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22.11.2020 // the weathers been very chaotic but it was quite pretty after work yesterday. ive been organising my notes from the semester and transferred everything into a big binder so i can reuse my smaller ones.

covid update—i booked flights to go home for christmas this week so if all goes well with borders i should be back there with no quarantine needed on the 24 of december. adelaide’s lockdown only ended up being 3 days because someone lied to contact tracing authorities. please do not lie to authorities regarding covid & where you’ve been, it caused my state a lot of unecessary anxiety and financial stress.

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to the lovely people in my inbox: i see you, i really do; and i can’t even express how much i appreciate your messages!!

promise i’ll get back to you as soon as i can <3

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In the 1920s, the Wembley Stadium was saved by Arthur Elvin who bought the buildings and organised several sporting events. The Empire Swimming Pool, which was opened in 1934, became the home of the Wembley Monarchs ice hockey team and the British Ice Skating Championships took place from the 1930s-60s. In this image, you can see a pair of ice skates dating from the 1920s-40s. The Wembley stadium and arena is still hosting art, music, comedy, family and sporting events. The Wembley Arena and Wembley stadium both held some events for the  2012 London Olympics.

Photography by @wr.designs_ Edited by @lanyslens  

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tarot reading 13-11-20

King of Swords (reversed), Three of Pentacles (reversed), Seven of Pentacles

Quick read: A dictator, a lack of organisation, what have you achieved?

Long read: Someone who rules by logic alone is rigid. Life doesn’t follow logical patterns (at least, not any logic that we currently understand). Allowances must be made for variations from the plan. Sometimes you just wake up on the wrong side of the bed. Perhaps you’ve taken one idea to its logical extreme: wind it back a little?

If you’ve had a King of Swords reversed figure in your life, they may be clinging to their same old ideas, and refusing to take any new ones on board. This sounds like a lot of the so-called creative geniuses who made their name through having made work considered radical decades ago. They’ve believed their own hype and think all their ideas are pure gold, when really they can be tired, self-serving, exploitative and irrelevant. 

Certainly when you’re in a situation with that kind of person, your contributions will not be taken into account properly, if at all (Three of Pentacles reversed). When reversed, this is about the failure or frustrations of collaboration. If one person is rigid, everyone else has to fall in line whether they like it or not. That isn’t collaboration - it’s dictating. Be honest about what you’re doing. If it’s a collaboration then listen to people. If you’ve hired people to execute your vision, be clear about that. Don’t pretend there isn’t hierarchy. Hierarchy has its uses.

One of the key reasons why collaboration falls apart is a lack of structure. The stonemason, architect and priest are building a church, something of immense spiritual and social value. Structure allows the building to do what it needs to do (host a congregation, inculcate prayer and reverence, celebrate important spiritual beliefs). A sense of structure gives safety and resilience. Has your organisation been lacking? Have you forgotten to keep your boundaries well marked?

When you let things slip, you can become prone to nostalgia (Seven of Pentacles). You look back over your life and ask yourself where it all went wrong, what it all meant. You ask yourself why you didn’t learn this earlier. You bewail your past self for not having been better. The thing is that you have reached a point where your work can take care of itself. It was hard won, but it is no longer precarious. All those stupid mistakes in tending a career, a life, a body of experience, those were part of development. Think of it this way: if failure’s inevitable, then it’s better to fail earlier so you can adapt earlier. Don’t be down in the dumps about not being further ahead. Be thankful that you’ve got a garden at all. And look how healthy it is! Well done!

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Salut !

J’avais pas d’inspiration pour le titre donc comme c’est le deuxième jour où je suis ici, voilà…

Aujourd’hui, j’ai pu faire tout ce que je voulais et j’ai eu le temps de me détendre un peu, parce que depuis samedi, je charbonne et les effets commencent à se faire ressentir…

Bon, point positif: j’ai pas accumulé de retard. Point négatif: je suis fatiguée dès le réveil !

Vendredi, je fini un dernier “gros” devoir (c’est le moment où il faut me souhaiter bon courage.) et ensuite, week-end ! Je dois voir Le Petit Prince avec ma mère normalement (oui, frappez-moi, je ne l’ai ni vu, ni lu en dix-huit ans d’existence. Avec une mère fan. Donc c’est pas comme si j’en avais jamais entendu parler non plus.) donc voilà le résumé de ma fin de semaine !

Je pense que je vais poster un truc comme ça tout les soirs. Et quand j’aurai un truc en particulier à poster (une citation, un roman, une musique ou qu’importe à partager aussi !)

En parlant de trucs à partager, il faut absolument que je poste les liens de mon blog et de mon roman. Ce sont des projets qui me tiennent plutôt à coeur (d’ailleurs, je suis en retard d’un article sur mon blog, va falloir rattraper ça ! Et oui, je sais, aucun lien avec le coeur. Enfin, si: ça me fait mal au coeur de ne pas avoir poster mon article hebdomadaire T-T)

Bon, je ferai ça juste après ce post, comme ça j’oublie pas. Après, je vais regarder mon épisode de Gobelin (un k-drama dont tout le monde parle. Tellement que j’ai fini par aller jeter un coup d’oeil.) et hop, dodo pour être en forme demain!

Pour ceux en confinement (télétravail ou télé-étude), comment vous vous organisez pour ne pas perdre le fil entre travail, vie perso, qualité de sommeil …. ? De mon côté, j’essaie de me lever à 8h tous les jours (vous allez rire, mais je sais plus si mon réveil est aussi programmé le week-end…) et j’ai plus tendance à me réveiller à 8h30-9h, en fonction de mes visios et de mon chat (c’est beaucoup plus dure de se lever avec un chat lové sur le postérieur, surtout quand on a trop peur de le réveiller parce que s’il nous déteste, ce serait trop dur à supporter.) Surtout en ce moment, comme je suis fatiguée (et l’hiver s’est absolument pas motivant pour travailler #bluesdelhiver !)

Et à côté de ça (aka le réveil) je me suis créé un petit planning (bon, je le suis pas à 100% pour l’instant, j’avoue) mais ça me permet de glisser des petites activités comme des promenades, séparé les moments de “travail”, à ceux pour mon blog par exemple, ou ceux pour me détendre ! J’avais aussi prévue du yoga, lire des petits textes ou des citations bouddhistes (je cherche un lieu sympa pour en trouver !) et de lire 1h par jour. Bon, je lis au moins 1h mes cours et les textes que j’étudie. C’est déjà ça, non ?

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Tips for productivity


We’ve all shamed and made fun of people who highlighted everything in their work, but now i think they might be onto something???? Seriously, after receiving a pack of pastel Stabilo Boss for Christmas, I have found it 100x easier to study! Create colour codes, draw pictures, knock yourself out. But please, writing a huge block of black text isn’t helping anyone.

Tidy your space

“An organised room leads to an organised mind” is something we’ve all heard at some point in our lives. But, it’s true! I find myself to be far happier and more motivated when I wake up to a tidy room in the morning. No matter how messy you are, at least tidying your desk should help a LOT.

Don’t study in silence

Whilst some people need absolute silence to be able to concentrate, the majority find it easier to listen to something else at the same time. Whether it’s a study playlist:

or a stream, listening to something else will HELP you!

That’s all for now folks. But here’s a final tip. Don’t read this post and think “cool I should do that” and carry on scrolling. Do it now! Try your hardest not to procrastinate - the harsh truth is that the reason most procrastinate is because they’re scared. PROVE THAT YOU CANT BE BEATEN!!!! Go finish that work!

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8/11/2020: this method worked really well for me during a-levels, so i’ve decided to bring it back for this year. with lockdown meaning that things are different, even with uni being online, i thought i should try and be a bit more organised

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