
she noticed how he bought magazines of girls that strangely looked like you
and your not-so-subtle glances at him
and when you refused to look at him in the eye when you scold him
so when everyone decided to take a road trip together, she accidentally booked 2 less rooms
so that you and her both didn't have a room
she roomed with kuroko while she made you room with aomine
and did i mention that there was only one bed?
something must have gone wrong when the rooms were booked...
anyway you guys slept on opposite sides of the bed
but when you woke up the next morning his arms were around your waist and your legs were tangled with his
your bodies were pressed together and you realized 'maybe i DO like him'
─── · 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ─── akashi seijuro royalty au
haha that was kind of obvious
you both were royalty, being childhood friends
also you guys were in an arranged marriage with each other
which was perfect because you both were in love with each other
convenient, right?
yeah sorry i got nothing so this is really short
─── · 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ─── midorima shintaro soulmate au
specifically, the hobby soulmate au where your soulmate possesses the same skill level of your most skilled hobby and vice versa
you and midorima are friends
you are a skilled setter for a well known volleyball team
one day, you are asked to play basketball in a 3v3 with a couple others, since one of their players flaked out on them last minute
you, having no experience in basketball, shy away at first but eventually give in
surprisingly, you handled the ball well
you went up for a 3 pointer at the half line (for like no reason whatsoever)
the shot was made but everyone was staring at you in disbelief
because you had the same stance and shot as midorima
takao started rolling on the ground, laughing
he had figured it out a long time ago when midorima had a habit of setting a ball for no reason instead of shooting it
but, takao being takao, didn't say anything
so only now did you both find out
how great
─── · 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ─── murasakibara atsushi friends to lovers
this big lazy baby likes to be taken care of
so he falls in love with anyone who cares for him
read: you
you've known him for a while now and never fail to have a snack in your bag every time you see him
it warms his heart to know that you think of him constantly
especially because it's usually a snack that he has a current fixation on or has recently talked about
along with getting snacks from you, he starts to demand cuddles too
you give in, of course
so daily cuddling sessions become a thing
even though he's crushing you half the time
but it's fun
and you slowly start to fall in love with him from the attention he gives you
─── · 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
kise ryouta 5 + 1 things trope
5 times kise attempts to woo you and 1 time he actually succeeds
this was going to be a model au but then i realized he's a model already
so yeah, he's a model while you're his manager
irritates you on the DAILY
he's had a MASSIVE crush on you for the longest time
the first time was when he brought you flowers to a photoshoot
he ended up having to throw them away because you were allergic (LMAO)
the second time he asked you out to lunch after a photoshoot
you had plans with your parents that you had set up weeks prior
the third attempt seemed the closest to succeeding
you both were invited to a pro baseball game to formally partner with a modeling company
it was almost like a date
until you got bombarded by fans
the fourth attempt was sad
he was going to give you a present for christmas
but you had a last minute trip overseas for a manager conference
poor baby had to spend his christmas alone
the fifth time was the worst one
he had set up for a cute romantic dinner at his house
completely forgetting about that he had a really important event
you were furious
didn't talk to him for a week
he eventually showed up to your house crying for forgiveness
you forgave him after smacking him on the head
the one time that he succeeded was cliche
he was getting hit on by one of his female colleagues
and you were NOT having it
you pulled her arm that was on kise's chest because he obviously was looking uncomfortable
she started talking down to you and you almost knocked her out
kise wrapped an arm around you and told her that he was leaving with his GIRLFRIEND (he meant you)
yeah, you may have a crush on him now
─── · 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
part 2 coming soon :)
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koffeekoko · a day ago
requested by @rindoustallpartner :
hi i saw the ask game and i wanna put something in? can it be rindou or sanzu (or u could do like both i really dont mind.) my favorite song is dark red (steve lacy) and i want it to be at night
my love language is touch and words of affirmation
maybe angst to fluff too? thank u
hey darling! dark red is my fav song, too! i chose sanzu since there's already too many slots for rindou, i hope you like it! ♡
Tumblr media
sanzu is trembling as the clock runs, signaling one minute passing, another one, and another one again.
visiting the hospitals at this time of the day is not the best thing to start the weekend with. the hallway is empty, so empty it feels eerie to be the only one pacing around back and forth.
sanzu remembers the clock signaling just a quarter past two a.m. when you'd entered the checking room. the clock hanging on the walls of the hospital now points towards three and you're still not out.
he's starting to grow uneasy, almost tempted to kick down the doctor's office door and figure out what's taking so long because he's not about to hear bad news at this hour of the day.
just as sanzu was about to shake the handle of the door for the tenth time in just half an hour, the door opens.
sanzu pulls you into a hug with a tight grip around your torso and one hand on the back of your head, "what did the fucker say?"
"you mean the doctor," you say against the fabric of his shirt.
"yeah yeah, nothing grave, right?" you can hear the tremble in his voice wich he immediately follows with a threat against the doctor if you were to reveal bad news.
"no, nothing like that, babe," you push him away to make eye contact, "told you it's just a mild fever."
sanzu lets out a sigh of relief while concern is still showing in his face, "good. we had to make sure it wasn't anything worse."
it really is not something big, but when sanzu was woken up by your groaning and shuffling, and saw a pained expression plastered on your sleeping face, he couldn't help but let bad thoughts cloud his mind.
"since when were you such a worrywart?" you smile kissing the tip of his nose.
"since i met you," sanzu says firmly.
sanzu's not someone to let silly thoughts get to the best of him, but when these thoughts concern you, he worries more than anyone else. it drives him crazy thinking that you may leave him someday, whether it be natural causes or your own will.
you notice the concerned expression he's wearing in his face, you shake your head at him while he looks at you confused. "m'not leaving you ever, baby," you say cupping his cheeks, "don't think around there."
sanzu feels his uneasiness settle down as you lean in to plant a fervent kiss on his forehead.
Tumblr media
ask game closed !!
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fuck-customers · 2 days ago
moonbucket policy says I can’t break a fifty, so this guy storms out as a long line forms to break his bill elsewhere, comes back but doesn’t get back in line, and demands i help him while I’m in the middle of helping someone else and yells about how I should have helped him first even though I didn’t even see him reappear. i said “sir, you don’t have to be rude to me I’m just doing my job” & he replies “well maybe YOU should be FUCKIN nicer!” i get told to go in the back & the customers I was helping call him a dick while my sm comes out to keep a fight from forming on the floor :) <3
same day, this guy I’ve never seen before comes in and demands a new free drink because he didn’t like the one he received yesterday. I tell him I can’t request a new free drink for him and he has to pay and he hits me with the “uhhh I actually used to work here for SEVEN years and that’s how we did things” (btw how come every time someone pretends to work for somewhere it’s always for 7 years, no more no less) I roll my eyes and get someone else out there since I was on the floor alone, and they remake the drink for him while trying to ignore his constant nonsense. then he says he doesn’t like the way I was looking at him (literally only looking at him because he’s STILL talking) and tells us both to get bent as he walks out. Idk man, if I were the one to handle that I would’ve said no, and if he didn’t like it he can go to a different store lmao.
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stargazingfangirl18 · a day ago
Dearest Siri,
Happy Friday! I hope your week hasn't been as shitty as mine, but here we are - rounding third and heading home!
Don't mind me, just drinking a little on a Thursday night in preparation for the weekend, and, like you, I've had Andy on my mind lately. I think we stray occasionally - especially when this man is right there to take our bodies apart so masterfully
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Um, where was I?
Oh, right. Andy. Our boo
Tumblr media
I was just thinking, it would take so little for our floofy husband to turn into the feral being that is Ari, but still keep his wonderful personality. What if NA!Andy and his girl took a nice long vacation in Italy or the south of France? I know Andy can't leave his business, but I can just imagine reader having a fantastic dream about a sabbatical she and Andy take. Nothing but relaxation, good food and making love under the sun. Andy's hair would grow and that Boston-wintery-hue skin would bronze so beautifully - especially since it'll be a a nice even tan since he's naked all the time with you on the massive compound.
Do you think she'd wake up in a sweat and start grinding on her husband? Or maybe a little nocturnal emissions - an orgasm from her life-like dreams taking hold and Andy waking confused as she's deep in sleep taking his cock on the beach (yes - the beach. lol. You don't get sand in bad places in your dreams)
No pressure, just wanted to let you slide into Andy's world since you always take us on such beautiful journeys.
And because Ari got some great treatment, for your viewing pleasure...
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(dat ass 👀)
Happy (almost) weekend!
I love this idea! And look, as much as Andy is serous about work and building his empire, he would absolutely take his sweet wife on a nice, long vacation and handle business from abroad. Liiike, there has to be some perks to the work he does, right?!
And you’d be so mesmerized by how beautifully his skin bronzed in the sun, always touching and kissing on him and so naturally he’d be in a feral state 24/7, which works for you, and you encourage it, wearing the skimpiest clothes, or Andy’s shirts and not much else as you lounge and enjoy your retreat together. Wheeeeew boy, there’d be so much sex. Slow, sweet, and intimate; feral and rough as he bends you over the stone rail of your balcony overlooking the ocean; and lotsss of nocturnal emissions for you both. You actually lose count of the number of times you wake up with Andy slowly fucking you back to consciousness or with his face feasting between your thighs. And those times when you’re whiny because sleeeeep, he’s all, “I’m sorry, honey, I just couldn’t help myself. Needed you.” And liiike you can’t even be mad.
Hope your week is looking up from here, beauty! Sending you lots of love and peace ❤️
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ofgeography · 10 hours ago
Penny finds Odie in the bathroom, uselessly trying to stick a band-aid on the knee of some kid. Penny doesn’t know what the kid’s name is, but she’s pretty sure his parents are in the middle of a divorce. Penny’s mom had leaned into Odie’s mom’s shoulder when they’d arrived and whispered, “Oh my God, you invited both Clays?” before throwing her head back in a loud cackle.
Penny loves her mom’s laugh. It’s loud and brash and a little mean, the same reasons Penny likes Odie when he’s not doing his best to make her mad on purpose.
Penny’s mom says Odie annoys her because he likes her, but Penny isn’t convinced that this is true. Odie doesn’t like anybody, or any thing, as far as Penny can tell. Sometimes she thinks maybe he likes fishing, but even then he seems to like it sort of grudgingly, like he’s inconvenienced by the experience of enjoyment. He’s funny like that. Penny thinks he’s funny.
Well, what Penny thinks is that he’s great: tight lipped and grouchy and handsome, not like any of the boys in Penny’s class, who are boisterous and annoying and rude.
Odie’s rude too, but it’s not personal, that’s just his personality.
She helps get the kid all bandaged up, ruffling his hair. “What’s your name?”
He beams up at her with big, tear-glossed eyes. “Mack,” he says. “You’re pretty.”
“Yeah, I know,” she says, ignoring Odie’s scoff. “Mack, go find some kids your age to play with, okay?”
Mack shakes his head furiously. He clutches at her hand. “Wanna play with you.” He pouts, squinting up at her like if she says no it’ll break his heart into a million, billion pieces. Penny doesn’t love kids or anything, but she has to admit this one is cute. And his parents are breaking up, which is sad. Penny’s parents won’t ever break up, because they’re in love and they’re going to be in love forever. So she guesses she can spare an evening for this poor, sad kid with his poor, breaking-up parents.
Odie is glaring at them, sitting on the edge of the tub like it’s Penny’s fault that he sucks at putting on band-aids. She ignores him. Penny likes Odie and everything, but she’s found that by and large the best way to handle him is to pretend he isn’t there. He’s happiest like that, glowering at things from the corner.
She crouches down in front of the kid, balancing with her hands on his shoulders. “Do you want to sneak into the kitchen with me and make a sandwich?” she asks. “Also, I think they already set the desserts out. If we’re quick about it we could probably steal some cookies before they bring them into the dining room.”
Mack beams. Penny looks up at Odie, who’s folding his arms across his chest. But Penny’s known him a long time and she knows that means he wants to come but he doesn’t want to be obvious about it. She rolls her eyes, hefting Mack up onto her hip — he’s a little too long; she stumbles a little before catching herself on the sink and balancing — and heading to the door. She doesn’t look back to check if Odie is following; she knows he’s gonna.
read more
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forbidding-souda · 2 days ago
May I request some headcanons of Kazuichi, Miu, Chihiro & Kiibo with a s/o who is a cyborg Pls ? ^^ - 🐺
Kazuichi Souda, Miu Iruma, Chihiro Fujisaki and Kiibo with a S/O who's a cyborg
chocolate cake asmr
i'm watching downloading nancy rn and this movie everyone talks as if it is a dub but it's like no that's their actual voices "a haunting fact-based drama about an emotionally damaged woman who leaves her 15-year marriage and connects with a deeply disturbed man online." oh you mean me? WAIT I MADE THAT JOKE BC IT JUST GENERALLY SOUNDS LIKE SOMETHING I'D DO BUT I DID EXIT A LONG TERM RELATIONSHIP AND THEN GO TO AN ONLINE ONE LMAOO
oh my god this movie is crazy LMAOOSNO mE AND ASA EMORY BAHABHA this movie is fcucking ballisitci
-Mod Souda
Tumblr media
Kazuichi Souda
❤ "Do you have an engine?" He asks for the third time, forgetting he's ever asked the question before.
❤ "I do not have an engine, babe."
❤ He likes to probe your body, wondering what parts are similar to those of cars, wondering if he can understand any of your programming or your mechanics. The slabs of metal that cover your body make it hard for him to see your innards, and it's not as if he's going to peel you apart, so he's content with poking and probing until the end of time.
❤ He loves holding your hand. When he first grabs it, the metal is cold, but it warms with his heat.
❤ He likes the flesh of your face. The small parts that resemble humanity. He can hold it, feel the goosebumps on your skin, your pores and your sweat. Kiss your soft lips.
❤ You have this terrible habit of spoiling movies for him. The two of you will watch a movie, and you've already looked it up and read the reviews in your minds eyes.
❤ He'll see birds on the street, talk about how cute they are, and you've already researched the species. There's no wonder when he's with you, which isn't inherently a bad thing.
Miu Iruma
❤ She forces you to dance with her all the time. Whether it's in private, or with her classmates, once there is music on then it's the start of the world.
❤ You didn't really understand how to dance. Not at first. But the amount of times she's grabbed your hands and forced you into swaying as deemed you a quick learner.
❤ When she sleeps on top of you, you turn on your body heater. And then you get all warm and cozy for her. You wonder if she realizes you're even doing it.
❤ She constantly asks about your sexual 'organs' and if you have any. She offers to make you some.
❤ Sometimes, when you're sleeping, you'll wake up to find she has messed with your programming. You can almost never figure out what she has done, but it's definitely something. You doubt she'd go messing around without a cause.
❤ Maybe that's why you've gotten better at dancing?
Chihiro Fujisaki
❤ He loves connecting you to his computer and looking at all your internal wiring. He will sit there for hours, sitting on your lap while he reads through the codes.
❤ Does he try to change anything? Not at all.
❤ And it takes such a level of trust for you to even allow him to poke through you. But he's so kind, so genuine and so sincere that you doubt he would even harm you on accident.
❤ You pick him up and carry him almost every day. Whether it's to the bathroom or to a nearby park, you always make sure he's moving around.
❤ "Come on, I'm gonna rust." You always say.
❤ Sometimes while you're powered off, he will curl up next to you with his computer and just sit there. He likes your presence - though sometimes it's a bit uncanny. You just... motionless and off. Kinda scary.
❤ He can't wear a lot of certain jewelry because parts of you are literally magnetic. Sometimes you'll even stick to the top of his laptop.
❤ He is jealous of your strength. Why do you get to be all powerful while he doesn't? It's embarrassing for him - watching you carry around all of his classmates.
❤ You hold more slabs of metal than his body would even be able to handle. Though, your face is squishy in a way his isn't, and he likes to poke you and tease you because of this.
❤ He also does not like sleeping next to you. Something about the way your body clash together, often sticking in a magnetic way, the way it pinches and groans.
❤ Though, holding hands feel powerful. You both share the same beam rod, and pressing them together it like asking for disaster. He likes the thrill.
❤ He wonders if the two of you will ever ignite each other. Sometimes, when you fuck with him him, you'll press the button on his back to spread his wings before running away. He can't even chase you - his wing span is longer than the doorway.
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hoe4hotchner · 6 hours ago
Mafia Hotch ask !
Maybe reader gets sad and just wants to hold Hotch’s hand but he notices her glossy eyes and takes her upstairs to cheer her up and tickle her while she giggles.
I just love the idea of Hotch being so stern and emotionless with his men but when it comes down to reader he’s lovey-dovey and happy around his girl.
Jeez my mafia hotch blurbs are getting long for a blurb
You were all dolled up, having used most of the day to get ready for Aaron's function, but somehow everything within you felt off. You couldn't quite pinpoint what it was. You just didn't want to go. All you wanted to do was curl up with your boyfriend in bed and just hold each other.
One thing for sure, you were doing this all for him. Knowing how it would look if you didn't show up to the celebration of his latest business dealings succeeding. The celebration was held for all of his men, the big muscular, and brutal-looking crowd of men. Compared to them, you were a twig. A delicate small thing and the only female around, except the staff of servers and cooks Aaron had hired for the evening.
Standing beside him at the door to greet his guests, you couldn't help but interlock your hand in his, feeling him give you a reassuring squeeze as he used his other one to shake hands with the arriving flock of men.
He kept you close for most of the night, only letting go of your hand when he had to. He was aware of the hungry eyes lingering on your body. The sleek black dress hugged your curves deliciously.
For a moment, he let go, only for you to try and hook your fingers together again. Before turning back to you, he bid a farewell to the leaving guest. Upon looking you in the eyes, he noticed how glossed over your whole expression was and maybe also why you'd appeared more clingy than usual.
He lightly cupped your face, searching for something in your eyes, an indication of why you were as miserable as you were.
"Gonna take her upstairs for a minute," Aaron mumbled to Rossi in passing as he gently led you up to your bedroom by your hand.
Sitting down on the edge of the bed, he pulled you into his lap by your hand, swinging your legs over his, pressing your shoulder against his chest.
Aaron felt your body slump in relaxation as you came to terms with the fact that you were alone.
"What's gotten you all blue, honey?" He asked, tracing his thump down your jaw, stopping at your chin to gently force your gaze on him.
"Didn't want to be a mood kill at your gathering, but I don't feel like attending. I feel so out of place today. So- nonexisting, that I don't know if my brain can handle much more than cuddles." You slowly explained, feeling a couple of tears slide from your eyes, potentially ruining your makeup.
"Ah, I see. I think I have just the cure for you then." Aaron smirked at you, wiping your tears away. Before you knew of it, he had pinned you under him on the bed. His fingers travel up and down the sides of your body, drawing gleeful sounds from your vocal cords.
"No stop." You managed to get out through giggles. Aaron's lips quirked into a smile, continuing the torture on your body. With weak pushes, you tried getting the upper hand, but to no avail.
"Are you going to be my happy girl again if I stop? and not feel sad because I've missed your smile." Aaron taunted, stilling his movements, waiting for your answer.
"What if I won't?" You managed to snap back at him through heavy breaths as your lungs filled with air again.
"Then I guess there's more of this where it came from." He smirked at you, showing you his hands for a split second before diving down to tickle you again.
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shewakesupwiththesun · 17 hours ago
I would love a short blurb on your take on how Peeta handles the surprising news of the first toastbaby all the way up to when he first holds her. Thanks!
I think I may have misunderstood the assignment on short blurb, but I hope you enjoy all the same! @wecouldhavehadjainainthesequels
I'm taking prompts all weekend! 
I couldn’t help but feel joy on that dark night in mid-November. The fire was crackling away and the candlelight provided a soft delicate glow. Katniss came and tucked herself into my side while I stirred the stew and softly told me that she wanted a baby. I couldn’t help but feel joy. We’d discussed at length at the beginning of our relationship, she knew I wanted them and I knew she was terrified. After those few initial discussions, I never pushed it though. Living my life with her was all that I needed. I was terrified too, I’d told her as much. Where she was largely gripped by the fear something as sinister as the old Capitol regime would come along and take any children she might have from her, I was terrified of what my hijacked mind could potentially make me do. So we put it to rest, we never bought it up again. Slowly as the years went by, things began to change, I became marginally better. Katniss saw the hope and promise in this new world. It had been a few years ago when she had come to me, much like tonight, and told me that maybe one day she’d be ready.
“Want to get started right now?” I teased, pulling her closer to my side with my free arm.
“I want my dinner first, you fool” she laughed back.
It didn’t take long. It didn’t take very long at all. We had agreed to stop taking any precautions and to just see what happened. I don’t think Katniss had expected it to happen so quickly either. The panic was evident in her eyes on that cold February morning, where for the third day in a row she had rushed to the toilet to throw up and she realised what this could mean. My heart dropped into my stomach when I saw that look. Perhaps she didn’t want this after all. It was probably too late now if that was the case. Images of my own careless mother flashed before my eyes, before I reminded myself, no. Katniss would never do that. Although she’d never see it, she is the most compassionate person I know. She almost needs to care for others. I take a breath to ground myself. She may not ever be careless, but I need to make sure she is okay and still wants this. At present, she is still my top priority. “You still want this to happen, real or not real?” I ask gently, wiping her tears away with the pads of my thumb. She takes hold of my wrist and holds the hand wiping her face to her cheek. “Real. Most definitely real. I just didn’t expect-“
“I know. But hey, Katniss” I grin. I can’t help it, now that I know she still wants this, “we’re having a baby!” I engulf her in my arms, firmly pressing my lips to hers. I then lift up her top and begin peppering little kisses to her belly until she’s laughing.
The next nine months had their ups and downs. For a long time, Katniss wasn’t able to talk about the arrival of our baby had me worried. Really worried. Along with trying to be the support she needed and the worry of her inability to talk about the baby, I broke one day. In early May, a few days before her birthday. I could see it coming before it started. She was sat across the kitchen table from me as I mixed some cake batter. The instant my eyes began to cloud over, I dropped what I was doing and bolted. Determined to not let this happen near the baby. The flashback had passed fairly quickly, but nonetheless I spent the afternoon at Haymitch’s. I wanted to make sure I was safe. Exhausted by my own mind, I slept on his sofa for most of the afternoon. As evening was breaking and the sky was bursting into brilliant oranges and yellows, I was awoken by hands softly running through my hair. I opened my eyes, still slightly hazy from the day’s events, when she began to talk, crouched down beside the sofa. “I think we can spare one of the cherry trees in the garden, don’t you? It’d make nice wood for a cradle. Maybe you could decorate it with leaves and cherries, that way she’ll know what tree her bed comes from.”
Katniss nodded, “I think it’s girl” she said, offering up a small smile. I pulled her closer, letting my thumb glide gently across her abdomen, imagining a small girl with dark hair and, perhaps, blue eyes. This image provided better medicine than a nap ever could. “Do you think she’ll be just as much trouble as her mother?”
“More if her father has anything to do with it.”
There were more highs than lows though, and as summer grew in a bursting light of long days and sweltering heat, I couldn’t remember a time when I felt happier. Each item bough home for the baby and each mention of her was like a coin in the jar of my happiness. At the beginning of August Katniss’ mother came to stay. Despite their tenuous relationship over the years, she was the only person Katniss trusted to deliver the baby, and thankfully her mother accepted. On a Thursday afternoon at the end of August, the sun was high in the sky as I walked home for lunch, when I was met on the path heading out of the town to the village by Haymitch. “You better hurry, boy. It’s time.”
All the books I’d read these last nine months, could not have prepared me for the actual experience of my wife giving birth. Katniss gritted her teeth through the pain for a long time, it’s not in her nature to let on how much something is really bothering her, but by the seventh hour, as I sat on the edge of the bed plumping her pillows, Katniss’ lip began to tremble and she was reaching out her hand for me. I took it, clasping my fingers with hers and placing a kiss to her hand. We remained like that for two more hours, until it was time to push. Katniss has done so many things in her life to make me proud, but this was by far my proudest moment. The sky was turning into an inky canvas when I heard the most beautiful, reassuring cry I’d ever heard. “You were right, it’s a girl!” Mrs Everdeen says, immediately placing my daughter (my daughter!) into Katniss’ arms. It was like a kettle had overboiled in my chest, as I felt that soft rumble that comes before tears start leaking out of your eyes. Katniss placed a kiss to our daughter’s head and looked at me. Glistening eye, meeting glistening eye. Katniss pulled her tighter to her chest, finally getting to see the reality that our baby was safe and healthy and real. I remain with Katniss whilst Mrs Everdeen takes the baby away to clean her, knowing how much Katniss will already miss her not being in her arms. I already miss looking at her perfect little face. When Mrs Everdeen comes back over to place our daughter back in Katniss’ arms, my wife shakes her head. “Peeta.” She says, “you have to let Peeta.” Despite the fact she’s probably exhausted, I can sense the excitement emanating from her body. My daughter is finally placed into my arms and for the second time in my life, I’m a goner.
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edenmemes · a day ago
skyrim sentence starters
more to be added !
❝ some people call this junk. me? i call it treasure. ❞ ❝ i don’t like talking to someone who holds their honor so cheaply. ❞ ❝ i’m not a person. i’m a weapon in human form. ❞ ❝ you have opened the door to darkness. ❞ ❝ i will feast on your heart. ❞ ❝ my ancestors are smiling at me. can you say the same? ❞ ❝ you’re losing a lot of blood. maybe you should sit down for a moment. ❞ ❝ there’s no glory in war.     it’s just something they tell soldiers so they’ll risk their lives. ❞ ❝ you’re going? i’ll miss you. ❞ ❝ don’t like those eyes you’ve got. there’s a bad hunger to them. ❞ ❝ you’re either the bravest person i’ve ever met...or the biggest fool. ❞ ❝ kill well...and often. ❞ ❝ good to have you by my side. i need reliable people around. ❞ ❝ i should bash your face in after all you’ve done. ❞ ❝ you’ve been a good friend to me. that means something. ❞ ❝ what is better? to be born good, or to overcome your evil nature through great effort? ❞ ❝ kill one person, and you can solve so many problems. i wonder at the possibilities. ❞ ❝ all the living shall fear the dead. ❞ ❝ filth. run to the horizon before i hunt you down. ❞ ❝ yes, yes. i haven’t got all day. ❞ ❝ defy me, and i can offer you only pain and suffering. ❞ ❝ prophecy tells what may be, not what should be. ❞ ❝ you stink of death. i salute you. ❞ ❝ i’ll give you another chance, but watch yourself. ❞ ❝ my favourite drinking buddy. let’s get some mead. ❞ ❝ there are so many delightful ways i have pictured you dead. ❞ ❝ we’re one of the same kind, you and i. ❞ ❝ i don’t mean you any trouble. just leave me alone. ❞ ❝ you’ve caused enough trouble. ❞ ❝ it’s best if you didn’t mention to anyone that you saw me here. ❞ ❝ legends don’t burn down villages. ❞ ❝ i trust that this is just the beginning of a long and mutually beneficial relationship. ❞ ❝ skilled, lethal and good-lucking. yep, it’s a curse. ❞ ❝ there is murder in the air. i can taste it. ❞ ❝ i’ll be here if you need me. ❞ ❝ you know what's wrong with this place these days? everyone is obsessed with death. ❞ ❝ everything mortal fades away in time, but the spirit remains. ❞ ❝ the sunrise is almost as pretty as you are. ❞ ❝ no one else needs to die. ❞ ❝ is that confidence, or bravado? confidence i can use. bravado gets people killed. ❞ ❝ those men are ruthless. cunning, deceitful...they’ll pay off whoever they can. ❞ ❝ you realize if you set foot in there, you’re never coming back out. ❞ ❝ i have done nothing to earn your distrust. ❞ ❝ i can handle anything you throw at me. ❞ ❝ i love you. you know that, right? ❞ ❝ keep a song in your heart, and a blade in your boot. ❞ ❝ we face the world together now. ❞ ❝ with any luck, a worthy hero will step forward and solve our problems, just like in the tales of old. ❞ ❝ i don’t want to see you again. ❞ ❝ the day might come when i am forced to draw my sword for one side or the other. but that day has not come yet. ❞ ❝ arrogance will serve you poorly. ❞ ❝ i hope your parents are proud of you. they have a lot of reason to be. ❞ ❝ the gods know what you’ve done. ❞ ❝ aren’t your hands coated with enough blood? ❞ ❝ its scent is foul, unclean. hurtful. ❞ ❝ i will listen to you until all the sugars in the world turn sour. ❞ ❝ i have a bad feeling about this. ❞ ❝ you want to talk to me? after everything you’ve done? ❞ ❝ please, i know i’m asking you to do something difficult, maybe even dangerous. i just don’t know who else i can trust. ❞ ❝ you have something to say? something on your mind? ❞ ❝ i hate you. i hate you forever and ever and ever. ❞ ❝ giant spiders? what’s next? giant snakes? ❞ ❝ you’re just rotten. no good. ❞ ❝ boys, girls, dogs, elders --- there’s nobody i won’t fight. ❞ ❝ i would wake up and hope that it was just a dream, but know that it was not. ❞ ❝ i used to be an adventurer like you. ❞ ❝ iron sword, huh? what are you killing? butterflies? ❞ ❝ i know who you are. ❞ ❝ i was once an adventurer like you. ❞ ❝ this place’s harshness has a way of carving a man down to his true self. ❞ ❝ the best way to get over the loss of a lover is to find a new one. ❞ ❝ i saw this and thought of you. ❞ ❝ hope you’re willing to back those words up with your fists. ❞ ❝ don’t even think about it. ❞ ❝ ever see someone killed with their own weapon? would you like to? ❞ ❝ you expect me to believe that? ❞ ❝ in a world of fools, you stand above the rest. ❞ ❝ i saw you do that, you know. ❞ ❝ the bards do not sing tales of those who die in their homes, slain by time. ❞ ❝ i’ve had just about all i’m willing to take from you. ❞ ❝ may the gods watch over your battles. ❞ ❝ sorry, i’ve got important things to do. we’ll speak another time. ❞ ❝ i look forward to hearing about the next person you murder. ❞ ❝ lot of history in these walls. ❞ ❝ i'd be honored to walk by your side until the trees themselves fade away, if you would have me. ❞ ❝ i’d marry you. i’d marry you twice. ❞ ❝ mind’s playing tricks on me. ❞ ❝ what are you hunting? never mind...i don’t want to know. ❞ ❝ i’ve never seen anything quite like that. ❞ ❝ looks like we’re the only ones who made it. ❞ ❝ something different about you...i can tell. ❞ ❝ we were made to dominate. the will to power is in our blood. ❞ ❝ good to know the world didn’t get boring while i was gone. ❞ ❝ you’re abandoning me? me? ❞ ❝ you will push the world harder than it pushes back ❞ ❝ i’ve heard about you and your honeyed words. ❞ ❝ you’re here. that’s enough. ❞ ❝ still alive? keep close to me if you want to stay that way. ❞ ❝ you’re not a threat...merely an annoyance. ❞ ❝ we were just talking about you. ❞ ❝ that was the hairiest fight i’ve ever been in, and i’ve been in more than a few. ❞ ❝ perhaps you aren’t as powerful as you think. ❞ ❝ it won’t die, it just keeps coming! ❞ ❝ you bring a smile to this one’s eyes and peace to their heart. ❞ ❝ there are so few pleasures in life as fine as your company. ❞ ❝ i should bash your face in after all you’ve done. ❞ ❝ hey, you. you’re finally awake. ❞ ❝ a warrior knows to trust their gut. ❞ ❝ i will listen to you until all the sugars in the world turn sour. ❞ ❝ no offense intended, of course. ❞ ❝ i can tell you’re new around here, asking a question like that. ❞ ❝ don’t worry. i’m the very soul of caution. ❞ ❝ you would be better off keeping quiet than flapping your gums on matters you don’t know anything about. ❞ ❝ i’m fine. but we should go inside to talk. ❞ ❝ i wouldn’t have made it without your help today. ❞ ❝ wouldn’t want people to think you’re part of the common rabble, now would we? ❞ ❝ just give me a minute...i’m out of breath. ❞ ❝ come on, give me your hand. we’re getting out of here. ❞ ❝ no, this can’t be happening. this isn’t happening. ❞ ❝ you have no authority over me. ❞ ❝ i’ve got a good feeling about you. and i don’t often get good feelings about anything. ❞ ❝ i don’t think there are warm fires and friendly faces inside. ❞ ❝ i presume you’ve already seen some of what i’ve accomplished. there is so, so much more to be done. ❞ ❝ it was us or them. we fought to survive. ❞ ❝ don’t suppose you could enchant my sword? dull old blade can barely cut butter. ❞ ❝ i never should have come here. ❞ ❝ come to think of it, i did hear some odd noises coming from over there. ❞ ❝ please. keep your voice down. ❞ ❝ it is in everyone’s best interest if the matter is dropped entirely. ❞ ❝ oh. are you going to cry? ❞ ❝ when the world was young, things were simpler. ❞ ❝ i never thought i’d see another friendly face again. ❞ ❝ i fight so that all the fighting i’ve already done hasn’t been for nothing. i fight because i must. ❞ ❝ i am sworn to carry your burdens. ❞ ❝ so you can cast a few spells? am i supposed to be impressed? ❞ ❝ i like you. you’re not afraid to get your hands dirty. ❞ ❝ you’re someone who can get things done. i like that. ❞ ❝ i’d take this a bit more seriously if i were you. ❞ ❝ i'm fairly certain you’ve wandered into the wrong bulding. ❞ ❝ oh, it’s you. i was wondering why i was smelling something so unpleasant. ❞ ❝ we’re the only people around who aren’t complete fools. ❞ ❝ you ain’t so bad. ❞ ❝ what is that thing? could the legends be true? ❞ ❝ i’d advise you to trust in the strength of your sword arm over tales and legends. ❞ ❝ nice place. i never knew you were so wealthy. ❞
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youngjusticeslut · 2 days ago
So everybody was expecting Jade to either die or leave the Shadows to go back to her husband and daughter. She took a third option and stayed with the Shadows despite staying still loving her sister, mother, husband and daughter- because being part of the Shadows has become too essential to her identity, and she's grown attached to the organisation (despite what some might say is against her better judgement). I have to say I was thrown off kilter initially, but it does make sense.
I get what you're saying, but I don't think you're right. She didn't choose to stay on Infinity Island because it's too essential to her identity, nor because she's become attached. The Shadows aren't even run on Infinity Island, and Jade left the Shadows a long time ago.
Jade stayed because she's broken, and desperately seeking help. She literally returned to the island as a suicide attempt, because she couldn't handle it anymore. She's so stuck in this mindset that her destiny was chosen a long time ago, that she's bad, and can only cause harm to others, that of course she wouldn't be able to go back to her family.
If you notice, Artemis reached out and offered Jade help. The only reason Jade turned her down is because Will and Lian needed her. And because Jade can't be a part of their lives yet, if Artemis were to help Jade the way she needs to be helped, she would need to leave them, and Jade wasn't willing to let them hurt like that. The only option that she saw, the only offer for help being given to her was the one on Infinity Island. Not to stay and be a Shadow, or a bad guy, but for rehabilitation and healing. She wasn't offered any other option, it was go home, or stay and get help. Maybe if Artemis had offered another option *cough Black Canary cough*, Jade would have considered it, but for now, this is what we get.
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