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hey consider drawing your oc in this and tagging me here or on twitter, just use the hashtag #OCFencingClub so i can find it
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Image © Wizards of the Coast
[The tanarukk originated in the Forgotten Realms, as part of the lore surrounding Hellgate Keep and Myth Drannor. In 4th edition, they emerged into the wider D&D canon in Monster Manual 3, which made them an actively engineered species, as opposed to a more naturally occurring hybrid of orc and demon. 5e doubles down on the “actively engineered” part, but moves them back into orc society. My statistics are mostly based on the 5e version, but I gave them a few spell-like abilities to reflect the “affect normal fires” power of the originals.]
Tanarukk CR 5 CE Outsider (native) This humanoid creature resembles an oversized orc, with sharp teeth and an impressive set of horns. His body is covered in gray scales, matted hair and irregular bony spurs.
A tanarukk is an orc with a fiendish bloodline, transformed into a true monster through maledictions made to a demon lord. Not all orc tieflings become tanarukks. Only by bathing the infant in the blood of a humanoid sacrifice while chanting prayers to a demon lord or similar power can a tanarukk be created. The tanarukk’s body warps in order to reflect the patronage to whom they are dedicated—curving, bull-like horns are common, as many tanarukks are made in the name of Baphomet.
A tanarukk is an overwhelming physical combatant, using sheer strength and endurance to crush opponents. They can move in the blink of an eye, closing the gap to hammer archers or spellcasters, and when injured, they only become more lethal. Tanarukks can manipulate flame, and they use these powers on the rare occasions they cannot reach an enemy to tear them apart with weapons or teeth.
Because of their physical strength and raw charisma, many orc chieftains view tanarukks as dangerous tools. They are kept on a short leash, sometimes literally, and may be locked away or otherwise imprisoned when not on the battlefield. A tanarukk can certainly rise to power, and those that do typically form coalitions with others of their kind, creating a caste system of tanarukks on top, “ordinary” orc tieflings with some privileges, and orcs without fiendish bloodlines as chattel.
Tanarukks advance via class levels. Most are fighters and barbarians. Some with more patience become spellcasters, particularly sorcerers or oracles. Spellcasting tanarukks are often referred to as “fire speakers”, and keep regular orcs in line with fiery magic.
Tanarukk                 CR 5 XP 1,600 CE Medium outsider (native, orc) Init +1; Senses darkvision 60 ft., Perception +7 Defense AC 17, touch 11, flat-footed 16 (+1 Dex, +4 natural, +2 armor) hp 52 (5d10+25) Fort +6, Ref +5, Will +5 DR 5/magic; Immune poison; Resist fire 10; SR 16 Defensive Abilities ferocity Statistics Speed 30 ft. Melee masterwork greataxe +10 (1d12+6/x3), bite +4 (1d8+2) or bite +9 (1d8+6) Special Attacks unbridled fury Spell-like Abilities CL 5th, concentration +7 3/day—produce flame 1/day—pyrotechnics (DC 14) Str 18, Dex 13, Con 20, Int 9, Wis 9, Cha 14 Base Atk +5; CMB +9; CMD 20 Feats Cleave, Iron Will, Power Attack Skills Climb +12, Intimidate +10, Knowledge (planes) +7, Perception +7, Swim +12 Languages Abyssal, Orc SQ aggressive movement Ecology Environment any land or underground Organization solitary, pair, patrol (3-6) or tribe (3-12 plus 20-200 orcs plus 50% noncombatants) Treasure standard (leather armor, masterwork greataxe, other treasure) Special Abilities Aggressive Movement (Ex) A tanarukk can moves up to its speed as an immediate action once per day. Unbridled Fury (Ex) A tanarukk gains a +2 morale bonus on attack rolls and melee damage rolls against opponents that have dealt damage to that tanarukk in the last round.
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Through the Forest
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(I tried to send this but dumblr said "bad request"???? So if you're seeing this twice I'm sowwy 🥺) But I hear you're the woman to talk to about some Orc!Lee? Imagine celebrating the Winter Solstice with him; the feasting...the drinking...the....y'know 👀👀👀
Thank you for sending this in! Be sure to check out @slothspaghettiwrites work if you haven’t already!
I just realized I saved this to my drafts instead of posting it 😅 I hope to write a more detailed version and post it on my ao3!
It was the week leading up to the Winter Solstice… Y/N had never seen Lee so excited before. It was their first holiday together and the first one he’s had off from work in years. He never had anyone to spend it with until now and he was determined to make it special.
Y/N was caught off guard when Lee began to decorate their home. Mistletoe hung from every banister. Oranges embellished with dried cloves were the centerpiece of their dining table. There was a evergreen tree standing proudly in their living room. Lee had cut it down from their backyard a week prior, and the two of them spent a day making decorations to hang on the branches. Lee carved wooden ornaments while Y/N threaded dried fruit and popcorn onto a garland. She had a few adornments of her own that she had collected over the years and Lee encouraged her to put them out for display. While it was a surprise, it was certainly pleasant and Y/N had never had as much fun as she did this year.
Each day, Lee had something planned for them. And they weren’t the only ones celebrating. Elves, dwarves, orcs, and humans alike honored the gods for lengthening the days once more and rendering thanks for the harvests next year. He planned to incorporate his orc traditions with her human ones, wanting to blend their lives together and knowing Y/N would be thrilled in doing so.
The first day was a day of fasting, and it was Lee’s least favorite day. He only partook because it was something Y/N did with her family. His stomach grumbled all day, but was rewarded with a large feast at her parent’s house. Y/N learned her skill of cooking from her mother, so Lee wasn’t disappointed in the meal. When they returned home, Lee gifted Y/N seeds of her favorite fruits to plant in their garden for the next season, while she gifted him new gold bands for his tusks.
The second day was the Festival of Lights, held in the heart of Meade. To ward off dark spirits, bright colorful lights were put on display for guests to enjoy. Fried foods cooked by humans, nutty desserts assembled by elves, roasted tuber-roots prepared by dwarves, and smoked meats made by orcs were all served to the public. As the Sheriff of Ross County, Lee and his deputies were in charge of keeping the area safe. Even though he had to work, Y/N stayed glued to his side. The crowd parted like the sea for Lee, giving him and his mate plenty of space. When they were alone, Lee gifted Y/N a handmade candle, to remind her what she was to him, his light.
The third day Y/N spent time with her family while Lee worked all day at the station. He came home late that night, but was welcomed home with a hearty fire burning in the hearth and Y/N waiting for him. They curled up on the couch with a layer of furs, enjoying each other’s company. That night she gifted him a blanket she had knitted for him, perfect for his large size, while he gave her a orc-made necklace baring the seal of the Bodecker clan.
On the fourth day, they bathed in the holy river that ran through Knockemstiff, Paint Creek. This was an ancient orc tradition, one he used to partake as a child. Lee and Y/N waited until the moon was high in the sky, when no one else would be around. Lee made a fire for them to warm up after with wool blankets. With chattering teeth, they waded into the frigid water. Lee’s arms held her tightly as he whispered a prayer into her ear. Y/N buried her face in his broad, hairy chest and they dunked into the water. After, as they huddled by the fire for warmth, Y/N warmed his cock while cuddling in his lap.
The fifth day was the Harvest Festival. Again, Lee had to patrol the grounds, but Y/N was never very far. Splitting her time with her family and Lee, she got to have the full experience. There was singing and dancing and plenty of food. Y/N got to see Lee in action, breaking up a drunken brawl by the ferris wheel. She had always been enamored by his strength, but seeing him in action sent an ache between her thighs. When Lee was no longer occupied, Y/N pulled him out of view from prying eyes and had her way with him.
On the sixth day, Lee and Y/N stayed home, away from the public festivities. They spent their day in bed, making love until their knees were weak and their eyes were heavy with sleep.
Finally, on the last day, the Winter Solstice had arrived. Lee could hardly contain his excitement. He gifted her a new dress, tailored by orcs, and had her wear it for the night. She also wore her new necklace and Lee wore his new bands on his tusks. Lee drove them to the outskirts of Meade where a special event was being held. Unless accompanied by an orc or are one, no outsiders were allowed to attend. Holding hands, Lee led her to the outside event. Surrounded by the forest was a massive bonfire. Orcs from all over Ross County came together to celebrate the holiday. It was the first time Lee had been in years. But he wanted to share this experience with Y/N.
That night, they drank and danced amongst the orcs. They bonded over prayer as they honored the gods. They partook in the rituals and sang their songs. Despite being human, the orcs welcomed Y/N with open arms. The fire was beginning to die down once Lee and Y/N left. They continued their drinking in the safety of their own home, dancing to the songs on the radio until they both passed out on the couch.
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Everquest by Donato Giancola
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My favourite type of character in all media always.
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This is Weightless, my half-orc barbarian  ✨
No rage, just smiles 😊
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messing with brushes & colours ft. evie
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snoft orc for @aradiadefensesquad
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Did You Know: There are usually four different spouse reactions types to houses you can live in; Arrogant, Neutral, Nord, or Orc? The reactions for a player-built house, for example:
Arrogant: "Fine, when we're not fending off attacks by wolves. Or bears. Or giant spiders. Honestly, what were you thinking, sending us out here?"
Neutral: "Fine, love. I think the fresh air does wonders for all of us, and this house... it's just perfect."
Nord: "Fine, fine. Living out here on our own will take some getting used to, but I think it'll be good for us."
Orc: "Better than ever. Nothing like living off the land to teach you how to fight, how to survive. We'll have a little warrior on our hands in no time."
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There! 3 panels - Goblin, Hobgoblin and Orc. All women except Hayzel.
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A goth orc. A gorc, if you will.
It is said they are brutally cunning.
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farriers at work, 1898 -- colourized
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The feminine urge to have a monster boyfriend to live with in an enchanted forest and/or the middle earth
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sometimes reddit is good, actually
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Started out as a drawing of this (still unnamed) gold demon lady but turned into a height chart thing featuring Abby and Bea.
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My half orc paladin. 
Orc... big....
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Something this anon has wanted to explore many a time- an adventure wherein traditionally 'evil' creatures go through a reverse dungeon crawl- escaping the fortress in order to desert the Dark Lord's armies!
Tumblr media
Campaign Starter: From Under the Shadow
No where to go but up
Setup:  More than a mere underdark fortress, Ykandri’s Shackle is a marvel of engineering and hubris that only the Duergar could have managed. Filled with visions of industry and conquest, the architects tasked with building a simple lift through a miles long fissure through the world below let their ambitions sprawl, becoming a make-work project for their subterranean empire and a monument to the pride of their succession of dour and powermad rulers. 
Like any expansionist Military power, the Duergar of the “Great-Chain” conscript their defeated foes and societal rejects to do the worst of the labor, toiling away to expand the warrens supporting the Shackle or fending off the beasts of he dark vastness that infest the surrounding caverns. This is where we find our party, the lowest of the low, captives bound together by their mutual desire for escape. 
 Adventure Hooks: 
While freedom is their primary goal, the party must keep up appearances and thier first mission will be a crawl through an mine and adjoining excavation site that has recently become infested with underdark pests. This will give them a chance to show off their characters and you an opportunity to hammer home just how miserable life on the Shackle really is. What’s more, having them return victorious and then being forced to hand over their gear and trophies under threat of lashes will set up great minor taskmaster/guards villains that they can avenge themselves against on the way out. 
Have them plan their escape like a heist, rolling out a hastily drawn sketch of the Shackle standing between them and nearby underdark portals. Lay out what sidetasks they may need to perform or challenges they’ll need to overcome to get the resources they’ll need for their escape.  
While preparing for their great escape, the party hear whisperings of  some tumult among the upper ranks of the Clan’s hierarchy, something to do with a prisoner and the overreach of the notoriously wicked spymaster. Leadership may shuffle from time to time but the lot of those captive in the Shackle never does. “ Different Boot, Same Neck” goes the saying... at least it does until a blinding burst of divine light suffuses the fissure and a band of high-level heroes from the surface world come to rescue that prisoner and bring the Tyrants of the Great Chain down in the process. Pull this trigger before your party is fully ready to escape, or just as things go righteously wrong after they’ve decided to attempt a more risky escape.  It’ll be clear they need to get out while the getting’s good, now having to sprint through a warzone rather than sneak through a prison. 
Portals in the underdark are tricky things, leading an escaping party to all manner of potential locales ( that they may might not know ahead of time unless they stole the right information). Maybe they’ll end up in a disused mine on the outskirts of a city of new beginnings, a far cavern trading post with fortunes waiting to be made,    a friendly settlement of exiles and make their reputation while defending its swampy borders. Perhaps somewhere even more strange? 
Operation of the Shackle:   The Shackle was built to ferry supplies, thralls, and soldiers en-mass across the great altitudes of the fissure, a task that could otherwise take days of marching or carting and be equivalent to descending a tall mountain. Instead, cargo is loaded from one level into an adjoining  fortified platform attached to the great chain, which is raised as the other side decends, until it comes level with another  platform. Cargo from one is loaded into the other, and then the mechanism reverses, sending the first platform down while the second platform ascends the way it came. By this way are the Shackle’s contents moved where they need to go by way of an overly elaborate, two way bucket chain, a process important to know should the party seek to escape their current level, or later should they wish to return to the site of their imprisonment and raid its ruins. 
Future Adventures: 
During the hatching of their escape plan, the party are slipped a few vital supplies by a drider merchant who did a little black market business on the shackle and took a shine to them in the process. Delighted to find the party no worse for ware ( despite possibly hopping dimensions) and that they’re now in a position to afford his more exclusive stock, the drider will be happy to send them on missions to fill their pockets then sell them things to empty them again. 
The Party and their favorite spider boy aren't the only survivors of the Shackle, as one of the mercenary captains hired to keep order in the prison fortress has made it out with a newly formed legion of followers, and is interested in carving out a new territory for himself that just so happens to include the party’s new home.  
It’s inevitable that the party left unfinished business on the Shackle, and some time into their adventures they may feel the call to return to their one time prison/home. Thoroughly in shambles after the heroes hit it with everything they had, the seat of empire has now become a patchwork of warlords fighting over the remnants of power, with vast stretches inhabited by the beasts of underdark attracted by the slaughter. Bonus points if the party runs into the pests they first fended off in the mines, grown in size, threat and swarming number without their population being culled. 
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Words of Affirmation
You DO NOT have a -2 penalty to your Intelligence attribute
You are PROFICIENT in wielding double-sided battle axes
Your body scars are SEXY as FUCK
You can PUSH, LIFT, DRAG or CARRY as much as a creature of ONE SIZE LARGER
Your methods are both BRUTAL and CUNNING
If you BELIEVE in something enough IT WILL HAPPEN
Your battlecry is THUNDEROUS and FRIGHTENING
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