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everyothermouse · 3 days ago
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Ok i dont have another character sheet for you yet but! Here’s a page of me figuring out what to do with carmens design and description for his sheet :D usually I wouldn’t do this much for a design but carmen is the one generations character who has been such a pain to try and get right so i figured i should maybe try tackling his designing from a different direction than usual :)
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khtblogging · 5 days ago
KHT's Fantasy Booking No.6A - Double Or Nothing Part 1
Hey guys! So uh, did not think this was gonna happen, just thought of it last night really, but I have decided that I am now going to try to book Double Or Nothing and some events before and after that. I want to have fun with this, and this will likely be wildly inaccurate, but it’s all good. It will simply be predicting as much as I can regarding a big Pay Per View. This booking/prediction list will contain heavy spoilers from the last couple of episodes, and will be split into two parts. Revolution had 8 matches and a buy-in. So that is what we will be doing here. This part will cover 4 matches, including the buy in and one match that has already been announced for the card. With that out of the way, let’s get into the booking!
Tumblr media
What We Know & What Material Do We Have
We have 3 weeks until Double Or Nothing, including this week, basically 3 episodes of Dynamite and maybe Elevation too if that plays into anything.
Right now, our main championship feuds are Britt Baker vs Hikaru Shida and SCU vs the Young Bucks. We also have a toss up for the TNT and World Championship, being Darby Allin vs Miro/Ethan Page and Kenny Omega vs PAC/Orange Cassidy.
Other major feuds include the Inner Circle vs the Pinnacle, the Nightmare Family vs the Factory, Best Friends vs Death Triangle, Jon Moxley & Eddie Kingston vs the Elite, and Christian Cage vs Team Taz.
Cody will make an announcement tomorrow regarding Double Or Nothing.
Every year, AEW has had a casino-themed multiman match that would lead to a potential title opportunity down the line. That was also the opener of the show. It’s also likely going to be different than what we have had, so the opener is going to be conceptual. So far, we have had a Battle Royale where groups have entered based on what card suit was pulled, and a ladder match where the first man to pull a casino chip won. These were both for a shot at the World Championship, so we will make this one for the World Championship again.
Statistically, over the last 4 Pay Per Views, faces were more likely to win than heels. In a 9 match card, faces won an average of 7 matches (considering their status at the time of the Pay Per View). However, the Pay Per View before the first one of the set (Revolution 2020) only saw 3 face wins. This means that although it is less common, it is still possible to give more wins to heels than need be.
Who Will Be Fighting For The World/TNT Championship?
To put it simply, the opener will already spoil my booking plans, so I might as well get it out of the way.
Kenny Omega vs PAC. For the same reason as the TNT Championship match, there is just so much more of a personal history between the two that would make for greater ring psychology. There will be a Number One contender’s match next week, and I believe PAC will likely decimate Orange. He is a tweener, not a face against Orange, but definitely not a heel against Kenny. However, do not count the losing man out just yet.
Either Darby Allin vs Ethan Page or Miro vs Lance Archer. Now, this one is very tricky, because it’s extremely rare for any belt to change hands on Dynamite, but at the same time, to say it isn’t likely with Miro winning due to Allin's injuries is underestimating Miro’s potential and possibly burying him. For this one, I will be booking in the case that Miro DOES win the TNT championship this week, since I see it as much more likely.
Buy In Match A - Best Friends vs Lucha Brothers
I don’t think there has been enough shown from either team to put them in the tag title picture yet. Trent just returned from a titty injury while PAC and Fenix have teamed because Penta was dealing with visa issues. Therefore, this is a great opportunity to set off the first of several matches within their feud for dominance.
The Match : This match goes around 12-15 minutes, and we will likely see Alex Abrehantes have some action here. Like, it would be funny if he tried to get in the ring to say something, but then (if it’s a safe spot, of course), he gets the sh*t kicked out of him. Although it is fun to watch Abrehantes get his ass kicked, it only served as a distraction for the Lucha Brothers to recover, take advantage with foul play, and shut sh*t down.
Match Result : Lucha Brothers defeats Best Friends via pinfall. With PAC potentially becoming a big player in the World Championship scene, I believe that this is a set up for all of the Death Triangle to become a dominant force in AEW. Plus, this will be a great comeback for the Lucha Brothers as a team again.
Post DoN : We are definitely going to see more matches between these two teams, and we should let them build themselves in the rankings on Dark and Elevation, overtaking the Varsity Blonds and the Acclaimed within a couple of months. This is the start of a major push for the Lucha Brothers. You will see what I mean later.
Opening Match - Slot Machine Elimination Match
Again, this is purely conceptual and I highly doubt this will happen. This will be for fun, and if it does happen, then it will definitely be a great opportunity for character development and potential feuds. To determine the people in this match, I handpicked 5 people and the other 5 were picked from a random generator. This will be the longest only because I would love to go in DEPTH on this.
Match Format : There will be 10 people participating in this match. The order that each person enters the ring will be determined by a symbol that represents that wrestler (i.e. MJF = Diamond or Orange Cassidy = you know, etc.) on the slot machine. The first two people will enter and fight for 3 minutes before the slot machine spins again. This will continue every 90 seconds until all 10 wrestlers have entered the ring. To win the match, you must be the last man standing, and eliminations are either by pinfall or submission. The winner of this match will receive a future shot at the World Championship.
The Match : Given the format of the match, it will take 13 and a half minutes just for everyone to be revealed. I am giving this match 22-25 minutes. The slot machine hits its first spin. The symbol : a rose. Sammy Guevara is the first to enter the ring. The slot machine spins once more, this time : a palm tree. It’s Jungle Boy. I get we are starting with a face vs face thing here, but it would be criminal to not have a full crowd singing to Tarzan Boy the first event we have the crowds back. Plus, Sammy entering this match first will be explained, later. Before the match starts, they face each other. Jungle Boy and Sammy Guevara have had their gripes in the past, but knowing that he is on a similar path as he was, Jungle Boy extends his hand. Sammy looks down, and shakes on it. The match begins.
Spin Number 3 : A liquor bottle. Isaiah Kassidy comes up next and takes turns on both Sammy and Jungle Boy.
Spin Number 4 : A mirror. Ryan Nemeth is up next and evens the playing field, fighting Sammy while Isiah and Jungle Boy continue fighting.
Spin Number 5 : A steak… the Dark Order music plays, and everyone is anticipating who it is… It’s John Silver. Biggest pop of the match in terms of entrances, maybe besides Jungle Boy. He targets Isiah Kassidy for what The HFO has done to them.
Spin Number 6 : A mountain. It’s Wardlow. This is a Diesel Royal Rumble 2011 moment where everyone is like, “oh f*ck…”, especially Sammy, for reasons that will be explained later. The man just lays waste to everybody. He is targeting Sammy Guevara, but doesn’t mind showing everybody who’s boss.
Spin Number 7 : A gear. Nick Comoroto has elected to represent the Factory in this bout, but instead of targeting the smaller guys, he has a staredown with Wardlow. Two big dudes, who instead of colliding, decide to show off a bit. Wardlow takes Isiah and eliminates him via pinfall. Comoroto proceeds to take Ryan and pummel him before eliminating him via submission. After that spot, they finally collide, while the action slowly picks back up.
Spin Number 8 : An eye. It’s Matt Sydal, and the poor bastard believes it would be a good idea to jump in the middle of Comoroto and Wardlow. Comoroto takes him out via pinfall. Dude lasts a minute… maybe even less.
Spin Number 9 : An orange. Orange Cassidy comes in and “targets” Comoroto with the kicks of doom, the whole nine. Comoroto is offended, and he straight decks him before driving him into the corner. John Silver takes Wardlow on next, and although it looks like there is hope, Wardlow eliminates John via pinfall. They continue to fight before the slot machine spins one last time.
Spin Number 10 : A mountain... again. Shawn Spears is the last to enter the ring, and he primarily targets Jungle Boy and Sammy. He has direct beef with Sammy, but what follows is a major hint that Jurassic Express’ beef with the Pinnacle is not dead. To make things easy on himself, Spears pushes Jungle Boy into Wardlow. The two stare at each other, Wardlow’s expression growing into a smile. It looks like the end for Jungle Boy, but he manages to strategically maneuver himself out, introduce a new finisher, and take him out via pinfall, much to the alarm of Spears. It’s payback for his loss to Wardlow in the October 2020 World Championship Contender’s tournament. And for those saying this isn’t believable, Jungle Boy actually defeated Comoroto via submission in the 1/5/21 episode of Dark, and just beat Marty Causus tonight. ;)
Meanwhile, Orange manages to fight back against Comoroto, pushing him back enough to deliver a Superman Punch before hitting the Beach Break, eliminating Comoroto via pinfall. It is now down to Sammy, Spears, Jungle Boy and Orange. Spears pushes Sammy into Jungle Boy before taking advantage of a winded Orange, and although he doesn’t go down without a fight, Orange is taken down via pinfall by Spears.
Spears then looks at the action between Jungle Boy and Sammy. He takes Jungle Boy from behind and eliminates him via pinfall. It is now between Spears and Sammy for a shot at the AEW World Championship.
Summary, Elimination Order : Isiah, Ryan, Sydal, John, Wardlow, Comoroto, Orange, Jungle Boy, Spears
Summary, Elimination Count : Wardlow - 2 (Isiah, Silver), Comoroto - 2 (Ryan, Sydal), Spears - 2 (Jungle Boy, Orange Cassidy), Jungle Boy - 1 (Wardlow), Orange - 1 (Comoroto), Sammy - 1 (Spears)
Match Result : Sammy Guevara wins by last eliminating Shawn Spears by hitting him with the Spanish Fly. I think you can definitely build something with Sammy Guevara. He’s a very versatile character who’s position at the top has allowed for him to feud with a lot of people, especially the Elite. He can be a plausible face character against both PAC and Kenny, and I would not say he wins the belt, but it is definitely a good showing for Sammy.
Post DoN : Sammy Guevara feuds with whoever wins the World title at the main event, which will be in Part 2.
Alternate Timeline : In the case that we do not get Miro vs Archer, Archer will replace Comoroto. Instead of Orange eliminating Archer, Archer actually eliminates Orange. Jungle Boy takes Orange’s place in terms of his elimination spot, and Archer takes Jungle Boy’s place.
Match 2 - Britt Baker vs. Hikaru Shida
This one is obvious. In a good way. I think it’s about time we have a new champion on the scene after a whole year.
The Match : A good 15-20 minutes. Maybe some blood, but not as much as the unsanctioned match. Hikaru does not want to lose her championship to the biggest heel in the women’s division, while Britt wants to win it to mark the start of a new era for the women’s division. There is some attempted interference from Rebel, but it fails. Nonetheless, Britt Baker succeeds in taking Britt down on her own, introducing a new finisher into her moveset.
Match Result : Britt Baker defeats Hikaru Shida via pinfall. I doubt that Shida is the type of person to submit easily, so I don’t think she will submit to the Lockjaw. It would be cool to see a new finisher or signature added to the moveset. Also, I think there will be a hope spot where Rebel’s attempt at interference fails, but it then picks back up and Britt wins anyways. That would really help her cement herself as a star who doesn’t always need help to win a match. Rebel is a fun partner that causes the mayhem, but having Britt win without that assistance is something I also find important, especially down the line.
Post DoN : Britt Baker holds the championship for around eight months to a year. Now I know Hikaru also held the championship for roughly a year, but the problem wasn’t entirely within the length of the reign. As I said in my last booking episode, the problem was she was barely defending her belt which made her a complete afterthought. The best route is to put Britt in some high caliber feuds that lets her be a constant presence on Dynamite and provide the chance for several women to shine through on Dynamite.
I would put this whole reign into four acts. Act I is against Tay Conti, who Britt decimates and knocks off the rankings. Act II is Kris Statlander, who is close, but she manages to defeat. Act III is Big Swole, who is Britt’s toughest opponent yet, but she still manages to take her down. And lastly, once her contract is up by the end of 2021, Thunder Rosa wins the belt off of Britt at either Revolution or Double Or Nothing 2022. I know I previously said that Tay Conti would be next in line, but I think it would still be a good idea, instead of Tay, Thunder Rosa wins the belt while Tay goes through a growth period throughout 2021, eventually facing Rosa in a friendly rivalry that leads to Tay winning the belt off of Rosa as the big babyface in the Summer to Fall of 2022.
Match 3 - Cody Rhodes vs Anthony Ogogo, No DQ
You know when I said earlier that it was either Adam & Christian vs Team Taz or another match for the Buy In? This was the other match.
F*ckin’ Brits, am I right? (/j, if you are British, you’re cool). From last week’s Dynamite, we are definitely setting up for a blowoff between these two. And honestly, I get Cody is an egomaniac who always books victories for himself, but this is not the time. I say this is the match that closes out this chapter for Cody Rhodes before he goes on paternity leave. Ogogo is a fresh star, and if they want to make him into something more, they have to give him this win. And please, no punching of the liver. I get that Ogogo is a former boxer but apparently that move is strong enough to finish a match via referee decision. We are giving this guy the Jade Cargill treatment, no cop outs.
Pre-DoN : Cody’s announcement this week is in regards to the opener of the show, the Slot Machine Elimination Match. However, near the end, like a true British tw*t, Ogogo comes out, says some words, punches him in the liver, and leaves. From here, we get some form of build up here leading to Double or Nothing in the form of promo packages. Plus, we get to see Ogogo wrestle a bit more prior to the match at Double or Nothing.
The Match : It starts off violent. And it stays violent. Trust me, this is a violent match from start to finish. Throughout the latter half of the match, Ogogo just brutalizes him. Since it’s No DQ, you bet we are getting tables and chairs. This is a demo of Ogogo’s true power, and he manages to knock Cody’s lights out. I would also make this one of the shorter, if not the shortest match on the card. Ogogo may be violent enough to make the match go quick, but in reality, he’s still green in the ring. I’m talking 10-12 minutes at most so you can show his strength without exploiting his inexperience.
Match Result : Ogogo beats Cody via pinfall. Simple. This match should push Ogogo as one of the most violent men on the roster, because he has to potential to be such. If this match is booked the other way around, you are effectively burying him.
Post Match : QT and the rest of the factory come out, proud of their brother in arms for his victory. However, they are not done. QT tells Ogogo to bring Cody’s body over to him, and Comoroto to get the stairs. After a “long time overdue”, QT hits Cody with a piledriver on the stairs, finishing him off before Cody goes on paternity leave. It’s a shocker (mostly because of the fact that Cody is, again, a massive egomaniac who would never book himself in a loss). Cody is just dead, he is taken out on a stretcher as Ogogo flies the British flag around and the rest of the Factory watches on proudly. It’s a new era, and the Factory is now in control.
With that, we end Part 1 of the Double Or Nothing fantasy booking. You shall receive Part 2 tomorrow afternoon before Dynamite, and until then I hope you enjoy, and have a good one.
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trentjinshi · 6 days ago
Either the boys were trying to signify that "If you mess with one of us you mess with all of us." Or they're all just bad guys
They jumped John Silver over making fun of Chuck... Period
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asahijaponkekim · 7 days ago
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Even if the sun goes down, as if waiting for it to rise again 🧡🧡🧡 From Asahi's song "Orange"
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rhyme-the-rhyme-well · 9 days ago
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Beastie Boys - Pageant Tour, 2004/5. I'm not sure which location these are from as they were posted without context. Thinking possibly New Zealand in early 05? [x]
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lacheri · 12 days ago
me: not gonna officially write anything so I have time to do my 200 follower event THAT I'M 1 FOLLOWER AWAY FROM ANNOUNCING
me: okay but bestfriend!Jean playing dress up w aliases and pretending you're newlyweds from the 1950's
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pastornovak · 15 days ago
What is the issue with like ,,, cis gay boys never brushing their teeth. I dont want to kiss your yellow ass mouth. Brush your goddamn teeth
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