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Oh boy! I’ve missed so many days!! Honestly I’m surprised I’ve made it this long with Inktober.

I normally give up after day 6.

Thank you everyone who’s been interacting with my drawings. It makes me so happy to see people enjoying them.

So here at last. Days 26-29

Day 26: Hide

Day 27: Music

Day 28: Float

Day 29: Shoe

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Fifteenth Legion lineup.

Some art reused, because I’m not that insane.

Hune is… Very tall. One thing I learned from this is that Ogres suffer from Book 1 weirdness. As in, we never get a good description of what Ogres look like. Even the height is a bit of an issue. In Book 1 Ogres are described as 15 feet, but a later comment by EE in Book 2 sets them at 10-12 feet. So I went with 12 feet on Hune as a sort of compromise. And that’s not even getting into body shapes. All we know about ogres is that they’re comparatively human shaped, and that Hune has a wide face with brutish features and intelligent eyes. And large hands.

I went with basic human anatomy, because… No matter what I go with it’s likely to be wrong. And with no description from Cat, it could be argued she simply doesn’t see anything particularly different from humans besides size.

We do know they got “Mediterranean skin tones” and are more hairy than humans. But the latter is covered pretty much up by the full plate armour. I also went with pretty light hair simply for the variation. Most likely that’s wrong and she got dark hair, but… I’ve found no descriptions of Hune’s hair. ;)

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22. Tashok (LDB, Skyrim)


23. Malacath (Orc icon, Elder Scrolls, stand alone post here)


24. Yorag (Skyrim, OC)


25 and 26. Yagha and Ghara (Skyrim, OC)


27. Yamal (Skyrim, OC)


28. Yaren (Skyrim, OC)

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🌿 Malt and Nkuku for Drawtober 🌿

From enemies to lovers, these two are rather inseparable.

First image is the two enjoying a snow day with a walk through the woods.

Second image is when they were both much younger, around 13-14. Still young and dumb, not really understanding love.

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I feel like I’m finally getting a hang of digital painting out of nowhere? I dunno, something kinda clicked for me the other day and now I’m just trying to figure out how to repeat it consistently.

This is one of my newer characters, by the way- Ratri Dragonsroar III, the granddaughter of Ratri, my dragonborn I finally finished Skyrim on.

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