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oh that would be a dream!!!


Originally posted by playthhegame


we all know he’s got the acting and dancing chops for it! and plays the personality trait “endearing” very well.

truthfully I’ll be fan-casting myself as Satine as every sane person would, but I could see either of those women doing it! I’d also throw Florence Pugh or Hailee Steinfeld into the mix :)

(i’m also not above having Tom as Satine but that’s a different idea altogether)

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Paris [t.h]


Words: 2.2k

Note: Something light to keep the Tom stans fed.


“It’s so beautiful.” You breathe, staring up at the monument. Tom’s arms wrap around your torso as he steps up behind you.

“Can’t compare to you though.”

“So cheesy.”

Tom giggles, snuggling his face into your neck.

“Where’d your brother go?”

You feel Tom shrug from behind you.

“Probably went off to take some photos.”

You turn to face him, still in his arms.

“It’s illegal to take photos of the Eiffel Tower at night.”

Tom purses his lips as he raises his eyebrows in shock.

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Triggers: Alluding to torture, death mention

Word Count: 124 (just a prologue, not a chapter) 

Staring at the reflection of herself in the puddle on the floor, Anna determined there was not an alternative way out. She had plotted for months an escape that could lead her to one of two things: freedom or death.

She watched as water dripped into the puddle from the ceiling, further damaging her floor and anything on it (not that there was much). In sync with the dripping was the echo of heels clacking up the concrete floor of the hallway. 

Anna sharply stands to her feet, heart racing, but her mind only thinking about the plan. The woman approaches her cell speaking slowly, yet firmly, in a thick, German, accent: 

“Young Asset,” the woman’s eyes like bullets through Anna’s, “time for your training.” 

A|N: I am so incredibly excited to be sharing my first ever fan fiction with you all. I honestly see this so vividly in my head, that I hope one day to make it a show (whether it be free, fan-made, or actual MCU cannon). Here is the prologue to the story, I hope it gets one or two interested! 

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Tom Holland!College AU

A/N: I was so nervous to publish this and then I forgot and I think that is now or never. There might be a part 2 to this but I am still working on it. Comments and feedback would be appreciated. Hope you enjoy! 

Warnings: Implied smut, there is mention of a blowjob, blasphemy(?) I’m so sorry about that one also I don’t know how this kind of religious families work so I’m sorry about that. 

Word count: 2508

“You two know each other?” His father says catching the way they are staring at each other

“Yeah” he says, a little too quickly 

“We do, uhm… we go to college together” she offers at the same time. It stills sounds too ambiguous in her mind, so she provides “We have friends in common”

“Oh wow” goes now her father “what a coincidence, huh?”

“Yeah, funny how life works” Tom says quietly, not meaning for anyone to hear but her, his eyes are now more relaxed    

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ok guys i just want to see something anyone can write it but please tag me hihi please 👉👈

can someone do like a medieval age(?) or repunzel where Tom is the one stuck in the tower and long lost prince and fem!reader is a theif???

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SEPTEMBER 15, 2020

Y/N was driving an empty road in the once lively city- Left hand on the wheel, right out the window holding a lit cigarette. Slow old school music from Sharon’s collection was playing through the radio.

As young as 7 years old, after Sharon and Dave found her near the old cabin, they taught her how to defend herself- how to handle all kinds of guns, swords, hand in hand combat and other things not a normal 7 year old child should know.

But they also taught her different stuff; Dave taught her how to drive at 11 years old. The parts, how to dismantle, put it back together and also how to pick a car in case of emergencies.

Sharon however taught her how to fight with purpose both verbal and physical and of course how to handle the sword properly.

 All her life she only knew how to fight, hide and the raging war between the rebellion and the government after the virus outbreak.


She muttered to herself as she takes another drag from the cancer stick she was holding. She glanced out her window as she let out a heavy sigh.

‘Why did the world have to come to this?’

She thought to herself getting lost in her train of thoughts for a bit. She slowed the car down and parked at the side to indulge in the small peace she stumbled upon before she entered the hell hole of a “city”.

Taking another drag from the almost finished stick her eyes wondered at the beautiful scenery.

The peaceful moment was interrupted by a loud bang and an extremely loud scream, causing her to tense and start the engine racing towards the direction of the scream which was the city. Thinking of all the possibilities of what might have happened there made the familiar feeling of adrenaline course through her veins, making her smirk and throw the cigarette butt out the window.

Once near the “city” or more so what was left of the city. Y/N pulled her bandana up her nose making her slightly unrecognizable and pulled a small but effective pistol in case of unwanted company.

Once entering the city she slowed down to scout the area until she noticed 5 storm trooper like guards heavily armed surrounding 4 clearly frightened and tired unarmed guys yet they still had the audacity to fight among their little circle.


Scoffing at the sight before her, she muttered before rolling her eyes.

She was thinking for a moment how to save their asses. Once she thought of a strategy she clicked the safety of her pistol and aimed at the sky and shot making all 5 city guards look at her but before they could do anything Y/N already shot all of them off with great timing. The four guys stood in amazement as they watched the mystery girl shoot of 5 armed guys with ease


She urges the 4 men to move as she knows they don’t have much time if they freeze and stay in place.


The girl screamed again making the guys run towards the car. While preparing to drive off Y/N noticed more storm troopers come into the view

“Shit. LETS GO LETS GO LETS GO!” she screamed as the 4 men entered her car. Once the last door was closed Y/N hit the gas to drive away before the guards gained up on them.

Once finally exiting the hell hole of a city, she looked at the rear mirror then to the 4 guys then started laughing hysterically- of course without turning away from the road removing her makeshift mask.

“What are you laughing at?” One of the curly head that kinda has a red hair asked sassily yet bewildered 

“It’s just, you all are fucking crazy mate” she said clearly amused and still high from the adrenaline

“And bloody stupid.”

“We just met you and you’re calling us… stupid?” The same curly head asked, unsure whether to be offended. He looked at the other boys he was with, seeing as they have more of a confused face rather than an offended one.

“I mean, Yeah.” Y/N said agreeing to his question. Making the curly guy scoff

“Because you 4, decided to go to the most heavily guarded place in the country with not a single thing to defend yourselves and-“ Y/N stopped to adjust the rear mirror getting a good look of what they were wearing

“What the hell are you 2 divs wearing?” she asked them seeing mr. Blue eyes and floppy hair  wearing the most obnoxious red ever while the other two did semi think what they were wearing. Mr. Buff was wearing a camo bomber jacket with a black shirt and Mr. Curly was wearing a plain black hoodie which was ok but very hot to travel wearing that especially with unpredictable weather nowadays.

“You two wearing the red flannel, you got it from the movies didn’t you?”

She stated before returning her gaze to the road ahead of them so they won’t crash and won’t encounter unwanted company.

“Mr. Curly and Mr. Buff dude clearly placed a bit of thought in their outfits” she snorted making Mr. Blue eyes and floppy hair nod in agreement

“I mean, she does have a point”

“Thank you” she appreciated the comment in a joking manner.

“So miss murder-“ the nickname made Y/N raise her eyebrow 

“What? You gave nicknames to us, it’s just fair I gave you one.” Mr. Buff stated sassily

“Touché, touché” she said nodding

“So where are you taking us?”  he pressed on

“Hmm. I’m taking you to headquarters. I’m sure your all in need of proper rest and support from other people other than your small group, no offense” she replied to his question

“And where is this so called headquarters?” Mr. Floppy hair piped up from the back

“Ithaca” she smirked, making all the boys look at each other in confusion.

»»————-                                      ☠                                          ————-««

After an hour of driving the 3 guys at the back fell asleep while Mr. Buff who was beside her was awake and clearly in deep thought.

After a few minutes Mr. Buff  looked at her then spoke

“So I never got your name?”

“And I never got yours” She retorted back

“Well, I’m Tom”

“ And I’m Y/N” she said simply, not taking her attention off the road

“How old are you Y/N?” After hearing his question she glanced at the man beside her before replying, returning her gaze on the road.

“Wow, you sure are asking a lots of question” avoiding the question thrown at her

“Well technically you’re kidnapping us-“ he started  but before Tom could finish Y/N butted in

“Technically, I saved your asses” Emphasizing what really happened an hour before.

“Just answer the damn question” Tom scoffed

Y/N just laughed at Tom before finally answering honestly

“I’m 16” she said with a smirk knowing people’s reaction when they discover her age. Her smirk got wider as the gates to the headquarters comes to view

“16?!?” Tom repeated.

 Shocked that a 16 year old saved their asses from heavily armored city guards. a 16 year old who knows how to handle a gun and knows how to drive a runaway car.

“That shocking huh?” she asked the surprised man then turned silent to process what was happening.

“I mean I shouldn’t right?” Tom asked the teen making her laugh thus making the other 3 steer from their naps

“Good morning, sunshines! About time you guys woke up!” Y/N said stifling her laughter

“What’s so funny?” Mr. Curly asked

“Nothing, Tom is just shocked about something” 

“Tom? You know his name?”

He asked you, but before you could answer the large building hidden in the dark came into view intimidating the newcomers.

The Headquarters was huge. Heavily guarded by advance technology made by the best scientists and engineers in the rebellion

Big tanks, cars and other vehicles hidden in the dark ready for battle. Fiercest men and women training ready for anything.

Smirking before talking again

“Welcome to Teenagers, neophytes”

a/n: Chapter 1 is hereeee!!! i hope you guys like it! I wrote this last hell week so sorry if its abit messy. i would like to here your feedback on this chapter! so be free to comment anything or slip in my asks! thank you so much for supporting me love you lots! and stay safe!

taglist + moots: @mischiefmanaged011 @musicalkeys @thisetaernallove @big-galaxy-chaos @japt-holland  @sydney-m @hollandsimpson @hommyy-tommy
@justanamesstuff @justanothermarvelmaniac (hello! please lmk if you want to be removed or added in my taglist [i should make a form lol] tyy!!!) 

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a/n : hello! so filo!reader x tom is back am sorry i couldnt help but write this after listening to neneng b again (filo readers you know that song 🤭) anyways hope u enjoy this im actualmy quite embarressed to post this lol HAHAB NAKAKAHIYA KASE BAT GANTO UTAK KO HAHAH ANYWAYS ENJOY!!!

TOM HOLLAND x Filo!Reader

It’s a beautiful sunny day in London so you and the boys decided to do a barbecue for lunch in the backyard.

Harry and Harrison were playing ping pong (or table tennis), Tom was cooking in the grill, and Tuwaine was… where is T? but before you could get far, your thoughts were interrupted. 

“Hey Y/N/N!” Harry shouted from the ping pong table where he was playing with Harrison

“Sup?” you replied looking up from the book you were reading with Tessa laying her head on your lap 

“Can you play your playlist?” Harry asked still invested in the game before him 

“Sure! Which one?” You asked getting your phone out from you pocket carefully as to not disturb the cute pup resting

“Can you play your mixed music one? With Filipino Music?” Harry asked before cheering as he won this round. 

Lately, especially this quarantine, the boys have taken an interest in listening to OPM music even when they can’t understand the lyrics.

 Harry out of all of them really has taken an interest you could say Tom is too, but he was just mesmerized with how cute (hot) you look when you rap or sing along. 

“Sure!” you replied before opening spotify and then clicked on ‘play shuffle’ on your playlist before relaxing again. 

'Vibe with me’ by Matthaios started playing through the speakers. Since this is one of your favorite songs you began to hum to the lyrics 

'Come vibe with me when you are free call me when its three you don’t have to tell nobody that you’re coming home with me" 

as the second verse was about to come in Tom announced that lunch was ready 

putting down the book before stroking Tessa’s fur gently to wake her up 

“Hey bubs, come on lunch is ready” you tell tessa in a quiet voice before joining the boys for lunch 

“Hey” you greeted Tom as you hugged him from behind

“Hey love” he greeted back putting down what he was holding then turned to face you snuggling to the warmth you were emitting 

Staying in the hug for a while before separating because you know how the boys can get when you both show PDA in front of them 

“I love you” you whispered to him before leaning closer

“I love you too” he replied before sharing a sweet kiss 

“Oi mate, stop snogging the food is getting cold!” you both hear Harrison shout

As you were about to pull away Tom decided to tease the guys more by keeping you from pulling away by holding the back of your neck to pull you closer 

After hearing groans of annoyance from the 3 boys, the both of you decided to pull away with big smiles on your faces 

But that was cut off when Tessa decided to nudge your leg making the both of you look at her

“yes yes I’m coming baby” you cooed 

“ I swear she loves you more than me” Tom said amused yet in a whining voice 

“Suck it up buttercup!” you replied before walking after tess

“But i like it better when you suck it” Tom said the meaning not getting lost on you

making you gasp “Thomas!” you swat his arm making him laugh.

“Come on the food’s getting cold” he said, pulling you to the table where the guys are waiting for you.


After you finished lunch you decided that you’ll do the dishes so humming slightly to the song that’s playing through the speaker

“Andyan ka na naman bat di ko maiwasan tumingin sa iyong liwanag nadarang na naman sa yong apoy bakit ba laging hinahayaan" 

you sang to Nadarang as you put the clean dishes away 

after you decided to join the boys again in the yard. 

when you heard a familiar song that made you laugh out loud.

"Boom, parang neneng b ang kanyang katawan" 

you couldn’t help but laugh hysterically because you know the meaning of the song (😉😉)

when the pre-chorus started you waited for a certain line to call and video Tom’s reaction  knowing he won’t understand 

"Tom! Sorbetes ka ba?” you sang to him a bit dramatically 

“Kase gusto mong dinidilaan ka! Boom!” you sang to him after then you bursted into a fit of laughter 

Tom and the boys were looking at you confused as they have no idea what you just said to Tom

“Is she okay?” Harrison asked the others 

“I don’t really know” Tom replied to his best mate rubbing his neck still observing you calm down from the fit of laughter 

saving the video before sending it to your best friend knowing she understands Filipino too

as you settled down on the grass with Tessa by your side basking in sunlight while the boys continued to play games 


 A few days have passed and Tom was still figuring out what you said to him that made you laugh 

So he did his research on what you said. When he did he was a blushing mess (even when it’s true) but Tom being Tom he decided to search and learn all the meaning and the pronunciation to the words to the song and surprise you with one of the lines as payback

after Tom practiced (cause he wanted you to be utterly shocked aka he wanted his payback to be perfect) 

Tom suggested to do another barbecue and you all decided it was a great idea to wind down from the stress the situation right now was giving to you all

“Hey babe? Can you play your mixed playlist again? It just seems fitting” Tom requested while flipping the meat in the grill

“Yea, sure” you replied getting your phone out to play the playlist 

the same routine happened last time 

Tom was cooking, Harry and Harrison was playing ping pong and Tuwain… you still didn’t know where Tuwain was

and finally the moment Tom was waiting for Neneng B started playing thru the speakers

when the pre chorus came along again you looked at Tom and said the same exact line you said last time but now Tom with determination looked at you 

“Y/N, Chicharon ka ba? *bakit* kasi ang ingay mo pag kinakain ka”

leaving you speechless and very stunned of how Tom pronounced that even with a bit of difficulty. Of course after the shock wore off you were a blushing mess 

Thank god none of the boys understand much tagalog.

lol i wont tag anyone on this coz im shy HAHABAHA

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umm i’m not gonna lie but i’m not looking forward to the uncharted movie. as someone who just played all 4 games early this year plus the lost legacy, i am not 100% sure how they’re gonna pull this off because the games were just perfect as is. i wish this movie was a joke but whatever, i’m gonna give it a chance but my expectations are not high because when hollywood makes moves like this it turns out to be bad. i’m so attached to the uncharted characters and i’ve only recently played it so i can’t imagine how long time fans are gonna feel about it.

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Okay so it’s a prequel movie but it won’t be based off the flashbacks in Uncharted: Drake’s Deception cause he’s too young then and he does little adventure except climbing and pickpocketing. So, it gonna have to be a new story unrelated to the games probably from a team of writers who just like money and don’t care about original content and then is Sam gonna be in it and …OH MY GOD. I just remembered Mark Wahlberg is playing Sully Oh shit OH fuck.

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