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Psychic Deals for April 2020:


Originally posted by trip-with-the-sky

  • $10 Mini Reading
  • $25 Love or Money Reading
  • $50 Love or Money Reading
  • $44 Dream Interpretation Reading
  • $60 Chakra Healing Sessions

All Readings are sent out within 1-3 days.

PayPal, Venmo + Cash App are Accepted 🧚🏽‍♀️

To Book:

  • Email:
  • WhatsApp: Yasha Aíne
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Message of the day

Spiritual alignment puts your manifestation into motion so go inside yourself contemplate meditate find your inner om.

As you want more for others this simple thought or action definitely elevates your conciousness in a more energetic state of abundance.

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I am an Eclectic Solitary witch. This means that I practice alone. I also do not follow one set of rules. I take from many other forms of witchcraft and religions to make my practice my own. This to me is truly making it fit me as i am. It will change with me and we will evolve together.  

These are the main paths that I like to take from:

  • Divination Witch
  • Cosmic Witch
  • Crystal Witch
  • Kitchen Witch
  • Green Witch

I am sure there are more, but those are the main ones that I draw from. 

As for the religions I draw my beliefs from, well they are all of them. I do not believe in one singular religion. I am an Omnist which mean that I believe in all religions. 

I do believe in the threefold Law as well. I have always believed in this, even before I knew that I was a Witch. 

There is so much to my path that I am not even aware of yet. I have just began my journey and I already am aware of so much, but I can tell that I am only scratching the surface of what I can do and what I want to be able to do. 

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Scorpio April 2020


A situation that forced you to be at a standstill and dive deep into your emotions is giving you the strength you need to move forward. Secrets and things that were once illuminated are coming to the surface. Balance between your divine energies are here.

Check out the Scorpio April 2020 Tarot Reading Video Here.

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So I had the urge to offer Hera a Bismuth egg that I had and then I asked her why she would want that and she just laughed and said “Well I’m the Goddess of Marriage and Birth!”

Oh silly me! 😅😂

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Y’all I was doing a Paid Reading for someone else involving Aphrodite and when I blew out her candle this shape appeared the smoke blew East!! I don’t know what this means!!!

I was trying to contact Hera earlier today and I got the image of someone wearing a dark blue cape with possibly stars on it!


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Past trauma, grief, and pain may be coming to the surface at this time. You may be able to feel it deep within you, an uncomfortable twinge that you’d rather not address. But you’re currently being asked to look into the water at the thing at the bottom.
It’s coming up to be healed.
Something may be provoking this triggering of old emotions like a conversation, a memory, seeing the individual associated with the pain, or the current astrological aspects such as this upcoming full moon in Libra during an Aries moon cycle.
The provoking of this thing won’t feel good, but understand that it’s being brought up for a reason. You are being called forward into your destiny, into your life’s purpose/next phase of your journey, but you can’t step into who you’re called to become until you heal the parts of yourself that will be hindering, or have hindered, your growth.
You are being called into the unknown that is spiritual and mental expansion. And right now, you’re being asked to look at the trauma present within your body, at the loss that still demands grieving, at that conversation you still feel guilt over what you said. You know there are things within you that need your attention, and need healing.
It’s a time to look at them, because you’re called to grow beyond them.
*This reading is general and will not be applicable to everyone
*Messages are derived intuitively
You can find more readings here

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LUnicorn messages for the week

1.Miracles - Unicorns ask you to believe in miracles and have faith that your miracle is on the way your prayers have been heard and are being answered surrender to the divine.
2. Nature - you need to ground yourself as that will release all the fear and anxiety which you are carrying at this point, also spend time with your plans at the home or in your garden find out your own sanctuary and connect with the elements.
3. Abundance - enjoy the bounty of life as you are an infinite being and your supply is unlimited believe that blessings are coming to you.

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