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#order 66
exlibrisastra · 2 days ago
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This story happened a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. It is already over. Nothing can be done to change it.
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royalhandmaidens · 3 months ago
sometimes i think about the parents
the parents from coruscant to the farthest reaches of the galaxy, who have just become new parents, or perhaps are welcoming their third or fourth
it’s subtle at first, so subtle it’s easy to miss
their baby is different
maybe they’re worried. ‘what’s wrong with my baby? will they be ok? are they sick? they don’t cry like my others, doctor.’
maybe they’re amazed. ‘he has such a way with animals. she always seems to know when it will rain. what amazing reflexes! i’ve never seen a child with such a green thumb!’
it only becomes more apparent as time passes. seasons change, children grow, people talk, and the reality that their beloved child has been gifted with something beyond their comprehension becomes a reality that can no longer be ignored
and then, one day, the jedi arrives
they arrive on the doorsteps of homes both humble and opulent, armed with a soothing demeanor, a benign smile, and an explanation that simultaneously relieves and terrifies
sometimes i think about the horrid realization that, despite a willingness to lay down their own life for their child, despite their attempts to provide to the best of their ability, it is not enough. it never will be
sometimes i think of the tearful goodbyes - goodbyes that are not made any less painful with the knowledge that their decision is in the best interest of their baby
‘will they remember me?’ a parent wonders as they gaze with blurry eyes at the retreating form of the jedi, who carries away their entire world, swaddled in fabric that still smells of home. ‘will they remember my lullabies? my voice? will they remember how loved they were?’
years pass. the absence is a gaping wound that never truly heals. they follow the news, daily, scouring titles and clips for information- hoping to catch a glimpse or the smallest assurance that their child is well, growing, prospering
and then, one day, the news stops. everything changes, and nothing could ever prepare them for what follows
governments fall, an empire rises, and parents across the galaxy are rendered immobile, breathless, and shattered at the uttering of one simple sentence:
the jedi are no more
sometimes i think about the parents.
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gospelofme · 7 months ago
Guys, this had to have happened. It had to.
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clonecyare · a month ago
Being a Star Wars fan is really just living in constant fear of an unexpected re-telling of Order 66 being dropped on you at any moment
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the-last-kenobi · 3 months ago
sometimes I think that Star Wars fans are so inured to the rise-and-fall arc of Anakin Skywalker->Darth Vader that we forget exactly what that means.
it seems inevitable to us because we all - mostly - saw it coming because of the order of release. and TCW makes no bones about showing Anakin’s unsteady descent into reckless selfishness, even while he’s still absolutely planted in the role of hero, of Jedi.
but just. for a second. put all that aside. the narrative, the characters, the foreshadowing.
and think about your best friend.
your lifelong companion, your spouse, the friend since childhood, the person you connected with last year and just know you’ll never let go of. a parent or parental figure.
whoever it is you trust the most and want to spend the most time with.
you know this person. you know their likes and dislikes. their mannerisms. when they like to sleep and wake, what they like to eat, how they laugh, who else they’re comfortable around, their favorite clothing style, how their voice sounds when they’re frustrated or tired or a little silly.
and you know them, and you love them.
you are aware of their flaws.
you trust them to not become only their flaws. why would they? who would do that? people are so much more than their best and their worst. you trust them.
of course you do. after all, you know them, understand them, love them. you might not get each other all the time, or even get along as much as you’d like, but you know each other. you’ve got one another’s backs.
it is this person you think of most often. the one you think of when someone invites you and a plus-one, the one you worry about when there’s bad weather, the person you want to share a joke with first. they’re annoying and complicated and you know them. (life has been tough on you and them. life is tough on everyone. things are hard, and you stick as close as you can to this person, and it helps so much.)
and then one day, you come back home after a very long but surprisingly positive day at work and find out that this person has sold your house out from under you, killed your dog, murdered your entire family, slaughtered your neighborhood, including all the kids you’ve grown up around for years and waved at as you drove by, maybe even stopped to say hello or return a toy that rolled away, and then somehow managed to pin all these crimes… on you.
you have lost everything. everything.
and when you chase your friend down and demand answers out of them, plead and argue and ask and cry, all they can say is that it’s all your fault. and that if you can’t be with them on this, that you were never with them in the first place.
your best friend has just destroyed lives, destroyed your life, murdered people, and continues to victim-blame while attempting to hack you to pieces.
it’s incomprehensible.
you must be having a nightmare.
but you’re not.
you’re still loving this person who is more caricature than person, and even as they’re trying to kill you and you’re trying to process the overwhelming losses, you still love them. and hate them, too. except - you still love them.
this is when you begin to cry.
and this is the story of everyone who loved Anakin.
It’s the story of Obi-Wan, and Padmé, and Ahsoka, and Rex, and even just other Jedi and Clones that knew and trusted him, existing in his periphery and by his side, trusting him even while knowing his flaws. everyone has flaws. everyone has dark, selfish, wild desires. nobody expects their friends to give into them.
picture your best friend again. now picture them doing all of this to you.
and tell me you don’t want to destroy something. or hurl yourself off a cliff.
tell me you’re strong enough to live in the wastelands for twenty years contemplating your mistakes and wishing your friend was still your friend.
lie to me.
tell me you’re brave enough to be anyone who loved Anakin Skywalker.
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cc-2020 · 7 months ago
Me, vibing in the #Dead Palpatine tag on ao3:
Tumblr media
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thememerman · 4 months ago
If I see one more thing villainizing Crosshair for everything he’s doing while literally being mind controlled it is ON SIGHT
Yes this big bad villain who WANTS to gun down his SQUAD, the only people that ever accepted him for the SNARK that he is, when you can see so many times how soft he is with them
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Relax, Wrecker. You’ll top him next time.” “No he won’t.”
After one upping Wrecker he clearly is having fun teasing him. You can hear the grin on his face. He loves being with them even though he’d probably rather die than admit it.
“But OP!” You might say. “OP, he hates regs! He antagonized CAPTAIN FREAKING REX how can you say this??” Now I’m not one to ever tolerate someone smack talking regs and certainly not Rex. But I’m gonna surprise y’all, he was justified. Yeah he was extremely harsh and was absolutely gunning for Rex’s buttons, but A. He just said what literally everyone else on that mission was thinking (that maybe Rex was getting too emotionally involved) and B. We see from Aftermath that many regs honestly treated TBB like GARBAGE. Of course Crosshair wouldn’t find it worthwhile to go out of his way to help one.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
We jump straight from Rex literally DECKING him (valid on Rex’s part) over Echo to CROSSHAIR PROTECTIVELY PUTTING HIS HAND ON ECHO’S SHOULDER TO STEADY HIM. Why would it matter to let one more reg fall to his death? Because Crosshair isn’t the emotionless, heartless, and callous soldier he spends all of his time convincing everyone he is.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
To everyone saying he’s not pulling his shots in the recent episode, I rewatched every episode he was in back to back. He did not miss once. Not a single time. And now suddenly he’s missing shots on Tech and Hunter? Twice? Sounds like he’s fighting the chip if you ask me. Just like Rex did when he told Ahsoka to find Fives; it’s possible to get bits of himself through the cracks, if only for a split second before he’s gone again.
Tumblr media
And I’m ending this with the gif of when Hunter invites Echo to be a Bad Batcher. Despite Crosshair’s obvious distaste for regs, he clearly has no problem following Hunter’s lead and accepting someone new into their very niche squad. He never questioned Hunter on anything that we saw, and I doubt he did very much prior to Order 66 judging by Hunter’s horror at Crosshair’s lack of acknowledgment on Kaller. He is not a villain. He’s yet another clone that never deserved the life he was constructed for, another clone with no agency or choice. I will die on this hill
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madrewrites · 5 months ago
bad batch 'aftermath' things that are balm for my tired soul:
echo being offended that Kamino didn't immediately recognise their ship
crosshair just trying to eat during the food fight
'why don't YOU memorise them?' 'I have!'
'I'm not going anywhere' what are you tech a fckn comedian
any time a knife was used at all really
'strike us down like you did the Jedi' 'is that a request?'
Saw's scars
the cute af family photo
tech's little leg shake in the cell when he's thinking
'harm her and you're a dead man' THEY'RE SO PROTECTIVE I LOVE THEM
female clone female clone female clone female clone female clone
wrecker's soft toy ... I just think it's neat
in conclusion: Big Brother Mode™ activated
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ameanstoanendor · 3 months ago
Currently thinking about how it was confirmed that Plo Koon was the only Council member who voted against expelling Ahsoka from the Order. Not even Obi-Wan voted against it, but Plo Koon did. He never lost faith in her, just like how she never lost faith in him during the Malevolence arc when everyone else thought he was dead.
Ahsoka probably never got to say goodbye to him or thank him because of Order 66
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gospelofme · 2 months ago
Okay so you know in the Clone Wars animated film, Rex is able to resist Ventress’s mind trick (at least in part, idk if he completely resists it). He calls Anakin by his first name, instead of his last. This throws Anakin off enough to tip him off.
I’m wondering if this is something Anakin taught Rex. Jesse isn’t able to resist Maul’s mind probing. Granted what Maul did is different than what Ventress did, and I think Maul is stronger than Ventress.
BUT it was foreshadowing. Rex is able to resist the chip, at least a little bit. But it’s enough. Jesse is not.
Tumblr media
He yells at her to stay back and to find Fives before finally succumbing to the Order. I am wondering if this is due to Anakin training him to fight back against mind tricks. If so, Anakin gave Ahsoka a chance to survive by way of Rex.
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milfjaster · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
waking up and choosing violence
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heidiss · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Yeah, it's Post!Order 66 and yeah, they never separated. Cuz I said so. I love them
Tumblr media
btw, usually I headcanon that Rex is natural blonde because he is, Dave Falafel told me so, but this time I made an exception
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bookshopangel · 20 days ago
Tumblr media
Clonetober Day 6: Order 66
Who ordered 66 pizzas and charged it to General Kenobi's credit card?
Alternately titled "The Bad Batch's expense account."
(I'm on the road this week, so [throws a phone pic and runs])
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twinterrors29 · a month ago
even drugged, Fives was more clever than most knew to give him credit for
he knew he was cornered, the target of a very aggressive coverup from the highest levels of the Republic
so instead of trying to set up a meeting to desperately pass on his dangerous knowledge to his Captain and General, he asks Kix for help with a very different task in that bathroom
and then he very publicly faked his own death
after all, this is not too long after the whole Rako Hardeen incident, he had the best of examples to follow (for a given value of best (Obi-Wan))
he put some extra padding under his chest plate, got Kix’s help to pay off a morgue attendant, and voila
(Commander Fox was so confused, he could have sworn his blaster was set to stun, but the evidence (his brother’s body) speaks for itself)
once he’s ‘dead,’ he continued his investigation into the chips, eventually drawing Kix away from the 501st to help him with the medical side and to develop a safe and reliable way to remove the chips, as well as trying (and failing) to dig up any concrete dirt on the Chancellor
however, before they can even finalize their plans, Order 66 goes out
the war ends
the Empire rises
they failed their brothers, and the Jedi paid the cost with their lives
so for a time, the two of them disappear, waiting and looking for new opportunities to help their brothers
until one day, Fives hears a rumor about a mercenary group, seemingly operating out of Ord Mantell, that pulled off some kind of cover operation in Tipoca City right before the whole planet went dark
Fives and Kix need any data they can get about what their surviving brothers are doing, so they decide to see what this crew saw
however, all those plans are quickly derailed when Fives recognizes the grumpy but undisguised voice of one of the helmeted members, and launches himself across the room to hug his long-dead batchmate
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cyareclones · a month ago
Tumblr media
post order 66 au… WITH THE LOVELY @space-b33 !! I’m so so so happy with how this collab turned out, Jay’s style is just so nice. Please check out their page if you haven’t already. It’s such a joy to work with them :D
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smhalltheurlsaretaken · a month ago
I may be getting emotional over hair of all things...
From Padawans who cut off the braid to hide...
Tumblr media
... to Padawans who cut it off because they’re done hiding.
Tumblr media
. . .
(I love that when Kanan was ready to fully embrace his identity as Caleb Dume in Rebels, he shaved and cut his hair again so he would look like he used to as a child - because he was reuniting with his past as a Jedi within the Order, to the point that he died the way his Master did, saving his loved ones by making them run and sacrificing himself...
... And when F is ready to fully embrace her identity as a Jedi, she cuts off her braid because she is not a Padawan any longer, she is a Jedi, and she can and will be a Jedi even without the guidance of a Master.)
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