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orevet replied to your post “orevet replied to your post “my normal anti-acne routine is 2%…”

hmm. how often/when do you apply it? I’ve also heard good things about face oils, which sounds counter-intuitive but the idea is basically if you put a little bit of oil that doesn’t clog pores on your face, your skin will be like “ok cool no need to crank out the stuff that does clog pores”. and tbh you can just get a bottle of sunflower seed oil and use that, though there’s drugstore products that are easier to rinse off the excess

I don’t understand how sebaceous glands would be able to sense the amount of oil currently on the skin and downregulate in response to an increase…like, I know nothing about skin care and would be happy to be convinced, but in my understanding sebum production is primarily regulated by a mystifyingly complex hormonal system

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orevet replied to your post “my normal anti-acne routine is 2% salicylic acid wipes daily and spot…”

make sure to use a noncomedogenic moisturizer, some of what causes maskne might be the cloth rubbing away your skin’s natural oils and fucking with its pH, and using a moisturizer keeps your skin from going into overdrive to produce more sebum

I don’t use anything fancy, just the Aveeno facial moisturizer? because its fragrance free and has sunscreen in it, not that I reapply it every 2 hours lmao

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good i’m fucking glad!! like people have been REMARKABLY bad at it

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oh shit they’re evolving, they understand that all police tape is gonna do is make you more interested

you’re smart, keep it up

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it would be a crime if i didn’t already listen to it tbh. like a podcast hosted by an anarchist whose main relationship with the field of history is dunking on bad people? relatable. one of my best friends from high school and i mostly bond over how much we hate thomas jefferson. i literally don’t understand people who have historical heroes

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proposal: naming a pet member of any of the plain brown fluffy species of tarantula 'Chewbacca'. I don't currently have the means to own a rancho so I'm putting this idea out into the world for others to use. you're welcome.

Excellent advice for future fuzzy tarantula owners.

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sprouts are nasty raw, but if you get any kind of broth-based dish with sprouts on the side you can sprinkle a little in bit by bit -- they soak up all the flavor and work better texture-wise with noodles. source: I'm a slut for vietnamese noodle bowls.

nah. they’re what makes me hesitant to order pho. i’m afraid i’m just not a bean sprouts person

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this is a kind of weird question, but do you know if g*psy moths have any different colloquial names? google was no help, and I'd rather not use a term with a racial slur in it if I can avoid it.

That’s not weird! As far as I know, it doesn’t! You could always just refer to it by the scientific name, Lymantria dispar dispar, or abbreviated L.d. dispar.

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heads up, that pigeon in the water video -- pigeons can't swim and aren't able to take off from water the way proper waterfowl do, and since they don't have waterproof feathers, that little guy's liable to get waterlogged and drown :(

yeah, I just hope it managed to struggle out later :(

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hey, what do we know so far about Fear avatars losing their avatar status? like is it actually possible if you fuck up badly enough/go long enough without sacrificing people to the Entity you serve/violating some kind of taboo (i.e. an avatar of the dark spending too much time in the light, an avatar of the Vast spending too much time in enclosed spaces)? do you think avatars can lose favor with their deities and have their powers be taken away, basically?

It’s an interesting question. Looking back we do have examples of Avatars that have neglected their duty and the answer seems to be that they get consumed. When Breekon is Known he fades from reality. When Daisy is buried her mind clears, but we learn that she’s been struggling the entire time and suffering from the hunt physically as well as mentally. Michael is consumed by its own door and replaced for being ‘distracted.’ Agnes declares she’s compromised for feeling love and sacrifices herself for it.

Melanie was more an avatar in waiting. She was at the tipping point, but by removing the bullet it at least seems that her transformation was cut short (As far as we know).

But now we have information from the newest episode that there’s a chance for those under Beholding to cut themselves off from the entity. I believe this is what Gertrude did and that is why Elias was able to shoot and kill her, she was no longer Archivist or at least was no longer invulnerable. 

If this theory is right and Gertrude did manage to cut herself off from Beholding before her death it would mean Jon could potentially do it too. 

The thing about all the avatars is that it’s not so much the entity changes everything about them. Jon needs to know, even if it’s terrible knowledge, even if the knowledge will make it worse and not help in anyway. He’s always been like that since he was a child following the bully and watching him get pulled into the house by spider legs. Melanie was angry, the slaughter utilized that anger and made her murderously angry. Its why section 31 cops seem to easily become hunters. They hunt monsters and if they do it long enough its ingrained. 

So I think it might be very difficult for a Full Avatar to actually step away once they’ve been embraced because the entity is using their natural traits against them. So I don’t know if they could actually lose their powers. They might retain them just because it might be as much a part of them as anything else and when they use their powers it feeds the entity so the entity wants them to use them. The only sort of exception is Michael but in Michael’s place the Distortion itself wasn’t consumed, just… switched out personalities. 

Also our perspective is mostly through statements so our view might be skewed and it actually might be something more common than we think. Beholding has been obscuring hope of escape from Jon actively. 

Tl;dr: When Avatars don’t fulfill their duties they seem to get consumed, although we might learn that there is a way for Jon to break free since Beholding has been a bit… withholding. 

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