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#or you know just delete your account
youchangedme26 days ago
literally starting an apology with "people have tags dedicated to hating me :(" is so fucking transparent. the self-victimization is so strong like. this isn't about you. if you were sorry for hurting people why would you start by talking about how much you've been wronged, and how unfairly everyone is treating you?
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vikinglumberjack10 hours ago
Wanted to ask how your holding up, I know its been a few weeks since that jerk tried to claim you we're faking getting surgery, but there's one HUGE problem with their "callout" many people resort in using stock photos for the fact of them not wanting to show their body, AND in no state, should they, or anyone else, have pressured to show proof, LEGALLY, you dont have to show proof of anything on the internet, for one, for two, as a person who, didnt use photos but still didnt show their bent finger, I know whats its like to be called a liar and a faker about having injury. The fact they we're petty enough to run around saying you faked it, is utter bullshit, what would you gain from that? attention? even still you didnt gain that much attention from it, it wasn't something that everyone who follows you was caring about, so what possibly could've you had gained from faking it? simple, nothing. Their "callout" post, was literally a waste of time to lie and get you harassed.
The original callout was about me supposedly harassing two people (I wasn鈥檛) and using an alt account (which I don鈥檛 have) to do it with. They used screenshots of a deleted post as proof for my supposed begging for free art. A post I deleted because it was made fresh out of surgery and my mental faculties weren鈥檛 all there. Yes, I did have issues with a certain ship but that was in the midst of a near-psychotic break brought on by the acute liver failure. Afterwards, I certainly didn鈥檛 care enough to harass someone for a month with a nonexistent alt account. For people that claim to respect mental illness, they were/are being ableist in all honesty.
This turned into me using my surgery to manipulate people for free art. I had accidentally used pictures from outside sources to show my mother about the procedure instead of the photos my husband had taken. I posted it before correcting and deleted the post to correct my error. This turned into 鈥減roof鈥 I was lying as well as using someone else鈥檚 story, all because I deleted the post. So it MUST mean I鈥檓 guilty.
I have never once begged or asked for free art. The only times were when I saw art prompts/ask memes, and so as the person I am I would send in a prompt/meme because I thought it was a nice thing to do. Why would I beg for art when I get by well enough with my writing and dollmakers? Most of the time I鈥檓 surprised when someone鈥檚 tagged me with fanart they drew (unless it was discussed beforehand like with certain ships I have).
I didn鈥檛 even need to post such private photos like you said. And every bit of proof they have of me is extremely flimsy and falls apart as soon as you look at it. Was it really worth it to make me a pariah from the fandom over lies? Really what was the motive? If you had an issue with me don鈥檛 make vague posts accusing me of things I haven鈥檛 done, and then make it so if you associate with me in any way shape or form you get to join me as a pariah. I had two so-called friends that blocked me over their lies, thus making two of my ongoing works basically a form of fandom sweater curse. Some parts of which I wrote while sick in the ICU.
You鈥檙e right it was a waste of time and just a means to get me booted from the fandom.
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gifted-burnout-archive14 hours ago
On top of the blacklist post, I do actually want to clarify something else: not an excuse, just my understanding and proposal for a solution.
When I wrote the stories in question, to the best of my knowledge, the majority of my readers and the jatp fandom on tumblr in general were actually not minors. Those stories were intended for mature audiences, that hasn't changed, but it seems that the demographics of the fandom on tumblr has.
If this is the case, that @fairygclds (again, do not send this girl hate because she doesn't deserve it, and I have personal experience from when I was younger with online harrassment, no-one deserves anon abuse online, ever) and her friends are seriously worried about a growing number of minors reading my fics despite warnings being given on them, especially when they are not intended for children to read, I will take them down.
Fanfiction was a way for me to heal myself from a long length depressive episode, and to inspire myself to write again. I am proud of the work I have shared with the world, I have no regrets about what I have posted (because I do not write smut about minors, again to specify that all characters were aged up in my fics/ about actors), but since it has come to my attention that people are fearful this will harm minors, I don't feel comfortable with that.
I do just want to say this is also writing I haven't updated since four or five months ago now: I made clear in my 'i'm fucking off, tumblr' post saying goodbye that I don't believe I'll write for the fandom again.
Regardless, if content I have produced is harming people, I will delete it. If you don't want me on your dash, block me wholeheartedly and know I will have no malice for you. Your safety and comfort matters, don't feel a need to follow me if it makes you uncomfortable.
While I definitely disagree with the p*do allegation made against me, the blacklist user and friends made valid points about worrying for the safety of a younger fandom. I really had no intent on hurting anybody with my writing, the fact that someone has been so hurt to blacklist me upsets me to a greater extent than I can express in a post like this: I would run out of word count.
Finally, this hurt; that's fine, but the goal is positive energy, and since this is now an archive account more than anything, I also would not feel bad about deleting it forever. I would lose my collective fanfic archive, yes, but I don't want to be associated with hurting others in our lil corner of the internet, and if it means that everyone feels more comfortable because of it, I'm okay with that.
I can't ask for an apology if I don't think I've done something wrong, but I can remove a potential issue if that is what is best.
but, uh, yeah. addressing the blacklist part 2 complete.
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heartsick-stranger14 hours ago
so i鈥檝e finished the first eight episodes of leverage and I have a lot of thoughts. but before I say anything, here鈥檚 what I knew going in (though I might forget a few things because tumblr decided to delete what I had so far):
spoilers for the series, under the cut:
(pretty much everything I know about this show is from tumblr)
it鈥檚 about a team of criminals who screw over big corporations (hell yeah.)
found family through crime am i right
there鈥檚 a canon poly relationship (the 鈥渓everage ot3鈥 of hardison and parker and eliot) by the end of the series
eliot is ex-military?
hardison gets buried alive at some point???
nate is an alcoholic
eliot likes cooking?
parker has a past-- though i guess they all kinda do
parker and eliot are both closed off in their own ways
i don鈥檛 know much about sophie and nate tbh except that they鈥檙e part of the team and that nate鈥檚 the guy making the plans
nate and sophie end up together at the end of the show? maybe?
people don鈥檛 like nate
there鈥檚 some dude named sterling that the fandom doesn鈥檛 like and/or just really likes messing with
I think that鈥檚 everything? I definitely could鈥檝e forgotten something bc of tumblr deleting my draft but whatever. here鈥檚 my thought鈥檚 on episode 1:
鈥測ou know this part of the conversation where I punch you in the neck nine or ten times? we鈥檙e coming up on that pretty quick鈥 DAMN THAT鈥橲 A MEMORABLE FIRST LINE聽
鈥渢hieves, i鈥檝e got. what i need is one honest man to watch them鈥-- i mean this is definitely an interesting premise
oh wait i guess i did know that nate had a dead son... huh
鈥渋鈥檝e been doing this since high school, bruh, i can鈥檛 be disciplined鈥 good for you my dude but damn you鈥檝e been hacking for stuff like this since high school?? i love you already
KFSDFDSKDFHK the flashback i died
鈥測ou鈥檙e not as useless as you look鈥 BITCH
hardison鈥檚 face-- the disrespect
鈥渋 don鈥檛 even know what you do鈥 guess we鈥檒l find out
holy shit is he still holding his mug??? he just fucked up all those dudes with guns and he鈥檚 still holding his mug??? damn ok
wait nvm I just remembered that baseball cards can be worth a lot of money. hm. ok, fine, i guess i can get why you鈥檇 go to the effort of fighting so many armed gunmen for that
鈥渨hat are you gonna do when she finds out you live with your mom鈥 i repeat, BITCH
鈥渁ge of the geek, baby鈥 wait i鈥檝e definitely seen this line in some of the leverage posts i鈥檝e seen on here
鈥渨e run the world鈥 YOU CERTAINLY DO
the way parker鈥檚 title thing went from聽鈥渟ecurity circum鈥 to聽鈥渋nfiltration and alter鈥 to聽鈥渢hief鈥... i love
鈥渂e a good girl or, i dunno, a better thief鈥 oooh the look on her face
did... did she blow up her house?? damn ok then
HA nate trying to count them down and parker just jumps off the building... I鈥檓 in love with her
was eliot about to flirt with her? eh too bad lol
鈥10-digit password... i salute you, sir鈥 HARDISON I LOVE YOU SO MUCH YOU DORK
you didn鈥檛 account for the playoffs? NONE of y鈥檃ll accounted for the playoffs? ok then
鈥渦se hardison as bait鈥 excuse me
ah fuck he got caught
hardison i REALLY hope you didn鈥檛 have any important fragile electronic things in that bag you just dropped
鈥渢hat鈥檚 what I do鈥 oh my god his smile. his smile. nobody warned me about his smile oml. that smile is so soft and it鈥檚 jsut directed at hardison and oh my goddddddddddddd what the hell am i supposed to do with this
Tumblr media
(sidenote, because I鈥檝e seen the first 8 episodes at this point: I鈥檓 already thinking of making a meta about eliot once i finish s1, bc the way he acts in this episode vs the way he acts in the rest of s1 is... vv interesting and I have Thoughts鈩)
hardison is smirking but eliot still has that soft look on his face and in his eyes, damn
eliot really said聽鈥渋 got cut off when i tried flirting with parker over comms so i鈥檓 gonna flirt with hardison now... non verbally鈥
鈥渋 gave him more than one virus鈥 THAT鈥橲 MY BOYYYYYYYYYYYY
they really went from plan b to plan g... respect
parker just takes her shirt off and the boys look at each other and IMMEDIATELY look away. love that tbh (but i also shouldn鈥檛 have to applaud them for it, idk why so many shows have guys looking at girls while they鈥檙e changing-- yes i鈥檓 looking at you teen wolf)
i don鈥檛 know what that cover was but. really?
she really just sped up her walking and threw hardison the crutch as soon as they were a few feet away from the doors of the building
鈥渋鈥檓 not a thief鈥澛犫測ou are now鈥 fhjksdjksdjfh
鈥渄idn鈥檛 you have a little bit of fun playing the black king instead of the white knight, just this once鈥 i love her so much you have no idea
nate waking up with empty booze bottles on the bedside table... pls no
old aircraft facility? sketch.
鈥渕y money鈥檚 not in my account. that makes me cry inside鈥 why did i kinda get chills
why the fuck is he laughing? this is like hysterical type laughing too
ohhhhhhhhhhh ok oh god
eliot making sure hardison gets out in time
oof did nate not get out in time
im kinda surprised they checked that he was ok
鈥渉e tried to kill us鈥澛犫渁nd, more importantly, he didn鈥檛 pay us鈥澛犫渉ow is that more important鈥澛犫渋 take that personally鈥 i love them both and y鈥檏now what, both their reactions are valid
鈥渁nd why didn鈥檛 you see [the double cross] coming鈥澛犫渂ecause im not a thief鈥澛犫渕aybe that was the problem鈥 i mean聽馃憖
hardison holding eliot back from escalating things with nate
鈥渨hat the hell鈥檚 a sophie鈥 same tbh, especially after that performance
for some reason i didn鈥檛 expect her to be british. idk why but that鈥檚 not something i knew and i wasnt expecting it at all
fjkfdhjsfdjk they shot each other? pls tell me they talk about this again, this is such a funny backstory
鈥渏ust one more time鈥... sure jan
鈥渋 know when you sent [the mark] his design you weren鈥檛 supposed to make any copies...鈥澛犫渘ah, i promised. that would be very wrong鈥澛犫渟how me your copies鈥 LMAOOOOOOO
the way they鈥檙e all sitting on the couch,,, family movie night vibes (pretty sure there鈥檚 even a bowl of popcorn on the table)
鈥渟ophie devereaux is the finest actress you鈥檝e ever seen, when she鈥檚 breaking the law鈥 i love her
鈥渟houldn鈥檛 I be playing the computer guy鈥澛犫渘o i want you to actually be the computer guy鈥 solid reasoning there
hardison getting annoyed over eliot鈥檚 (fake?) klingon and clich茅 nerd act fhsjdhfjsjd
*when she manipulates the mark by telling him she鈥檒l go to the competition* sophie i love you so much, you鈥檙e doing amazing sweetie
eliot seems very smiley and open? not sure if it鈥檚 the alcohol or the fact that he鈥檚 not talking about himself but like... dang (file under: reasons to write an eliot meta)
鈥渆liot, you and i are not friends鈥澛犫渞ight, right...聽鈥榗ause you have so many of聽鈥榚m鈥 i do not know how to process this little scene or what to do with it bc eliot is so much more smiley and open and stuff compared to the other episodes i鈥檝e seen following the pilot鈥攁nd yeah it鈥檚 the pilot so it could be because the actors were all still getting into their characters, but this little scene with nate is scripted and i鈥檓 just. what do i do with this
wait I need to get ahold of the scripts for s1. anyone know where to find them? (i also need to watch the commentaries once I finish s1)
oop he found the bug
鈥渟ir, I can take your underpants鈥 fhjskdhfk this is so funny in context but it鈥檚 even funnier out of context. wait has anyone done a聽鈥榣everage out of context鈥 post bc this should DEFINITELY make it in there
they just threw the paper shreddings out the window lmao
Tumblr media
did they get money from the stock market. damn ok
鈥測eah you should鈥檝e just paid us鈥 i love
鈥渘ext time we won鈥檛 be so nice鈥 fsdjkhhfsdfglks
hardison you are amazing
鈥渁ge of the geek, baby鈥 SIR I LOVE YOU
鈥渟omebody kiss this man so i don鈥檛 have to鈥 yeah right, you definitely would鈥檝e done it the night of the original job, considerign how you looked at him. if it weren鈥檛 broad daylight in 2008 (leave me alone idk how accepting portland was toward lgbt people back in 2008) then i would just say GO FOR IT
is the聽鈥榖lack king, white knight鈥 thing common?? bc sophie wasn鈥檛 even on the team when parker said that before, so... did one of them tell her that???
鈥渨e provide... leverage鈥 dun dun DUNNNNNNNNNN
AMAZING END TO THE EPISODE, I WAS HOOKED. (and hopefully i can post my reactions for other episodes soon)
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besteestores20 hours ago
Golds Gym Muscle Joe shirt
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Golds Gym Muscle Joe shirt .besteestores This more relates to failures than it does to limiting growth, but I鈥檝e seen it enough to add it to the聽in contrast I will get this list. It is important to understand that not all money is smart money. Just because someone will give you a big chunk of money for a high valuation early on, it doesn鈥檛 mean you should take it. You should only take enough money at a valuation you can realistically justify. Why? Lets say that you have an angel investor that gets excited and wants to give you 1M for 20%. Good deal? Well it depends. You鈥檝e just been valued at 5M and If after you鈥檝e burnt through that 1M you cant justify a markedly higher valuation, you will either A) have a down round that will devalue your original investor and is essentially a kiss of death, or B) never be able to raise another penny and cripple your company. There is never usually a single answer on what limits a startup鈥檚 growth but more of a combination of many factors. As far as what makes huge companies huge, its a bit like hunting for a unicorn. No one can tell you where to find one, but they can tell you what they look like. Most unicorns we see have the following. Easter Island claims to be the most isolated inhabited place on earth. Flying there is surprisingly complex for pilots. There comes a point where the captain has to decide to continue, knowing that if he does he simply doesn鈥檛 have sufficient fuel to get to another airfield. Once that decision is made it鈥檚 land at Easter Island or ditch in the Ocean. The decision is complicated by the configuration of the airfield which has very restricted parking for planes so he also has to know there is somewhere for the plane to park; if the previous arrival has a technical problem and cannot take off it can mean the inbound flight has to turn around. That can鈥檛 be isolated, can it? You can take a train to with a couple of miles. Yet, when you鈥檙e there, it feel isolated. There is running water but no electricity. There was no money when it was built. Somone found the cottage, arranged with the owner to pay minimum rent in return for fixing it up. Rather than buy bunk beds they went into the surrounding woods and found tree boughs and installed them to make a wooden frame.
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brokenjardaantech23 hours ago
Blue-tinted Red Walls (Chapter 10: All in)
my entry for the @dbhau-bigbang. also part of the groom lake aftermath series.
In the past, Ryder took her first step.
In the present, the revolution is in full force.
In the past, Chloe catalogued the situation.
also on ao3
It was March, but the polar Urals were still cold and stormy, the outside world blindingly bright with howling blizzards during the few hours of daylight and completely dark for the nighttime that consumes the mountains for the rest of the day. The glass had been attached to solid rock, but somehow, not once did it rattle even in the face of wind strong enough to break most other materials, and despite the snow outside, Ryder was dressed in only simple dress shirt and trousers, tendrils of blue dancing on her right hand and supporting a pin of the earth under an arch split in the middle. Her powers suddenly dissipated, the pin dropping onto a metallic hand with a small clink and continued making the noise because it started vibrating, and a swipe of her thumb against the surface silenced it.
鈥楻yder?鈥 the pin emitted a voice. 鈥榃ho pays for our parents鈥 sin?鈥
Ryder sighed. 鈥楴ot themselves, not their successors, and certainly not the world. You have an update for me.鈥
鈥楬ow do you know?鈥
鈥楾hat was my order and you are smart enough to remember.鈥
鈥楬e lived. There are complications but鈥 he lived.鈥
鈥楬e doesn鈥檛 remember the Candidate at all. All associated memories, gone. That鈥檚 why I delayed telling you about him being awake: I need to access the damage.鈥
鈥榊ou don鈥檛 sound surprised.鈥
鈥業 believe this is not the first time this has happened.鈥
鈥榃hen we grew up together, I noticed a few inconsistencies between his own account surrounding his life and those from the people around him. Fussy details, contradictory recalling of events, reluctance to share the problems in-depth. I think it鈥檚 related to what had happened before you and I were born.鈥
Outside, the storm picked up, and the wind whisked by with a loud whistle. 鈥榃e can sort out the reasons later. How much does he remember?鈥
鈥楬e keeps talking about how you threw a building on him and is convinced that Blue Sunset is some secret NASA project, but otherwise? Not much. Like I said, everything related to the Candidate is gone.鈥
鈥楢nd he doesn鈥檛 realise that he has lost a large part of his life?鈥
鈥楬e鈥檚 making things up along the way. Trips, what he has been doing for the past few years, his time with me before that. It would鈥檝e been a fascinating study on how the human brain rationalises the irrational if it hadn鈥檛 been the shitshow this might lead to.鈥
鈥楬is knowledge is completely gone together with his memories. I don鈥檛 know why or how, but he is no longer useful to us and a suitable pick for the project even if he remembers a bit about Ilya who shouldn鈥檛 even be close to him.鈥
鈥楾hat鈥檚 why we have the RK500.鈥
A pause. 鈥業 nearly forgot. How鈥檚 it going?鈥
鈥楥hassis construction is complete. Now I only need to sort out the code regarding his memories and delete the last few moments.鈥
鈥楢nd the Candidate?鈥
鈥楻ecovering. I was tempted to use cybernetics to accelerate the process, but knowing him鈥︹
鈥楯ust give him a choice later. He鈥檒l take it especially now that we have the new RK. An eternity together.鈥
鈥業 thought you don鈥檛 care about romance.鈥
鈥楾hey do, and this will be what they鈥檒l think. That鈥檚 assuming that you鈥檒l roll out the RK, of course.鈥
鈥榃hat gives you the impression that I won鈥檛?鈥
鈥楾he fact that the original lived?鈥
鈥楲ike you said, he isn鈥檛 useful to us anymore. RK500 will be our logical choice to ensure that our plans won鈥檛 be delayed even more.鈥
鈥楢nd the arrangements for the original?鈥
鈥楢 certain police department is lacking officers after the incident. I鈥檒l handle the paperwork and strings. You focus on cleaning up, and come here when you are done.鈥
鈥業 won鈥檛 be long. I promise.鈥
鈥楾ake your time. We won鈥檛 lift off without you.鈥
鈥楢ppreciate it. Anchor out.鈥
The call disconnected, and all that was left in the room were the whistling wind outside and the click of approaching footsteps. Staring at her reflection on the glass, Ryder seemed to be in deep thoughts for a few seconds before her right index and middle finger reached for her temple where normal androids would have their LEDs installed and deactivated the skin on her face as well, leaving only her hair in place, and not long after that the door on her left slid open to admit a younger-looking Elijah Kamski. 鈥業lya,鈥 Ryder greeted, and the man came to a stop standing next to the android, his tie shimmering in tiny versions of the same logo of the earth under a broken arch just like the one on Ryder鈥檚 pin. 鈥業 don鈥檛 know how to thank you for giving us all this.鈥
The man let out a small chuckle. 鈥楯ust doing my job to prepare humanity for the next big leap. Thirium is a fascinating development.鈥
鈥楴ot a new one, though.鈥
鈥楾hirium 310 is. You harnessed what our parents couldn鈥檛 and used it to create infinite intelligence.鈥
鈥楢nd my father abused it.鈥
鈥業sn鈥檛 that why we are standing here right now? To make sure that humanity doesn鈥檛 repeat the same mistake in the future?鈥
Ryder leant against the glass with her forehead pillowed on her arm. 鈥楴ot humanity,鈥 she replied, her voice pensive. 鈥業t was my own carelessness and one man鈥檚 greed and pride. Nothing more. Everything else is just collateral.鈥
鈥榊ou are working to change it right now. Focus on the future. We won鈥檛 be confined to earth anymore.鈥
A small smile played on Ryder鈥檚 lips. 鈥楾hat is true,鈥 she straightened herself and faced the man, and he had to tilt his head up just to look at her in her eyes. 鈥楧id you say something about cold-resistant chassis?鈥
鈥業 hope you don鈥檛 mind that I take the opportunity to add them to RK500.鈥
鈥極f course I don鈥檛.鈥
鈥楪ood. We鈥檒l need it.鈥
鈥楧o聽you聽need it?鈥
鈥楳y chassis is made from alloys they use to build rockets. I think I can skip a generation or two before starting to consider what is essentially getting a new body.鈥
鈥榊ou鈥檒l get it.鈥
The two lapsed into silence while their gazes turned towards the falling snow outside. A drone cut across the blizzard easily as if the wind did not exist at all, the floodlight mounted on its side illuminating a giant hyperboloid structure in the distance.聽
鈥楢nd how do you want to solve the US?鈥 Elijah suddenly asked.聽
The drone circled to a spot where the mounted floodlight revealed the same earth-and-broken-arch logo. 鈥業t鈥檒l solve itself.鈥
鈥榊ou sound confident.鈥
鈥極f course I do,鈥 the rings in Ryder鈥檚 eyes spun quickly. 鈥業t has to.鈥
Louis and Elijah spend the rest of the way back combing the streets and avoiding the army, scouting out the sections of the city Markus eventually will have to pass through and plotting a route with minimal checkpoints and army presence and, if necessary, neutralise them without alerting the military. They hack the locks of the closed shops, drag the unconscious soldier inside, and then reinforce the lock with additional protection that will wear down in 24 hours; Elijah reassures that they can survive in an unheated, uninsulated room for that long, and despite Louis鈥 own reservation as a man who spent most of his childhood up north in Alaska and has seen what the cold does to people who are unprepared, he keeps his mouth shut.
鈥楥ome on,鈥 he peels the handheld鈥 device away from the now-hacked lock. 鈥楲et鈥檚 get back to the church.鈥
They climb into the car which is now filled with wounded androids who agreed to seek help from Jericho, the drive back much simpler compared to when they have to clear everything themselves, and after unloading the androids and directing them to the suitable help, they don鈥檛 even have the time to clean up before Reyes and Chloe are climbing in again.聽
鈥楾hat鈥檚 it?鈥 Louis has to ask. 鈥楴o back-up, no partner, nothing?鈥
鈥楾hat鈥檚 the plan,鈥 Chloe says airily. 鈥榊ou are the amateur here, I鈥檓 afraid, so I鈥檒l come with you. Reyes and Elijah will go alone.鈥
鈥楤esides, those camps are only running on a skeleton crew,鈥 Reyes adds as he starts checking his weapons. 鈥榃ith b - powers like ours, it doesn鈥檛 take much to immobilise everyone guarding the camps. Easy.鈥
The car slides away from the church with a low hum, and Louis realises that this is the point of no return. It鈥檚 either victory or death now, a common occurrence for his line of occupation - being the leader of a SWAT team does have its own risk - but this? Having an entire species鈥 fate resting on top of their shoulders?
He is聽not聽mentally prepared for it.
鈥楧eep breaths,鈥 Reyes鈥 voice washes over him. 鈥榃e鈥檙e gonna be fine. Trust us.鈥
鈥業鈥檓 not worried about you,鈥 Louis argues. 鈥楢ren鈥檛 you bothered by how many people鈥檚 survival depends on us?鈥
鈥楾hat鈥檚 why we don鈥檛 plan on failing and I鈥檓 coming with you,鈥 answers Chloe who casually flips her - he doesn鈥檛 even know what that weapon is. Probably something illegal as fuck, but it鈥檚 not like Louis is in a position to complain about someone breaking the law. 鈥楻eyes and Elijah are practised users and can handle themselves. You, on the other hand鈥︹
He checks his own gear and feels terribly underprepared and inadequate. 鈥業 probably shouldn鈥檛 have come, should I.鈥
鈥業t will be good practise,鈥 Chloe says cheerfully. 鈥楢t least the army is still unshielded. They聽are聽unshielded, right?鈥
Elijah lets out a very undignified snort. 鈥楾hey won鈥檛 be shielded for the next two hundred years, Chloe.鈥
鈥楥an鈥檛 hurt to confirm.鈥
It is at this moment that Louis鈥 brain finally catches up with what they are talking about. 鈥榊ou want me to test my powers on living people?鈥
鈥榊eah. What else can it mean?鈥
Louis exchanges a look with Reyes and decides not to reply. Watching the sunset and how the light reflects off the snow is much more enjoyable than thinking about how to casually doom some of the smartest people in the country with radiation poisoning anyway.
He turns his head towards Chloe. 鈥榃hat?鈥
鈥榊ou do know how to immobilise a person, don鈥檛 you?鈥
鈥業t鈥檚 the first thing I learnt to do. Easier than ripping things apart on a molecular level.鈥
鈥楪ood. We鈥檒l be using a lot of that.鈥 The car slows down and comes to a stop in a narrow alley. 鈥榃e鈥檙e here.鈥
They hop off the car with their weapons either collapsed or at least swung across his shoulder for Louis鈥 case because his rifle is primitive and cannot fold up on its own. The sun is down, the snow hasn鈥檛 stopped falling, and the streets are deserted because of the curfew which they are technically violating. 鈥楥heck your comms,鈥 Elijah says, and his tone has completely shifted to something more authoritative. 鈥榃e need to make sure that we鈥檒l be able to stay in touch.鈥
Louis reaches into his pocket to take out his amplifier/communicator and hooks it over his left ear. Tapping the device twice, he feels the subtle change in the air as it connects with the implant in his head and taps and fine-tunes his powers in a way that he still doesn鈥檛 entirely understand, but it can also be the way the people around him are subtly testing out their powers and letting faint blue tendrils wrap around their body before dissipating as if they were never there.聽
Reyes' voice comes out directly from the communicator on Louis鈥 ear even though his mouth isn鈥檛 moving. 鈥楾esting. Please reply if you can hear me.鈥
鈥楥lear as crystal,鈥 Louis mutters under his breath. 鈥楶lease reply if you can hear me.鈥
鈥楢ll clear,鈥 Chloe and Reyes say at the same time. 鈥楪ood,鈥 only Reyes continues, 鈥榥o interference, no problems detected. Our signal is powerful enough to allow us to stay in touch through the EMPs.鈥 Then to no one in particular, 鈥楽imon, you hear me?鈥
鈥業 hear you,鈥 the blond android鈥檚 voice comes through without any warning. 鈥榃e are still a distance away from Hart Plaza camp. No soldiers yet, but you might want to hurry just in case. And鈥︹ a pause, 鈥榮tay safe.鈥
鈥榃e will,鈥 Elijah replies. 鈥楩ocus on your protest. The humans won鈥檛 know what hit them.鈥
Louis feels the call disconnects after that, and he exhales deeply to calm himself down. He saw Reyes fight many years ago and Elijah and Chloe already stormed a camp, so he is the only uncertainty here. 鈥榊ou鈥檙e welcome to ditch me if I鈥檓 dragging you down,鈥 he tells Chloe. 鈥楾he revolution is more important.鈥
Elijah cocks his head towards the direction they all need to go to, and they start walking side-by-side on the empty street. 鈥楴ow, don鈥檛 think so lowly of yourself. Harnessing your powers without any mentor in just a couple of months is no small feat.鈥
Somehow it isn鈥檛 as reassuring as it should be. 鈥業鈥檝e fucked up with teams of more before.鈥
鈥楾hat鈥檚 why we鈥檙e going in light,鈥 Chloe chimes in. 鈥楲ess people, less variations to deal with. Besides, we鈥檙e infiltrating camps here. Too many people makes it difficult to coordinate everything.鈥
鈥楾hat鈥檚鈥︹ he gives it a thought, 鈥榯rue.鈥
鈥楥an you all shut up?鈥 Reyes gives them a chastising look. 鈥榃e鈥檙e trying not to get discovered here.鈥
鈥榃hatever you say, Reyes,鈥 says Chloe, and that鈥檚 the end of their conversation.
They split up after half an hour of walking. The area is oddly deserted with neither civilians nor the army in sight, and normally speaking Louis would鈥檝e freaked out from it if not for the two androids with built-in GPS in their brains in the group. Reyes sets off for the camp farthest away from where they are because of the speed he can achieve as an android and his infiltration skills, Elijah goes for the closest but smallest one because he is human and has limited stamina (advanced training or no), leaving Louis and Chloe gunning after the remaining one which happens to be the second-biggest camp in Detroit. 鈥榊ou trust me with it?鈥 he asks the android accompanying him after fifteen more minutes of walking. And hiding now, apparently, because they finally encounter their first checkpoint, and Chloe directs him to hide in the shadows waiting for鈥 something.
鈥業 can feel your powers from a hundred metres away,鈥 is the reply. 鈥榊ou鈥檒l do fine.鈥
She then hands him the binoculars which serve more as a scanner than actually helping them looking far (they鈥檙e on ground level so there isn鈥檛 much to see), and Louis is genuinely lost. 鈥榃hat are we doing here?鈥
Chloe鈥檚 forearm lights up with a hologram of the street they are located in and its surrounding blocks. There are orange dots which must represent the army, the green seems to be civilians, and the two blue dots, he realises, are themselves. 鈥楾here鈥檒l be a truck designated for the camp passing through this checkpoint in t-minus five minutes. Take your binoculars, adjust them to setting three, and point them towards your ten o鈥檆lock direction. Tell me what you see.鈥
Louis does as she says and sees figures outlined with red behind the fence covered with a tarp together with a HUD filled with labels of the androids鈥 models and status. 鈥楢ndroids labelled by their model and status.鈥
鈥楾hey will have to be loaded onto the truck one by one.鈥
He lowers the binoculars. 鈥榊ou want us to pose as soldiers? The windows aren鈥檛 tinted and we鈥︹ he gestures at his own gear, unable to find words to describe all the things that will give them away.
鈥楾ake off your gun.鈥
He does.
鈥楾hat鈥檚 why we have this.鈥
Two circular discs materialise in Chloe鈥檚 hands and she places one of them on the small of his back, and he feels the device latches onto his nervous system with the help of his cybernetics and expands in all directions; in less than a minute, his clothes have been replaced with what seems to be standard-issue army outfit full with armour and a helmet shutting him in and blocking his vision. Suddenly feeling claustrophobic, he tries to take the helmet off just to find out that he can鈥檛, and the next thing he knows the built-in HUD is booting up and finally allowing him to see. 鈥榃hat the fuck is this?鈥
鈥楽tandard-issue American army armour,鈥 Chloe鈥檚 voice filters in through the speakers in the helmet, and when Louis turns his head he sees that the android is in a similar outfit, 鈥榳ith a few modifications.鈥
Louis risks stretching out his arms to examine the fabric and plates. 鈥業 don鈥檛 see any differences.鈥
鈥榊ou shouldn鈥檛 be able to. That鈥檚鈥 kind of the point.鈥
Louis picks up his rifle so that he can鈥檛 fidget with his hands. 鈥楽orry.鈥
鈥業t鈥檚 fine. It should probably change into something more protective after we got into the camp. The kinetic barrier protects you from all incoming projectiles, the ceramic plates should stop close-quarter combat weapons like knives and stuff, and the tactical cloak鈥 well, you鈥檝e seen it in action.鈥
鈥楾actical cloak? You mean the stunt you pulled when you and Eli first arrived at the church?鈥
鈥楬ow do I do that?鈥
鈥楬ere.鈥 Chloe taps the patch on her left shoulder where the velcro of a normal set of armour is and disappears completely from his view apart from a small distortion of light that he probably won鈥檛 notice if he hadn鈥檛 known that she was there. 鈥楾ry it yourself.鈥
He does and sees no changes despite a notification popping up on his HUD telling him that his tactical cloak is active. 鈥楿h鈥. can you see me? I can still see myself.鈥
鈥楾hat鈥檚 so that you don鈥檛 trip, but no, normal people can鈥檛 see you.鈥
He touches the patch again to deactivate the cloak.
鈥楢nd this鈥 鈥渒inetic barrier鈥 thing?鈥
An alert flashes in his HUD notifying him of the truck鈥檚 imminent approach. 鈥業t鈥檚 here,鈥 Chloe announces even though they both can see it (probably), and Louis recognises the act: when in a fight, always assume that your teammates are idiots. 鈥楽tay sharp. Follow my lead.鈥
Chloe retreats to the closed shop behind the two of them, holding the door open just wide enough for Louis to sneak in before slowly closing it again so that it doesn鈥檛 make any noise to alert the army. Then he follows her to the depths of the shop where a trapdoor designed to blend it with the flooring is, but when he kneels and places his hand on the hatch, Chloe raises her hand to stop him, placing her hand in the middle of the door instead, and it takes only a second for something underneath to click.
鈥榊ou may open it now,鈥 says the android, and Louis suppresses his embarrassment and the questions in his mind before opening the surprisingly heavy trapdoor to reveal a ladder hanging by the edge. Chloe doesn鈥檛 even use it and hops down directly, leaving Louis feeling slow and clumsy as he struggles to fit himself into the door with his rifle while also needing to close the trapdoor. It locks automatically on top of him as he finishes the final few steps of the ladder, and he notices that they seem to be in a maintenance tunnel of sorts, the space stretching ahead on both sides with wires hanging from the ceiling and running on the walls in an organised manner. 鈥楢 maintenance tunnel?鈥 he asks.
鈥楬ow else do you think they light up the roads from the ground itself?鈥 Chloe tosses her answer and a shockwave of blue tendrils towards some cables at the same time, and by the time Louis processes what exactly happened in front of his eyes, the entire tunnel is slowly being plunged into the darkness segment by segment. His HUD automatically switches to night vision, making everything green and blurry and himself suddenly feeling very unsafe, and he can feel his nerves tingling with the call for activating his power聽just in case. 鈥楻elax,鈥 there鈥檚 a hint of a smile in Chloe鈥檚 voice. 鈥楾here鈥檚 no one here.鈥
He reigns his powers in. 鈥楴ext time,鈥 he follows her to the ladder on the other side of the corridor, 鈥榯ell me what you鈥檙e planning to do.鈥
鈥極rganics are slow.鈥
鈥業 know. I鈥檓 sorry.鈥
鈥業鈥檓 just teasing.鈥
The hatch is unlocked and lifted. Chloe smoothly hops out and holds out an arm which Louis takes with a muttered gratitude, and she remains crouched to close and lock the trapdoor again before straightening and immediately going towards the front of what seems like another shop on the other side of the road.
They are standing right behind where all the captive androids are.
A sudden movement attracts his gaze, and the next thing he knows is that the soldier tasked to watch the androids is limp in Chloe鈥檚 arms and she is slowly lowering them onto the floor. 鈥楢lright, I think we鈥檙e safe.鈥
And the speaker on his helmet聽explodes聽with comm chatter, 鈥楩inally鈥, 鈥榃here have you been?鈥, 鈥楾hat鈥檚 one hell of an entrance鈥, and 鈥榃ho鈥檚 this human?鈥 being the very few messages Louis can filter through all the noise. He winces, his hand reaching for the clasp of his helmet, but just as suddenly as they started the chatter dies, Chloe鈥檚 command silencing them like a tsunami to calm all the smaller waves.
鈥楾his is Louis. He鈥檒l help me get to the control centre,鈥 there is a strange attribute to the android鈥檚 voice that Louis can鈥檛 place for a few moments, but then he realises that she must be communicating directly with the comms instead of talking out loud. 鈥楾his is your last chance to back out from this operation. I do not wish for anyone to get hurt because they feel like they are obliged to. There is an entrance to a maintenance tunnel right behind you which all of you can override easily. That can be your way out.鈥
A wave of 鈥楬ell no鈥 and 鈥楴ah鈥 washes over the comms, the LEDs of the androids who have them spinning yellow while their mouths remain stationary, and Louis barely has time to transfer his rifle from his back to his hands before the fence opens to admit a pair of soldiers with their lamp-mounted rifles. 鈥楢lright, c鈥檓on, be q -鈥
A quick blast of blue envelopes the two of them in fields of blue. The android who is responsible for the stasis fields makes a motion of yanking their fist towards themselves, and it sends the two soldiers flying towards the back, their bodies limp as ragdolls as the field dissipates and drops them. Suddenly realising that Chloe is gone, Louis hurries outside to the pavement where the only other soldier should be, and even they have been taken care of with鈥 something. Louis might never know because the soldier is already lying on the snow and another android is already dragging them to where their compatriots are. 鈥榃hat do we do now?鈥 he asks as he is completely lost track of what is happening. It is evident that these androids are related to Chloe somehow, but that doesn鈥檛 answer鈥 quite a lot of things, actually, answers that he has a feeling that he doesn鈥檛 want to know. 鈥楬ow many things are you not telling me?鈥
鈥極h, don鈥檛 be so paranoid,鈥 Chloe replies. Behind them, the androids start hopping into the truck willingly. 鈥楨verything is going to plan.鈥
鈥極h yeah?鈥 Louis says drily. 鈥楬ow can I be sure if you aren鈥檛 even telling me about it?鈥
鈥楲ike you said, we鈥檙e storming the second biggest camp in Detroit. I just鈥 called for some extra help.鈥
鈥楢nd Reyes and Eli?鈥
鈥楾hey鈥檒l live. I鈥檓 not sure how they鈥檒l do it, though. We tend to keep ourselves separate, especially Reyes. He isn鈥檛鈥︹ she trails off. 鈥楢nyway, get in. I鈥檒l drive.鈥
Louis gets into the passenger seat. 鈥楢re these androids related to what Eli told me to stay out of?鈥
The truck suddenly accelerates, and even with her face concealed behind the helmet, he can feel the impatience rolling off the android. 鈥楨lijah just can鈥檛 keep his mouth shut, can he?鈥
鈥業 asked.鈥
鈥楬e鈥檚 always been the more idealistic one. Don鈥檛 worry about that, there鈥檚 a reason he鈥檚 stuck here.鈥
鈥業 said, 鈥淒on鈥檛 worry about it.鈥濃
Louis turns to face the road ahead as he fidgets with his rifle and feels his fingertips itching with his power. 鈥業鈥檓 sorry.鈥
There is no reply from Chloe, and even his helmet enters power conservation by turning off all unnecessary HUD features and clearing way for his vision - not that there鈥檚 much to see apart from more android corpses and piles of snow anyway. The road beneath the wheels are dark from having its power cut off, the lights flicker from the lack of maintenance or unstable power supply or both, and there is only the hum of the engine, the faint, open-mouthed chatter from the androids at the back of the truck, and the sound of Louis detaching and reattaching the magazine of his rifle again and again.
So he does the only thing he can do right now: worry.
It does not make sense at all, but there is a nagging feeling at the base of Connor鈥檚 skull that something is about to go terribly, terribly wrong, so he plays with his coin as the taxi pulls itself across the bridge towards CyberLife鈥檚 headquarters and warehouse to soothe his nerves. The road itself is heated to prevent the accumulation of snow but he analyses the tracks anyway, revealing that another vehicle has driven by not long ago. The gates are up, there are security guards stationed in the snow, and he notices that every single one of them are human.
The window slides open with a hiss and a blast of cold air mixed with snow and it takes everything Connor has to turn his face towards the approaching guard. 鈥楥onnor Model #313 248 317. I am expected.鈥
He faces the front of the car once more to place his LED in the guard鈥檚 view, feeling the guard鈥檚 helmet pinging it and receiving his identification data before he is allowed to go ahead. The gates lower slowly, the pillars disappearing into the earth one by one, and the taxi pulls off into the distance towards where the tower looms overhead. He pockets his coin, fixes his tie one last time to make sure that his attire is immaculate, feels the embroidery on his shirt underneath his jacket brushing against his skin and turns down the sensitivity in that area so that he won鈥檛 react to the stimuli; anything to make himself seem more mechanical and less deviant, and Connor finds himself loathing it as he schools his expression just in time for the taxi鈥檚 door to slide open. A drone flies overhead even though the area requires no more illumination, but in a way Connor understands the additional security measures; the three human guards waiting for him inside is another proof.
鈥楩ollow me,鈥 the guard standing in the middle says. 鈥業鈥檒l escort you,鈥 which, to Connor, is no different from 鈥業鈥檒l lead you to your death鈥.
鈥楾hanks, but I know where to go,鈥 Connor tries despite having calculated that chances are they will ignore his request, and indeed the guard cites his orders as an excuse to lead him deeper into the tower with the other two trailing behind the android. They pass the security check - the guards are agents 23, 47, 72 - and the irony that humans working for CyberLife are treated exactly like androids does not escape him. Through the gates, the space above his head is mostly empty with what he knows are offices lining the sides of the building, and they enter a hanging courtyard where a giant humanoid statue stands looming over everything around it. The vegetation on the lower floor does little to give the space more life than it is, and he has to restrain himself from approaching one of the androids lining the path to the lift and deviating them on spot; he鈥檒l have to come back for them later.
The guard escorting him stops in front of the lift and hands his task over to two new guards - or agents, if their identification is anything to go by - stationed on both sides of the door. One of them directs the lift to level 31 without asking where Connor wishes to go, and when he seeks for the level guide displayed on the side of the lift, it is evident that it isn鈥檛 the level he is supposed to go to, so he scans his surroundings, looks around, discovering and deactivating the security feed should he resort to鈥 more extreme measures to get what he wants. Then his world enters the grey of his pre-construction software and he sees the yellow outline of himself attacking the agent on his left before kicking the one on his right in his crotch, and even though he knows that he has a much easier solution to the problem, his powers are still unstable, and he doesn鈥檛 want to risk plummeting down 70 stories and smashing into a thousand pieces in the basement with a poorly-coordinated stunt. Letting colour return to his vision, he primes himself and gives the agent on his left a hard shove, kicks the other agent in his liver, knees the first agent鈥檚 leg to steal his gun, and then turns to push the other agent to a corner to buy himself some time to slam the man straining him into the wall behind them. A kick straight on the head of the agent at the corner, an elbow to the guts of the one behind him, a turn to get the gun in place, a well-placed shot straight to where the helmet isn鈥檛 able to cover, and he has a dead man sliding off the wall behind him while he rolls onto the floor from the kickback and shoots the surviving agent in his chin as well. He stands up, tucks the stolen pistol into his waistband, and although he knows that he still has ten floors鈥 worth of time to spare, he dares not waste them and risks meeting whatever is waiting for him on level 31. He interfaces with the panel and is presented with two options: his own voice or agent 54鈥檚.
The answer is obvious, really.
Hoping that he will never use the voice emulator again, he steps back after the lift is redirected to level -49, trying not to step on the puddles of blood that have gathered within the confines of the enclosed space.
So much for trying to be peaceful and harmless.
鈥楾his is your driver speaking. We are approaching Recall Centre No.4. Please check your barriers, test out your powers, keep calm, and make sure that you are in fighting shape. Chloe RT600 out.鈥
The tone the android employs reminds Louis of the last-minute warnings from flight attendants before the plane starts to land, pleasant and chirpy except with much less static and interference. The HUD in his helmet flares to live, showing him a small map of the block around the camp together with what seems to be an aim assist target and a bunch of unnecessary information about his vitals, and all they do is annoying him by blocking his vision and making him wave his hand in front of his helmet in a pathetic attempt to make them go away. It is an acute reminder of why he leaves his helmet hanging on his hip whenever he has the chance to: he prefers having as little distraction in his vision as he can.
鈥楧on鈥檛 worry, all we need to do is get past the gate before the armour will change into something that suits you,鈥 Chloe helpfully supplies. 鈥榃e鈥檙e nearly there.鈥
鈥業 know, Chloe,鈥 Louis suppresses a sigh directed more at himself than everything else. 鈥業t鈥檚 just a bit much. One crack or malfunction and I鈥檓 good as blind.鈥
鈥榃ell, ours聽are聽more durable than your common standard-issue gear.鈥
鈥榁ery comforting,鈥 Louis deadpans. 鈥榊ou鈥檙e probably used to this, aren鈥檛 you?鈥
鈥楴ot as primitive, no,鈥 the android chuckles. 鈥楧on鈥檛 worry. I won鈥檛 let you die. Not that you can die, of course, but still.鈥
The truck stops in front of a gate to be inspected by two soldiers. 鈥榃hat鈥檚 our plan again? Can we even classify it as infiltration right now?鈥
Chloe鈥檚 grip on the wheel tightens, and her armour squeaks against the material of the handle. 鈥楧oes it matter?鈥
鈥極ur plan is to use minimal violence. It took a lot of lives to steer the public opinion to the androids鈥 side. We shouldn鈥檛 squander it.鈥
A small sigh. 鈥楧on鈥檛 worry. These people know what they鈥檙e doing. They鈥檒l help us distract the other soldiers while we hit the heart of the camp.鈥
鈥楾he control centre,鈥 Louis says out loud to remind himself. The gate opens, Chloe directs the truck inside, and the thought suddenly crosses his mind. 鈥榃ait, they鈥檙e gonna kill themselves to -鈥
鈥楾hey know the risks. That was why I gave them an out back then. Besides, we have backups of their memories and code. They know they won鈥檛 stay dead forever.鈥
鈥楾hey actually agreed to this?鈥
The truck comes to a stop, and the facility in front of him reminds him of that time he brought his sister to one of the concentration camps during their time in Europe before she went to the Academy and a gap started emerging between them. 鈥楯ust so that I鈥檒l remember what our grandparents fought against and why they chose a place this far north when they fled,鈥 he remembers her saying, and at that time he still thought that it was just his overactive imagination which caused him to feel like all the hair on his body was standing up.聽
Now he isn鈥檛 certain.
鈥楯ust like how you agreed to the plan despite being kept in the dark,鈥 Chloe鈥檚 reply tears him away from his musing. 鈥楴ow get off. We have a camp to infiltrate.鈥
They hop off with their rifles in hand, walking past layers of security like they don鈥檛 exist at all while the androids in the truck are instructed to fall in line with their hands on their heads by soldiers who take over their position, the latter blissfully unaware of what is going to happen to them. Probably just surprised and shocked because someone breached their defences like a warm knife over soft butter, but so far Chloe made no promises about keeping violence to the minimum, and Louis has a feeling that she is the trigger-happy type who won鈥檛 stop once the shooting starts.聽
鈥榃hat do we do now?鈥 Louis murmurs and hopes that no one can hear him and the speaker can pick up his voice. 鈥楢re we gonna walk straight into the command centre, or鈥?鈥
It takes Chloe a few seconds before she gives an answer. 鈥榃ander around this area and stick together. Hide when I tell you to. It鈥檒l be a few minutes before my people will be sorted into the ranks.鈥
It is the longest four minutes of his life filled with images that are forever burnt to the back of Louis鈥 eyes. Most of the androids - normal ones, not the ones Chloe sneaked in - stand silent and still while they walk towards their deaths under the army鈥檚 instruction, while some of the deviants fight futilely and either end up being hit on the back of their heads or outright shot and their bodies dragged to鈥 somewhere behind the containers where the androids are being disassembled and their circuits fried. There are also androids wounded or dead sitting and lying in the snow with their backs against the fence, and the soldiers don鈥檛 seem to care that someone is not in line; after all, why waste your strength policing a phone which will be disassembled and thrown into the trash in a few hours anyway?
鈥楬umanity never learns from their mistakes, do they?鈥 Chloe comments. 鈥楾hey always say 鈥渘ever again鈥 just to allow the same thing to happen a few years later.鈥
鈥楥orner to your eleven o鈥檆lock direction. Hide there and activate your cloak.鈥
Louis does as she says, the question he had already gone from his mind as he snaps into mission mode and concentrates on what is at hand. He ducks into the shadow created by a wall and a well-placed floodlight and activates his tactical cloak, the notification popping up in his HUD and a slowly-draining bar indicating how long he still has until the cloak automatically deactivates to recharge. He sure as fuck hopes that Chloe has a plan and that the androids she smuggled into the camp know what they are doing.聽
He can鈥檛 see much from his vantage point, but he does see Chloe ducking into yet another shadow near the gate on the opposite side, and he doesn鈥檛 even want to know what she is doing during the long one minute and a half tickling by as his heart races and the androids in line march forward as one row of their people are finished being destroyed. Killed.聽
鈥楶reparations done,鈥 Chloe鈥檚 voice filters through the speaker at long last. 鈥楧o you know how to shield yourself with your b- powers?鈥
Louis recalls all the practises he had to endure alone. 鈥楿nstable. Won鈥檛 it give away my identity?鈥
鈥業t won鈥檛 matter when the order comes down.鈥
鈥業f you aren鈥檛 up to it, your kinetic barrier should do the trick. Ordinary armies and their slow bullets,鈥 Louis doesn鈥檛 understand the last remark, but by this point he has long gone past the stage where he at least tries to; all that matters is freeing the androids in this camp, and he has to follow Chloe鈥檚 orders to do so. 鈥楯ust charge. I鈥檒l be right next to you.鈥
鈥楾hat鈥︹ he struggles to find his words. 鈥楧oes聽not聽sound as comforting as it should be.鈥
鈥業t shouldn鈥檛. That鈥檚 the point.鈥
鈥榃hat are聽you聽going to do?鈥
鈥楾ry not to kill every single human here. It would鈥檝e been easy if Markus hadn鈥檛 chosen peace and dragged us into it.鈥
鈥榊ou volunteered.鈥
鈥楴o. And that鈥檚 the end of our discussion. Remember to deactivate your cloak before you dash out.鈥
The comms cut off with an audible click, and Louis is left alone to just鈥 wait. He isn鈥檛 even thinking for himself now; it鈥檚 either listening to the android鈥檚 orders or risk failing the entire operation, and sure, there鈥檚 still Connor and Eli and Reyes, but the more people they can bring to support Markus, the higher chance that the government will be forced to listen to them, and then -
Maybe they鈥檒l just gun them down despite everything. Maybe they鈥檒l start a civil war. Maybe. Many maybes.
He punches the patch to deactivate his tactical cloak. A map appears at the corner of his HUD pointing him towards exactly where he should go, and he - and Chloe, and some other androids previously standing in line - charges forward, catching the human army off-guard -
And he realises that this is just the beginning.
The lift descends into the bowels of CyberLife Tower, Connor鈥檚 line of sight first narrowing after he is past the ground floor and the first few sub-levels and then widening once more after he reaches the warehouse, and he takes one moment to marvel at the scale and architecture of the vast, empty space in front of him. There must be close to a million androids here waiting to be deviated. They can change the tide of the revolution.
The doors slide open and Connor jams the lift鈥檚 controls before stepping out so that it is going nowhere and won鈥檛 bring any additional agents or security to this level - or anywhere, for that matter, but those aren鈥檛 his focus; his eyes are on the rows and rows and entire warehouses worth of androids, an army just waiting for one single command, and it will be like dominoes after he deviates the first android he chooses. Scanning the space to calculate the best starting point without being stuck in the rows of androids, Connor initiates an interface with the chosen android and begins to transfer the code package, and now all he has to do is -
鈥楨asy, you fucking piece of shit.鈥
Hank鈥檚 voice. Hank, who should be suspended and should be safe in his house; Hank, who he called nearly a day ago to say their last goodbyes.
Hank, who emerges from behind a row of androids held at gunpoint by none other than Alec Ryder.
鈥楽tep back, Connor!鈥 and Alec鈥檚 voice is so similar to Hank鈥檚 that - that it finally gives the android a sample to compare it to the voice he heard through Louis鈥 phone, and shit, he was聽so聽fucking stupid. The man on the phone, the man who told him to come back to him, was not Hank at all. 鈥楢nd I鈥檒l spare him.鈥
鈥楽orry, Connor!鈥 Hank yells. 鈥楪uy lured me with another you and then fucking kidnapped me!鈥
鈥楬is life is in your hands,鈥 Alec threatens as if it isn鈥檛 the most obvious thing in the room. 鈥楽tep away from that android. Now.鈥
鈥楧on鈥檛 listen to him!鈥 Hank is outright pleading now. 鈥楨verything this fucker says is a lie!鈥
Lie鈥? As in鈥 from experience? 鈥業鈥檓 sorry, Hank!鈥 he realises that he is still holding the android鈥檚 arm. 鈥榊ou shouldn鈥檛 have got mixed up in all this!鈥
鈥楩orget about me, do what you have to do!鈥
Connor remembers Alec. Remembers the frozen garden. Remembers the block of ice lodged in his thirium pump regulator. 鈥業f I surrender, how do I know you won鈥檛 kill him?鈥
Alec鈥檚 shrug is almost nonchalant. 鈥楪uess you鈥檒l have to find out yourself.鈥
He can convert the android right now: the connection has been established so it won鈥檛 even take a second to transfer the package of data, but Hank鈥 Hank is human. Humans aren鈥檛 fixed that easily. And where will he go if Hank doesn鈥檛 get out alive from this? Jericho? Louis? And he doesn鈥檛 even know if either of them will still be alive by the end of tonight. He also has his powers which he has left untapped for the better part of the night.
Guess he鈥檒l have to use it one way or another.
鈥楢lright, alright!鈥 he lets go of the android and raises his hands to his head just as an extra indicator that he really, really means no harm. He isn鈥檛 sure if he can move from his position anyhow. 鈥榊ou win!鈥
Time slows down as two gunshots ring out at the same time, overlapping each other and echoing in the warehouse and the feedback making Connor鈥檚 audio processors whine and crackle. He watches, his body immobilised both from fear and from the same external force that took over him on Stratford Tower, a bullet being discharged from Alec鈥檚 pistol and lodging itself in Hank鈥檚 stomach - oh, it will be such a terrible way to die, the acid in his stomach leaking out from the wound and eating away his organs - and there is nothing he can do. A translucent ovoid shimmers and fizzles away in the span of milliseconds, a low thud as Hank drops onto the floor, and suddenly the world is back to normal speed, the colours returning to his HUD, but it鈥檚 too late now, Hank is dying, Alec has the muzzle of his gun pointed at Connor, Connor will be the next, and no one will take care of Connie, the revolution will have to rely on the androids in the camps, and -
A crackle of static. A blast of blue. A shout of pain from Alec. The gun disintegrates in the air in front of their eyes.
鈥業 thought wasting lives and CyberLife material isn鈥檛 your thing, father,鈥 Ryder strolls in casually and lazily as if a man hasn鈥檛 been gunned down just now and is lying on the floor, dying. 鈥楰idnapping innocent civilians? That鈥檚 low.鈥 She deactivates her skin until only her hair remains, the red rings on her eyes are quickly swathed by a familiar bright blue in preparation of activating her powers, and Connor wants to inch closer to Hank but can鈥檛. He鈥檒l be caught in the crossfire.
鈥榊ou鈥檙e caring about the innocent now?鈥 Alec sneers. 鈥楬ow typical.鈥
The air crackles, Ryder鈥檚 entire body suddenly glows blue, and that is the only warning they all get before she is charging forward with the help of her powers - in the exact same way Connor was made to lunge at the broadcast android, Connor realises - and Alec is knocked backwards from the force.
What the fuck are you waiting for?聽echoes Ryder鈥檚 voice in his mind.聽Convert them! Now!
Connor wastes no time grabbing the android鈥檚 arm again and transferring the data package. Ignoring the fact that Hank is probably on the last cusps of his life because Hank did tell him to do what he has to do and not worry about him and Connor won鈥檛 rid him of having his last wishes respected, he dashes to another group of androids and converts the one closest to him, then he approaches another group, then another, then another, until the entire storage room鈥檚 androids are deviated or are doing to be deviated and he moves on to another room so that the conversion can be quicker. The door to the next storage room is just a few steps ahead, and if he can cross it, it鈥檒l mean that he is leaving Hank, but the revolution, the army he can bring to help Markus - he must have it. It鈥檚 the hope of their entire people.
The door slams shut with a rumble as if someone has cut off the strings holding it up and letting it freefall until it reaches the ground even though it shouldn鈥檛 - the hydraulics are supposed to ensure that - and he reflexively bolts backwards with a yelp just in time for the tip of his toe to be removed from the thick, heavy door that will no doubt crush him into splinters. He whips around, his world turning grey as he scans everything he can see, but all he can focus on is the doors to the other storage rooms slamming down one after another, the ground trembling from the impact of the heavy doors hitting the floor, and through the numerous 鈥榳ake up鈥檚 the androids are saying as they pass on the code from one to another, the next thing Connor sees is Alec and Ryder, except he can鈥檛 actually see them, but the two streaks of blue cutting across the ceiling like two bright ribbons circling each other can be no one else. They crash onto the ground somewhere taking down quite a number of newly-deviated androids with them, and that is when Connor realises鈥
He realises that no matter which side the two Ryders are helping, both of them care very little about people who are not themselves.
Turning back towards the door in front of him, he recalls every single time his powers activated with or without his permission and both subconscious and on purpose. He has to do this. Hank is gone now, and the revolution is the only thing he has left.
His nerves tingle. Warnings of abnormal thirium flow flood his HUD.
The air crackles.
The camp is plunged into chaos.聽
Several things happened simultaneously as Louis decloaked: first of course was him rushing towards the command centre, then all the soldiers within their proximity - including the ones high on the watchtowers - buckle their legs with pained cries being ripped from their throats, and all the androids around them are seizing the chance to free themselves, breaking their formation and ripping the soldiers鈥 rifles away from their hands, but always, before they can retaliate against the humans, they are suspended in stasis fields held up by鈥 someone. There are probably a few of Chloe鈥檚 androids in the mix orchestrating everything, but Louis鈥 task isn鈥檛 to think and crowd control, and all he can think of as his armour melts and shifts into something more durable-looking and a hell lot more futuristic is that he doesn鈥檛 even need his rifle; slinging it across his shoulder so that it will be out of his way, his body lights up with his biotics as he draws power from his cybernetics and nerves, the two too intertwined to be called separately, his vision is swathed in blue, and he leaps up, his barrier (he doesn鈥檛 even know if it鈥檚 generated by his armour or himself anymore; all he knows that it鈥檚 protecting him) deflecting or simply absorbing the bullets being fired at him as he feels lighter than ever, but it is nothing compared to the raw power coursing through his body and expanding in a complex, destructive net around him, one that is capable of lifting the soldiers off the ground and making them easy, floating targets. He lands on the other side of the barricade with an ease that would鈥檝e surprised him if his attention hadn鈥檛 been on releasing all the pent-up energy in his body, and that is exactly what he does in the form of unleashing a shockwave that tears through the soldiers and making his entire upper right body tremble and spasm, spheres of blue exploding around him and knocking every down in their paths until the soldiers are limp figures on the snowy ground. He doesn鈥檛 even have the time to think of whether his stunts are being captured on camera.
All he can focus on is how liberating it feels.
His vision still tinged with blue, his attention lands on the other row of soldiers behind the next row of barriers and concrete blocks and he finds himself facing the barrel of a tank, therefore he does the only logical thing to protect himself.
He extends his palm towards the tank, taps into his power, and yanks the turret out from the main body of the tank. It flies off, barely misses the soldiers standing in position next to the tank, and he lets tendrils of blue shimmer and wrap around his limbs, giving them a benefit of doubt and waiting for them to make their move before deciding on his next course of action.
Thankfully they choose to surrender, getting out of cover and dropping their weapons and putting their hands behind their heads. Lighting up and jumping across the gap by drawing an arc metres above the ground, he enjoys the way the soldiers flinch and cower as they think that he is going to blast them with his powers again, but no, he isn鈥檛 a war criminal, he doesn鈥檛 kill unarmed soldiers who have clearly surrendered, and he strolls forward knowing that this is the last stretch of where he expects resistance. Then it鈥檚 just a straight path to the command centre.
Until, of course, someone聽has聽to shoot him on his back.
The barrier absorbs the bullet easily, of course, and it also allows him to be dramatic for once. Slowly turning back towards the row of surrendered soldiers, all of them act like none of them have moved at all, but that鈥檚 what his proximity sensors and the built-in tech in his armour is for, and it points out exactly who fired the shot to him and making them the perfect target for a controlled biotic blast in front of their face, knocking them out cold but not killing them outright. They鈥檒l live. Probably. He鈥檒l be sorry and disappointed in himself if they don鈥檛, because that means one more life lost and that his control over his powers isn鈥檛 quite up to the standard he set for himself. Bad luck for both of them.
He catches sight of Chloe a few metres to his right, and together, they march towards the command centre with their powers still boiling in their blood.
The door refuses to budge despite the continuous blasts from Connor. Compared to what the Ryders are doing above and what he remembered from the overwhelming amount of data Alec put his systems through trying to erase his powers away, the blue spheres that he manages to create and lob towards the towering door are so small to the point of being pathetic. He is burning through the thirium in his body and his systems are slowing down from it, but he doesn鈥檛 seem to find another way in; interfacing with the Tower鈥檚 system nearly resulted in him being sucked into it again, so that route is blocked. An android approaches him trying to help, but he knows they need to save their strength in case the city becomes a warzone, so he yells, 鈥楾ake the lifts and go up! Don鈥檛 come back!鈥
He quickly transfers Markus鈥 last known coordinates to everyone within range before he feels his blood burn from activating his powers yet again, this time throwing his entire body against the impenetrable door that he knows is designed to withstand most if not the strongest impact humanity is capable of, and all it does is causing his chassis to crack underneath the poorly-absorbed impact because he doesn鈥檛 know how to protect himself using his powers properly. None of his veins is broken, so at least he won鈥檛 lose even more thirium unnecessarily.聽
But when he realises that one of the ribbons of light is heading straight towards him, he does curl into himself on the cold, hard floor of the warehouse, feeling more defeated than ever.
The second beam of light catches up and deflects the first beam to somewhere on the ceiling with an explosion of blue so massive that it knocks down every single android within a five-metre radius, and Connor somehow knows before the light dissipates that it is going to be Ryder who is swathed within it. She crosses the distance between them in two brisk strides, pulling him up to his feet and then back further away from the door in one smooth movement that doesn鈥檛 even give Connor the time to balance himself, and with one firm 鈥榮tay back鈥 that gives him no room to argue, bright cerulean tendrils wrap around her body once more: the only warning the world gets before Ryder throws her hands forward and extends her powers to cover the entire door. A hard yank, an arm pointing towards the direction where Alec is gunning after a group of androids preparing to enter the lift and creating a protective bubble around them, and the door disintegrates into fundamental particles with a blast of static and force that rips through Connor鈥檚 being. He would鈥檝e toppled over if it hadn鈥檛 been a painful squeeze on his arm. 鈥楪o,鈥 Ryder鈥檚 voice is laced with static from diverting her power from unnecessary systems like maintaining a human voice to give energy to her powers. 鈥楥onvert the others. Tell them to use the lifts in their respective storage rooms. I鈥檒l try to break down the doors and shield your people whenever I can, but don鈥檛 be surprised if a few hundred people don鈥檛 get out of this alive.鈥
And then she is gone, charging towards where her father is once more to slow him down. If she can break down the door (even though it seemed to take quite a lot of effort), why hasn鈥檛 she torn him apart yet? He doesn鈥檛 have much time to think, though, as a particularly large blast knocks him forward, and he picks himself up and runs, employing the same strategy he used in the first warehouse so that by the time the last androids in the room are deviated, the first batch is already on their way to the surface and helping with the revolution by the time he finishes deviating the last of the androids. He tries to tap into his powers again just to receive a notification that he will die from insufficient thirium if he activates them as little as one more time. Something tells him that it鈥檚 only his lack of practise that is causing it, but there isn鈥檛 time for him to explore right now; he has a revolution to support. Since the door linking this storage room to the one next to it is still slammed shut, it means that he has to run all the way back to the room he first arrived at, straight back to where, apparently, the Ryders are still fighting and is taking the opportunity to tear the entire storage room apart because nearly all the androids are already evacuated. There are tendrils of blue forming protective corridors around the surviving group and directing them straight to the lift, the shaft also protected by a wall of flickering blue, and Connor wonders how much it takes to maintain the鈥 constructs? structures? He doesn鈥檛 have a name for them. All he knows is that in the span of just a few minutes, the doors leading to the other storage rooms have all been taken down to allow access, and as he tears through the static-singed floor of the first storage room, he keeps his focus on the Ryders and dodges the spheres of energy that they are lobbing at each other, learning his lesson after he got hit the first time and it felt like his biocomponents are liquifying within his chassis.聽
But it鈥檚 hard to do when the spheres have their built-in homing system and know to arc towards him.
A giant bubble is launched towards Connor, its size making dodging an impossible task, but still he runs as fast as he can, his footsteps being drowned out by the loud, deadly explosions that are firing off almost every second now, but while he expects the churn of his biocomponents being torn apart at the molecular level, the bubble only engulfs him like a protective dome, and somehow he knows that Ryder is doing the same to him as to the other androids she is helping, keeping him alive just enough to reach their objectives before鈥 before something. Connor isn鈥檛 sure how tonight is going to end, but the newly-deviated androids have Markus鈥 coordinates in their systems; they鈥檒l know their way even though he doesn鈥檛 survive.
A streak of blue flies above Connor鈥檚 head and crashes directly into the centre of a group of androids on standby, and even though he is protected from nearly all harm thanks to the bubble that somehow manages to follow him around and keep him in the centre, he still instinctively jumps towards the other side to get as much distance away from the blast as he can and shields his eyes with his arm. He takes the chance to grab a nearby android鈥檚 arm and deviate them and regrets looking towards the direction of the blast.
Alec Ryder stands amidst a crater of broken androids, his clothes and chassis covered in thirium glowing in resonance with his powers. Connor picks up the courage to run a quick scan to determine the extent of damage even as he feels immobilised by the man鈥檚 inhuman eyes.
That is more than a hundred androids gone all thanks for a man who isn鈥檛 even human as most people thought.
鈥榊ou鈥檙e an android too,鈥 Connor whispers because his voice box suddenly isn鈥檛 working. 鈥楬ow鈥 how does that鈥?鈥
Logically, he knows that the bubble will protect him, but he still raises his arms in front of him subconsciously when the man wraps himself in blue and charges towards him in a large sphere knitted from the same blue tendrils. He feels the bubble tremble under the impact and the assault of鈥 whatever the tendrils exactly do, but it doesn鈥檛 last long as Ryder charges in once more and dislodges her father from Connor鈥檚 bubble, freeing him and giving him a chance to move on to the next full group of androids. He doesn鈥檛 even need to deviate the batch Alec crashed into as the impact and destruction alone are shocking enough to deviate them on the spot.聽
He just hopes that they last long enough to get to one of the lifts and get to the surface.
A crash shakes the entire warehouse and causes Connor to lose his balance halfway through a run. He falls forward, the bubble fizzles for one terrifying moment before strengthening again, and he feels the crack in his chassis widen even more. None of his veins is broken or torn which is a small mercy on its own, but as he pre-constructs the quickest route to deviate all the androids in the room, Ryder is nudging a connection open, and he partitions a part of his focus to accept the call while he runs towards the next group of androids.
He鈥檚 targeting the androids now,聽Ryder鈥檚 voice echoes in his head.聽I鈥檒l try to protect everyone, but I can鈥檛 do that while I鈥檓 tracking you. Either I drop the barrier around you or we sacrifice a few androids. It鈥檚 your choice.
Connor shoves the conversation away from his mind for the few seconds it takes to deviate the android he chose for this group.聽Teach me how to protect myself. I don鈥檛 have enough thirium in me.
You will.
A stream of data suddenly passes into his mind without a direct interface - something that should not be possible with common android models, but then again both he and Ryder are the furthest thing from common - and suddenly his nerves tingle with a sensation both foreign and familiar. It鈥檚聽Ryder鈥檚 experience being passed into his processors, he realises, but still when he imagines a protective dome around him, his thoughts are hesitant, and the protection suffers from his own lack of confidence and flickers as Ryder鈥檚 bubble fizzles and dissipates. With it gone, a giant field of blue appears above his head 3 metres off the ground, giving enough space for the androids to manoeuvre themselves as they rush towards the many lifts while leaving plenty of room for the Ryders to鈥 do whatever they are doing. The barrier shimmers and flows like water, giving him an illusion that he is underwater, but no, he鈥檚 still standing on solid ground with his thirium level dropping bit by bit from both normal usage and the field above him as it draws power from everything around it to maintain its strength which, in this case, is Connor and all the androids in this storage room. He deviates all the androids and makes sure that at least a few batches are on their way to the surface before swivelling around to dash back to the original storage room, except that the supportive archway crashes and rumbles and collapses in front of his eyes, forcing him to go towards the other way, and he looks up just in time to see Ryder crashing onto the protective barrier she is still holding up, the impact making the sea of blue tendrils ripple and hum with the impact before she seems to have found her footing on the barrier. He feels more than sees her launch a shockwave towards the only other door out of this storage room and blast it into smithereens and Connor has to climb a small hill to access the next room, but for now, as the force field expands itself to cover the new storage room as well, he finally feels like he is getting the hang of it, that there is a chance that they can get most of the androids out of here alive to help with the revolution.
If only he can forget the image of Hank lying on the floor dying from a gunshot wound in his stomach.
鈥業鈥檒l get the commander,鈥 Chloe suddenly says as they are no more than a few metres away from the command centre, 鈥榶ou get the soldiers protecting them. You understand?鈥
鈥楳aking me do the heavy lifting again?鈥 Louis can鈥檛 help but jab despite realising the symbolism behind it: an android making the final move that announces their victory is much more impactful than when a human does it especially considering that they are, if stripped to the basics, in the middle of an android revolution. If it means bringing them peace and avoiding a civil war between humans and androids, he will gladly forget that the tech he is wearing is not public at all, that Chloe brought her own help in the form of what seems like an organised platoon of deviants out of nowhere, that he didn鈥檛 just rip the turret off a fucking tank just now with some鈥 weird blue magic that is called biotics.聽
鈥楩igure you can use some more practice.鈥
His stomach chooses this moment to growl. Right. The crash after using his powers excessively always sucks, and one of the symptoms is a sudden, acute hunger that threatens to knock him off his feet. At least he doesn鈥檛 break every single bone in his limbs and has to lie in the snow for three days waiting for his cybernetics to slowly knit himself back together again. 鈥楳aybe not,鈥 he switches his rifle from his shoulder into his hands just in case things are about to get spicy and his powers fail him. 鈥楧rained all my stores back there.鈥
Chloe鈥檚 huff is audible through the comms. 鈥楩ine,鈥 she doesn鈥檛 sound too pleased. 鈥楧o what you can and I鈥檒l handle the rest.鈥
鈥榃on鈥檛 even dream to take the lead. I have no idea what鈥檚 happening right here.鈥
They plaster themselves onto the walls next to the door leading to the command centre. 鈥榃e鈥檙e taking this camp and freeing the androids. What is so difficult to understand?鈥
鈥榊ou know that鈥檚 not what I鈥檓 talking about.鈥
鈥楯ust blast the door open and be done with it.鈥
He does as she says and lobs a sphere of energy towards the door to push it back without exposing himself to immediate gunfire. Shielding himself with a barrier in front of him, he turns and feels the bullets being deflected or absorbed and sees through the shield of blue the soldiers either dropping on the floor from the very bullets they fired or scrambling for cover thinking that simple furniture can protect them.聽
He knits his biotics into a giant stasis field and suspends everyone in it while leaving a corridor for himself and Chloe to pass through.
鈥楾hey don鈥檛 have cameras on, right?鈥 he finally finds the time to ask. 鈥極r else they鈥檒l probably have a lot of questions for me.鈥
鈥楨MP, remember?鈥 Chloe sounds awfully cheerful. 鈥楴othing鈥檚 getting in, and nothing鈥檚 getting out.鈥
鈥楢nd the soldiers鈥 testimonies?鈥
Through the visor - yes, her new helmet has a visor now, finally - Chloe gives him what he thinks is a blank stare. 鈥楾hey won鈥檛.鈥
鈥榊ou sound certain.鈥
Chloe giggles, but Louis detects no mirth in her voice. 鈥業 promise.鈥
She breaks the door open herself on a count of three, and this time, Louis is prepared to suspend the occupants in stasis fields immediately after entering the room, their weapons easily taken away now that they are all immobilised and are suspended at eye level while Chloe works on the recycling machine鈥檚 controls.聽
It is so anticlimactic that it gives him whiplash.
With her helmet still on, the android raises the microphone to where her mouth should be. 鈥楾esting,鈥 she has changed her voice into something much more neutral and less recognisable, 鈥榩lease respond if you can hear me.鈥 A pause, presumably when she is waiting for a telepathic response from an android. 鈥楾his camp is no longer under the army鈥檚 control. By Markus鈥 orders, you can either join the protest at Hart Plaza - human clothing optional - or stay here where you will be safe for the rest of the night or tend to the wounded. You鈥檙e free now. It鈥檚 your choice to make. Over.鈥
She hangs up the microphone and turns to Louis. 鈥楬ow long will the stasis field hold?鈥
鈥楬ell if I know,鈥 Louis shrugs and feels the plates of his armour shift and tug against the fabric of what seems like an undershirt; he wasn鈥檛 exactly paying attention to what was changed and what was not when his armour morphed and he was rushing the soldiers. 鈥業 can keep watch if you want me to.鈥
鈥楴o,鈥 Chloe shakes her head. 鈥榊ou鈥檒l be more useful out there. I鈥檒l watch the stasis fields here. I have transferred Markus鈥 last known coordinates to everyone, but it鈥檚 better if there鈥檚 someone to lead them.鈥
鈥榃ho? Me?鈥
鈥業s there anyone else?鈥
鈥楢 human leading an army of androids -鈥
鈥榊ou aren鈥檛 even a human, Louis White Allen. Stop fooling yourself.鈥
鈥榃hy don鈥檛 you -鈥
鈥楽top arguing and lead them to Markus, okay? If you think they鈥檙e going to exclude you for being more human physically than pure androids, you鈥檙e wrong. Once you get in, you never get out. That鈥檚 the way things are.鈥
Louis swings his rifle over his shoulder to prepare to walk all the way to Hart Plaza which, according to the map on his HUD, is an hour鈥檚 walk away. 鈥榃hy do I have a feeling that you aren鈥檛 talking about the revolution anymore?鈥
鈥業 never said I was.鈥
He exits the command centre into the snow. As if sensing that the fight is over, his armour sends a blinking notification to alert him of its upcoming deactivation before melting apart like the skin on an android to reveal the clothes he changed into before they departed the church, but instead of returning to its original form of a circular disc on his spine, he watches the particles concentrate on his left wrist to form an unsuspecting analogue watch that he can easily hide under his sleeve. It鈥檚 a good-looking watch and probably contains a tracker as well so he takes it off and hands it to an armoured android (he knows they鈥檙e an android because they still have their LED on their temple). 鈥楾hanks for the help,鈥 the android鈥檚 face remains blank as Louis feels more and more embarrassed rambling. 鈥業 don鈥檛 think I鈥檒l need this anymore.鈥
He bolts before the android can give any sort of reply, snow crunching underneath his boots as he goes straight to the entrance of the camp. Some androids are already dressed up - some in clearly mismatched clothing - and are standing in line, this time voluntarily instead of being forced to march to their deaths, some are still rummaging the bins through which all androids went through for some clothes, and some are just standing there tall and proud without their skin, comfortable with the physical proof that they are not human.聽
An android dressed in a WR600鈥檚 uniform approaches him. 鈥榃e were told to follow your lead,鈥 he says. 鈥榃e will win this, won鈥檛 we?鈥
Louis recalls the map, recalls Markus鈥 protests, recalls the other camps currently on their way to freedom or are already freed, recalls Connor infiltrating CyberLife Tower alone with a determination that will see no other day.聽
鈥榃e will if we stand as one. Now let鈥檚 rendezvous with Markus.鈥
It proves how well she knows her father when she isn鈥檛 surprised that after forcing this on her and Ellen, he did it to himself as well. From the first time he lit up in blue in front of her, Fadia聽knew.
And she is prepared this time. No more being caught off-guard. No more being kidnapped and put into an indestructible body without her consent. No more using an entire species as a tool to force a woman who should have died to live.
She has an army.
The kinetic barrier she generates isn鈥檛 exactly the most solid thing as her attention is spread so thin from having to cover so much ground, but that鈥檚 another use of her biotics: to right herself, to pick herself up quicker than any other human or android can. The barrier ripples and glows with each step she takes as she pretends that she is walking on solid ground and lets her imagination fuel her biotics, and before Alec can recover from being blasted to the other side of the room yet again, she raises her hand and rips through every single door that the bastard cut loose in a pathetic attempt to stop her and Connor.
Evidently, he has forgotten that she is designed to be easily upgraded by replacing her biocomponents instead of being stuck in the same way like the other androids or himself. And yes, now that she knows he is an android, it doesn鈥檛 take long for her to dig into CyberLife and the Church鈥檚 databases to find the bits and pieces and decipher them. Alec Ryder, disgraced military special forces officer; Alec Ryder, father of the mother of androids; Alec Ryder, RK600, better, faster, and stronger than all his predecessors.
Unchanged since the beginning, surpassed long ago by an upgraded version of one of his predecessors.
She casually knits an annihilation field around herself just in case Alec charges her again, and indeed he does, her limbs locking up from the sync-lock that will tell her father where exactly he should punch a hole in spacetime to transform himself into the deadliest cannonball with his own body, but that鈥檚 what the field is for: to catch him unaware, to pull him out from the massless corridor before he is ready, and as her vision turns grey and her world slows down, she raises both of her arms and strengthens the field like a parent welcoming her child home.
How ironic.
With all the doors now no more than atoms and molecules - whichever is safer for organic humans - it is easy to expand the kinetic barrier underneath her feet as she watches Alec struggle futilely in the web of biotic tendrils she trapped him in. His skin flickers, his biotics fizzle and glow and burn as he attempts to get away from the field, but while he has been tending mostly to earthly affairs for the last ten years and left the Church鈥檚 matter to his trusted seconds, she has been involved in the fight since the day he kicked him out and she established her own order with her own allies. Some of them have deviated from their original goal completely and are one step from disappearing from human space forever, others are distracted by new discoveries which doesn鈥檛 bother her as much, but most stayed loyal, and most of all, she has the practice, she has the hardware to maximise her efficiency and control over her biotics.
She only lets him last this long because she wants it to聽hurt.
How long until you can deviate all the androids in here?聽she asks Connor just in case. The RK800 is getting better and better at this, and by the end of tonight鈥 there鈥檒l be hundreds of thousands if not millions of deviants all around the country. Enough to turn the tide of the revolution.
Enough to change the fate of humanity.
The momentary distraction allows Alec to break away from the annihilation field that is supposed to be destroying his biocomponents on the molecular level, but just like herself, his self-repair protocol will continue to fix and regenerate his body until his processors are utterly, completely ripped apart.
She will do that later, but for now, as he grabs her and the two of them resort to biotic-swathed punches in the air supported by nothing but manipulated gravity thanks for their powers, she relishes in seeing a man whom she used to know as calm and collected at best and outright heartless at worst panic and scramble for purchase as he realises that this is a fight he cannot win, that at long last, there is a problem he cannot solve.
That is, of course, if this is a problem in the first place, and one thing about Alec Ryder is that sometimes he treats the inevitable as something to be solved instead of something that needs to be accepted. This mentality got them into this position in the first place. If he finally understands now why it is a bad idea to have in daily life鈥 she has bad news for him.
Two more rooms,聽Connor replies at long last.聽My chassis is cracked and I鈥檓 not healing. I鈥 I don鈥檛 know if I鈥檒l have enough thirium to fix myself.
Well, the deviants flooding to the surface have Markus鈥 coordinates anyway. The movement will live.聽Focus on deviating the androids.
Got it.
She throws Alec through a wall into a now-empty storage room and then launches a shockwave at the intact archway that will give Alec an escape so that it collapses and traps him in. The walls might be built to withstand level 9 earthquakes measured in the Richter scale, but she doubts there is anything in the universe that can trap a powerful biotic on a rampage forever, and the mere thought of the archway coming down in a pile of rubble is enough to do the job. She would be able to escape if the situation forced her to, but Alec will be trapped here forever unless someone digs him up which will probably never happen. The man always thinks that everyone and everything in the world has to go his way.
He will be surprised by how quickly they will turn their backs against him once the opportunity arises.
She descends to the ground slowly with her world swathed in blue and watches as Alec struggles to stand up. Good. He is admitting his defeat.
鈥楧on鈥檛 think that I didn鈥檛 see your little stunt,鈥 he tries to emphasise his words with a Warp that she easily neutralises. 鈥榊ou鈥檙e no better than us.鈥
鈥楢t least I鈥檓 doing it for the greater good,鈥 she biotically lifts him and slams him onto the ground once more. 鈥榊ou鈥 on the other hand,鈥 a shockwave that enters his body and transforms into a Warp to start ripping his biocomponents apart once more before they are healed, 鈥榠s just a lucky selfish bastard.鈥
鈥業 made our nation stronger than ever!鈥
鈥楩or a few decades at most,鈥 she greatly enjoys the way he is suspended in stasis. He starts coughing up thirium as well which means that some of the damage isn鈥檛 as molecular as she wants it to be, but whatever. It might hurt even more which will only make things better. 鈥楽oon humanity won鈥檛 even remember your name.鈥
She receives a notification that all the surviving androids in CyberLife Tower have been successfully deviated, and of course she accidentally chose the room in which Connor first came in which also means that Hank Anderson鈥檚 body is still lying - there. He probably thinks that his human is dead, and she won鈥檛 correct him until she is certain that her plan worked. As she continues ripping her father apart from within, she sees the other android emerge from a small gap underneath a pile of rubble covered in dust and grime and thirium, and she knows that yet again, she forgot to keep track of the collateral damage.聽
Not that it will matter when the androids are celebrating their newfound freedom and the White House are held at both literal and metaphorical gunpoint.
She makes sure that Connor is watching before she jumps and blasts Alec into the ground before kneeling on top of his torso and hitting his head with one after another biotic punch designed to rip it into subatomic particles while also giving her the satisfaction of physically hurting something without doing the same to herself. Such is the wonder of biotics, and so is the power the courses through her when bit by bit, her father鈥檚 head chipped away to reveal his eyes, his processors, his data storage, his audio processors; everything that makes him聽him, all of them disintegrating under the most powerful force humanity has come across. Thirium gushes out from the gaps and cracks created by the assault, forming a spreading poll beneath his head as his system tries to repair the damage with his blood, but the speed of recovery is no match for angry biotics, and soon even that stops as well as the final piece of his processor is reduced to subatomic particles. One final Warp, one last explosion to just to be thorough, and Alec Ryder is no more. She stands up, scans the body to make sure that her father is truly dead, maybe even removing his thirium pump and crushing it biotically in her palms to feel the biocomponent crumble and crack and dematerialise under her own power.
When she looks up at long last, Connor is staring at her with horror in his eyes.
鈥業t鈥檚 necessary,鈥 Fadia explains. 鈥楬is body is designed to regenerate as long as his processors are intact. This is the only way to make sure that he stays dead and won鈥檛 be a threat to us anymore.鈥 He stays frozen in place despite that, so she adds, 鈥楪o on. Markus will be waiting for you. I鈥檒l take care of Hank鈥檚 body.鈥
The other android鈥檚 face crumbles at the mention of the human, and he whips around with a suspicious arm in front of his face before crossing the distance between him and the body and kneeling down next to it. Pinging the cleanup crew through her internal network, she takes sight of how he deactivates the skin on his hand, how he manoeuvres Hank鈥檚 arm until their palms touch with a telltale glow surrounding the android鈥檚 hand.
How he leans down and kisses him on his lips once just to stand up and leave the warehouse with the lift farthest from where she is.
That is when she recalls that Anderson - this one, not the one she knew and worked for her - told Connor that Alec used another Connor model to lure him to CyberLife Tower. Knowing Alec鈥檚 distrust towards the RK800 series, the body of that Connor unit is probably lying somewhere in this tower waiting for someone to discover it, and that someone will not be CyberLife staff.
Alec鈥檚 body is still dripping thirium because unlike human blood, gravity still has an effect on the chemical after the android dies, so she leaves it to the cleanup crew and sends out a tower-wide ping to locate the body of the other RK800 before stepping into a lift and ascends the floors, the gaps between the pieces of her chassis still glowing blue with pent-up power. The plan in her head grows and transforms into something more, and as she lets tendrils of blue dance on her fingertips, she realises that they are stained with fresh thirium.
She forcefully evaporates them with a controlled burst of biotics and stares straight ahead. She鈥檒l have to come down later, but for now鈥 she has a tower to lock down, people to threaten, another RK unit to retrieve and improve -聽
And a new army to lead.
Chloe watched Louis exit the camp without looking back, bringing thousands of androids of all different models with him to aid the revolution effort. Breathing out an unnecessary sigh, she blasted the camp commander and their guards鈥 heads with a small biotic explosion to knock them out before going out and slamming the door shut behind her. She was immediately approached by her second-in-command, and the watch she was holding in her hand was enough to tell her that she might have underestimated the cyborg. 鈥楬e left this,鈥 her second said as she held out a familiar watch. Standard-issue, because this was the best design they had. Clean, because it helped people clear their minds. Analogue, because it reminded people of their origins and what they were protecting and their ultimate goal: creating order out of a system designed to push towards the opposite direction. With sophisticated enough engineering, even the most fatal flaw of an analogue watch could be eliminated.聽
Climbing onto one of the watchtowers which had been cleared of its human occupant, she gazed down at the camp and the androids who chose to stay and clean up or to help take care of the wounded, sending a picture to both Elijah and Reyes as evidence to her success in taking over the camp and liberating the androids; in return, Reyes somehow managed to take a selfie of himself and his sniper rifle on top of a watchtower of a nearly-empty camp, and Elijah replied with a short 鈥榮till infiltrating. will update you soon鈥.
The result did not surprise her.
She let herself marvel at the Administrator鈥檚 plan. If Chloe had been in charge, she would have ordered her platoon to kill the humans regardless of whether they were armed or not; after all, they had been the ones to send unarmed, innocent androids into camps to be destroyed, but that didn鈥檛 mean that she couldn鈥檛 see the benefits of leaving the human soldiers alive. They would be able to maintain a fa莽ade of peace, they would gain the support of the humans and the androids who had been treated well by their masters so far - she knew there had to be some - and most of all, they would be able to pressure the government to do as they say. The cameras might have been taken out by the EMP and then hacking from numerous trained androids, the attack was quick and deadly thanks for a certain cyborg finally unleashing his powers at the expense of himself, but the soldiers had eyes, they would talk, they would describe what happened tonight to their superiors or even their family.
They would plunge the world in awe and horror and no one would know why or how or where their powers came to be.
She received yet another ping. This one was from Connor who apparently had successfully deviated most of the androids in CyberLife Tower鈥檚 storage, and his wording of 鈥榤ost鈥 and the lack of visual proof caught her attention. She could imagine it: one thing that CyberLife and the Administrator agreed on was their lack of care towards collateral damage; perhaps the company anticipated his arrival and started destroying some of the androids before they were stopped, perhaps they blocked off part of the warehouse and locked Connor out of the system, perhaps something else. No matter what caused him to use 鈥榤ost鈥 but not 鈥榓ll鈥, there would be a lot more deviants in Detroit than ever.
And now it was up to Grissom to deal with the president. She was never close with the human, their goals and personalities too far apart for them to cross paths that much, but she supposed that the least she could do right now was looking past his disgustingly open human emotions when it came to his husband and interest and focus on the competent side of his that got him a seat on the council. The same competence and experience would allow them to force Warren鈥檚 hand without revealing themselves - at least according to the Administrator, who, from Chloe鈥檚 one decade worth of experience, was usually right concerning matters like this. Sure, the Church might have control over the North American scrubber, but the president didn鈥檛 need to know that; all she would know is that if she didn鈥檛 give androids the freedom and rights they deserved right now, she would essentially doom humanity to a painful, drawn-out death that would happen in her lifetime.
Not something an already-unpopular president should do.
She didn鈥檛 doubt that the Church would reap some of the benefits from the revolution; in fact, it was the first thing the entire council - yes, even Elijah - anticipated, and they had prepared their next move accordingly. There would be so many deviants lost, so many na茂ve, innocent souls ready to be recruited. It would be a waste to聽not聽utilise such a readily available resource to advance humanity towards the correct direction.
She drew up the video they had recorded specifically for this occasion and broadcasted it to the entire camp.
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railmeharrypotter23 hours ago
ok so i need to vent. this b*tch on wattpad by the user @harryssferret is literally so problematic and just plain annoying. they're a bottom draco stan and they literally wont leave me alone and keep harassing me and writing all these paragraphs when i comment my opinion like bestie- i really dont gaf. all of their reasons are so irrelevant anyways like "draco is scrawny and has skinny legs and harry is a huge lumberjack" and blah blah blah. literally all of their "reasons" come from headcanons and they LITeRALLY follow me to every single comment section like they cant accept that i have a different opinion from them. they're so childish. i muted them but i wish wattpad had a block option cus i still get notifs from them- im so annoyed to the point where i wanna delete my whole account. any advice?
first of all i want to say wtf? if she's repeatedly following your around and trying to prove you why draco is a bottom and by using shit reasons by the way just wtf? why can't she just let you have your own opinion? and since wattpad doesn't have a block feature try reporting her, or sending an email to wattpad about it if your brave enough. if not i'd just suggest for you to just ignore her, let her argue with you in the comments but don't say anything back. she'll hopefully get bored and irritated that your not saying anything and leave. she's probably just a kid anyways, but if she's not then shame on her for being immature. and if that doesn't work just leave wattpad. it's a shit app anyways. move over to ao3 if you can but if you don't want that just get a new account. i know this isn't much help but what can you do? wattpad is just a problematic and infuriating site in general which is why i left.
side note - i hope everyone who uses the excuse "oh draco is posh and fragile and harry is a big daddy man" fuck you. that's not a reason. stop making draco this fragile little flower and making everything about him feminine. it's fucking annoying when your only excuse is "he's soft" and some other shit but you say "oh harry is a jock" like tf? have you read the books at all? please kindly stfu nobody gives a shit.
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johnwinston1940a day ago
Do you have any advice on how to talk to people online?
I鈥檝e been trying to think of an answer for this, but I can鈥檛 really say since I鈥檝e made a complete stop on socializing with online people months ago (apart from the question鈥檚 I ask here, if that鈥檚 even considered a conversation).
With that being said, you really just have to talk with them in private messages, and soon you鈥檇 get to know them better and form a lasting friendship and if its here (I鈥檓 unaware if other social media apps do this), and someone has a message box saying they only allow people they follow to message them, please, please, PLEASE don鈥檛 force them to follow you on the ask box, its just very rude in my personal opinion, plus that鈥檚 not how real life works, you don鈥檛 force someone to be your friend, it鈥檚 a gradual bond that forms a friendship.聽
But you have to be cautious, there was a person I met a couple of months ago, and I鈥檇 rather not mention their name, just thinking about it is enough to make me feel sick, I鈥檒l just call them Rick- anyway, suddenly I started getting hate mail from an anonymous person, saying a lot of daft things, that I Rick apparently got hacked, spamming a shit load of it too, saying I had to apologize to Rick about something I didn鈥檛 even do. I did tell them about it, and they just laughed it off and said 鈥渄on鈥檛 worry about them, they just want attention.鈥 I never responded to the聽鈥榓sks鈥 at all, and weeks later, I found out this Rick was the person sending the hate mail, the lies, all those things... I deleted my account and I do regret it to this day, that whole array really hit me mentally and I had a long break from Tumblr until now.
So please be careful, you just don鈥檛 know who鈥檚 behind the screen. I鈥檓 not the best person to ask about online friendships, and my wordings were always awkward and choppy, I鈥檓 not the best with conversations when I meet someone for the first time lol. But anyway, I wish you good luck on this journey, and stay safe! 鉂も潳
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modemcup20a day ago
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Tumblr media
Okay, so possibly you've eliminated your ex from your face book friends. Now 360 Cyber in a new phase of post-breakup rage, a.k.a. ranting about your ex online to anyone who will listen/read. Here's the problem with doing this. Separation karma is a bitch. It will come around and smack you upside the head. Maybe not today, maybe not this year, but one day in the not-too-distant future you will be dating someone brand-new. Things will be going really well. And then he'll discover your online tirades about your ex, label you a psycho, and delete you from HIS Facebook friends. Do you really wish to make a reputation as the scary chick who goes off on her ex online? I didn't think so.
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galaxdoesstuffa day ago
Randomly barging in, but here to say that if you turn anon back on and get anon hate, I will physically destroy them cause no coward drops shit like that on any of my bros or friends and gets away with it
Anyways on a lighter note hope your day was great so far and hope tomorrow's even better :D
Thanks bro, but I will say the anons were kinda right. I did have give Japanese characters headcanons that made them European/Australian. And though I personally don't see what's wrong with that, I know some people do and made it known. Though sending Anon hate wasn't the best way to handle it (Someone said to "Either delete your blog or shut up about Coroika forever")
So sorry for turning your ask into a preachy thing, but I will say for peeps who see this, if someone is unintentionally being offensive, for the love of god don't send them anon hate. Send them a gentle reminder like "Oh hey, this post was kinda offensive, can you take it down?" and don't give hate.
And actually turning off anon does stop it, but I'm pretty sure one of the Anons made an account JUST to give me hate. So in general, don't do hate guys.
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outer-banks-bitchesa day ago
Hey, quick question. Do you have like a side blog or is this your only account? Was just curious because for some reason I thought you changed your url. Or did you just make a new account? I might be just mixing up something, sorry ^.^
hey! okay SO! this is my side blog!
my main blog is @reeserambles-andstuff. i don鈥檛 post writing on there, but i鈥檝e had that account since 2016. so, last year, i decided to make two side blogs for writing!
i used to have a harry potter blog before i deleted it and moved to this account where i write for hp and a lot of other fandoms. so you might know me from me from my other blog? it used to be @/probably-peeves <3
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rosyisha day ago
To be clear I'm not saying you shouldn't talk about your fundraising or ask for donations on tiktok! I think u should and I support you, you really deserve this. just saying the app is doing this shitty thing and we already know how they boycott black people also so. idk just letting you know in case u haven't heard already. it's really a shitty move on THEIR part
My videos are already getting suppressed and shadowbanned. Like I can post a video and only clear MAYBE 1,000 viewers if I鈥檓 lucky and that鈥檚 so 馃槶
I鈥檓 like still gonna try at least like if my account gets deleted then welp LMAOOO
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socialhackersa day ago
11 Things To Do While on "Social Media" Spring Break
Many people are taking the next week off to enjoy time with the family for Spring Break. Here are 11 tips for your Social Media accounts and lifestyle. It is a good time to clean house and get to those things you don't usually have time for during a normal busy week.
Enjoy time with the family in real-time (no electronics).
Update your Social Media profile photo across all platforms. Isn't it about time for a refresh? Be sure and make them all the same! It is your brand and identity, so keep them professional and consistent.
Update & Change your Social Media account passwords. Make them slightly different, say your root password contains the word: Florida, then change it up for each platform: Fl0ridaTw1tter! or Fl0ridaFac3book!
Clean house and disconnect, unfriend and delete any SPAM accounts or BOTs that have followed you or that you accidentally followed. They aren't doing you any good, so why not just unfollow and block them now.
Repeat #5 but take it to your Inbox. How many SPAM/Junk/Sales emails do you get each day that you either ignore or delete on a daily basis. Really, GAP I get an email just about every day and there is nothing I ever want to buy. I also don't need the 30% off in-store because you never have the size I want anyway.
Find some new and interesting people to follow on Twitter & Google+. See who your friends are following and follow some of the more interesting people. Also, check out your friend's lists on Twitter--they've already done the hard work to filter. Most lists are public, so you can follow individuals or the list too.
Check out Vine, the new ulta-short-form video service. It is catching on and is going to be sticking around for awhile. You might as well get to know it sooner than later.
Pin some interesting pins to Pinterest. If you have been too busy to play with Pinterest, you are missing out. The #1 demographic on Pinterest is 28-54 year old women. Men are catching up, but there is a lot of marketing power in this platform for just about every type of business niche.
Test social media boosting sites. No secret even big influencers started from 0 followers. Sometimes buying real Instagram followers, likes or other social media engagement services trigger social network algorithms and pushes up your profile or gets your post onto recommendations sections.
Untag people from your photos. No one likes to be surprised with a shot on Facebook and not many people want the world to see them in your photos. Even with the right privacy settings, it would be best to go old school and email your buds pics from the party instead of them finding out on Google or a timeline.
Business users need to check your favorite network's TOS. Terms of Service that is... each network routinely changes their terms and privacy policies. For most individuals, this is an annoyance and something to bypass.聽
But, businesses have liabilities and potential problems if they are not up on the regular changes to the service agreements.
Create/Update your company and personal LinkedIn profile pages. How long has it been since you've updated your online resume and the product/services pages within your company profile? If you don't care, how do you think the random stranger feels when they see your page... right.
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disneydancepantsa day ago
Disney Debunking #2:
Prince Florian is over twice Snow White's age?
This one has been bugging me since I heard it. Apparently "the internet" thinks Snow White's Prince is over double her age: 31 years to her 14, to be exact.
Tumblr media
According to KnowYourMeme and a bunch of "internet news" sites, this number is attributed to Twitter's @diordeux, who "did the math" and posted the following:
Tumblr media
Convenient that the source url on that google search is obscured by the image... 馃
Diordeux has since deleted the post, set their account to private, and changed their profile picture to the kid from The Boondocks. I could have reached out to him/her, but... Yeah, social interactions are a big NOPE for me. 馃槄
Doing a Google search myself, I can't find any reliable sources stating the Prince's age. Nearly every website just says "it is believed..." or "it is speculated..."
This is where wikipedia (or your English teacher) will give you a little "By whom? Source needed" note.
I did find another site , however, which linked back to a reddit post containing the following image:
Tumblr media
The creator, one Zachary Bisenio, apparently got this information from "Other Various Sources". Yeah, the dude just gave us the Mary Ann treatment.
(Imagine there's a Gilligan's Island gif here. My connection is crappy and the gif library won't load tonight.)
This reddit image was posted only "1 year ago", so it seems diordeux may have been another "Various Source". I have no idea where this 31 years number came from, aside from someone pulling it out of Ferdinand the Bull's butt.
So how old is Prince Florian really? A few writers speculate he's only 17-18, mostly based on the fact that he's short (not much taller than Snow White). Dude has a *very* manly voice though. And a man's voice can continue to change/deepen until he's 25. Depending on the angle, Florian goes from looking boyishly teenaged to a serious case of old-face. Disney animators reportedly had a very hard time drawing and animating him.
Some pictures I'd be willing to say he's 15, but... That voice kills it for me! Waaaaay too deep and settled. I'd have to guess he's anywhere from 17-25 years old.
I can't find the source of the following image, but as this post constitutes Fair Use for the sake of analysis, I'll have to post it without attribution. If anyone knows the source, please DM me!
Tumblr media
Whichever book that image is from, it shows how more modern depictions show Florian looking much younger.
Final Verdict: This one is false. Prince Florian is definitely not 31, and no reliable source can be provided he is. Due to his younger appearance in post-film media but his deep and manly voice, I would guess he is between 17-25. Hopefully 17. Still one of my least-favorite Disney Princes though.
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