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#orange butterfly

Beautiful Butterflies (by: Garden of Eve)

Here are a few more beauties from the Butterfly Farm in Aruba.

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Orange Passion Butterfly Fleece Blanket

Orange Passion Butterfly Fleece Blanket
by mmemp_com

Fleece Blanket, 50"x60"

It’s hard to cuddle by yourself. But with these comfy fleece blankets, you won’t have to anymore. Wrap yourself in personalized plush luxury. Delicate, soft and colorful, it’s the perfect blanket for cozy snuggle time.

100% buttery soft and cozy polyester fleece
Edge-to-edge sublimation printing in vibrant full color
Sturdy double edge stitching for a clean finish
Back color is off-white
Machine washable, gentle cycle, mild detergent
Tumble dry low

This Orange Passion Butterfly design is also available on additional clothing and accessory items. Visit our store below

Orange Passion Butterfly Clothing Accessories and Gifts

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The pretty little Red Admiral Butterfly enjoying the last nectar of the season hanging on my Butterfly Bush in Charlottesville VA.

When you see one you will say WOW!

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The orange butterfly is associated with the sun, life and consciousness. Spotting an orange colored butterfly can signify that a new dawn of healing and heart transformation is about to occur for someone who has been depressed or anxious.

Having an orange butterfly land on you or fly near you means that joy will soon come into your life in some unexpexted way.

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Pendant & Box

Cut with edges. Glue on silver plated bail. Sterling silver chain 20”-24”.

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“Love is like a butterfly: It goes where it pleases and it pleases wherever it goes”. ~ Anonymous~

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Orange Butterfly & Bloom by Iris Violet.

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