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ok the window has elapsed and i feel shame again; never mind

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ask me a question and i’ll answer it with my microphone. h.c. is actually in his own room tonight instead of lounging around my haven so he cannot make fun of me for it.

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god i really want to talk to someone right now but it’s almost midnight and you can’t just call someone and be like hey what up i had a lot of energy drinks

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i know antonio said he wanted to find another haven asap but i hope he and wolfy stay a while longer because as long as they’re here i can use their vibes as an excuse to lay around sighing more than usual. it’s not MY fault i’m not getting any work done, it’s THEIR fault.

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part of being a good keeper is doing promos on tumblr, so i’d like to introduce everyone to @wailingfacade​ and @amadeusrocksyou​ , a pair of toreador gentlemen who’ve recently come to visit los angeles! i don’t know a lot about them, but i’m pretty sure they’re both musicians, and they’re very nice kindred, so please greet them warmly while they’re staying in my elysium.

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sometimes i really forget how crazy i am and then i write it down here and it’s like damn! i really am just fucking nuts

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this is where i would make a post comparing the first episode of horizons to the last episode of that arc (magic world) but i just remembered that ep1 starts with kakujo moving into a cult village and accidentally confirming that he has, canonically, fucked

so really the stakes kinda just stay that batshit

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god it’s 2020 and i’m still not over the fact that “there is no hero without a villain” is a line from the comments in an old obscure mcyt series

how the fuck did ed just, like, go That Hard

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the absolutely CRIMINAL negligence of tr*mp regarding covid19 n then his AUDACITY to THREATEN india w retaliation if it doesn’t supply it w medicine???? india has over a BILLION people it needs to provide for?? it has its developing neighbors on a priority basis? always?????? it banned export over a month ago without exception??????? he termed it a hoax and now this????????????? the fuck

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turns out it was h.c.’s birthday a few days ago and the little beast did NOT tell me until it was too late to have a huge party and embarrass him in front of everyone we know!!! the absolute nerve.

i got him a switch lite as a gift anyway. now we play animal crossing together and he steals my fruits and hits me with nets.

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