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#original art

🍎 The Innocent & The Revenant ⚰️ 

Meet Benji Alder, the carnival’s runaway and collective little brother.


Reblogs appreciated! Thank you! <3

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Hello everyone! I always wanted to try something like this. :D I would be really happy if anyone would like to give his “challenge/meme” a chance!!! 

A clear picture under the cut.

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Sup Peeps! This is the new character I was talking about in my previous comic


I don’t have a name for her, or really much of a back story. Just general vibes and design, she’s a rad steampunk tinkerer who loves robots and learning about new tech. Shes bubbly and always has a pep in her step. Sometimes her curiosity can get her in trouble but she means well.


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nobody knows that i’m sick

and if i speak up i’ll probably never hear the end of it

i’m sorry that i never said what was on my mind

i’m sorry if i assumed you’d be anything short of kind

but you’ll probably never hear

my broken thoughts 

my screaming falls on deaf ears

i’m sorry but i’m not

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—You’re okay with attacking a group of fire mages without a plan, but a boat ride gets you anxious? Give me a break, sis.
—HISSSSSSS!!! — contested the feline sister.

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🌿 Amazonian Girl 🌿

This piece is very….. Experimental 😅 Idk if I like it or hate it, Im really mixed on it 😭😭 I like the border I painted around her (+ I played around with a bunch of new brushes, too!) but I used a different technique of shading skin and Im not sure if I like it 😭 Anyways, Im really thinking of making her an OC! Do you guys have any name suggestions for her? 🌿💚

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“I want this nightmare to be over”

My last self-portrait from 2014. I had severe breakdowns because of stress and because of the person who was the best thing in my life, left me. For now it’s already 8 years passed and I’m still afraid to get attached to people. In fact, I never had any friends who were with me more than couple of years, but of course there are several people whom I know for a relatively long time but I’m losing my mind again and I want to break all friendships and start fresh, but this is wrong, I understand it’s not the common sense talking but these ugly creatures sitting in my head. There never again was a person who wanted to talk to me in any time of the day about anything and during these 8 years I never found anyone who made me feel the same. Hate to say that, but I feel so lonely and desperate, I always tried to suppress these thoughts with some creative activities, but now it’s barely bearable? I feel lonely, but at the same time I’m sure if caring person was here for me, I would not let them come close: I know I need help, but when someone tries to offer it, I bite them instead of accepting it and I don’t know why this is happening. Why is human brain so awful, I hate it so much.

New art will be someday. I’m doing something, but currently I can’ show it, so…

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