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#original art

Well fucking hell, ican’t upload this shit on IG without the quality dropping. 

First photo manipulation i did after probably 2 years without doing anything.

Took me 5 days, and now i decided to keep doing more of these.

Probably close to 210 Layers were used.

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The Connection - original digital illustration


(based on a documentary i saw about an adorable octopus & it’s relationship to this young girl, so this is a story idea based around that concept…)

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Just trying to use new brushes but not for too long,I’ll still use that Fade Pen one.

Sorry for the lack of uploads,my iPad keeps crashing whenever I draw for 10 mins straigh and it’s an 10 iOS so yeah… drawing app I could download is ibispaint.

Also….I don’t really have a reason why I drew this…..I just felt down for some reason,btw i got inspired by Sir Fluff’s “Hey Astronaut” animation meme.

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Another artfight attack, Azu by Layzee

I had ptsd flashbacks to middle school furry days GOOD GOD NEVER AGAIN-

I had fun making him robotic tho, I don’t do much in the way of androids so it was interesting to try out!

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