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#orange hair

i dyed my hair orange and cut it aka my birthday just passed and my yearly do something super crazy happened

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Hip squish and fishnets, ft the freckle constellation on my tummy🥰

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Halsey lockscreens


I absolutely love that hair style and color on Halsey–

Like or reblog if you use or save please!

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Can someone buy and send me hair bleach and orange hair dye….. I am a sad creature and need to do it asap… but payday is very very far…..

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Given Sharp - Honey Marmalade

Drew my friend Given Sharp for her Birthday!! Yay!! (^w^)

Given is not only an amazing actress, but also an awesome artist too!! Go check out her out on IMDb and check out her artwork as well! It’s lovely! (^w^)

Given’s IMDb

Given’s Instagram

Given’s Art Instagram

Done with Clip Studio Paint EX
January 21, 2021

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