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90snightwing · 2 days ago
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“Y’know, a lot of the time it’s like you Batguys want me to hold on to the past because you can’t get over it. Understand... I have. I have a new life now. One that fulfills me. It’s not the same one I had before, but it’s good. Maybe even better.”       - Barbara Gordon
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dilfroy · 9 hours ago
me reading tom taylors nightwing run (or any of the current batbooks):
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Batman #113
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blanddcheadcanons · 2 days ago
the reason that Joker's constantly breaking out of Arkham isn't just because he wants freedom, but also because, after all the shit he's done, practically everyone else in there wants him dead. other gangsters, those with codes, friends of his victims (Jason, Barbara, Harley); if he stays in there for more than a couple of days, he's toast.
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Yusuke: It would seem that while I was drunk I sent Akira a phallus portrait.
Futaba: A phallus portrait? What's that?
Futaba: Oh my God, you sent him a dick pic!?
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evilly-laughing · 2 days ago
yknow those cokes that have names on them or even friendly terms? like ‘share a coke with a buddy’? what if in dc some had the vigilante/superhero names? what if it was a funny running gag? what if in the justice league flash would take green lanterns drink cause ‘hey it says my name on it i dont make the rules’? what if theres a photo of batman looking angrily at his superman coke that ruins the internet? AND what if the first time spoiler sees one with her code name she puts it on her shelf because getting recognized is the best feeling sometimes? what if red robin puts another bottle next to it that says ‘robin’? what if barbara and cass place the batgirl one besides that? what if red hood gives signal the first one with his name on it? what if theres no red hood one because hes not a hero? what if signal makes a red hood one so the both of them can sit together to enjoy this? what if red hood doesnt even like coke? what if they all drink together anyway? what if this was just a reason to get in touch?
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jasontoddsguns · a day ago
Timothy Drake
Stephanie Brown
Barbara Gordon
Cassandra Cain
Starfire - Hates squirrels and will not elaborate why.
Tim Drake - Tased himself awake repeatedly with Dick’s escrima sticks during exam season,
Stephanie Brown - Will spoil movies and then talk about how she is/was literally named spoiler.
Barbara Gordon - Uses her wheelchair to open walnuts, by rolling over them. She broke her wheelchair twice doing this, until Lucius made her one specifically built to withstand it.
Cassandra Cain - Will stick gum under random objects instead of throwing it away.
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luminescentauthor · 2 days ago
i brought more of my dumb “birds of prey accidentally adopt red hood, because jason deserves nice things” au!
i REALLY need to read more BoP comics because a) badass superhero women hell yeah and b) there are some characters here i don’t know much about (Lady Blackhawk, for example.) (Edit: I’m 19 issues in to BoP (1996). This is all I’ve been doing since I posted this. I’m loving it??? And it’s still only Black Canary and Oracle. Dinah is a way too oversexualized but I just got to watch Babs fuckin roast the Joker this is GREAT)
Oracle/Barbara "Babs" Gordon: Team Leader. Staying Oracle because disability representation, FUCK YOU DC. Take your magic cure and gtfo.
Black Canary/Dinah Lance: Field Leader. If they lose comms or can't contact Oracle, or if they just really need someone on the ground giving out instructions. However, this happens like... Maybe once every five years. Generally, Oracle's bird's eye view is more advantageous, plus they have some of the best tech there is.
Huntress/Helena Bertinelli
Catwoman/Selina Kyle
Harley Quinn/Dr. Harleen "Harley" Quinzel
Poison Ivy/Dr. Pamela "Pam" Isley
Lady Blackhawk/Zinda Blake
Katana and Strix are both former members, they sometimes help with missions or just stop by to say hi.
Black Bat and Spoiler occasionally join the team for missions, and often hang out with Oracle. Bluebird, though retired, still occasionally hangs out with Oracle and the Batgirls. She’s very useful for tech/engineering consultation.
Batwoman also joins for missions and hangs out, just because Kate’s awesome.
Yeah I’m combining the Birds and Sirens, what about it. I want to watch these awesome ladies kick ass together.
Anyway, lots of hcs below!
Absolutely none of the Birds have any idea how this "we adopted Red Hood" thing happened at all, but it did. Jason has the least idea of any of them. However, he’s also attempted escape about 3 times and failed more dramatically each time and has officially given up on getting away.
There HAVE sometimes been dudes on the Birds of Prey canonically, so I'm not that out there with making Jason a sort-of member. But "sort-of" should be emphasized. Red Hood still more or less does his own thing. He's mostly just the team's annoying little brother.
Honestly I'm torn between two options: “FUCK YOU IM A FEMINIST ALL FEMALE TEAM I REFUSE TO MAKE HIM A FORMAL MEMBER” and “There's zillions of male-dominated superhero teams with a single token female and I'm inverting that for comedic purposes, but instead of him being a love interest he's just Really Really Annoying Little Brother”
When he does work with them, he's more likely to go undercover/infiltrate than anything else. Even if he is somehow compromised, people go "Red Hood found us!" not "the Birds of Prey found us!" which is useful.
I.e. Sometimes Barbara needs something done without an opponent linking it back to the team, so she'll just call Jason to take care of it.
My ideal pre-Joker dynamic for them is Barbara constantly thinking “I love you but I am SO exasperated with you, you little shit” and Jason being the most annoying little brother EVER, and they basically just return to that
Somewhere in the background, Alfred is wiping away a single tear and Bruce is pretending he doesn’t care but his heart is swelling.)
Dick is the only member of the Batfam besides Bruce and Alfred who isn't confused as hell by how absolutely chaotic Babs and Jason's relationship is because when he visited he saw
Look, I understand that Barbara canonically can hold a hell of a grudge, but ALSO Barbara canonically recruited Ivy for the BoP. Yes, the situation with Jason is more personal, but I take the opinion that once Jason was doing better, Barbara would be willing to reconcile with him.
I should add that in my versions of the DCU, Jason only attacked Tim once, and it was primarily an attempt to bully/scare Tim out of being Robin. They fought and Jason wound up knocking him out in frustration, but there were no guns or knives involved. I'm in the "Jason Todd Does Not Hurt Children, Teen Titans #29 Is OOC, Canon Be Damned" party
Babs has a cat a la this brilliant art by @avataraandy just because I love the concept
If that link isn't working here's a reblog of the original
The cat is probably Selina's fault somehow tbh
Yes it sits on her keyboard all the time
I saw someone said it should be named Delphi and I really like that except I already named their base Delphi so??
Harley, Jason, and Barbara bonding over Joker-related trauma!!!
The Joker is never able to escape from Arkham for longer than two days anymore because the rest of the Birds of Prey will hunt him down and they will beat the shit out of him for what he did to those three
Sometimes those join in to three hunt him down too and then the asshole is completely screwed.
Everyone on this team is either chaotic or irresponsible and they keep enabling each other
Barbara on her own, or with the Batfamily? 100% responsible. More or less. Dinah on her own? Usually fine. Selina on her own? Meh, but probably fine. Probably.
With the others Birds? Nope. Harley and Jason are The Ultimate Enablers and that's the sole reason.
Bruce is going to die of a heart attack, seriously-
Dinah giving Jason a hard time about letting his emotions compromise his fighting ability and then training him (read: kicking his ass)
But also helping him overcome his trauma and counseling him because he deserves to heal
Dinah and Harley become the most unlikely duo in the name of forcing the rest of the team to confront their issues. It eventually backfires when Dinah tries to get Harley to confront her issues, and Harley fires straight back because really, everyone in this group has problems.
This is random but I love @apleye‘s siren designs so we're including those
The Birds of Prey's base is referred to as "Delphi" which is an "Oracle of Delphi" reference. It was Jason's idea. Barbara's immediate reaction was "that is so nerdy I love it."
One time the team actually winds up in Delphi for a mission and it screws with them the whole time.
Barbara is regret. She calls Jason to complain and he just tunes into their frequency and winds up laughing at them the entire instead of reading his book. He thinks it's hilarious. Barbara. Is. Regret.
Post-mission, they keep calling it Delphi and agree that if they end up anywhere near the real Delphi again, they'll instead call it "the base" until they're gone.
Jason cannot stop laughing.
The number of villains who have gone looking for Oracle on the actual island of Delphi is a little ridiculous. It's half the reason Babs agrees to keep the name. It's funny watching people run around.
Jason goes by “Phoenix” on those rare occasions he actually joins Birds of Prey missions for reasons other than recon. It was Babs’ idea. Came back from the dead, and all.
He uses a different identity because Red Hood and the Birds of Prey being separate entities works in their favor. Like I mentioned above, sometimes they need to avoid something being linked to the team, and Hood is useful for that.
Literally nobody realizes Phoenix and Red Hood are the same person because Red Hood is loud and brash and uses guns, whereas Phoenix is significantly less intimidating and doesn't really use weapons, mostly hand-to-hand. Red Hood wears combat boots, cargo pants, body armor, and a leather jacket; Phoenix wears something more like a loose bodysuit with a hood that looks more like the Orphan costume or League of Assassins gear. There's a full cloth facemask and goggles to hide his face and hair.
The Bats are alarmed to realize that Jason, who usually stomps around in combat boots, is completely silent when he wears anything that isn't heavy boots with reinforced metal soles.
Jason can be silent in the boots if he wants to be, it's just a lot of effort.
PRE-CRISIS REFERENCE! Natalia Knight (not Natalia Mitternatch; two different characters) sometimes shows up to a) mother Jason and b) occasionally work with the team. Kate is initially deeply suspicious given that Knight is the original Nocturna and the second Nocturna violated Kate, but then Knight turns out to be perfectly friendly. She's a villain but decent person who mostly just steals things and is against killing, but has proven willing to cross that line to protect her loved ones.
You can read @coolgirl​'s post summarizing her shared history with Jason here!
To quote another post of mine: Poison Ivy is an ecoterroist and not a seductress goddammit! Let her be a skilled biochemist and botanist! Let her be nerdy! Let her wear pants and flannel and straw hats like the farm girl she is at heart! Let her go from “destroy humanity” to “destroy factories that are illegally dumping waste and sure Batman doesn’t love it but she’s not actually killing much of anyone and they were ILLEGALLY dumping waste so he’s going to focus on bigger problems”! Let her be morally gray instead of evil from the get-go because she has totally understandable motives!
They're sapphos and they're in love and there's nothing anyone can do about it
Any of the rest of the team will fight anyone who makes a comment about it
Pam owns so many flannels. Harley steals them all the time. She's not the only member of the team that does so. Pam Flannels are The Best.
"Harles I love you but please stop stealing my shirts-"
Similarly, if anyone is dumb enough to make an ableist comment about Babs, the team will find out and they will fuck that person up. Usually the other Bats join in.
Jason jokingly calls Selina mom once and Selina cries. Jason is taken aback, but also touched that it means that much to her.
Selina spends most of her spare time reverse Indiana-Jones-ing artifacts, returning them to their proper cultures. Barbara helps.
Pam and Harley spend a lot of time blowing up factories dumping illegal waste.
Harley Quinn and Red Hood sometimes beat up abusers together, while Barbara gets the evidence to get them locked away.
Bruce is so, so tired. This team is going to be the death of him.
Selina loves him dearly, and is nonetheless totally okay with that.
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ragingbookdragon · 19 hours ago
We were robbed of JayBabs and I’ll never forgive DC for it either.
Tumblr media
Catch me pissed about this. Forever 😡
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alisheaburgess · 2 days ago
September 19th Daily Card Pull |For Whenever You See This!
Tumblr media
Sorry for missing the 18th! I was sick and in bed all day but the readings should go back to the normal schedule!
Pick-A-Deck Daily Message! Each pile will have an Oracle card and a Tarot card. The tarot deck I am using today is the Lightseer's Tarot.
The piles are from left to right!
Pile 1: Self Care Oracle Deck
Pile 2: Spellcasting Oracle Deck
Pile 3: Spirit Animal Oracle Deck
Please take a moment to select which Deck contains your message today! 💙💙💙
Disclaimer!! This is for entertainment purposes only! This is not intended to replace professional help. All decisions are your own!
Tumblr media
Pile 1: The message I'm getting for you is to try and keep an inner peace when things are getting chaotic around you. Instead of getting heated up with the commotion, try to let it flow around you. You are not dictated by your environment as much as you think you are. This includes little irritations throughout the day as well. Don't let them make your whole day suffer.
Tumblr media
Pile 2: The message I'm getting for you is that you have the freedom to follow what your soul is calling for but you are telling yourself that you can't. The path is there you just can't see it because you are telling yourself it's not there and so you don't even look. Try taking little steps in the direction of this calling. You will start to see the path open up for you.
Tumblr media
Pile 3: The message I'm getting for you is to give your passions a place that is just for them (for example, if it is art then give yourself a little area for your art, it doesn't have to be big). This will make it easier for when you go to do it and it will make it feel much more special. Giving it a more permanent place in your universe. There is a need to make room for more of the things you are passionate about.
Thank you so much for checking out today's reading! Please leave a like if it resonated and follow for more daily readings. 💙💙💙
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sunkissedchld · a day ago
i contemplated making my own tarot/oracle deck today and i made one on a whim lmaooo
anyways, to break it in i've decided to hold a game!
i. reblog this post and give me a totally different game idea i could do in the futue or an idea for a post you'd like to see in general
ii. send in your favorite emoji and a facet of information you'd like to know about your future spouse (how they will act, their love language, their zodiac sign, etc.)
i'll meditate and use the deck to give out answers! if you wanna see what cards i pull (like a picture) let me know! i'd be willing to show and receive feedback if you want :)
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mejacinta · a day ago
Troubled Water.
Episode 10 might give an explanation as to why Barbara and Dick broke up in the past. If there will be an intimate scene, as most people are now confirming, I'm guessing it's going to be in a flashback with Dickbabs.
The toxic water definitely got to Barbara last episode and she will be reliving her insecurities and fears concerning her failures as a vigilante which Dick played a huge part in (in the Lady Vic flashback). Her reliving her nightmares could also be why she puts the Titans on a Wanted List (Dead or Alive).
To summarise all this, Dickbabs is surely going to be in troubled waters in episode 10. RIP.
I would rather whatever intimate scene there is NOT be Dick and Barbara's but it would make sense if they took it there, seeing as both Kory and Dick will be dealing with personal problems that episode.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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