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#or well last week and this week's warm up


#simpin for yandere deku pt 2, #deku remembers there’s about 30 people watching so he drops ur chin takes a step back and says, #‘next time i will win so watch out’ before flashing one more killer smile and disappearing just as fast as he appeared, #u think about that day for weeks and weeks. u cannot get him out of ur mind. his words r engraved in ur head now, #‘ur amazing! im so impressed!’ could he really think u were amazing???? u calm urself by remembering that ur quirk is what he was impressed, #by & that he does even know you, #ur seeing him more & more around the office & each time u think ur heart w explode but it doesn’t. u even get to go on some missions w him!, #he’s so cool & he does most of the work but everytime u fight next to him u get this surreal feeling in ur chest like it’s just too good to, #to be true! i mean just a few months ago u hated ur life! u were alone & sad; but now? now u have all this purpose & friendship srounding u, #deku always makes u feel so inspired and special! he’s constantly praising u & u can’t believe that someone as amazing as him could see, #so much in someone like you but it’s the best feeling you’ve ever felt hands down. no ones ever made you feel like this before, #there’s one weird thing though, #you could swear someone is following u around lately, #u keep writing it off as nerves or ur mind trying to find one thing to complain about since life is so perfect now but u can’t shake their, #ur walks home from work are the worst. especially when u had such a great day w izuku (he insists u call him that now) cause it puts a bad, #vibe on ur happy mood. it’s like someone is always two steps behind u but u can’t ever seem to see them when u turn around, #& sometimes at night u wake up in a cold sweat and u could swear that someone was just there beside u. the bed even feels warm like someone, #was just there. ur things always seem just a little out of place. not exactly how u had them last time. but again ur mind must be playing, #tricks. ur happy now!! life is GOOD. there’s no need to be scared or weirded out. & even if someone did mess w u?, #well ur stronger than ever now. plus u have new friends who would help u. one special friend who u know could crush anyone who harmed u, #but then one day on ur walk home after a particularly happy day (u & izuku kicked major butt together & he took u out to dinner his treat!), #something is ... wrong. really really wrong. u can feel someone watching u/walking right behind u, #they r closer than they’ve ever gotten before ur hairs on the back of ur neck are standing up & ur entire body is tense, #u start running as fast as possible (which is fast considering ur quirk) and u manage to make it home safely, #u slam the door & full on panic ur heart is racing & u realize u aren’t crazy. someone is stalking you & they just took it up a notch, #u do the only thing u can think of .. call deku, #ur crying and breathing hysterically when u call but he somehow understands u. he’s there in an instant and the second u see him u just, #fall right into his arms. u cry into his chest & tell him how thankful u r for him. u keep apologizing for calling but insist that, #pt 3 now? god im sorry apparently i am all over the place w this, #izuku 💚
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