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1 card for ___ 10/19/20

fire signs -

ace of pentacles - new financial or career opportunity, abundance, security, stability

water signs -

8 of swords - feeling trapped or restricted (usually self-imposed), feeling helpless

earth signs -

six of cups - memories, innocence, childhood, something/someone from your past

air signs -

death (scorpio energy) transformations, rebirth, renewal, transition

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King of Pentacles (Reversed) + Networker + King of Wands

You may know this person already but you might not know him that well, you may have met him somewhere, seen him somewhere before, or when you meet him it’ll just feel like “hey haven’t I met you before!”. It could be possibly be a past life connection and that’s why he will feel so familar as well. As for how he looks this person could be possibly of Asian descent, has brown or dark hair (I’m seeing light brown to black hair on my cards), a medium skin tone (not too pale, not too tan / brown, and not too dark skinned. For an example their skin tone could be similar to Lucy Liu), has almond eyes, a round face, likes to dress casual, and his ascendant could be a water sign (I’m getting a strong vibe that he is a Cancer rising). As for his placements I’m getting that he could have Aquarius, Aries, Sagittarius, Taurus, or Cancer in his birth chart as well.

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In the pre-COIE stuff with them, they all have blue eyes in what I’ve read (though some of that was in reprints and I certainly haven’t read all appearances).  I know late 90s and early 2000s, Barbara typically had green eyes in Nightwing and Birds of Prey.  Roy showed up with blue eyes as late as 2009, though I only read the one issue of that title, and don’t know if was a one-off.  I checked the post-COIE Flash issues I have, but eye color is not apparent in them.

I mean, it’s not important or anything, I’m just curious as to when the change was.  Or if eye color fluctuated for a while or what. It just seems like all the redheads got eyes switched to green.

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🌸Encouraging pick a card reading🌸

Group 1: Your spirit guides are telling you to remember to tap into your personal power. You have all the resources inside you that you need to help you through this. And remember, your spirit guides are always with you. They are always giving you wisdom and sending you love. They want to help you find your purpose here, so call on them for help and encouragement.

Group 2: Your soul is craving for a deeper relationship with you. It wants to help push you to do the things you didn’t know you were capable of. You are being asked to really quiet your mind and the outside world. Tune into your soul. You have so many things within that want to be unlocked. Recognize the power you hold.

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Divine Destiny

Do not think of you destiny as one, all-fulfilling life purpose. Think of it as that which you are willing to fight for, which is usually never one thing. Find out what you want, do some research on it, ask your inner self what should be done. If it aligns with your self-integrity, then there is no reason it should not already be on its way into your life. But don’t just sit there, you will embrace you destiny more if you meet it halfway.

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🔮general reading 🔮

hold your vision! you can achieve and attract all that you want to, but patience is required. remember to balance spirituality and practicality when it comes to manifesting your dream life. you need to take action and work towards your goals while also allowing your higher self and universe to do the rest.

for a personal reading:


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He got himself a bat baby!

So, what’s your favourite ending of the Death in the family movie? (not including the original of course)
I don’t think I need to explain why the one with Tim and Jason teaming up is my fav right?
The fact Tim is helping Jason the same way he did to Bruce in the main storyline is a nice touch.
(batkid is a dumb name sorry Tim)

I really liked the scene in the dinner too. Bruce probably called Jason his son more in this movie that in the entire DC publication haha.
But the ending with Damian kind of made no sens for me, why would Talia? It feels like they just wanted to put Damian here.
Anyway I still don’t really get the point of this interactive movie, no matter what you chose, Jason is going to have a very bad time lol.

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