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South Shore Little Joe at Burnham Yard Sept 1976 by Mark LLanuza
Via Flickr:
“It’s Labor Day weekend Sept 1976 we had luck on our three day weekend trip with westbound one of three Little Joe’s coming into the yard.”


September 1976

Photo by Mark Llanuza

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“Endure too much, and it’ll be your loss

I prefer it if it’s just my loss.

As long as I’m not a bother to others.

Nobody can tell, so if I just endure it, there’s no problem, right?

That’s how I’ve always handled things.”

“I know. I’ve seen that.”

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WIP of me going absolutely nuts over the fact that the roost is not in new horizons, creating a brewster sim, making him hot, making him a cafe, making a sim to flirt with him, and then building a whole neighborhood with a movie theater, hotel, restaurant, candle shop, flower shop, massage therapists office, and law office, and 7 different apartments 

why am i like this  

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